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Comedy Central App

Watch full episodes of your favorite shows with the Comedy Central app. Enjoy South Park, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Inside Amy Schumer and many more, available right in the palm of your hand. You can also kick back with stand-up specials, classic shows (including Chappelle's Show), short videos and full seasons of returning series. Watch full episodes from your favorite series the day after they air. Sign in with your TV or cable provider to unlock even more episodes and exclusive content, including: • The Daily Show with Trevor Noah • South Park • Inside Amy Schumer • Broad City • Tosh.0 • Key & Peele • Drunk History • Another Period • Workaholics • Chappelle's Show • @midnight with Chris Hardwick • The President Show • The Gorburger Show Signing in with your TV provider is simple: Just tap on Settings, select your provider, and log in with your provider user name and password. For more details about signing in with your TV provider, visit or contact for help. APP FEATURES: • We save your spot, so that you never miss a joke. Can't finish an episode? Continue watching right where you left off with our Continue feature, which remembers where you stopped watching. Just tap on an episode you started, and our video player does the rest. • Watch looping videos of your favorite Comedy Central shows on the home screen as soon as you open the app • Fave it to save it. Bookmark shows easily, so you never miss out on a new episode. You can edit your favorites at any time. • Stream Live TV. That's right -- you can even watch Comedy Central in real time when you sign in with your TV provider. • Browse our stand-up library, which includes great stand-up episodes and specials from comedians like Gabriel Iglesias and Kevin Hart. • Chromecast support lets you cast your favorite shows to your TV. Just hook up your TV and your Chromecast device, and the Comedy Central app becomes your remote for on-demand laughs. The Comedy Central app requires iOS 8.2 or later. Full episode streaming is available within the U.S. only. For help, contact For more information about this app and online behavioral advertising, check out The Terms of Use for this app includes arbitration for disputes – see


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Comedy Central app reviews

  • Bye 5/5

    By Copred
    Thx imma watch some south park
  • Ads play well, shows lag and stop 1/5

    By Edawg33
    Ads seem to always work, the shows dont seem to play at all and stop half way through each episode.
  • Yay loud commercials 2/5

    By Doophy
    Favorite thing is after watching the commercials, if I rewind to before the commercial, I get to watch them again!
  • Viacom... 1/5

    By Onyie!
    So, I use streaming services in lieu of cable because anyone who knows Time Warner can guess a myriad of viable reasons to end cable service. That said, I did up my Mbps with my ISP to be able to stream everything. I'm happy to even pay for those services (I.e. Hulu, Netflix, even SeeSo when it was up, etc). So, the fact that I can't get MOST of the standup specials I want to watch, favorite series (Chapelle Show, Reno 911, a million others) simply because I don't have a cable service provider EVEN THOUGH I'm happy to pay for the app's streaming option... to say the least it is irritating. To say the most it seems like a punishment to a VERY loyal viewer. I've been watching since the channel came to fruition and learned of people like Mitch Hedberg and Daniel Tosh from the Friday Night stand up specials and such. I bought the "crunchy/smooth" double CD by Comedy Central back in the day. I have a collection of comedy albums all from comedians introduced to me by CC. Kyle Kinane is one of my favorite comedians and he is the VOICE of CC. I know these things because I'm not just a casual viewer. I watch the shorts, the low budget animation (lol), all of it. But someone who is a fairweather fan who ALREADY has cable has all the access to the redundancy of the app. To say the least it is frustrating. NETFLIX is now my comedy app. Thankfully they're giving away specials like their going outta business...
  • Commercial volume needs to be fixed 1/5

    By icyhoy02
    The obnoxiously loud commercial volume has been an issue for a long time, over a year. They’ll reply to comments and say they’re aware of the issue but after a year+ of no action it’s time for them to step up and actually do something about it. I’ll change my review when the issue is fixed, the app is otherwise good.
  • WTH Comcast disappeared?! 1/5

    By Ping23
    Suddenly this app has never heard of the biggest cable provider in the country. THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMMMM...
  • Not that great 1/5

    By Kalvint
    Signed in but still blocked from watching anything but the crap they suggest. Scrap it :-(. Try again
  • Poorly designed and executed 1/5

