Cloud Baby Monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor

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  • Current Version: 4.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Martin Man
  • Compatibility: Android
4,346 Ratings
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Cloud Baby Monitor App

High Quality Video + Audio Baby Monitor with Unlimited Range (Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, Bluetooth), Noise and Motion Alerts. Excellent choice for secure home and travel baby monitoring. Easy to use, works on any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or a Mac with no configuration. Cloud Baby Monitor is used by tens of thousands of satisfied customers every day. Recommended by CNET ( Featured in Good Morning America by ABC News ( Featured in USA Today ( Recommended by Computerworld ( Endorsed by Kim Komando ( as a video baby monitor for iPhone. Selected by App Advice as an essential app for baby monitoring ( Recommended by Mashable among the best “Parenting Apps for Baby's First Year” ( Selected by TUAW for the "Holiday Gift Guide: iPad apps for the home" ( Awarded 3rd place by on the "Top 25 Travel Apps for Parents” ( FEATURES • SECURE, RELIABLE, AND EASY TO USE • LIVE VIDEO ANYWHERE • SUPER SENSITIVE AUDIO • NOISE AND MOTION ALERTS • POPULAR WHITE NOISES AND LULLABIES INCLUDED • CREATE YOUR OWN PLAYLISTS • NIGHT LIGHT WITH REMOTE BRIGHTNESS CONTROL • TALK TO BABY WITH LIVE VIDEO AND AUDIO CHAT • APPLE WATCH APP • MULTI-PARENT AND MULTI-CHILD FEATURE • CONNECTION QUALITY INDICATOR • BATERY STATUS MONITORING AND ALERT • MULTITASKING SUPPORT AND AIRPLAY MIRRORING • MAC VERSION AVAILABLE Now with Cloud Baby Monitor you can keep an eye on your little one everywhere and at all times. Start using Cloud Baby Monitor app today and see why it is the best in class! SECURE , RELIABLE, AND EASY TO USE VIDEO BABY MONITOR Use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or a Mac as a child unit, place it in your baby's room and enjoy live full screen video and clear audio on your second device working as a parent unit. Both devices will be connected automatically, without any configuration. All communication is secure, protected by industry standard encryption to make sure that only you have the access to your baby video stream. LIVE VIDEO ANYWHERE With this unique feature you can watch a live full screen video of your baby with no distance limitation. Cloud Baby Monitor works on any Wi-Fi network, over 3G, LTE or via Bluetooth. SUPER SENSITIVE AUDIO Hear your baby breathing as if he or she was sleeping next to you. NOISE AND MOTION ALERTS Get notified about all child’s activities with noise and motion alerts. POPULAR WHITE NOISES AND LULLABIES INCLUDED Enjoy the set of the most popular lullabies and white noises for the babies included in the app. Remotely control volume, playback, and auto stop timer. CREATE YOUR OWN PLAYLISTS Create custom playlists with songs, white noises, or fairy tales from your iTunes library. NIGHT LIGHT WITH REMOTE BRIGHTNESS CONTROL Use remotely controlled night light to watch your baby sleeping through the night. Brightness control allows you to adjust light intensity to get a nice picture and not disturb the baby. TALK TO BABY WITH LIVE VIDEO AND AUDIO CHAT Easily soothe the baby with live video and audio streamed from the parent unit to the child unit. APPLE WATCH APP Get live video, motion and noise alerts on your wrist. MULTI-PARENT AND MULTI-CHILD FEATURE Use Multi-Child feature to monitor two children sleeping in different rooms. Use Multi-Parent feature to watch your baby from two different parent devices. MAC VERSION Works as a child or parent unit and is available on the Mac App Store as a separate purchase. REQUIREMENTS iOS version requires devices running iOS 7 or newer. Works on iPhone 4 or newer, iPod touch 5th generation or newer, and iPad 2 or newer. CUSTOMER SUPPORT Happy customers are our highest priority and your feedback is always welcome. We are reading all AppStore reviews very carefully. If you have any issue or suggestion, please contact us directly at Thank you for using Cloud Baby Monitor.


