Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings

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  • Current Version: 9.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cisco
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cisco WebEx Meetings App

Take your Web meetings anywhere! Join any web conference from your Apple iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Cisco WebEx Meetings is a universal app for Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, Cisco WebEx Training Center, Cisco WebEx Event Center, Cisco WebEx Meetings Server, and Cisco WebEx Meetings. Meet anywhere, with anyone, and get more done. Experience high-quality 2-way video on tablets and smartphones. Whether you're holding brainstorming sessions or making presentations, turning your online meeting into a video conference has never been easier! General features: • Join meetings through locked screen notifications, email/calendar invites, meeting number entry, Personal Room URL, or My Meetings List • Home screen widget support • Join before meeting host • Wideband audio support • Auto Connect Audio (Call-In, Call Back, Call over Internet) • Integrated VoIP audio and web conferencing on Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE • Personal Conferencing Number (PCN) • File sharing from iPhones and iPads - iWork docs (Keynote, Numbers, Pages), PDF, Word, Excel, PPT • View video files shared from desktop presenter on iPad and iPhone • High-quality, full screen multipoint video • 2-way video with camera switcher • Voice-activated video switching • View content and video simultaneously • Support for Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms Hybrid • Support for Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms Cloud (WBS29.9+ required) • Callback to a video conferencing system (WBS30+ required) • Full-screen meeting view • Attendee list • View shared content with annotations • Pinch to zoom and scan • Private or group chat Host features: • Schedule, start, or cancel meetings • Start or pause recordings • Invite participants • Mute participants • Promote or demote panelists (Training Center) • Answer questions in Q&A Panel (Training Center and Event Center) Apple Watch features: • Start/end Personal Room meetings • Mute/unmute • View participant list Global and Enterprise Ready: • Sign in with your corporate account (for sites with Single Sign-On) • Users can join a meeting from behind the firewall using Wi-Fi proxy support • End to End encryption • Available in 16 languages REQUIREMENTS Anyone can attend a Cisco WebEx meeting for free by choosing one of the below options. A Cisco WebEx Host account is needed to schedule and host a meeting. - Go to your Cisco WebEx meeting invitation email and select the meeting link. - Launch the Cisco WebEx Meetings app on your iPad or iPhone and enter the meeting number. By installing this application, you are accepting the Terms of Service ( and Privacy Statement ( and are consenting to receive communications, updates, and upgrades for Cisco WebEx services. Cisco WebEx may collect meeting usage data and personal information, such as your email address, from your computer or device.

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Cisco WebEx Meetings app reviews

  • Awesome 5/5

    By Rbjimenez4
    Saved me a 1 hour (one way) trip to the Dr!
  • Amazing quality 5/5

    By rogerayalar
    Great quality, unbeaten, amazing option for calls, etc. Deserve every penny.
  • Finally! 4/5

    By RevTed
    3/24/2017: This app is ticking me off. Every time they push a big update, it wipes my credentials and app settings. Why cant it remember who I am and what my preferences and phone number are?! The only time I use it is when I have to dial into a call, usually remotely, and I waste 3-5 minutes of the meeting telling the app who I am and how to reach me *again*! 10/13/2016: I like the new changes - the larger icons and additional data. Keep up the good work! After using the WebEx app for over a year on Windows Mobile, this app is a dream!
  • I use a lot of business apps, and this one is by far the best 5/5

    By DreamLollipop
    Works perfectly every time. Allows for seamless screen sharing and integration of voice calls. Links from webex and emails are seamless on desktop and iOS. Thank you for making my life easier.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Prim171
    Always works flawlessly. Love it!!!
  • A great start!!! 4/5

    By heygirlhey211
    This app is almost perfect. My one criticism is that I would prefer that the app include the check, x, and emojis that are included in the desktop version. A lot of my professors ask that I use the check mark to state that I understand material. Without the check mark, the professor always calls on me to see if I am paying attention or have a question.
  • Works very well 5/5

    By Anton Rang
    I enjoy attending meetings with this app as it's self-contained and the display is very clear. In conjunction with the Retina display, even large desktops are easy to read on my iPad mini. The mute button should probably be changed to single-tap operation, though. It's a bit awkward right now. (And hearing "your line is now muted" is really annoying.)
  • Flawless 5/5

    By sas118
    Used it over cellular data in an outdoor setting for an hour and it was great
  • Debt relief 5/5

