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Citymapper - the Ultimate Transit App App

The ultimate transit app for complex cities! A to B trip planning with ETA including all modes (subway, bus, rail, ferry, bike/car sharing, Uber). Real-time departures. Transit maps. Line status and real-time disruption alerts. Uber integration. Bike routing and live bike share info. Constant updates. Everything you need -- and may not even realize you need -- to manage your life in the city. COVERAGE USA/CANADA: New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Baltimore, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal. ASIA: Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo. AUSTRALIA: Sydney, Melbourne. EUROPE: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels / Belgium, Amsterdam / Randstad, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Moscow, St Petersburg. LATIN AMERICA: Mexico City, São Paulo. EXPANDING: VOTE for your city and we'll add it PRESS REVIEWS "Citymapper is, quite simply, the best travel app to be introduced to New York City" - New York Times "Now forget about Google Maps because Citymapper eats Google Maps for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” - Tech in Asia MAIN AWARDS * Apple's 2014 and 2013 Apps of the Year * Grand Prize Winner - MTA New York City App Quest 2013 * Best Overall Mobile App (Mobile World Congress Barcelona / GSMA 2014) * Winner of Grand Prix, Best Transport Startup and Best Mobile Startup - 2015 Europas Awards * Special Prize Winner - Tokyo Metro Competition 2015 THOUSANDS OF 5-STAR USER REVIEWS * "Best app on my phone." * "It’s reason alone to get an iPhone. It's that good." * "I'm practically married to this app." * "Don't know how I lived without it." * "This app makes me warm inside." * "The only true five star app." * "Support for the SF Bay Area is particularly impressive because it aggregates all transit systems imaginable (BART, Caltrain, MUNI, VTA, etc.) into one seamless app." * "Best app for getting directions and ride on the MTA New York City." * "Life changing. This app really changes the way you travel." * "This is my favorite transit app. Full-featured and a breeze to use. I really appreciate the Uber integration." AVAILABLE CITIES & SERVICES IN THE US, SINGAPORE & HONG KONG We use open data from transport agencies in the cities where we are live: - New York City: MTA, MNR, LIRR, Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE), New Jersey Transit, NY Waterway Ferries, PATH, Citi Bikes - San Francisco Bay Area: BART, MUNI, Caltrain, AC Transit, SamTrans, VTA, Golden Gate Transit, County Connection, Wheels, Union City Transit, Tri Delta Transit, WestCAT, Stanford Marguerite, Emery Go-Round, ACE, Capitol Corridor, Bay Area Bike Share, San Francisco Bay Ferry - Los Angeles: Metro, Metrolink, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus (BBB), DASH / Commuter Express (LADOT) - Chicago: CTA, 'L', METRA, PACE Bus, Divvy Bikes - Boston: Massport, MBTA, Boston Commuter Rail, the 'T', Silver Line, Hubway Bike Share - Washington DC: WMATA, DC Circulator, Metroway, Ride On (Montgomery County), ART (Arlington), DASH (Alexandria), Fairfax Connector, VRE, MARC Trains, MTA Commuter, Capital Bikeshare - Philadelphia: SEPTA, PATCO, NJ Transit - Singapore: LTA, SMRT, SBS - Hong Kong: MTR, HK Tramways, Light Rail, Kowloon Motor Bus, Citybus, First Bus, First Ferry, Star Ferry, Discovery Bay Ferry & Bus, Park Island Ferry & Bus, Green Mini Bus KEEP IN TOUCH If you have questions or feedback, please email us at Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our website: Please note that the app requires data access and works best with GPS / location on. Also, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Background GPS is only used when in ‘GO' navigation mode.

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Citymapper - the Ultimate Transit App app reviews

  • Buenísima ! 5/5

    By Andreinafds
    Muy útil y fácil de usar.
  • THE BEST transit app 5/5

    By Chryssie5
    I used this app everyday to travel from Brooklyn to Jersey and it is an indispensable tool. They just keep making it better and better. 10 stars!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Fabulous 5/5

    By HaypiGirl
    Have used this while traveling in the US and abroad. Helped make navigating new cities a breeze and made traversing known locales muuuuuch simpler and more efficient. Keep up the great work!
  • Working like a charm in NYC 5/5

    By RonnyRomero
    if the city is listed with all the features (like NYC), this is the top app ever to get around. I would love more offline capabilities in case you lose connection or in another country.
  • The only app you need for NYC!!! 5/5

    By fishhouse4
    Totally blown away at how much of a lifesaver this app was for our metro and walking adventures around NYC on our trip this past week. Got us everywhere we needed to go accurately, on time and with several different transit options. Plus it's free! Huge props to the developers. It's a must download and the only app you'll need to navigate the city by bus, metro, walking or even cab.
  • Survived NYC with Citymapper 4/5

    By Tsnusaisb
    We recently used this app to navigate NYC during our spring break trip. It was very accurate and helpful and we couldn't have figured it out on our own without this app. The only thing I would've liked is that walking directions be able to open in the maps app. Highly recommend.
  • Great app 5/5

