CNN: Breaking US & World News, Live Video

CNN: Breaking US & World News, Live Video

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CNN: Breaking US & World News, Live Video App

When you want to know what’s happening, tap into the global news gathering power of CNN. With correspondents and bureaus reporting from across the world, no other news source even comes close. - Watch live CNN, CNNi or HLN television anywhere, anytime* - Custom alert settings - stay informed without getting overwhelmed - Experience the world of breaking news through in-depth stories, photo galleries and news clips. - Watch CNN Original Series like “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”, CNN news programs like “Anderson Cooper 360” and award-winning CNN Films. Video on Demand and Live TV limited to US consumers. * 10 minute preview each day, log in with your satellite or cable provider for unlimited viewing.

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CNN: Breaking US & World News, Live Video app reviews

  • Fake 1/5

    By JuanVasquez
    This app is nothing but lies. News are created following a political agenda.
  • Biased 1/5

    By Cotter122
    The news that they give out is very biased to one side and doesn't show the whole story. Most news networks do this but this one is insane and the worst of them all.
  • Piss poor app and company 1/5

    By Fla2576
    Would not recommend this app on news service. Found the content and organization to be terrible.
  • Virus in app crashes phones 1/5

    By Infidel at heart
    Didn't know CNN was like "The Onion" I thought they reported on real stories had to delete app waste of memory
  • No truth 1/5

    By ModerateRepublican
    Not a reputable source for news any more. Have discredited themselves in many ways recently. Published factually incorrect yellow journalistic stories. Very biased liberal agenda
  • CNN is fake news. 1/5

    By HillBilly2020
    F these people
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Trash Network
  • Total fake, biased news 1/5

    By Josh_Manley16
    The most untrustworthy. The try to put out there own agenda
  • Fake news 1/5

    By Cubshater92
    Download for fake news.
  • Hack journalists at best 1/5

    By Mmwilkes
    Used to be a very trustworthy site. Now 100% party politics.
  • GARBAGE 1/5

    By fhjrstyhdfjjvgf
    I mean what mainstream news source threatens a 15 year old because he made a gif, and then brags about how the threat made the kid take the gif down??? so much of their content is fake too
  • Fake news 1/5

    By I hate instagram
    Fake news
  • Fake news 1/5

    By Original A2
  • Shame! 1/5

    By Misa0958574
    Not trust, not fair with news, no recommended! Very very fake news!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Nfsparker
    News is the worst with incredible bias side
  • Fake News 1/5

    By camdonf
    I can't trust what CNN has to say.
  • CNN does not report truth, that's why deleted the reviews 1/5

    By Stlrfn19437
    They have no journalism integrity... the fact that they took the platform that allows app owners to review and share what THEY THINK and had thousands of unfavorable reviews removed, PROVES, they don't report TRUTH.. They are indeed FAKENEWS. Update: still removing reviews? So pathetic
  • Death of the Fourth Estate 1/5

    By KaradiKid
    CNN used to be the most trusted name in news. Now, like the Washington Post and the NYT it is nothing but a biased abased demesne of dog---t.
  • Fake news network 1/5

    By Jiminysara
    Remember when journalists reported news rather than made themselves part of the news for biased political reasons? Disgraceful, how is this network running in every airport? It should no longer be a credible national news source.
  • Comedy News Network 1/5

    By Spirit859
    I only watch or read CNN anymore for my daily humor as the programming has become laughable and so infested with tunnel vision rhetoric. CNN used to offer up points of views from all walks of life but has become a platform to only support liberal hate. Farewell CNN
  • Apple tried bailing out CNN 1/5

    By papenkid
    Apple deleted a lot of negative reviews
  • Great app 5/5

    By Charlz4ever
    Love this app, CNN is amazing!
  • Fake News 1/5

    By Brodythebear
    Fake News
  • GARBAGE!!! 1/5

    By Bshsjajabanakakoap
  • US Propaganda! 1/5

    By Kei$ha popstar
    Not really "news" US propaganda for sure!
  • Fake News 1/5

    By Gameboss111999000
    They go after memes, and this content is all political, CNN stands for cable news network, so it should contain all types of news, not "Breaking, Trump put Russian dressing on his salad" that's not news, they should include articles or life savers
  • FNN 1/5

    By Banana assertions
    Fake news network
  • renamed the Clinton News Network during the election 1/5

    By gwhakslndns
    I think its funny that last week cnn had 12,000 reviews, then they paid apple to delete them all and start over. So corrupt such a biased interpretation of political news. cnn was great before the election and now they just show news about hillarys special snowflakes protesting and rejecting the POTUS. rare to find any unbiased news stories. Lol
  • Fake news is bad 1/5

    By Real_newz
  • Fake News Network 1/5

    By sportstershit
    Very Fake News!
  • Only because i couldn't put 0 stars 1/5

    By HarryRinker15
    Fake News
  • What has happened? 1/5

    By Jason H from Virginia
    Fake news folks! That I can tell you
  • How? 1/5

    By Here2bamused
    How do you people look at yourselves in the mirror everyday? The things you are ALL doing are despicable! And the rest of you that know what's going on and do nothing to stop it, are far worse! My God save you all!
  • CNN's Entertaining Stories 2/5

