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ChargePoint® App

ChargePoint is the world’s largest and most open EV charging network with over 40,000 stations. Only the ChargePoint app allows you to find these stations, see if they’re available and start charging. You can also find stations from all other major networks. Map: Find stations from ChargePoint and all other major networks. Real-time information: See which ChargePoint stations are available to charge. Start charging: Just tap your phone on the station to start charging. Notifications: Get real-time updates about your charging status. Filter: Only see stations that work with your car. Driver tips: Leave and view tips about stations and their locations. ChargePoint Home: Connect to and control your home charger.


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ChargePoint® app reviews

  • Gates open at 7 am 5/5

    By TBOLTON36
    Gates to Service station open at 7 am in the weekdays
  • Love this revolution underway 5/5

    By Foulanbiyo
    These stations will force the revolution faster than anticipated
  • Not that good 3/5

    By sport10010
    You have to be able to access the internet to use the app. Can’t do it with just a cell connection.
  • The app 5/5

    By Xxocgzcrazii92xX
    I like how it tells me how much it’s been charged so far
  • Charger 5/5

    By sheelacook
    It is great.I was reading thru all the options of charging. Charges faster however I was charged for weekend charging time even though I am a customer of clear view energy where charging on weekends starting Friday 7 PM to Monday 7 AM. Was stated with above information. Otherwise all is good
  • Missing CarPlay 3/5

    By SkiingMami
    This would be perfect if it worked via CarPlay with Siri support to find nearby EVSE and help get to them.
  • Nice app. Needs to support iPhone X Screen and reservations. 3/5

    By A Fazel
    Nice app. Really needs to support iPhone X screen and reservations would be a great addition.
  • HH 4/5

    By themusicmom
    I’m new to EVs so I’m very grateful to see all ChargePoint stations are so new and always working properly. Customer service was helpful too, guiding me thru the first time. Only wish the charger screen and my app would show how much longer till fully charged.
  • Poor 1/5

    By App+97
    Doesn’t work well with iPhone X - couldn’t use charging capability
  • Unsatisfactory 1/5

    By Realityx1990
    Just moved into a new apartment complex that has chargepoint a set up for the community. My volt takes 12kwh to fill up($3.80) for 35miles of charge... which is a little over gas pricing. My biggest complaint is if you don’t contact the charger via app to stop charging after your car is fully charged, it still charges you. I plugged in late at night, went to sleep, woke up to a 20 dollar bill but shows my normal 12kwh usage.... you’ve basically made it where I can’t charge over night. Or any late hours due to the possibility of forgetting to stop charging
  • Lock screen hostile takeover 1/5

    By -=Razor-Blade=-
    Integrated with the lock screen so when the home button is pressed twice while locked a payment screen is displayed. Problem is there is no way to disable this and even with the app removed from the iPhone it persists. Looking at a full erase / restore to correct.
  • Works Great 5/5

    By Jnd28
    Once I figured out how to link it to Apple Pay it’s been great. Before I did that I just used it for locating charge stations. It’s great for finding open stations and now that it’s linked to my payment it’s awesome!
  • A welcome surprise 5/5

    By ~~~MrTony
    I’ve had the app for a long time, but hadn’t used it much. Now as my Nissan Leaf battery ages (2011), I’m in need of charging at destination points more frequently. This app does it all. The payment is in my Apple Wallet, just tap the phone on the charger to start! The location of stations has been very accurate with excellent annotations when I was lost in a multilevel garage. I’m more in need of high speed chargers, but this system is helping more and more frequently.
  • Tap to Charge is Awesome 4/5

    By Sarek
    Absolutely love the tap to charge - you use your iPhone instead of a card or fob. It’s a bit clunky and buried to setup, but once you do this you’ll love modern technology! The app still needs a refresh for iPhone X - still doesn’t support native screen. One of the last apps I know of that doesn’t support it natively.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By CA Grown
    It's great for monitoring my cars power draw while charging. Plus, it alerts you if someone unplugs your car. And, you can check if networked chargers are currently in use before arriving at the charger.
  • Charging 5/5

    By ColoradoBabbo
    Great app that has allowed me to monitor the status of my vehicle charge. Also shows available stations away from home. Great service on the phone too!
  • Awesome App! Great interface 5/5

    By Lbguy76
    Love using the easy to use app!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Big Sexy Heathen
    Better than the mfr App for my new EV. Helps to have the search map option for FREE chargers; turns out I have two within two blocks #score ! Next I’ll find a DC fast charger!
  • Probably best app for ev but... 3/5

    By padoh
    Need better maps and id of broken chargers
  • Love it 5/5

    By Chef la
    Great parking spots
  • Can not login in my iPhone X 1/5

    By BK1003
    I signed up in my notebook and installed the app in my iPhone X. I tried to login in my iPhone X, but I cannot login there. I can login my account in my notebook. I reset my password and even uninstall and reinstall the app. But, the result is same. An customer support person asked me to take the screen shot to escalate the case. I told her that I would not use the app. Bad app...
  • Pretty awesome 5/5

    By Libbyev
    Just started using the app and I love it! Such an easy way to track your charges and find places to charge.
  • Great App 5/5

    By shadowboar
    Thank you for this!
  • iPhone X support 3/5

    By Serialtoon
    New icon? ✔️ iPhone X support? ✖️
  • Simple to use... great app 5/5

    By GigaDuck
    It’s a simple and easy to use app. I am very happy with it.
  • Update for iPhone X 2/5

    By RyDo90
    Multiple updates since November (including one yesterday) and still no update for the iPhone X layout.
  • Love everything but... 5/5

