Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills

Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills

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Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills App

**Featured on MSNBC, the Today Show, The NYTimes, Wired, Politico and the iTunes App Store Countable makes learning about what your government is up to easy and fun. Learn about issues you care about, influence Congress with one tap voting, and rally your friends around specific legislation. SEND VIDEO MESSAGES TO YOUR REPS - Use the camera on your iPhone/iPad to record video messages - Send them to your elected reps and break through the noise - Tell your story in your own voice and be heard! MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND - Daily notifications about upcoming votes - Short non-partisan summaries of news and legislation - Unbiased arguments for and against HOLD YOUR REPS ACCOUNTABLE - See how your votes align with your lawmakers - Post an opinion or vote and we’ll inform your lawmakers - Don’t be surprised if you receive a message back COMMUNITY - See what other people are saying about the issues you care about - Upvote their opinions and show your support - Post principled arguments and help change people’s minds ------- Accolades: - “Slick, easy to use and could definitely help inform your opinions.” - New York Times - “Telling your senator how to vote is as easy and ‘liking’ a Facebook picture.” -Tech Crunch What our users say: - “Fast, easy way to interact with Congress.” - “Makes it easy to stay informed with D.C. and ultimately let's my voice be heard.” - “An easy way to keep track of bills in congress and give feedback to my senators and representatives!” We love feedback! Email us at Follow us at @Countable,, and About Countable: Countable was created by a team of dedicated Americans based in San Francisco and Washington DC. We believe that using technology properly we can make American democracy work in a fashion similar to what our founders envisioned. Our advisory team includes former Senator Evan Bayh, Joe Trippi, who ran Howard Dean’s revolutionary presidential campaign in 2004.

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Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills app reviews

  • Great way to follow your representatives 5/5

    By Sammantics
    This a fantastic way to follow legislation, tailored to areas you really care about, and understanding how your representatives voted.
  • Comprehensive 4/5

    By SLC Gramps
    Lots of useful information. Not perfect ( login fatigue ) but easy links to issues and proposed legislation.
  • This is what democracy looks like 5/5

    By Maddie1847
    I'd be curious to see which political officials look at the results the polls, but the data gathered on citizens opinions on various bills would be very useful if this country were the democracy that it presents itself as.
  • Password 3/5

    By Michael Morin
    I like the app, but I am constantly logged out for no reason and password is a major pain. And resetting it if you forget is terrible.
  • If you're wanting to become more politically active 5/5

    By Suers
    Get this app. Easy way to see what your representatives and senators are voting, directly messages them your opinion, and gives short and simple explanations of the bills and the pros and cons. Awesome way to be politically active in the 21st century.
  • Makes staying informed easy 5/5

    By BigBinger
    Only a fraction of the bills that your representatives vote on get publicity. There is A LOT going on in Congress, and this helps me not only stay on top of it, but communicate with my representatives! This is by far the easiest way to voice your opinion to your representatives, can't recommend highly enough.
  • Great! 4/5

    By Lenacall
    I enjoy this app. It allows me to keep up with what is going on in congress and makes it easy for me to communicate with my reps. Thanks!
  • Trust, but verify your appointed politicians. 5/5

    By IceX PR
    Great app to make sure you are getting your vote worth.

    By sssssssgssssss
    Stop with the red number notifications showing I haven't looked at "92" somethings! If I didn't like this app I would delete it immediately, I can't stand when app developers think that will make me look at their app. I'm not even signed in (because the app spontaneously signs me out constantly, once again making me not want to use the app) so I can't change notification settings.
  • THE best way to stay concerned with the Gov. 4/5

    By MatthewtFrey
    App is a fantastic idea. There is a lot to read and even more ways to engage. It has always been important to be concerned with what the government is doing. This is THE best way to do that. One issue that frustrates me though, also the reason I subtract a star - I am of logged out of Facebook, therefore making me sign in often. Besides this issue, I love the application. Keep up the great work.
  • I like this AP!!! 5/5

    By Gemaco519
    This is a great AP! Well organized and a quick way to get caught up on legislative issues. Also provides a means to communicate with your local representatives. Perfect!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Just Charisss
    Easy access to current info. Automatic, painless, simple! Keeping closer tabs on our reps. Maybe they will start voting in a way that represents us now?
  • Non-partisan! 5/5

    By WaterFallGirl
    What thrills me the most about Countable is that the app displays issues as written and not interpreted or slanted. However, it does allow for comments to encourage freedom of speech. 🇺🇸
  • Pioneering App 5/5

    By MrTimothyIrvine
    If you want more details on legislation than News or social media apps can give through their limited politics/policy feeds, GET THIS APP. This automated and tailored legislation tracker helps you follow specific bills and your specific representatives. It is also as unbiased as an app can get. Its organization and follow-up components need refining, but its truly pioneering a new way forward in terms of digital/social direct engagement with legislators.
  • Amazing. I don't know how they do it! 5/5

