Caviar - Food Delivery

Caviar - Food Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 2.55
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Caviar, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Caviar - Food Delivery App

Step up your restaurant delivery game. Caviar delivers the best food in your city — brought right to your home or office. Whether you’re craving fresh sushi, cheesy pizza, or tasty Chinese takeout, we’ve partnered with your favorite restaurants to bring you the best. Browse photo menus of restaurants near you (it helps to know exactly what you’re getting), add in special instructions for your order (“Extra cheese, please”), and track your meal with real-time GPS (no judgments). Love what you ordered? Add it to your “Favorites” for quick and simple re-ordering. You’re busy, we get it. Order Caviar’s Fastbite in Manhattan or San Francisco for lunch or dinner and get delicious, pre-made meals delivered in about 15 minutes or less. Caviar’s free food delivery app is currently available in Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Main Line, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Portland, Queens, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington DC.


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Caviar - Food Delivery app reviews

  • The delivery is garbage/ customer service is worst 1/5

    By Frank111111333
    Caviar should be ashamed of themselves. The true test of a decent company is how they handle themselves when something goes wrong. When our delivery didn’t show up: first they said it actually was delivered, then they said it was forfeit, so no refund. No one called or texted or confirmed anything. This is all within seriously ten minutes, so the delivery person could just easily come back. Then this is where it gets weird, the customer service starts blaming us. Saying that the driver saw me from afar, but was confused. What? What? I don’t even understand how they could make this so complicated. Getting to our well-mark location has been easy countless times for Post-mates and Ubereats. Handle your business! Also, to other reviewer: It doesn’t matter how good the food is, because they don’t make the food.
  • Ruined Customer Experience 2/5

    By J Fong
    I enjoyed using this app until my promo code didn’t work. After several attempts, I felt I needed to contact their “customer service.” I sent a text with my email included as requested and haven’t heard back yet. I was a first time user and used a code I received in the mail. The error message I kept getting was simply that this code wasn’t recognized. I met all of the requirements listed in the fine print. Maybe this review will trigger a response from Caviar?
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By Soft Collector
    Bullsh@t app that doesn't deliver anywhere. Horrible UI. Don't bother
  • Misleading and deceptive 1/5

    By Useless1631
    Spoke with N** at caviar after referring and signing up through someone be warned they delete the credit from your account if you don't use it quickly. This platform is a complete scam AVOID stick with uberEATS
  • Marginally better than others 2/5

    By unixf_g
    Sending new restaurant announcements to my Apple Watch is neither useful nor appreciated. Doesn't reliably save courier instructions. No way to correct GPS location errors.
  • Miserable and awful service 1/5

    By ABrezzzzzz
    Conceptually fantastic but horribly executed. Tons of fees for terrible service. Every order is bait and switch w delivery times promised and 15 minutes after order is submitted they triple delivery time. Customer service is abysmal
  • Incompetent 1/5

    By Aspenseed
    Where do I begin?? Their drivers won’t go to your doorstep, they call from their car. Their refund policy is one time only and only up to $50. Even if it is the fault of the restaurant or their driver!! We placed an order for $70, as the delivery time neared and the restaurant had not accepted the order we asked for an update. It took Caviar half an hour to respond. When we wanted to cancel, we couldn’t because it was too late! Then they offered their ONE TIME ONLY cancellation but it was only good up to $50!!! They don’t even have a manager to talk to. Just some poor sap hiding behind a computer. Complete incompetence!!!!

    By Kim24687569
    The food/vendors are DISGUSTING!! I order pasta from them that was rubbery, tough and the taste was atrocious. When I asked to get my money back they said it “wasn’t their policy”. The whole concept of this app is to provide people with high quality food and vendors but they won’t take responsibility when their vendors fail. Do not waste your time, don’t download the app!!
  • Caviar is a rip off. 1/5

    By irgendjemand000
    All though the food quality, of the restaurants, is mostly good Caviar charges not only service and delivery fees but the food itself is more expensive (they add 1-2 Dollars to the regular price of each item offered by a restaurant - easy comparable with other services and the restaurants menus). I understand that every service shall bring in some money (which I’m willing to pay) but Caviar is a rip off compared to other services on the market. I use now the Caviar App now to search for restaurants and order then on seamless.
  • Don’t expect your order to be correct 1/5

    By Kwiksilverx
    Order delivered to the incorrect address or missing items from my order. Get ready to waste your time with slow customer service.
  • Terrible in Bay Area. 1/5

    By antinoah
    Just go out. It will take less time, cost less, and your food will be the appropriate temperature. They just don’t have the couriers to make this worthwhile.
  • Every order is late 2/5

    By Amirarao
    By at least 20 min, usually 30+
  • Courier Bonus is what other delivery apps are missing 5/5

