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Color 6

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  • Current Version: 1.1.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Tigrido
  • Compatibility: Android
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Color 6 App

Color 6 is an engaging puzzle game with a simple, but extremely addictive gameplay. Just compose hexagons of the same-colored tiles. Compose as many hexes as you can. Be the hexiest one!


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  • Once Lovely, Now Lost 1/5

    By Joyful0ctopus
    My original review is below. I left it in tact to remind me of what this game once was. Was. Till the ads went pornographic on my phone. In the middle of school. Take your ads off. Not your clothes. Unacceptable. ----------------------------------------------- To me, the game itself is perfection. I use this game to relieve stress and keep anxiety in check. For that purpose this game is wonderful and shouldn't change. Leave your base as it is. If you desire to improve upon it, I have two suggestions only. 1- tone down on ads or make the option of buying g out of them cheaper. A buck I will fork over. Two I will not. 2- if additional features should be added, add them in a way where the original part of the game as it is now is still playable. Don't force "upgrades" to the original (and wonderful) base of the game that will change the base of the game itself. Make them like a switch; play the original or play the original remixed with new stuff. Keep up the fabulous work.
  • Addicted 3/5

    By ashmec
    Ok so I’m super addicted to this game but guess what?? EVERY TIME IM IN THE PROCESS OF REACHING A NEW HIGH SCORE THE APP CRASHES AND IM BACK AT ZERO. Love the game, great design, just super irritating-it feels like no one wants to see me succeed and it’s very upsetting.
  • Review 5/5

    By Smurfs41
    Great space planning
  • Phone crashing 1/5

    By Julia Rufener
    I have the iPhone 7 Plus, nearly brand new with no other issues, but whenever I download this app my phone starts crashing and rebooting several times an hour. I’ve tried to have this game three times now but it causes my phone to go so haywire that I have to delete it again. It’s really disappointing because I absolutely love this game, it’s one of my top favorite apps ever. I just can’t play it. Please fix the bug fixes.
  • Good game, buggy ads 2/5

    By N0rry
    The game itself is very fun, but I’m having major issues with many of the ads. Often an ad will take me to the App Store when I’ve x’ed out of it, and then when I try to return to the game, the final screen of the ad is still there. Then I try to X out of it, it takes me to the App Store again, and on and on. I have to force quit and sometimes that doesn’t even work. Other times I will dismiss an ad when it’s done, it will return me to the game, and then a good 30 to 60 seconds later the ad’s listing on the App Store will pop up. You gotta fix this ad situation so it’s not irritating to play.
  • Horrible ads 2/5

    By Tom Stell
    Even after paying for the app your game gets paused in the middle until you watch a long video ad for some other game.
  • Good but shuts down phone 3/5

    By MelJo870610
    I like the app, even with the constant ads. But the Amin problem I have is that it not only shuts down my app ALL the time, it completely shuts down it phone. Very annoying.
  • Fun game but made my phone crash 1/5

    By Emm626
    This game made my phone crash almost very time I played it.
  • Crashes ALL THE TIME 2/5

    By bamuni
    This game COULDVE been 5 stars because it is actually really fun. But it WILL crash on you mid game and reboot your whole phone and will decrease your score even by half or start the game over.. hard to commit to a game that I can’t finish because the app seriously won’t let me. If you’re feeling that high of beating your score, fear no more! This app will ruin your day and your phone! Going strong with a 300+ score?? This app is perfect for shaving off 100+ points randomly after it reboots your phone!
  • Leadbottom66 5/5

    By leadbottom66
    My great niece got me hooked. She is 3 years old and just likes to put colors together
  • Awesome but Freezes 3/5

    By Egreybar0722
    Like the game but freezes my new phone and shuts the game down all the time. Super buggy
  • I used to love this game 1/5

    By Jxksnskzkxnnznd
    This game used to be great but now the hexagons do not even register so everything i put on the board stays there. Very disappointed that this game went downhill
  • “Remove Ads” doesn’t work!! 1/5

    By Kikikins2424
    Don’t pay for it! Did all the troubleshooting and it still doesn’t work. Apple won’t reimburse and App doesn’t respond to customer support inquiries. Terrible!
  • Zero if I could 1/5

