Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution 2

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  • Current Version: 1.5.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: 2K
  • Compatibility: Android
5,774 Ratings
$ 9.99

Civilization Revolution 2 App

***NOTE: Compatible with iPhone 4S+, iPad 2+, iPad mini 1+, and iPod touch 5 - WILL NOT RUN ON EARLIER DEVICES*** The sequel to one of the most successful strategy games on mobile is here! Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 2 challenges players  to build a glorious empire that will stand the test of time. This is the first game in the Civilization catalog to be developed and available exclusively for mobile devices. Civilization Revolution 2 offers mobile strategy fans a brand new 3D presentation and more tactical depth than ever before! Find out if you have what it takes to rule the world! Key Features: - New Units –  strengthen your military might with brand new combat units including Aircraft Carriers, Jet Fighters and Special Forces. - New Technology – race to science supremacy with new technology such as: Lasers, Modern Medicine and Information Technology - New Buildings & Wonders – grow and expand your civilization like never before with new buildings and wonders including Nuclear Power Plant, The Red Cross and Silicon Valley - Enhanced 3D Graphics – updated 3D graphics taking full advantage of iOS devices graphical capability - Scenario Challenges  - reenact historic events and battles in the Scenario Mode Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @civgame


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Civilization Revolution 2 app reviews

  • Game is awesome 5/5

    By Maytee2dots
    Love this game, but please update to play with ios11. Also the challenge to have roads connect all cities doesn’t work well. It will not acknowledge.
  • Update to Support iOS11 1/5

    By PepePooPoo
    Please update it to support iOS11 I love this game so please update it.
  • WILL NOT WORK IN iOS 11!!!!!! 2/5

    By Sup_wit_dat
    I love this game, but know two things before you pay for it. 1. The developer does not maintain this game and 2. It will not work in iOS 11.
  • I love this game, but can’t play anymore. 5/5

    By Ugh.Casey
    I absolutely love this game and I played it all the time. However with iOS 11, I can no longer play it without an update to make it compatible with iOS 11. I really love this app and I hope an update is released soon to make it compatible with iOS 11.
  • Love the Game except... 1/5

    By Mace Paladin
    It is really frustrating to play the game for hours, then with no obvious attack you are told an enemy took a city with 8 defenders. This has to be a glitch.
  • No ios 11 support 1/5

    By ijordo

    By nsesrs
    This is one of my go to games! Can’t even play it now due to iOS 11. Please update!!
  • Plz support this game 5/5

    By Naryancooper
    Iam on iOS 11 and I wanted to play this game it’s a one of a kind.can you guys just plz update it to iOS 11
  • Update Soon! 3/5

    By The Power of 3
    I recently purchased this a week or two ago game on my iPad and I can’t not play it since I updated it to iOS 11. I now see a note that it will be updated to support the new operating system. Thank you!
  • 64 bit ready "a bit later" 4/5

    By Newhearttn
    Really!??! Love the game! Paid $9.99 for it. You didn't have an update ready for iOS 11? Are you kidding me? When exactly is it going to be ready? "A bit later" is unacceptable.
  • Update dude 1/5

    By Snowy101
    Not working anymore on ios11!!!
  • Desperately needs update 2/5

    By jwh06
    I love this game, even with its many bugs and quirks (detailed thoroughly by other reviewers). My biggest gripe is that it hasn’t been updated in years and so isn’t designed to run on modern devices. This results in deeply inefficient processing and a HUGE drain on the battery of a modern iPhone. I can’t play the game for any duration without plugging it in to the wall while I play.
  • iOS 11 update please!! 5/5

    By SchaqFu
    Why would you say iOS 11 update “coming soon” if you’ve had all this time to prepare?!
  • It was fun but..... 1/5

    By Pete7@
    Don't buy it now. It won't work with IOS 11
  • Optimistic About Update for iOS 11 4/5

    By The Hungry Ghost
    I love this game and have used it for years. I’m happy that they are updating for iOS 11. Thanks you!
  • iOS 11 1/5

    By TheJCG88
    No longer works with iOS 11
  • Update needed for IOS 11 1/5

    By ryankoenig
    Please update for IOS 11!!!!
  • When the first version was so good, why did 2k do this? 1/5

    By Fluckduffy
    The first version of civilization Revolution was joy to play. This version removed some of the features needed to make the game playable. What happened to the wait command? Why are the Menzies so hard to navigate? Isometric views and snazzy animated battle scenes don't make for a better game. Sigh. Wish the original version was still supported on phones, as this version is unplayable.
  • Not working on ios11 1/5

    By 3:10 yuma
    Not working on ios11
  • Not compatable with iOS 11 3/5

    By Tyger_purr
    Website says they will update it “at a later date” Please hurry 2k. I need my fix.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Will Cash.
    I'm a huge fan of Civilization Revolution on both Apple devices and Xbox consoles. However now I can't play the game because the developer has to update and hasn't done yet. I think it's unfair especially since I paid for the game. Smh.
  • Does not work on iOS 11 1/5

    By Pegasusgt79
    Love the game but since it has been so long since the last upgrade, not sure it will ever work again. :(
  • iOS11!!!!! 1/5