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Cloud Baby Monitor app reviews

  • Great tech support team 5/5

    By SCE14
    I love the app. I had a few difficulties staying connected but tech support was very helpful and responsive. They helped me figure out the issue right away. Great app instead of spending a ton on a video monitor.
  • This is all you need 5/5

    By Kaitsa
    You can even speak to your baby to sooth him/her - I love this app, I’ve been using it for years already
  • Best 5/5

    By Chhetri rabi
    It's better then any dam security cameras in the market. You will get instant and constant notification-motion or audio. Excellent apps with super brilliant concepts. Love it and I'll highly recommend it to anybody.
  • Good but loses connection a lot 3/5

    By Btdt mom
    Love the concept and it works 75% of the time but other times it can’t keep a connection with the parent device.
  • Worked great peace of mind 5/5

    By IJAMS Runner
    This is great for vacations trips visits with family out of town. Set up is easy and it worked flawlessly was actually surprised how sensitive it was
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By BrandonTrout
    There is nothing better out there and the creator just keeps adding great features. Fantastic in every way. Well worth the paltry sum he charges. Martin, I hope you're enjoying some seriously well deserved success from this app. We tell every new parent we know about it.
  • Want better night vision 3/5

    By shenao48
    Pretty good app, easy to set up and use. I was hoping for better ability to monitor in the dark. This uses the camera’s flash that is super bright and points at my child’s face when she’s sleeps.
  • Incredibly useful 5/5

    By ul
    Love the Apple TV app for checking on my baby. Great resolution, great device support (iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac, and even the Apple Watch). So much hard work went into making this simple to use and useful - I would happily pay $20 for this or more - $4 is a bargain. Even the status indicators for battery and WiFi strength are well thought out and useful. Please keep up the great work!
  • So helpful!!! 5/5

    By hduns
    Our daughter somehow lost the video unit of our normal baby monitor. I refuse to pay $200 to buy a new one when I know our old one is in the house somewhere. I tried this for $4 - works great!!!! Thank you! I also think this would be great for times that you need to use a baby monitor without plugging it in - when the kids are outside, or if you leave a kid sleeping in the car in your garage. I’ve recommended it to all of my friends.
  • Best free monitor app 5/5

    By yoadrian
    We use this religiously and we love it! It works flawlessly, we got this app to see if we could get by without an expensive dedicated video monitor and we have never considered “upgrading” even once!
  • No night vision! 1/5

    By Megan_MM
    This may have been apparent to others, and I see it now in the FAQ, but I just assumed that any camera designed to watch a baby would allow us to watch them during their most heavily slept period, nighttime, without having to have the screen lit up. It simply isn’t going to work for us. I also like the option of playing white noise from it, but it has to be set on the parent unit, as opposed to the child unit. When using to put my daughter down, I had to put her down, go find my phone, then go back to make sure it was at the right level, thus disturbing her nap.
  • Absolutely love this app 5/5

    By Auntie ZoZo
    When we were expecting I did a whole lot of research on how to save money. Using this app has been the most cost effective and efficient. Our daughter is now two and we still love it. The music feature really came in handy when our sound machine died. Overall it’s simple to use and does the job. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a baby monitor.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By sol248
    This app is just what we needed. It gets the job done, the picture and sound quality are great. Love the included white noise feature.

    By LaRen121
    My daughter is almost 2 and I have had this app the whole time. Never any problems with it at all, can always rely on it to work. My husband is deployed now and as long as he finds WiFi he can log in and view her in the app! How cool is that?? So happy with this find, and that it saved us so much money, instead of buying a fancy over priced monitor. BEST FEW BUCKS I EVER SPENT!
  • Review 4/5

    By Elisabrownbubu
    Would’ve given 5 stars if I could zoom or see in the dark. Otherwise this is wonderful.
  • App Doesn't Work Too Good on IPad 1st Generation 3/5

    By mehipo23
    I use the 1st Generation IPad as the Parent monitoring unit & keeps buffering even when I have good Internet connection.
  • Inexpensive yet effective 5/5

    By Sheatan
    Love this monitor! We use our iPad and iPhones to see baby when we are downstairs. Works great!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Omi Omi
    It does everything it claims!
  • C 2/5

    By Soulsista777
    Ff Gvyvhb. U
  • Great app but... 3/5

    By LAURIEyeah
    Super easy to set up, great picture. Just wish the motion detector was a little more sensitive. So many times I am watching my baby move and stir and there is no notification that there is motion.
  • Having trouble staying connected 1/5

