Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills

Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills

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Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills App

**Featured on MSNBC, the Today Show, The NYTimes, Wired, Politico and the iTunes App Store Countable makes learning about what your government is up to easy and fun. Learn about issues you care about, influence Congress with one tap voting, and rally your friends around specific legislation. SEND VIDEO MESSAGES TO YOUR REPS - Use the camera on your iPhone/iPad to record video messages - Send them to your elected reps and break through the noise - Tell your story in your own voice and be heard! MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND - Daily notifications about upcoming votes - Short non-partisan summaries of news and legislation - Unbiased arguments for and against HOLD YOUR REPS ACCOUNTABLE - See how your votes align with your lawmakers - Post an opinion or vote and we’ll inform your lawmakers - Don’t be surprised if you receive a message back COMMUNITY - See what other people are saying about the issues you care about - Upvote their opinions and show your support - Post principled arguments and help change people’s minds ------- Accolades: - “Slick, easy to use and could definitely help inform your opinions.” - New York Times - “Telling your senator how to vote is as easy and ‘liking’ a Facebook picture.” -Tech Crunch What our users say: - “Fast, easy way to interact with Congress.” - “Makes it easy to stay informed with D.C. and ultimately let's my voice be heard.” - “An easy way to keep track of bills in congress and give feedback to my senators and representatives!” We love feedback! Email us at Follow us at @Countable,, and About Countable: Countable was created by a team of dedicated Americans based in San Francisco and Washington DC. We believe that using technology properly we can make American democracy work in a fashion similar to what our founders envisioned. Our advisory team includes former Senator Evan Bayh, Joe Trippi, who ran Howard Dean’s revolutionary presidential campaign in 2004.

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Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills app reviews

  • Awesome App 5/5

    By burnzeeboy
    Great easy app to stay informed and contact your government reps! Thank you so much for this!!!!
  • Virtue in tech 5/5

    By sprta
    With the ever expanding number of apps on our phones, it is increasingly difficult to find ones that add to us rather than takeaway. Mobile games, social media, micro utilities all at best provide a welcome distraction from the day to day. Countable actually adds to you. It takes something crucially important and unbelievably uninteresting and makes it quick, clean and fun. Our country needs citizens that are paying attention, our country needs public accountability for politicians, our country needs a better informed electorate. Countable is the best attempt I have seen so far at doing just that. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and Countable fights the shade. Love it.
  • This is worth your time 5/5

    By oncewasquiet
    Helpful and informative
  • Love! 5/5

    By Gratefulcitizen
    This app is wonderful. I'm so glad that it's free, as it should be spread far and wide! Thanks to countable for making the overwhelming legislative process easier to keep up with!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Pakdavid1990
    Great election app!
  • Completely broken 1/5

    By Colin bras
    Upon sign up, you will be asked for your address. When you put it in, it will tell you that the address is not right. It is. I'm an app dev, and I can't believe they are advertising this thing when they've deployed a broken build. Do solve QA first
  • Forward-thinking & easy 5/5

    By garidr
    It's an incredibly easy way to learn about what congress is voting on while also voicing your opinion to your representatives without hassle! Very glad this exists and hope it's user base grows more!
  • Never taken the time to review an app before 5/5

    By jandrus1400
    The title says it all; I've never found it useful or necessary to give a rating or review to a game or app before. However, Countable, in my eyes, represents a revolutionary new type of app, one that stands to enfranchise into our political system a host of new voters and voices that hitherto may not have been heard. Simplifying complex lexicon and providing a fast-lane method of reaching out to our elected representatives, Countable stands to greatly further the democracy of the United States.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Lorve this app
    A really cool (finally) non-biased app that updates what's happening in Washington. You get to give your opinion on bills, and it provides easy contact to your representatives. It's awesome and must download
  • I finally know what's going on in Congress 5/5

    By BuddyWallops
    Love this app!
  • Great App (with 1 complaint) 4/5

    By JayRockEsq
    Fantastic app; user friendly; efficient means of staying on top of daily Congressional activities and directly contacting elected officials with the users' comments/positions on specific issues/bills; a must-have for political junkies. The only bone I have to pick is that it does not have a feature that allows users to be copied on the e-mails sent (via the app) directly to their representatives, on behalf of the user (or in the user's name). I do believe this is a genuine flaw that the developers should remedy ASAP, especially since users have the option of receiving e-mail alerts for various other features. That said, I give it 4 stars on account of its overall awesomeness, plus a solid high-five for creating a great way for citizens to become more informed and involved in the government process. Well done!
  • Assigned wrong Congressional Rep 1/5

