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comiXology – Read Comics, Graphic Novels & Manga App

Are you ready to explore over 100,000 digital comics, graphic novels and manga from Marvel, DC, Image, and more? By downloading the comiXology app you will get instant access to your purchased titles from comiXology on all your devices. Whether this is your first experience with comics or you’ve been a fan for years, get ready, because comiXology is going to change the way you explore the world of super heroes, sci-fi, crime noir, horror, and more! Here’s just a small peek at what makes us your digital comics hub: ComiXology Unlimited (CU) is a new subscription service that allows fans to read thousands of comics, graphic novels and manga, like Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Avengers, Ms. Marvel: No Normal, The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, Hellboy, Adventure Time, Peanuts, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lumberjanes, Saga, Transformers. These are just a few of the great titles from Marvel, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, Kodansha Comics, Oni Press, Valiant Entertainment, Archie Comics, Fantagraphics Books, Humanoids, and so many more than we can name in this limited space.  ComiXology Unlimited comes with a 7-day free preview and is currently only available to US-based customers. - You can read all of your purchased comiXology books on all your devices. Every. Single. One. - Going off the grid? ComiXology has offline reading so your books will always be with you. - Guided View! Experience comics in a whole new way with our cinematic and immersive reading options on any device. - Log in with Amazon and read many of your Kindle comic, graphic novel & manga purchases inside of comiXology! - Create a Wish List of all those books you dream of owning one day. Library ComiXology’s 100,000+ strong comics, graphic novels & manga library includes: - Marvel Comics: The Avengers, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Deadpool, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Widow, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Thor, Wolverine, and more… - DC Comics: Batman, Harley Quinn, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Superman, Suicide Squad, The Flash, Arrow, Green Lantern, Batgirl, The Dark Knight, Watchmen, Fables, V for Vendetta, Sandman, iZombie and more… - Image Comics: The Walking Dead, Saga, Bitch Planet, Black Science, Spawn, and more… - Dark Horse: Hellboy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alien, Fear Agent, The Strain, Avatar: The Last Airbender, B.P.R.D and more… - IDW: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Transformers, Star Trek, Judge Dredd, G.I. Joe, Angel, Ghostbusters, My Little Pony, and more… - Manga: Attack on Titan, Naruto, Fairy Tail, All You Need is Kill, One Piece, Dragon Ball, One-Punch Man, and more… - Also find Dynamite’s James Bond, Boom! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Valiant’s Faith, and thousands of great indie titles coming out of comiXology Submit including: Wolves, Leaving Megalopolis, Doc Unknown, Action Bible, Silver, and (you guessed it) many more! FIND US ------------------------------- Web: Twitter: @comixology  Facebook: Tumblr:

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comiXology – Read Comics, Graphic Novels & Manga app reviews

  • The best 5/5

    By JennaM27
    Comixology is simply unparalleled. Its team up with Amazon had been nothing but covenient. If I had to search for a complaint it would be that it doesn't allow in-app purchasing of books however.
  • Guided view could use some work 5/5

    By whatisthedealwith
    The unbeatable squirrel girl is a great comic. Unfortunately the guided view does not register the text on the bottom of the page as part of the page and skips it. Aside from that? ComiXology makes comic reading accessible for phone/tablet users.
  • Changed the way I read comics 5/5

    By Munekypanda
    The sales and the way it snaps to the next bubble is really freaking good
  • Better than carrying comics 4/5

    By Njvh9
    I have all the walking dead comics and a large collection of other comics downloaded onto my phone. I can thank this wonderful app. It got a little expensive but if you are patient and wait for sales they are well worth the money. I don't even have to worry about them being crinkled! I do wish however there be a way to share comics with friends like I would in real life.
  • A second chance 5/5

    By Esommerman
    I was almost forced to give up my hobby of collecting comics which I have loved to read for over 60 years due to the incredible amount of space the books took up. Thanks to Comixology I can keep up with my favorite stories without taking up any more space. I also like that I can read some of my treasured older books without digging out my hard copies and thus saving them from deterioration. The borrow library give me a chance to check out some titles I may not have tried yet to see if I would like to follow and add to my reading list.
  • Great Content, Bad Experience 2/5

    By Kaleponi
    I don't know how this is getting any more than 3 stars. The fact that Amazon had to circumvent the AppStore by removing in app purchases makes it a complete hassle to use. I'll stick with Madefire and Tapas and Stela, thank you.
  • In app purchases please 3/5

