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  • Current Version: 1.902
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Chase Pay® App

Chase Pay® is more than a mobile payment app. It’s a way to shop at participating merchants. Order ahead and pay for food, access special offers, pay with points, and even check your Chase eligible card balances – all in one app. EASY SET UP - Use your username and password to get started. - Your eligible Chase Visa® consumer credit, debit and Chase Liquid® cards will automatically be loaded into the app so you don’t have to add them yourself. If you get a new card, we’ll update the info automatically. PAY WITH YOUR PHONE - Use your mobile phone to quickly pay for purchases at participating merchants. Look in the app for nearby locations or go to for a full list. - Just tap "Pay" to use Chase Pay at checkout. ORDER AHEAD AND ACCESS SPECIAL OFFERS - Order ahead and pay for food from thousands of restaurants. - View participating merchants on a map to see what’s close to you. - Access special offers that are automatically applied at checkout. Usage restrictions apply. - Currently available in select markets only. PAY WITH POINTS - Redeem your Chase Ultimate Rewards® points for a statement credit to cover all or part of your purchase at participating merchants. - Sign into the app and press pay, tap the rewards-eligible card you’d like to use, and toggle on “Use points”. - Through this product/service, we’ll automatically apply your points as a statement credit. When using points at checkout, each point is worth $0.008, which means that 100 points equals $0.80 in redemption value. - You can also use points when ordering ahead, just toggle on “Use points” at checkout. MANAGE YOUR SPENDING - Easily check the available credit line(s) for your eligible Chase credit card(s) and any available funds in your debit and Chase Liquidaccounts. - See your transactions from the past 90 days. SHOP SECURELY - Chase Pay uses the same security measures as and the Chase Mobile® app. - We also give merchants a unique device account number (token) instead of sharing your actual card number to process the payment. - You’ll continue to be protected against unauthorized purchases and notified of suspicious activity as you are today. To learn more, visit The Chase Pay® Mobile App is available for select mobile devices. Download the Chase Pay® Mobile App and enroll with your eligible mobile device. There is no charge from Chase, but message and data rate charges may apply. Such charges include those from your communications service provider. Chase Pay is available for use with all eligible Chase Visa® consumer credit cards, debit cards and Chase Liquid® cards. At this time, Chase Pay doesn’t accept business credit card, business debit cards or Mastercard® cards. Order ahead and pay functionality is available in select markets, with additional markets being added soon. Chase credit cards are issued by Chase Bank USA, N.A. Accounts subject to credit approval. Debit cards are provided by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.


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Chase Pay® app reviews

  • Cuts off bluetooth headset 1/5

    By BFK927
    Not sure it is intentional or not. When the app launches, the bluetooth will be cut off
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By JamesKoooo
    Please optimize for iPhone X
  • Used at shoprite 5/5

    By Mary Canzoneri
    Fantastic easy to use should be at more stores
  • Needs to available at more places 4/5

    By johnfbn
    Good app just needs to be available at more places
  • Not many locations 4/5

    By Santh1
    Otherwise it’s very convenient
  • Cards don’t show up 1/5

    By Rudy ca
    Cards don’t show up
  • Do not download 1/5

    By Nicky Noir
    I couldn’t even get in the app using my user name and password and from looking at these reviews I’m glad because I would be mad if my money got taken. I deleted the app
  • What is the deal with the QR code? 1/5

    By skd86mld
    I showed the cashier the QR code to check out, she looked at me like I had snakes growing in my hair. Then the groans from other customers. ChasePay useless ...
  • So simple 5/5

    By sometechyguy
    I’m not sure what’s wrong with everyone else, but I literally had no issues signing up, also I have tons of merchants popping up, Chick Fil A, Tropical Smoothie, Bestbuy, Etc. Also my wife and I love that you get 10$ off your first time using the different food options!
  • This app is like a scam!! 1/5

    By Lormee21
    I placed the order thru Chase pay. When I arrived at the restaurant, the merchant said they didn’t receive the order. I called the customer service, they were not helpful at all! Avoid this app if you don’t want to waste your time and money!
  • Modern way for rubbery! 1/5

    By wgkingo
    Customers be aware that when you order from the app you may not get your food, because the restaurant you ordered was never received your order and your money! As a restaurant, we have never authorized Chase to put our menu on the app, either to say that they don’t even have the correct pictures! Called customer service and get 4 different numbers, spend over 2 hours talking but no one seems to know what’s going on and they can’t find which department is responsible for the app. Totally ripped off and a modern rubbery is what this is!
  • Feel like a fraud. 1/5

