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  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Start on your phone, continue on your PC. Announcing a new feature for Windows Insiders in the Windows Insiders Program! By enrolling in the Windows Insiders Program and downloading the latest Windows Fall Creators Update, you can continue tasks like browsing websites from your phone directly on your Windows PC. You can even choose to "Continue now" if you're in front of your PC or "Continue later" if you're on the go!


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  • It’s nice but.... 4/5

    By Didi7467
    Wish there was a setting to use chrome instead of edge
  • Continue on PC 1/5

    By kflecha
    Doesn’t work with Iphones
  • It works 3/5

    By internet person
    Pretty convenient feature and a nice app, but most of the time I want to go from PC to phone, not the other way around. Please add support to send things from Edge back to your Phone. If I could do that, this app would be incredible
  • Visually confusing 1/5

    By Scrumdog
    If I were epileptic, the rapidly moving visual instructions would’ve triggered a fit. This is easily the worst explanation of an app I have ever seen. Back to the drawing board. The screens, features, methods of activation, shown on the app instructions do not match what I see on my phone after I have installed the app.
  • More features needed 3/5

    By VoidWalkers
    You should be able to send photos to your computer through the share button photos, using this app. Whenever I want a photo on my pc from my iPhone I have to email it to myself which isn’t always easy. Whenever I want a photo on iPhone from my Pc, it takes forever for my iPhone mail app to update so I can get it from my email already
  • Browser options 3/5

    By Hdhrieksuduxus
    I wish we could choose what browser we could open the page on, because not everyone uses Microsoft edge. But I like the idea.
  • Almost works 2/5

    By '15Legacy
    Only works with sending websites from safari; that’s it. No other instance where this appears in the share bar does anything get shared. Hence, it is of limited functionality.
  • It works perfectly but it opens it in Microsoft Edge 2/5

    By Dombro1
    I’d 5-star but I want to use Google Chrome instead of Edge. And yes, Chrome is my default browser on PC. I really don’t like Edge by the way
  • Why can’t I do this backwards 2/5

    By _KingHarambe_
    Why can’t I share something from my pc to my iPhone, why does it only have to be something from my iPhone to my pc?
  • Needs work 2/5

    By RizePhoto
    Was hoping this was like apples airdrop which works perfectly. Can only send webpages. Every time I send a webpage it says errors but still allows me to open it on my PC. Needs a lot of work.
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By Pkdlo man
    Guess what..... it doesn’t work.
  • Useless. 1/5

    By Ye68778
    I was giving it a try but it refused to merge my accounts. No option to continue. We're unable to complete your request Microsoft account is experiencing technical problems. Please try again later.
  • Clunkier than handoff 4/5

    By Whittty
    But of course it has to be. The one thing I’d KILL for is an easy way to send files to and from the PC over a local connection, a-la airdrop.
  • Doesn't Work...Period. 1/5

    By Chefde35
    Brand new DELL Latitude, new iPhone X. Added phone through Windows 10 says connected to the phone when you run app, however nothing happens after web page has been sent to PC.
  • Unnecessary... 1/5

    By Harsh M Bhatt
    Real life usefulness is mediocre...
  • Uhhh 2/5

    By Llndh
    We hit an error but we will save this in your pc’s action center.....every...time.. Go figure mircrosoft
  • Only Works with Edge 1/5

    By TechN8
    Hopefully this review saves you some time trying to get this to open links in your non-Edge default browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.). It won’t. It only uses Edge.
  • Works great...but 3/5

    By biggietoms
    Works well but I don’t use safari or windows edge so no real use for me till other browsers are supported.
  • Flawless 5/5

    By SpittnLead
    Simply put. I was shocked.
  • Cannot link iPhone 8 to Surface Pro 4 1/5

    By simommie
    Follow through every time and still my phone does not show up as linked on my PC.
  • Works Perfectly, One Small Bug 4/5

    By Yahoo98
    This app works flawlessly while using Safari on my iPhone and Edge on my Surface! However, once I tap to send the website to my PC, I get an error message on my iPhone. I get an error despite it working. This is strange, but it works!
  • Too limited 2/5

