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  • Disreputable/Misleading, 100% CNN 1/5

    By JimM111
    CNN REPORTERS: Here is the difference between unbiased & typical CNN reporting: UNBIASED REPORTING: President Trump selected another person to help fill his open cabinet positions. Joe Smith, supporter of the pick, states that this person has extensive experience in these areas, has supported conservative causes "a" and "b" in the past, and would be an excellent choice. Fred Johnson, an opponent of the pick, stated he lacks experience in these important areas, and has not supported the liberal causes of "c" and "d" in the past. CNN REPORTING: The beleaguered and divided Trump administration, still in chaos and reeling from the turmoil in their inability to fill cabinet positions, was slammed again for their choice of another controversial cabinet pick. ANALYSIS: The first one provided facts and a source, in an unbiased manner. I can then form my own opinions. The second one reads like a sensationalist tabloid magazine, which CNN has become, provides no sources, little news, tells me how much the CNN reporter hates President Trump, and tells me how I should think. CNN REPORTER'S RESPONSE: "I don't see any difference. They seem exactly the same to me. I would just pick the second one." CNN reporters are blinded by their own prejudices against conservatives. Review their political articles. If the story is about conservatives, republicans, or President Trump, the narrow-minded & intolerant reporters at CNN completely lose any credibility with their extreme alt-left and rabid bias against them. They pile on and start firestorms against conservatives from every conceivable angle. ANOTHER CNN TACTIC: To push their liberal narrative, they take the most controversial & typically minuscule element of a long interview or press conference and report it as a dramatic five minute tabloid-style story. They leave out the positive aspects of the event, since it doesn't fit their closed-minded narrative. Prove this to yourself. Watch the entire event and then watch how the CNN reporter focuses on the most controversial statement, and excludes everything that is conservative-positive. This is the tactic used by CNN reporters to try to convince readers that they should hate conservatives. YET ANOTHER: As confirmed by the CNN newsroom leak published by James O'Keefe of Project Veritas, CNN uses old poll numbers if they better support CNN's liberal bias. Based on my analysis, CNN rarely, if ever, uses poll numbers that do not support their liberal narrative. Check for yourself - how often do you see polls that support the conservative side? It is media bias, deceptive, misleading, and 100% CNN. AND ANOTHER: CNN adds a liberal dose of inflammatory adjectives & descriptive modifiers to help their uninformed liberal fan base understand how supposedly dire the situation is with conservatives. UNBIASED: The Republicans lacked sufficient votes to overturn the affordable care act. CNN & OTHER TABLOIDS: In a stunning defeat, the embattled Trump administration was dealt a brutal blow for their dramatic failure to overturn Obamacare. Any responsible news organization would avoid the use of these words. Not CNN and the other disreputable tabloid rags. INFLAMMATORY WORD DICTIONARY: Words found often when describing conservatives, conservative events, & conservative policy (but seldom found when describing liberal-related material): Disarray, chaos, beleaguered, failing, doomed, scrambling, embattled, struggling, controversial, turmoil, reeling, slammed, fighting, divisions, combative, barrage, collapsed, crashes, debacle, imploding, diminished, dramatic, aggressive, activist, anti-whatever, misleading, explosive, firestorm, divisive, stunning defeat, brutal blow, death spiral. -> $25 bonus if a reporter uses all the words in one article. $500 bonus if it also involves President Trump. CNN IS UNDENIABLY FAKE NEWS: Fake news is not only reporting untruths, but doing what CNN does often: reporting on events that misleads the reader's perception of what actually occurred. This is done by ignoring all the elements that don't support CNN's narrative, and focusing the article's content on the most controversial element, even if was just one statement out of a one hour meeting. CNN loves to feed their liberal base OMG!!! stories to help justify, in their minds, why liberalism is the right path and why everyone should despise conservatives. Instead of just presenting data and facts, they tell you how you should think - Love liberalism, hate conservatism. It's 100% CNN. ARTICLES YOU WILL NEVER SEE ON LIBERAL CNN: 1. An Autopsy on the Stunning Defeat of Hillary Clinton 2. Hillary: From the Beginning, the Critically Flawed Candidate 3. The DNC: How Debbie Wasserman Schultz Rigged the Democratic National Campaign, Got Caught, and Took the Presidency Away From Bernie Sanders and Handed it to Donald Trump 4. Obama's Disastrous Eight Years in Office: 1000 Democratic Seats Lost Across the Nation - Why the Democratic Party is in Complete Disarray 5. Unreported Problems Caused by Illegal Aliens - Media Cover-Up Unmasked 6. How Guns Save Innocent Lives - Stories from Those That are Alive Today Because They Were Armed 7. A Black Man Killed a Black Man 8. Investigative Report: How and Why the Liberal Media Inflames Social Tensions 9. Investigative Report: The Full Story on Obama's Illegal "Operation Fast and Furious" Mexican Gun Smuggling Operation. Answers for the family of slain US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. 10. Obama's Prison Sentence Commutes and Pardons: Did Obama Let ANY White Prisoners Go? Why is "White Boy Rick", the longest serving juvenile drug offender in the history of Michigan, who has white skin, still in prison? Allegations Swirl Obama was a True Racist. CNN MANAGEMENT, FOR PROMOTING BIASED REPORTING: Repugnant idiots. TIME WARNER MANAGEMENT, FOR BUYING THE CRAP NEWS NETWORK: *FOOLS*.
  • Propaganda - Real Fake News 1/5

