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Costco App

It's easy to save time and money while on the go, with the Costco Mobile App! We've improved our mobile app, to make it easier for members to access the incredible values found only at Costco. SHOP: Browse’s unique and expanded selection, which offers thousands of items not found at your local warehouse. Enjoy having items delivered straight to your door! SAVINGS: Conveniently receive the latest Warehouse Savings right on your own device. PHOTOS: Upload and print photos anywhere, anytime. Prints start at 17¢, Photo Books start at $19.99 and Canvas Prints start at $28.99. TRAVEL: Shop Costco Travel for great deals on vacation packages, hotels, cruises, rental cars, theme parks and more! BUSINESS CENTER: Stock up on everything from Restaurant Supplies to Office Essentials, and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. SHOPPING LIST: Keep track of the items you want to pick up on your next trip to Costco. WAREHOUSE INFO: See details about your nearest Costco warehouse, including regular and holiday hours, services provided, and driving directions. FEEDBACK: Visit our Opinion Lab page and help provide important feedback for Costco, because your opinion matters!


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Costco app reviews

  • Needs warehouse inventory checker 1/5

    By Mc510
    There’s only one real important need for a Costco app, and this app doesn’t provide it. How much time have you wasted wandering around your local Costco trying to figure where they have moved the [insert your favorite product] or if they even still sell it? Costco workers have access to a computer system that shows what is in stock and where it is shelved. The Costco app needs to be connected to that inventory system, so that customers can find products themselves!! Home Depot app does this, it’s super handy, and I shop more often at Home Depot because of it. C’mon Costco, be as good or better than Home Depot, okay?
  • Love Costco, but not so much this App 2/5

    By Mrs.MRB
    I use the app for many of my online purchases. This version needs an update badly. The biggest problem is that the app times you out, so all the work you've done to save things to your cart is futile. It has happened numerous times, so I find this rather irritating. I also do not like that the app now makes me sign in even if I have checked the remember me box. My devices already have pass codes so this gets ridiculous. The new “grocery” option is a joke. It doesn’t save any time and is so much more expensive now than just before they included the feature. But other than that, it's a pleasure doing business with you. Costco, please step it up. Help us love you & this app at Christmastime and all throughout the year.
  • Logging in is a task 2/5

    By moaber
    not bad of an app. the bad: You need to log in every tine you leave the app and come back. Search function still has a lot of room for improvement.
  • Junk 1/5

    By LAX20531
    A garbage app from one of America's top retailers. All it does is ATTEMPT to connect you to the mobile website. I say attempt because my last order attempt gave me the following message: “You have attempted to execute a transaction our server has flagged as malicious”. Logins time out quickly so items that requiring signing in to view pricing will be encountered frequently across every the same session. The reason retailers maintain apps is to streamline and drive electronic commerce to their storefronts. Costco goes out of its way to make shopping more difficult.
  • Stop logging me out!!!! 1/5

    By YamaJaan
    Stop logging me out!!!! Pathetic you have to login each time you open app!!!!!
  • Not as good as Sam’s Club App. 3/5

    By RadarLVNV
    I like the Sam’s Club App better, because I can shop and scan the item at the same time. This allows me to check out and avoid the lines at checkout. You can also pay using the app and avoid the checkout lines altogether. I wish COSTCO would do something like that. It would also be nice if COSTCO offered free WIFI while shopping in-store, making it easier to compare pricing and check to see if an item is available online. The COSTCO app serves a purpose, but could be so much better.
  • Get with the times 2/5

    By WaHockeymom
    Everybody and their brother lets you see inventory at local stores. Costco should be no different.
  • Does not work with Face ID 2/5

    By Linacjsdad
    Latest update will not work with Face ID. Even with selecting “remember me” it will log out and when you open the app, Face ID pops up and all your info is gone and you have to enter your email and password again. Does this every single time. Needs to be fixed. Also, when you back page, it starts at the very beginning!! When I’m scrolling through items, I’ll find something that looks interesting. I’ll select that item to get more info. After that, I’ll back page to get back to scrolling, and bang!!! I’m back to the very beginning of scrolling! I have to scroll fast to try and find where it was I was last at. What a pain!! After 2 times, I’m done using the app because you always end up at square 1. Please fix the app Regards Frustrated.
  • App does not equal store 1/5