    By iheartverde
    Wish this would work but it’s unreliable so far.
  • Works great! 1/5

    By natalimorris
    This app works beautifully but the signal will only be as strong as your home wifi. If you have latency it is likely your home network, not the app. This app works awesome in real time so I can see the baby at all times. Gives me great peace of mind and has actually allowed me to take a shower and do some laundry from time to time!! Can't be without it!e!?!(?/!/s!7?2a
  • Great app 5/5

    By Areuknow
    It's the best also works with Apple Watch... you can download the app to any iPhone and pair it easily
  • Baby Monitor 5/5

    By Princess Adalynn
    Best app I have. I now have a monitor system no matter where I go....or just music to soothe the baby. Highly recommend this.
  • LOVE! 5/5

    By Hdjwb nakxnskz
    We LOVE this app! Thank you for creating such a practical and economical option. And it’s in color! Thank goodness we don’t have to endure that creepy black and white paranormal-activity look every time my girlie takes a nap. Thank you!
  • The best solution! 5/5

    By Eternalspring22
    This is a must for any parent!! Works at home at friends wherever we have internet signal!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Sassy1202
    You have to keep setting up the connection over and over. The “unlimited range” doesn’t work if child unit is on WiFi. Very poor sound quality. And No night vision.
  • Most used app in our house 5/5

    By Xaviergrad
    This app is so inexpensive and so easy to use to monitor a baby (we have been using it for our 2 y old for 2 years) or anything else. I love that you already have your phone on you so there isn’t another receiver to have / charge like with a separate video monitor. And then me, my husband and Nanny are all logged into the same child receiver so we can all see the baby from our own phones. I can even see him napping while I am at work! Couldn’t recommend this more. Easy to set up and use n
  • Home and Away The Best 5/5

    By TheITSystem
    We recently had to escape the Santa Rosa fires and get our son with preemie lungs outta here fast. So we drove to his grandmothers house in So Cal. Low and behold we didn’t grab our baby monitor (our iPad with Cloud Baby Monitor on it). All we had to do was hang my cell phone in the pack and play and then turn on the app on my Partner’s Phone. Voila! Since we already had it setup on both.
  • Fabulous 5/5

    By amcvitty
    Just downloaded and tested it out and it has a ton of great features and seems to work well. Very happy
  • Doesn't work over wifi 1/5

    By CodoRoso
    This has never worked for us over wifi (which is the whole reason we got it) and we tried to contact the developers about the issue and it's been months and they haven't responded.
  • Love it . Best if you are 2 kids 5/5

    By Akon4891
    I always keep my baby on monitor and have my parents at home. I and my parents can watch baby on our phones While any of us can take other kid to park or entertain. It's nice that all of us can keep an eye on baby doing our own things
  • Excelent 5/5

    By Renatella
    Work great for me some tomes lost service
  • Great App to use !! 5/5

    By miisskiitty28
    Super Easy and peace of mind I can always hear and see babygirl clearly from anywhere in the house ... never had to buy an expensive monitor
  • 4 years and two kids 5/5

    By Bibbles Broome
    We’ve been using this app for 4 years with the birth of our first child and continued using it with our second. For under $5 I’ve had what people spent $100s on. We had old iPod touches and old iPhones that were junked and they came in handy to use as the base monitor. I highly recommend this app. And I never write reviews. It’s earned it.
  • Amazing app from an amazing developer 5/5

    By zerogeek
    Been using this app ever since our daughter was born 2.5 years ago. If you have an extra iOS device laying around it’s well worth the very low price for it. Awesome features and the developer knows what users would want, and delivers on them year after year. As an iOS developer myself I’m always blown away at the level of quality, features, and feedback from the developer of this app.
  • Developer Very Responsive 5/5

    By Mountainbiker25
    Update: App is even better than before and seems to get better with each update. The new live alaerts with images are fantastic especially for apple watch users . Probably the best valued app I've purchased for my iphone. I just used this up at my cabin where we don't have any wi-fi and it worked great on bluetooth alone. I also purchase the yearly unlimited distance add on but it isn't needed for it to be a great app. The developer was not only kind enough to answer me back but has already fixed both items I had questions on with the app. I wish all developers were like him. Hope he keeps up the good work. Thanks for a great way to watch my little munchkin while saving a decent chunk of change.
  • A great app for monitoring little ones 4/5

