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Bypass the Line. Easier Ordering. Surprising treats. A restaurant experience personalized to you. FEATURES 1. Bypass the Line -Mobile order through your phone and head straight to the counter. 2. Customized Menu – We’ll remember what you like and – even better – how you like it. 3. Treats – Get free food treats when you use the app to mobile order and pay. Note on Location Services: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. We ask permission to use GPS only to support local offers and promotions, restaurant location finder, and mobile ordering check-in. T & C’s

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Chick-fil-A app reviews

  • You did it again. 5/5

    By Ogm3434
    Oh, chick fil A app. How you give us the ability to order right from the phone Is nothing less than magical. Thank you oh great app.
  • Great food great service 5/5

    By Mario cotto
    Went to the chick-fil-A in Grand Rapids Michigan first time using the app on my phone order my food and it came right on time very convenient because of long line inside and drive thru love it
  • Great service 5/5

    By Meme2519
    First time using app and all was easy and service was great !!!
  • Great service 5/5

    By Dressagestarrrrr
    Fast & very attentive!
  • Slow service 3/5

    By Letter mom.
    Very slow service tonight. Then after waiting too long, I saw them pack my order and set it down for someone else to pick up and call my name. I had to grab someone and tell them that my order was waiting there for someone to call out. Not my usual Chick Fil A experience.
  • Not Any Faster and Less Convenient 3/5

    By CandaceMG
    Maybe it's just this particular Chick-fil-a, but it took longer this way. To make it worse, I had to get out of my car. It either has to be faster or more convenient, or it's a waste of time.
  • Love the app. Calendar card request 5/5

    By Kr3amy
    I love the app. I have using for several months for curbside pickup. It is easy to use and lets you customize the order. I was excited to have the calendar card added to it this year. I have one request for when redeeming the calendar card. The background turns white so it is hard to see the white navigation at the top. Can the top of the background image be changed or the words to not be white.
  • Wait was ridiculous. And then didn't even get whipped cream and cherry on my shake as requested!!! 1/5

    By Wkbmwjdda
    And first she made a chocolate shake and that wasn't what I ordered! I guess they weren't having a very good day today!!!
  • Need to check each order 2/5

    By Rose3104
    I ordered a grilled chicken club w/ no cheese. A mobile order. I Received a cold grilled chicken. Where is the bacon? Do I need to check each order before I leave the premises? I was very disappointed. This happened to me once before. I let it go. But when it happens twice? No. I will rethink next time I want a chic-Fil-a. Don't want a third time.
  • The Best 5/5

    By IvyEssence629
    The app has been the best thing since we have gotten a Chick-fil-A closer to my house. I can place my order and not wait in the long lines.
  • Works Great 5/5

    By Jpk_Da_Don
    App works great! Love accruing points and getting free stuff. Chick-Fil-A Katy Green is also fantastic!
  • Condiment stingy 1/5

    By LaurenLBloom
    Food is great as usual. I had two orders with fries, I asked for extra ketchup, at least 4 packets. I got one packet for both orders. Don't be so stingy with the condiments. Other locations have no problem giving you what you ask for.
  • Great App 4/5

    By Listening in Appleton
    Great app that needs just a few tweaks. First, the app says your order is ready too soon. It's usually a few more minutes. Second, why can't I select dine in as an option? I waste a bag and drink carrier every time.
  • Done and done!! Impressive!! 5/5

    By Alicia Blair
    I have to say, this was pretty impressive! Will definitely use this often! Walked right in, not knowing what to do. The manager called me by name and made sure I didn't need any extra condiments with my order. Done and done! Awesome!!
  • Frustration! 3/5

    By Allenjbj
    Great institution but this app makes you log in every time! TERRIBLE!
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By Love the Chikn
    I've used it at multiple locations across CA with absolutely no problems. The design and usability was very well thought out.
  • Okay so🐥🐥🐔🐔 4/5

    By Coconator 123
    I have chick fil a one and it won't let me open my treats can you tell me why?🤷‍♀️🐥🐥
  • CFA is the best! 5/5

    By Annasmommy11803
    Let's be honest. The only way Chick Fil A could be better is if I could "order" someone to come to my house and cook authentic CFA stuff in my kitchen. They did the next best thing with their app and curbside service. I love that I can bypass the lines and still stay in my car. It's super easy, and this is pretty much the only food app I have that never has issues.
  • Good most of the time. 4/5

    By Kkdobe
    There's been multiple occasions where something in my order was wrong, like getting ice when I ordered none or unsweet tea when I ordered 1/2 swt/unswt. Either my order isn't going through as ordered or the associate can't follow an order. I've never had issues placing the order at the counter and getting everything correct. I don't like the "treat" selection. Why not put things on there I regularly order? It has saved me time in the mornings and at the lunch rush, but sometimes I still have to wait behind several people who've already ordered.
  • Corona Crossings Location 5/5

    By Pen Elope
    As far as experiences go, this particular CFA has THE best staff and mobile app I have come across. I pretty much use them all. It's the attention to detail that CFA provides that keeps me coming back. Well done!
  • Friendliest Staff Ever 5/5

    By Mer&Gingi
    Every time I come here I am greeted with smiles and hugs!!! No, I'm not related to anyone or personal friends with them but they make me feel like family when I'm here. And the food is wonderful too!!!
  • AWESOME!!! 5/5

