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Bypass the Line. Easier Ordering. Surprising treats. A restaurant experience personalized to you. FEATURES 1. Bypass the Line -Mobile order through your phone and head straight to the counter. 2. Customized Menu – We’ll remember what you like and – even better – how you like it. 3. Treats – Get free food treats when you use the app to mobile order and pay. Note on Location Services: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. We ask permission to use GPS only to support local offers and promotions, restaurant location finder, and mobile ordering check-in. T & C’s

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  • As promised 4/5

    By Philld6
    The app as well as the service at the restaurant is top notch as expected.
  • Western Hills Location in OH is the Worst 1/5

    By kennedy_1976
    I love chick fi la but, EVERY time I go to the western Hills location in Ohio and use the mobile app,I have to wait at least 5 minutes for my food. Which completely defeats the purpose of using the app. And my fries are never fresh!
  • Good and easy 4/5

    By Jmdb19
    Easy smooth transaction and pick up.
  • Latest update crashes - noooooooo! 1/5

    By c5wife
    I contacted CFA via phone and online to let them know that as soon as I updated the app, it began crashing. I get most of the way through my order and it just shuts down. Incredibly frustrating that the app won't do the one thing it's supposed to do! With someone on the phone walking me through a full removal and reinstall it worked - for a week. Now it's back to not letting me order. Grrrrr.
  • Best restaurant ever. 5/5

    By aschultze22
    Chick-fil-A is awesome!!
  • Terrific 5/5

    By 10K farm
    My best experience by far at chick fila and we eat at chick fila a lot. I absolutely loved getting my food at curbside with a smile on the girls face and then inside our bag was hand wipes and mints hands down over the top. Way to go !!!!!!
  • Someone dropped the ball 2/5

    By The Knife
    The point of the mobile app is convenience and being able to bypass the line, yet the folks waiting in line got their orders faster than I did. After waiting a few minutes someone finally took the initiative and got my order, but a few minutes is too long for an app that touts speed and the ability to bypass the line.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By T.L. Brisco
    I love the app! Makes ordering food so easy. They always get my order right and I earn free food!
  • Goat 5/5

    By Dezmxvd
    They cold
  • Love and totally worth it 5/5

    By monsay
    I skip the line and do curbside and also they're super friendly and nice. I'll be in and out in 5-10 mins!!! I've never had a bad experience, and it's my favorite place!!!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By OverBenthousand
    Perfect every time I use it. Chick Fil A has stellar service anyway but they're really on their game every time I use the mobile app.
  • Best choice ever 5/5

    By The Tatum family
    Wonderful and fast service
  • Go app 5/5

    By e.chiz
    This is a very good app if you frequent a busy high traffic location. I order when I get inside and my food is ready before those waiting in line before me.
  • First curbside experience 1/5

    By First Time Curb Side
    Took 15 minutes from the time I parked til it was delivered. I had one sandwich and a drink. And was missing the sauce I ordered. Normally LOVE CFA but not a fan of curb side for my first experience :(
  • Waiting and waiting 1/5

    By Jnett007
    I have been waiting at the curbside pick up for 10 Min after my app said my order was ready for pick up. I had to go inside to get my order Not very happy about this because I am in a hurry If I knew it was going to take this long I would of just gone inside and ordered or stay in line and go through and ordered at the window Thank you Still waiting
  • Amazing in every way 5/5

    By Benl324
    This app is worth it for the rewards alone. It's insane how quickly you can pile up freebies. The app is easy-to-use and the full menu is broken down really well with calories included. I would suggest keeping a credit card on file rather than loading up with chick-fil-a credits so you only have to pay for what you eat.
  • Raving Fan 5/5

    By LaurenGeezy
    Love this app! Skip the crazy lunch lines; I just did it! Chick-fil-A is bomb #eatmorchikn 🐄
  • Frustrating. 2/5

    By Anticlines
    I love Chick-fil-A but this app is frustrating. It randomly forgets who I am and makes me go through the entire login process. And maybe it's just coincidence, but it seems to happen right after I order, there's a long line behind me, and I open the app to scan my QR. I'm not sure it's worth all the hassle.
  • Utensils 4/5

    By cynmlr
    Love this restaurant but when you do curbside and the customer orders a Coke and a salad, you have got to bring him a fork, a straw and a napkin.
  • Great app 5/5

    By AliFanForSure
    Service is always great. And this app makes the experience even better.
  • Salad without Dressing 1/5

    By ScottyD3
    Did my first order online with curb service. Great service up until I got back to work with me and my co-workers salad and neither one of us were given dressing with our Santa Fe Salads. Hard for to eat salad without dressing.
  • Missing dressing 1/5

    By charwort
    I ordered online today and there was no dressing in my bag for my salad ;(
  • No fork 2/5

    By Jajajajajajsjshsuisjbshdjjsks
    Lakeline- delivered 12 grilled nuggets with out a fork. Said he would come back with a fork.. waited over 20 minutes, gave up, now eating grilled nuggets with my fingers.... not cool.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By SW8307
    What is the point of the mobile app if you still have to wait 10 minutes inside the restaurant just for your food?
  • Don't listen to the Nay-Sayers 5/5