    By seer14
    This application works great and allows me and my spouse he ability to monitor our little one when we are at home. Use an old iPhone as the child unit and keep the parent on my phone. We use the “unlimited range” feature to watch our pets while on vacation. Child unit using WiFi and us checking in using our data plan.
  • Great 5/5

    By Indie0303
    This app has been worth every penny!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By DP
    We use this daily and it works great. Highly recommended!
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By B e n 8 9 0
    Best we have tried. No issues.
  • Amazing! Only one feature request! Incredible app. 5/5

    By Rayg05
    This app is incredible. It's so convenient. The way it reconnects and sets the volume back to where it was after you watch a video or something else in another app is my favorite feature. It's a very polished app. Highly recommended. Only feature I request is a way to remotely turn the child unit off so that it can go ahead and stop everything and auto lock again instead of having to go directly to the child unit to stop it. I tend to forget to do that sometimes.
  • Simply love it! 5/5

    By Barbiii3
    Worth the very low price compared to the expensive baby monitors! It simple n does what it supposed too!
  • Phone overheated 1/5

    By KasieSpring
    I’m not sure if there has been an update since I used this app last. When I was using it, there was no sleep/screen dimming feature for the screen on the camera end of this system/app and my phone overheated and exploded. Don’t recommend using this if that issue hasn’t been remedied.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Thumperkid
    My son has asthma so this helps me monitor him. Sometimes I loose connection but i think its my provider. I tell everyone about this app!
  • Highly Recommend!!! 5/5

    By jmplum9584
    I tried multiple other free video monitors and even considered purchasing home security hardware before I found this application. I have twins and needed something reliable, something that supported multiple inputs (child units), and something I could check while I'm at work (I miss them during the day :) ). This has it all, I've had zero issues with this product and the twins are already a year old! I am extremely satisfied and strongly urge everyone looking for remote video applications to forget everything else except this one. Works flawlessly with my iOS, Apple watchOS, Apple TVOS. All integrated and perfect. My wife has the application and loves it too!
  • Best video monitor app++ out there 5/5

    By ThatGuy32
    My wife and I have turned all our old iPhones and iPads into portable baby monitors! Video clarity is great and the app has a bunch of very functional benefits. Great thing is we can take our monitors wherever we go and view the child unit wherever we go. If you travel, this is a must have. I can also turn the child monitor into the parent and vice versa. Don't be tethered to old technology. Highly recommend over spending $100's of dollars on monitors and video equipment. Get the value out of your iPhones and iPads you have already purchased.
  • Good app 4/5

    By hmhAusTinTx
    Overall great app and functions. I would improve a few things. - the unlimited range seems to be inconsistent, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. - connecting to the child unit from the parent unit, even while on wifi, seems to be inconsistent. I connected to the child unit just one hour ago, and now, I cannot connect to the child unit at all. I have done nothing different and I'm still connected to the highest speed available, google fiber. - I was unable to download my sons playlist from my iTunes playlist; this feature is not very intuitive. - It would be nice to add a feature that allows for you to video with your child, so he can see you when needed. Overall great app (especially when it actually connects to the child unit). Decent quality for the price. Thanks Martin! :)
  • Great 5/5

    By sharahtay
    Easy to use. Nice features. Great app.
  • Extremely Satisfied! Best baby monitor! 5/5

    By helioyanagita
    We had our first baby few months back and, as new parents, we were looking at how to properly monitor our baby during sleeps/naps. With a good dozen of apps available, we were lucky enough to come across this app. It is reliable, fast and packed with features at just a few bucks. We love the motion and audio alerts, it is super sensitive (it is actually configurable)! The find the two way audio and the ability to change lighting or play songs remotely particularly useful! The ability to link it up with iCloud and watch remotely is amazingly well built for a seamlessly experience. All in all, we highly recommend it. If we could suggest anything, we would ask for 2 enhancements, but they would be great add-one but does not knock off any stars from this review whatsoever! - ability to setup the baby unit to record a video clip of the event that trigger the alert, with either a pre-determined length or for the duration of the event - ability to switch the camera (front and back) remotely.

Cloud Baby Monitor app comments


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