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CBS Sports Fantasy App

Manage, track and get the best advice for your fantasy teams all in one place. Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or hockey, the CBS Sports Fantasy App has you covered. MANAGE YOUR TEAM: -Draft from anywhere with support for auction, snake, and mock drafts. -Set your lineup, add/drop players, propose/monitor/accept trades. -League chat to trash talk opponents all week long. -League standings and power rankings. -Player profiles with stats, projections, and upcoming matchup information. -View league rules and draft results. TRACK YOUR SCORE: -Scoring previews for every matchup every week. -Get fast and accurate fantasy point updates with Gametracker. -Live matchup projections powered by SportsLine. -Weekly matchup recaps. GET THE LATEST ADVICE: -Player Rankings from CBS Sports Fantasy Experts. -Constantly updated fantasy advice videos and articles. -Depth charts, roster trends, and player projections to help you make the best decisions. -Updated news, injury reports, and performance predictions . RUN YOUR LEAGUE: -Set up your draft. -Create and review scoring settings and categories. -Easily invite friends via text, email, and social.


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CBS Sports Fantasy app reviews

  • A Long History of Poor Software Development 2/5

    By Shawn Bishop
    When it comes to making good software, this division of CBS Sports has a very long history of not assembling the right people with the right skillsets to produce good, quality software. Their popularity and market position are likely due to them entering the fantasy sports space very early in the game (accomplished by the formally acquired “Sportsline”). From UI and UX, to responsiveness and aesthetics, CBS has continued to fall short year after year on both the Web and mobile. They constantly release features that are not intuitive and are not properly tested. Either there are many senior-level managers/directors in the organization that should have been replaced a longtime ago, or their company culture somehow allows them to continue to hire inept people. Regardless, CBS Sports continues to know how to crank out deplorable applications at every level.
  • Fix the waiver report 1/5

    By Kosher pigs
    For the first time ever you updated the waiver report and it was 10 steps in the wrong direction. Instead of adding a feature like say add a hyperlink to a player profile when clicking a player, you did the opposite. The font is now HUGE like I’m blind or something and now it no longer displays who made the waiver claim. Totally useless!
  • I give it points for simplicity 3/5

    By Jon1856
    I have been in a 16 team, redraft, 2 games a week league on cbs for 11 years. I love that cbs allows for your team to play 2 games a week. Everyone should do it. It helps with not having every team tied with the same record and allows for teams to storm back to make the playoffs in a small amount of time (I started 2007 0-11 and finished 14-12 and winning the Super Bowl). Yes cbs had lagged for years with its glitchy, slow and underwhelming app. But the one thing I love is the simplicity. When I am looking up players and tap their name, i like that their stats come up quick, and it's like reading the back of a trading card. I do not have to search for anything. The one thing you guys need to change tho is how you have your Game Log stats set up. When I check out Duke Johnson (16 team league mind you) it only shows his rushing stats and not his receiving in his game log. It would be nice if the game log included all of a players scoring stats for a game. That being said, CBS needs to promote the 2 games a week idea. It's fantastic.
  • TURRIBLE 1/5

    By longhornBEVO10
    By far the worst FF app....when it even works.
  • No teams 1/5

    By ksbex
    Suddenly my iPad and iPhone both show that I have no teams but I go to add a team my team is there. I tried signing out and back in. I might try deleting and reinstalling or I might just quit using this terrible app altogether.
  • Fix 3/5

    By NachoValencia54
    You're staying behind in every category to other ff apps

    By DaSparks
    This app is the worst one on my phone and it costs money to use. CRAZY! CBS crashes most Sundays which any fantasy football fan knows is the most important day of the week for a fantasy app. I’ve used 3 other free apps ALL work better, have less ads, don’t crash, have better projections, have better options for scoring then CBS. I wish I could give negative stars what ever you do. DO NOT USE CBS IT IS THE WORST OPTION HOU COULD EVER PICK.
  • Scores not updating 1/5

    By Investo14
    Fix please
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By jstein1202
    This app freezes every week. This week it hasn't started the games and it's 35 minutes past game time. Next year ESPN.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Danny nyc 12
    Don’t usually write reviews but this app is terrible. And they have the gall to charge for a league. Never again. Yahoo is much better
  • Will only use NFL app after this year! 1/5

