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CNN connects you to the world, wherever you are. Stay informed with the latest headlines and original stories from Capitol Hill and across the globe. Follow up-to-the-minute reporting with breaking news alerts and live video. Lead the conversation by sharing today’s news and dig deeper into the stories that matter most to you. iPhone • Get CNN news at a glance on your Apple Watch across 12 personalized categories • Get breaking news alerts and follow top stories as they develop on iPhone? • Elections coverage: Follow up-to-the-minute live blogs, roundups, election results, analysis and commentary • Watch live CNN TV events and shows (as available; check with your cable or satellite provider) • Get in-depth coverage of international, politics, opinion, tech and entertainment stories • Have questions or feedback on the CNN iPhone App? Email us at with your suggestions on how we can create the best possible experience for you. tvOS • Browse and play CNN coverage in short clips in our Featured collections. • Watch your favorite CNN series On Demand or select Live CNN, CNN International and HLN for live coverage of all the day’s top stories. • Elections coverage: Sign in to see full live coverage of the elections, catch up on the debates On Demand, and watch all the best moments in our library of clips and collections. • The Shows section of the app provides on-demand access to recent political events and debates, full episodes of our popular original series including Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain, This is Life with Lisa Ling, and more. (As available; check with your cable or satellite provider) • Have questions or feedback on the CNN tvOS app? Email us at with your suggestions on how we can create the best possible experience for you. Apple Watch • Get CNN news at a glance on your Apple Watch across 12 personalized categories • Get breaking news alerts and follow top stories as they develop

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  • Fast But Can Be A Bit Inaccurate 4/5

    By Starboy15752
    This app is fast and sometimes accurate, sometimes the news is based on gossip though.
  • Quality of news reports and topics are poor 5/5

    By Nick7536785
    Significantly improved their reporting of domestic and international news and despite many trolls on here are not biased but rather factual.
  • Bad writing 1/5

    By Oblamo
    I think your news agency needs to find another business. Fake stories don't work anymore.
  • You blew it CNN! 1/5

    By Cstevens0713
    I used to love the CNN app breaking news notifications. But during and since the election it's all anti-Trump nonsense like "Trump said blah blah, which is different than he said 3 yrs. ago." Look I know CNN hates Trump but that's not breaking news and I don't want a notification about every gotcha thing you think you have on the new Prez. Now if there's a shooting, a plane crash, etc., that's a different story. CNN has lost perspective in its myopic hatred of Trump.
  • CNN excellent 4th estate protector media app 5/5

    By mankneelight
    Ease of use and a strong app that prevents dissemination of fake news. Good journalism can be easily accessed live stream. Ease of use. When away from my computer and in network. I have used CNN on my iPhone with ease. Reason for this review was after seeing others poorly review CNN for literally what seems political reasons. I was compelled to write
  • Fake News 1/5

    By No longer your viewer
    Deleting this app. Fake news is no news.
  • Breaking News Alerts 1/5

    By _.i._.don't._.know._
    I had to finally turn off their Breaking news alerts , due to them not always being real news alerts. Rather they sometimes were their speculative headlines. I don't consider that breaking news. My go to app for Breaking News closed down on New Years Day, this was hardly a replacement.
  • Fabulous On iPhone 7 4/5

    By Ray00Ray
    This app works so well on iPhone 7. Notifications are prompt so I am always up to date. Titles are sometimes miss leading however. It says one thing but then you get a related story, not the one mentioned in the title... Click bait maybe?
  • Mediocre at best 3/5

    By IxAMxDEAN
    The app is about as good as their news coverage...
  • Great news source 5/5

    By amannuc
    You can count on CNN to keep you informed. App is well organized. This is top shelf information, and timely too. When I need breaking news, I go to the CNN app. Not too much bias, either
  • Liberal ideologue posing as news 1/5

    By MrDaddyRo
    Just scroll through the headlines and top stories and it is obvious CNN is just an arm of the liberal political agenda of the Democrat party. Sad that it is no longer an unbiased news organization.
  • Great app and network 5/5

    By Tonylbenson
    More real news from real journalists - Speak truth to power - we need it.
  • Seen better 1/5

    By DtraxRome
    Terrible app.
  • Somewhat Biased Conservative News Network 3/5

    By TweetyPi56
    I thought it was just me, but it seems every time I watch CNN, they are promoting Trump, and dumping on Clinton. I thought news stations are supposed to be unbiased and non partisan, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I used to wach CNN daily, but not so much. They claim to be unbiased but they sure supported and reported on The Orange Man waaay more than they reported on anyone else.
  • You need to be more truthful to the News 1/5

