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CNET: Best Tech News & Reviews App

CNET, the #1 source for tech news and reviews, puts the biggest stories of the day and expert advice on the products you need to own, right in the palm of your hand. Everything in the new CNET app (designed for both iPhone and iPad) is focused on the areas that you -- as a tech fan -- care the most about: staying up-to-date with the news and making informed product purchases. STAY UP-TO-DATE WITH TECH NEWS: - FEATURED STORIES: Don’t have much time but need to stay in the know? CNET combines editorial picks with popular and trending news to feature the most important stories in the tech world. - LATEST STORIES: Never miss a beat with our broad coverage. Nearly 100 new items published daily! Topics include: - Technology industry and companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, and more) - Key technology categories such as mobile, computers, internet, and security - Related topics such as culture, science, and entertainment (yes, CNET does talk about Star Trek occasionally) - STUNNING GALLERIES: Easily view CNET’s beautiful photography within galleries on a single page. - BREAKING NEWS ALERTS: Get timely notifications on CNET’s exclusive scoops and in-depth features. MAKE INFORMED PRODUCT PURCHASE DECISIONS: - HUGE PRODUCT BREADTH: Whatever type of product you’re interested in (phones, headphones, smart home devices, and more), CNET helps you find the best, at the best price. The independent reviews team spends countless hours putting everything through the ringer so you don’t have to! If it has an “on” button, odds are CNET reviews it. - FIND THE BEST: Want the best wireless headphones, but don’t have time to wade through every single product review? That’s understandable -- CNET has written literally thousands of them. With that in mind, CNET’s made recommendations for the best of the best just a quick tap away. - SEARCH ANY PRODUCT: If the best lists don’t have it, CNET’s search definitely does. It’s anchored by the largest tech product review catalog in the world. If that’s not enough, how about lightning-fast autosuggestions powered by natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Fancy tech words FTW! OMGLOLBBQ! - IMMERSIVE VIDEO: Quickly learn about a product with CNET’s premium video reviews, which accompany nearly all of CNET’s reviews (in case you forgot by now, there are *thousands* of these). - IN-DEPTH REVIEWS: Need to know more than the highlights? No problem. CNET’s high-quality reviews are done with hours of research and testing, and our reviews provide you with all that data and analysis, along with clear recommendations with our signature “Good, Bad, and Bottom Line” and rating summary. CNET saves you time and money by helping you find the right product quickly. - FAST-TRACK PURCHASE: You’ve read the review, compared it against a few others, and you’re ready to buy - nice. You’re a tap away from buying it, and at the best price. Download CNET today to keep up with the #1 source for news you care about! _______________ CNET is a collection of self-described tech-savvy and tech-obsessed people, not dissimilar to yourself. Alongside the world’s largest volume of high-quality unbiased product reviews, CNET is the go-to source for news and recommendations about the latest tech and consumer electronics. Website: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Linkedin: Comments, Questions, or Feedback:


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  • Losing even more features 1/5

    By Dante0132
    The design is pretty nice but losing the clock and info at the top is unacceptable
  • Decent app, update got rid of great features. 5/5

    By 🌀⚡
    The recent update made it look nicer, but it got rid of my bookmarked articles, the ability to bookmark new ones, and I can no longer search for articles. I would have given less stars, but the previous version kept it at 3x. UPDATE: They fixed this with that last patch, and responded to me about this... 4 stars for the app, and one extra for them taking the time to contact me.
  • App is good to go 4/5

    By Moto27
    The app kept crashing on startup but, is seems to be fixed now. Thanks.
  • Trash 1/5

    By MattyIce0228
    Used to be easy to navigate and find what you're actually looking for. Now, you're forced into their news articles, searching for products or browsing their deals. This current version is absolutely terrible and much better on Android.
  • Missing time? 4/5

    By RandomUser01010110
    Anyone else notice the missing time that’s usually at the top of the app???
  • No shows!! 1/5

