Clue Period Tracker

Clue Period Tracker

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Clue Period Tracker App

**Rated the top free period and ovulation tracker app by the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, a publication of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).** Clue is a period tracker and ovulation app that uses science to help you discover the unique patterns in your menstrual cycle. Use Clue to remind you about your period, PMS, ovulation and fertility. Millions of women use and trust Clue for accurate and personalized information. It’s quick and easy to track your period, PMS and general health with Clue. With Clue you can: + Track your period, flow heaviness and menstrual products you used + Accurate predictions for when your next period is coming. + Get calendar reminders before your next period, PMS and ovulation. + Track sex, pain, moods, cervical fluid, and more. + Log your birth control, or plan for pregnancy. + Handy record of your period dates and symptoms + Have all your data on hand for doctor’s appointments + Import and sync data from other tracking apps like Apple Health + Track your basal temperature for even more accurate ovulation and fertility predictions - perfect for if you are trying to conceive + Get to know your body and identify unique health patterns and trends Clue also includes: + The guarantee of no flowers, butterflies, euphemisms or pink - ever. + In-depth information about the menstrual cycle, complete with medical and scientific references. + Dozens of ways to track your health, including period, PMS, birth control, ovulation, cramps, emotions, skin, hair, sleep, exercise, and more. + Gender neutral period planner and health information -- for everyone who has a menstrual cycle + Analysis of your current and past menstrual cycles, along with an overall average, to easily observe trends. + The fastest data entry of any period tracker. + An algorithm that learns from the data YOU input. The more you use it, the smarter it gets. + Enhanced iOS features, including reproductive health integration with the Health app, Touch ID and Today Extensions. + Period calendar view to easily view past period, pms and fertility data, and upcoming predictions for your next three cycles. + Suitable for all ages from teenagers upwards. Please note: Clue – Period Tracker is not a contraceptive. **We want to hear from you** We love hearing from Clue users. Send your feedback, questions and suggestions to **Get clued in -- Follow us online for the latest app and health news** Sign up for our newsletter: Our blog: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram - @clueapp Pinterest - @clue_app Here are our Terms of Service - And our Privacy Policy -


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Clue Period Tracker app reviews

  • Good 5/5

    By Ash girly
    I like clue. 98% of the time it’s correct. You can go into detail about your period like your mood, how heavy it is, sex drive, amount of sleep, etc. but I wish there was a 5th option in the pain section for lower back aches because they’re also common for many women.
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By Unicorn Lover 🦄🤘🏻
    I just downloaded the app today and I love it already! (12/11/17)
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 5/5

    By youlovekelsey
  • clue period tracker 5/5

    By heatofthemoment
    i am in love with this app ! i’ve been using it since 2016 and it’s incredibly accurate ! it helps so much with knowing when my period is about to start and also helps me keep track of previous periods and moods. i always recommend clue to my friends and recommend it to all women out there ! periods can be a rough time of the month , but clue definitely makes it a bit easier !
  • Exponentially better than others 5/5

    By LiviaAdams
    I love this app: It's clean design; It's very user friendly; and it only predicts cycles for the near future. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a new one.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Shyema
    I love this app. Been using for almost 4 years now. It’s easy to use and not complicated. The reason I gave it a 4/5 is because it’s no longer showing my fertile window
  • Best period tracker app! 5/5

    By candino76
    I have been using this app for over 1.5 years. The consistency of the app is 100%. All updates have only improved things. Keep up the great work!!
  • GREAT APP!!☺️ 5/5

    By _ .teeteeyasss. _😍
    i think this app is so useful and it has so many different options and you don’t have to pay to get “a better app” this app is totally free and literally i love this app when i tried this app “life” it didn’t work you had to pay to get different backgrounds it was so stupid but this app is just the whole package deal for all the ladies out there get this app!!😊
  • Helpful 5/5

    By b l u r r y
    It takes a few periods for it to start getting more accurate and after that it starts predicting more accurately. I've entered three periods so far and this time it was only two days off (as in, my period was predicted to start in two days but it started today). But that's okay because I've only entered 2 periods before. I'm assuming it'll get precise after a few more logs. I 100% recommend it!!!
  • Confusing 1/5

    By Lyndsey Willis
    I started using this app in September of 2017. I "tracked" it for about 3 months. It has not been working right. I go on it like 3 or 4 times a month and it always says that my cycle starts the next day. always. I don't get it and it's not very accurate. :/
  • Awesome♥️♥️ 5/5

    By Jewel150
    I've only used this app so far because a friend recommended me and its amazing !! It helps a lot with tracking your period and has saved me from many "surprises"
  • I can’t live without this app. 5/5