    By Just an app user
    Glad Chick-Fil-A did this!
  • Service 4/5

    By Amyhetz1
    Great food. Waited 10 minutes for curbside delivery. Still love my Chick-Fil-A!
  • Palm Bay, FL 5/5

    By alilincoln
    App works great, curbside service immediate, very professional and pleasant service, THANK YOU
  • I like 5/5

    By graciefighter79
    I like it a lot!!!
  • Easy Peasy 5/5

    By Locked us
    Love it!! Ordered on my phone, showed up, and food ready just as should be!!!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By GD5678
    Used the app for the first time, loved it. My food showed up fast and precisely how I wanted it. Also, Shawn at Boca Raton Town Center mall went out of his way and made an exception to order in person for my co worker who didn't have the app. Amazing customer service!
  • Reorder feature 5/5

    By martibri
    Never had a problem with the app, helps me get in and out quick whenever I want to go to chick fil a. Does exactly what it's supposed to and needs to.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Runner Chick 524
    Fast, easy, and made to order!! Love walking in and skipping the line!! Thanks Chick-fil-A!!
  • Absolutely the best 5/5

    By Dudley Dex
    I have been doing this app since the beginning, and it is absolutely fantastic! Every time the service is terrific and the people are absolutely wonderful.
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By DolceLove89
    Love this app! To order on your phone, it's so easy to click through the options and it gives you step by step instructions once you place your order! Such a great addition to my favorite/only fast food place that I visit!
  • Very easy to use 5/5

    By JBC
    I love the convenience, and it's super easy to use. And everything is always smooth. Only con is they give the wrong sauces at times so I suggest check bag but other than that, it's great. Use it constantly.
  • Love! 5/5

    By M-Bo bird buttercup
    I love the app! It's easy to use, they always have my order ready quickly so I can avoid the line, and it's always right. Best of all I earn free treats like a fruit cup or chicken biscuit!
  • Curbside Pickup is the way to go 5/5

    By Jare_Bear
    Ordered to pick up at curbside. Order was in my hands within a minute of arriving on location.
  • I think I'm addicted 5/5

    By Aarakelian
    When I opened the app I legitimately started smelling Chick-fil-A 😂
  • Great, but "allergens" feature doesn't work on 5s 5/5

    By Matthew Wolfe 1
    Great, but "allergens" feature doesn't work on 5s
  • Order 1/5

    By Puffle Party on club penguin
    French fries were half full. and I found An artificial black hair (from a weave) in my fruit cup. Gross!
  • Wait was longer than line 2/5

    By Woowooaj
    Ordered food and sat to wait on it for over 15 min.
  • A bit buggy but great overall! 4/5

    By Ramiron93
    The app allows you to use the pick up service offered by chick fil a. I have never had a bad experience with chick fil a but it's a bit odd that it takes you to a different catering section. Because it takes you to a different section for catering the money spent does not count towards "freebies" points.
  • Excellent Service 5/5

    By X3mlykuul
    I have only used this app once. It was very user friendly. But more importantly, when I got there I didn't wait for more than 3 minutes to get my order. Now that's what I call service!!
  • Not so helpful 3/5

    By Gonz.c
    I just made an order through my app, and I had one of my employees go by to pick up the food and was told I couldn't get it because 1. It wasn't placed (yet my app says otherwise) 2. I wasn't there myself to pick it up. The idea of the app is to make it easier on the guest and considering my job I don't always have time to go myself I figured this would be perfect. I was wrong.
  • A little short 4/5

    By NB6633
    Food and service was great. They forgot an extra I paid for.
  • Needs More Work - Slow & Inaccurate Service 1/5

    By Samurai Princess
    I like the app but not all stores have acclimated to the pickup process well. At the Hanes Mall Blvd. location, I continually end up waiting longer than the people in line...defeating the whole purpose of the app. Another complaint is several times my order has been wrong. Today there were 2 things missing or wrong with my order. Needs more work.
  • Slow mobile order service 2/5

    By elmarig
    I always do mobile order, and I have never had speedy service at this specific branch. Today i waited and waited, till I asked why one large fries and one 6 piece chicken nuggets can take so long. They forgot to give it to me... it was standing on the counter top the entire time.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Lundun_ll
    Service on this app is so beautiful. I love cfa
  • Carrollton, Tx 4/5

    By Jackson6crazy
    App - easy to use; food was ready for me; BUT - with each chicken order I asked for sauce & I only received 3 BBQ for 36 nuggets & 4 strips - NOOOOO!
  • 1st time using the App 5/5

    By Gingin ward
    Easy to order what everyone wanted and pay for order. Happy not to have to sit in long drive-thru line! Only problem is they forgot one of the large fries we ordered.
  • Where's my ranch 4/5

    By Violinist for ever
    So I ordered curb side delivery and I asked for ranch with my meal and I decided to check my order to make sure everything was right and it wasn't there was no ranch which wouldn't normally make me mad but I ordered curbside delivery so that I wouldn't have to go in and get it
  • Great fast service 5/5

    By IraBiderman
    I first walked into the Hicksville NY store and saw such a long line. I then remembered I had the app on my phone and then went ahead to use it. It did save so much time editing for my food and was so helpful since my wife was starving
  • Mobile order 3/5

    By Ugfuvhrfuhufvufnfvj
    Salad had fried tenders instead of grilled. Order was ready and I could see it sitting in front of me but no one seemed to know it was there or that I was there. Was a very busy day and I love Chick-fil-A but service could have been better today.

Chick-fil-A app comments

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