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  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Apple
  • Compatibility: Android
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Clips App

Clips is a free app that lets you make fun videos to share with friends and family. With a few taps you can create and send a video message or tell a quick story with artistic filters, animated text, music, emoji, and fun stickers featuring characters from Star Wars, Disney, Pixar and more. Videos made easy • Clips lets you create videos in real time with simple controls — no timeline, tracks, or complicated editing tools • Record video, take photos, or add them from your library • Easily mute audio, adjust the length of your clips, and reorder them • Drag and pinch while recording to add smooth pan and zoom animations to your photos and videos • Add a music track from your library or choose from more than 60 built-in soundtracks that automatically adjust to the length of your video Live Titles • Create animated titles and captions using just your voice • Captions are generated automatically as you speak and match the timing of your voiceover • Easily change the style of your title, adjust text and punctuation, or add inline emoji Artistic effects and filters • Turn any photo or video into a moody painting, elegant pencil sketch, or comic book illustration* • Add warmth, impact, or drama to videos and photos with a selection of filters from the Camera app • Use effects and filters while recording or apply them to photos and videos from your library Fun stickers, emoji, and posters • Choose from dozens of animated stickers from Star Wars, Disney, and Pixar • Add emoji, animated speech bubbles, shapes, and customizable text labels to your photos and video clips • Use full-screen posters with animated backgrounds and customizable text to help tell your story Selfie Scenes on iPhone X • Make selfie videos on iPhone X that place you in animated, 360-degree scenes • Choose from a dozen unique scenes from stylized landscapes to abstract art and even the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars: The Last Jedi • Each scene is a 360-degree video that surrounds you on all sides as you move iPhone X Smart sharing • Clips suggests people to share with based on who is in your video and whom you share with most often • Tap a person in the share sheet to instantly send your video via Messages • Send directly to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other popular social media sites • Use iCloud to view and edit all your Clips videos on any of your iOS devices *iPhone 7 or later or 2017 iPad Pro required for some filters


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Clips app reviews

  • Perfect 5/5

    By Dr.Ahed Masri
    I’m totally addicted for the first time in my life to such non-gaming category of apps, for sure “Clips” needs to be updated dramatically to fill up users needs. I have no concerns about “Clips” with its first period cause Apple will make it stronger.
  • Fantastic but... 4/5

    By thepuma77
    Actually this is an amazing app you should download it and try it out. I know you can do better. Needs a landscape option. This is super important! Very critical feature. And perhaps more live title captions abilities. Something more like kinetic text. Then it would be a groundbreaking absolute must have app.
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By Best editer
    It's the best video app I can think of the filters and the stickers and all the clever updates it has if you want a movie maker or editor come to this app for more than just that for the people that says it's bad they are underestimating this great app it has enough storage for everything it's like a second camera roll but better I hope you like the app and give it five star once you get it you know I was right about it
  • It’s a STAR 5/5

    By SnackDoug
    In 1976, Apple Was Born. I love clips, my favorite
  • Confusing 1/5

    By Mmmhmmm90
    Also why square? Is it 2009?
  • A problem 2/5

    By Brain Bananaman
    I just made a clip and when I wanted to listen to it on my iPhone 7 which has stereo speakers, the sound only worked on the top one. (The one that works when you’re making a phone call)
  • Surprising and delightful 4/5

    By fleshdunce
    Flew under my radar for a while but now an essential app. Fastest way to make excellent videos that are fun and spontaneous. Highly recommended with 2.0 update.
  • .. 4/5

    By Brennashusband
    I wish it had the scenes for iPhone 7+
  • What the heck? 1/5

    By Teufelhunden75
    It has been trying to update for week. It’s stuck.
  • Crashing 3/5

    By Darrell B619
    Crashes constantly on Iphone X.
  • Great app 5/5

    By jor002
    Fun app, easy to use and share photos with friends.
  • So awesome! 5/5

    By duranderon
    Love this app! Just wish I had options beyond square
  • Square videos? 1/5

    It’s very big mistake with huge potential. If they will add full screen horizontal, it will be 6 stars.
  • Not working. 1/5

    By ChrisToper1987
    Camera won’t move around in scenes. It just records me and that’s all.
  • Please read 3/5