    By Thisworld2night
    I never used this app, but my restaurant is a victim of chase pay. We keep having customers showing up with payment confirmation that's been sent by Chase pay. We have never received order request or payment from Chase pay or from any customers. With hesitations we gave customers what they ordered anyway. What I'm trying to say is, Chase pay has never been authorized to put my restaurant menu in their app. They either take it off from Chase pay ASAP and pay us fully, or they can do this the right way, that's having their department manager set up an account for us and post the CORRECT pictures of our food! If they're just faking it, I mean come on Chase! You can at least get the restaurant address and phone number listed, get the right picture, and updated menu.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By roddit
    My iPhone is not jail broken but it still won’t open for me.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By EdBread1234567
    Useless, broken app—never works
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Darkstar Mike
    Spent 35 minutes on the phone with the robotic morons at Chase to learn the many many limitations this app has. Don’t waste your time.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By follicle5
    I cannot get to the cart on iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 11.2. It just spins forever and says “Updating your order ...”
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jc5321
    Pretty awesome app. Feel more secure using this than Apple Pay. Love the QR code functionally
  • Appel watch 5/5

    By himahimahima
    Please make an app for the Apple Watch
  • Has the dev never heard of Time Out? 1/5

    By wochenschau
    This hangry review is brought by the numerous hangs while trying to bring up a specific restaurant during the hour-long trip home today. Because the Chase Pay dev apparently has NOT tested this app in real world conditions where wifi/cellular connectivity could be spotty (hey Apple has a Network Link Tester pref pane for macOS, for simulating various network conditions, so there's probably one for iOS too), the darn app gets stuck in loading the specific restaurant repeatedly, and Never times out to return control to the user. Another stupidity is it wipes out the passwd you so painstakingly entered via the obnoxious soft phone keyboard if you are off by one char. A third kicker is the menu would reset to return to the very top, after you exit out of clicking into individual menu items for a detailed description. So it's endless scrolling to try to resume from where you left off on a longish menu. By the time I got home to stable internet connection, the restaurant has closed for the day! Thanks, Chase Pay, NOT! Oh, btw, Order Ahead, as is, is a huge misnomer, as Chase Pay does not let you order before each eatery opens for the day. In fact, it's not even real time, as it didn't even let me place order with a particular place until 9 minutes after the place had opened. Finally, for some reason, Amazon Music stops playing offline music (and does not resume playback afterwards) as soon as Chase Pay is opened, as if the latter grabs control of the audio output/input, similar to the behavior of the built-in camera app of iOS. This seems to suggest Chase Pay having potential Voice Ordering ability, even though none is found. OTOH, it means it could be eavesdropping on the users via the mic. You decide.
  • Crashes too often 1/5

    By Rsubaru535
    Can't check out to order food, crashes all the time.
  • 太差了 1/5

    By fomzhang
  • It doesn't support iPhone x 1/5

    By 10086sx
    It is terrible ,it doesn't support iPhone x screen
  • Unable to register 1/5

    By cailiqingsheng
    I am a chase customer for 10 years and the app asks me for contact information before I can register. Waster long time calling CS no one can help...
  • Shows notification not found 1/5

    By hijackedfakeapp
    I get 1 notification on the app icon but notification content is nowhere to be found (set aside numerous merchants not connected)
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Realtor Review
    Failed to work when I needed to use it!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Baluchandra
    (I am giving 1 star because I cannot give less than that, this app does not deserve even 1) This app claims to have all basic functionalities but none of it is designed properly. Most importantly none of the functionality works. From yesterday(11/21/2017) till today (11/22/2017), I have tried almost 20 times for placing food order (in different restaurants with different items each time) but this app is so consistent that it fails every single time. A beginner in app development can develop a better app than this, It’s pure waste of time to try this app.
  • Can’t germs past the setup 1/5

    By bluedanube11
    The security code supposedly being sent to my phone never arrived. Cannot set up at all.
  • restaurant search does not work on Nov 21,2017 1/5

    By Zhe Ji
    There is a 30 dollar off on this day but all of sudden the app does not work during the whole night.

    By Qunnie99
    Do not wasting your time on this app. I spent more than an hour to place an order and still got nothing. Always shows "updating your order" and "please try again". Also my account was charged more than 20 orders but I still have nothing for dinner. AGAIN, DO NOT WASTING YOUR TIME ON THIS.
  • Never get my order 1/5

    By 猫果糖
    If I could give zero star, I definitely would!!!I was really upset when go to pick up an order and the restaurant said they never received my orders. What’s wrong with chase pay? And when I called the chase representative, they just responded it’s the restaurant to blame, not their fault. I am really disappointed with chase pay! Gonna delete it right now!
  • worst app 1/5