    By Bilmoore
    As others have said, this app is essentially a web page stuffed in an app, the way horrible app developers used to do about eight years ago. It logs you out constantly and, worst of all, you can’t use this as your membership card. Please, please, please Costco fix this app to make it useful and have the experience match your in-store experience of providing superior service.
  • Fix the sign in problem! 1/5

    By Gpracer1
    Constantly having to re-sign in is infuriating.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By tekkie4u
    Come on, Costco! You’re good at retail, but this iOS app is pure crap! There’s no way I can design and order my holiday cards with you. Guess you’re ok with losing business to Shutterfly and VistaPrint! How frustrating for your good customers!
  • Phone Instead of Card? 2/5

    By i8dc
    Dear Costco: why can’t I use your app instead of my card at your stores? This is such a no-brainer. If Starbucks can do it, you can do it.
  • Safety problem 1/5

    By miaroll
    It won’t let me sign out. I press the sign out button 10 times. I have to delete app and download back to make sure my account sign out. Not reliable.
  • When are we going to get Passbook 2/5

    By Techie tucker
    The app is decent in and of itself if you don't mind what amounts to a desktop web page crammed into a phone screen, but if Sam's Club and just about everyone else can make membership cards work with Passbook, so can you. It's the 21st century. No one wants a two inch thick wallet any more. It would also be nice if the app would remember log in information. Why even have touch ID if it's just going to ask for your credentials again, every time. It's quite frustrating. Frankly, I would expect better than this from Costco. Does anyone in the company even look at feedback on this app?
  • Fix checkout process! 2/5

    By Liv1103
    I can’t even tell you how many times I thought I completed an order and 3 days later haven’t received anything only to realize my items are still somehow in the cart. It’s something like a 6 step process. You would think that’s the first thing the marketing team would want to fix!! Also $100+ minimum for free shipping is super lame especially since we already pay a membership fee.
  • Vague and not user friendly 1/5

    By RoxyGirl42
    I found that the app doesn’t really do much for helping customers with anything specific. It’s really good for telling customers about deals but not about the products they carry in a particular club. For a company that requires a membership it doesn’t have anything special about the app. Plus, the drop down Menu isn’t user friendly. I searched non-gmo and it showed me information on one product.
  • Costco Grocery 1/5

    By Timbo907
    Costco Grocery not available in Alaska.
  • Good app 5/5

    By T99?
    Good app, but wanting in feature like check in or check out.
  • App needs major improvement 1/5

    By Jswole
    To make this easy. The Costco app should be just a good as the sams club app. Why can’t I have a digital version of my club card so I can add to my apple wallet. App is slow and can’t do everything.
  • Show item location 1/5

    By Papanoel81
    I need an app that tells me where an item is located in the physical store just like most other store apps do.
  • Could be better 4/5

    By Rayjrf
    Add Touch ID to the app
  • Way behind 2/5

    By James UT
    While I like Costco, I have memberships to both Costco and SAMs. Costco is so far behind SAMs in technology. With the SAMs app, I can see what is available in my local warehouse and the price. And with the new scan and go app, SAMs is a entire generation ahead of Costco. Costco’s app is almost useless to me. Time to catch up Costco.
  • Missing the most obvious feature... 3/5

    By Tagg User
    Why doesn’t it have your membership card available in the app?
  • Primitive app 1/5

    By Archieshah
    It’s not even real app, it just opens a mobile page of Costco’s website which can’t even remember my ID password. Everytime I got to sign in just to check the prices. Technologically, Costco is falling far behind the other wholesalers. App developer and Costco management should look at the app of the other companies. You can’t even allow virtual id card? Every time I forget my ID I end up wasting my time at the reception just to get a temporary card. And Have you ever seen lines in the Stores during weekends? Learn from Sam’s club and allow app based check out. Grow up- grow with the time. You guys are still living in 20th century. Utterly shameful for a such big brand.
  • Membership card in app 2/5