    By mattzamora
    This is straight up socialist propaganda. These liars can't help themselves. The app is garbage.
  • Booooo 1/5

    By Stupid Dibfvck
    One of the most biased, bs news. Needs to die.
  • No Sound 1/5

    By Cletus1232
    No sound with videos.
  • Nice Reviews! You Should Pay Attention 1/5

    By Langurss
    Zealous moon-bat opinions - nothing more. It's astonishing that CNN cannot come to grips with their own bias - stubborn and foolish.
  • Not good 2/5

    By Vyrox
    I have an iPhone SE and this app has had constant issues - even before, when I was using the 5S. Stories seem to jump around when scrolling through them (as if the app can't figure out reasonable refresh timing/frequency), and no videos work at all - except those short clips that auto load which is more of a frustration than a feature. CNN - stop trying to get fancy and just fix the problems with a simple, reliable app. Or at least offer an option for a "lite" version without the bells and whistles that only cause problems and consume bandwidth. I probably won't stick with this for much longer.
  • really doesn't work 1/5

    By sdolj
    very bad. the earlier version better. on this one, the live streaming is inoperative.
  • NO AUDIO... 1/5

    By Letter K
    Week after week, and still there is no audio on the videos. If there is a way to fix it, it is not intuitively obvious to the viewer.
  • What happened to the live tv feature? Doesnt work 1/5

    By Chiguine
    What happened??? Every time I update it gets worse. Can't watch live TV on cnn app. Never had this happen on the old app. Never update apps! They always get worse!
  • User interface 1/5

    By M1nth
    The interface is the worst I have ever seen in a news app, you need to switch back to the old version. This one is not user-friendly at all
  • Yuck 1/5

    By Moirasul
    Just downloaded this app and can't stand it. If you pick a video it's confusing how to enlarge it. Stories move to fast so u click one and other opens. News with videos on every single story isn't friendly in public like on a train. I just want simple news. BBC is only app I've found that makes sense.
  • Solid News App 3/5

    By coffinwheezin
    Have tried and use multiple news apps; this one works well most of the time and provides access to the big stories. Would prefer to authenticate via tv provider less frequently. Tend to use the Apple TV version most often.
  • Biased 1/5

    By oh boy yoda is gone
    Bring back reporting that is unbiased and fair. And stop with the opinion pieces that are slanted to one side. Please report on the facts.
  • This app is terible 1/5

    By Ihatecnn
    Keeps crashing and is all anti trump be somewhat fair
  • Help! 2/5