    By Cdyjeep
    Horrible app and website!!! NFL is the only thing any of my leagues will use after this year ! Slow loading !!! If the piece of crap loads at all! Move all your leagues people so this piece of junk will go away. Wasted $150 for garbage like cbs Sportsline
  • Absolute Sh*t 1/5

    By Speedinglots
    CBS is the only organization that can make Yahoo’s app look good.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Cmc2011------
    This is a terrible app that keeps crashing, is loaded with ads, constantly resets to an earlier time in the game (making it look like you've gone back in time in your game and changing the points and time), and offers limited functionality compared to the website. It's garbage. Next year, I'm asking my commissioner to use another service completely. Update: one year later, still using this garbage app. It’s 1:13 pm and they haven’t reflected any updates from the 1pm game. So much for “live” updates. One star. CBS is trash.
  • FIX YOUR APP 2/5

    By Docs warriors
    Games have started and the scores are not being updated
  • CBS>>>ESPN 5/5

    By g.garbiso
    Yeah, so CBS is way more intuitive and user friendly than ESPN. Yay, CBS!
  • Not so good 1/5

    By Coletrain78
    This app as well as CBS’s fantasy site is not very stable. There are multiple times where neither will load. Yahoo has a far superior app. I like CBS for analysis and some of the functionality is cool WHEN it works. CBS should really invest a little more on platform stabilization.
  • It’s one giant ad 1/5

    By MIK363636
    We pay for this league but thats just not enough. Ads popup everywhere. WHY? ENOUGH ADS!!!
  • Waiver Wire 1/5

    By Gxcfditeidd
    Love how it tells you in the waiver swipe left to cancel claim and when i do it just slides the whole page to a score. ESPN is alot better… wouldnt suggest this app for next year especially for the price that is being paid.
  • Free Agents 3/5

    By SpicyRedOne
    Would be nice to easily identify free absents on mobile app especially when you are looking at the depth charts
  • Do better, go with a free site 1/5

    By dheck26
    My league pays CBS Sports for the use of their fantasy site, not sure why with free sites out there who do better with user friendly apps. We have a salary cap league. This app doesn’t even show you the value of your team (cap $). You have to use a desktop version on a pc to see that stuff. Who uses a pc? Horrible app and League manager. They make you pay for advice when we already pay for their services? Wow! Go to any other site and use their free fantasy leagues. Do better CBS. Poor poor poor app.
  • Last place 1/5

    By 2Bigguns
    This is my first year using cbs for fantasy football. I've been extremely disappointed. There's no real time stats for players, not in my lineup. You can't add a player minutes before the start of game. Waiver wire position moves from Monday to Tuesday. You can't change your name mid season. I signed up for PPR scoring but found out when season started I was playing standard scoring. So many issues. I love playing fantasy football. However it's frustrating when a site is not up to par. This should be one of the best. Yet I rate this site last behind ESPN, Yahoo and NFL sites/apps.
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By icybridge
    Worst fantasy site, even worse mobile app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By JFisherSports
    If CBS can’t fix the Projected points system, I may be done with the app. How are you going to give Matt Ryan the ‘State Farm Player to Start’ vs. a QB going against the Browns. These guys are just terrible at predicting games.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Created just for Sirius
    CBS gets $150 for each fantasy league and this is the best they can do?
  • no On The Block function 2/5

    By Morgadr
    I use the app over computer site because it's much easier. The app is getting a poor rating because I don't like not having same features on the app as the website. Please add a function to add players to On The Block from the app.
  • League 3/5

    By Tigerdrew1
    It ok but done it this season and sure other people done try to create a free from phone when you have to pay you guy should so where you can be able to create free league on phone at any time
  • I wish I could rate it ZERO 1/5

    By Illini in Arizona
    $180 a year for an app riddled with ads that can’t support the traffic on the network every Sunday. But hey, the snickers ad is omnipresent. Dump the ads! You have loyal subscribers who pay good money for this app. ESPN gives you mostly the same customization and history preservation FOR FREE. The only reason I still subscribe to CBS is to preserve my league’s history, but that’s not really all that motivating when the site never works on gameday, and every click in the margins opens up an ad.
  • App doesnt work 1/5

    By SimeonMoses
    Just says server hostname can not be found
  • Junk 3/5

    By The Darkest Knight
    This app constantly times out and displays a retry error message. Come on CBS you can do better than this! Update- appears this issue has been fixed with the latest version, updating from 1 to 3 stars, thanks.
  • Too slow, too many adds. Wrong numbers. 1/5

