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Bypass the Line. Easier Ordering. Surprising treats. A restaurant experience personalized to you. FEATURES 1. Bypass the Line -Mobile order through your phone and head straight to the counter. 2. Customized Menu – We’ll remember what you like and – even better – how you like it. 3. Treats – Get free food treats when you use the app to mobile order and pay. Note on Location Services: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. We ask permission to use GPS only to support local offers and promotions, restaurant location finder, and mobile ordering check-in. T & C’s

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  • Great Service, wish the app were better 4/5

    By basicbewitch
    Great service and food, as always. This location doesn't serve the chicken noodle soup- I really wish the app wouldn't have listed that as an option and allowed me to order it.
  • Love it 5/5

    By PRTQM
    This app is wonderful. It saves me time and easy to use
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Nikki6352
    Great service every time. My order has never been messed up. Sometimes the app scanner messes up, but they always take care of it. I made it on the A-list!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Kkkkkkkimmi
    I love the app cause I can order and they'll bring it right out. Practically no wait and the service and food are good as always.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By mfloyd2283
    App constantly does not work and just comes up with an error message
  • Perfect 10 5/5

    By CMBA94
    As usual service was fast and exceptional !
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By ValentinaDeLaSierra
    This app has made my orders a huge hassle. Even though I was less than a mile from my favorited store it ordered my order from a new store 5 miles away. I didn't even know this store existed. I went to the favorited store and waited for 15 minutes before the manager asked me what my order was. They were busy but when he realized it went to the wrong store he didn't offer to give me my order there at all he just said sorry and couldn't explain how it happened. When I went to get my order it was obviously cold and the manager did offer to replace the fries but I have been on lunch for an hour now when I had intended to quickly pick up my order conveniently. Not to mention the rewards are not great and expire and you have to basically have a Chick Fil A bank account in order to get any credit for your rewards. You can't just pay for your order you have to load money on the app so if you have five bucks for lunch, it won't work because the minimum load is $10. I am going to spend my money on this app and delete it. It's garbage and the restaurants know but don't care.
  • Twenty people in line got food before us 1/5

    By Cat2cab
    Ordering on the app is easy unless you forget to hit the add to cart button, which instead of being at the bottom after you make your choices is in another screen. I wanted to change a drink once in my cart - do I did but some how that never took- I would've asked them to change it at the store but it was beyond a fiasco in there and I wanted out. I find it annoying that I order and then go back to hit I'm in the parking lot - but I did that. I walk in and 2 people are waiting - I get ignored for 5 minutes. Nobody was recalling manning the pick up area. They were swamped. There were easily 15-20 people in line and sadly many of those people got their food before we did. I waited about 15 minutes and that defeats the entire purpose of a fast mobile ordering process.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Loolaaa 80
    Our favorite place to go.. now even faster with the app 😉
  • Not any faster 1/5

    By Marketa11
    The app said my food was ready, but the long line got their food before mine was even ready. I could have just waited in line.
  • Easy ordering 5/5

    By JP Horgan
    This app is the best! I place my order on the way to the restaurant. When I arrive I let the app know when I pull into the parking lot and my order is ready in 2 minutes.
  • Love the app as much as I love the chicken! 5/5

    By Skitguyt
    My Chick-fil-a crowded like every other Chick-Gil-a. This app has been a great way to avoid the lines AND get some FREE FOOD!
  • Almost there 4/5

    By Wandl
    Solid app, has improved a lot, payment option is a little clunky especially with the "I'm here" bit but overall once you learn the quirks it is useful.
  • What's not to love 5/5

    By Coach Merritt
    You get chick fil a faster and easier than ever. Plus rewards.
  • Wow!! 5/5

    By Wildstyle101
    I used my app to place this order and was amazed at the quick service and how accurate everything I ordered was. Excellent service as always!!
  • Incomplete menu 1/5

    By Jman33333333333
    The app doesn't include their complete menu.
  • A waste if you want to use the drive thru 1/5

    By bnb4dark
    I placed an order thru the app. It was 29 degrees outside so I decided to use the drive thru to pick up my prepaid order. At the order window I was told "you have to come in" I said "I don't want to come in" and proceeded to the pick up window. At the window I was told again "we don't accept those orders because they ring up on a different register" I'm thinking ok. The time it has taken all of you to regurgitate policy twice, you could have walked 5 steps and handed me my bag that was on the counter. Deleted App I never come into the restaurant Brandywine Maryland
  • Favorite Food App 5/5

    By usmkid
    This is the greatest. Bypass the l-o-n-g drive-thru line. In and out in a couple of minutes. I have used this to order food about 5 times. My food is bagged and waiting for me when I walk in the door.
  • App is great, but 4/5

    By Rpalme
    It would be nice if the store would give us a complete order. Had to go back.
  • Login info clears too often 2/5

    By rstoomanyhobbies
    It seems every time I'm ordering and open the app my login info is cleared. Very frustrating!!! Now I'm logging in and it won't let me enter a password - cursor moves down but won't pull up the keyboard.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By LaurenDee23
    The chick fil a app is amazing, I can order before I leave and get my food as soon as I arrive. They have wonderful customer service & when you earn points, you get free food! 😋
  • 02032917 5/5

    By Chuck 33567
    The only problem with the app is that it's doesn't confirm if the item you want is added to your order. I had to do it twice and inmeases up the order. I ended up getting two salads when I only wanted to order one. No biggy. Over all it was a pretty good.
  • Very Fast and easy 5/5

