Caviar - Food Delivery

Caviar - Food Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 2.49
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Caviar, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Caviar - Food Delivery App

Step up your restaurant delivery game. Caviar delivers the best food in your city — brought right to your home or office. Whether you’re craving fresh sushi, cheesy pizza, or tasty Chinese takeout, we’ve partnered with your favorite restaurants to bring you the best. Browse photo menus of restaurants near you (it helps to know exactly what you’re getting), add in special instructions for your order (“Extra cheese, please”), and track your meal with real-time GPS (no judgments). Love what you ordered? Add it to your “Favorites” for quick and simple re-ordering. You’re busy, we get it. Order Caviar’s Fastbite in Manhattan or San Francisco for lunch or dinner and get delicious, pre-made meals delivered in about 15 minutes or less. Caviar’s free food delivery app is currently available in Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Main Line, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Portland, Queens, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington DC.


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Caviar - Food Delivery app reviews

  • Awful 1/5

    By Longboardinglala
    They screwed up our order, TWICE. Unacceptable, especially with their absurd delivery fee. Plus, there is not a customer service number to call. I had to email about my incorrect order and then wait 2 hours for the right food to be delivered. Not worth it.
  • What a service! 5/5

    By IaminThought
    Truly great way to sample different restaurants straight to your hotel room!
  • Over 100 Orders - Deleting App 1/5

    By Zamous
    Poor poor service in SF Bay Area. Used to be good but think they don't hire and work with good drivers. Should never have incorrect order if driver is doing their job and checking order before leaving.
  • Kind of works 2/5

    By Drknowusa
    A great selection of restaurants, poorly served by an app that cannot manage to remember signin details or provide a d cent tracking map. This could be improved, a lot, to create a five star experience. It hasn't been fixed yet, so deducting a star.
  • Miss order ahead 2/5

    By JaiC86
    Caviar doesn't tell me that ordering is not available until after I try multiple time to place an order. Instead I get a message that an item is not available. When a coffee joint doesn't have coffee, they are closed to orders. Order Ahead understood that. Caviar also did not like a time later I chose. The app deleted all my items from the cart and took me back to the start. Caviar doesn't show me the restaurants in my area very well or they don't have the restaurants in there system. The app showed me one or two within a mile of where I was at. The rest of the restaurants shown where 30 miles away. Yes I was standing next to one I knew was one that uses Caviar. I had to search for the restaurant right in front of me. The app did not even show it as the first of the list and closest. Please bring back order ahead. Such a better designed, intelligent UI and a search that shows what is really 'near my location' and which are accepting orders.
  • This app is a mess 1/5

    By squirrel911
    This app is so annoying it's difficult to use it's not intuitive anymore and I hate it. I don't even order from the restaurants on this platform anymore. It's so totally over engineered it's becoming a worthless source for food ordering. I have spent the last 10 minutes trying to order food from one single restaurant and I can't even get the freaking menu up to see what food is available at a particular restaurant. This app is a total fail.
  • Excellent service; good app 4/5

    By Maya the Bee
    I've tried UberEats and Postmates and Caviar has been the best, most reliable service. My only gripe is I can't sort results. They now offer free delivery within 2 miles, but since I can't sort by distance I have to search restaurants in google maps.
  • Horrible service 3/5

    By Asana user
    I've been using caviar for a long time, but my last two experiences were horrible. First I received the wrong items and items were missing from my order and I was never able to reach support or get any kind of refund. I decided to try it again and my order was delayed 3 times, the app told me the food had been ready but there were no couriers to pick it up. After not being able to reach support or the restaurant for a hour I finally went and picked up the food myself. I was still charged the service fee from caviar as if my order had been delivered. They still haven't responded to a single one of my support requests. Their service is going downhill and their support is non-existent. They have taken my money twice now without delivering on the order.
  • Late 4/5

    By Casa tweet
    Always so much later than promised!!!! Don't bother.
  • The. Worst. 1/5

