CNET: Best Tech News & Reviews

CNET: Best Tech News & Reviews

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CNET: Best Tech News & Reviews App

CNET is a collective of the tech-savvy and tech-obsessed. Anchored by the world’s largest volume of high-quality unbiased product reviews, CNET is the go-to source for news and recommendations about the latest tech and consumer electronics. This award-winning resource is available anywhere with the CNET App for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, 100% free and always here to provide information, tools, and advice to help you decide what to buy and how to get the most out of your tech. With the Apple Watch application, you'll be able to browse through the latest headlines, read product review summaries, explore photo galleries & videos, and save stories for later reading on your iPhone or iPad. We also provide you with the most relevant story using glances, and notify you with breaking technology news alerts. • Read the latest news and unbiased reviews • Find products to enhance and enrich your life • Watch videos that demystify technology • Post opinions about the tech and electronics you live with every day • Browse through headlines, get technology alerts, and save stories for later on the Apple Watch


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  • New Update is Great! 5/5

    By 01Dru
    I have been using the CNET app for five years now and the latest update is so much nicer. The app is more refined and looks even better when I’m reading their content. Would recommend the app to anyone.
  • I’m waiting 5/5

    By Gilbert4Christ
    When are you guys going to release A tvOS app for CNET I’ve been waiting a long time
  • sleek, responsive UI but... 3/5

    By friscojk
    what happened to all my saved articles? i can't find them after the latest update. :(
  • Why? 2/5

    By WX7H
    Up until today one my favorite apps. The new design is awful. No directory flexibility for your particular interest. News and product categories only. KISS. I’m looking for a new tech app any suggestions?
  • New update is bad news 1/5

    By Tripodd25
    I can not read articles due to text being all jumbled up and overlapping. New update looks better but content is broken. Please fix!
  • What a Joke 1/5

    By Jobie119
    Way to go, guys. You took a great app and made it impossible to find anything. Where is Apple Byte? Where is the videos section? How do I see all news pertaining to Apple?
  • New design 1/5

    By Slideshow xbox
    The app new design is not good hard to get around can find my Apple bytes videos I don’t like it . 👎🏻
  • Can’t share articles now? 4/5

    By Zac Prunty
    Love the new UI design but how does one share an article now? I don’t see the share button anywhere. Thanks!!!
  • No works 1/5

    By Jalisiense33
    The update doesn't work please fix it
  • 4.0 update is buggy and makes commenting harder 2/5

    By kalmpact
    0 - Big pictures you don't care about (pretty but uninformative) that you have to scroll past to scan articles you care about. 1- It is balky and slow. 2 - It crashes when you try to get to bottom of comments. 3 - Doesn't show # of comments at top of article. 4 - Comments button doesn't also just let you comment. They moved comment field (probably to bottom where the app crashes) And previous version comments still hold: Want to filter for subjects and ability to filter out videos. Not usually interested I games. Looking for reviews and news. I read this app on my phone and am usually listening to podcasts. I don't like having to invest time in videos and do not want to interrupt my podcasts.
  • Can’t find the cheapskate 1/5

    By A+aaaa
    Can’t find the cheapskate
  • NOT BETTER.. 3/5

    By Barrambila
    THE GOOD: With the new update and UI, overall the app is cleaner and video seems to stream better. THE BAD: Many root sections were taken away.. I'm fact basically all of them. For example there is no more VIDEO SECTION where one could scroll by subject and categories all the available videos. Now it's just "news" and if a video is available on the article, great, if not, bad luck. THE UGLY: Usabilty has been severely dowgraded and it's now impossible to search for content type or specific content and news for that matter. With this update and I don't see this being a step in any direction I feel is any good.
  • Worse than garbage 1/5

    By 1981116gumband
    Since the latest update this app is less than useless, so much so that i am removing it from my device and i will probably never look at their content again. There are specific journalists i enjoy reading / watching their content and now i cant even search for them and their names don't show up in the article list view. Why cant i be notified when favorite journalists publish and find their content easily???? For a company based on tech, you guys stink at ui, ux, and general logic.
  • Need dark mode 3/5

    By Dave1218
    New update is fine but needs to offer DARK MODE. Too much white background.
  • No way to see saved articles 1/5

    By FJ9000
    I had over 150 saved articles in the old app. Now GONE, no way to see them. Thanks alot. It was an easy way to mark and read later.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Tewq112487643
    Can you say delete? Terrible interface. Goodbye CNET.
  • Don't like it 3/5

    By Nitecrawler77
    So this new update changed the whole format, so where do you go to find (Apple Byte, Prizefight, ext.) Tried searching but nothing comes up.
  • Stupid UI 1/5

    By Ramin baran
    Why every time there is a good app some idiot should f it up with a stupid new version release 😡
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Daniel1939473829lions
    App was upgraded but keeps crashing while just reading articles
  • Lost features 1/5

    By GPswee
    What happened to my saved articles? Terrible "upgrade"!
  • Lost the"saved" tab 1/5

    By JScout14
    I had over 50 articles saved that I wanted for reference down the line. They're all gone now with the update unless I'm missing something. I wish there was a way to get the saved tab back.
  • payroll approved! 5/5

    By payroll
    There is finally an update!! The old dated looks is way more modern, in a fan. Hope you guys keep updating the app
  • Update is horrible 1/5

    By DB799703
    The loss of being able to bookmark articles and having their own saved tab is a complete failure. Not to mention bookmarks I had saved and now lost due to update.
  • The latest update is horrible 1/5