    By Krinko
    Still no change!! This app is crap!! No fast forward, no skip, no choosing what you want to watch without scrolling endlessly!! UGH!! CNET get better people choosing how to deliver your content, and no we don’t want this!!! Where are my shows??!! New update and everything is gone!! Please bring back the shows!!! Another perfect example of what happens when a company decides what’s best for the audience!! This deserves a rotten apple!! Crap update going somewhere else for my content! May check periodically!
  • Misleading rating 5/5

    By Blacklion9279
    Newly redesigned app is fab. Normally I don’t write reviews but I thought current rating doesn’t do justice.
  • Not Very Good 4/5

    By sq_grooves
    The new update does not work on my iPad mini 2. The text is compressed so as to make the articles unreadable. Update: Now works fine on my iPad. Changing review from 1 star to 4 stars.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Jack Kubiak
    The latest update is terrible.
  • Updates aren't a priority but steady 2/5

    By DB799703
    The loss of being able to bookmark articles and having their own saved tab is a complete failure. Not to mention bookmarks I had saved and now lost due to update. Latest news feeds won't update. The newest story is ten hours old. I highly doubt that to be arcuate. 11/1/17 The latest update finally brought back bookmarks! The UI is still... Well not user friendly. Not sure who had this vision but it just seems juvenile. However, they did listen and fixed some issues. Four star rating and maybe a five if the UI becomes more fluid and friendly. Still won't update news feeds. The latest news is 10 hours old
  • Can’t find anything!? 1/5

    By Tigger0088
    How do I go to Apple Bytes or any other weekly review/ commentary video? That’s the main reason I go to CNET. I can only go to news, products or deals. Once again another company changing from a place for review, commentary, and editorial opinion to a commercial salesman to push products. This is Asinine. However designed this for you should be shot or at least slapped COME ON MAN!!!!
  • Looks nice but my favorite function is gone 1/5

    By lrowell02
    I must say I like the design but the change has removed one of my favorite options. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t find where to bookmark articles anymore. It could be I’m just missing it but I can’t find it anywhere. Update: I received a response saying my bookmarks had been returned. So I downloaded the app again and there is no way to sign in, that I can find, and no bookmarks in the bookmarks area. So the app is still no good to me at the moment. I’m not changing the number of stars until this basic of options is back and syncs across devices.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Jmv9volt
  • Finally Uninstalled 1/5

    By 2516979
    The CNET app has never once worked correctly for me but I’ve always pushed through it because I love their articles. Between the app always randomly freezing, crashing, and refusing to load, the app is now unusable for me. I’ve had the app for years now but I can’t put up with it any longer. Goodbye CNET, you just lost a loyal user.
  • Ads Ads Ads Ads!!! ADVERTISEMENT 1/5

    By Mymarch
    ADVERTISEMENT over and over! And they play automatically. No way to turn sound off! Keep it up CNET
  • App 3/5

    By Oo7Legend
    Cannot find your video shows
  • No Apple byte?! 1/5

    By Play On 04
    Can’t find the Apple byte anymore, where did the saved articles go, other than the feed the app has no depth. Stop making the app only about making money and make a good product! Terrible now
  • A worthless app 1/5

    By MKxRZK
    It seems each time CNET updates the app it just gets worse and worse.
  • Why was this app changed!!!??? 1/5

    By Shakisfan
    It used to be the app that I would open on a daily basis to read about Apple specific news or Samsung and now it’s all confusing and overwhelming to look at. I’ll start looking at other apps now. What a disappointment.
  • Like TV Commercials? 1/5

    By DispatchDan
    Every interesting story is a video prefaced with a 15-second TV commercial. Add that up, not to mention you have to put on headphones or whatever if you’re on a bus or at Dr’s office. Doesn’t anybody read anymore?
  • Videos automatically play. Very lame. 3/5

    By andrewindc
    This app crashes every time I open it. It is so bad I can't even use it. Fix this.
  • Latest major update not good.... 1/5