    By Craigslust
    Off to a bad start. App can't even properly identify my Congressman. How am I to use the app to contact the correct representative?
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Bondwan
    I just downloaded the app so my comments are based on a day of use. I like the app a lot. It provides information in an easy to understand format. It connects you to your elected officials. Everyone should get this app.
  • What a great way to stay informed 5/5

    By Loranges
    Every morning that I peruse my news app and FaceBook, I take a moment to see what's the latest on Countable. It's easy to use, nonpartisan and succinctly captures the important points of issues and proposed legislation. Plus, within it, I can easily inform my representatives about my opinion. What's the point of reading and staying up on these issues if you're not helping your representatives determine outcomes? Right, there's not much of a point. This app has helped me to continue to be intentional in my every day through active participation between elections with my time, energy, and attention.
  • Such a good idea... 3/5

    By ALavs
    ..However, the actual product leaves some to be desired. I personally love the idea and desired product of this app, however, every time I try to take an action, the app shuts down on me. There is no override or cheat to this glitch and until the programmers address it, nothing will progress. It is a very intellectually viable and helpful app that would add a lot to our governmental system, but currently adds nothing except frustration.
  • Well-conceived and beautifully organized 5/5

    By Salimahp973
    I've just started using countable, but its design and interface are intuitive, the purpose is honorable, and I am excited to have democracy at my fingertips!
  • Keep your representatives accountable. 5/5

    By Lindisrose
    This app makes it extremely easy to know what our legislative branch is up to and to keep and eye on the movements of the executive branch. And it's nice to have at your fingertips a running list of bills and laws that people who should be representing you voted on.
  • No other app in the market that does this 5/5

    By ATaherRaju
    Wish more people would use this.
  • A quagmire 1/5

    By Ess Gee Bee
    Once in this app, try to get your account deleted! And good luck with that goal! Why can I not give NO STARS?
  • Very needed 5/5

    By rockinrobinitunes
    At a time when seems the government no longer listens to the people this app helps me communicate my thoughts on the bills before them
  • Biased! 1/5

    By ZeelandCap
    It started ok. But then they took it upon themselves to "explain" things like the Clinton Foundation. Pure bs! They're either idiots or beneficiaries of #clintoncash. Other examples abound. Another extreme-left propagandist group.
  • Looks handy but no way to customize to see woman's issues. 2/5

    By chez54
    I've written to the team and hope to here an explanation of this.
  • Great concept, login pains 3/5

    By Jason-dfwtx
    I love the concept of the app, it makes it more convenient for people to be involved in the democratic process. However, I hate having to login again every few days or so - especially on my phone!
  • Great app 5/5

    By ash298765
    This app is awesome. Not only does it allow you to follow any topic and voice your opinion, but it lets you see what your representatives and candidates are saying as well.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Scot533
    This is a great app to easily find your reps and stay informed on the issues. I was surprised by how easy it was to find out about upcoming bills and how to contact my reps.
  • Helpful and Engaging! 5/5

    By Puddin13836
    This app is an amazing tool to not only keep track of your representatives, but contact them and show your voice directly! It is also very easy and engaging way to learn about what's going on in our country and why you should agree/disagree with bills! An absolute must-have for anyone who wants to be politically active and learn!
  • Fills the Need to Hold our Reps Accountable 5/5

    By prestonb1291
    We needed a platform that enables for open and fair dialogue about the actual issues. Excited by its potential.
  • Excellent app for democracy 5/5

    By pgk650
    Countable is an excellent app in support of democracy. Users can choose their own level of involvement through a variety of features. But at the very least, Countable provides an easy and effective way to stay informed of current issues and legislative efforts, thereby supporting the fundamental democratic value of ensuring an informed electorate. _Highly_ recommended regardless of your place on the political spectrum.
  • I love it. What democracy needs 5/5

    By xXW00TXx
    We need people now more than ever who are well informed
  • Great 5/5

    By Lazeruslong
    This app is great. It keeps you up to date on what is going on in Congress and gives you. Two ways to contact you Senators and Congressmen so you can let them know how you feels on the issues.
  • Weak evolution after last update 2/5