    By Da_man94
    I love this app so much but I wish you could buy comics in the app instead of going to the website
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Maldonado9
    For the longest time I was against reading digital comics because I always felt comics should be read by paper and it helps the comics industry plus the creators by going to the stores. While that's true in some cases, but since my comic stores are hard to get too for me the desperate thing to do is this. And I absolutely love this, reading from iPad feels just like reading on paper and the VR is great.
  • Favorite App 5/5

    By Impulse685
    The only app to read comics
  • Good 4/5

    By McFlapper
    It's really good apo
  • Only app with power rangers comics 5/5

    By DanAlmighty18
    Go Go Power Rangers!!!!
  • The only way to read comics 5/5

    By TomDanger
    My comic collection fills eight big boxes. It will always fill eight big boxes since every comic I've bought for the last three years is stored in the cloud. Save your back, save a tree, save your marriage. Buy digital (unless it's a really cool hard back collected edition of one of your favorite runs, then, you know, buy a physical copy because that's what good comic nerds do).
  • Best way to read comics. Ever. 5/5

    By Shlaskowski
    Love the guided reading, and sometimes the classic is awesome too. Would like to see a lil more Junji Ito comics sometime, maybe some more Clive Barker too.
  • 5/5 if I could buy comics from the app. 4/5

    By Captain Blood Loss
    4/5 because I can't buy comics directly from the app. Other than that, a great app. Reading in panel by panel mode makes the comics feel a bit more alive and immersive. Plus it's more convenient than carrying comics around all day if you're on the go and want to read comics but not damage any of your prized possessions.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Monster X
    Out of the dark horse comics app and the 2000 A.D. app this is my favorite app for reading comics as it goes panel by panel making the font big enough for reading on your phone.
  • ?? 3/5

    By Nova Rich
    I switched from android recently and on there I could buy comics in the app,but here I cannot, it just says wish list and even then I can't purchase anything. What is this????
  • Perfect except... 4/5

    By Sweeney Mcjim
    The app is almost perfect. The reading experience is great and I love using my iPad to read. But I don't like how I can't buy comics in the app. You have to go to the website then download the comics to the app. Anyhow, it's great and I recommend it.
  • Make reading comics on even an iPhone enjoyable 5/5

    By ChouDoufu
    Due to the convenience and integration with Amazon prime this has become the main way for me to enjoy comics.
  • Great 5/5

    By mchapps
    Awesome if you like comics
  • This is tablet comics done incredibly well 5/5

    By John Saye
    In addition I'd like to see comic strip collections
  • Not free? 3/5

    By YaboiHarrywantsTacos
    Everything is not free? Well that was what I was hoping for. And there were limited free one that I liked but still a good app
  • Improved, but missing some reading options 4/5

    By rgeraght
    The app has improved recently, a lot crashes are now fixed. Please add 'fit to width' for portrait view, like already there for landscape view.
  • Please prepare for OELD and hi Rez 5/5

    By SpartanS040
    Love it. Please prepare app and comics for next gen.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By ChunkyZergling
    Need the 10.5 iPad...
  • Now this app is gettting better 3/5

    By A.Kinng
    Updated review: Now they finally got it right! Marvel and DC are here! You browse a lot and buy a few! Fast, fun amd easy to use. Keep it up! Old review (★☆☆☆☆) You are not paying for a 'netflix' kind of service. This is just a subscription for let you read some of them so you can start paying for the rest of the series at discounted prices. So, you pay monthly to see what you like, it's better going every day for free to a local comic book store and decide which one you'll buy. Get away of this!
  • Love it 4/5

    By CrazyLinks
    The best way I know to buy and read digital comics from all the different publishers
  • Great app, solid support 5/5

    By sefnap
    This app / service is amazing. I'm just getting back into comics after about ten years of not really paying attention. I've been able to read and discover a lot of great books, and it's super convenient to read on my iPad or phone. Also, I found a small bug and reported it with the in app feedback tool. After a little back and forth so they could reproduce it, it was fixed in the next update.
  • Best way to read comics digitally 5/5

    By JTP9002
    If you want to read comix digitally. Its rly the best rout also for 5 bucks a month u can barrow allot of good stuff Its the perk of being a unlimited member .. n there is a good amount of .. for barrow so its a solid deal
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ~ :• Wxlfie •: ~
    I can finally read comics and manga I always wanted to read. Thank you!
  • Great service 5/5

    By Dudefromdownunder
    Comixology is great. The monthly subscription is wonderful for letting you read a bunch of comics for a low charge each month. However, don't buy individual comics for them. It's always much cheaper on the kindle store for some reason (Amazon owns comixology). Great app all around. The only thing I've noticed is that the app won't download comics unless your device is unlocked. No biggie though.
  • Only one problem... 4/5

