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Trying to find a car?'s free car buying app helps you find new and used cars and trucks for sale near you. Use our extensive set of filters and sorting options to narrow down your choices to your perfect car. Research different models, compare cars, and find the perfect dealer or private listing. Our tools make buying cars easy by allowing you to quickly find information about a car while on the lot, calculate payments, and find the Black Book value of your car. Already have a car? Use our app to find a shop, estimate repair and maintenance costs, or sell your car. EXTENSIVE FILTERS: Zero in on your perfect car using our extensive list of filters. Narrow your search by year, exterior and interior color, fuel type, transmission, body style, and more. Add specific keywords to search for must-have features. CHECK AVAILABILITY AND GET PRICE QUOTES: Call, text, or email Dealers or Private Sellers right from the app to request a quote or schedule a test drive. DEALER REVIEWS AND DIRECTIONS: and DealerRater have more dealership reviews than any other source. Read reviews from real shoppers, find hours of operation, and get directions to the dealership. CONSUMER AND EXPERT REVIEWS: Not sure what car to buy? Read reviews from our expert Editorial Team as well as other car owners to help you make the right choice. SAVE YOUR FAVORITES: Save your favorite cars, searches, and dealerships. Set up Price Drop Notifications to be alerted any time one of your favorite cars drops in price. Additionally, your most recent searches will automatically appear on your homepage. CALCULATORS: Use our Payment Calculator to estimate monthly payments. Find out how much you can pay with our Affordability Calculator. Easily see how much your current vehicle is worth using the Trade-In Calculator. DETAILED LISTINGS: See all of the important details about a vehicle before visiting the dealership. See what Special Offers are available, including Cash Back and Special Financing, from dealers and manufacturers to save you money on your new car. Use our new Market Comparison tool to see how the price of each listing compares to matching vehicles in your area. SERVICE & REPAIR: Get advice on what a fair price is to pay for a huge variety of repairs specific to your car. Find Repair Pal Certified service centers so you can be confident the work getting done on your car is the highest quality possible. SELL YOUR CAR: offers three ways to sell your car. Use our Sell It Yourself listings to put an ad directly on our site. Set up an appointment to sell your car directly to a dealer in person. Or use our QuickOffer app to upload information and images of your car and get bids directly from dealers without leaving your house. ON THE LOT TOOLS: The VIN Scanner allows you to quickly pull up the listing of a vehicle while you are at a dealership by simply scanning the VIN on the window sticker. Use it to verify features or the price that was listed online. This is the car shopping tool that gives you the knowledge you need to buy the perfect car, at the perfect price, while at your home or on the dealer lot. If you experience problems with this app please use the Feedback button in the menu, or send a message to Please include the device and version of iOS you are using. Thanks!

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  • Nice app but ads are annoying 4/5

    By Robf15e
    Ads are annoying
  • App won’t save my favorites 4/5

    By Boatman4him
    I’m logged in. I find a car I like and click the heart or the save button. It shows that it saves. But then when I look in my favorites they aren’t there!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Putting.Master769
    I’ve used other apps for looking for cars this one has more information in one place much easier to use.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Curryyy
    This is a great app if you are looking for a car to buy. The only thing I would change is for there to be a advanced search so I can find the perfect car I’m looking for
  • Won't rotate to Portrait View on Tablet 1/5

    By Maxedwell
    Deleted this app as soon as I loaded it and discovered it won't rotate to Portrait view on my tablet. Not going to look sideways at an app the whole time I'm trying to use it!
  • Car search 5/5

    By Chevy love is one of the best apps! It is easy to use and the photos of the actual car are great! I like the pricing info as well.
  • GARBAGE 1/5

    By Qjsjsjdjdjsjsdjdjwjdm
    Actually went out of my way to write a review because of how frustrating this app is when it crashes and doesn't work 99% of the time
  • Terrible Update 6.8.2 3/5

    By Monaco3344!
    It was reasonably fast and very intuitive, but every update makes it slower with more advertising. The 6.8.2 update has a Jeep Advertisement intro that takes 10 seconds plus the normal 5 seconds to start the app. It wasn't always this way. Autotrader & Edmunds is now superior which wasn't the case before.
  • Splash ad wasting my time 2/5

    By Lagunascorpio
    I'm busy. If I get a brief moment to check up on a saved search, 1/2 the time I had available to do that is now being wasted on an AD that I have no interest in seeing, and I can't skip it. You're making enough money selling listings. Don't waste my time with this. Also... give us a feature to STOP seeing a listing we don't like. I'm tired of seeing the same 10 cars that DON'T interest me in the results of a saved search. Let me HIDE them permanently.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Asewerejaye
    I love the App although have never make any purchases but is okay
  • iPad app needs updating 1/5