    By StructuredWater
    I love this app... everything has changed after last update... why do I have to sign in everyday now??? But the winner is as of yesterday it will not even let me sign in... blank... Please fix... my wife also in having to sign in daily and today she can't sign in at all... we are both very outspoken about 45 and his actions against Americans and hope this has NO bearing on the functionality of this seemingly progressive app... I really hope it gets fixed soon...
  • Has some bugs but still a great concept 3/5

    By Alowrey
    When this app works it's amazing! I vote on the bills and leave my comments and the next day or so I get an email from my rep or senator. It sends me real time news about votes or nominations. It's great but... My local page never loads which is unfortunate. The app is constantly logging me out or not accepting my password (and it is the correct one). Some of the bill summaries won't load or are missing pieces.
  • Great resource 4/5

    By headofthered
    Quick and easy resource to keep an eye on your representatives A bit buggy-- hope it improves as users increase
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jtt00778
    This app has helped me stay up to date and involved in politics better than I ever could through any other source. I love it. Keep it up and don't change
  • Won't stay logged in 1/5

    By Shergr
    And now I can't log in.
  • Awesome idea 5/5

    By TannerMecham
    I love reading about proposed bills. I wish there was a way to turn off all the news articles and just show the bills though. Sweet app!
  • Great little app!!!!!! 5/5

    By Captain Quadlude
    If you are a political junkie this is the app for you. Keep your finger on the pulse I'd D.C. and all the garbage their trying to get passed you can HELP with your INPUT ON ALL BILL'S COMING BEFORE THE HOUSE AND SENATE ! ENJOY THE APP ! GONZO13.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By techdawg7
    Great for keeping up with politics, however you have to sign in every single time. Give a pin number to unlock or simply remember the credentials.
  • Annoying signin issues 1/5

    By The Holocron
    Constantly needing to sign in is hugely annoying. Needs to be fixed. Sad!
  • User 5/5

    By Jimbo149459
    Countable is where I go for all things political. It's the only place I can read about an issue and then easily send my opinion on it to my elected representative. Awesome!
  • Broken Sign-Up 1/5

    By rwo11500
    I can't use the app because every time i put in my address it says, "Something went wrong, are you sure you have entered your address correctly?"
  • Very easy to use and very informative 5/5

    By Inkedgrl
    Love this app!
  • Seem fishy 2/5

    By Breardedbraceface
    First it wouldn't work because it didn't recognize my address. I came here to look at reviews and many of the positive ones seem fishy "I've never been compelled to review an app before" The ones that seemed real didn't have great things to say. It's a nice concept, but didn't work for me and makes me think they are just trying to sign me up for stuff.
  • Every citizen should have this app 5/5

    By Nick14850
    Necessary, and important. One of those apps we shouldn't live without.
  • Tell your reps how you want them to vote! 5/5

    By Mikeklar
    It's amazing. Make your voice heard on every issue you care about and see the records of all our congressmen and senators.
  • Love the app!!! 4/5

    By polishgirlnyc
    Favorite app to keep track of what's happening in DC. Could you guys please fix a bug-every few times I open the app I get logged out???
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Deschie
    Constantly asks me to log in and doesn't log in. Constantly getting "oops, something went wrong" pop up. Tired of trying to use this app and being unable to do anything. Deleting and moving on, waste of time!
  • Important for Polotical Consciousness! 5/5

    By Benny MoreC
    In a world where it's so hard to get good, unbiased reporting—where news organizations and pundits give opinions as facts, pushing their own agendas—Countable is a sorely needed a remedy. It makes understanding important political issues accessible to the average individual, gives BOTH sides of the argument, and offers helpful, really well-written articles on important issues. And the ability to give our voice to our local representatives through the app—they understand how to rally the new smart phone generation to make their voice heard. Can't praise this enough!
  • Great idea Still glitchy 1/5

    By LB1440
    Could not use Bcuz app claimed my address was wrong- it was not Clicked - contact us, include address ... also received error message. Tried it twice. Still doesn't work so app could not be used, removed from my phone and disappointed Bcuz I was about to share it with everyone I know 😣
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By MSR Midwest
    This is such a good idea, but it continually knocks me out of the program and asks me to sign in once again. Very frustrating—something like Congress.

Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills app comments

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