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**Important Notice** Versions below 2.2.4 are no longer supported. Be sure to keep your app up to date CBS Local is constantly updated with the latest news, sports, weather, and traffic. Select your city and personalize your front page for the ultimate coverage of stories that matter to you. Features: •Choose from 24 Major U.S. Locations •Live-Stream Audio and Video Broadcasts •Wake Up to Your Favorite Radio Stations •Receive Special Offers and Deals in Your Area This is the official mobile app for the network of CBS Local brands including: CBS Atlanta, CBS Baltimore, CBS Boston, CBS Chicago, CBS Cleveland, CBS Connecticut, CBS Denver, CBS Detroit, CBS DFW, CBS Houston, CBS Las Vegas, CBS Los Angeles, CBS Miami, CBS Minnesota, CBS New York, CBS Philly, CBS Pittsburgh, CBS Sacramento, CBS San Francisco, CBS Seattle, CBS St. Louis, CBS Tampa, CBS Washington, CBS 2, WCBS, 1010 WINS, WFAN Sports Radio, WBZ, 98.5 The Sports Hub, CBS 3, KYW, WIP, 670 The Score, WBBM, KNX, KCAL, WCCO, 97.1 The Ticket, KDKA, CBS 11, 105.3 The Fan, CBS 4, KPIX and more! Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.


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CBS Local app reviews

  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Gapper47
    Whoever thought this was a good idea was wrong. Deleted app after several attempts to customize for my local station. Wish the old app still worked.
  • Too many repeated commercials 2/5

    By Egadzooks!
    If you like listening to local news, you will be happier buying a radio. Didn't think the app could get worse, but now the commercials are cutting off the stories. Seemingly endless, repeated commercials from the same sponsors ruin the listening experience.
  • Not enough cities 1/5

    By steve-of-indiana
    This app only lists locations in less than half the states. The closest city "near" me is over 3 hours away! Unless you live one of the top 20 population centers I doubt it will be of any value to you either.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jetlag'd
    I can open their website and search for information quicker than their app. I've tried to contact their "support" but always get "Error please try agin in a few minutes". This app is worthless, don't download!!!
  • Ann. 4/5

    By Cimzadi
    Great app but buffering is annoying but love the app other than that .The music is great. Please make it better. It is still great music but still needs bugs worked out! Still needs a little work! But I love the music! Still love the music! Needs a little work!!Great app but still needs work!
  • Bummed because of Bounce 2/5

    By Lisa is my idol
    There are lots of glitches that I can tolerate. One thing that I cannot, is the Bounce dryer sheet ad before EVERY SINGLE news clip. No mixing it up with a few different sponsors, just the same painful ad with a horrible parody of a formerly good song by The Police. The WBZ app has been part of my morning routine for years now. But I have been forced to watch other area stations because of the repetitive ads. The Bounce ad has finally broken me. I will also NEVER buy Bounce again.
  • Wonky 1/5

    By Milly reed
    Opens the wrong story all the time. Very annoying.
  • Puzzled 1/5

    By problemchild 19642012
    Have this app and which are both sponsord by you and yet can't get fix my password on the other one can't send you a message on cbs local . Need to fix both
  • CBSDFW - blank screens 1/5

    By BlickTX
    Yes, I asked HELP and was told to update app - which was current. I verified my wifi was working well and turned it off to give 4G a chance. Blank screens. Therefore, the app is of no value to me and I finally remembered why I stopped using it long ago.
  • I like it SOO!!! MUCH ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 5/5

    By Monster Austin Jeffery
    I like because it has your location set on it and you can listen to music!!!😀😀😀😀♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😍👏 and has latest news or live TV 📺!! CBS News TV!! And you can listen to AM Stations or FM 📻 Stations.
  • No News 1/5

    By Daylily430
    Blank white screen. App doesn't load onto iPad2.
  • Lame. 1/5

    By MeanGuy
    Doesn't EVER link from the notification to the actual story that you've just been notified on, they're now playing some commercial at you the second you go to the app, and I can NEVER find the story the notification alerted on. Fail. Deleted.
  • Good 4/5