    By SugarOoCam
    Can't really say that what I'm reading from CNN is factual news given their apparent biases, but their stories are still very entertaining indeed. I am a conservative Trump supporter and I enjoy watching to see CNN's stories being debunked. It's as if the owners of the National Enquirer have tried to take over serious News Reports without any inclination as to what they are doing.
  • They really are fake news. 1/5

    By Len795
    Stories are so bias. Misleading headlines, headlines that don't even match articles. Negative articles against conservatives and republicans. App poorly constructed.
  • Orwellian Propaganda 1/5

    By Mrs_Lin
    CNN has lost all journalism integrity. They are more interested in creating propaganda and suppressing news than actually reporting the truth. The only ones trying to swing America's election was CNN and the other liberal mainstream media outlets! Most of their "news" today are lies. They propagate false sensationalist narratives just for ratings. Thus, their "journalism" is almost as good as today's tabloids!
  • App Could Use Improvements 4/5

    By gonzalezle
    Needs a better and more visible way to sign in. App crashes a bit but overall pretty good. App Store reviews not the place to be preaching your political bias. Supposed to be referring to the apps merits.
  • Trash news 1/5

    By P8706
    I knew one day they would go down. Can't report lies forever and think you are safe
  • Fake News 1/5

    By dirtbiker01
    Fake News🖕🏼
  • Why do you call this news? 1/5

    By Agent-G
    Sorry but I have to agree with many others opinions and only got the app to see for myself what was true and what wasn't. I would have no problem with you if you stopped calling yourselves a news network and just admitted that you are a mouth piece for the socialist, sorry I mean Democrat party. If you would call yourselves an opinion channel or the Democrat News Channel at least I'd have respect and could make my choice based on the truth, but calling yourselves news is as close to a lie as you can get. Please either admit what you are and keep going from there, or actually become a news channel, tell the people what happened in the world today and leave it at that allowing people to make ether own decisions based on that.
  • The Worst 1/5

    By Shadowmaster884
    Even top CNN execs have admitted to false news, staged events, and biased coverage.
  • Orwell's Newspeak defined 1/5

    By Jerry_Lay_II
    The worst attempt to steer unwitting, gullible people toward the failing Democrat party. CNN Editors choose the most warped, slanted, fake news they can dredge from the left wing gutter. An insult to the intelligence of any decent American.
  • Review of actual app, not content 4/5

    By mlew0987654
    To review the actual app rather than the content reviews that have spammed this app's ratings: the layout is great and it is easy to find not only top stories but also specific sections. A few too many video adds brings it down to a 4/5, but overall great experience.
  • Really Fake News 1/5

    By MJC in Weehawken, NJ
    Constant lies about their nemesis. They can't be trusted. They are the most Untrusted name in News. I don't care what James Earl Jones says.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Cameron_Goble
    I'm not writing this review just because of the content being bad, I'm also writing about the app itself being bad. I've used this app along many many other news source apps all with updates available. CNN was, every time the slowest one to deliver. I would rather hook up an old computer on dialup to look at the news than this app. I dislike the reporters as well, but I'll give it to them, they are not as bad as MSNBC. To be quite honest, they are quite annoying with their content. I mean it's okay and good to be critical with a new president, but they need to stop with some of this garbage content. It's like I'm going through the daily features on snapchat, just minor things that are expanded into a huge story. When I have decided to look more into a story, the article always is just repetitive and never really has useful information, I usually have to look up the details that I want. Many actions of the company and its reported in the last few years have been quite sketchy and they seem the be becoming more of a late night entertainment hub for people of the right wing to go to and laugh at. They may claim to be the best but they are actually the worst.
  • This app stinks 1/5

    By CPFitness
    I really can't take the lame news stories I find on this app. Talk about biased. I don't trust a thing I read on this app.
  • Mindless and 1/5

    By habusgirl
    DISCUSTING!!! Nuf said....GROWUP!!! CNN
  • Communist News Network (get it?) 1/5

    By Get@me dog
    If I could give them 0 star and I would. Perfect example of state run media, except they're fun by the liberal industrial complex. Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo are politically correct hacks that just with no reporting skills whatsoever!!
  • App performance and content quality 1/5

    By Danija223
    I like the layout of the page and the look of the app. The bias and the fake news leave me no choice but to delete the app. You are supposed to present facts. Not opinions and fake stories.
  • CNN is the most trusted news! 5/5

    By Lilyrob
    I have watched CNN for 30 years. I have always trusted CNN as the most honest & unbiased news source. I still do. My wife & I watch CNN religiously. Unlike other news sources, CNN is independent. The only other news sources as unbiased as CNN are PBS & NPR. CNN is an unparalleled & professional source of important & relevant news. Shawn - Salt Lake City

CNN: Breaking US & World News, Live Video app comments

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