    By Jaheidjdjxidbs
    I've never written an online review in my life. I've been a customer of caviar and have an establishment on caviars platform. Their service, follow through on issues, and inability to problem solve is as poor for customers as it is for businesses on their platform. You're not long for this world, caviar. So, I bid you adieu twice over. Have a nice life.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By ZackyMatthew
    Friend referred me. No promo code. Made a new account with a new email. Promo code shows up. Get to check out. Promo code disappeared. Why would I use this?
  • Worst Customer Service Ever 1/5

    By This nickname is already taken. Please choose another.
    Honestly. Too many bad experiences to even outline here. The restaurant selection is great but the customer service approach, attitude, and efficiency are among the worst I've ever experienced. (And let's be honest... addressing food delivery problems, replying to emails, being accessible by phone, and not acting annoyed that you have to do your job... it's not actually rocket science and it's not too much to ask.)
  • Crazy and reckless 1/5

    By Socalledtallasianguy
    I have used the app for 1 year, but deleted it today. My order never arrived today and the customer service want to take no responsibility and being ruthless. She argued with me arrogantly, which ruined my Friday night
  • They just don't all 1/5

    By Googleruineddzagat
    Consistently suggests a fast 20 minute delivery...yet it will come hours later. And bonus -- no customer support available at all!!
  • Super slow 1/5

    By milkandhoney93
    I was excited to try this app out, but after receiving my food 1.5 hours after ordering, I will be deleting it. I didn't get a clear answer from customer service as to why it took so long. This app is very misleading and their estimated wait time is completely off. What a bummer!
  • Don't try to use the "pickup" option 1/5

    By Domurphy
    I never leave reviews but this just doesn't work. Trying to order Philz from the train on my way to SF and it only picks up Philz locations in the South Bay (where I'm a million miles from and it says it's using my "current location"). :/ And adding a new location manually just completely failed. App just doesn't work, I miss OrderAhead. :(
  • If there's a problem with your order, good luck. 1/5

    By Becky malinsky
    This company makes it almost impossible to speak to a human if there is a problem with your order. Our wait time for our meal was over 2.5 hours and they were unresponsive to email about any sort of compensation for the poor service. We will be sticking with seamless in this household.
  • Dumb 1/5

    By Phillyphil3333333221
    Horrible $15 minimum order. Will never order from this.
  • Good, but EXPENSIVE! 1/5

    By shotta_56
    *No Tip... Ordered $40 worth of food, final bill $54 (includes $3.5 Tax) the other $10.5 is purely fees. Moreover, the $40 worth of food would cost me $36 if I did takeout. This is BULLS**t. Nope!!! **From 3 to 1 star. I can't deal with the service AND delivery fees. In ADDITION, now menu items are $1 more with Caviar's menu than the restaurant menu. I was told Caviar also charge restaurants a delivery fee which the restaurants pass on to the customers. I would never recommend this service to anyone. BTW... You are hurting your delivery folks because I don't give them a tip after you charge me $8 on avg per order. ***This is better in ways than GrubHub, but restaurants in my area are very limited -- I live in the center of a city. Another gripe I have with this service is that it charges a delivery fee when in most cases when the same restaurants have ZERO delivery fee if you order directly from them (Caviar delivery fee is $5). Because of this I only use this service a few times and cannot recommend it over GrubHub (zero to low delivery fee).
  • Don't Do It 1/5

    By IslaHolfax
    Late food (over 1 hour late), couldn't get a refund, couldn't get someone on the phone. Happened twice.
  • Service has declined! 2/5

    By LeapTaylor
    I initially rated Caviar 5 stars when I first started using them. But since then, service has gone down tremendously. And if there's a problem, customer service is nearly impossible to reach. And as of late, I've had problems with delayed deliveries and incorrect orders - but had trouble resolving them because I can't speak to anyone. Nonetheless, I went from using Caviar almost weekly, to now rarely using them at all. They need to create a better customer service model if they want to stay in this game.
  • Can't find my address 1/5

    By primesnice
    But was able to find my neighbor's next door.
  • Don't try and change your location 1/5

    By Ami75225
    The App hangs up and apparently support is unable to fix it so i am deleting it.
  • Never used a worse app 1/5

    By MaraRoane
    This is by far the worst app I have ever used. I do not write reviews generally but this one deserves it. I order coffee from Philz every week and every week this app fails-in a different way. Each Sunday it makes me angry that Philz switched from OrderAhead.
  • Constantly loses instructions 1/5

