Cortana - Personal digital assistant

Cortana - Personal digital assistant

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cortana - Personal digital assistant App

Get Cortana and never miss a beat! Bring your personal assistant to your phone to help you keep track of the important stuff wherever you are, across your devices. Set a reminder on your PC to pick something up at the store and she’ll alert you on your phone when you get there. If traffic’s a mess and you need to leave early to make that meeting, Cortana’s got your back. If you need to find a fast answer or info on a flight or package, just ask. And Cortana is a truly personal assistant who gets to know you better all the time so she can help track the things you’re passionate about, like your favorite artist or sports team, and give you smarter recommendations.

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Cortana - Personal digital assistant app reviews

  • Siri ထက္ပိုသာတယ္ 5/5

    By မ်ိဳးေက်ာ့ၿမိဳင္
    လူနဲ႔ပိုၿပီးနီးစပ္တယ္ ။ ပို smart ျဖစ္တယ္။
  • Better than Siri a lot 5/5

    By Firas Aljaberi
    Since I had Cortana on my iPhone I stopped using Siri. It is smarter than Siri.
  • Closer to human than Siri. 4/5

    By Econworm
    Well done. MSFT!
  • Actually better than I expected. 5/5

    By Spanglo
    I am a bit surprised with how well Microsoft is making their AI products fit into my life. Why not, 5 stars.
  • Could Be Better 3/5

    By Ex-WM10 User
    I can't stand this UI. Why not just make it match the Windows 10 version?
  • Español 2/5

    By IsaApple11
    Cuando darán soporte para Cortana en español? Tanto tiempo ha pasado y aún solo tienen en inglés chino y japonés. Por eso es que Microsoft no crece...
  • Better than Siri 3/5

    By Agrovaine
    Siri is so robotic when speaking. Cortana is a much smoother and soothing voice when speaking. If only Apple would allow developers to bring up Cortana without going into the app it would get 5 stars. I'm a long time Windows Phone user so I've gotten used to Cortana as being my personal assistant.
  • Good but something wrong 3/5

    By Airball0283
    I like the app but it doesn't come out itself so there is a bug that I have to keep messing around with the screen to pop it up
  • unsolicited notifications 1/5

    By virginscrewdriver
    don't send me notifications about things i don't ask for. let us turn off random push notifications
  • Is an okay app 3/5

    By Lainey 56
    Not really enthusiastic about it yet.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Poortom1004
    This app would get an additional star if you didn't have to unlock your phone to use Cortana, like you can with Siri, as well as being able to use Cortana by holding down the home button just like you can with Siri, but I assume that is an apple limitation of not allowing the reassignment of assistants from the built in siri. This app would get another star if I actually could hear my alarm if my phone is in night mode. I have my phone set in night mode every night since I don't want to be woken up by emails and unwanted phone calls in the middle of the night. I don't have problems hearing my alarm using the built-in clock app for setting alarms that go off before night mode has ended.
  • I like it 4/5

    By Hcad000000
    It is pretty helpful... Wish it worked better with external apps on my iPhone. I like that it works across devices
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Rfb912
    Very intuitive!
  • Great appp 5/5

    By NoYooper
    I use Cortana for everything, watching stocks, delivering news, hailing Uber,etc. I find this much more user friendly and reliable than Siri. I only wish it would be the default tool worth Apple carplay.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Digidax1
  • Microphone issues 4/5

    By KarryKrash
    I'd love to use cortana but i keep getting an error when i turn on the voice recognition
  • Portable bing 5/5

    By Viva plays
    Easy to access, sends useful reminders, and can do anything bing/ Siri can do.
  • Google Now + Google Assistant = Cortana 4/5

    By Schylr
    Heard great things about Cortana, but I was waiting for Google Assistant. During my use of Assistant, I realized that I didn't like having the personalized Google Now cards in the Google App and the Assistant in another. I understand their reasons, but Cortana consolidates that. Since I use her on Windows along with my iPhone, she really feels like a personal assistant. The app is also beautiful and mature (Google's Material Design looks like the play area of a McDonald's). One thing they do need to improve is the settings (Notebook) section. It's quite slow and can get finicky. Overall, consider me impressed.
  • Halved my battery life. Had to uninstall. 1/5

    By Anon App Review
    Battery life plummeted after installing. My phone wasn't usable across a day with light use. Had to remove it after a couple of days.
  • Great AI - Seamless integration. 5/5