    By Leah fair
    There are a lot of people like me that have noticed that you have become biased and with an agenda that makes your Network not being reliable anymore, the American people will not tolerate this for too long and slowly but surely we will move on to a different type of broadcasting you need to ACT NOW or we will drift away from watching or reading your News as they have become not thrustable
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By AnisaJ3
    My go to news source!
  • Biased 1/5

    By Souls Squared
    Very left sided..
  • Done 1/5

    By achrist3
    CNN has fallen from an actual new source to Fox News in my opinion. "Breaking news" has become political responses about how Trump or one of his people did something wrong. They're stories in general are riddled with inaccuracies and political spin. My local news app gives better breaking news and faster than this app.
  • Enough is enough 1/5

    By Joe97814
    There is a republican in the White House. We get it already. You are upset. Enough is enough. Just report the news. Americans are tired of media conglomerates trying to shape our opinions into what they want.
  • Cheap way to make news 1/5

    By Zach Efron
    I question the way CNN present the news. It is irresponsible, biased, and with favoritism. If CNN has a political preference, as a serious news source should not proclaim its preferences and present unbiased news.
  • Non important stories 1/5

    By Sick of Non-News
    CNN is great if you love hearing one side of an argument repeatedly on the important subjects such as politics, but these stories come few and far between as you actually attempt to read stories. I actually deleted the app because much of what they report is skewed towards their own beliefs and not in the middle as they would like people to believe. I personally am sick of biased news, I will never download CNN again.
  • Fake news 1/5

    By Mrffsh
    I use to like CNN but not any more. Don't trust them to portray the truth
  • Review 1/5

    By Jim Konnick
    Fake news
  • CNN is the BEST of all the rest 5/5

    By MovingtoFB9876
    Their app is the best and the news they deliver is so superior to the other networks because they get the big stories first and, more importantly are not afraid to be REAL journalists by asking/reporting the news that Americans need and want to know. I hope CNN will continue to hold the incoming administration's feet to the fire as it is why myself and so many I know rely on CNN for our news, and have for many years.
  • Don't even download this app 1/5

    By Peyton_Start
    Very horrible app wrote by a horrible company.
  • How can CNN view itself as news? 1/5

    By BlakeCollins
    How can such a well regarded news source turn into such a vacuous and biased news company? CNN a silly, scared, scatter-brained voice that smacks more of a maladjusted teen trying to prove her intellect than a sober view of world news. Replacing news, we now have game shows, endless blatherings between guest "journalists," faux intellectuals, and glib sophisticates. In reading CNN, I alternate from disgust to confusion. It's simultaneously disappointing and infuriating. Can I give it negative stars???
  • Keeps the politicians on their toes! 5/5

    By Rdlc87
    Keep it up. Now is the time when you must stand firm.
  • Trusted news organization 5/5

    By Lord Jeffrey Amherst
    More than most, CNN has kept their focus on delivering the news instead of creating a personality cult around those who deliver it. Their strong suit is international news.
  • No reliable search option 1/5

    By American-Swedish Bass Playing Christian
    I continue to be so disappointed with CNN and their website. I only get what they want me to see, not what I want to find. Daily events are often left off the news page. That is not only frustrating, but unhelpful. I will go to other news sources. I also get the impression from much of the language used that there is a philosophical agenda. I don't want that. I can get that other places. I want the news from CNN, nor their opinions on their "news" page. And finally, this website offers NO search option. Today I am looking for information on the layoffs and potential shut down of the Clinton Global Initiative organization. Nothing. Nowhere to be found on CNN. com and the lead story is about plagiarism by some blond? Really?
  • Good Review 5/5

    By Hard to please news watcher
    Excellent, fair, unbiased reporting. Great coverage, and timely alerts.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Jorge Alcala
    I always thrust CNN but now that they lie to us with fake news, I am deleting this fake app!!
  • CNN A+ 1/5

    By Kubota74
    Try to be a news reporting agency instead of bashing the right all the time. My 8 year old can come up with better stories than you. Once respected now irrelevant!!!!!! Oh, try to proof read your stories before you post them, ok.
  • App OK, but HATE the takeover ads 2/5

    By M4 Lover
    I come to get news from multiple different sites so I can form my own opinion. These takeover ads appearing on my device now are new and I DONT like it interrupting my user experience at all. Allow retargeting or placements of ads in the mobile design but DO NOT allow for ad takeovers.
  • Excellent journalism Thankyou 5/5

