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Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills

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Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills App

**Featured on MSNBC, the Today Show, The NYTimes, Wired, Politico and the iTunes App Store Countable makes learning about what your government is up to easy and fun. Learn about issues you care about, influence Congress with one tap voting, and rally your friends around specific legislation. CALL YOUR REPS - Make your voice immediately by calling your representatives - 3D touch the app icon to get a list of your reps - Find your reps in the menu for easy access to their phone numbers SEND VIDEO MESSAGES TO PRESIDENT & YOUR REPS - Use the camera on your iPhone/iPad to record video messages - Send them to your reps or President Trump and break through the noise - Tell your story in your own voice and be heard! MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND - Daily notifications about upcoming votes - Short non-partisan summaries of news and legislation - Unbiased arguments for and against HOLD YOUR REPS ACCOUNTABLE - See how your votes align with your lawmakers - Post an opinion or vote and we’ll inform your lawmakers - Don’t be surprised if you receive a message back COMMUNITY - See what other people are saying about the issues you care about - Upvote their opinions and show your support - Post principled arguments and help change people’s minds ------- Accolades: - “Slick, easy to use and could definitely help inform your opinions.” - New York Times - “Telling your senator how to vote is as easy and ‘liking’ a Facebook picture.” -Tech Crunch What our users say: - “Fast, easy way to interact with Congress.” - “Makes it easy to stay informed with D.C. and ultimately let's my voice be heard.” - “An easy way to keep track of bills in congress and give feedback to my senators and representatives!” We love feedback! Email us at Follow us at @Countable,, and About Countable: Countable was created by a team of dedicated Americans based in San Francisco and Washington DC. We believe that using technology properly we can make American democracy work in a fashion similar to what our founders envisioned. Our advisory team includes former Senator Evan Bayh, Joe Trippi, who ran Howard Dean’s revolutionary presidential campaign in 2004.

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Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills app reviews

  • Empowering, easy & informative 5/5

    By Fusiongrrl
    This is a fabulous app. Timely and neutrally summaries of what our elected officials are up to so you can weigh in, learn enough and take action in minutes of your day. Highly highly recommended!! If we don't engage actively in this democracy to demand accountability and sensible policies we will lose the democracy.
  • Biased 2/5

    By Tom.Weiss2
    I've had this app on my phone for months now, and I'm deleting it today for this reason - bias. On any issue, no matter what it is, you can count on countable to make the progressive case or present it with a progressive slant. And to be fair, they are playing to their user base. Progressives outnumber conservatives/libertarians here by about 10-1. Half of those - by my guess - are activists paid to write progressive talking points into the comments section. Great information available in this app, but it's a shame that they don't do more to make those on the right feel more welcome. But they're in good company with the rest of the mainstream media.
  • TicToc 5/5

    By $9077#Bey
    I've used Countable for several months now. Thought I was the only person who was concerned by the turn to isolationism, racism and just plain hate in our country today. I found out that I'm not and there are many of us. This app provides an avenue to hear from those of like mind as well as those with differing views. I don't believe my North Carolina Congressional reps care one wit what anyone thinks if it differs from their agenda but at least this is a venue for ideas and comments. Thanks for creating the app!
  • Politically biased 1/5

    By Whwilson
    A politically biased site that pretends to be otherwise.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Pippo-65
    The app crashes upon launch. Maybe not backward compatible with iOS 8?
  • Was great until they changed it 2/5

    By poondingo
    It was great when it first started. They cut through the noise and focused on what bills were being passed and was very unbiased. Now blogs and articles are turning this app into something with a hidden agenda and I'm losing trust. Also why did they do away with the ability to see how law makers voted??! That was the best feature out there. This app used to be about transparency. And now it's getting to be too noisy. Have stopped using it because the features that were important have been stripped. The only thing I look at now is what congress is voting on this week.
  • Libtarded 1/5

    Besides being biased and mostly populated by left leaning libtarded sheep, the execution of its purpose falls flat and is cumbersome to use.
  • Lisa P 1/5

    By HanPan04
    I was happy to find this app because I do like the information and the app works great! What I am unable to deal with is the rude unprofessional comments and opinions that your left wing supporters love put in writing. You lost the election, get over it.
  • The Real (and useful) overriding the Fake 5/5

    By MissingSock
    I have never been this politicized, but nowadays I'm devoting at least an hour and often considerably more tracking bills, issues and how my representatives are voting. Countable informs me in a timely and objective, balanced manner and allows me to share my views with my senators and congressman instantly, while also building community and learning from others. Gratitude!
  • Countable is sbout taking action 5/5