    By Jay Z 4me
    I have a phobia of breast cancer or finding lumps or anything like that. So every time I would get sore nipples in my mind I always went straight to the negative. With this app I know when my periods coming I can count the days of pre-menstrual symptoms and I can literally know exactly why I’m having tender breast and then I can just go on about my business because everything is logged and everything right at my fingertips and it eases my mind. It’s so weird that ever since I got this app six months ago I’ve been totally regular like... to the day. And I can plan outings and trips based on the calendar and what I might need to bring with me etc.
  • Extremely useful App 5/5

    By megumisroom
    I have been using this app for over a year, and it was the best app for tracking my period. Never experienced any type of bugs or glitches, yet. Easy to navigate, and super simple to enter my information such as flow volume, PMS, and emotions (lots of more). I love the design as well. Dear developers, thank you so much for creating this great app! I have extra heavy flow on my 1st and 2nd day like I cannot go out or plan my trip. It just too much so I have to wear diaper-type pad (sold in Japan) at night. But this app reminds me and send me a push notifications so I can prepare. I have less accidents than before I used this app.
  • Amazing app!! 5/5

    By Zeeeeeeeeeeeeww
    This app is wonderful! Not only does it let you keep track of your period, but it has a variety of so many other things to keep track of! It’s easy to use and in my opinion the best period app out of all the ones Ive tried! (For the emotions part, you guys should consider a larger variety of options to choose from since we can feel so many different things!)
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By iPhonelover116
    I love this App very accurate. Many options to add from feelings to cravings!! I would definitely recommend to a friend!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Saggyno11111
    My friends and I have been using this app for over a year and a half now. We all love it! It’s super accurate and easy to keep up with. It’s also really customizable so you can use it to track whatever YOU want to, such as when in your cycle you have pms, you exercise, you party, or have sex.
  • Recommend 100% 5/5

    By DreTattooNola
    For a woman who has severely irregular periods ever since starting at age 10, this app is a life saver. It's helped me recognize habits in my everyday life that worsen symptoms, track mood swings, pay attention to my ovulation so I don't have that monthly worry, and so much more! Download it. You'll love it.
  • Love it, buuuuut 4/5

    By AshTheGirl
    Love this app, but I wish there were a few other things I could track like the amount of water I’ve had and my weight.
  • Almost five stars 4/5

    By Angel of darkness 🚫🚫
    When you start the app and answer the questions it throws you a month back and thinking that it's the current month i start entering the data then realize that it's set itself a month back and now I'm stuck with day 2 being day one all over again.
  • Love It!! 5/5

    By musiqua
    greatest period tracking app.
  • Amazing and helpful!! 5/5

    By Alex Schuyler
    It is VERY accurate it's insane! Great app for everyone!
  • Good but 4/5

    By Skittles4367
    Please add Nexplanon to birth control options
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By Lovenutzzzz
    On point!
  • Worst customer service reps 1/5

    By Peachrex
    God forbid you contact them. Mostly they don’t respond and when they do they shrug off your suggestions. Looking at you, Sabrina. This app is a waste of time, they have 1,000 ways to track your motivation separate from energy separate from whether you felt distracted but then the rep tells me that adding a simple lunar calendar so you know when the full moon hits with the start of a period- she says that’s not science? Well keep the science on all the minute boring features you have you rude dismissive people.
  • Works Like a Dream (mostly) 4/5

    By weewuns
    App works mostly perfect, though I've noticed that sometimes my reminder to fill in the day's information doesn't go off, meaning I have to fill in for all the days missed whenever I remember myself. Otherwise, the app is incredible and a definite life saver.
  • Super amazing 5/5

    By 136741
    It gets it right every month and isn't one of those apps that make you pay just to see when your period will be. Super useful and I really suggest it for younger girls who don't know there schedule😊
  • I like it so far 5/5

    By Fallon2017
    I am recently off hormonal birth control. I’m trying to do the sympto thermal method. This is very helpful and I love the layout as opposed to 2 others I’ve tried. My only complaint is I wish they had the “safe days”. Letting you know with accuracy when you are infertile. Hoping to figure that out well enough on my own
  • Best tracker out there 5/5

    By Singfreak101
    It’s pretty accurate and if your late it will let you know it’s easy to use and very informative love this
  • Why! 2/5

    By Rmadyah
    I use this app for the last 5 yers it was the best but - I don't like the new widget - it’s not accurate like before
  • Notifications don't work 1/5

    By therealkendricklamar
    Used to work great, now the app doesn’t remind me to take my pill and i take it late all the time. Thinking of deleting this app and trying a different period tracker app.
  • Love it 5/5

    By 🍬🍩candy
    omg I love this app more than anything tbh, its super friendly and super easy to use. the notifications are only the ones you need and its like 95.9 % accurate! I would definitely recommend this app 💚
  • Inaccurate 2/5

