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  • Current Version: 6.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Motivate
  • Compatibility: Android
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Citi Bike App

Now you can unlock a bike, buy a pass and find special deals all in the official Citi Bike app. This is your co-pilot for biking adventures in NYC. Pull up the app and see up-to-the-minute bike availability. Search station locations and addresses, to find the nearest bike or dock. Save your favorite stations, and know the situation right away at your usual spots. See info about your most recent ride, and all-time riding history. Know how long you’ve had a bike out with an accurate trip timer, and see confirmation of your completed trip after you’ve docked. Pick a destination and we’ll show you where to pick up and dock your bike. Need a route suggestion? Tap a station pin or location and the app will sniff out the best way to your destination.


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Citi Bike app reviews

  • Changes how I get around NYC 4/5

    By Julius12
    Great app and system. Litterally changes how i get around in NYC. My only wish would be for clearer explanation of the "rules" around minimum time between rides. Got stuck without a bike for my ride back once because it was too close to a previous ride.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Danielfkent
    App is simple and perfect. Only thing that could make is better is bikes in more neighborhoods.
  • The city bike change my life 5/5

    By marisaorganic
    The best investment I did was to pay for the yearly city bike, it is worth every penny, I feel more fit and I get to do lots of thinks and get fit at the same time, is very easy to find city bike from the app map, to rid in the park is the best because is way less traffic lights and also we are helping not polluting the planet
  • Trip loggig 5/5

    By r-words_fan_42069696969
    I would like inbenable to see my entire trip history not just overall and most recent ride.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By citibike_hater
    Your app doesn't work when rentals are down. What about those of us who are yearly users? Shouldn't have shut downs during holiday weekends.
  • Locations and bike counts are up to date 5/5

    By Shabissen
    The app works well, shows me everywhere I can find bikes, and how many bikes are at a given station at a glance.
  • Services unavailable- no refund 1/5

    By 1313nicholas1313
    Services were unavailable during my ride and i therefore could not check the bike in and then check it back out. I asked for a refund but they did not issue one.
  • Expensive, bikes are failing, and not enough docks 2/5

    By Lior NYC
    For $150 a year I'd expect bicycle that are better serviced. Would be nice to see less non functioning equipment. And around downtown in the AM there are zero available docks which makes this service useless to me and many others. Nice gimmick for tourists and those who don't need to be somewhere on time...
  • Love citi bike but the ios app has bug 1/5

    By Aadjmi1
    I ride every where in nyc using Citi Bike, absolutely changed my life. I have both an android and an iPhone. When I am on the Android I can unlock a bike from the app. On my iPhone it does not give me that option. My friend has an iPhone and it allows him to unlock from his iPhone. FIX IT
  • Love love love 5/5

    By emnem13
    Wish they had a share with friends feature but love everything else
  • Citibike is amazing 5/5

    By jeffrono
    Cannot imagine living in NYC without citibike. This app is great. It shows you bikes, shows you where they're available and where docks are available. It's fast, updates quickly so you have realtime data, and has a great UX. Keep up the solid work citibike team!
  • Great app 5/5

    By x2o
    Devs do a great job! Lots of updates. GOOD STUFF! love citibike!
  • Unlock a bike 3/5

    By Djpomg123
    The unlock a bike button feature does not appear when i have logged into my account
  • Trains are friends 3/5

    By Kyle9678
    Paid $30 to kill myself on this heavy bike. Take the train and walk!
  • Can't unlock a bike, unlike the Android version 2/5

    By blipus
    Only has a map with bike and slot availability.
  • App crashes, beta testers left hanging? 4/5

    By jkc11
    UPDATE: Thank you for finally rolling out the new beta. Still irked we had a non-functioning app for almost a week. Updating stars since the app typically does what it's supposed to do. This past Thursday if you were a beta tester for the app you received an email saying the beta app would be dead, you'd have to redownload the standard app this weekend to have an app and by the weekend a new beta test email would be sent. I deleted the beta app, redownloaded the standard and all it does is crash when I try to start it. And no email yet to redownload the beta. So basically I have no app map to see where bikes are.
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By adastragrl
    I was a beta user and had to switch to the standard app and it keeps crashing! :((( Pls fix and I will edit and rate higher!! Thank you in advance!!!
  • Can't get codes 1/5

    By mikelite
    Does not give you a code to unlock a bike. Only the ability to plan a ride.
  • Love it 5/5