    By Analizabeth
    Some friends and I depend on Countable to remind us of our responsibility to read the news (New York Times, Atlantic, LA Times, Washington Post) and to contact our representatives in Congress. By entering my zipcode, I get right to my reps. Countable helps me focus where I can make a difference.
  • Well Done and very usable 5/5

    By RickMI2
    Love the format , available information and ability to reach my representatives. 5 stars
  • Countable 5/5

    By macanter
    This is a great app for keeping up with the news and expressing your opinions to your representatives. The issues are clearly delineated and expressing your opinion is easy. Finally we have a way of directly giving information to our representatives
  • Useful, but very glitchy 1/5

    By ahudg00001
    I dropped my rating to one star because of the continual crashing and logging out. Every time an update claims to fix them, it never gets fixed. Seriously, actually do some bug fixes. Crashes when expanding descriptions, clicking links, etc. This app is a fantastic concept but it's incredibly frustrating to use and I refuse to suggest this app to friends or family until things are fixed, no matter how much I think they'd like it.
  • Not good more like useless 1/5

    By 27ccto
    A lot of repeat responses with different names with the same exact text mistakes and all many misleading headlines. If you are looking for half truths and false information then it is a good app other than that it has a good concept
  • Great app enabling a vital discussion! 5/5

    By Techniq
    Love this app. Although there are some slight issues, I have a feeling they will get worked out. These issue pale in comparison to the great work this app does to pull all the relevant politics info together for easy and rapid disposition.
  • Engaging, useful, well-maintained 5/5

    By justtoff
    Been using this app for several days, and it really has helped me make sense of what's happening in Washington! Worth using in combination with and #ResistBot if you want to use other channels to make your voice heard. Democracy fails us if we fail to participate!
  • I depend on this app to keep me active and informed! 4/5

    By PreyMomma
    Yes, it has room to grow, but it is great, truly helpful, and a great idea. You can read what others have said, you can add your voice, you can communicate with and keep track of your elected officials and you can give others a heads up on social media. Thank you for providing us with this capability!
  • Countable: Staying informed about government 5/5

    By Miss the Grea
    Countable is an excellent resource to stay current and also have a voice on what is going on in Washington. Most important it shows you what your representatives are voting on. It's shocking to learn that these men and women are all too often not representing your best interests. It alerts you to when a vote is taking place, etc.
  • Amazing tool! 5/5

    By Samdd2013
    This app connects you with your political representatives and is very easy to use. Unlike other similar apps this app doesn't have partisan leanings that make certain groups uncomfortable using it!! I'm a conservative centrist and there are liberals and libertarians that all find this VERY useful. Stay up to date and in contact with the politicians representing you!!
  • I have learned so much! 5/5

    By Lilrebpic
    This app has become a daily essential for me. Upon awakening, wondering what unimaginable action has been taken most recently by our sickly inept presidential administration, I check it out on Countable. Love the option to message my legislators directly, and to easily share news and opinions with Facebook and Twitter. Thank you, Countable!
  • I Just Hope They Read It 5/5

    By ERHmd
    I give this app five stars. It's the easiest electronic tool I have seen which gives people a way to express their responses to current actions of the federal government. I hope participants will write responsibly and won't wreck it with profanity, inaccuracy, and hysterical bias. ERHmd
  • Talk to your representatives! 5/5

    By CincinnatiDreamin
    Great app to stay informed about the issues and quit way to send your opinion to your congressmen.
  • Great app with amazing intentions! 5/5

    By Storkinator1431
    Beyond a few bugs that can be easily worked out (it is still a new app), I think the idea behind this app is amazing and the app delivers on these intentions and more. I think it provides a solution to key problems in our society and follows through with the ideas of social entrepreneurship and double-bottom lines.
  • Great to keep abreast of legislation BUT 1/5

    By Roadtrek Barbi
    Great idea but things have changed and this app is now taken over by liberal. Many just cut/copy (which I complain about to Countable) what another has said. Seems that for way too liberals politics is all their life. No time for work, family, friends, fun. Hating Trump is their passion and focus of their life. It's sad cause they are so consumed by hate. Plus Countable has changed the order you see comments. They now go for the ones getting most liberal counts first. Should be most resent comments. So I'm deleting this app. What was a great tool has now become the liberals avenue of hate. Our representatives I'm sure now know what they will get from Countable - liberal hate and prejudice.
  • Great information 5/5

    By vikkithinks
    I love that countable keeps me informed on what's going on in politics. Although the notifications sometimes annoy me, I love them because that's what actually keeps me going back to the app daily and seeing what's going on. It shows you who your representatives are and how they vote so you know that the people who represent you actually are. It also shows you what steps you can take to talk to your reps and let them know how you feel about issues.