    By Undefeated XT
    Since the update, the read more button doesn't work. You can only see a part of a story. Ugh!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By BraidedPonyTail
    Can't get sound on it.
  • Worst app upgrade Ever!! 1/5

    By throttlehappy
    The content or news was drastically reduced. The app consistently crashes and there seems to be more advertisements than before. The sound does not work for any of the videos on the app either. It did work on the last version. This is the worst upgrade to an app I have ever seen. If it were possible, I would give it 0 stars. I have deleted the app and now just use a basic internet web page. Back to basics when an app is that bad!!!!
  • Not working 1/5

    By itbjonesinc
    Yo my app plays videos but have no sound. I re downloaded it like 4x
  • update 5.1.1 is still a disaster . . . Unresponsive to feedback 1/5

    By nadandeo
    Just loaded 5.1.1 update NO improvement in the issues CNN App takes forever to load since the last update. The basic "headlines" page (which is now filled with bandwidth hogging photos and automatically playing videos) continuously re-loads as you try to scroll down to see the headlines. Then when clicking to open a news story, the loading nightmare continues. I am using an iPhone 6 with iOS 10.2.1 and have 60Mb/s wifi speed . . . These are really terrible app problems. CNN is completely unresponsive to feedback about these problems. CNN used to be my first stop for news . . . Now, I look first at the AP and Reuters apps which both have quick and smooth loading.
  • Five Steps Backwords 1/5

    By Review_782828
    This review ignores the content and is on the user interface. The old interface was extremely manageable, simple and user friendly. The update has eliminated each of those characteristics to the point in which I got frustrated, deleted the app and switched to the Apple news app and USA Today. May switch back if the improved the UI. Adds five taps/swipes to switch between section. Very inefficient. I wish they reinstated the old application.
  • Hate the new version! 1/5

    By Newshound1991
    I used to be able to listen to the app when the ringer was off, the new version only has sound with the ringer on.
  • CNN lost me.. 1/5

    By Sailor mile
    You guys used to be the news ultimate reference. I used to travel all over the world and when checking in a hotel, the first thing I would do was turning CNN on. Now, even me as a democrat, you have lost my trust. You have no respect for the President office as an institution. Not even the slightest attempt of disguised objectivity. You are conveying news worldwide and you are doing it in a very irresponsible manner. You've become a poor joke and a tabloid publication. Stunning and very sad for such an iconic name and organization. I'm deleting the app.
  • No sound 1/5

    By Egygirl
    This app is TERRIBLE!!! When you try to watch live or any video there is NOOO SOUND!!
  • Fake news! 1/5

    By MatthewRBorne
    Of course they have the $ to build a top-notch app for functionality but their bleeding heart liberal propaganda is "fake news." I've deleted the CNN app.
  • Doesn't deserve 1 star... 1/5

    By Your Lom
    Lol if this is still your primary source of news.
  • Cant open it 1/5

    By Kalinomome
    I have not been able to open the app for a month now. Very disappointing....
  • App not working 1/5

    By hwd⭐️
    There's no sound when I play your videos. Apparently I have to update the app at all times works one time and then no more. So frustrating!☹️
  • iPhone app poor 1/5

    By 64bee
    Please bring back the other version. The new version is not user friendly. I review CNN news everyday but now I feel I'm not getting the same amount of content as before. I like being able to swipe to the next topic but now I have to choose the topic. Bring back the old version. Otherwise I will be looking for another news. app.
  • They broke it 1/5

    By Ben Howard
    This app is awful. CNN should roll back to old version while it fixes this one. It no longer works for me. Live TV almost never works. What a mess.
  • Horrible 2/5

    By obcsed
    Takes forever to load and often crashes while trying to load. Everything is so bogged down now l can't stand to try to read it. Get rid of all the bells and whistles and make it work.
  • Fake news??? 3/5

    By Sad9087Cat
    That's called ignorance. If you thought CNN was fake news then don't download the app and criticize it. Down load real app news.. for now help fix the bug don't be the bug..
  • Not good 2/5