    By F£lix-01
    urgent. canceling app storage in iCloud generates an error. when entering the app and creating a project the iPhone is consuming data for no reason. in the upper part of the screen next to the carrier you can see the circle animation spending data and consuming battery. to fix it I have to restart the iPhone. serious problem and more battery consumption. I would like to edit the videos by cutting the top and bottom of the video. example: when recording the screen of my iPhone I would like to cut the video to eliminate the part of the image that I would not like to show how the time and carrier at the top of the video.
  • Fun app 4/5

    By Mike3292
    Let’s you make simple clips and isn’t too hard to get the hang of. Does have a bug where after selecting a live title, even though in the preview it shows it, when you send it to a friend it doesn’t show it on the video.
  • Can not add music 1/5

    By Da League
    I am looking for an app to add “my own music” to pictures for promotional use on Facebook, Instagram and so on. Being that my music is on Apple Music I figured Apple would allow it. Since it’s there own app. I was wrong.
  • Please read! 4/5

    By Sunglasses 🕶
    OK so this app is awesome,but would be five stars with some work. I like that it doesn't save the videos to my photo library, but I have some more ideas that would make it better.OK first I would like to be able to decide how long I hold one of the texts bubbles,or music so it wouldn't be going for the whole thing because it really annoys me also I'd love it if you could make the editing better please! Also I'd love it if you could make pictures that we choose pop up. Thanks
  • Still no widescreen option 2/5

    By Koko Brown
    Easy to use and great concept, but will not use until there is a widescreen option.
  • Scenes don’t work 1/5

    By ArthurOne
    Like some others here, I can’t get the “scenes” AR feature to work on my iPhone X. I can see my filtered selfie video superimposed over only a fragment of the animated background but it never moves at all, much less in synch with the foreground. AppleCare suggests backing up my phone then setting it up “as new,” —- which would require days of tinkering with folders, etc. No thanks. I’ll just delete Clios until they fix it.
  • Great, but needs transition effects 4/5

    By App Disliker
    Would be a lot more useful if it included transition animations.
  • Revert to version 1.1! PLEASE!!! 😟😟 1/5

    By Boricuas
    The new version mixes the languages! Bring back the previous version, please. I used version 1.1 with my Spanish classes on three projects. The students loved it! They were able to practice pronunciation and edit their sentences. I loved it too! Excellent teaching tool, until version 2.0. 😖 When some of the students updated to version 2.0, they could not record in Spanish anymore. The app was mixing the languages. 😤😤😥😥
  • Force closing after update 1/5

    By Bv0312
    Since the latest update, the app force closes each time. Using iPhone 6S, 11.1.1 software. Restarted phone and deleted, reinstalled. Same issue.
  • Needs full screen! 3/5

    By swalter
    The expectation was set to me, visually on the iPhone X webpage that the update to the clips app would allow for a full screen experience. As it turns out, it’s still a 1x1 recording aspect ratio. Please allow for a 16:9 recording experience. Especially with scenes. Give users the option to choose. Or, remove the restriction to record audio from the screen recording app while using clips. Thanks.

    By Qwerty@1598
    Honestly this app was amazing BEFORE this new update. This new update took out the “off switch” for voice recording. So now, for those who wants their photos ONLY with BACKGROUND MUSIC cannot disable voice recording. As a result, now you ended up with a photo with background music plus unwanted recorded sounds from your microphone because there is no off switch for voice recording.
  • Sound disappeared with last update.... very quiet or not there at all 3/5

    By NMooner
    Kind of behind the rest, good start though
  • Aspect Ratio & Camera 2/5

    By atatious
    We need to be able to make the aspect ratio of the clips full screen. Also, a lot of these features need to be added to face time and the camera app.
  • Fix for static image! 5/5

    By Citric Caffeine
    Update: Well, well, well... I figured out what was wrong with Clips on my iPhone X. Apparently, Clips need Compass Calibration turned on! I turned it off on iPhone X because I’m trying to save battery as much as possible. Anyhoot, it now works. Still, I wish this app had Animoji - here’s hoping for a future feature update! Previously: This app isn’t working properly on my iPhone X. All I get is a static image - where’s the 360 degree scenes? 🤬
  • Update Issues 1/5

    By @iamchrisbarlow
    This update basically broke Live Titles for me. They’ve become so unreliable as to be useless, and they were one of the killer features in Clips. 🤬
  • Thanks  4/5