    By justinsane1
    There is no reason the membership card is not available in app to use in store. At Sam's Club, I don't need my membership card or even my wallet as I can provide my card from the app or Apple wallet. Then I can scan my own items with the app and skip the checkout by paying in app while I walk to the door! Costco has superior product selection in my opinion, but lags in ease of use for customers. I don't carry a purse and prefer to carry a wallet with as few cards as possible, so an electronic membership card would be great!
  • Easy and efficient 5/5

    By CoraZon2012
    Love how quickly I get my orders esp when we're low on diapers or wipes. Photo ordering is also easy and straight forward. Pics upload faster on app than on PC.
  • Great, but Missing Something 3/5

    By jnoutinen
    The Costco app is great and lets me browse a store’s products and sales before I go. Main thing it’s missing is the ability to add my Costco Membership card to the app and to Apple Wallet.
  • The iPad version is pure junk 1/5

    By Apple User K
    I feel very dissapointed. Come on Costco, you can do better. We all expect more from you. The iPad version is not the same as the iPhone, nor the PC. The iPad version is pure junk. Discard this one and use the other version (please, dont do the opposite, please !!!!!)
  • Photo center mobile app is the best 5/5

    By PattyO1000
    I use the photo center mobile app all the time. Love the ease of use and convenience of ordering photos wherever I am!
  • Still need a physical Costco Card ??? 1/5

    By Too_expensive
    When will you finally add the card in the app, preventing the need to carry a car around ? IT IS TIME !!!
  • Lacking 2/5

    By nprnebraska
    Costco - your stores are great, but please embrace Apple Pay & Apple Wallet. Yours is one of the last cards I have to carry - why can’t I show/scan your card from the wallet on my phone? Apple Pay is just a no brainer.
  • Can be better with more features 2/5

    By AbhishekPatel
    Still do not have the ability to scan items and get more information along with ability to scan and pay for it without standing in checkout line. Lacks lots of features compared to other industry leading retailers.
  • Messed something up with the last update 3/5

    By Fuhri2
    I love Costco and even though the app isn’t perfect, I still use it regularly and it works as intended, for the most part. The latest update made it very frustrating to look at anything though. If you need to press the back button after looking at an item it now takes you all the way back to the main screen instead of back to the list you were looking at. This also happens if you need to sign in to look at the price of an item. After signing in, it takes you back to the main page and you have to find the item again to see the price. I’m hoping this all gets fixed very soon because of all the holiday sales that are going to happen soon. One of the minor things that I wish Costco would add to the app, is something that I don’t think seems too hard. When the new sale list comes out, but not live yet, I get excited and want to see prices on everything that looks intriguing. When some things are able to buy online as well many times I want to take a look at it online to see the price and see how good of a deal it is. If you press the item from the app you will get redirected to a page saying the deal is not in effect yet. I wish it would still take me to the item regardless if the deal is in effect or not. I have to copy the item number and then put it in the search bar to see the item. I just wish it was more seamless.
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By 🎾🏀🏈🏉⚽︎⚽🏐⚾️-er
    Signed into my account and went to order photos. It asks me to sign in again😂 It’s clear Costco needs to hire some competent tech people 😂
  • Wallet 1/5

    By LawlessGear
    It’s almost 2018 and Costco still doesn’t support adding your Costco membership card to the wallet app? Making this app pointless.
  • Not Functional or Common Sense Based 1/5

    By sarlynn
    Okay, this is ridiculous. I had my cart filled with $300 in groceries, and I switched into a different app for less than 5 minutes to read reviews on a product since there weren’t any on the Costco product. I double clicked (iPhone) back into the Costco app, and my cart is empty. WHHHHHYYYYY!!!! I am not going to take the time to find all the crap I had in my cart 5 minutes ago. Instead I’ll go to the local Smiths grocery store and call it good. I’m at least guaranteed results there. This issue is such a joke - it is almost like you don’t WANT people to be able to buy stuff when you’re deleting everything out of their cart in less than 5 minutes time. Ugh! ALSO - the back button within the app takes you back to the root menu. Example: I am browsing through the makeup category, and I click to view a particular product. To get out of that product, I have to push the back button. And what happens? The back button doesn’t take me back to the makeup category list page I was on previously, but it takes me instead to the main costco page. I would think that Costco Computer Programmers should be smart enough to have be back button take me back to the screen I was on previously, rather than requiring me to start over and click the category that I was previously in, then scroll down forever to find where I was. You can imagine how fun that is when you’re looking through pages of products within a category, and the back button pushes you out to the main menu screen again. Ugh again! Costco - we all love you. It’s very hard not to. But for as much as I love you, I hate leaving my house even more. So pick it up with the mobile ordering process or you’ll never be able to compete in the long run with Amazon and all the others. Sheesh - even the Walmart App works much more intuitively than yours. And that’s saying something.
  • Digital card 1/5