    By Sisbeidndhs
    The courier bonus feature is easy to use and you know that it is going 100% to your food courier - other apps force you to choose your tip before your food is even delivered (so if they mess it up, too bad, you already tipped everyone involved). With Caviar, you can choose to change your courier bonus AFTER delivery! So if your driver was awesome and got your food to you hot and on time, you can tip them accordingly. Haven’t had to cut back back on the courier bonus after the fact, bc the couriers have all been perfect. But it’s nice to know that if I ever had a bad experience, I could just change the tip for the courier depending on their service.
  • Yeah, Alright 4/5

    By Chloe Dunn
    I can get on board with this with app! I was definitely skeptical (and quite peeved) after my very first order when my order was randomly canceled, 20 minutes after placing the order. Trying to give Caviar the benefit of the doubt and chalking it up to the restaurant, I ordered again (different place this time). Muuchhh much better! Like Uber eats, they show you the progress of your order on a little time line and they give you a time estimation to when it will be delivered. Unlike Uber eats, the courier was top notch and braved the ridiculousness that is my apartment building’s stupid layout and came straight to my actual door! He was so nice and patient as I gave him instructions on how to navigate the building, insisting for me to stay put and that he’ll find his way to me. The food was delivered 10 minutes earlier than the estimated arrival time and I am such a happy camper, writing this just after finishing my delivered meal. Caviar immediately refunded me the money from the canceled order and all is right with the world. Before this, I was a somewhat avid user of Uber Eats, and as much as I liked watching the little car on my phone drive up to my house, I have repeatedly had items missing from my orders and seldom had the drivers make it to front door of my building. I get they’re on a schedule or whatever but it’s no fun running out to the car in the rain in my pajamas. Also, they were noticeable more pricey with their tax and delivery fees. There are still taxes and a small courier fee but it’s still cheaper than Uber eats. I’ve also tried Eat24 (Yelp’s food delivery app) and I LOVE how you can see the ratings for each place, giving you an idea of the food quality, vs. simply going off the pictures. That would be my only suggestion to Caviar. That is all. Now I will nap.
  • Hidden fees 2/5

    By RoboticPrism
    Went to order from a restaurant I go to frequently and realized items on the app were more expensive than in store. Looks like they add a 10% fee but this isn’t stated anywhere. Feels super scummy how well they hide it.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Mauikuuipo
    This app is a great concept minus the fact it takes drivers at least a half an hour to go only 2 miles. It took over an hour to deliver my sushi order only for me to throw it out because raw fish can't be sitting in someone's hot car for an hour!! I'm not trying to get food poisoning when I could've saved $15 and just gone and picked up a to go order myself. The one other time I had an issues their customer support team gave me a measly $10 because they allowed me to order from a restaurant which was actually closed!! They charge you not only for a delivery fee but also a service fee on top of the food you order. It's absolutely a waste of time and money Save ur time and order from another delivery app or do a to go order.
  • They Haven’t Earned the Caviar Name 1/5

    By jsnyp
    I’ve ordered from Caviar more than once, and usually the food is good. However, their premium service is far from meeting that bar. I finally stopped ordering from them the last time I had an issue with the delivery driver. The driver was lost and asked me to come and meet him, but couldn’t tell me where he was. Once he found the building, he asked that I come to the lobby because allegedly the call box didn’t work when it clearly did (as another delivery driver from a grocery service had no issues on the same day). So I come down to the lobby only to find no driver and no food. Apparently he left the delivery and took off, and of course someone walked off with what I ordered. What was Caviar’s solution? Refunding the delivery fee and nothing more. I complained yet again and their answer was to tell me it’s my fault for not meeting the driver in time. Honestly, they should consider changing their name to fish sticks because Caviar is a premium name for a premium brand, which they clearly aren’t. At least when I’m disappointed by Postmates, I didn’t pay $10 extra for the privilege.
  • Always 30 min late. 2/5

    By anaphoria
    It seems like every time I order delivery, it consistently arrives 30 min later than the original estimation. I also really miss Order Ahead. It had a better user interface. Sometimes I search for items and they don’t show up from a given restaurant, even though I will later see that restaurant carries the item I searched for.
  • No Support at all 1/5

    By Angry in BK
    I've spent the last few hours wrestling with the app. I'm trying to place a large and very important order and this app will not let me add payment card nor change my account details. I've reinstalled several times and tried making new accounts but still no luck. I've reached out to customer service but it's non existent and the help center is useless. I've double checked all my cards and there is nothing wrong on my end. I'm done. Never using this app again and I recommend you steer clear of this headache simulator. Worst part is that; Now I have to go drive an hour in traffic to go pick up my food which will probably be cold when I get back. Because the restaurant only delivers through this app.
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By KingKian
    My order was delivered to the wrong person. Customer service took 2 hours of back and forth too even refund me. Initially they wouldn’t even hear me out claiming “your order was delivered so no refund”. Just awful.
  • Terrible Service 1/5