    By Tarzanbz
    After using a few other apps, this is the worst. The only one that takes several seconds to load page by page. Also, every week shows wrong projections with extremely high numbers. Cumbersome.
  • Yeah, it's bad 1/5

    By I want to run
    Can't even log in to see how slow (according to the other reviews) this app is. I get an error message about not finding the server with the specified host name. This is 100% unusable.
  • Works great for me 5/5

    By Red Shirt Ensign
    I've never experienced the issues that i'm reading about, I love the cbs app functionality, and it is leaps ahead of Yahoo or ESPN's app.
  • Bad 1/5

    By TK574129
    Did a fantasy football league with CBS for the first time. Never again. Laggy and glitchy app. Never up to live stats
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Akolla
    We pay bunch for the league..we see lot ads in the app.
  • FIX THIS MESS CBS!!!! 1/5

    By JenSanders
    I try to access this from home Wifi and it's still SO glitchy and slow I give up before being able to access my team 70% of the time. I couldn't even make a last minute change to my lineup because it took almost 10 minutes to get into my team roster! This is the last year I am using CBS to do my fantasy league unless you take some of your multimillion dollar company and invest it on a decent app! Completely ridiculous to year after year be okay with a 1 Star rating, you obviously don't care about your customers! The website has enough issues as it is (released our waivers early and not in the bidding format we had) we had to finish our waiver wire in person by submitting bids on folded pieces of paper to see who won the waivers, yes seriously. I recommend using ESPN or Yahoo, we will be after the season is over.
  • This is our last year 1/5

    By meecrob247
    App and website is terrible. 2017 and still can not handle the demands at 4:15 when people are checking scores... app is unresponsive. CBS was far ahead of the crowd 10 years ago. Since then they have done zero to improve or change. And let not even start talking about the endless ads. WE PAY FOR THIS!
  • Works except for Sunday afternoons! 1/5

    By Moohyt
    Getting tired of this app... works great all week long, on game days it's slow! The entire second half of today's 1:00 games, can't see scores, etc.... EVERY season this happens.... VBS can't figure out capacity issues? I'd choose another app for your league...
  • Still Crap 1/5

    By Mpf dad
    Still slow. Hardly loads. Would expect better from you. ESPN app works flawlessly. Why can't yours?
  • Was Great but now... 1/5

    By mailman133
    Mom stop loading screen when full internet connection! Great app just need to fix this issue!
  • App hangs all the time 1/5

    By Ginfay
    This app is very bad. It get stuck on loading all the time. Very poor for a paid fantasy football service. When you pay $150 for a fantasy season you figure you would get a working app.
  • Doesn't' load. App stinks. 1/5

    By Irdb jdb xj
    App stuck loading forever. Doesn't work. App stinks. CBS stinks.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jstroud9
    Useless app. I can never even pull up my scores. All the money for the league and this is what we get?!
  • Worst fantasy app of them all 1/5

    By SDCHARGER1904
    Even worse than which says a lot. Garbage.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Kokoihrrrt
    Every season during fantasy football the app is slow and won't load. Call yourself a fantasy app but are useless during fantasy.
  • Bad 1/5

    By STM356
    2 weeks into the season and the app hasn't loaded either week during Sunday games. When paying CBS to host our league at the very least I expect the app to work. Not to mention the annoyance of having to watch adds when you pay for a league. CBS consistently provides a subpar product.
  • Never Loads 5/5

    By quinnmr
    This app was great, now it's horrible. It never loads, except when it's NOT football season.
  • Just awful 1/5

    Cbs phones it in every year. Their app is awful, site is awful and they haven't updated anything in ages. Do not pay these losers. Use yahoo and avoid.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By mmo189
    Rarely works and they still charge. Maybe their incompetent engineers can call the ones at ESPN or Yahoo for advice
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By 👱=👨👲👳💂
    Not even worth one star! App has a knack to Constantly crash on Sundays so what's the point of even having it ... hate hate hate it after this season I will be switching to either yahoo or espn
  • Never works, too many ads 1/5

    By Mikeymofo
    Can you imagine paying a lot of money nowadays to have a fantasy football league? Almost every single sports website offers a free fantasy football program. We pay a lot of money for CBS Sports, and there are nothing but ads everywhere, you cannot check your fantasy scores on game day because the app is overloaded, and the app constantly crashes. But one thing consistently works on the app, the ads…

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