    By CarolynAnn777
    Excellent journalism Thankyou
  • Notifications great 3/5

    By Remintn
    Notifications are great for real up to date news stories Just don't need your political stories

    By TheRealist -///!!!---67
    2016 election- need I say more? Now all that these people do is report crap on President Trump. There are NO good reads on this entire news and what they do report is BIASED. #loadsofcrap
  • Entertaining 1/5

    By Hero Editor
    A fun filled, Entertaining way to occupy time, but I have another three letter app for real news.
  • Reporting is Bias 1/5

    By Sde176
    I used to read CNN a lot, but lately have been disappointed by the lopsided, bias and garbage reporting. In my opinion, CNN news now falls into the same category as yahoo.
  • Repetitive Boring Same ole Same Boring 1/5

    By Sticks1952
    All you have is Trump news. Trump this, Trump that, Trump did this, no wait he did that, no maybe this....... Trump Trump Trump Trump! Enough! We know you don't like him, we know you are biased in reporting on him. Get over it already and report some REAL news! We are tired and bored to death of your consistent crucifixion of Mr. Donald Trump! Can we please have the real news back? Blizzards, flooding, economics, Samsung, ya know news!
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By Eli goddard
    Constantly put extra news bulletins with the same videos in it to seems like they have more news. constantly set a false pretense to the story you are looking over in their headlines. Videos constantly fail. Using iphone 7 plus, deleting app. I have been using the app for a year now and i hate it so much so i can't stand it anymore and am deleting.
  • Insispensable 5/5

    By old bones dad
    En un mundo tan complejo como el actual CNN es mi brujula me sentiria perdido sin cnn my anchor of common sense
  • Sorely disappointed 1/5

    By Life_made_easy
    I once thought that CNN was balanced and (relatively unbiased) but you really have to search the app for an unbiased piece. Many articles they post on the app should be titled 'opinion'. You would think that the home page would have the most vital news (US or world), and probably according to the editors the pieces they release are the most important to them, in support of their agenda. News about celebrities dying or having heart attacks are not important in the grand scheme of things, whereas news about government corruption, terrorism, etc is actually very important. They also almost never publish articles that have a right-wing perspective. My Philosophy is this, there's always two sides to every story. Present both sides and let the audience decide what they agree with. What they do is literally systematic brainwashing where people can no longer see value in a differing opinion or even appreciate that there are different opinions. Bad job, CNN. Bad app.
  • Biased liberal unfair 1/5

    By Chris howling
    Clearly liberal biased, some fake news and lately always unfair! Supporting illegal immigration idea and anti-trump protesters that don't show respect to the elected president. The president of this Channel must fire a number of employees there because they did cnn a Clinton foundation branch. Lately extreme left wing biased articles flirting with the idea of illegal immigrants from Mexico Africa Middle East Cuba along with religious extremists hidden among them jumping the fence or swim to just stay here and violate the law of the land making this country a mess, like we don't have enough problems already, trying hard to present it as a good humanitarian thing! Describing the US president like a monster and all because he says the right thing. Very disappointing. I used to watch cnn always once. Never again.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By sunmountain
    I love the ap. Although this rating is intended to rate the application, I noted that some of the reviews here are using this as a forum to criticize CNN' reporting. Whether you like it or not CNN is one of the best in the business. Shame on those of you who seek to muzzle freedom of the press. Most of such critics are too ignorant to even understand the stupidity of their opinions. If it wasn't for ignorance there would be no Trump presidency.
  • Trash 1/5

    By an honest American 3858593
    Full of fake and biased news
  • Garbage everyday 1/5

    By Fire up Chips! CMU
    Where's the real news? Nothing more than bias opinions of what they want Americans to think and believe. Deleting this app since I have a mind of my own and can get more creditable news elsewhere from alternative news sources that actually report facts. If I could have given zero stars I would have. No wonder your ratings are at all time lows. Pathetic
  • News with political agenda 1/5

    By Spar 777
    Highly politicized news media favoring the ruling elite and curbing free speech.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Kris54332456
    Garbage news station, garbage app. Period.
  • too many ads hard to navigate 2/5

    By Ricovue
    this app is loaded with ways to promote ads
  • Interested 3/5

    By Pcb69
    I use my CNN app multi times a day to keep up with the news. I only have one complaint, would rather read than have all the videos. Thanks for keeping the public informed and "No, CNN is not FAKE NEWS"! H

CNN app comments

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