    By Toli
    Don’t bother if you have Comcast. ComedyCentral and Comcast aren’t getting along, so the app won’t let you watch most of their programming, even though you would still be watching their commercials. The user interface is terrible. The buttons don't respond correctly. It doesn't keep track of what you have viewed (logged in). When you finish a show and back out it flips upside down for some reason. It plays episodes in backwards order Finish episode 4? Thing it will move forward to 5? Think again, it progresses to 3. It doesn't respond to Bluetooth headset controls. The commercials aren't consistent (sometimes none, sometimes 5 minutes in a row). Just awful all around.
  • I'm deaf now thanks CC app 1/5

    By Fly KUGN
    Is there any chance Comedy Central can make the volume of the shows lower while making the volume of the commercials higher? I haven't yet completely blown out my speakers or my eardrums. This complaint more specifically relates to the tvOS app, but as you can't write a review on appleTV here I am. The FCC actually passed a rule for broadcast tv regarding this exact problem, but for some reason Comedy Central and Viacom seem to have taken this to a new level. It's so bad that I'm considering dropping all Comedy Central shows from my viewing preferences. Please turn the volume of the shows up or turn down the volume of the commercials, it's ridiculous, when the show is at a moderate volume of ~72db, some commercials are played at ~90db, that's a difference of 18db, it's unacceptably loud.
  • Ads volume 2/5

    By montana osu
    Please figure out how to make the ad volume equal or lower than the content volume.
  • TV Provider 3/5

    By iPad4xmas
    Because the app didn’t recognize the TV Prodiver info already rpgrammed into my phone, I Tried to sign in using our account directly from the app, but I had forgotten how to type our password, so I got frustrated and deleted the app. This app needs to be updated to be compatible with the iPhone’s TV provider feature.
  • Nice app, LOUD commercials 4/5

    By Kyreth
    I normally watch with earbuds while my 1 year old is sleeping. If I forget to drop the volume by half before a commercial starts then my ear drums will bleed from the noise.
  • Fix it 5/5

    By LovedJames
    You will not be able to sign in to your TV provider if your phone is on Japan region
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By David Cazares II
    This app is totally useless to me. You can’t watch anything unless you connect to your TV provider or use a 24 hour free pass. Okay, that’s fine. When I try to connect to my AT&T account, it’s unable to load the sign in page. It’s stuck loading indefinitely. Fine. So I guess my only option is to start a 24 hour free trial by creating an account. NOPE. I get thrown a validation error when I try to create an account. So basically I can’t use this app to watch anything. Which makes it completely worthless because you can’t do anything else with it. Great job guys, fantastic app.
  • Commercials Are too loud. 1/5

    By C H 13
    Twice the volume of programming.
  • Basic app with a lot of issues 2/5

    By Peach383
    The app often times and and won’t pick up where I left off or doesn’t save my progress in an episode even while my account is logged in. Very frequently certain episodes won’t play day after like they should from the phone app, but will from the website or tablet app.
  • Terrible reliability 1/5

    By Mysterred
    The features would be great if the app wasn’t almost unusable because of bugs. The show regularly loses its playback position, loses connection over AirPlay, fails playback, or crashes entirely.
  • Love Comedy Central. Loathe their app. 2/5

    By Dhtndjsnfncm
    I love Comedy Central, but I dread watching anything on this app. Every commercial flashes to the iPad desktop for a few seconds, and if/when a program returns from commercial break, the audio is sometimes out of sync. More often, however, the show doesn’t return from commercial break, but rather just displays “Video is not available” until I kill the app and restart it.
  • Comcast 1/5

    By Nadrekab
    One star because I can’t sign in with my Comcast account. They’re the biggest cable company in the country. It’s absurd that I can’t use my account that I pay for to watch content on your app. This is what leads to piracy.
  • Great but should let us watch for free 5/5

    By gamer rocco
    I love this app but I only like it for one show it’s South Park it’s my favorite show
  • Rarely continues after commercials 2/5

    By Pbag
    4 commercial breaks during the show I was watching, and only once did the stream resume after ads. Every other time, I had to force close the app and start over. I like the content, but the app is frustrating
  • I’d pay Hulu an extra $1/mo to never have to use the CC app again 1/5

