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Chipotle App

Resolve the age-old question of “what should I eat?” with Chipotle. We’ve made it easier than ever to order and pay, so you can go from craving to enjoying food that’s made with real ingredients faster than ever. With a quick swipe, you can customize your burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos to perfection. Then go straight to the register at the time and location you choose, skipping the line like a boss. Features: Apple Pay - Paying is even easier now with integrated Apple Pay. Guest Checkout - Food now, account later. Reorder Recent meals 
- Relive the glory of the past - order your favorites and recent meals with just a tap.

 Add Promotions & Offers
 - Add both olde tyme paper and digital offers to the app. We’ll hook you up at checkout. Wallet
 - Store a gift card and up to two credit cards, making checkout quick and painless. Chipotle is scientifically proven to help you feel less hungry after you’ve eaten with us (at least that’s what we’ve heard).


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Chipotle app reviews

  • If it ain’t broke...don’t fix it! 😡 2/5

    By ThrowThatAzzInaCircle
    This app was perfect for ordering online when I’m at work so I don’t waste my time in line on my short lunch breaks. BUUUUUT for some reason you guys decided to take away the “pay in store” option which was a huge mistake in my opinion. Sometimes I don’t have the available funds in my account to use my card and I only have cash. Another thing I can’t save my favorite locations. That’s annoying. Please correct these issues.
  • Looks like you missed something 1/5

    By thisnicknameistakensdfsdfsdf
    The new app is broken. It won’t let us buy things. At the payment step it says “Looks like you missed something”. This happens with Apple Pay, two credit cards, and my wife’s phone as well.
  • Pretty awesome 4/5

    By Shane's Toy
    Missing the pay in store option. A little option heavy - ordered the same meal twice by accident. Otherwise pretty cool. Thanks guys!
  • Do not download new app update! 1/5

    By Carrie1357135
    The new update for iPhone is absolutely terrible. I have been trying to place my favorite order (saved in my order history) for the past 15 minutes, but I keep getting an error message. I then tried to manually order each item, but it won’t let me clear the “favorite” items from my bag. I restarted my phone, and it did not fix the problem. I will no longer be using this app - which unfortunately means less trips to Chipotle for my family.
  • Not very good 2/5

    By NoSf3RaTu
    Doesn’t remember password keeps logging out, reset link takes you back to the logon screen!
  • Great app 4/5

    By ZacCim
    The app is great, love the UI. The only problem I have is with the swipe up to order and the fact that it doesn’t save your last location.
  • Great app. Helps avoid lines. 5/5

    By Bow-see-fuss
    I love ordering ahead when I’m in a rush or it’s just a lunch rush. Walking in and grabbing my bag ahead of a long line is really nice.
  • Can’t finish ordering without a credit card 3/5

    By A slot player
    I prefer to pay in the store but can’t get past the Apple Pay or credit card screen. Needs to be a pay-in-store option button to finish the order and then submit. It will not send my order to the store without it. It’s good that my previous order is saved but it also changed the location on me. Get the pay options fixed!!
  • Annoying 1/5

    Don’t understand why they changed the app. The closest location to me was already set up and now i have to search my favorite, desired, conveniently located to my house restaurant. Also, the flipping up to finalize the order is ANNOYING!!! Fix it ASAP!
  • Used to be horrible... 5/5

    By Tsboss
    But now it’s changed and they get my online order right every time. The app has been updated to wear you have to put a credit card on file and pay for the order in advance. At first I wasn’t a fan of this buy now it’s so easy!! You repay and then my husband walks up to the cashier and dinner is handed to him and no wait ever!! People in the long lines give him dirty looks but hey they can do it too. Only takes a few minutes to order and chipotle will have it done within 10-15 minutes! They must have had new management turnover because it’s really good. Fresh and plenty of it! The orders used to be screwed up and when you took the lid off it was half full. Now it’s perfect almost every time ! And you can trust this app with your credit card or debit card. No issues so far!
  • Extremely satisfied 5/5

    By hm,euiiokkjiokji
    Our family is using chipotle app since last few years to order our weekend meals . We are extremely satisfied with this app and service and food of chipotle
  • Had to give it 1 star 1/5

    By Premzamp
    Very disappointed that you have to now store a card on the app to order through the app and pick up . Use to be able to go in and pay (cash preferably) but now if you order on the app you have to give them a card. With all of the companies getting stolen card information, I am not willing to store my card with them or anyone for that matter. I asked if I could call the order in and then come in to pay and they said they won’t take phone orders... really.
  • Can’t submit the order 1/5

    By Zephyr823
  • Swipe up doesn’t work 1/5

    By ibjellen
    I can’t complete a purchase half the time with the swipe up option!
  • Payment options 2/5

    By JJJ21122222222222
    This doesn’t have the option to pay in store anymore! Please bring back!
  • 🙄 1/5