    By AMRHFG325
    Don't see the usefulness of not showing this anymore. Also in the FAQ section, I do not see any info on how to edit or delete a comment (using smartphone). Accidentally hit send & message went thru in mid-sentence.
  • Great app – BUT... 4/5

    By SportScout User
    The app is great – clean UI and design. Conservatives beware... its comments section is nothing more than liberal soapbox.
  • Countable 5/5

    By Cptkickaz
    Countable is the only political news source that manages to find a way be informative, unbiased and entertaining. The ease at which users can take part in American Democracy and stay up to date is unmatched by any app or website I've ever used.
  • Excellent transparency and a great way to provide immediate feedback to reps 5/5

    By Kiwi913
    This app and its mission is spectacular. I love that both sides of each debate are presented in a clear and mostly non-partisan way, and that I can easily contact my reps through several different forms of communication. Thanks for this!
  • Be honest about the bias 2/5

    By Pebble guy
    Great concept, design and execution. However, whoever is managing the content just can't seem to keep their own political ideals out of it. Liberal news sources, liberal topics. I can see why there are very few conservative opinions voiced on here, most probably get tired of the liberal bias fairly quickly. I've also been noticing some users have multiple accounts and copy their comments word for word to dominate the comment section with their opinions. It's a free app and the developers can use it to promote whatever agenda they want, but they should be honest about it.
  • Don't forget your password 1/5

    By AMOmule
    Trying to reset your password is futile, so don't forget yours if you want to continue to be able to log on
  • Invasion of the Liberals 4/5

    By __Strider__
    The app in of itself is great (the reason I'm giving it a 4 rather than a 5 is because of a few bugs that need to be worked out), HOWEVER, while Countable seems to be pretty unbiased, the vocal people using the app are overwhelmingly left-wing. I would rarely, if ever, see a conservative statement that has been endorsed (Countable's version of a 'like'). Again, the app itself isn't TOO biased, but the people using it are, and extremely so. Perhaps a little more diversity of thought?
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By bro12345621
    Great way to keep up to date on issues and connect with reps.
  • Bring back the Yay/Nay vote counts 3/5

    By Qqwervmcza
    The app is overall good but I miss being able to see the Yay Nay vote count on the issues. Please bring that back.
  • Karen Froming 5/5

    By kbfrenegade
    Really nice and comprehensive political app that keeps you informed on the day to day disaster in today's Congress!
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Led0110
    5 stars
  • Great app, bring back voting record 4/5

    By kmkovasala
    This is a great app! I have loved the concept of it and been a user since it first came out. The only thing I would change is that when it first came out, I remember that you could click on your representative and see which way they had voted on different bills. Now when you click on your representative you can only see bills they've sponsored. That's also good information to have, but I missed being able to look at my representatives' voting records from within the app. If you all could bring that back my rating would absolutely be 5 stars!
  • Excellent insight into proposed Congressional actions, with opportunity to discuss 5/5

    By RJack66
    Since discovering this app earlier this year, I use it almost every day. It provides information on several levels, from how one's senators and representative have voted on each bill to the official justifications for and against each bill to online (very civil) discussion by readers regarding the bill to background news and objective analysis. All of this is very informative. In addition, we have a direct link to advocate for an issue with our representatives. An outstanding democratic (small 'd') tool.
  • Could be improved but we need more of these kind of apps! 5/5

    By Memer86
  • It's okay. 3/5

    By Dillpick88
    Unique concept, good design. Only flaw is that the user base allows absolutely no conservative views.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By student Daynea
    It makes me sign in every time, even when I click on the notifications that they send about my representative. It really isn't quick or easy, there is no point in having the app if it makes you sign in every time. I wish it would give the option to bypass the sign in and just add your zip code instead so that I could check for my friends who live in other areas as well.
  • Good platform 4/5

    It is a good platform, and with the election last year being my first presidential election I could vote in, I became more politically active and followed politics. This app is a great way to track what bills are being voted on, and let your representatives know what you think, and you can know how they voted on certain bills. I do wish that with the inviting of people to the app, you could do it through social media as well as through email. Other than that small addition, countable is a great way to know what is happening politically.
  • Wish I could do the same with my state reps!!! 3/5

    By IntelligentHuman
    The federal one is awesome but I can't make the change I want if I'm not working at local level.
  • Love this App. 5/5