    By Aj215j
    Wonderful presentation and very informative
  • Great for business meets 4/5

    By Syncopated1
    Great app!
  • Simple yet comprehensive 5/5

    By Webexfan2017
    It is a great how simple to use and efficient. It requires no training to use it. I don't lose any controls from the desktop version.
  • Not all bad 3/5

    By Stargirl287
    The "Call Me" feature is really nice when driving or walking thru an airport. Overall though have had issues with WebEx particularly when trying to manage changes to recurring meetings.
  • Not a big fan 2/5

    By Dinklaus
    On LTE coverage but unable to view presenter's screen. Not a fan of the webex product in general in relation to the more intuitive and sleek products now on the market.
  • Great help 5/5

    By Mkarthikeyan
    Won't have to dial in when driving. One touch and I am in the meeting.
  • Good meeting tool. 4/5

    By Buppy100
    We were able to hold a meeting with very few problems. However, those who used their phones were not able to see everyone. Still a few improvements need to be done. Overall good product.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Again eyes
    Love it! I have this on my phone!!!!!!
  • Great App 5/5

    By srhenke
    Great app use for work all the time.
  • Worse than a VOIP Phone bridge 1/5

    By Owen DeLong
    Constantly drops audio connection, usually at worst possible time. Audio quality is adequate when connected. Forget video. Screen sharing comes with extreme lag, sometimes enough to leave me 1-2 slides behind presenter.
  • Sr Program Manager 1/5

    By Brian Keves
    WebEx audio is terrible. Many times people can't hear me or I can't hear others but they can still hear me. Plus why force WebEx to call my same phone. I would prefer VOIP directly from the app.
  • Could use a little more tweaking 4/5

    By BuckarooBob
    Used the app for the first time today on an iPhone 6s+. Looked great but had a hard time switching from the callin back to on screen presentation. There wasn't an easy way to get back other than to hit the home button and scroll back to the app after the app made the call. But overall it worked great ran it along side my desktop version of the meeting and both audio's were in sync. So just a little improvement to get back from the phone section and I think you'll have a winner. Cheers
  • Improved but still hard on mobile 4/5

    By bait n switc
    Was having some audio issues (warbling, cutting out) but they seem to have improved. The call back feature has improved the mobile experience. Added one star for that. One more if you can make it hands free.
  • Love it 5/5

    By PloKoonBoom
    I use this app for school and work meetings and it's awesome! It has yet to fail me and I love that I am able to attend meetings on the go.
  • On iPhone 6s 4/5

    By Rmotcy
    This is the first time I used since the time I install it required a password to connect to a meeting. This time I wasn't on the road and I was able to access my password from my PC. Even I was using WiFi on a pretty decent 20Mbit xfinity home the audio cut twice for about 10 seconds each. As I was also from my PC (not on audio) but the WebEx app on PC continued to show the the person was speaking. There was no way to change Call_in names. A feature on PC that I was not able to find on the iPhone. If the application requires to type in your password every time you join a meeting, please, please, please and once again please consider TouchID! It was a good experience, but there is still room for improvement. *Update* From an iPad Pro, the experience is better, the password thing seems that is not required every time, but sometimes the password is required as always in the least expected moment (when running to join a meeting). No TouchID yet :-(
  • iPhone Cisco webex 5/5

    By Aida1029
    Love it Very convenient
  • WebExcellent 5/5

    By seiji64
    This is such a useful app. Easy to use / intuitive UI. Reliable. Even Turning off wi-fi mid-meeting does not disconnect me. Love the shared screen zoom feature. Kudos!
  • Awsome experience! 5/5

    By Migs2010
    Love that you can view and zoom on shared content, see who is talking, see and chat with participants. Video on it looks great.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Zulfikar Panjwani
    Please make changes so that when we use the mute option. It doesn't make so much noise. Every time I mute my line there is a loud beep, make you miss what the speaker is saying. And is annoying. Other than take the app is amazing. Love WebEx :)
  • Very Good Conference App But I Wonder 4/5

    By 50LavaLampMan
    Very good conference app. Good quality video and sound, depending on your connection pipe. I've used conference apps before so it was easy to navigate, but I wonder what a person new to online mtg apps would say. I will continue to use and recommend.
  • Very good, but can use further improvement 4/5