    By lulu008
    Keeps giving me incorrect predictions (shorter cycle, wrong start date of PMS/PMDD which is EXTREMELY important for me) despite entering detailed information for 3 or more cycles and specific initial data before I started tracking. Not impressed.
  • amazing 5/5

    By Adds204
    ok so I’ve been using this for a while, and I delete it once and got it again but only because I wanted to start over again. I wanted to put in new data because the way I was doing it bedore just wasn’t working. I’m still very young and my period is still figuring itself out. When I got the app the second time ONLY TO RESTART NOT FOR ANY PROBLEMS, I put in my data and it said I was gonna get it Dec 1. And then overnight on dec 1, I GOT MY PERIOD IIKE THIS APP IS SO FREAKIN AMAZING !!!
  • I love this app! One thing you could add? 4/5

    By Lana4567890
    This app is amazing and so easy to use! The only thing that i would like to see is a timer or a reminder to change your pad or tampon! Just a simple suggestion, i know i would use it!!
  • THE app that everyone with a period should get. 5/5

    By Pewdiepie #1 Bro
    doesn't shove flowers in your face, it does its job. it tracks your period. it also provides information on periods/vaginas that everyone should know. (f-m and non-binary friendly.)
  • Great but always room for improvement 5/5

    By Atiredmom16
    This app is truly amazing. You can tell a lot of hard work went into it. However, it could use the addition of tracking breastfeeding/weaning because that affects the cycle. Also they have already included a way to tack pregnancy tests but it seems to be a small glitch that doesn't take a positive one into account. So it thinks you have a super long cycle. Update: the makers of the app actually read the reviews you write and took the time to email me a response to this one! 😃
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Carras0895
    This period tracker is amazing because it tells you when you period ends and starts and you can put you pain and lots more!!
  • Notifications not working anymore. 3/5

    By vogt_v
    I used to get these just fine. Since I have them enabled, I assume they will work. Well, I felt like I might have started just a moment ago, haven’t had time to check. I looked at the app and it does say today is my predicted start date. Well, that would’ve been nice to know before I rushed out of the house with nothing to help me with it. I checked my app settings and the phone settings, all notifications for the app are enabled.
  • Best Tracker Out There!!! 5/5

    By Trilouist
    I’ve used Clue for years and it’s always been super helpful with reminding (accurately) about an upcoming period! Seriously, if you don’t want to caught by surprise this App will really help! Not mention it aggregates all of this data for studies and such (with your permission, of course). I thought I’d leave this review before uninstalling this App because I have an IUD that has halted my periods entirely. Thanks for help over the years, Team Clue! You’ve been a lifesaver!
  • I love it!!!! 5/5

    By Avsterb
    Omg I love clue! It is such a helpful app to use to track I suggest it to everyone!!!! I LOVE CLUE! To be honest I originally found it from watching wengie on YouTube but I’ve been using it ever since
  • Yesssss 5/5

    By Beanrbop
    I love this app so much it’s so easy It so accurate and super helpful if your new or old with your period it’s so helpful
  • Super helpful 5/5

    By carapoli
    It's a really helpful app for me
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By 4kayla95
    I like this app a lot. I've been using it for a couple years. I like that I can track my digestion, stool, and skin too.
  • I love it 5/5

    By Sophi :)
    The best ...
  • Get app 5/5

    By Kelsey Dodd
    Easy to use.
  • Baddd 2/5

    By Sara9992326
    The first times it was good but then it just stopped working the circle didn’t move anymore
  • Love 5/5

    By Oliveleclerc
    I used this app when I first got my period for about 2 years but then my period just got so irregular that I gave up. Then about a year ago I started using it again. It’s so user friendly and I don’t have enough good things to say about it. I got all my friends to start using it as well since they have a “cycle sharing” option. Now we can see when each other takes our birth control and when we’re about to start our period! So so so handy!
  • love it keep reading 5/5

    By BREbre😘😍😜😝😘😍😜😝😘😍😜😝
    I love it, it is so easy to use a lot better than others. The only thing I have a question on is why do you have to be 12 and older to use it I just don't understand not everyone is 12 or later when they get there period. That's all🙂🙂🙂
  • Please bring back PMS indicator! 4/5

    By Jpp6677425996
    I love Clue and have been using it for more than a year now. I was using 2 period tracking apps for a long time, because the other one showed on the calendar when to expect PMS symptoms. Even though I liked Clue better, I kept the other app around just for the PMS stuff. Once Clue started showing the PMS clouds, I finally deleted the other app and began using Clue exclusively. But now I see that the PMS clouds are gone and I’m mad that I deleted that other app and its data. Please bring back the PMS indicator in Clue!!
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By Reluctant No More
    Love this app. As an older user, would love the ability to have a real (vs custom) tag for hot flashes. Surprised this great app doesn’t already have it, nor use that rich data.

Clue Period Tracker app comments


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