    By ZBohlman
    Please update!
  • Not Supported on iOS11 1/5

    By BPM'er
    This app isnt supported on iOS 11+. Ive spent may countless hours enjoying this game--what a shame that the developers havent updated this.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Poem799
    This game is very fun to play. It is nice to play a game that doesn't require in app purchases every day just to stay competitive. This is definitely worth the money.
  • Please update it for iOS 11 1/5

    By JGira
    Won’t work on iOS 11
  • iOS 11 update? 1/5

    By davepmoll
    This app won't run on iOS 11. You guys gonna update the game?
  • Update for iOS 11? 1/5

    By Troy mirick
    Would be a higher rated review but the game needs to be updated in order to be compatible with iOS 11.
  • No iOS 11 support 1/5

    By skillet313
    Well... isn’t this wonderful? Fix this. Or refund us.
  • Quick game 3/5

    By Iramohs
    I love Civilization games and this one is a quicker version of thoughs. I love that there are achievements that you get when you do various things (i.e. Create you first army) so you have specific goals to achieve. There however is a glitch with this. There have been achievements I have completed, but have not registered, so I cannot obtain all the medals. Overall I wish it were slightly more complex and less glitchy, but I have spent a lot of time playing it, so I guess I enjoy it enough.
  • App no longer works with iOS 11 1/5

    By sgkeyes
    Guess I threw my money to the wind. This is a fun, rather enjoyable game, but the developer has not invested in this platform. The last update was more than two years ago, before iOS 10. You can still run it on iOS 10 but it will not work at all on iOS11. Don't waste your money on this app if you currently have iOS10 as soon as you upgrade your operating system the app will no longer function. Please update this app.
  • Seriously needs an update 1/5

    By Na yat
    This is an embarrassment from such a well known gaming company. Over 2 years without any updates. I love this game but the lack of interest from the developers is extremely disappointing. Do not advise buying until they update
  • Fun to play, needs 64-bit support 2/5

    By The Future is Now...
    I've enjoyed playing this game for years. It's nice to puck up when you're waiting some place like an airport, really makes the time fly. I'm going to be sad to see this game go with iOS 11 since it still hasn't been updated to 64-bit. For some reason the developer seems unwilling to support the app or even sell an updated version. Very disappointing. Will happily give five stars if the game is made to work with iOS 11.
  • Needs updating. 1/5

    By Bigandrewgold
    No 64 bit support means this game will be dead tomorrow. Which is saddening.
  • Don't buy until it's updated 1/5

    By revwezlo
    This app will not run in iOS 11. Stay away until developers update. It's a shame because the game is quite fun.
  • Needs update 2/5

    By The Bekster 1422
    Still a fun game, but now terrible with battery usage and will not work with iOS 11
  • Dope 5/5

    By ForcedToRateForIDs
  • Loving it 3/5

    By khipro
    Still trying to understand the game enjoying it thoroughly
  • Please update the game! 4/5

    By BMWandDQ
    I love this game but it needs to be updated. There are 2 main issues: bug fixes/balance updates and the fact that the game is 32 bit so not compatible with iOS 11. Please update the game so I can continue to enjoy it!
  • Truly disappointed 1/5

    By or_vet
    Playing on any difficulty level, you can beat the game if you build on islands. AI doesn't even try to battle you, they simply keep declaring war but never show up. Honestly such a waste of time, I don't know how other users find this game fun. $9.99 is to much for this game.
  • Awesome game! 5/5

    By Deadnesses
    It crashes here and there and it would be cool if you could switch angles, but an awesome game nonetheless! Update: please make another one!!!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By SuperDonJuan
    No crashes so far, but UI is a little wonky when multiple units formed up.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By fkalknhhj
    2017 steel to much bugs
  • Wonderful graphics and game play 5/5

    By Kall.Symons
    I had not played Civilization Revolution for a half dozen years. I found the upgrade to CivRev II has Wonderful graphics and game play! It has little of the same strategy as CIV IV on the PC, but the help feature is easy to use.
  • Fun, but... 1/5

    By The Burn Dawg
    They've essentially given up on this game. No updates in years and it's not compatible with the new OS versions. Disappointed.
  • Please update this? 5/5

    By Nippulloppullous
    This game seriously needs some new updates for people.
  • Nice Recovery 5/5

    By Lord Peck
    When I first bought this app, it wouldn't load. After dealing with the frustration, I simply ignored it and the icon went away. Then suddenly, after a couple of months, the icon showed up again. Curious, I tapped it and , lo and behold, everything was now working as promised! For those accustomed to the subsequent iterations of the PC game, this is Civ 2. While there is much to relearn, such as stacking of units & gaining/losing cities due to culture levels, it was fun! I recommend it, if for no other reason that it isn't another of the mindless games that just require manual dexterity to play.
  • Taking the entire world by force is fun 5/5

    By xelite1234
    Just as good as the first.
  • More 5/5

    By shaessf
    Wish there were more of these
  • My tong 5/5

    By NachoBoii🌴
    Every since childhood

Civilization Revolution 2 app comments


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