    By aRiff.m
    Very nice and easy to access this application. Thanks to Apple
  • Great app! 4/5

    By A Fazel
    Great app. Becoming very useful and lots of fun with 2.0 update.
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 5/5

    By Will Mengers
    It’s great
  • can not update 1/5

    By itsokayz
    can not update . just stop .
  • Things can only get better 3/5

    By RyeForLife
    Its a good app, and a so far good update but the 360 selfie scenes on the iPhone X don’t work for me, it’s stick only showing me a small non 360 view of a corner.
  • iPhone 10 1/5

    By Johnny Linh
    App keeps closing on me
  • 360 scene is working now (updated) 5/5

    By Homm3
    Clips 2.0 360 scene is not working on my iPhone X. All I see is a fixed angle of the scene. For those guys who complained these days including myself. Please go to privacy/ system service and turn on compass calibration. 360 scene works after that.
  • Audio/visual transitions, optical stable, still missing 4/5

    By aroe831
    Excellent app. Absolutely choke slams iPhone 7’s battery, but no matter. Really needs audio transition between clips, currently sounds very abrupt. Sad! Strikes me as very odd that Apple’s own app doesn’t support Apple’s own optical image stabilization from their own camera. Therefore, Clips video images are very shaky. Couldn’t we simply instate this as an option to turn on and off? It would bump prod values way up. Give us widescreen recording please. Allow me to edit when and for how long a song plays. Was very happy to see the app overhauled and not completely forgotten about like the Mac mini was.
  • Amazing 😘😎 5/5

    By Asaintfort
    Amazing app from Apple. I paid $1300 for a phone. I’m counting on Apple to make cool apps. Other sellers want in-app purchases and stupid subscriptions. If Apple makes more apps, we don’t have to depend on those stupid sellers.
  • Scenes not working properly on iPhone X 2/5

    By TechGuyNJ72
    I just recently installed and tested out this app. For some reason, when I go to the Scenes and move the phone around, the background scenery does not move and I only see a small section of the background. I have already contacted Apple Support and they were unable to assist me. I have even reinstalled the app and did a hard reset, but the issue still remained. Does anyone else have an issue with the different scenes on an iPhone X?
  • Broken 1/5

    By CharlesTheIcon
    360 degree view for “Scenes” does not work on my iPhone X.
  • Great app BUT.......... 4/5

    By YooB92
    Look I love the app super easy to use and tons of creative aspects but I just with I could record full screen like what’s the point of having this iPhone X if I can’t utilize it in apples apps ?? Just saying.
  • 360 not working for me this version 3/5

    By Harrisonw
    360 is not working in selfie mode on my iPhone X... background is not rotating as phone is move around. Just holds one position. Other Vr apps work... can see self cut out of a part of the background... but only me... nothing else moves.
  • 360 Scenes don’t work on iPhone X 2/5

    By Alendrix
    I select the scenes and the front camera and all images are static. They don’t live when you turn and most seem to be pointing in some arbitrary direction.
  • Not working 1/5

    By usa23
    With this new update as of 11/09/17, the new “scenes” features are not working. Apple, please fix this. The scenes do not work, they are stagnant and don’t work.
  • AWSOME but.... 5/5

    By ricanflava216
    love the app after the update but keeps saying my phone is “hot” when im not even outside and im in a place where the A/C is on i think its a glitch
  • Phenomenal 5/5

    By TheSimpleDaniel
    As an iPhone X user, the new update with scenes selection is incredible! I’m in Tokyo from my living room.
  • Needs an update fast 1/5

    By StevieDiana
    Keeps kicking me out of app, fix it!
  • The selfie scenes don’t work for me on my iPhone X 1/5

    By Biohazz0rd
    The selfie scenes don’t work for me on my iPhone X
  • Amazing upgrade, one request 5/5

    By Not a wb
    This is many, many times better than its predecessor. As an app developer, I can appreciate the painstaking detail required for such a massive improvement. For those of us who own 360° camera is, the ability to import scenes would truly be magnificent.
  • Unusable for stories 2/5

    By Naquis Brabham
    I love the concept but hate that you’re limited to square videos... or am I missing something? I don’t use this app bc I can’t make portrait videos and that’s how I share most of my content. So great concept, but unusable for me.

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