    By Squirtster
    Costco is now the only store where I have to carry a physical card. Wish they would update their systems and join the rest of the merchants!
  • Virtual Card 1/5

    By Flyguy51
    Agree with others... until Costco implements virtual card, one star. Call me spoiled, but I’m not carrying their membership card in my wallet and it costs Costco sales when I’m not in my car which is where my card is kept.
  • Don't ever leave the app or you'll have to start over 2/5

    By I won't
    I log on, do a search for laptops (for example), filter by screen type, filter by computer type, filter by drive, get a list of possibilities. I want to research one so I copy and past make and model, leave app and search the web. Come back to Costco app and everything is gone. I have to log on again, search again, filter again. What a pain. I should be able to flip back and forth without starting from scratch each time.
  • Could use an upgrade for sure! 2/5

    By Gtuva
    Please Costco stop making me login every time I open this app! You competition doesn’t require it so they are my go to apps. They are quicker to use so please improve this app and it will get used more often. Back button does not always take me back to the previous page so I have to keep clicking to get back to the spot I want.
  • Poor effort 1/5

    By technonut
    Costco’s technology isn’t really a priority for them, and this app reveals their inattention to the little things. Very frustrating when browsing a category of items, you choose an item to view in more detail, press the Back link, then get thrown out to a higher or previous level of browsing, rather than simply back to the category list you just were in. These are the basics of UI that are easy to get right, but Costco’s IT can’t even get this right. Amateur Hour.
  • Goodbye Costco! 1/5

    By Mr. Helpful
    I have shopped here for a number of years and always enjoyed your products. However your blatant disregard for the change in technology and times shows me how far behind and what lack of vision Costco has. Amazon had a headstart, I get that. However this app is terrible and nothing short of a disaster. I believe it was designed and created by a high school student. Why doesn't the desktop shopping list and mobile list sync? Why are the products different on the business side and wholesale site, when the product can be found in the Costco store? Why is your delivery systems so behind the times and convoluted to understand?
  • Need to sync across devices 3/5

    By Paul8028
    Quite useable and easy. Need to sync across devices.
  • Listen to your customers, Costco 1/5

    By jarrennesbitt
    I’ve been a member at Costco practically my entire life. My parents have always shopped here, and now my wife and I shop here. But Costco NEEDS to get with the times. Where is our virtual membership card? I hate carrying around a physical Costco card, it’s practically the only card I still have to carry besides my ID. Add the membership card to Passbook, PLEASE! Also, please add wireless payments to your POS terminals in-store (aka Apple Pay). When we have our membership in Passbook, and can pay with Apple Pay, I and many other customers will be incredibly happy.
  • No digital card? Seriously! 1/5

    By MKX16
    It’s a worthless app. Costco always proves they are way behind. I would give it 0 star but I couldn’t
  • Latest update ruined app... 1/5

    By RiceGirl
    Am a long time app user, the latest update has ruined the shopping/search options on this app. Impossible to find items I know Costco online offers. Please fix as it's useless right now.
  • Dumb app 1/5

    By iseeit2
    When logged into my account it still forces me to enter my membership Id to see member prices.
  • 1/2⭐️ 1/5

    By rrm58078
    Pure junk!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Melissasplace
    This app doesn't keep you logged in No Touch ID. Doesn't save your place when you search for stuff and takes you back to the home screen if you press the back button.
  • Need serious upgrade 1/5

    By Tenshou007
    Being Costco, I would expect a much better app and user experience. The app is slow. It loads the webpage and it’s not a native iOS app experience which would be much faster. I always have to sign in. Before doing anything new, please release a native app. There are great possibilities with Costco app but someone needs to sit down and get it done. Right now, I don’t want to use the app but have to. The only used feature is checking coupons and saving them. That’s it. Pleas update and upgrade

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