    By Roger428s
    Very limited. Can’t get apple bite anymore. I’m switching to flip board and igeeky now
  • My go to app has gone downhill 2/5

    By Sighcommander
    Please bring back ability to EASILY see saved articles and CLICK ON LINKS!
  • Very nice update 4/5

    By mvision7m
    Latest version (on iPhone X) seems stable, smooth and looks great. No issues as of yet.
  • Like new look, not loss of features 4/5

    By PM2065
    The new look to the app is nice. The more minimal look isn’t quite so busy and has much more white space. I’m frustrated that the app no longer seems to offer the “favorites” feature. Previously the app allowed you to tag an article as a favorite and come back to it later with ease. I can’t seem to find this feature in the new app. Overall like the new look but disappointed that seems less feature rich. UPDATE: The newest update adds the bookmark tab back! Glad to see that. I moved up my rating to 4 stars to account for this. Unfortunately, you can’t add a bookmark, so o couldn’t go to 5 stars. I know the developer has plans to add this feature, so we’ll see what happens.
  • Content Ok, but App is Unusable 2/5

    By BD_Traveler
    I can't believe that basic functionality was sacrificed in this latest update for the sake of appearance. There is no search function - only way to find an article is to scroll through every single article. If the item is over a week old it will take incessant scrolling to find it. No article categories anymore. These two changes make the app almost unusable. Currently, you can basically view random tech articles. Can no longer bookmark articles (old bookmarks was recently restored, but no new ones can be added). Coupled with no search, this makes content almost impossible to find. Please fix these problems ASAP, or at least just let us have the 5-Star app you used to have before these updates back! Please!
  • App no longer has applebyte 1/5

    By Ken28117
    When you updated the app you got rid of Apple byte and Google licious with Brian and Tong..... that was the best part of the CNET app
  • Decrescendo 2/5

    By Hookahhaze
    CNET, your website and content and wit and tenure have let you be at the front of my commercial technology classroom/briefing room until recently. However with each new iteration of your app, the mobile experience loses more and more. With the latest changes, I have been unable to determine how to access your video content, more specifically AppleByte. There used to be a menu that allowed such unilateral navigation, but I'm sad to see that it's no longer available... at least no longer conspicuous. Frivolity will lead to deletion.
  • Form over Function?!? 2/5

    By mjd9ball
    I think the new design is catchy, and have seen the other reviews that mention search, saving articles, etc... - and I agree with all those points. Let me add another: for any article that has a video, it doesn’t allow you to scroll past the video and use the whole screen for the written article. Thanks for limiting me to the amount of screen real estate that apparently you think is right. For those of us that value function as much as form, I hope your development cycle is agile and that you’re working on leveling usability with presentation sometime soon...
  • I used to love this app, but now... 2/5

    By Void1995
    I’ll begin by saying that I’ve been reading CNET multiple times a day, every day, for the past 7 years. I’m constantly checking and reading the latest articles, but with the current update that experience has gotten significantly worse. Firstly, you hid our bookmarks in the back corner of the app and we can no longer add new ones. Secondly, when you have an article that had a video at the top, you can no longer scroll past the video. You have to read the article on the bottom half of the screen which is very uncomfortable and not an enjoyable experience. Finally, every time I minimize the app it refreshes and I have to find the article I was reading all over again. There are quite a few other things, but I felt these were some big annoyances that were available in the past versions and I’m not sure why they were ever removed. Please fix this. I used to love your app and I still use it, but I’d really like to enjoy it again. Also, if I could get even a brief response acknowledging that you’ve seen this review, that would be awesome. I’d love to know it’s been seen and the problems are being worked on. Thank you!
  • Articles don’t load 4/5

    By aaestenoz
    I haven’t been able to read any article since the latest update. Thank you: the app is finally working.
  • POC 1/5

    By Mewzishn
    Piece Of Crud
  • Used to be able to search 1/5

    By bsvenegas
    I use CNET for a lot of stuff. One was to search for 'Netflix in November (or any other month)' . Can't do that any more!
  • Auto play videos are annoying 1/5