    By wiltravel2432
    I use this app a lot to get around. Tends to be incredibly accurate.
  • Useful and fun 5/5

    By The Knife Fight
    Makes getting around very easy and I enjoy the company vibes on the app updates.
  • Great for getting around Singapore! 4/5

    By steeler491
    I've been looking for a good app to use while living in Singapore and this is the best I've found! I like the options available for choosing between busses, trains, and combinations of both. The tracking during that trip works very well and I like that it triggers a reminder when the bus stop for exiting the bus is coming up. Very useful. The watch app has good detail though can be slow to update.
  • My travel lifeline 5/5

    By Luludob
    I've used this app to travel through multiple cities -London, Milan, and Paris to name a few...and I did not get lost ONCE! This is coming from a girl who gets lost driving around her own hometown. When you're walking it indicates the general direction you're headed with a range of where you'll end up should you take an alternate route. When you ride public transportation it tells you what end of the subway you should be in for fastest exit/transfer. The Citymapper app is a miracle from heaven. I hope they will continue to add more destinations. ❤️
  • Great App for travel and at home 5/5

    By Surfer2701
    We travelled to 3 different European cities and used everything in this app. Used offline saved maps, made a home for each city, used the transit maps in each one and successfully reach our destination every time. I will recommend this to everyone all the time.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Yvergara12
    Very accurate and reliable. I commute t work everyday, without this app, I would be completely lost. Great product!!
  • Terrific 5/5

    By Priorae
    An outstanding app, specifically in large cities.
  • Crashes 5/5

    By philsteve
    Crashes with iOS 13.1.2 upon entering destinations in planner.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By FarisM3
    Very functional and smooth, works perfect! Love it great job and thank you!
  • Best transit map 😍 5/5

    By Batsi1
    I love the simplicity of this app. It's intuitive, smart and just overall amazing. I use this all the time. I like the clever little details such as which subway car is best for your destination.
  • Brilliant 5/5

    By Chutneyboy
    Tells you everything you need to know down to the last detail in a well presented way for both visitors and seasoned locals.
  • The best transit app ever 5/5

    By Brndnbzl
    I migrated from Transit when it randomly stopped showing real time tracking. I appreciate this app a lot more. With this update, there is 0 lag time now when I looking at nearby stops. Thank you to the developers for making a superb transit app. Also keep up with the hilarious app update summaries. I definitely get a nice laugh whenever you update your app. Thanks
  • My Survival App in the Big City 5/5

    By AidoPikachu
    I use this app multiple times a week and evangelize it to all I know who are looking for an app like it. Well planned, always gets me to where I need to go. Has it won any awards yet?
  • 👍 5/5

    By LKhizani
    The Best 👍
  • Five Stars!! 5/5

    By Luis5467
    I used this app to find my way around New York and London. It worked flawlessly providing the exact directions to my destination whether it was through subway, walking, bus and even uber!
  • Best transportation app out there. 5/5

    By Popobigs
    All of the transportation info I need for my city, always accurate, gets better with every update.
  • Nice app, great widget 4/5

    By Squirrely_in_Chicago
    By far the best of the transit apps. This is the one to get. The only criticism is that the interface is a bit too big, and you can't get enough info on the iPhone screen. They should make UI elements a bit smaller, and provide more customization for hiding things you don't need. And it could use a better color scheme. But functionality is great.
  • Unfortunate update to Subway times page 3/5

    By DeadMonkey321
    Love the app, hate the new Subway times page. You can't manually refresh train times now so it's harder to check times on the fly, plus you can't easily see a timeline of when each train is arriving (makes it much harder when, for example, multiple trains will you get you to your destination; now you have to scan multiple lines instead of one easy timeline). Otherwise, love the app!
  • Hong Kong 5/5

    By Mstrincredible
    Flawless, what more can one say.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Vmntcllr
    This Ap routes never failed The costs and locations where always perfect
  • I rely on this app for EVERYTHING 5/5

    By Chevamartin
    I've used this in NYC, Philly, DC, and now Berlin! It's amazing. The team behind this app obviously has a sense of humor, and the way it integrates all types of public transportation in a city is perfect. I love the updated bus and train times and the step by step instructions. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
  • Form over function 1/5

    By jmejiaa
    The map is now a pain to get to, have to scroll and keep an eye on it to find it, as opposed to simply swiping right.
  • The best transit app! 5/5

    By MandiiJelly
    I live in Madrid but have used this app for several cities. I definitely recommend it. I really like that it includes the times for the next train, bus, etc. and also line closures.
  • No going back 5/5

    By Sdp8136752
    Did I really need another travel app? I was skeptical, but after some investigation I decided to add another app to my cluttered travel folder. This was the best decision ever. Citymapper is easy to use yet packed with helpful and fun functionality. Bye Google Maps. Give it a try -- you'll love it!
  • My reliable go to guide in Chicago 5/5

    By NicFits
    This app works and works well. Very accurate time estimates and train arrivals: this might have to do with the city and its data systems. The CTA is no great joy to take. But seeing my options gives me more control of my commute.
  • Great 5/5