    By DaNintenPerson
    Ordered at my dorm, paid with card, drove to the restaurant, food was ready in 2 minutes. Yep, definitely recommended.
  • 4 Stars for the App 5 for the Restaurant 5/5

    By Papunis
    I frequently visit the Chick-fil-A at Cinco Ranch in Katy, Texas. It is always clean, comfortable, the service is A++ and now that I can order through the app, the please just got better. The app has had a few crashes... but what I noticed today while I was trying to load funds, is that the field to input the amount of money to be reloaded (other than the preset options) is not very clear or easy to locate. Other than that, the app is very nice and easy to use.
  • Chic fil a 5/5

    By Chic fil a
    Hot food
  • My Fav App! 5/5

    By DaisyAlexandria
    I love the ease of use, how quick I am in and out and as always the sweet staff!
  • Best 5/5

    By Happy Dad in the Word
    Love ordering online.
  • ❤ 4/5

    By msglenngirl
    Love the app. Love CFA. Don't love it when you forget the condiments 😜
  • Great way to store gift cards 5/5

    By BeardedTennisMan22
    I loved how fast and easy it was to order on my phone! The app gives you all the options so that your order is exactly how you want it! Plus I love how I'm able to store gift cards on my account and take all the cards out of my wallet! Super convenient!
  • Fix the updates 4/5

    By Thebigdaveg
    I get logged out of the app every time the app gets an update. I wish you all could figure out how to keep us logged in when updating the app.
  • Polite 5/5

    By Fran hall
    They so polite
  • Not great 3/5

    By Llreriebow
    Wait was a little longer than I would expect. Order was missing sauce and straws.
  • Love Chick-fil-A! 5/5

    By Hannah b.5.6.7.
    Always impressed! Recommend them to everyone.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By ChemRocks!
    Made a trip on a busy Saturday at 12:45 easy. Saves time in line.
  • Love eating in Commerce 5/5

    By Kevin_Patch
    Once again Margaret's Commerce store is great!! Always consistent and love coming here on our way from Atlanta to Cashiers, NC. We love being here! The service is unbelievably friendly and on top of everything! Terrific job!
  • Great Customer Service 5/5

    By Wardspride03
    Even at the busiest times, they remain calm and polite. Love me some Chick-fil-A!!!
  • Cannot create account 1/5

    By SirBill
    The app will not let me create a new account, claiming I have too many on the device even though I just downloaded the app. Waste of my time, worthless app.
  • Simply Amazing!!! 5/5

    By David Va
    Every establishment that serves food should have an app like this one. I highly recommend this app if you want the best in service and food all brought right to your car while you wait...
  • Best breakfast burrito in Florida 5/5

    By CaptKid333
    I never liked Chick-fil-A because of its politics and I never wanted to go. But it has a breakfast burrito, so I decided to try. I am delightfully surprised. Not only is the burrito really good tasting but the salsa is also really good, chunky and not too hot. It is egg real egg and cheese and peppers and onions wrapped in a soft tortilla. I ordered by mobile phone so I bypass the line. And oh BTW it's foundation has stopped funding organizations that are against LGBTQ rights. So now I feel it's PC to eat here.
  • Wow!!!! 1/5

    By Me&Mommie
    I used my app to place my order and it was still more than 20 minutes to receive it and then it wasn't correct. Not really excited to return to this location!!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Rebelwoac66
    First time using the app went awesome. Line outside line 5 deep inside. I pulled up outside placed my order walked in and 2mins later walked out with my food! Sweet!
  • Just used the app 5/5

    By Wildman Mike
    It's way better than going to the drive thru and holding the lines. It's the best!
  • The food is great...when you can actually get it. 2/5

    By Sitting and Starving
    Ordered a mobile order through the One app and checked in once I got to my spot. Then five minutes went by...then another five. After another five minutes and watching several vehicles go through the drive through with little to no wait and two other vehicles arriving after me pick up their mobile orders (one of which wasn't in a marked spot designated for mobile orders), I decided to give the store a call. I was told that maybe my order had been bumped from the system and that it wasn't seen. Really?! The host was nice about it but even after showing her my confirmation and order number, she didn't offer a solution other than "Maybe it was bumped." CFA, please work on this app.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Groupon crazy!!!!
    Wonderful and fast service
  • Accuracy 3/5

    By Action517
    Love the curbside app! However both my drinks were incorrect. Needed a diet Dr Pepper and a large diet lemonade. Minor details still love Chick-fil-A! Probably will see you tomorrow!
  • Great Food, Terrible Mobile App 1/5

    By Shipster44
    The idea of a mobile app to order and pick up is awesome. However, this app is terribly difficult and at times impossible to use. They need to rework and make it much more useable.
  • Too Slow 2/5

    By mom's moment
    Curb digital service is slower than everything else
  • Great app - poor follow through 3/5

    By Oriole57
    I thought the app is a very good idea. Easy to use and efficient. However the whole pick up follow through is lacking. I waited longer for my food then someone who ordered at the counter. Then the order wasn't complete and to top it off I had two drinks plus the food and had to ask for a drink carrier.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By bolajisaid95
    Service was fast and easy! Love it.
  • Curbside Pickup 2/5

    By Jaycrna
    Took longer than just going thru drive thru and no napkins in bag, so had to park and go into store to get them.

Chick-fil-A app comments

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