    By evelyn7221
    Chromecast isn’t working right. Again. I love getting 8 freezes in the first 3 minutes of every show. It’s not like I watch you for the punchlines or anything... Wait, make that 9 freezes now! Ugh. Other reasons for two (now one) stars: commercials are painfully loud compared to the shows, no 10 or 30 second rewind button, the pause/play button is so tiny it’s hard to tap and when you manage to do so it doesn’t always respond, when you stop a show halfway through and try to come back later it only saves your spot half the time, and when you try to manually rewind (see above) but go just a tad too far you have to watch the same commercials over again less than a minute later. You’ve said for over a year that you’re at least working on the commercial volume and rewind button but we haven’t seen the fruits of that labor yet. Even the CBS app finally managed to accomplish those two things. Congratulations, you now appear to be less tech savvy than the broadcast network young viewers most associate with their grandparents falling asleep in front of the TV at night. Edit: 30 seconds after I wrote this, the show I was watching completely froze then jumped back to the very beginning before the commercials. Downgrading to one star now. Fix yo s*** Second edit: a day after I wrote the above, it took three rounds of connect to Chromecast/cast show/see show completely stall at the beginning/restart CC app before my show finally played. I may be a loyal-for-17-years Daily Show viewer, but this app is testing my sanity and therefore jeopardizing that loyalty. Third edit: now when I try to send a show to Chromecast halfway through the show it always restarts from the beginning. The frustration this causes is compounded by the fact that the episode timeline bar at the bottom of the iPad screen doesn’t show commercial break marks like it does on the Chromecast screen. Half the time I try to play “guess where I just was” and fail, and half the time I just close out of the CC app altogether because this UI is the worst I’ve ever experienced on an individual TV channel’s app.
  • Can’t even watch anything 1/5

    By Queeblo 545
    The [adult swim] app is way better than this! Comedy Central app wont even let you watch anything unless you link with cable provider. At least the adult swim streams multiple live episodes for free some you need to link cable providers but a majority of the app is free just like the website! I only downloaded Comedy Central app because I thought they would have caught up with adult swim by now that and I just want to watch South Park but I guess not, it’s quite a shame, DELETE APP! (South Park is the only good show on Comedy Central any way!)

    By Anyomnous(just kidding)
    I love the app but there are way to many ads I get like a couple minutes to even watch the show then it cuts to all these ads and it gets frustrating when I just started watching and then it cuts to and ad then again then again and again otherwise the app does have its benefits but the ads are just another one of it’s annoyances 😘👌🏾😒☹️😖
  • I love Comedy Central!!!! 5/5

    By G-Funk32117
    I love Comedy Central!!!!! Idk why people would ever not watch this channel but Ive been watching since they first started and the app is really easy to use which is great since Im not always at home to catch all my new episodes. Keep it up CC!!!
  • Overall a very sound and well designed App 4/5

    By Socratezz
    I usually just catch the Daily Show with my iPad and it seems to work well and as intended. Navigation and search for episodes could use some improvement to get a perfect 5 Star.
  • No Xfinity/Comcast 1/5

    By Jenjen2317
    If you have Xfinity or Comcast don’t bother downloading this app, it’s useless
  • Adverts are twice as loud as content 1/5

    By acrisis
    It is bloody ridiculous. Trying to watch “corporate”, have to turn the sound WAY UP to hear the program, then have these commercials blasting full bore ... S T O P !!!
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By bostasauce
    The app works well and the selection is extensive. Comedy Central has much better stuff than you catch on cable
  • No support for Xfinity 1/5

    By Stewie910
    Still no access for one of the largest cable companies around; Comcast (Xfinity). They say they are working on it, but I don't believe it anymore.
  • App 1/5

    By 5starstud
    App won't let me watch shows that I've watched in the past. It just quit working for some reason and if you don't subscribe to a cable provider then the app is useless.
  • ?? 1/5

    By Lina 🍒
    Where is the option for Comcast/Xfinity as a tv provider?? I’ve looked through the whole list and don’t see it. I’m really surprised the app doesn’t have it considering how large Comcast.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By Lauren Jolles
    Warning if you have Xfinity Comcast you can't use this app fully. I am now locked out and cannot access certain shows. As I have read on the reviews I am not the only one with this issue. Please fix to be fair Xfinity customers should be able to use this app too.
  • Unable to load TV provider 3/5

    By Mista_sapp
    I’ve used this app for a while and loved it. Now it’s asking me to log in - which I’ve provided. It just keeps saying it had a problem and to try again later. Even after uninstall/reinstall.
  • Can’t watch episodes anymore 1/5