    By dear yam
    CNN has always been my go-to app for news on my phone, but the sound for the videos doesn't work and the ads are getting completely out of hand. Also, grammar errors...come on, CNN, you're better than this.
  • No sound 2/5

    By Leeniedd
    With the last two updates, including today, there is no sound with any of the videos. Sound works great on other apps, just not on CNN. What is there use then?
  • What Happened??? 1/5

    By DeaDLYHiGH
    This app used to be great, but after last few updates it is slow and crashes all the time! You would think their beta testers might pick up on these MAJOR problems! Time to fire some people!!! Edit : Still Broken IOS 10.3.1 4/19/17 Edit: Go back to the old version that was stable, Please! Is this a joke?
  • No Sound 1/5

    By Alhadee.rh
    After updating again the application I am no longer getting any sound. Yesterday it was fine and I was able to watch and listen at various times with no issues.
  • Still needs work 3/5

    By Craig A. C.
    The app is much improved from its previous version, and looks much cleaner. But it still has some problems that make it difficult to navigate. 1) There is no search function. No way to search a key word or category. 2) That search button becomes relevant since the categories are limited. There is no category for World/Foreign News or one for Science, for example. 3) And the lack of these features makes the bug with notifications noticeable. Occasionally, I have clicked on a notification and have not been taken to the story. There's very few ways to track it down in the app if, for example, it is foreign news.
  • Lying Media 1/5

    By Disowns chairing
    CNN never tells the truth. They are at Buzzfeed and Gauwker level of "news", if you can even call it "news". I don't think they employ one respectable journalist.
  • Defective app 1/5

    By CynT260
    I love CNN but the app doesn't open on my iPhone 6 or 6+. Please update the app so I can change my review.
  • Not receiving any notification sounds 1/5

    By Hershyg
    Please fix
  • Best news app 5/5

    By Cofc player
    Just all around awesome
  • Sound 3/5

    By Gehlin
    I have downloaded your new interactive app and I really do not like it' your "new" version better. The sound will not work and there doesn't seem to cover as much news. I want my old app least it worked!
  • Bias 1/5

    By CausalAntonio1
    CNN is fake news. A number of times they are being bias and withholding key information during their arguments and allegations. I don't trust this network and I think it has 0 credibility other than it's name.
  • Xfintiy log in 1/5

    By BioMarineBoy
    All it does is give a blank "step 2" screen when trying to log in. Doesn't work. Good thing it was free. Too bad because I love CNN
  • What's up 1/5

    By unc
    The new upgrade was terrible. You cannot scroll and most all the time there's no sound. I am a CNN fan but CNN needs to take a lesson from Fox on how an app should work
  • What's going on CNN? 1/5

    By Fzero69
    This new version is horrible, won't work, no live tv. Very disappointing CNN
  • Very fake news 1/5

    By Handburglar
    I think CNN tried to mess up my phone with this very fake news app.
  • Just gets worse 1/5

    By JJR JR
    I hate complaining about a free app, but I don't understand how they just keep making things worse. Not being able to swipe between stories is just crazy. And don't get me started on the grammar and typos. And CNN wonders why we don't trust experts, it's because "expects" can't even make a good reading experience, so how can they get the complexities of current events correct.
  • Fake news 5/5

    By Farhan Iran 2017
    Fake news
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Conesha1
    Don't get me wrong, but I love to be updated on important events, but three to four of the same notifications right after the other is a bit too much. Also, when watching the live feed or any video after a while of using the app, you can not hear what the video is saying. This app need serious work.
  • Horrible app. Terrible/Fake News!!!! 1/5

    By jandmtv
    App won't stop crashing. Upon opening, instant crash, Over and over. And when it does work, it still crashes time to time when playing videos. And also it double played videos, you would hear the video you are watching, and then 5 seconds later it played the audio over again so you are hearing 2 of the same audio tracks, one 5 seconds behind the other. Not that their news is worth squat, they are very much a left wing Fake News outlet! They will report the hell out of anything that makes conservatives look bad yet they refuse to cover the opposite. Fake news!!!!

CNN app comments

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