    By Kerv124
    I have had nothing but excellent service when it comes to the app! I literally order and walk in and it's ready within five minutes! Haven't had trouble with my orderS (plural because I have used it frequently), the app itself, or my service at any of the Chic-Fil-a locations! I love their food and drinks and so does my entire family so the app makes our lives easier as I can order when we are en route and it's ready when we arrive! Easy to pay and run in and grab (no wait)! I have even ordered while in a LONG line and beat the crowd. Love your app, your food and your locations!
  • Once Again Full Service 5/5

    By LieutenantKitten
    Chick-fil-A is like the Disney of Fast Food establishments and the app is the same quality of service. Love it!
  • Love the service, dislike the app 2/5

    By mrspulk
    The most recent update of the app crashes, all the time. Once it crashes my cart is reset so I have to start my order all over. Please fix it. This is a super convenient ideas, that is currently poorly executed.
  • Super food 5/5

    By Nkdulos
    Fast and kindly staff
  • Constantly crashes. 3/5

    By mestrada15
    In the middle of placing an order! Today, the reason was because I added two condiments for my biscuit. I noticed that it let me proceed if I only added ONE condiment. I am starting to think the app crashes on purpose if it's a "complicated" order.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By crashmam27
    This app=awsome
  • Great App. Love this store. 5/5

    By NashvilleDUILawyer
    Never a friendlier experience than when you go to Chic-fil-a. The food is ready when I arrive. And you bypass, sometimes, incredibly long lines. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't have this app.
  • A+ Service 5/5

    By cdfatboy
    Love the app, love supporting our local CFA.
  • Never fails to impress 5/5

    By dleilaj
    Chick-fil-A is one of the few places left that you actually feel welcomed from the moment you arrive. The Mobil app makes that service even better!! A couple weeks ago I was in the hospital and was able to order my food so that I got exact what I wanted, how I wanted, and all my family member had to do was literally pick up my order. I love it!!!
  • Love my Chick-fil-A 5/5

    By MAcyetta
    It's always a pleasure to eat at a Chick-fil-A restaurant. The staff is so friendly and they're always smiling. I go every Friday and use the mobile app. And it's wonderful. I've never had to wait more than one minute to get my food! Excellent customer service!
  • Breakfast 2/5

    By R2CW
    I ordered a Spicy Bagel and they still gave me regular cheese
  • NEver again 1/5

    By Delilah2dworld
    What is the point of ordering ahead if you still had to wait over 10 minutes for your food, on top of the fact that when I went inside she advised me that the pick up takes longer in the morning in which is absolutely ridiculous to tell someone the point of the matter is do not offer this service if you cannot for fill it especially when people are in there way to work in the morning and need to be on the go
  • Poor 1/5

    By Aust556
    Didn't even come with any of the condiments or anything else we ordered.
  • No sauce 4/5

    By number1skinsfreeek
    Placed 2 orders, didn't get sauce on either one.......
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Bwyatt6
    I love the ChickFilA app! Super fast service and very polite staff! Love this location!
  • This app is amazing! 5/5

    By Speak Love
    I LOVE being able to walk into a crowded location and walk back out with my food. Bypassing the line is great!!!
  • Curbside 5/5

    By est10865
    Quick and efficient! Kind friendly helpful service
  • Very nice app 5/5

    By Fsteitieh
    I live a mile away from Chick-fil-A in NY and I ordered from the app then tapped "I'm here" button, drove to Chick fil A and my order just came out.. walk in walk out with my order. It was hot and tasted so good! Using this app from now on.
  • Chick-fil-A 5/5

    By Terminatorbrookee
    I LOVEEEEE THIS APP!! I got free food before I even started ordering and I get free food every now and then. My order is always right!
  • Breakfast everyday! 5/5

    By Cmoney23536
    I love ordering through the app and walking in the door and having them call my name and not having to wait in the line, and not one time in a year has the location I go to made a mistake on my order. The staff is awesome!!!
  • Best App Ever!! 5/5

    By Cruz Thomas
    I can't speak for everyone but I have discovered that you're either a diehard chick-fil-A fan or not. My family and I have found this app to be very beneficial for ordering food on the go. We eat out about twice a week and our kids love, love Chick-fil-A. If you want to make ordering food and pick up easy then simply download this app!! Five stars hands-down. Chick-fil-A!!! whoever made this app needs a pay raise. I am Cruz Thomas and I approve this message.
  • Love this App! 5/5

    By Martinezrex
    I never go through the drive thru anymore I just order on the app and pull into the reserved curbside spot where my food comes out quick and fresh! I only had one hiccup with the app where I actually paid for my chicken sandwich but the app crashed and I waited in the parking spot forever for my food. The drive thru was two lanes and packed, and I didn't have shoes on so I couldn't go inside to let anyone know. I ended up just paying for food I never got, which I was not happy about. Overall, I have gotten so many free treats that it outweighed the one negative experience I had. Wish more places had an easy to use app like this where you can make your order just the way you like it!
  • Wear a helmet 1/5

    By Nfdecatur
    Crashes every minute or so. I can't get more than one order in before it crashes.
  • Awesome app :) 5/5

    By Phenomenal and good book
    Great app (:
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By chrisjk51
    Great food, great service, great app!!!
  • The worst app 1/5

    By Gage huffs
    This app crashes literally every time I try to use it. It's difficult to navigate and doesn't work at all how it should.

Chick-fil-A app comments

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