    By LICride
    I Love being able to get in a bike to run errands, to commute to work or just for fun. I would love to see Citi bike expand into neighborhoods that are more interesting than my own and those as equally bland. I love Ling Island City, but let's be honest, it's not that interesting. How about stations deeper into Queens & Brooklyn? Do you have any idea how many New Yorkers would join and appreciate?
  • App won't open 1/5

    By Citybee12345
    App won't even open. Help! I use this service several times a day and now the app crashes when trying to open it leaving me just hoping there's bikes/docks at a station when I get there. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. I need to be able to plan my rides! Please help.
  • App needs serious work - NOT a Service review 2/5

    By TheDEH
    Others here are reviewing the service but I'm going to leave that aside and review the app alone - I'm a yearly member. - this destroys battery life. Even with only use gps while in app checked in Apple settings, this consumes more than 1% a minute with phone in pocket and screen off. Needs some serious optimizations because when I'm riding it be nice to have app out or open to see where I'm at or where closest stations are and know that my phone will be on when I get to destination and have juice - big delay for returning bikes, can take upwards of 15 minutes to reflect you've checked the bike in and this includes notifications being delayed. Which is a PIA if you want to swap out bikes to keep from getting extra charged - unlock codes frequently do not work on first try, this could be the app or the server being slow, who knows - the map doesn't automatically update to your current location despite using GPS: seems pointless if using GpS anyway, why have to click another button to move to my location. - overall sluggishness Feature request - show all time stats in app and map of trips
  • Love CitiBike! 5/5

    By paulbfit
  • Worthless for planning 1/5

    By Skinnabe
    I downloaded this app to plan for a day trip the next weekend and it wouldn't let me into the app without purchasing a pass. Why would you not creat an app that would at least have some information available about your service without making a purchase? Makes very little sense to me.
  • Day pass is 30 minutes only 1/5

    By BLACKonone1
    I bought a day pass with a friend after the ride I got a notification that extra charges would occur. Basically they say you need to rack the bike back every 30 minutes to not get those extra charge so after 3 hours I was charged the 13$ day pass and 45$ in extra charges. I felt scammed, please be aware
  • Really misleading 1/5

    By Chance22222333232
    I rented the bike for 12 hours but they charged me an extra $16 an hour for riding the bike longer than 30 mins!!!!! How do you tour around if you have to check in every 30 mins!!! This is a scam !!!!!
  • SCAM!!! This is a total scam! 1/5

    By joshious
    It's service is literally a scam. They say "unlimited day pass" for 12 dollars on their app, and then in some very tiny tiny print while you're trying to set it up they mention that riding over 30 minutes "may incur extra charges", but they don't even mention how much they charge! Little did we know, a 3 hour bike ride would cost 45 dollars! Because the 12 dollars was just to use the service. Such a total and complete scam! I disputed the charge and gave them an earful. Citi is such a dishonest and scummy company. Buyer beware!
  • Mostly great 4/5

    By cancerx
    The app works great. Can you eliminate the delay between checking in a bike and getting another? That lag can be annoying if you're in a hurry and you get a defective bike.
  • Good but needs improvements 2/5

    By Dfghiy
    The app works most of the time. However sometimes it doesn't give me the option/ allow me to take out a bike. Frustrating. Additionally the GPS is sometimes not accurate to my location, so maybe allowing people to take out a bike if they're within a certain distance(say 200 meters) of the station.
  • Good concept but needs work 2/5

    By bikerng
    The app doesn't allow you to take two bikes so if you need to get a bike for a friend or family member you can't get an additional code for an extra bike. You have to use the kiosk.
  • That was horrible 1/5

    By Horrorfilmguy
    Not sure which is worse: the bikes or the customer service.
  • Mileage does not sync correctly 5/5

    By Mike_Murray
    Although I like this app and the info about available bikes and docks seem accurate to me in the areas that I usually ride, the accrued mileage on this app is way off compared my accrued mileage on my account page on the dot com site. That's my only gripe. UPDATE: The recent update finally fixed my only gripe!
  • Better and better 5/5

    Accuracy getting better and better all the time. Responsive team. Annual membership worth it.
  • It works 5/5

    By Jaynices
    Gives you location of bikes, how many is available, and an accurate map that tells you if your near. It also has a tracking of how long you've been riding for so that you don't go over your 45-min allocated time. There are other cool features, but didnt have time to explore.
  • Great way to get around NYC 5/5

