Clarity Money - Budget Planner

Clarity Money - Budget Planner

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Clarity Money - Budget Planner App

Featured by Apple as one 2017’s “New Apps We Love” -- Clarity Money is your personal financial advocate. We use data science and machine learning to analyze your personal finances and help you make smarter decisions with your money. Seeing is believing! What else does Clarity Money do for you? Our free app will help you save money, plan your budget, track your spending and expenses, protect your credit score, and manage all of your accounts, in one place. - Stop unwanted accounts and subscriptions from charging you - Find credit card deals based on your spending habits - Cancel your bills - Manage your budget and expenses - Get started saving - Generate your credit score for free Find out why TechCrunch, Mashable, and Business Insider are talking about Clarity: “[Clarity] combines a number of the best features of existing money-management apps into a one-stop shop. The app lets you cancel subscriptions, and suggests how to manage credit (by offering a credit card to consolidate debt and provide the best card for a particular type of consumer) ... Finally, the Clarity Money app also lets users set up a savings account that will automatically withdraw money from a personal account.” - TechCrunch, 2017 “The iOS app is sort of a combination of Mint, which tracks your financial health, and Digit, which saves money in small increments. Clarity asks for your financial information, and from there tracks your spending and suggests ways to save. The app will … suggest subscriptions you could cancel and help you save money for specific goals.” - Mashable, 2017 “It uses data science and machine learning to … create a savings account, find lower interest rate credit cards and/or personal loans … and deliver actionable insights based on your spending patterns, credit score and credit cards.” - Business Insider, 2017 “It also trained me to review my transactions daily, a necessary evil in the age of digital spending. I haven’t pulled the trigger on cutting my subscriptions and switching my credit card just yet, but I am seriously considering both.” - Barron’s, 2017 This is what real Clarity Money customers say about the app: “A must-have budget and expense tracking app for people who want to be more conscious of their finances. The ability to cancel subscriptions that are wasting money is pretty amazing. Highly recommended.” “This app really helps with budgeting and monitoring spending, expenses and debt.” “Best way to manage your finances. This budget app allows you to stay on top of every transaction while offering keen insight into your spending habits, subscriptions, and debt.” “An excellent app to track finances and manage debt.” “I've become obsessed with money, budgeting, and saving. Clarity tells me how much money I've spent, what subscriptions I have, and makes saving and budgeting money easy.” Clarity Money is your financial champion and advocate, watching your back and looking for ways to save you money while keeping you on budget and in control of your finances. Download Clarity Money today! By using Clarity Money, you agree to our terms of use ( and privacy policy (


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Clarity Money - Budget Planner app reviews

  • Not very helpful 2/5

    By frustrated with ibank
    Unable to link any of my local banks. Unable to link my car loan. Unable to link Barclaycard. Not much help. I don’t use national banks for loans or personal banking because of their treatment of folks like Wells Fargo among others. So if I can’t link my local banks why bother? I thought it would be a great idea but ....
  • Savings options not working 3/5

    By Eoo5
    I used to use the savings options to pull money out of my account weekly and put it into the app as savings. Over the break my account got disconnected randomly, I quickly reconnected it, no problems. Later I stopped the weekly savings option and pulled the money out of the app. Since then I have tried on several occasions to restart saving money through the app and each time it tells me that there is an error. Please fix this cause otherwise I really love this app.
  • Great, but... 4/5

    By datobar89
    I absolutely love this app. I check it frequently in order to keep an eye on things. I can go overboard with my spending, so this helps put a stop to that. The features are great, but some things are lacking. For the pie chart, I recommend you add a feature that allows the user to create their own categories. Sometimes when I’m organizing my purchases and payments, I have no idea which category it fits into more. Letting us add our own categories would be SO much useful. I have two loans... being able to see that number dwindle down on the home screen would be encouraging and insightful. I can see what cash I have, what credit card debt I have, but I have to tap somewhere to see my loan amount. Why not just have all three there? Also! Another suggestion... separate one’s cash from the nest egg. There have been so many times when I’ve checked my bank’s app and been confused by the different number presented there than the one on clarity money. Maybe under Cash, Nest Egg could be a category along with the total underneath. Thanks for developing such a great and useful app!
  • Great app but could do with work 4/5

