Clarity Money - Budget Planner

Clarity Money - Budget Planner

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Clarity Money - Budget Planner App

Featured by Apple as one 2017’s “New Apps We Love” -- Clarity is your personal financial advocate. Clarity Money uses data science and machine learning to analyze your personal finances and help you make smarter decisions with your money. Seeing is believing! What else does Clarity Money do for you? Our free app will help you save money, plan your budget, track your spending and expenses, protect your credit score, lower your bills, and manage all of your accounts, in one place. Here’s what else Clarity can do for you: - Stop unwanted accounts and subscriptions from charging you - Find you better credit card deals based on your spending habits - Cancel and lower your bills - Manage your budget and expenses - Help you payoff debt - Create a savings account - Transfer money between your bank accounts - Generate your credit score for free Find out why TechCrunch, Mashable, and Business Insider are talking about Clarity: “[Clarity] combines a number of the best features of existing money-management apps into a one-stop-shop. The app lets you cancel subscriptions, and suggests how to manage credit (by offering a credit card to consolidate debt and provide the best card for a particular type of consumer). The company also identifies bills that are negotiable and provides a service that automatically renegotiates for a lower rate. Finally, the Clarity Money app also lets users set up a savings account that will automatically withdraw money from a personal account.” - TechCrunch, 2017 “The iOS app is sort of a combination of Mint, which tracks your financial health, and Digit, which saves money in small increments. Clarity asks for your financial information, and from there tracks your spending and suggests ways to save. The app will look out for deals to lower your bills, suggest subscriptions you could cancel and help you save money for specific goals.” - Mashable, 2017 “It uses data science and machine learning to negotiate bills, create a savings account, find lower interest rate credit cards and/or personal loans, transfer money between accounts, and deliver actionable insights based on your spending patterns, credit score and credit cards.” - Business Insider, 2017 “It also trained me to review my transactions daily, a necessary evil in the age of digital spending. I haven’t pulled the trigger on cutting my subscriptions and switching my credit card just yet, but I am seriously considering both.” - Barron’s, 2017 This is what real Clarity Customers say about the app: “A must-have budget and expense tracking app for people who want to be more conscious of their finances. The ability to cancel subscriptions that are wasting money is pretty amazing. Highly recommended.” “This app really helps with budgeting and monitoring spending, expenses and debt.” “Best way to manage your finances. This budget app allows you to stay on top of every transaction while offering keen insight into your spending habits, subscriptions, and debt.” “An excellent app to track finances and manage debt.” “I've become obsessed with money, budgeting, and saving. Clarity tells me how much money I've spent, what subscriptions I have, and makes saving and budgeting money easy.” Clarity Money is your financial champion and advocate, watching your back and looking for ways to save you money while keeping you on budget and in control of your finances. Download Clarity Money today!


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Clarity Money - Budget Planner app reviews

  • Needs more budget tools 4/5

    By Manbod
    Please add ways to deliberately allocate money for budgeting.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Farfar2013
    Love this app such a great design. Only thing is I wish you could customize the first page. Please developer read this: It would be cool if app categorize recurring event into one category and sum up how much you spend on a category. For example would be nice to see how much you spend on your insurance or dental work It would be nice if it was intelligent enough to put things in one category so you can access them in the first page.
  • Great way to save 5/5

    By kaileyfishie!!13
    If you want to build up a nest egg over a short or long period, I️ recommend this app.
  • Great app, best UI I've seen so far 5/5

    By Rem-tan
    I've tried a few of these apps, Mint being the most popular. But this app is by far the best in my honest opinion. As a fellow iOS developer, I can honestly appreciate this UI. It's simple, intuitive, and doesn't have me thinking for more than 5 seconds on what to do next. The flow is perfect and you'll be able to link your credit accounts in a matter of seconds and manage your credit portfolio. I have nothing but good feelings using this app.
  • Need an Apple Watch App 5/5

    By jayman4426
    I love this app but I would love to have an Apple Watch App. It would be handy to have.
  • Love this! 5/5

    By Nicolina0915
    This app is awesome!!! Hl pa save a lot of money!!!!
  • Unrealizable and outdated bank info 2/5

    By Swissboy
    I loved this app because it’s beautifully designed and helpful, but for a month now my data stopped being updated so my financial picture and data is incorrect. This made the app unhelpful and landed it in the trash.
  • Good, but... 3/5

    By CrazdKC
    I love this app. It’s sleek, convenient, and all around useful :) Only problem I’m having is getting my Chevron Texaco gas card linked :( Wish there was a way to link my phone account too :((
  • Doesn’t even link bank account 1/5