    By Denijan
    Provides me with details of bills moving through house and senate. I like the ease of which I can express my opinion. You do need to find a way to let people know this isn't Facebook and their comments are going to their representatives. People mention others' comments in what they post and this doesn't make sense in the letter you send to our politicians. I'd like to see you add some other features, like - the ability for people to add expertise to their profile, then make that searchable, perhaps linked to their LinkedIn profile so people can validate if the person is legit. - the ability to search comments and opinions of other people based on their expertise. So for example, Is like to learn what people have to say that work in the healthcare or health insurance industry and have deep knowledge of the business of healthcare insurance and its issues. Then, this can serve as an educational tool for people and help shape opinion of the public with an emphasis on real world facts, versus political affiliation. Imagine if Countable was not only a source for what bills are moving through congress, but also a means to get deeper knowledge from real experts. - People could perhaps have a score or some sort of criteria that validates their expertise. What a great way to tap the expertise around the country of people who live this and really know that they're taking about. -considering adding a feature that culminates different alternative solutions people have, and allow people to vote on those ideas. I see people's comments with lots of great ideas for how the bill could be amended in a way that makes more sense. Imagine having a summary of people's opinions and alternative solutions along with each bill that can easily be viewed by legislators. Then, not only is this a forum for contacting your representatives, but it becomes solution based versus opinion based.
  • This app 5/5

    By NavyWife4Pie
    What a fantastic way to hold your representatives accountable and to contact them directly. You can also vote on every issue which I love!
  • Very effective tool for being a participating citizen. 5/5

    By Brdgplayer
    Wonderful app. Easy to use and allows me to connect with my congressional representatives easily. Helps me stay on top of issues and easily be of the grassroots movement and hear differing points of view.
  • Great concept, execution getting fuzzy 3/5

    By TydalForce
    Love this app and the idea. It's very easy to look up issues, do a little research, and vote. Boom! But each time I launch, it gets harder and harder to actually get to these issues and get to the point. They keep introducing articles and blogs - which is great - but it's actually hard to find the issues themselves now. And just now I went in, and amongst the issues? More articles. So what's the point of this app now? And what will be the point next week? It really seems to be losing focus.
  • Good idea, poor execution 2/5

    By Fibba Nache
    App itself is pretty good but forces me to work in portrait mode only. Annoying. Also, make it more social. I would like to interact with some really mis-informed users and learn from others.
  • Great concept. Needs work. Worth a try. 3/5

    By Dingo2
    Excellent concept for political engagement. Seems like only a select few bills come up for discussion but that is to be expected. Commenting is extremely civil by today's standards. Would like to be able to see vote totals to see where the community consensus stands. And fewer notifications would be welcome.
  • The Concept is GREAT! 2/5

    By Fekcwa
    I still love the concept, but I'm downgrading Countable again. They say they are unbiased, but there's plenty of evidence to prove otherwise. They lean so far left, I'm getting a crick in my neck (figuratively speaking). I can ignore all the liberal opinions that get posted, but it's extremely irritating how Countable tries to sway people's "votes" on a bill by the way they word their introduction to the bill! And then they publish a blog piece, the sole purpose of which appears to be to serve as a showcase for all of their liberal groupies/snowflakes. To BE unbiased, you must ACT unbiased. As much as I like the concept behind this app, Countable fails to ACT unbiased! UPDATED 03/31/2017: This app was recently updated, and I can't honestly say that I like the changes that were made. I've given the Countable team lots of feedback, and nothing I hoped to see in this new version was included. I'm very disappointed! Moreover, I think the app has even more bugs in it now than the previous version had! I've downgraded it to 3 stars. If they ever get the bugs out, I'll update my review and give them more stars! **************************************** I really, really like this app a lot! It's still pretty buggy, but all in all it's a great platform for learning about bills in Congress and political shenanigans in and outside of Congress! I like being able to voice my opinions on issues this nation is grappling with, and believe it or not, I even enjoy reading the opinions of people who disagree with me. There's no moderator interference, but since we can't respond DIRECTLY to someone's comment, there are no flame wars. Occasionally, someone will couch their opinion in insulting and/or vulgar language, but hey, that's freedom of speech for you! I'm free to not endorse any offensive comments! What a world! LOL! Followers and endorsements earn you "influence" points. I don't know if any politicians pay attention to what we post, or if they do, whether they attach any importance to what we say. But if I can have a positive influence on some of my fellow Americans, and help them to see, perhaps, a different way of looking at a problem, well, that would be a great accomplishment for me. I might be able to change a mind, just as some have occasionally changed MY mind. It would be WONDERFUL if politicians WOULD pay attention to our opinions! Oh, I know we can get their attention in other ways, but if they're NOT following Countable, they're missing some valuable input from We the People! I hope the developer(s) of this app eventually get all the bugs out! In the meantime, I urge the rest of you to hop on the bandwagon and start adding your two cents on the issues that matter to you!

Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills app comments

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