    By Jasbumper
    I actually love this app..great interface. 1 issue I have is that I’ve linked my acorns account but it says depositing into my investment account isn’t supported??
  • Fraud 1/5

    By ss09261
    This app scammed me and stole $250 from my debit card account. Stay away from this app. Fraud
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Saywhatyouwant305
    Love how everything is organized and I know exactly what I’m spending on!
  • Amazing app 4/5

    By yugile
    Very great app! I enjoy using it so far keeps tab on how much I spend on everything. I wish I could link my mutual funds or stock accounts (Robinhood, stash) so it accurately shows exactly how much I have in other assets. I’m sure one day they might incorporate other apps like that.
  • Very poor customer service 2/5

    By verdawnster
    Customer service take their time getting back to you. When I had an issue with my primary linked checking account, I was told it was on Clarity’s end and that they need to notify their data provider, but when I asked how long it might take to resolve and stated that the app wouldn’t be useful unless my main checking account could stay linked, they responded with what was basically a written shrug; to paraphrase, “dunno, go ahead and stop using the app”. Not the kind of response I want to get from people who are handling my financial information.
  • Was looking forward to this based on the reviews 1/5

    By Tsteven89
    But... it’s 8 months behind with my transactions which doesn’t help me.
  • The app works 5/5

    By Dadversity
    Lots of useful information. A great and better alternative to BillGuard/Prosper.
  • So so 3/5

    By freakinridiculousthisappsucks
    It’s not a bad app, I like how I can connect my acorns account and set budgets and all, but I can only use it in hindsight because it’s never even close to real time of what my bank account is which makes it almost pointless when trying to track my spending habits on it.
  • Really Nicely Done 5/5

    By Lojavvvv
    I’ve tried a few apps to help me with budgeting and finance but this one takes the cake. You don’t have to manage your information at all really, you just link any account you want and it uses the info provided by the bank, like transactions on your cards, to compile useful and concise info for your viewing pleasure. I’ve got my checking, credit, savings and investment account linked so it’s got my net worth all synced up in one spot, it’s the best. The only bummer is there is a MANDATORY ARBITRATION clause in their legal agreement which isn’t amazing. I was already hesitant to link my financial information up because people are little hackers these days you got to be careful who you trust. So the arbitration clause didn’t help, basically saying I forfeit my right to sue if anything does happen. That’s the worst case scenario of course but it happens. But their data encryption seems as good as it probably gets so I’m sure it’s as safe as any bank account. They have to fund it with some ads but they aren’t annoying at all. Highly recommended
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By Jdbwkcnekcnekxhsidbfjs
    Not up to date with current bank account and transactions. Doesn't update easily. Response rates take for ever and not friendly
  • More expense categories 4/5

    By thee chosen 1
    Like the app in the short time I’ve used it. I would like more categories for expenses or ability to add my own. Like eating out, gifts, work expenses etc
  • App 2/5

    By Agentangi
    I was SO excited to start on my financial voyage with this app, but it lags on updates so I have to check all of the accountnts I had linked through their apps. Leaving the inevitable question ... why use this? Should definitely fix this.
  • I think it’s worth it 5/5

    By jonathan Navrz
    Barely got it. So far so good I haven’t had a problem with it and it’s showing me good things about myself I didn’t know. Cool way to manage your money if you just waste money like me
  • Won’t Connect to Bank 2/5

    By TaySaidIt
    I want to try this out but the app won’t connect to my bank. I reached out to customer service & haven’t gotten a response. Hopefully this situation can be fixed soon.
  • The Goat 5/5

    By Mnkee
    This apps attention to detail is brilliant. I design apps for a living and must say the extra care and tiny nuances that clarity money is taking in their approach the finance has been refreshing to say the least. This is what we strive for when we say great usability. Keep improving and thank you for a great mobile experience!
  • I love it!!! 5/5

    By horophanatic
    I am on a journey to achieve my financial goals and this app has made it so much easier to keep myself on track and track my progress! Absolutely love it.
  • Don’t use this to save your money! 1/5