    By Seth W; San Francisco, CA
    I’m listening to iTunes, when I go to an article to read, the video wants to take over. I’m not interested in watching the video. I want to listen to my music and READ the article.
  • New release is a turnoff 1/5

    By Jeinaustin
    I do not like the presentation of this new release. It’s slower and makes me take longer to find articles of interest. I no longer use this app.
  • Deleted 1/5

    By wade’s tunes
    Hate the new update. Too big of a chance it’s s totally different app. Deleted it.
  • Apple 1/5

    By Alacranes2011
    I cannot find apple news with brian like before
  • Beware auto play ads 1/5

    By Nate91Ratz
    Other than all the changes and to the app, ads will auto play and you can't find them anywhere on the page to stop them.
  • 10 Steps backwards 2/5

    By topswattashawn
    CNET, with great disappointment, I pen this review. Your update reeks of a time long past and a time soon to be forgotten - the newsprint! Seriously, did you outsource your design to the Editorial or Pre-press departments? You have lost the concept and elements of Web and Mobile with this latest update. 1. Your app is now laden with useless and distracting white/grey space, as newspapers used to be. The headlines and article images have been replaced with tiny versions of themselves and made to fit in tiny slots, which in turn make it exceedingly more difficult to actually find articles of interest. 2. The ads in your content feed now utilize two of said spaces, denoting the significance of advertising in contrast to the unimportance of the readers, without which, any such advertising would be worthy of nothing. 3. I have now lost all my saved articles. I offer profuse thanks to CNET for negating my years of research with your previously useful app. I doubt you fully considered the implications of your redesign when you neglected to implement such a useful feature which is a standard in many an online and mobile venues. 4. On that same note, we have now lost our ability to save articles to read later or, in my case, to reference when I'm ready to buy such reviewed items. Now, let's move on to the actual articles themselves. 5. Your designers, with their shrewd wisdom, decided to enclose the image/video portion of the article in a trapezoid box. While this would have been aesthetically pleasing in a print feature, it is a completely useless design element that has no place in mobile or web. The focus of the latter should be the actual image or video being displayed to the end user. What you actually end up with is a useless diagonal line across the screen. 6. The ads. Did you guys notice that when the ad auto plays, it plays in a little box - maybe one half to two thirds the size of the trapezoid? That's not even the worst part ... When you pause said ad, it actually automatically morphs to full size. Test much? I bet not. So to recap - played at mini size, paused at full size. How efficient. 7. And speaking of useless trapezoids. Not only did you create an inefficient shape for a video, you make it much worse by force filling the videos within the shape. You effectively crop out one third of the actual video. Seriously, really, seriously, when is that every OK? I certainly have no trust in any of your reviews talking about the notch at the top of the iPhone X when you've effectively done the same. They're both bad. What are we left with because of this? Well, I'm watching a video review of an iPhone unboxing by Vanessa Hand Orellana, with her credit in the lower left. Because of your trapezium - all that's visible is VANESSA HAND ORE. That's a 'wardrobe malfunction' moment, CNET! I sincerely apologize, Vanessa - your employees should know better. 8. You've lost the usefulness of the videos on your app also. Now when I'm playing a video I can't minimize it and continue reading something else - a feature that is quite useful especially if you're casting that video to another screen. So what am I supposed to do? Keep watching a useless blank screen on my iPad, which says, "Video is being cast to AppleTV", while I could have been multi-tasking and reading something else? Way to slow down my whole day. 9. Not only does the video stay there, but if you scroll down in an article with an embedded video, it actually pauses the video. Yeah, maybe some people may want it to pause, but maybe others don't - especially, as mentioned before, when casting. Come on, CNET. Handle your ViewController states properly please. 10. Now, video controls. Please tell me why your slider controls are so tiny? Maybe it's just me - maybe I have really big fingers, but when I actually try to scrub the video forward or reverse, all I end up doing is swiping away the article to the next. Of course, you know what happens when that occurs - I get to be the lucky user who get's to see the same ad yet another 97th time. Very annoying. I can't even touch the AirPlay cast icon, which is placed way too close to the slider. Most time I just end up doing it with Control Center rather than from within the app. Well if I can't use it, why is it there anyway? Stop teasing - I don't need that in my life. I haven't even gotten into the products and other sections of the app, but I'm gonna just quit here - for sanity sake. Alas, I am not one of CNET's user testers. I would've gladly volunteered my services for you, but don't even bother now -your insult has now become costly. Finally, and in the interest of not being all doom and gloom, I must say I do like what you have done with the featured articles. It is much better to have them as slides across the top instead of a separate section as you had it in the previous version of the app - much simpler and easier to peruse. CNET, your content has always been engaging and intrepid, and that remains the last bastion of interest I have in using your app. I understand you don't develop for me, but I would certainly hope that a great portion of your users do not share the same opinions as I do. Thank you, and love you, dearest CNET! ******************************* Thanks for at least looking at the review, and thanks for bringing the saved articles back. I do still have trouble scrubbing videos, but maybe it’s just me. For now I just avoid them anyway. Still not a fan of the trapezoid, but majority rules. Updated review rating 11.04.17
  • It’s sad 1/5