    By Ooooiiijhhf
    Great multifunctional intuitive map/transit app. Very similar in quality to Transit.
  • Watch app buggy, no support 2/5

    By Nate the Great’s Hit Parade
    This would be a great app if it worked with Watch, but a some stuff won't load to the Watch after multiple reinstalls, making new accounts, and standing on my head. To me, making sure the features of an app work is the first criteria for rating an app, and the second is customer support when they don't, which is non-existent here. Otherwise it would be a great app.
  • great app but needs improvement 4/5

    By musamariam
    i love this app i use it a lot, the only complain i have is it mostly doesn't tell the accurate exact time a bus or train will reach and thus the estimated arrival time keeps changing too which is a problem if you plan your trip according to the app u reach late at times
  • Tremendously helpful!!! 5/5

    By Daahoud
    On a recent trip to Barcelona this app was HUGE! Especially when we had no wifi. Great job!!!
  • Could not ask for a better App 5/5

    By Wdl68
    Recently spent a week in London (with a day trip to Paris as well). This app worked amazingly well for us . We navigated the city streets, buses and trains like pros the whole time we were there. I will never travel again without this app!
  • Too much beauty, no more substance. 2/5

    By Annok1994
    I'm truly saddened that I have to say this but I used to adore this app. Living in NYC, it is crucial to find out where your train is, how many minutes will it take, as well as provide diverse methods on how to get to destinations the fastest. Time is money. Unfortunately, I feel like Citymapper made the decision to focus more on aesthetics and not on functionality; I just find it unfortunate that Citymapper decided to go down this route of demise for most apps (I thought Citymapper was smarter than this). This app has failed me constantly for the past 2 weeks and has given me inaccurate info about incoming trains which is the sole reason why I use the app. As a result, I no longer feel confident in recommending Citymapper to my peers or family members any longer. If this does not get solved by the next update, I will have to delete and find an alternative.
  • The absolute best for NYC 5/5

    By .jay
    Convoluted and unreliable at critical moments. For instance, I got off a subway and on my way to the next line I tried to check what time it would arrive, so I'd know if I have to make a run for it. First I used 3D Touch and it showed the wrong stop (one that's about five mile away). Then, I opened the app and was presented with usual too-much-information. I tried to scroll to where the lines and times would be, but as content loaded it caused the scroll position to change. It's just too much. I just want to know when and where the subway is and will be, and it has to happen fast.
  • Major inaccuracies in NYC 2/5

    By tjnycnyc
    This app USED to be incredible... frustratingly now it's burned me multiple times with gross inaccuracies and missing information regarding construction reroutes etc. Sadly no longer trustable... or usable.
  • You won't get lost with this app 5/5

    By Theheckers
    Excellent resource for those of us who are out of towners. Used it in NYC and felt confident that I knew which train to take and when to get off. Super app.
  • More cities 2/5

    By Danielle DJ
    It doesn't even have that many cities. I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They should add every city in there.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Kyarahart
    I really love city mapper as it gives me specific directions and different options to get to my destination. It even tells me how much it will cost.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Atomatica
    What a great app
  • The Best public transit app ever 5/5

    By Robrogan
    Features. Design. Simply useful! In this new version I really enjoy the trip stats. You can see if it took you 5 minutes longer than usual to get to work for example, and how many trees you saved.
  • More cities needed. 4/5

    By Timothy Emery
    Perhaps add all the cities that are the centers of populations in places? In Texas, we have 4 that could desperately use this: San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth. You should probably include Austin as well. Just food for thought.
  • Beauty and Brains. 5/5

    By Wooly88
    Incredibly functional. And great design. It has features that I never even knew I needed (which exit of my station to use; will the back front or middle of my train be the closest to that exit?). Bus times and train times for the GPS tracked ones. Multiple routes. Multiple ways of getting to a place. Times. Updates on delays. I actually negatively judge anyone who uses any other transit app, cus guys it's not that hard to curate your apps esp one that you will use nearly every day. It's the HIFI of the commuting world and it's FREE (scary data-mining stuff trade off, but ain't that all navigation systems?). Also, the app is updated about every two weeks with noticeably new features. The service desk is very responsive. They finally added a bus map for every NYC borough! I have pruned my daily commuting apps to three.
  • Doesn't re-route when routes change 2/5

    By huertanix
    New Yorker here. Any time there's construction/signal malfunctions/anything that causes trains or buses to go different routes, CityMapper ignores the route changes when plotting a route. Also lacks many large north American cities like Phoenix and Minneapolis.
  • My Favorite Transit App 5/5

    By Peelsreveni
    Works better than nearly any other map for giving me transport alternatives for my daily commute, saving locations and routes. One of the most accurate apps I've used as well. :)
  • Simply the best 5/5

    By Elsa ejorde
    Be on time!!!!!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Amazed 0987654321
    I travel around the city for work and it's been great!! It's also been helpful when I go to Long Island without a car. I call it a GPS for people on foot. The catapult is hysterical!!!

Citymapper - the Ultimate Transit App app comments

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