    By WonderNubs
    This is a great app! Tons of content, and I love the borrow feature. My only problem is that there's no link to buy more volumes, only to add to your wish list. I wish they'd upset that a bit.
  • Amazing app for comic book fans, seasoned and beginners. 5/5

    By AlixLStro
    I absolutely love this app. I was referred here by grace from beyond the trailer over on YouTube. I'm so happy to have found this app makes reading comics so easy. Very affordable also! Give it a try if your interested!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Mrs.Wehrli
    Comixology is such a great app. I usually buy my books from the local brick and mortar store, but this always has my back if I miss an issue. Or if I want to read something that the store doesn't have in stock. Great app and very helpful.
  • A great way to read comics 5/5

    By King Blerd
    I like buying physical copies of comics and digital. This App allows you access to a wide variety of books that you may not come across in person. And for less than $6 a month you get Unlimited, which has allowed me to read stories I never would have thought of.
  • HD switch on iPad app disappeared 4/5

    By gbothegmonster
    The latest update is excellent except for the fact that I can no longer disable HD downloads. The switch is present on the iPhone app (latest update) though. Please fix.
  • Good but could be better! 4/5

    By tshawg
    I feel like one major change that could help the app function is the ability to change the page with the volume buttons. This along with a more streamlined ui and this app could be amazing. Still one of the best options to read comics on the go though.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Mentally-gone
    Phenomenal. Just wish I could buy directly from the app
  • Comics 5/5

    By JonnJonezz
    Love it.
  • Great, but not perfect 4/5

    By srjuanm
    Overall I love the app and it's different sales. BUT, it can be difficult when you are trying to locate an individual issue. And it can be very frustrating if the series has over 900 issues.
  • Good, but has a bug 3/5

    By Bauhsoj
    I'm using a 12.9" iPad Pro and every time I tap the preview images they appear to be loading and then the screen goes black but the dots for image navigation are still there. When you tap the black image it loads the real image as it minimizes. So, there's no way to preview the comic you're looking at since it simply doesn't work the way it should. Other than that, it does what it says on the tin.
  • My favorite App 5/5

    By Chris Zod
    Comixology has become my favorite app. Great for reading anywhere. Love the guided view
  • Not working correctly 3/5

    By Creatard
    For some reason I can only download the comics I already own and nothing new, the download button is there but it seems to disappear before I can touch it
  • Comicstorian 5/5

    By Hog rider🐗
    Comicstorian got me in to comics check him out on YouTube
  • Amazing Comic App! 4/5

    By iMatt75
    This is the comic app of all comic apps. This app is a very good reading surface that brings all the joys of reading a comic even better. I would love to see this app have in-app purchases rather than going through a third party seller. Not yo much of a hassle but in the end this app is awesome!
  • Needs some work! 4/5

    By deiter1500
    I really enjoy this service and the ability to read and support comics in this way, props to the guided reading, but this app and the website are extremely difficult to navigate. The comic industry and the way comics work do contribute to the confusion, but when I'm looking for a certain series, it gives me all the languages I don't speak first and I have to dig for a long time to find what I'm looking for, and then I have to go back to the website and do the whole thing again just to actually buy it. So, one should be able to buy the comics in the app, we should be able to get to the next book in the series easily without second guessing myself on wether I've already read/bought that issue or volume. Overall, the app is dizzying and annoying to use, when I just want to read some comics I often don't have access to otherwise.
  • I can't buy anything. 2/5

    By JoshL0626
    I love reading comics and seeing that I can now read them on my phone then getting a hand copy makes me excited. This seems like a great app but I can't truly say that because it won't let me download or buy any books. All it says is, add to wish list. I've tried to figure out if I'm missing something but I don't see any button that says download or buy anywhere. If the developer can help me figure this problem out that would be great
  • Manual organization please! 4/5

    By williamhoschele
    Great app with a wonderful selection of books but is there a way you could build in a way to manually organize my collection? This way I could have my Batman: Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Long Halloween, and Batman: Hush filed under "Batman" and not three separate icons. Thanks!
  • Best at what it does... 4/5

    By Legomojo
    The only reason I gave 4 and it 5 is because lately I've been noticing lower than HD quality frames. Occasionally the guided view isn't perfect. But you can't beat it, otherwise.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Todd291
    I love that I can get new and old manga in one place. Why for the love of god can I not purchase mangas from inside the app?
  • Pretty good for comic app 5/5

    By Dexobox
    Love the guided view of comics .. takes you from panel to panel reading is easier

comiXology – Read Comics, Graphic Novels & Manga app comments

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