    By SatireWolf
    This app can't remember instructions added to an address forcing you to retype it every single time almost. Randomly it will remember once and then the next three times you're stuck typing out all the instructions again. Deleting the address and recreating doesn't fix it, neither does force closing the apps and relaunching to try and refresh the data. This problem has existed for over a year and yet it's still not fixed. It's really quite frustrating and leads to utilizing other services that number one are more reliable from a service perspective; but also less critically annoying from a usability perspective
  • Caviar 5/5

    By Priscilla013
    Their delivery service so honest and great foods.
  • No customer service 1/5

    By Gogorath
    Usually worries great, but if you have a problem with your order, their customer service is intentionally difficult to reach, pushes you off with minor refunds and refuses to give any contact info for anyone who could discuss systematic issues. I know quick refunds sounds great, but only refunding the missing item in a dinner for four often means that person has to go find another dinner while the other three people eat. Refunding the missing item and only the missing item is not recompense, especially when this is not a cheap service. You can try to get Caviar to redeliver, but good luck. I put redeliver in the initial complaint form. Got an email asking if I wanted a refund. Responded I wanted redelivery. Got issued a refund... Over fifteen minutes later. Write back saying I wanted redelivery ... And it's over an hour later. I asked to get a managers email... And was told literally to use the same contact form that failed so horribly in the first place. Caviar is EXPENSIVE. I use it for convenience. This is the opposite of that. But the worst part is their contempt for and unwillingness to communicate with the customer base. It shouldn't be this hard to give feedback that gets heard.
  • Promo Codes for Referrals Not Honored 1/5

    By Bobby Beau2ful
    I was referred to Caviar by and friend and didn't receive my $10 promotion credit as a new member. When I notified Caviar of this discrepancy and provided the email of the individual who referred me in addition to offering to provide proof of the text message, Luke of Caviar wrote, " Upon checking in the account, the user didn't refer anyone using his/her referral link. Referral link is essential since that must be used during sign-up so that there will be referral discount generated on both accounts. Thus, your not eligible for the referral discount." There is no place for company that has no interest in delighting their customers (new or existing customers) and definitely no place for a company that displays lack of integrity.
  • If they forget something, no customer number or redeliver 1/5

    By MilitarySupport
    Have ordered four times now. This recent time, they did not deliver half of my order (the restaurant said they sent it with the driver). There is no contact #, just an email address/contact. Caviar refunded missing items but half my family dinner was missing and they weren't redelivering. Annoying.
  • Very poorly written app 1/5

    By Wulazaga
    The keyboard pops up everywhere and hides random menus. There's so much going on, it's hard to find anything. Need better UX design.
  • Bad App 1/5

    By Ferggy87
    They take your money before verifying that your food is actually ready. And they don't punish restaurants for tardiness. Other apps will offer you refunds. Spend your time and phones space somewhere else.
  • Can't order anything 1/5

    By Sychoi90
    Every item i add, it doesn't tell me it's not available until i get to checkout. And theres no way to filter out items that aren't available.
  • This app stinks 1/5

    By JimmyInCaliforniaTKJ
    I used to use the Order Ahead app, which worked tremendously. Since being forced over to Caviar, my orders inconsistently go through, finding what I want has become harder, and getting my items at the time I selected has become unreliable.
  • Useless app for me 1/5

    By BLT95008
    Zero deliveries available to me and I live in the heart of Silicon Valley.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By American scream
    This app is garbage. I ordered a burger for lunch only to have it appear an hour and a half late and stone cold. Calling customer service was a nightmare. I asked for my money back and was denied. Never ever ever again.
  • The best delivery app 5/5

    By Nma_1234
    Great photography of each dish, awesome restaurant selection and speedy delivery. This app keeps getting better. Use it all the time for Philz pickup.
  • Best tool 5/5

    By Kimbelaa
    I love that there's a listing for local places hat can deliver in 30 mins, I love the secret menu options just for caviar (trying new items at restaurants I've eaten at for years), deliver guy was an absolutely angel, I would pay extra to have him always bring my food! And with 3 kids it's so much easier than trying to go back and take a stroller into the place.
  • terrible 1/5