    By N Zack Jones
    Takes over 4-5 days to get your money out of “savings”!!! I don’t understand it’s my money why does it have to be processed or cleared? The point of having a savings is to be able to take from it when you need it immediately not having to wait days for it to be returned to its owner.
  • Good 4/5

    By ngaudin97
    Enjoy the app very much as it has a nice and easy to use interface. However, I would like the option to customize my paydays as I get paid on certain days of the month. Other than that, it’s a great app for tracking expenses and keeping an eye on all of your accounts.
  • I love the concept 3/5

    By CeceThaG
    I love the concept but it’s on a bit of a delay with everything. My payday shows the next day instead of on the day it makes it to my account. I set up my nest for Monday and it doesn’t come out of my account till Wednesday. Fix this and I would definitely use it more.
  • Couldn’t even get started 1/5

    By cspts
    The App looks like a great way to manage your finances and I was excited about getting started and seeing what it could do. However, I couldn’t even get started because it is not linking to either of my bank accounts (Premiere Bank or Associated Bank). Super disappointed. It keeps questioning if I have an account at these Banks and my log in credentials are invalid which they aren’t.
  • Good app, room for international Banks 4/5

    By aeroskybear
    Overall, good to use and simple, but perhaps adding other international Banks might help those in other countries interested in using the app. :))
  • Very confused 1/5

    By jSRAABI
    I don’t get what these good reviews are all about. I connected all my accounts, it said to check back so it could run the numbers and give me insight. Then it told me my largest expense was rent. No duh. And then it listed all the balances of my accounts. I don’t get how it’s useful.
  • Never worked. 1/5

    By Kendra Lea
    App never let me add my account info. Tried for a week every time had the error “problems connect to your financial institution. This problem usually fixes itself. Try again later.” So I’m finally just deleting app.
  • Awesome security feature 5/5

    By CADE
    My five star is due to one reason: if left inactive for months (I forgot about it) the app will log out of your bank accounts. Awesome security feature.
  • Privacy Concern 1/5

    By Citric Caffeine
    This app bypassed Apple’s Privacy setting by accessing my Photo library. It didn’t ask for permission or have an option to disable in Settings. I don’t trust this app!
  • Almost 5 stars 4/5

    By chief2603
    This is a great app and it has helped me to start to get my finances under control. The one thing that keeps me from giving this five stars is that the spending categories available are too limited. I want to provide more detail when tracking my account transactions and the list of options provided in Clarity is too short and not all that meaningful. That’s the only complaint I have about Clarity so far.
  • Could be great 4/5

    By AD0086
    But every single time I try to add an account the “Whoops!” error message comes up. Very frustrating.
  • The BEST Finance app 5/5

    By Pattydeeeee
    Very easy to use! With other finance apps I have a hard time linking my bank account (Commerce Bank) but this app did it with a breeze. No glitches or errors yet, so I’m very happy
  • Apparently I spend no money 1/5

    By Georgikins
    The app linked to my checking account successfully, but it apparently traveled to the past to do so. My most recent expenses were from September of 2015. So I asked the in-app service bot what the issue was, and it told me to give it a couple days to finish linking. I gave it a month, and it never updated my finances.

    By Black Grits
    Being a college student, trying to balance money can become troublesome but with an app like this it’s much simpler.
  • Lazy developers 1/5

    By SDR593
    Generic app update history gets 1 star.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Drr19
    Love the savings feature
  • Should tell us what you update. 2/5

    By TheNameIsWaffles
    I was told they’d support “Transaction Tagging” in order to mark certain ones to review later months ago but still nothing. I get that might not be easy, but prosper daily had it so it’s possible. Additionally, they keep updating the app with the same “check out the app to see how we got your back”. How about some details so we know what’s being updated.
  • Good idea but needs better implementation 3/5

    By brandonlee58
    First off I think this app has the best UI of the many popular financial management apps out there. However I also think this one has a more than average number of bugs hindering the holistic experience. My accounts that sync with Clarity are extremely delayed, some of my investment accounts can't even be added, and UI cards don't disappear when I dismiss them. I want to use this app as my primary financial app, however it's just too buggy for me currently.
  • Great, Could Use .. 4/5