    By SW-PA
    It send web pages to edge, but as everyone says not your default browser. Xand send office documents, even when in shared folders. What use is just opening the same web page?
  • Great solution for a unique experience 5/5

    By Shahab Ab
    I have a suggestion: - History in app to keep track of what's been sent from/to where and when..
  • It works but only one way 4/5

    By Techie tucker
    It would be nice if it worked both ways but I'm guessing that is because it only wants to use the Edge browser which isn't available on iOS. You've already had this functionality if you use Chrome and it works both ways and synchs bookmarks.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Apple_iPad
    Works perfectly. People just don’t get it. Of course you computer has to be online. It’s Almost instant on my computer, so it’s it’s slow, it’s because you have a slow computer. Ignore the 2-3 star ratings. They are just hating on things they don’t understand how to use. You have to be smarter than a raccoon to use this app.
  • Should be named “send to Microsoft Edge” 2/5

    By Blue Zork
    On the PC, the default browser setting is not respected; the web page always opens in Microsoft Edge. I’ve only used the feature a few times, but received an error on my iOS device one of the times even though the page opened on my PC.
  • Works great, Just want the reverse now 5/5

    By jawz8
    This app works SURPRISINGLY WELL! Especially coming from Microsoft... The only thing now is we need the complimentary OPPOSITE (continue from PC on Phone). This would allow total fluidity of productivity. Especially if they could integrate that into their Edge browser app on iOS.
  • Works as advertised 3/5

    By aahhsshhaa
    It would be nice if the webpages opened in my set default browser instead of in only MS Edge. If that features happens then 3 stars becomes 4. I am knocking off a star for an error that has happened in every test page I’ve tried so far, after I send the page from my phone to my desktop, my phone shows that there was an error sending my page to the Action Center, but I have not experienced any errors. Just a slight delay.
  • Can’t search all devices 1/5

    I have a surface pro 4 and a dell desktop under my Microsoft account and both of them are open, online with browser open. However, the app won’t be able to detect my surface pro. When I tried to send it to the desktop (which it detected), it immediately said an error occurred and couldn’t send it. Well, I’m not surprised.
  • When you have multiple Microsoft accounts... 4/5

    By halleyscomet
    Make sure to add the same Microsoft account to your phone and to your computer. I had some initial difficulties because I have twi Microsoft accounts and I was logged into one on one device and the other on the PC. Once I had added both Microsoft accounts to the PC I was able to start sending pages to my PC from my phone.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Armydoc11
    I did the windows update and saw this. I was so looking forward to using this. Downloaded the app and after 25 mins of wasting my time I’m deleting it.
  • App is broken... 1/5

    By aferguson56
    I can’t send to Google Chrome on my PC. It’s useless unless I can avoid using Internet Explorer or Edge.
  • Expand it to more features plz 4/5

    By FlashPoint1985
    It sends webpages fine, but need more features such send files, notes etc.
  • Works great, more functionality would be great 4/5

    By Aras87
    The app works great for sharing websites from ios to windows 10 using edge browser(which btw is great). I wish MS could also sync iMessages and save photos to my surface directly using this
  • Unintuitive Setup Process But Does Work 3/5

    By Rockeboy53
    When you go through the demo, be sure to do the example at the end when told to try sending a web page to your PC. After tapping the up icon, scroll over to where it says More. Tap More. Look for Continue on my PC and move the slider. On your PC, a message inviting you to continue will slide in on the bottom right of the screen. Click on it and the page you were on will appear on your PC. It’s a shame the visual examples during the walk through after install go through their animations so quickly that you can’t tell what to do.
  • Very versatile. 5/5

    By Phoenixhunter7
    I like to keep my things in sync. When Microsoft makes phones I’m looking forward to getting one. (Not the current one but the one coming soon.) :)
  • An absolute must have! 5/5

    By Useditfor2monthsmeh
    Now that I have the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update installed and can finally use this app, I’m unsure how I ever lived before it! An absolute MUST have for PC users!
  • Finally!!! Thank you Microsoft! 5/5