    By Alycia41506
    I agree, trip planning would be the best feature even. I’d put in my start and end point and you guys would well me spots along the way I could charge. This doesn’t exist anywhere else - it would set Chargepoint apart!
  • Great App 5/5

    By cstiff
    Helps you track where you charging level is and finding a crying station is easy.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Annoyingrandomname25447
    Quick, easy to use, and informative
  • Good could be better 4/5

    By Nutty gutty
    Works good
  • Good application, could be superior to all 2/5

    By PatricknLA
    Hey we really don't need to know how long we are connected to the charging station, both home and commercially a better information would be how long the "juices" are flowing, do we need to know we were hook up at home for 10 hours? Supply information that EV owners want to share with curious ICE owners. Also a "timer" built into the commercial side would be nice to comply and let others get access to the charging station. With push notifications saying it's time to move your EV. As of 11/12/2017 the application is no longer updating with charging history and ability to see the actual charging of the EV
  • Good not great 3/5

    By Robert0001
    Several features I would request: Apple Watch support with complications and charge status. More statistics in app. Did I mention Apple Watch??
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Cwwilsonpa
    This is great for keeping track of actually charging costs for my car and separation from home power costs. This app also allows me to see when the car is pulling power to heat the battery overnight, when it's cold outside.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Millergreg2004
    Great app. Love it.
  • Can’t connect to Internet 1/5

    By StineTheBean715
    The current version of my app can’t connect to the internet. It’s frustrating because I can’t track my charging status
  • Better then you’re leading ev charging app 4/5

    By hunterford93
    Honestly I just got my car about 3 weeks ago a did virtually no Reserch before hand on charging ports I now this one one of the first apps I downloaded and I have to say compared to others this one is the best the only downsides I can see to the app/company would be the card cost $5 & some times the map isn’t as accurate as it should be but really what is these days. Good points of the app house a pretty good map out of charge points you can start and stop charging from this app and it works for the most part pay the $5 and get a card to just in case ( like if you’re ever charging you’re car in a parking garage that’s underground you need at least one bar for it to pick up a connection from you’re phone and that’s why having the card also is crucial!!! Good app and it’s free!
  • Great App & Network of Chargers 5/5

    By Still Hoping
    I have been using the App for two weeks and it does everything I need I think. Easy to use and understand. Great to find charging stations and the network is very good, hope it gets bigger faster but already meets my needs. Also in my home area all but one site is free. Keep up the good work and show retail locations the advantages of offering free charging. For example I usually buy things while I am waiting for a charge! I really need to break that habit, lol. Can't wait for future features whatever they may be.
  • Doesn’t even work. 1/5

    By Mwwww4736
    The app used to show charging stations. Now all it does is demand a credit card. Nice upgrade, guys.
  • Awesome app!!! 5/5

    By Philsgarage
    Best charging app !!!
  • Simple and easy to use! 5/5

    By Undftd0209
    Very easy to use, recommended!
  • ChargePoint 5/5

    By Justin714
    I love this app it tells you everything you can think of if someone take charger off your car what you at 75% charge 90 % charged when it done if your not at the car. Very cool must get Must buy this app
  • Great! 5/5

    By Olathe Moe
    Absolutely the best!
  • Tap-to-Charge is The Best 5/5

    By EVBruce
    The new Tap-to-Charge is the best feature by far!
  • Doesnt allow to charge unless you are a member 1/5

    By Postamed
    Doesnt allow to charge unless you are a member You need to create an account, fill up your account and then its easy.BUT Charging stations have no information on this!!!!! No sign nothing! Actually their machines are misleading they have wireless card readers that have mastercard visa and amex signs but you cabt really use them with that terminal, you need to fill up you accoint via website or app using visa amex etc... I dont know what buttheads are sitting in their marketing...
  • ChargePoint 5/5

    By KimBos#1
    I can always count on you all to recharge my leaf. ChargePoint is available along all my routes to work, shopping and play. Your customer service staffers are always professional and knowledgeable. Thanks, Nurse K.
  • Malfunctions 1/5

    By Babab
    I was on he wait list for a charger that said it was available. Once I reached it the charger timed out. When I called support they said I could only try to join the waitlist again. Now I have no way home except to charge for 4 hours once I’m out of work. I would not recommend it at all. If you are considering an electric vehicle turn back!
  • Using phone instead the cards 4/5

    By KillBillwithNIN
    Using Wallet works like a charm. Being able to simply use my own iPhone is great. The cards were annoying and flakey and the fob cards were a pain as I never take the keys out of my pocket but the phone is in my hand! One idea for full 5 stars: be able to use the app and NFC to identify the stations being ICEd or having hardware issues.
  • It is convenient 5/5

    By Napoleon_zjy
    So far, I like the features of this app. I don't need to check the available charging lots by going down the stairs
  • Misleading app 1/5

    By SergueiK
    Misleading app. it shows location but when you get there and its either occupied or broken. I would not write this review if it would happen just ones, but it’s has been several time in the last 4 month. when I called to the phone number, that is located on the card, I’ve been told that it is the “owners” of those charging stations, who is responsible for that “inconvenience”. But when you arrive to the charging station and you see that it’s been occupied and this app still showing that it’s “available” ... that’s just wrong.
  • It works well but tech support not so much 3/5

    By Rock of Aging
    I have a ChargePoint Charger at home and I utilize this app with it and it works quite well and it gives some great information on cost and energy, however, I had an issue with the app from a map standpoint and finding charging points on the map. When I called in tech support simply told me my GPS was not working properly even though it worked fine with other apps. I finally reloaded the app and now it works fine. I don’t like it when tech-support passes the buck.

ChargePoint® app comments


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