    By Matt32589
    Worthless if bank account doesn’t link my bank is on there but it says something went wrong every time I try to link all user info is entered correctly ball is in the app makers court ........
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Mattypi0225
    I love being able to see all my accounts in one place!
  • Can't even get started 1/5

    By historymanjoe
    Can't sign in. I've used the same banking information for 10 years. But to get to pair it to this app, I changed my password and pin. Still can't sign in. My banking information signs in on every other app. So it may be great, but I can't find out. I've tried troubleshooting. Tried everything in the menu. Of course, there's no one at clarity to actually help me, so in the off chance that someone reads this and responds I'll keep it installed on my phone for one month.
  • No support for my bank 1/5

    By Joenzell
    Been waiting since they launched for them to support my bank “Schools First FCU”. I reached out to support and they told me it was on the list and coming soon ...5 months later still can’t use the app! *Update - Contacted my bank which said they have an easy open API making it easy to integrate with all apps.
  • Not Quite 3/5

    By Alisabbas
    This app provides a really clean, polished interface that helps you view multiple accounts at one time. However the app lacks the ability to help you define your own budgets and help you stick to them. And while you can view multiple accounts, you cannot view upcoming payments for various bills. I mention this because both of these features are offered by mint. I will stick to this app regardless because I love the interface, but am hoping for the incorporation of these features in the future.
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By Emma032914
    It’s super easy to use! I love that I can connect all my accounts and have them in one location. The setup is so simple and wonderfully laid out. I would recommend this to anyone needing help with their budget!
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By abradyj
    Super elegant design backed up by easy to use tools and actionable advice. Love it!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    I am very happy with the app as it allows me to see the breakdown of what I spend by category. My only request would be to have an additional “Rent/Mortgage” category or to be able to create categories manually. This functionality is not available at the moment and the transactions appear in the “Other & ATM” category of you pay by check.
  • App didn’t work within moments of creating account 2/5

    By shsusnic
    I was excited to download the app and get started with my new budget. Right when i logged on i tried to link my account, it found my institution, sent me the code and “something went wrong. There was a problem processing your request”. Tried at least 5 times. I tried to contact their help support and it said they will get back to me in an hour, which in this day and age is eternity (specially because it’s 9:30 am, what business isn’t open at this time?) Taking my budgeting elsewhere since there are problems already within the first 2 mins. NEXT.
  • See where the 💲💲 goes... 5/5

    By chickenERbeef
    Clarity does what it says- visually displaying where your money comes/goes. The graphs, charts, suggestions for saving are crystal clear. Clarity does as much as you want to see it do for you. Great app. Hoping for more detailed spending categories.
  • You are asking too fast 1/5

    By Marinhero
    I just installed the app! How would I know ?
  • pleased 5/5

    By BobbyandJanie
    very happy with the change to Clarity..good job..
  • Not supported 1/5

    By Kkwoolsey
    That’s the answer for not having all of my accounts. Mint has them all. I had high hopes for what this app promised, but it isn’t as advertised.
  • Won’t connect my bank 2/5

    By Hostal Malure
    Won’t connect my chase account... my second time trying this app
  • Get the job done 4/5

    By iskandar
    I wish it would be easier to see changes over time
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By sjlauese
    First of all this app is completely F R E E! There are great tools and features on the Clarity app for example: Spending Wheel, Access to Credit Score, Cancellation of Reoccurring Charges, ways to save and spend wisely! I’ve had the app for a month now and use it everyday to check on my expenses and budget my income.
  • Great, but could be improved 4/5

    By App is awesome :)))
    I love this app for all of my saving and budgeting needs. This app is great for a broke college student who needs to keep their spending in check (Me). I would recommend this app to anyone! Improvements needed: faster synch time with the bank balance and money transfers. Many times they are days behind on those types of things.
  • Not effective 1/5

    By Nik715
    Had the app for one month.. the discover data would be obselete. Refreshed it a hundred times in vain. The app didn't add any value.. useless. Deleting it..
  • Extremely Helpfull 5/5

    By Broooo im dooe
    By creating this app I can now go mobile without worrying about missing a payment! Thank you so much
  • Almost there 4/5

    By Dansker299
    Clarity money is better than mint in many ways but falls short in two huge ways: 1) the most important issue they have to fix is to let you set a monthly budget per category like on mint. So you can see how close you are to hitting your budget on grocery, eating out, or entertainment at any point during the month and adjust based on your spending. 2) more categories for spending! BUT: In every other way it is best finance app on the App Store. It is easy to use and it is clear to understand, which is huge. The visuals and UI of the app are great. And it supplies very useful information. But the best thing it does is not push ads aggressively or hide them as advice. This is the greatest part of the app and I hope it never changes. Super close to being the greatest finance app and would recommend to everyone because I am sure it is going to get there soon.
  • Good but needs more banks support 4/5