    By Disaster scott
  • After Listening to the Two Billionth Commercial for Kars for Kids I will never listen again 1/5

    By cybersherrif
    Awful. The only thing they broadcast are Kars for Kids commercials. I am DONE!!!
  • Junk 1/5

    By Husker5105
    Hasn't worked for two days. Sent no response. I've deleted app and reload three times. That's it....deleted for good.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By JoeyDang
    This app is a waste of time. The app crashes and the headlines are months old! Just read that Bebe will be closing their stores... it is July and the story date is March 2017! Find your news elsewhere!
  • Weak 1/5

    By Cheeseybutt
    Sometimes radio stations will get stuck on a loop of the same ads. I turned it on before taking a bath and got stuck listening to 30 mins straight of ads.
  • Works for me 4/5

    By Rhodyguy
    Better then most, updates frequently
  • This app is very unreliable 2/5

    By jetpress2
    This app used to work very well, but for about the past year I have to delete it and download it again every couple of months because it will play endless WCCO commercials instead of the actual programming. It's VERY annoying. I would rather it would just stop working instead of seeming to work while not really working. I had to delete it again today (6/25/17) and reinstall it.
  • Garbage 2/5

    By Dopo17
    Tried to use it for traffic. It doesn't have anything other than the 95s
  • There's nothing local here 1/5

    By TegarKC
    There's nothing local I live near Kansas City and it calls St Louis (230 miles away) local. We have a CBS affiliate in our community, why do we want to hear about St Louis?
  • App shuts down when I open Twitter 1/5

    By Priv8is
    Or any other app. Still shutting down when another app opens or phone locks.
  • Works great on iPad mini. 5/5

    By Jamiekj6fe
    Very nice. Much better than a TV set. Information is available 24/7.
  • Not local 1/5

    By Joe17751993
    I live in North Carolina. My options were Washington DC or Atlanta GA. Nothing about this is local.
  • CBS News WCCO 5/5

    By Redriderjar
    I have been watching this app for about five months, I like all of the information that is on this app. Brings you up to date, with real time information. Thank you.
  • Can't stream radio 1/5

    By MisterrManMan
    App is garbage, can't receive any radio stations.
  • Bug 1/5

    By Profzoom
    Do not download app crashes every time I try to watch a video
  • Useless 1/5

    By JimmyBX
    Had to download app in order to listen to WFAN. Although their reviews claim the same problem this app is suffering from, I've been streaming WFAN and no issue. I'm using iOS 9.2 on my iPhone 6+. Hope these people fix the issue. I'm in Central America on vacation and now this app doesn't stream on my iPhone 7. It was fine in December of my 2016 visit, but now the bosses decide they aren't going to allow us vacationers to stream WFAN. Total joke...
  • Useless! 1/5

    By Cc bob
    Every time I open the app and tap a news story the app crashes. Totally useless. CBS must fix this ASAP
  • Worthless 1/5

    By K*her
    For a "news" app, only 3-4 items of news to report? Really? Horrible app. And doesn't update. Some items are over 3 days old. Spelling errors and "word" errors. Found only two in today's 3/10/17 edition. And that's good for this website. Also, using my iPad, when I click on story's they are off- center and can't see down the right side. I have to keep scrolling the screen over. Plus the app looks "cheap" and unprofessional. Other local news apps have a much better look.
  • My view 1/5

    By "Clark Kent"
    I'm sick and tired of you people attacking everything Trump does. Pelly we are not interested in what you think. You come across as a egotistical condescending reporter. Thank God for Fox News! I'm checking out your sponsors so I can quite buying their products
  • Most used app 5/5

    By Jsj123456789
    Use it everyday! By far the most used app I have. Keep up the great work
  • Why not more? 5/5