    By mnmolini
    You used to be able to watch episodes, but now they locked everything. I will be deleting this app and will stop watching Comedy Central because of their obvious greed. I pay for Netflix and Hulu. There should be a way to use one of those to log in, but you can’t. You have to have an expensive cable subscription to see episodes, which defeats the purpose of watching on the app. If I had cable, I wouldn’t need the app anyway.
  • Locked out from watching :( 1/5

    By ImbibeApps
    This app is now almost useless, as most of the content I used to enjoy, ads and all are now locked. Comcast Xfinity is the local monopoly so I guess I am SOL, since they are not on the list.
  • 😂😂😂💯🤣 5/5

    By Iowarican
    Love me some CC
  • Been good for the occasional user 4/5

    By Jkbury
    I haven't had as many problems since I upgraded my device. Pretty happy with the app
  • Was.... it was. 2/5

    By MR2Quick
    Was working great, now I’m signed out of the app and everything has a key on it, but my provider is no longer in the list. Guess I’m stuck watching episodes on the computer now.
  • App 1/5

    By Xxalaskan420Xx
    This app is Not user friendly. The app also deleted xfinity from it’s available cable subscriptions
  • 😐 1/5

    So xfinity nor Comcast is not listed as a provider, so I can’t log in. I click the contact support option and it closes the app. Sooo I delete the app and re-download it. And it does the same thing. Comedy Central, you’re better than this.
  • where'd xfinity tv provider go 1/5

    By TheGoo
    did y'all just remove xfinity from the tv provider list?? I don't see Comcast anywhere.
  • Shorten the ads and commercials 2/5

    By Invisible Monk
    Too many ads or commercials and they are too long, other than that all is good.
  • App is a sad representation of a Great Network 2/5

    By DMattTaylor
    The app works most of the time on my iPad Pro and iPhone X. However, I have never been able to sign in using the Apple TV version. My cable provider, Comcast Xfinity, is simply not listed as an option, though it is listed in the iPhone and iPad apps. I have emailed customer support once a month for three months, and have received one automated message which provided no information. If anyone does decide to reach out- do no expect to be treated like a customer should and do not get your hopes up. This is not a small, forgettable issue in my opinion. Companies that ignore customers will eventually have none to ignore.
  • Good enough 4/5

    By Kattboxx 12
    (See title of review for commentary)
  • Great when it works 2/5

    By Knapptime9
    I have the Comedy Central app on my Apple TV, and when it’s work it’s worked great. The caveat, it’s only worked for about two weeks in the last three months. A long while back, it went from working fine to loading to a stalled white screen. Reset/app reinstall etc did not solve the problem.(I’m assuming after a random update) it began working out of nowhere for about two weeks. Now for the last month and has been stuck loading to the same white screen again. Have tried researching the problem online to no avail, and I am experienced in troubleshooting and trying to reproduce what causes software bugs, and this one is lost on me. Anyone else having this problem on an Apple TV or been able to repro this bug to distill what’s causing it?
  • I ain’t even mad 1/5

    By Bobo Crippleton
    Installed the app 5 times and it wasn’t able to load once.
  • Needs a major update 1/5

    By imaperson52
    The app’s interface is atrocious and when I’m using it I feel like I’m back in 2010. It is near impossible to pause and play a show and forget about scrubbing through to find a certain spot as you literally have to drag a tiny bar that doesn't give you a time stamp so you don’t know where you are. I am baffled that a company as big as Comedy Central put so little work into their app. They need to take a look at Netflix or Hulu and realize that it should be a pleasurable experience to watch a show and interact with the app, not a nightmare.
  • Age Discrimination 1/5

    By Ianwott
    Because, oh, God forbid I try to watch Futurama. I'm four months away from turning 18, so why can't the 18+ content be be blocked for users that are 17, so said 17 year-olds can watch TV-14 programs like Futurama? Either go strictly mature or allow 17 year olds to watch TV-14 content.
  • Unable to sign in with tv provider 1/5

    By Cecille Marie
    It is very frustrating. There is no way that I can sign in with my tv provider in the app on my iphone. There is a place in settings that says tv provider but I try to go there and nothing happens. There are no places where it indicates to sign in. This has happened since I downloaded, uninstall, downloaded it again and nothing. I mainly want this app to watch the Daily Show so if I can’t log in, it is basically useless. When I go to an episode to hit play, it is blocked with a key on front.

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