    By jacobDsabo
    I like that I can go from my Windows PC, to my phone, and back again with all of my information carrying over seamlessly. Cortana is definitely on par with Alexa. I have these accounts linked and both provide access to my smarthome devices and digital calendars, contacts, etc.. Cortana is awesome!
  • Terrible assistant 1/5

    By Skrapshak
    It won't sync with the Outlook account I signed in with. No calendars, contacts, etc. Tried some troubleshooting. But if this is some extended process to get it to work, I don't need it. I can do it myself, thanks.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Digitalsin
    Well done and useful. Wish I could replace Siri with it.
  • My personal secretary 5/5

    By Hubbubhhv
    If you have windows 10, download this app and enjoy being organized for once
  • The best so far 5/5

    By Hawon
    Much better than Siri (which is not a high bar to clear), voice recognition is as good as or better than Google, and information it is displaying are less but more relevant. All Microsoft apps have been superb for iOS and this is another great one.
  • Very good 5/5

    By efibendor
    Surprisingly useful
  • Excellent. Keep improving it... 4/5

    By Sdh12345
    Better than Siri. To Microsoft: you're on the right track but stay hungry on your productivity mission. Keep improving the ways it integrates with other apps. So much potential to enrich connections between email and text and calendar. Great start.
  • Simply the best digital assistant 5/5

    By SCMurphy11
    Interest, people and location based reminders, and the fact that it's the same across all my devices make Cortana the best.
  • Not as good as Windows phone version but good 5/5

    By Cctechy
    Still better than Siri and syncs to windows
  • Thumbs up 5/5

    By neverstopdancin
    Great app. Sorry Siri. Microsoft just past you!
  • Better than Siri 5/5

    By Darkhanbil
    Love it so far since moved from mac to Pc. Waiting for hey Cortana to be available on iPhone!
  • Very responsive and easy to use. 5/5

    By iSri7
    Very responsive and easy to use. I love this app.
  • Like this 5/5

    By MXGirl2002
    I like how its connected to my laptop makes everything really easy. Love the weather updates too.
  • JOACO 5/5

    Good utility.
  • Cortana 5/5

    By 4bubba
    Cortana really is great has a great voice recognition has an expansive knowledge base is extremely helpful for finding tips on how to do something to directions to even using The app is simple you click on the dot and it understands what you're looking for like help me remember this or make notes
  • Always there when I need it 5/5

    By Keithye
    Just started using Cortana. I've been surprised what a great assistant it is. I love that it automatically schedules reminders for me based on txt or email communications.
  • Awsome App 5/5

    By Katt1973
    I Love Cortana Better Than Siri. Thank You A Bot To Finally Understands Me!!!
  • Best Assistant! 5/5

    By Musicmanlevario
    So much better that Siri and Google Now. Love it.
  • Better voice recognition 3/5

    By Tonynovak
    Cortana recognizes my voice far better than Siri. So it it is the obvious choice. Otherwise I feel like I'm still slowly learning how to use it.
  • Great personal assistant! 5/5

    By Imsimsj
    Always on top of things. Never fails to remind me what I ask it to. Keeps up on my shipments. I wish it could tell me it is going to rain within 10 minutes like the weather apps but very solid assistant. Highly recommend.
  • Landscape mode and iPad Pro support missing 3/5

    By pgk2008
    Great personal assistant, but at the moment no support for large screen iOS devices. That means the app looks tiny on the iPad Pro screen. That, or ridiculously magnified when shown in 2x view.
  • Love it but needs auto rotate 5/5

    By Pressed Ton
    I love Cortana on iPhone but I can't believe it won't operate in landscape view. Truly my favorite app.
  • Love it but... 5/5

    By Scorchh
    It would really be nice if it connected to your xbox info as well, other wise this has great audio recognition
  • Awesome 5/5

    By FC Bayern Munchen 19
  • Marina 4/5

    By Marina Mercurio
    It's a great app. For weather !!
  • Way better than Siri! 5/5

    By Golbd
    Great full featured PA! Speech recognition is excellent!
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By DrSantimano
    Cortana on IOS is better than Cortana on Windows phone. I would like to be able to use Cortana when my cellular data is switched off Simple tasks like setting the alarm 🔔 or making a call or setting a reminder should be made available offline
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dish ax
    Great app
  • Cortana 5/5

    By Jim 70
    Working well for me.
  • Cannot search emails 2/5

    By mji71
    Connected my Office365 account. Cannot search emails. Should be able to do so using commands such as "email: [search term]" or "email: from: [sender name] [search term]". What gives???
  • Nice to have something that works! 5/5

    By Lempo1
    Definitely like being able to have continuity of apps!

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