    By Kiefhhr
    Why would you take away pay in store option? Just stupid
  • Order errors out, drains your gift card 1/5

    By Southwestern Tech
    Attempted to pay for part of order with a gift card, got a "something bad happened, try again" error message and no credit shown against order. Went to store, was told that the gift card now has a zero balance. Perhaps Chipotle should reconsider their decision to hire a "cost-effective" outsourcing company to write their app. Until that happens, we're not motivated to use an app that steals money from your gift card.
  • Order Erros 1/5

    By Alexmeh123
    Great idea, unfortunately apparently unless you were there in person to handle them through the process of making a burrito they can’t quite get it right. Second time I’ve ordered this week and they’ve gotten my order completely wrong.
  • Bad 5/5

    By shffiduxkvjdusickfufjcjd
    Can’t order to any restaurants since they all don’t allow delivery’s. Won’t let me swipe to pay.
  • Took away 1/5

    By Jmatea12
    They took away the option to pay cash in store for online order you stink chip yu really do
  • Twice please. 4/5

    By Toadthetodd
    iPhone X sliding gestures are rough with this app.
  • Pretty, but you can’t actually order. 1/5

    By thecinnamingirl
    How is this a helpful redesign? The designers tried to be all fancy by having a swipe mechanism when a simple button would have sufficed. I can’t even order anything because the swipe isn’t long enough and it triggers my Notification Center. Clearly they didn’t test this on an actual iPhone.
  • Missing Selections 3/5

    By Godmom2him
    I love the app, but I miss being able to request a side of dressing instead of going in, requesting & waiting for it. Sometimes items are overlooked (often we order our son a kids quesadilla with chicken, but they forget to add the chicken and haphazardly place on the side), so it would be nice if there was still a place to make special requests or reminders (I.e. please place chicken into quesadilla). Overall it does save some time.
  • Non-Responsive! 1/5

    By Whittersmith
    Used to love using my Chipotle app; for the last two weeks it has been completely nonresponsive. The opening screen displays but the buttons do not react to my touch. All other aspects of my phone are operational, so there is something amiss here perhaps the iPhone X update has a bug.
  • It changed the location of my order! 1/5

    By compromise
    It changed the location of my order to a location that wasn’t even the closest to us nor was it used last or even recently. I called the store immediately to cancel the order and the best they could do was give us credit for the specific order we made at their store only. So I had to reorder and I have to go out of my way to that location I do not go by if I want to get my “free” food. And it was by word of mouth too so who knows if I’ll get my order for “free” at all. In addition the order I was making was time sensitive so by the time I hung up the phone with the employee, I couldn’t even get my order at the time I originally requested at the location I WANTED. Do not download this app.
  • Grate place to eat 5/5

    By Sgfootball23
    This is the best place to eat. Nothing can beat it. Will come back every time
  • Great except for the location 3/5

    By Singergirljen
    I order from a location a little farther from my house because the service and consistency is better. I had the location set on the app but now it defaults every time to the closest store. I keep accidentally ordering from the wrong place.
  • Would not process payment 1/5

    By Payment Jssues
    Could not get past the processing payment step. App would say swipe up to process, and it would not allow me to swipe up enough. It kept saying "keep going"
  • Update 1/5

    By Brewcrew66
    It is amazing to me to see how you took a very simple and very functional app and completely destroyed it! The prior version was perfect and had no issues, and was easy to use. This new update is a pain to use, it's never remembers your prior orders, it has zero ability to find the right location. The last time I use the app I placed the order like I use to, and when I got my confirmation it's stated that my order was placed for a store in Denver Colorado when I'm in Orlando Florida, yet the phone number was for a location in North Orlando. When I called the number on the confirmation they had no record of my order? So I had to re-order everything a second time, thankfully the place I always go to, worked with me and did not double charge as I showed them the history on my phone. Funny part was, the next day the entire order history was wiped off again.
  • App is great 5/5

    By JD425
    The app is great. Customizing orders is quick and easy. Only issue is that sometimes the employees don't see that an order came through so you just have to wait for them to make it after you get there.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By MissM1115
    A great way to get Chipotle when I’m on the move and in a hurry!
  • Pay in store option 1/5

    By Sarahlove410
    Very disappointed with recent updates. You can no longer fax orders in. You must place the order online or through your app and NOW you can no longer have the option to pay in store. This is a hassle for companies or large groups that are ordering. I will no longer use your app or online ordering.
  • credit card submission could be improved more. 3/5

    By Chris1235456
    Rather than waiting and requiring someone to tap a pickup time, if users don’t pick one, it should take the earliest available time as default. REDUCE USER FINGER TAP. Don’t force users to have to tap time also prior to submitting payment. Annoying.
  • Redesigned app freezes constantly 2/5

    By Mikeydfun
    The new app may be pretty but it is non functional. Tried reinstalling numerous times and still freezes constantly. Keep it simple!!!
  • Where’s my guacamole?? 3/5