    By MarcellaMarie
    I tried to submit an order for delivery on my first time using Caviar. I did the usual: updated my address, hit “delivery” and selected a restaurant and an item for delivery and submitted my order. 45 mins later, I received a notification that my order was ready for pick-up. I did not select “pick-up.” There is a glitch in the app that does not notify you that a restaurant does not deliver... instead, it allows you to pick “delivery” and mentions nothing about the fact that that is not an option until the end. Why would I pay a convenience fee by ordering pick-up instead of calling the restaurant myself? So dumb. Not using again.
  • Kind of works 1/5

    By Drknowusa
    A great selection of restaurants, poorly served by an app that cannot manage to remember signin details or provide a d cent tracking map. This could be improved, a lot, to create a five star experience. It hasn't been fixed yet, so deducting a star. Still not fixed. Deducting another star
  • Good food options, but delivery issues 3/5

    By flyingtonight
    We use the service very frequently. We’ve also had issues with (delivery delays, food leaking on delivery, incorrectly delivered order), a little too often. We’d like to continue using the platform because of the excellent food options, but we do hope that they streamline their operations.
  • Not worth it. No customer support. I never received my order. 1/5

    By Fifizizi
  • it was my favorite 1/5

    By Bernardo333
    I loved it so so much. And I recommended it to all my friends. But maybe it’s too popular now. I encountered several unprofessional drivers. You saw them approaching to your neighborhood and they just left.
  • Worst service ever!!!! 1/5

    By kl1418
    Randomly cancelled my order after waiting for hours. Do not use this app, it's basically a scam.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By LBJ901
    I've never had an order that didn't have a major problem. I ordered pizzas for my son's birthdays party and they arrived completely mangled, nobody could even tell what the food was supposed to be. I provided feedback and complained to caviar and never heard back. Another time I ordered Indian and the entire order arrived missing rice for all 5 dishes even though all of them came with rice. Support never called me back after I complained. The restaurant apologizes profusely saying they filled the order from caviar exactly and gave me 50% discount. Advised me to use yelp ordering or call them directly. Not a peep from Caviar. Never ordering from them again.
  • Worst Delivery Service 1/5

    By HelloWorldly
    Company is almost out of business and it’s painfully obvious. They are now forcing bicycle riders to make multiple deliveries simultaneously. This has increased delivery time significantly and also causes food to arrive cold. Deliveries very very rarely arrive in the estimated window. I cannot stress the world “rarely” enough. Worst part is they have quite possibly the most frustrating/worthless customer service team I’ve ever encountered. Relentlessly offering $3 coupons as retribution for ruined $50+ meals. Just use Uber Eats and save yourself a lot of trouble and money. This company should not be supported, they do not care about their customers.
  • Why don’t you have the courrier app on the App Store for Apple? 5/5

    By winston quez
    My iPhone iOS is not letting use the one on your website it that’s app “is not trusted.”
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Sara Deneweth
    Our food is over an hour late now and I finally got a response. They are "following up" with restaurant and courier. Rather than offer a refund I'm getting a $10 credit, which is nothing for a ruined night. Caviar has high fees compared to other apps so disappointing their service is so terrible.
  • It reliable , no contact support 1/5

    By shepard277
    My family waited two hours for our meal. We tried to contact support which was a text robot that would not call us back. They claimed our food was on its way but we could see on the app the driver had not been moving for 45 minutes. Finally the driver called to tell us they gave our order to the wrong person. If it wasn’t for that honest driver we would’ve been waiting forever. One plus is they refunded our order but when we went to re-order the food that never came, they refused to comp the meal which is terribly unprofessional and a sign of poor customer service.
  • Tried to Scam me at checkout 1/5

    By danlins
    First off "Free Delivery" is not free because somehow they are offering a "service" that they are charging for that it not delivery. This is dishonest and off putting. Secondly they had a minimum of $15 dollars that's was also hidden, but fine, so I added chips to my order and then right before checkout it changed the minimum to $28 dollars. $28 for a boritto with "free" delivery. No thank you. I'll never use this app again.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By Mitilak
    They always deliver my food when too late and it end up being cold. I wish Other deliveries had my favorite restaurant.
  • Accountability 1/5

    By Snagssssss
    No order accountability. My order was extremely incorrect (for the second time in 2 weeks) and they are unable to get my food redelivered. Paid $17 dollars for a dinner I didn’t eat...contacted customer support through their text service and got no help. Basically told me to have a great night and signed off. Sticking to Postmates, Grubhub, Ubereats, and Or Door Dash. Never had problem with any of those apps- they have great customer service too. Deal breaker.
  • Over priced and bad delivery service 1/5