    By Kmmzzzzzzzzzz
    Wasted a few hours trying to order food but it never worked. Cannot imagin chase will launch a app full of bugs like this. Bye chase
  • Order Ahead Broken 1/5

    By Kamaras Jaranger
    Unable to complete orders easily, and even if placed, restaurant never received request
  • Waste time 1/5

    By ailuwang
    I placed a pick up order with chase pay, but it says the merchant has no connection with this business?? I called the restaurant, they said they didn’t cooperate with chase pay?? Which means I was charged but nothing get!! Customer service is unhelpful, they verify many of your personal information even your full social! They only know about your transaction, but know nothing about the app and your order. They only told me if I didn’t receive my order but was charged. Call them to dispute...... I wasted time on placing an order and I have to waste more time to dispute the transaction which is a mistake of them!
  • Stupid chase pay offer 1/5

    By 泼妇大人
    $30 off today only and the participants restaurant didn’t even have scanners and not honor this offer. That’s funny
  • Garbage app and service 1/5

    By WeWantBama18
    I ordered dinner through the app using "Order Ahead". Went the the restaurant and they were unaware of my order because they no longer participate in Chase Pay. My card was charged by the app regardless, so I had to spend 30 minutes on the phone talking to 4 customer service reps. Resolution: "We're aware of the situation."
  • Lame ... so lame! 1/5

    By leo-l
    The app is not fully functional, I always got errors!!! Totally wasting my time!!
  • Terrible app is waste time and will does not work 1/5

    By Hdkeiiotnoan
    See title
  • Chase Pay doesn’t work for ordering pick up food 1/5

    By Zoeeeeew
    It doesn’t work.
  • Terrible App, Chase should be embarrassed 1/5

    By JG0351
    I cannot believe that a bank as big as Chase allowed an app this bad to go to market. The order ahead feature is filled with bugs. If i could rate it negative stars, I would. Will likely never use again.
  • Nothing works! 1/5

    By Chasenovemberupdate
    First, the screen wouldn’t let me get out of the Touch ID setup page. I had to close the app completely and relaunch again to get to the main page. Then, I tried to order food delivery and every time I clicked on the icon to see what’s in my bag in order to check out, it froze. I waited and waited forever until the screen showed “it’s not you, it’s us” page and provided only links to phone number. I’m new to chase pay and nothing works so far.
  • Updating cart... Forever 1/5

    By Panda Chu
    Tried to order food from a local restaurant that's 2 minutes away walking distance. Took me about 30 minutes before I decided to quit. Just updates cart forever with a spinning loading bar. Kiss that promo goodbye.
  • One of the worse app 1/5

    By E90Slam
    Can't even order dinner ahead. Screen was stuck at "updating your order" and use up the whole battery charge. Get your sh*t together.
  • Do not use this app otherwise somebody else has to pay your order by chase’s mistake 1/5

    By Liaoye
    The first time I made an order with this app, it sent a wrong credit number to the merchant. I picked up my order, but when I signed the receipt, I realized the credit card(amex) shown on the receipt didn’t belong to me. My order never turned to completed status within the app. I’m shocked as a giant bank how chase can have such unbelievable defect in their system. Try to call their order ahead support number several times but no one once picked my call. Chase made me really disgusted.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Nikkir386
    But...ages 4+?
  • Worst app ever used. 1/5

    By attsmt5700
    Always crash
  • Waste of Time 1/5

    By Sorrowful Bill
    Downloaded the 17 Nov version that specifically called out support for the iPod Touch. Tried to enter the texted code; called customer support; was told the app would only work on a phone device; then bailed on both. Note that there's no 'submit' button on the Identify Device screen. Even if Customer Support was wrong about the devices supported, there's nowhere else to go forward after you put I the code and password. Don't bother.
  • Counter intuitive 1/5

    By JunYo
    This app is so hard to use so counterintuitive Chase needs to get their act together and put out something better than this
  • Worst App! 1/5

    By StacyOvO
    After wasting 20 minutes trying to enter my password and user of the app kept saying error. Called customer support and they wanted my account information but nothing was established. App has a lot of bugs and customer service does not exist for this function. I will be using another pay app - instead of wasting my time with this one.
  • Very Buggy! 2/5

    By Otrader
    This seems so unlike Chase to me! This app won't let you out of setup screen for Touch ID. I had to kill app to get it to let me out. I assume this is what other have complained about locking up. It may be Chase pushed their app development team for too quick a release or maybe they need some improvement in the team! Should not have been released like this!!!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By SD858mm
    Set up chase pay to take advantage of the Starbucks promo but it doesn’t work. Called customer service and they supposedly fixed it but it still doesn’t work. Big bank can’t afford to make an app that works.

Chase Pay® app comments


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