    By lconroy213
    How come I can’t share to a message! Update the iPad App!
  • Cars 5/5

    By Watz upppp
    I love this car page! Thank youu !
  • Great 5/5

    By Gaminis
    Great app very helpful.
  • No keyword search 1/5

    By OmniusPi
    What's the point? All the predefined searches are irrelevant if you're looking for a car with X and it's not there.
  • It won't save my favorites 2/5

    By ShareCares
  • Great app 5/5

    By Monkey171717
    Easy to use and quick to results
  • Iphone 4/5

    By Goodyz9
    Great app for buying and selling. Newest version update won’t let my iPhone orientate the pics.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By 67bear
    Tried this app over a year ago and decided to give it another chance. It’s horrible. Only lets you search for one car and model. And it doesn’t allow you to save or compare cars to one another. The filtering is worse then the regular website for options like drivetrain was grey out but there. I have no idea why and how other have reviewed this app so high when the actual webpage works 100x’s better.
  • I sold my 2006 F250through 5/5

    By Dr Tolbert
    With only a few days it was the only advertisement medium that actually brought Buyers
  • App shut down 1/5

    By Apple12346789
    Can anyone help me why this app always shut off or kick me off between 2 to 5 minutes used and shut off On my iPhone 4. It the worst freaking apps. I don't why apple is letting apps running still ?!?!, on Kia line . You guys didn't add the stinger on the choice .
  • What happened to iPad app? 1/5

    By Barnez45
    iPhone version looks bad on iPad
  • Update Vehicles Faster! 3/5

    By Josh995
    I really like using this app, I use it several times a week just to check out what’s available within a couple hundred miles of me. But I’ve noticed it takes a while for the vehicle list to get updated. As of right now the Kia Stinger GT isn’t an option to search for and it’s been on dealer lots for a while now... Faster updates to the vehicle list would be much appreciated!
  • Cars 5/5

    By $$Dr.awesome$$
  • Superb app 5/5

    By DoodieChi
    But u guys need to ad option to flag and delete spammers.
  • Still the best search app 4/5

    By eam777
    Just has the latest inventory and most integration with dealer sites, CARFAX links, etc. 4 stars only because they lack an iPad app where everyone else supports all devices.
  • is the best 5/5

    By Cindy McCraney is the best way to search and find what your looking for and if you want reviews from dealerships visit dealerrater if the dealership has it... it’s part of and it lets you know who is there too Sales Person to know who to ask for when you pick the dealership
  • What happened?! 1/5

    By Govols1392
    I'm not sure what's happened to this app, but it's terrible! It reminds me of the Costco app - slow, at times unresponsive and difficult to navigate. I don't know if there's a programming problem or what. I used this app for years. Deleted it due to lack of use and reinstalled it recently only to delete it again. Someone at should have a look at this. I hope it's just my tablet.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Thex2thaz
    Great app!
  • Need a car go to 5/5

    By Slapu4free
    I’m always in the market for another car I always use this app just seems easier then other apps
  • I love this app!! They have the best cars!! 5/5

    By PreciousLala1, where your dreams are at your fingertips!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By E_K_123
    Helped me in so many ways when shopping for the new family cars and trucks,update you if anything changes even helps tell you what you will be paying monthly!!!!!!
  • It just works 5/5

    By App analyzer
    Great app design. Works very smoothly with no glitches so far for me.
  • Missing unicorn 5/5

    By Son of beandip
    I had searched for weeks online at local dealers for the exact truck I wanted. Right package, price, style, miles, etc. it was giving me a headache. I downloaded the app and instantly I found over 100 trucks and easily within minutes found 20-30 within those 100 of the unicorn that I wanted to capture!!!!!
  • Great experience 5/5

    By DiMpLeS:)
    Amazing app
  • Was good until they started displaying banner ads 1/5

    By Mike's Office
    The app was great until today when I opened it and those annoying banner ads started popping up all over the place. Moving on to auto trader...bad business decision!
  • Crashes often and resource hog 5/5