    By mji71
    For those of us using iPhones and Windows laptops/desktops, this feature of the new Fall Creators update recently released by Microsoft is absolutely awesome. It works. Works great. Obviously it's best if your laptop/desktop is already on and you are fully logged into Windows. In such scenario, I've had zero issues. Many thanks to the Microsoft developers supporting iPhones and even Android (I have both users in my family)! Keep innovating.
  • Does NOT work! 1/5

    By Vestpocket
    The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update that was released today does not include the option to link to a Phone via the Settings app. Therefore, this app remains non-functional. Even though you can login to your Microsoft account, this app will not find your PC.
  • Not usable 3/5

    By Presbyop
    Very slow when it does work, does not seem to work when PC is offline, and the connection with the Authenticator app only works half the time. So, worse solution than just emailing yourself.
  • Useful functionality but it’s slow right now 3/5

    By MkTurner
    Slow to discover your devices (why does it need to do that every time, just cache them for me, they really don’t change often) and slow to acknowledge when the content has been successfully sent.
  • Works As Advertised! Perfectly. Read the instructions 5/5

    By GoodMusicPlease?
    Step 1. Go to Start>Settings >Phone>Enter your phone number without dashes and send link to get app. Step2: Follow app to App Store. Automatically you will be directed to Continue on PC. Download it. Step3: open browser on PC Step4: open website on iPhone Step5: Press middle button on control row to bring up functions. Step6: Select Continue on PC from top row on far left. Step7: Continue on PC will search for available PC’s WILL find one and ask if you want to continue now or later. Your choice. You might as well select now since you went through all these steps. You might as finish the job. Step8: Your iPhone’s current webpage will magically appear on the browser that you already opened on your PC. Just open it to a Home screen, any one will do, besides it’s going to change in less than a minute. So there you have it. All of you one star reviewers can follow these steps and make this app work as it was designed to work. Graceful and simple and straightforward. The melding of OS’s. Steve Jobs would be spinning in his grave if he knew this was happening to his beloved OS. Cheers, it’s time for a beer.
  • Nice Initial Star 4/5

    By ViperVette
    Being that I use an iPhone and iPad Pro during my travel and a Windows PC in my office, this app is a great start to iPad to Windows continuity. Would love to see this expand beyond just web pages, hopefully to Office as well. And also to go from apC back to iPad. But this is a good start.
  • Great start, few improvents needed 3/5

    By tacobelljunkie
    The concept here is amazing. The actually process is a little chunky, currently I feel it takes too much to share. "Continue later" probably isn't necessary (1 step removed), take advantage on Cortona's intelligence to know which machine I'm actively on (possible 2nd step removed). Just thoughts, y'all have the data that says otherwise.
  • Hear me Out 5/5

    By EddieStarr
    This is fantastic you can only send webpages right now with this , but please please Microsoft please I beg you !!! let us send screenshots let us send photos let us do all kinds of stuff but thank you for starting with webpages I can see this as a tool that I'm going to be using every single day I use my iPhone and iPad for mostly everything and my computer for long long reading sections and now I can find websites and instead of favoring them and coming back to them on a device I can send them right to my 50 inch computer monitor this is fabulous I truly appreciate this but keep inviting Microsoft do not stop at this keep going you have the potential to do great things
  • Instructions 4/5

    By zackrlliman
    It does work all it is a place holder you go to safari Then you share something go to the end of the share menu then hit more Then turn the toggle to on for continue on PC Then you share it via continue on PC now is it will show up right this second late be well later after Hitting either option it prompts you to sign in and then it works The app on the home screen is nothing Just there to make it happen
  • Please fix it!! 1/5

    By bga's no. 1 stan
    The app currently doesn't work for me. No matter how hard I try, no websites will ever connect to my PC. For now, the review will be one star until something is finally done about this issue.
  • Not working for me 1/5

    By Garett M
    When I try using the continue now option it opens a blank Edge browser window on my PC.
  • IT DROPED MY JAW! 😲 5/5

    By Reddley
    This app is amazing on how fast it is and easy to set up. 😀
  • Getting better 3/5

    By Chameleon360
    After several updates, I've found that the app will work with Safari pages but the option isn't available for Apple News articles. Getting better but still not fully functional for me. It also gave an iPhone error that "Something went wrong" even though the page popped up on my PC screen fine.

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