    By odarville
    I use WebEx daily from my iPad as I moved from laptop to iPad over a year ago. Meetings are so convenient now and the experience is almost as good as it is on a computer. The app could use more application support for presenting. Works with Dropbox but not OneDrive which many organizations use..especially those with office365 subscriptions which is really becoming more popular on tablets. Just veiwing or participating in a video conference, however, is great as long as you don't mind your participant icon showing up as a mobile. Some participants will think you are on audio only, or using a phone, or are unable see the presentation. It's becoming more popular for tablets to be considered personal computers.
  • Missing features 2/5

    By AdWingsx
    It's difficult when meeting across platforms when not all features that are available within meetings on the desktop version is not available on the mobile version like the ability to raise hands and the ability to replay recordings
  • Excellent 5/5

    By rover72
    Very easy set up and user friendly while in a conference
  • Great App ! 5/5

    By Good Habits
    I use this app primarily on my iPad and it has worked flawlessly. Lot's of great features that are intuitive to use and expand the functionality, especially for interaction, i.e. Polls, side chats, etc. One thing that is interesting is that when I or others unmute in order to speak, my headphones or the tablet speakers go very, quiet and I am not sure if the group can hear me. As a result I ask, "Can you hear me?" Other people do this as well. Perhaps there is a way to confirm the speaker's ability to be heard.
  • Seamless integration 5/5

    By Beantown33
    The app version works great. Opens up directly from calendar or email link and call features and viewing of materials are all really easy. Great for meetings on the go and pretending you're still in the office!
  • Does what it's supposed to do. 5/5

    By Anand87
    I use this app very often. Functions very well.
  • GoToMeeting much better 1/5

    By Craig Metzner
    WebEx app doesn't store your password , it doesn't allow you to use your speaker phone and doesn't pull up the app automatically from the link in an email. The gotomeeting app does all of these and has all the same collaboration tools.
  • Easy to use and excellent 5/5

    By TxAg1981
    I use this app every day, multiple times per day.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By MJB Just As I am
    Makes working from home or anywhere on the road super easy
  • Great app 5/5

    By Hoagan84
    I use this app often and never have a problem. It's very user friendly on my iPhone.
  • Great 5/5

    By Evil Goddess
    Great if you are on the go! No issues at all!
  • Unintuitive UI 3/5

    By JEisen83
    Quality is fine but the interface isn't really intuitive. It's very unclear whether your camera is being used during the meeting.
  • Webex installation on mobile device and MacBook Pro 5/5

    By FrankJCarr
    Representative Rukmangathan did an excellent job of defining two types of installations. Mobile device vs desktop/laptop. I found his instruction to be precise, and easy to understand. Frank Carrannante PrenGroup, LLC
  • Great app especially if on the move 5/5

    By ZainevdB69
    The app works as expected and great for those moments when you are on the move and just need to be on that call or training session!
  • I use the iPad app in lieu of the PC... 5/5

    By FactsDontMatter
    I really like to use my iPad for WebEx meetings because it leaves my PC screens available and makes my iPad's Bluetooth available for the audio. Neither my phone nor my PC is even involved, and it's completely portable. However, by not using the phone for audio, it is available for calls to come in, and an incoming call can confuse things among the audio devices. I have not used the iPad for presenting PowerPoint presentations, but the PowerPoint on the iPad does a good job of representing the presentation material, so it might work well. I usually enter WebEx from an Outlook calendar item, and all I have to do is click a link. No password, no meeting id, nothing.
  • Great app 5/5

    By The Thie
    Works flawlessly
  • WebEx App 4/5

    By Fitness addict2
    Good app. I like using both desktop and mobile app together. I wish there was a way to share my phone screen to demonstrate how to use certain apps in internal training.
  • Love the Exit option now included in the phone horizontal view! 5/5

    By ModelLover
    One less step to exit the meeting!! Thank you!
  • Lots of Power 5/5

    By Wheels11311
    Ton of features that actually work.
  • Works great 5/5

    By TheChase1983
    Use this daily with no issues. Easy to transition from other apps back to this. Love it
  • Works great 4/5

    By DaddyKing64
    Easy set up, quick connection, even on a cellular hot spot!
  • Pretty amazing tool 5/5

    By Mike Bradshaw (bmike)
    Works quite well on iPad as well as on iPhone. Our WebEx provider uses a voice bridge and that is less than ideal, but not the fault of this app. 5 stars for this free app.

Cisco WebEx Meetings app comments

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