    By Ba........
    Ads and pop up effecting my phone. The phone shuts down and restarts itself while playing this game.
  • Great game but it crashes all the time 4/5

    By MichaelVersionX
    I’m on the latest iOS. I can never “lose” a game cause it crashes. So I also never win. I also wish there was a power-up option to wipe clean an area or an exploding color.
  • Do Not Get 1/5

    By known of ur bizz.
    This app crashed mine and my bestfriends phone. It was a fun game till I lost everything😤
  • Great app but keeps crashing :( 2/5

    By mcastro13
    I really liked this game but was disappointed when it kept freezing and even crashed my whole phone this last time, had to uninstall. If the bug (or whatever it is that’s making this happen) gets fixed, I would happily re-download.
  • Messes up your phone!! 1/5

    By Auburnnnnnnnnn
    My friend and I both downloaded this game and ever since then our phones have been crashing and randomly turning off when they aren’t even close to dying.

    By HitmonChanlee
    Such a fun game, reminds me of a cool spinoff of Tetris!!!
  • Awful scamming 2/5

    By kimcmrn
    Between the scamming by advertisements and the app constantly crashing it was enough for me to delete. Too bad because the game was keeping my attention and was challenging.
  • Crashes on iphone 8 plus 1/5

    By Wolfwood04
    Title crashes when play for a long period of time while attempting to beat last highscore. Im on an iphone 8 plus with the latest ios installed. I play to the point i beat my last score making combos on consecutive moves then the game crashes back to the home screen. Hoping the issue can be reduced/fixed. Its frustrating especially when scoring high n clearing the board while making multiple combos. Very close to deleting unless a fix will be on next update
  • Fun but... 1/5

    This game has an obnoxious amount of ads. I understand needing to make money to keep a free game going, but there are too many ads. The worst part is: it crashes my phone ALL. THE. TIME. I’ve deleted it because that has to be a sign of a virus or something.
  • Crashes my whole phone every 3rd game I play 1/5

    By Tone116
    Absolutely awful. The game is fun but until they fix this issue it’s just ruined.
  • Just saying 3/5

    By Dillion o'niggar
    Ok that out of moves system is really annoying and is probably gonna get you out of the top 30 in less than a month and that's bad also ads
  • Fun game but app crashes every 5 min 1/5

    By KarliF.
    I like this game it’s a lot of fun but the app crashes every 5 min..
  • Ads constantly crash app/lock up phone. 1/5

    By SoBertese
    Great game. Terrible ads. Intrusive video ads that pop up not only between games but during gameplay. Almost every other time they pop up it will cause the app to crash. Twice now the ads froze, wouldn’t let me force quit the app, then froze the phone up on the “loading” spinner, requiring a hard reset. I understand the need for ad revenue, but this is terrible. maybe I’ll reinstall if/when this gets sorted out.
  • Literally ads are obnoxious 1/5

    By hellenbrandclan
    There is an ad after every game, you can skip it after 3-5 second but still so annoying! Also when I back out of the game it gives me the circle like its loading something when I am trying to leave! I don’t suggest this game, it’s fun but not worth the hassle of the ads
  • Ad spam 1/5

    By Bredo309
    This game was good at first with minimal ads, but then after a couple days when the game has you hooked there will be ads that pop up every 5-10 seconds pretty much forcing you to pay to remove ads.
  • Fun, but... 3/5

    By Sensei 1028
    It’s fun, and challenging. Would like to see some “wild cards”. Something that clears all of one color, or changes the colors, or something that would make the game go on a little bit more...
  • Fun, but... 2/5

    By Leelee01233
    It crashes my phone after 2 consecutive games. Fun and a good time killer, zen inducing game otherwise.
  • Ads are horrid. 1/5

    By surface__
    Ads are ridiculous. Tried watching one so that I can get some extra moves but immediately crashed on me.
  • Crashes 4/5

    By JanetteL
    I like the game but the app frequently crashes
  • Bugs! 2/5

    By Sharbear842
    Game is fun. Ads after every game. Shuts down repeatedly. Locks my phone. Warnings my iPhone is “infected”
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By knuppie1829
    It kept trying to direct me to Ashley Madison which is a dating site, in the middle of the game. It kept sending me to the new iPhone scam, and it restarted my phone, all of these in the middle of a game
  • Love it, but it CHEATS! 1/5