    By Jim165
    I'm running an iPhone 6+, which is already resource weak with very little reserve when other apps are running. This app used to run fine as I ran a podcast in the background. Now, it completely restarts my phone after struggling to browse for 2 minutes. It seems to consume a ton is memory just to load the pictures. I have the same problem with their desktop website on my slows the computer down to a crawl and I have to reboot. Trim this thing down, will ya? We don't need all of the crap you guys are trying to stuff into this app...just need pics and details. 1/9/18: what happened to the VIN numbers? They are no longer present....I use those to decent de equipment on the Ford trucks I’m researching... 1/18/18: fast response from the developers on returning the VIN and stock numbers. App works great now with no issues. 5 stars
  • Great App 4/5

    By Augie Max Jack
    This is a great, well-organized app for finding cars! The only problem is they did an update that made looking for things like the car’s transmission harder to find but it’s still very professional and organized!
  • Thank you 5/5

    By ahayoooooo935
    I really like this app I hope I can get a free Ferrari thank you🏎🏎🏎🏎
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Goldgoode
    I use this app whenever I’m searching for a car!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By MeliRun
    Much easier to use than CARFAX or CarGurus or Autotrader app. Bc they keep freezing or kicking me out of app. This app is a smooth ride to browse through to look at cars. More details too.
  • The best 5/5

    By therealdjtwist
    Great app
  • Crashes Every Time 2/5

    By GregL78
    I have used this app for many years and it was great. All of a sudden about 2-3 months ago it crashes every time I open it. I’ve tried all the usual fixes uninstalling/install app. Restart phone. Update phone. Nothing is working. Very frustrating. I’d give it 5 stars, if it still worked.
  • I LOVE BUT...... 5/5

    By ADT fan in distress
    I absolutely love and use it religiously to search for cars and to negotiate final prices. However it has two annoying features: 1) must be that dealers are allowed to mark “ALL” when listing the color of a car. For example, I will never buy again a black car. Yet, no matter what color I define for the search, it gets cluttered with black or white cars, that I would never consider. 2) as of late, when I peruse through the images I cannot get out of the last one by clicking the top left X and I need to go back and forth to the thumbnail view so it finally allows me to get back to the ad. 3) I understand that dealers may need sometimes to post without pictures to quickly place new ads. But, after 48hrs the ad should be kicked out if images are not included. If an ad says “pictures coming soon - please contact dealer” for two weeks that dealer must not be that committed, so I just ignore it. The issue again is that the searches get cluttered with suboptimal hits. Thanks for a great app, please address annoying features.
  • Paid searches? Knock it off 1/5

    By Rawb22
    I’ve been looking for a BMW 3 series for a couple of months now, and each time I load the app after having closed a search, some stupid new car is populated there that I have ZERO interest in. Today, it was a Lexus LC 500 (?). It’s almost enough to make me just go to CarGurus on my internet browser. I get that has to make money, but can’t they do it in a less obvious and annoying way?
  • The Best 5/5

    By IAmEdie
    Many cars test driven, two cars purchased. Fantastic research tool and aid to locate and purchase the purrrrfect cars for me.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Kingwjordan
  • Great app for car search 5/5

    By Cadillac 86 fleetwood
    Really like how easy it is to use this app. I like the fact that you can really fine-tune your searches by just about any option you need. I love them out of inventory on as well. I will continue to use this user-friendly app. Five star plus Way to go!
  • Great App 4/5

    By Waymobeddah
    I haven’t looked for a new vehicle in about ten years. has helped me see what is available and narrow down what I would like. Using the market comparison feature has been most helpful in finding even better deals than my original search results. One thing to consider; I’ve found that can only rely on the info it is given from the sellers, and sellers are often incomplete with it. So, if there is a specific feature you desire, narrow down your search using features less desirable to you, then manually go through each remaining car and physically look to see if the most important feature to you is on each car. An example of this is the panoramic sunroof on the Lincoln MKZ. It’s a major feature and sometimes is only listed as “sunroof”, or not listed at all. Often, “backup camera” isn't listed at all, but there it is in the photos. Again, this is the seller being lax, not Great app and a lot of fun. Happy hunting! (PS one feature I would like to see that I haven’t found is a “How long on” message, stating how old the listing is. It is on a competing site and is a very enlightening.)
  • Great app 5/5

    By ||Jason||
    This is a great app, I use it all the time to research cars and to check out listings nearby. The only thing I’d have to ask is if you guys can bring back the 0-60 times. It was a little fun fact that I’d like to know about some cars.
  • Great app but there’s a crash 4/5

    By WheelMan101
    This is my go to app for searching new and used cars. However I’ve noticed that when I delete vehicles off of my favorites, whether it’s been sold or I no longer want that vehicle as a favorite, the app crashes. I am on an iPhone 7, OS 11.2.1. - New & Used Cars app comments


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