    By senorbacjan
    Prices from the original menus are over priced, you get charge for delivery even with the ridiculous over charge, delivery’s take a while, drivers get mad if you don’t tip them and or complaint that they don’t earn enough like if their were driving a lift, cold food and dry pastas, don’t even try order noodles or ramen I don’t know how this app work but, is better to request a lift to take you to any local restaurant I think it will be cheaper and a better experience
  • Absurd pricing 1/5

    By 4826385
    After being a weekly user, now I haven't used Caviar in months. Their surge pricing (elevated minimum orders) are outrageous.
  • Unbelievably bad customer service 1/5

    By jacquiepdx
    I just had the following exchange with someone in their support center: Me: can you tell me where you guys are sending our invoices? Caviar: you'll have to talk to your account manager for that information. Me: okay, can you tell me who our account manager is. Caviar: I'm sorry, we don't have that information, and for security purposes, even if we did have that info we can't give that out. !!!! Our company will be switching back to Grubhub.
  • First order coupon does not work. 1/5

    By Ollieollie12345
    First order coupon, 10$ discount, does not work.
  • Caviar rocks! 5/5

    By tempulgate
    Hey! I really appreciate all the vegan food delivery options from caviar, has saved me on a few starving occasions. Also, it's always about the people in any sitch, and I love to see a smiling, happy face at my door with my food, makes it taste even better, and I've met all kinds of lovely folks on my porch when they delivered for caviar, so thanks to all of them, and all of you... That's a pretty solid review...;-)
  • Enough with the service alerts 1/5

    By gamsf
    I used to love this app but I can never place an order anymore because they are always jacking up the delivery minimum! There hasn't been a time in the last 3 months I haven't opened this app and immediately closed it because I'll never meet the minimums ordering for one person. Lame.
  • Why so pricey when you don’t even have the full menu 1/5

    By Cyndee524
    First of all, who charges service fee anymore on top of tips for delivery?! Also, why don’t you have the full menu offered by the restaurants? It’s ridiculous that you only offer a fraction of what is available. I don’t get this app...
  • caviar? Sardines** 1/5

    By habibifoo
    they should change their name to canned tuna at that..customer service and app functionality is trash. This is what happens when trust fund babies try to make a start up & cant run it properly from their moms yacht.
  • The search UI is confusing. 1/5

    By Jaypdw
    I searched for Philz and the one closest to me that I stared came up last. I ended up ordering from another location because Thursday all look the same. I miss order ahead. That was a good app.
  • A step backwards 2/5

    By Albert Lawson
    Newest version removed the list of “new” restaurants. Weak. I like to be able to see what’s new without having to scroll through the entire list. You should be able to to searches for “everything except” - like, since 80% of the NYC options are now Poke joints. Let me excise them from my scrolling. Or maybe just sign up fewer Poke joints. Also the “Infatuation Approved” section is stupid because The Infatuation is stupid. #LAAAAAME.
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By rallymatte
    Asks for location and you even put your address in and then it shows you all the stuff that can’t be delivered to your address. What’s the point in that?
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Escud
    Multiple orders over different nights from places within 2 miles originally say they will be X time, then that doubles, then the courier drives 2 miles past your house, then they say your order was delivered while they're still 2 miles away. Save yourself a headache and download Uber eats or Postmates.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Longboardinglala
    They screwed up our order, TWICE. Unacceptable, especially with their absurd delivery fee. Plus, there is not a customer service number to call. I had to email about my incorrect order and then wait 2 hours for the right food to be delivered. Not worth it.
  • What a service! 5/5

    By IaminThought
    Truly great way to sample different restaurants straight to your hotel room!
  • Over 100 Orders - Deleting App 1/5

    By Zamous
    Poor poor service in SF Bay Area. Used to be good but think they don't hire and work with good drivers. Should never have incorrect order if driver is doing their job and checking order before leaving.
  • Miss order ahead 2/5

    By JaiC86
    Caviar doesn't tell me that ordering is not available until after I try multiple time to place an order. Instead I get a message that an item is not available. When a coffee joint doesn't have coffee, they are closed to orders. Order Ahead understood that. Caviar also did not like a time later I chose. The app deleted all my items from the cart and took me back to the start. Caviar doesn't show me the restaurants in my area very well or they don't have the restaurants in there system. The app showed me one or two within a mile of where I was at. The rest of the restaurants shown where 30 miles away. Yes I was standing next to one I knew was one that uses Caviar. I had to search for the restaurant right in front of me. The app did not even show it as the first of the list and closest. Please bring back order ahead. Such a better designed, intelligent UI and a search that shows what is really 'near my location' and which are accepting orders.

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