    By AJCC2009
    The worst CNET update ever.
  • Annoying self playing videos 2/5

    By Rc168
    I use this app when my wife is asleep and the self playing videos pop up and play really loudly. It’s really obnoxious.
  • Bookmark update still misses the mark... 1/5

    By Richardkwa
    I was happy to see that bookmarks were returned to the CNET up. Unfortunately they aren’t fully back. You can’t create a bookmark In the app. Although you can see your old bookmarks, it takes 3 clicks just to get to the bookmark list.
  • Terrible Update 1/5

    By Sean1001
    I can no longer find anything on this's one continuum of the most recent articles to the older and I cannot tell if some of the old shows I watched are there anymore. Also, Assuming this update does not make you irrelevant, please remove political articles. I originally went to CNET to avoid that stuff, but it's a daily thing and has been for awhile. Stick with tech.
  • What happened 2/5

    By Dlroto
    It used to be great and with the latest update it’s super slow and totally unbearable. Time to delete it.

    By The Korean Zombie
    While I absolutely love the stories and articles, I absolutely DESPISE the video autoplay. Incredibly annoying, kills data when not on WiFi, and potentially embarrassing when the sound comes on and all you're trying to do is quietly read articles.
  • Search unable 2/5

    By kodiak10
    Since they change the format you can’t search anymore for products or articles you might have missed.
  • Annoying videos start automatically 1/5

    By brecero
    Like the info, hate the tech. Why is it assumed we are in a place where videos snd sound never matter? Need to be able to turn in video when I choose....period. Not simply opening an article, etc...
  • I NEVER want to hear content from your site automatically and over my music 1/5

    By fnc314
    1) site content is great 2) ui looks pretty 3) I NEVER WANT TO HEAR AUDIO FROM THIS APP. Please do the following: a) never auto play any video ever b) clearly label all entries that are not text and pictures (I.e. audio or video clips) c) NEVER override my music d) change the ui such that the article picture on top is not always taking up 25% of the screen
  • Where’s the menu??? 1/5

    By LL Coach
    This new version seems to have removed nearly all nav? Now just news and products? Where are all the video reports (Apple Byte, etc). What were you thinking?
  • Used to be great now it's annoying. 1/5

    By Gordon Von
    The new update looks great but it's pretty put together. There's no more video section, and no proper settings to be seen. Auto play video is extremely annoying, wastes data, and pauses my music constantly. That is a huge no no. I should be able to read an article without an ad or unwanted video playing in the middle of it, and again pausing my music. And there's no way to turn it off. Very poorly done c-net, I used to be a fan.

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