    By billypuntove
    I honestly find it awesome (in the real sense of the word) that this team has managed to make an app so useful & well-rounded. The fact that I can be on top of every issue and vote on the house & senate, & send messages directly to my representative is astonishing. Hope they keep up the good work!
  • Like this app 5/5

    By Lincoln the Only
    I like this app. It gives me news and things to "vote" on to send to my representative and senators. Have already received interim responses and I've only been on for three days.
  • Mixed feelings. 3/5

    By Cleopatra peanut
    Nice concise recap of both sides. However it's useless to post comments. They lead you to think somehow comments will change things. They are just comments in an app. However, I do like seeing how my Rep/Sen.'s voted.
  • You got some issues 3/5

    By Memac76
    Would be great if I didn't have to continue to sign in all the time and that is a huge waste of my time. Makes me not interested in your product
  • No 3rd party representation 3/5

    By justdanielle
    Would like to see some representation for libertarians or Green Party rather than just the public figures and views for the two major parties.
  • Follow your Reps votes! 5/5

    By BrainGamer87
    This is a great app to help you stay informed of how your reps are actually representing you! Great NONPARTISAN information in easy to follow sections.
  • Sign in issues 4/5

    By Beth NVA
    When this app works, it's great. However, every time they update the app signs me out
  • This a is horribly organized 2/5

    By Hydrolagus
    What is the point of this app? Is it to give me information about my representatives? Is it to build a community and discussion platform for Americans? Is it to disseminate information? Is it all of those things? I can't tell because this app is not organized or structured in a cohesive, comprehensive manner. First, I have never had to sign in to an app as much as I have to sign in to this one. Can't you keep me logged in for more than one day? There's no sensitive information on this app, it's not my bank account, so why do I have to sign in repeatedly? Secondly, it sends me push notifications on when my reps vote and then when I go to see how my reps voted, it is not clearly shown or easy to find. The point of this app should be that I can find this information more easily and quickly than Googling it. It does not do that. Third, I do not give a crap what Tracy Whoever in Podunk, Wherever thinks about an issue. Maybe other people do, but I don't want Tracy's opinion front and center. Personally, I think people should be LESS opinionated especially if they do not have an in depth knowledge of a subject. I don't care how anyone "feels" about an issue. I want to know what my reps are doing. That should be easily obtained through this platform, not stuffed in with a bunch of other crap. If that is not the point of this app, that should be clear. I am pretty much done with this app. It's a good idea but horribly executed.
  • Allows access to locked phone 1/5

    By Soprano NH
    This app allows access to my locked phone. When a notification shows on my locked iPhone, just swipe the notification and you are able to bypass a PIN or fingerprint. Serious problem, I feel.
  • Useful, but very glitchy 3/5

    By ahudg00001
    I really enjoy the concept of this app, and I feel that it keeps me informed, and that it can be customized to my individual values. I especially like the way this app provides detailed information on certain bills and actions taken by the government. Unfortunately though, despite updates, I never remain logged in on this app and am required to log in every time I open the app. Navigation can be rather glitchy too, and I've encountered a couple of crashes too. The glitchiness of this app honestly precludes my interest in recommending it to friends or family, but I would if these issues were to be resolved.
  • Get this app immediately 5/5

    By ipodjon
    Every voting person needs this app immediately.
  • Good for me not others 3/5

    By Dijasmommy
    I made the mistake of sending invites through the app to my friends and this app bombarded them with messages. Please fix the problem.
  • Log In 3/5

    By Klm445
    You have to log in every single time, and if you use FB like I do, this is quite a hassle.
  • Can't log in 1/5

    By Astrodonkey
    Can't log in via Facebook or reset password. Password reset link doesn't work. Frustrating and useless app.
  • Won't work 1/5

    By Brainsprain
    I can't get past entering address. I have entered it every way possible and the app says something is wrong are you sure you entered your address correctly. What a disappointment!!!
  • Great way to keep up with the activity 5/5

    By Speef123445
    This app is great! It helps me to keep up with what the government is voting on and when. I can provide my vote and include comments. I can see who's supporting each bill and it's current status. I can see how my representatives vote. Thank-you Countable! Next election cycle I will know who to keep in office and who to not vote in again based on how they have listened to the people they are supposed to represent.
  • Highly recommended 5/5

    By Alyssmot
    I love this app. It helps me stay up-to-date and involved with current political issues. It is also beautifully designed and easy to use. I've been telling fiends, family members, and even professors about this app. I spend more time on it than I do on Facebook!
  • Politically-Biased Garbage 1/5

    By McStudd
    Notice something strange about the comment sections of this app? Hint: try leaving a comment in support of President Trump and watch it get deleted within 60 seconds. Conservative comments are rapidly deleted to give the appearance that all users are special snowflakes in an alt-left echo chamber. Due to this, the app is a joke. The left-wing developers don't have enough shame to even pretend the app is fair and balanced. Don't waste your time.
  • Easy and Awesome 5/5