    By thekingslayer
    The app is an awesome enabler of the best way to get around the city.
  • No bike angel map toggle appears 3/5

    By awesomellc
    IPhone 6s+, ios 10.3.1
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By WillVenture99999
    First of all, it's really disturbing that apps that have terrible reviews can instantly wipe them all away by "updating" their app. That shouldn't be allowed, but that's another story. This service is a total rip off in NYC. The idea of such a service is great, but the complete failure of this company to execute that idea makes this a total waste of money. Don't be a sucker by signing up for the annual membership. You will absolutely regret it, like I have.
  • Terrible experience 1/5

    By RichardSP
    I wanted to rent two bikes for a short ride uptown. I ended up with 6 charges on my card that they refuse to take off. The payment interface is terrible, and there is no way for either the user, or their "customer service" to help resolve it. You are better off taking an Uber.
  • The App does not provide accurate information 1/5

    By Cezinha
    The App shows stations as being available for you to "dock" the bikes and the actual station does not work. Later you get a big charge in your credit card for late fees! Both the App information and the service is a total scam! Do not download this or use their service. I had a $500 and $400 wrong charges on my card for trusting the info in the App...
  • False info results in late fees 2/5

    By cchaywar
    The app provides false information: it says docks are available when they are not, which can lead to late fees. Customer service is then unhelpful. It also told me a station with valet service had over 20 bikes, but none were there. Overall I like Citibike despite some problems, but they badly need to improve their app.
  • WORST APP Extra Fees 1/5

    By Citi fraud!!!!
    Where do I start? I usually don't write bad reviews but these people are scam artists. The timer on the app is faulty and jumps up an extra minute so they can charge you an extra $4. I used the free one day pass and they gave me a 30 minute time limit to return the bike. As I was about to dock the bike back at the station after only 19 minutes of usage, the timer jumps up to 31 minutes and charges me $4 for the extra 1 minute. What a ripoff!!! Customer service is the worst!!!! I decided to buy my own bike so I won't have to deal with the hassle and frustrations of citi bikes extra fees. This was the first and last time.
  • Payment doesn't work on 5S 2/5

    By Hgarfield312
    I enjoy the app and using citibike but I couldn't sign up using my own phone because the payment section was missing inputs. I have an iPhone 5S.
  • Works great, best mode of transportation 5/5

    By TheBorisK
    The app updates are frequent and show constant improvement. It's the best mode of transportation in NYC. Faster than walking, more reliable than subway. And with the app you know where your going and availability of bikes/docs. Great system.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Golfffffffff
    Love your service but new update is TERRIBLE! Can't rely on how many bikes are at a station. Station signs don't turn yellow until 3 left, and green gives no realistic idea of how many bikes at a station. Please fix!!!
  • Many Improvements 5/5

    By Videoit
    Dear Fellow Riders. If you were disappointed in earlier versions of this App give it another try. The app has be overhauled and has many great features. Download it and get ridding 🚴
  • The citiBike app is great! 5/5

    By RFKayaker
    I have been using Citibike and the Citibike app for years now. In the beginning, there were a number of issues related to growing pains. However, both the bikes and the app are now humming. I use Citibike on a daily basis to commute from midtown down to Pine Street. The app lets me seamlessly and efficiently get real-time information on the availability of bikes and docks. The routing program is extremely helpful in finding me bike friendly routes. Thank you Citibike!
  • Excellent app for an excellent program 5/5

    By DH4582
    I use Citibike to do my daily commute and rely heavily on the App to keep me up to date on latest station availability. I find it to be very useful and easy to use.
  • Fantastic for the City 4/5

    By Joojieface
    Citibike is really amazing for NYC. App keeps getting better. Now, let's get some bikes in actual Bushwick.
  • Much Improved! 4/5

    By Arthur Jones 95
    The app is an integral part of a successful Citibike experience and it works great. It's much more accurate than it used to be and they got rid of a lot of the bugs.
  • Most useful app I have 5/5

    By ammbo
    I use this app daily. It has become very feature-rich and is always up to date and accurate. The developers are responsive to the community of users and it shows.
  • This app has improved considerably 5/5

    By chrishahn
    Give it a try again if you got frustrated with earlier buggy versions. They finally added support for large screen iPhones a couple months back, and have been constantly adding incremental fixes. It's no longer laggy and I never see it crash anymore. The feature to unlock a bike via the app is great also.

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