    By Julie Nguyen
    I loved this app when I had a traditional big bank (Wells Fargo). But I’ve since switched to an online only bank (offers higher APY), the app does not support smaller banks so I can’t connect my bank acct for an accurate picture of my finances. Please add Aspiration Bank among others!!
  • Add missing banks 3/5

    By Niranjan Paripelli
    Add missing and financial institutions eg: Barclaycard
  • Can response 1/5

    By Great11178
    I read the reviews, doesn’t look like you really respond. No solution or reason for the issue. Just a canned response. I’m deleting app. 😏
  • Question 3/5

    By AKingman
    My wife and I have combined finances- is there a way to represent both of our income/accounts on one Clarity account?
  • Won’t let me reset password 2/5

    By Snowflakedallon
    I recently upgraded my phone, and I have forgotten my password for my account. They say they’ll contact me but they never do. It’s been a week and I just want access to my account. When I had access to the app, it was clear, easy to use, and helpful. It would be at least 4 stars if I could just get logged back in.
  • Really does help 5/5

    By Gbzhcbgh
    This app is amazing, let’s me know when I’m spending to much which is something I really needed!
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Taurus123
    The UI is unintuitive. Prosper daily was a much better application and it quickly showed me how my spending looks compared to last month. It had many more categories than this. It feels like this app is taking up a lot of space to show me less than relevant information. This is particularly true on the iPad which is just a blown up version of the iPhone app. Overall, not impressed.
  • Get to know your finances. 5/5

    By BillJaxon
    I had a much older friend suggest that I need to keep track of every single cent that I spend. I always came up with excuses and basically was just too lazy to track my expenses on that level. The fact of the matter is that you will never really know what’s going on with your finances until you break it down to the cent and see where everything is going. Clarity Money is changing my life because it gives me a much better understanding of my finances and where my money goes. I’ve been using it for a couple of pay periods now and I can already see how it is working to my benefit. It helped me save and start investing in just a matter of days and made personal finance so much less stressful.
  • That a nice app 5/5

    By marijojojojo
    So good to have this app
  • Great Financial Tool 5/5

    By ridaguerra70
    Keeps me more aware of spending. More motivated to save and budget. And best of all it does this in a user friendly app that does all the work. I love it and check in every day.
  • Almost there. 3/5

    By re_animated1
    I’m trying to come over from Mint, but there is only one thing stopping me. I have a certain credit card that Clarity does not support. After contacting support I was informed that this was a frequently requested card. It’s a bummer when you navigate this beautiful app only to find out that you can’t track everything. Whereas this is possibly a dealbreaker for me, I don’t want to take away from how awesome this app is. I still recommend it.
  • Ideal for busy ppl 5/5

    By Arian2damaxx
    Once you get the accounts linked. It's like magic!
  • Spending chart is broken 2/5

    By Orsespeed
    I used to check my monthly spending, but now the amounts are totally inaccurate. When a purchase that is posted is larger than the monthly total, it’s useless.
  • Very cool 5/5

    By jasonmasond
  • Categories 3/5

    By LittleArchie
    I came from BillGuard (Prosper Daily) and absolutely loved it. They recommended this app. Any idea when you will get more categories, or better yet, give the option of creating our own categories? I would then give this app 5 stars as then it will be more custom to my spending.
  • Doesn’t calculate all the things i need it to 4/5

    By The Asstronaught
    There’s a bug in the recurring expenses option, it doesn’t calculate all of my recurring spendings, please fix
  • I love it 5/5

    By Lovergirl57
    The first financial app that really works
  • Problems. 3/5

    By Ruthstewart99
    My app is having problems updating my bank information. The only way to correct it is to unlink and re-link my card. It’s annoying.
  • So easy! 5/5

    I've used another app (mint) and I believe clarity give you more details and keeps the same user friendly look. I live that I can see what I'm subscribed too as well. All around great app.
  • Garbage! 1/5

    By Solomon A
    I'm not getting reminders to pay credit cards like I did with the old prosper app that I originally paid for. The interface is bloated and stupid. All I want is lists of purchases for each of credit cards and the ability to flag a merchant or specific charge. That's all I want, and that's all I paid for. Bring back the old app! How is this app getting 4 stars? Who ever designed this junk should be beaten with a stick
  • #1 app 5/5

    By Karimk1
    The best app made for tracking your bank cards!!
  • Banks Won’t Connect 2/5

    By rsjustice
    Sounds like a great idea! Just cant use it because my banks keep erroring out when I try to connect them.

Clarity Money - Budget Planner app comments


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