    By EmmmDeeCee
    I love this game, but when I’m playing it cheats! I will put down a piece and I’ll see my next move, but it tells me I’m out of moves, when I’m clearly not!
  • Game is dope but it’s real buggy. 2/5

    By 4’s(Foe’s)
    The game literally crashes after like 5 minutes of playing it. FIX THE BUGS ASAP. This game has a lot of potential.
  • Game doesn’t work 1/5

    By TheIllyssa
    I don’t usually write reviews on games but this one is horrible. Has tons of ads and game freezes, gameplay hardly works
  • Crashing 2/5

    By Js dials jdls
    I noticed that it has been crashing ALOT lately.
  • Unremovable ads 2/5

    By 99999976387
    I paid the $2 to remove the ads, but the ads never go away. I restore my purchase, my phone crashes and I STILL have ads. Really disappointing.
  • I never write reviews but the problems were so awful I finally had to 1/5

    By Valisbomb
    This game is a very good concept and I like it but there are very many problems that I have had with it 1. It crashes non stop and it is the only app I have that completely crashes my phone. I don’t know why this app would do that but it does, and I have a LOT of games on my phone ones much more complicated than this simple game 2. The ads in between games are way too long 3. You are redirected to the App Store CONSTANTLY even when you do not click on ANYTHING. This is VERY suspicious and leads me to believe that this game is some sort of virus. 4. Another suspicious thing is that happens is sometimes an “ad” pops up one of those “congratulations! you’ve been selected to blah blah blah” virusy spans and you only have the option to accept and you can’t click out of it with out shutting down the app. This is garbage I can’t believe Apple gave this app the go ahead into the App Store this app is obvious a virus or some sort of scam and it’s started to mess up my phone:/
  • Crashed my phone 1/5

    By Mandy doll
    The game was fun until it crashed my phone about 15 minutes after playing. I could not get back onto my phone for 20 minutes.
  • Awful Ads on this App 1/5

    By Brentavius
    Ads are everywhere, trying to infect your mobile device, redirecting you midgame, trying to scam you with the “Beta test a new iPhone” scheme. The occasional ad is fine on a free game I suppose. They need to get their money somehow. The issue is, it’s at the end of EVERY 2-5 minute game. You end up watching ads just as much as you play the game, if not more. For a new player who might lose rapidly, they might watch ads 75% of the time. Then to remove ads, you spend $2 for a game without ads when it feels like it barely took 2 hours to make the game. My advice to anyone interested in this “game” is to find something better. You won’t be playing this game as much as you’ll watch ads for other games, and to remove the ads means you’re giving them money for a very forgettable game.
  • Horrible Adds 2/5

    By SJordan007
    I really enjoy playing this game but I just couldn't take the ads and had to delete it. Every time you start a new game there are 10+ second adds playing at a loud volume! It says you can Skip after three seconds but you can't!
  • Restarts all the time 2/5

    By Allen fam75
    Like the game. It's fun to play. But it randomly restarts for no reason and that's truly frustrating.
  • Loved until 1/5

    By Amaroo900
    Loved this game up until a day ago!!! Every 30 seconds a warning pops up and starts opening up apps. What happened???!!!!
  • Kills my phone 2/5

    By It's Gehrke
    The game is fun, but it continually crashes my entire phone. Please fix this.
  • Restarting Phone 2/5

    By nigknand
    When I first got this game it was fine but now it crashes all of the time AND it restarts my phone every few minutes when I'm playing it. Idk why it does that but it's alarming and obnoxious.
  • Immediately Addicted 4/5

    By Zunigirl428
    Good quick game to play. I would suggest an undo button when you update. It would be a perfect 5 star game!
  • So frustrating!!! 1/5

    By Lovebugveeee
    The app was working fine, I love this game. But recently it's been restarting my phone and I have to start the game all over again and it's getting so frustrating!! Please fix!!!
  • Bummer 1/5

    By Jw6887
    This game is exactly the kind of puzzle/thinking-game I was looking for but it crashes so often, almost as if it's on a timer! It is such a bummer because it's addicting.

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