    By Ms.Mi
    Having a simple app educates what is directly affecting our lives. With all the political chaos these past couple years it has opened the eyes of more Americans to be aware of what their representatives are doing with their vote.
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By Betsor
    I have felt a lot more peaceful since I discovered Countable. Having a voice, and connection to my reps, has diffused a lot of anger. And the way the issues are spelled out, in what saying Yea or Nay means for each particular issue, is the most helpful political activism tool I've ever seen.
  • Easy and succinct 5/5

    By Tingieting
    Simple interface that provides all the information you need to know about any upcoming legislation. The summaries and "why vote yes/no" section makes all the differences. I also love that you can vote along as well so that you can track if your rep and you are on the same page. Only thing I wish is that you can see how you vote and your rep vote along all issues one one page. Download the app and you'll find yourself more knowledgeable and involved in the political process.
  • Restricted review 2/5

    By 44zq3
    I'm told the app supplies unbiased viewpoints on the American political scene, but it crashes every time I try to open any article. I was able to select what my interests were, but further than that I could not continue.
  • LOVE THIS APP! (but recently experienced some problems) 4/5

    By carolineeve24
    Countable is honestly one of my favorite ways to stay informed and up to date, its quick and you can filter based on your interests so you're not shuffling though articles to find what you want. Additionally, Countable makes it incredibly easy to contact your reps and voice your opinion. However, I've recently experienced a glitch / bug when opening articles where the app crashes. Haven't had this problem until very recently, hope it can be fixed soon.
  • Excellent for anyone wanting to be more politically active 5/5

    By Avis4030
    I have never been one to write reviews but this app has been so helpful I had to write one. User friendly, easily understood explanations of bills etc. You have the ability to tailor your updates on the things that matter to you most politically and in turn you get to send your opinion on how you think your representative or senator should vote. Great way to stay up on current political events and get involved. Non biased, non partisan explanations of what's going on.
  • Shady and won't respond to customer support 1/5

    By Serene457
    Been trying to delete my account for days and I can't get anyone to reply to my customer support request. They don't let you delete the account on your own so you're at their mercy. Don't install, they disappear once you install this app and you'll never get any help from them
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Restarr
    It is so easy to learn what is happening and what the bill really says and will do, finally, without having to listen to the politicians try to spin it to appeal to specific constituents. This is just the facts and it is so easy to connect with reps and let them know how you feel. I check every day during my morning coffee and feel so much more connected to the process because it streamlines the process of being involved. I do wish this would extend to state reps. Connecting on the State and local level has as much impact as connecting on the federal level. I would be willing to pay for a state version if it was made available.
  • The best way to know what your Congress is doing 5/5

    By Mykazz
    Countable is feature rich with timely information about what our Congress is doing and what you can do about it.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Systaam
    This app cuts out the 'hype' of everything going on and gets right to the facts.
  • Great app 4/5

    By MichHubHair
    Love the app. Lots of good information. A few instances where bill summaries have been missing, and a few where titles used to describe the bills seem biased. Glad for no direct reply to a comment - think it keeps the app clean of bullying or hate speech toward individuals & hopefully helps keep people engaged!
  • 10/10 5/5

    By Stephanie reiss
    If making phone calls is the last thing you want to do but you want your voice heard, you need this app.
  • How did my representatives vote? 2/5

    By emurphy94108
    One of the principal reasons I would use this app is to track how my senators and congresswoman voted on various measures. As far as I can tell, there's no way to get this information out of the app (or even on the website). It's particularly annoying when I get an e-mail notification that has a button that says "See the vote," but when you click on the button, all you get is vote totals, not who voted which way.
  • Neat 5/5

    By mvalde2011
    Love this site.
  • Georgette 5/5

    By Gtbenn
    This app is a great way to find the information on what's going on in Congress, upcoming votes and details about the bills being voted on. The explanation are very handy. What a great way to let your Representatives know where you stand. I wish every voter would use this app.
  • Easy way to keep informed 5/5

    By 83TByrd
    Love this app. Presents what our government has coming up/what reps voted for what. It's a quick way to get political information. Would highly recommend
  • On Its Way to Great 4/5

    By NothingButTreble
    There are a few pieces to this app that still need work and/or tweaking, i.e., finding friends, more thorough FAQ's & local legislation, to name a few, and yet in spite of those weaknesses, this is still an excellent app for anyone who wants to be truly current in the activities of our government. It's also a great place to get contact information for your local officials. I'm not in love yet...but I'm definitely close.
  • A bit disappointing 2/5

    By Pinkfussion
    I like the concept of this app but there are a few issues: 1) I would like to see resources for calling your reps rather than messaging them through this app - many folks are saying that calls are more effective than emails and online messages 2) it is really inconvenient to constantly have to login. I am prompted to login almost every time I open the app and so I often just don't use it due to this hassle 3) whenever I get the notification or email that my Rep has voted and I click the link that says "see the vote" the link doesn't actually show me how MY reps voted as far as I can tell (maybe the info is hidden in there somewhere but I haven't found it)

Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills app comments

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