    By kidnumber10
    I read that when I ordered via the app for the first time I would get free chips and guac. It didn’t happen. The ordering process was simple- would have enjoyed that chips and guac!
  • Cilantro haters unite 1/5

    By McChuckles
    12/6/17 UPDATE: No option for rice without cilantro?! One star nation baby!! 11/9/17 UPDATE: Still no option for “NO CILANTRO”. One star baby!! 8/7/17 UPDATE (LOOPHOLE): After 3 months of no Chipolte, it dawned on me that I could just order through the app with NO RICE selected, and then when I arrive just ask for PLAIN RICE on the side. This way you can skip the line and avoid cilantro!! The best part is how the flow of efficiency comes to a screeching halt when someone is pulled off the line to get my fresh PLAIN RICE!! Am I right Chipolte?! —————————— Roughly 10% of people can't stand the taste of cilantro due to genetics, and other people dislike it as well. Why can't I customize my rice not to include cilantro through the app? You force me to come in the store and wait in a line if I want to customize my rice?? Makes 0 sense.. unless you want to continue to shrink your customer base.
  • Make Sure Location is Correct 1/5

    By Rettagl
    This app use to be 4 to 5 stars. However it now regularly hangs. When you say repeat last order it should repeat the order and location not assign you to a location in another city because the app believes you are closer to it. At a minimum it should let you know the location changed.
  • App not being used by the people building it 2/5

    By TommyBoyChicago
    Overall I like the new look of the app. However it’s functionality suffers when it comes to ordering from the same store. I normally order food for the family and pick it up on the way home. But instead of letting me reuse that location it keeps making me pick from the area I’m in (20 miles away) which is always the wrong place. So I have to manually search each time and make sure I pick the right one again. I order at least twice a week like this and it’s a real pain. And 99% of the time I order from that one store. It’s rare it’s anywhere else. There should at least be a “last store used” option.
  • Limited options 2/5

    By xxJS1991xx
    The app is quick and easy but you are limited to 3 customizations. One doesn’t get the same options as going into a chipotle.
  • What app? 1/5

    By krisindallas
    I’m sorry, but I love chipotle. But this app doesn’t work more than it does. As it has been for the last year, it’s not worth the space it takes up on your phone. And this is for my Chipotle fan, who really would like an app that works
  • The new version of the app has bugs 1/5

    By AMLS76
    I loved this app, but the newest version has issue. The last time I tried to order, I could not finalize it. The “swipe” feature to finalize would not work and the app provided no feedback to explain if there was something wrong with the order, or what was wrong. Extremely frustrating.
  • Bring back Pay in Store 2/5

    By jaj0726
    I loved using this app to order until the redesign. I don’t want to use my credit card on an app, I never store that information on websites either. I always ordered and paid when I picked up - but now I can’t pay in store with this app! I won’t use it without that feature, which means I won’t have eat here as often because of the long lines at my location.
  • Ugh... 1/5

    By Molly1162012
    I HATE this new update. On the iPhone when you swipe up to pay it opens my utilities menu and I end up either turning on my flashlight or opening my calculator... Also the app keeps defaulting my orders to Colorado!! I live on the east coast for god sake. Updates are supposed to make things easier/better, this update did neither of those things.
  • Change it back now! 1/5

    By Msdopebarbie
    I hate the new design. Makes picking the location so difficult and now I can’t even choose to pay in store! We can do better!
  • Absolutely awful 1/5

    By Āÿcčjœ
    I like chipotle very much but I’m rarely able to order due to lack of time. In the past I have only gotten chipotle by ordering online and PAYING IN STORE. Which is no longer an option. Now that I cannot play in store I will no longer be buying chipotle. Absolutely awful.
  • Very good, still needs improvements 4/5

    By Amir Yosef
    Very simple, easy and convenient. 2 times I used the app, the order was not ready and I still had to wait and see my order prospered despite I came after time
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Br1ttney07
    The app was super easy!!
  • What if I want a Quesadilla? 4/5

    By damialojo
    Love using the app for ordering, but I still haven’t figured out how to order a quesadilla, which I may like to enjoy from time to time.
  • Does not process payment. 1/5

    By Ayytaybay
    App did not work for me. Constant errors making it impossible to order in the app which is the only reason I tried the app at all...
  • I like the old one better 1/5

    By MArcorac
    1st I like the old ap because I could set it up the order from the same place. The newer ap orders from the closest location which you can overlook if you are used to the old ap. This happened to me. The location I got my food from (my. Hope)was completely outstanding and the employees were awesome but getting it from that location was a pain in the bootie. My saved location on the old ap was near my house. Additionally things get a little fuzzy at the end of the order. There are steps that need to be taken before you swipe up that need to be made more obvious. That part is frustrating but in your defense at the end of the day even the simplest of tasks can get dicey for me.

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