    By Clblack21
    nothing works in this app. can't change address, can't remove from cart. Horrible and expensive.
  • Again, failing to deliver 1/5

    By ejdierking
    Issues getting getting orders to actually deliver have been coming up more and more frequently. Love the restaurants available on the app, but at this point, service not worth the additional fees. Will think twice before using this service again.
  • Left me starving 1/5

    By Ken2017/04/02
    I'm not one to write reviews but this app prompted me too. I was willing to try it out because if it's high rating, and I placed an order that was never going to be delivered. It delayed and delayed, and when I requested a status update I was shocked to find the restaurant hadn't received the order. I sat hungry, and my high hopes for this app dashed. Not only can you not cancel the order, you have to go through a website to put in a request to cancel. Poorly built feedback system, means they keep more than likely keep the money.
  • just atrocious UX, accompanied by app inadequacy 1/5

    By Bread Baker
    this app is not ready for prime time; neither are the server apps backing it up. a local restaurant proclaimed it was serviced by Caviar. using a web browser on a laptop, there was no problem. using the iPhone app was a totally different story. although I wanted pickup, not delivery, the app would not allow me to proceed without a delivery address. when I gave it the address of a nearby Park & Ride, it informed me there were no participating restaurants in my area, despite offering to let me reorder what I had gotten last time. trying to save the address leads to an error message -- we do not service your area. closing the delivery address window flashes a screen and brings me back to the save my delivery address. the flashing screen says "unable to load try again." the logic is terrible. the UX is poor beyond belief. and clearly the supporting database is out of sync with reality. and why should I use your service?
  • Disappointing service 1/5

    By Soniablade**
    After placing an order and paying a steep delivery and service fee, I was expecting a great meal. The food came soggy and sad, and one of our 4 items was missing. Normally this stuff doesn't bother me much, but the support response was slow, they only offered a refund of the item cost not a replacement, and at 41 weeks pregnant, I really just wanted a good meal. Will stick with postmates, seamless, and Eat24 from now on.
  • Referral system doesn't work 2/5

    By WhyCantThisWork-J
    Referral system says $20 credit to the new user and $20 credit to the reference. Got referred by a friend. Didn't work. Emailed customer service and they only provided a $10 future credit to me. Asked about the rest and my friend and they didn't respond. Kinda shady if you ask me. Good restaurant selection, but referral systems needs to actually work or you're gonna piss people off. Plenty of other fish in the sea.
  • Terrible Pick Up Availability 1/5

    By Missing Order Ahead App...
    Never written a review before but just had to for this app. When placing a pick up order 15-20 min at a coffee place with no availability until an hour into open hours is quiet sad. After receiving help from caviar it was suggested to try the website since the app is still in need for improvements. Even when trying to place a pickup order on the website, it still gives the same error. It's a real shame this hasn't been working since early last year since Order Ahead was kicked and replaced with Caviar. Really miss Order Ahead...
  • No real time driver tracking 1/5

    By R.Loud
    No way to see driver in real time. Other that everything was 5 stars.
  • Bad customer care/ service 1/5

    By D. G. Car
    Poor service - I have spoken to caviar's customer service team repeatedly most times I have ever used the service (which has since been deactivated).
  • Good perks, happy for the most part! 4/5

    By Selfproclaimedapptester🤓
    I have referred a lot of friends so I have really gotten to benefit from that discount! The interface is pretty and shows me what I'm ordering and easy to navigate. I have never had any trouble with orders going through, and the couriers are always really friendly! Other than the high $15 minimum order rate and sometimes getting my food a bit lukewarm because of distance (which is understandable) I'm pretty happy with this app!
  • Good selection of restaurants 5/5

    By michael_123811
    Good app with a great selection of restaurants to order from. Consistent delivery, delicious food.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By DebDebRose
    This app is absolutely worthless. The ordering system doesn't even work. Absolutely ridiculous. Get it together.
  • Terrible first experience 1/5

    By Really upsettttt
    I was sent a referral link from my friend to try it out and it said I'd get $10 off my first order. Not only did the credit not apply to the order but their customer service didn't help at all either. Stick with Postmates or Eat24.

Caviar - Food Delivery app comments


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