    By Georgina45
    The latest update makes CNET almost unreadable.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Greggo1545
    My bookmarked articles have disappeared. I searched for "Schiit Lyr" which has appeared many times in CNet and been reviewed by them- got nothing. Layout looks too distracting- I liked the old layout. It's too much and you got rid of my favorite feature (the bookmarked articles). See ya never again CNET
  • Awesome 5/5

    By AshHari
    Really love the new design. Clean look. Carousel is beautiful.
  • Nice update, minus video changes 3/5

    By QCtechie
    You used to be able to start a video and then navigate to different articles while still watching it. After the update the video just stops and you’re stuck on the same page if you want to continue watching it. Being able to navigate freely while watching the same video allowed you to watch longer videos in the PiP while still being able to read other articles.
  • Stripped down 1/5

    By Ryan Oberndorf
    This feels like a stripped down Lite version. How do I save articles for later? This version is a downgrade in every possible way.
  • Doesn't connect to the internet now 2/5

    By pr53188
    I just updated the application and now i get an internet connection error. I am connected to the internet. Please fix and then I will give it five stars, thank you.
  • App Failure 1/5

    By Arkansas Ed
    App fails to load on my iPhone 6 with iOS 10. Funny - it says there are network issues and asks if I'm in an elevator or underwater. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't help.
  • Horrible update, broke the app and took features away 1/5

    By Sittingmongoose
    I loved the app before this newest update. They unfortunately completely changed it. There used to be a tab you could hit to view all the newest reviews. It’s completely gone now. If you click on products( one of the only two buttons now) it doesn’t load at all. It just fails...I only use CNET for reviews and now they are gone....
  • Wonderful content; limited functionality 2/5

    By Fat Tribble
    Cnet content is fantastic, but the new app is not. It's more focused on product reviews than news. They seem to have removed the ability to filter news by Apple or Google or limit it to just videos. It's definitely streamlined if that means it doesn't do as much as the previous version. They seem to have jumped on the "What's Trending" trend as though we only care about popular stories.
  • where are my saved favorites? 1/5

    By Don't try this one!
    where are my saved favorites?
  • I don't like the new UI 2/5

    By letianapple
    ALL THE SECTIONS ARE GONE. Instead, the products search now plays the role of navigation. Very inconvenient.
  • Optimize for iPhone 6 months after phones release? 2/5

    By broettger
    Seems odd that a company who writes about Apple in about 75% of its articles would have taken so long to somewhat attempt to optimize the app for iPhone 6 and 6+ screen resolutions....and now in September 2017 it is still full of bugs. And I'm in an iPhone.
  • Stop auto playing videos 4/5

    By Terrahawk2
    Please stop the auto playing videos when I open a story or add a setting where I can turn them off. At home or work I don't want audio coming from my phone unexpectingly.
  • Oh the irony! 2/5

    By swootswoot
    I find it hilarious that a company that is supposed to have their fingers on the pulse of technology has such a buggy app. This freezes and crashes constantly. I have tried reinstalling several times to no avail. Boo!
  • CNET@Work tab needed 3/5

    By RicoCeo
    Please add a tab to the app that allows CNET fans to view articles from CNET@Work writers. I would like to have the option to view these business/work related articles without leaving the app and using my web browser and with out having to search through all articles. Please add a tab/section the same way you have tabs for Apple, Microsoft, Google and Samsung in the app. Thank you
  • Great App 5/5

    By Too Sharpe
    Dies everything I want it to do.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Omle Guzman
    Very good and up to date
  • Great content. Terrible app. 3/5

    By TallBobG
    Great new-media content, horrible, buggy, old-media rapacious ad-saturated, crashing, hot mess of an app. CBS should get out of CNET's way.
  • . 1/5

    By Phantom1mc
  • No user comments on the App 1/5

    By K2David121
    CNET no longer allows access to the user comments. Really who wants to just hear one person speaking without the ability to also reply? If I wanted that I would attend church.
  • Crashes far to often 1/5

    By Woodyg8
    This app crashes almost all the time I click on an article. Useless and deleting.
  • Ironic - tech app least stable 1/5

    By Mathom7
    I run this app on an iPhone 6+ and of the 100+ apps I use this is by far the least stable. At least once a week I there is an article that opens for 30 sec before the app shuts down. Will happen repeatedly on the same article. Very frustrating. Update 7-30-2017 Still frustrating. I'm down to only looking at this once a week
  • C stands for crash . . . still 1/5

    By MacDaMan22
    App doesn't load on my phone, just keeps crashing. New version, same crashes.
  • Clunky looking app 2/5

    By SquatchSlaya
    This review is for the iPad version of the app. It's UI is very clunky and outdated - just big tiles of articles to click on. Also, and my biggest gripe, is there isn't a way to add comments to articles via the iPad which is odd considering you can do that on the iPhone app. The app is good at the basics, but that's it. Needs work.
  • Helpful and fun tech news app 5/5

    By New York cityn
    I enjoy listening and reading articles on this Keeps you informed in such a fun way. There research on different devices helps to make sure your next device purchase will make you happy.
  • Reviews are genuine 5/5

    By Mahasriram_0912
    Genuine review and information where I can completely rely
  • Ads autoplay with sound when iPhone is on silent 1/5

    By jalynn2
    This app has sucked for quite a while but has sunk to new lows when ads start to autoplay and ignore the silent switch on the iPhone. It is deleted now

CNET: Best Tech News & Reviews app comments


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