    By SuHling
    Love the design and the features. Wish there was a budgeting feature to compare your spending goals & actual spent amount.
  • The best app I’ve ever known. 5/5

    By Jassssdavvvv
    I’ve had this app for an hour and it’s already changed my life and the way I look at my finances. 2018 will be beautiful thanks to this insane technology that breaks down your spending habits and shows you how to save money and manage your debt. I wanna kiss the genius who created this right on the mouth. This app is the future in plain sight. THANK YOU.
  • Know this before you start ... 2/5

    By Catherineshope
    Does not link with 2 of my investment accounts (neither listed), one of my credit card (Barclaycard), and it locked me out of one of my savings accounts completely even through the bank’s website. Renders the app pretty much unusable for me. I intentionally try to put my money with smaller and more niche institutions because I hate supporting bofa, citi and wells. So, I get that I’m not their target user. However, I wish I knew this info before I started linking. Great idea, good looking app, I just found it too soon, I guess.
  • Unable to create an account - Nothing from support. 1/5

    By PixelRogue
    12/29/17 Had a response to this review asking me to contact support at the same that was used in the past. ? 12/28/17 Several days/weeks and ways tried to create an account, each time being met with the message “Well, that was unexpected. We hate it when that happens, too. But we’re unable to process tour request right now. Give it some time and try again later.” Submitted request for support after initially encountering this message, and have yet to hear back.
  • Love This App! 5/5

    By Casenove
    Clarity is better than chime and any of the individual bank apps by far! I’ve been using it for over a year now and it’s been good to me so far. I would love to see the ability to rollover my change and automatically apply it towards my debt, if this app could do that it’d be unstoppable. I’ll keep using in hopes that a feature like that comes around in a future update.
  • Stay away from this scam app 1/5

    By clarkv1993
    I started using this app about 4 months ago. I set it up to take money and put it away every week. For the first 3 months it would tell me it couldn’t take the money out of my account. Then when it finally did it caused an overdraft so I had it reversed and they charged me $35. I also used the in app acorns account and they charged me another $35 over $9.30 to be returned that I didn’t even request a return on. They don’t have a good way to get in touch with them and figure things out. I am very displeased with this app. I thought it would be great at first but with the delays and ridiculous fees it’s not worth it. Cost me $70 in two days and overdrew my bank by $43 in the end. Stay away.
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By bokehftw
    Really helps manage your money. I feel a little bit at ease already having enough transparency on what im spending. Everyone should give this a try!
  • No automatic savings 3/5

    By MattyPoo2010
    Lots and lots of bells and whistles with this app, but it's missing one important Feature: automatic savings. Not take X dollars every Y days but real, walled-off partitioning of your bank account, forcing users with dismal track records of saving into actually saving—painlessly and effortless.
  • This works as advertised 5/5

    By Rountreebd
    I do not normally write reviews but this app works so great I think I’m going to cry. Just kidding but seriously this is a great product.
  • Most finances at a glance! 4/5

    By chickenERbeef
    Seeing where ALL (mostly) of your money is coming/going at a glance can sure help awareness of your spending habits. HOWEVER- You need to partner with Venmo as this form of currency is becoming the new “credit.” I have a large balance that I’m keeping there & it’s not recognized as a savings/earnings. ADD VENMO PLEASE!
  • Requires you to disable security on your bank 1/5

    By ibock
    Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. I’m not turning off 2-factor authentication permanently to let this app through. That’s really dumb. What a shame, I’ve been really looking for a budgeting app, too.
  • Brilliant App 5/5

    By I AM JORI
    This app is already changing my life!! It’s just what I need. I feel like I have my very own personal financial advisor!!
  • Love this app, great for letting me know how much I’m spending 5/5

    By Derek Harless
    I love this app because it lets me know how much I’m spending and where I’m spending it. It gives me a greater sense of how much I really need to save. Only problem I have is one of my accounts staying linked. My discover credit card account keeps delinking. I called their support and they said it’s nothing on their side that would be blocking it. I can initially link and see transactions. It appears to de-link right after I check my discover app. Other than that great app. I won’t even knock down a star for the issue, but would be great if could be resolved.

Clarity Money - Budget Planner app comments


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