    By Judy hughes
    I love this app. I watch the news in the morning before work. Its very reliable! So why such limited times? There is more news than 5-7 am. What about 8-9????
  • Good for cities 2/5

    By Kittydoggymom
    This app is only good for "local" info if you live in one of the places listed on it's menu. If not, then you're SOL, especially if you hope to get emergency info. The closest I can get to my location is 40 miles away, which in New England is useless.
  • CBS App 4/5

    By Pincapo
    Great app. Very informative and user friendly. Thank you
  • Very reliable! 5/5

    By Klyp
    I look to this app for the latest and even emergencies in the greater Boston community! It's excellent!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Emilysmommy123
    I love the new app!
  • Possibly worst app update ever! 1/5

    By JIL121290
    This "app" gets the lowest possible score - if I could give it negative stars I would!! The only thing that works about it is the icon is visible on my phone! All I can do is tap the icon. Then it goes to my home window. What a great "update" ... Does the company even test the app before sending it out?!? UPDATE: 2015-12-08 Tried to download the newest update from November 17, 2015… Still the worst app ever! When I press on the icon you don't even see anything - it just immediately goes back to your original window. I guess they spared no expense and ingenuity in updating this app once again!… Needless to say, this app has been deleted! UPDATE: 2016-12-14 After working pretty well for about a year, another update comes and messes everything up! The majority of the radio stations that I wanted to listen to are not available on the most recent update! Who update these apps?!? They must just throw an update out there and then realize all the ways they messed it up and then try to put patches on it later with - guess what - another update! Please return to the app to the version from this summer and early fall – because the CURRENT APP version is COMPLETELY HORRIBLE!!!
  • Liberally biased 1/5

    By Dissatisfied 2016 - 11
    This media is so liberally biased it amounts to fake news.
  • Please make a CBS Local Apple TV app 4/5

    By Isaacsac
    I would like to see a CBS Local Apple TV app. This would be another way for Bay Area residence to be able to get the local news on their TV if they own an Apple TV 4th generation. I really like the kind of news stores that this station does.
  • 😡🙁 1/5

    By Jimmy .S
    I can never be able to play a video, whether it's the weather forecast video or news video. If it does play it stops after a short time and freezes there.
  • Stopped working with new update 5/5

    By B18cintegra
    Stopped working with new update
  • Horrible for talk radio, excessive ads 1/5

    By samcez
    Listening to radio program, cuts the program to break into Continuous ads, ridiculous- what a joke CBS!!!
  • Works Great! 5/5

    By Arnie53
    Best version yet. Set up well. Good design. Doesn't crash. Keep up the good work.
  • Won't play after a new update 2/5

    By Mark741111
    The app was working fine until they did the new update. If you're listening to a station it will stop playing in about five minutes. Please fit
  • About to dump this 1/5

    By WantStuff2Work
    I have had this app along with several others for breaking news in the LA area for several years now, but I am getting tired of nightly promos for their 11PM newscast. Someone must think this is going to get eyeballs for sweeps. I have 5 devices with this app and if it doesn't stop they will all be deleted very soon
  • Deceptively Slanted 1/5

    By WontShutUp
    Only shows you the news they want you to read. Leaving out much of the news we all need to hear. If you're wondering if this is a parson position… I'm Independent of any party. A moderate. Yes. I need both sides. Not the views of establishment kiss a****. And Setting aside content, the app itself kind of blows.
  • Very poor quality 1/5

    By Mark2815
    Keeps in crashing on me
  • Not worth using anymore 1/5

    By Suz1818
    This used to be one of my favorite local news apps. Unfortunately it now has a ad pop up that opens up as you scroll claiming you have won something and the only way to get out of it is to close out the whole app. This makes it impossible to actually read anything on this site anymore.
  • Very good app 5/5

    By JazzDalton
    Great news for people who live in SF Bay Area👍🏼Nice design and easy to use. I give it 5 stars because this app deserves it and keep up the great job on keep updating this app. Thanks!

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