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Countdown Star

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  • Current Version: 2.6.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Joseph Merrill
  • Compatibility: Android
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Countdown Star App

Countdown Star is the best way to countdown to and count up from all of your favorite events. Countdown to birthdays, holidays, an upcoming vacation, a wedding, the New Year, parties, sporting events, concerts and more. Count up from anniversaries, the day you were born and other special events in the past. * How many seconds until your next birthday? * How many months since you were born? * How many days until you graduate from college? * How many hours until your anniversary? * How much time is left until your vacation starts? * How many days until Christmas? * How many minutes until your party begins? * How much time is left until your baby's due date? Countdown Star is the countdown app that lets you choose which favorite events to add! Features: * Add your own events * Customize each event with your own wallpaper or photo * Display your events on Apple Watch * Display your events in the Today Widget * Set the exact time for each event * Swipe the slider to adjust the units of time for the selected event. * Share the selected event's time with a friend via message, email or social media. * Includes 15 wallpapers Note: The paid version of Countdown Star does not contain advertisements.


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Countdown Star app reviews

  • countdown. 4/5

    By Station44
    It’s a great reminder. I am always happy when I look at the days left in the countdown.
  • Background photo 1/5

    By TBake357
    The app does what it’s suppose to do - countdown. But if you don’t use the stock photos for the countdown, you’ll never see your preferred photo. I hate stock photos, so I never use them which means that whenever I open the app, I’m met with a gray screen instead of my preferred photo.
  • Ok but big issue!!! 3/5

    By Acecarroll123
    I like how the app works and really like the layout, but it keeps removing my pictures. I am using this countdown for future movies and video games, so I would really like to see movie posters and video game screen shots. But it keeps removing them and replacing them with a boring grey screen. This needs to be fixed!!!
  • Kind of works, I guess 2/5

    By DCgnat
    This app does the counting part but I'm really frustrated that it keeps deleting my custom background. Seriously, why bother letting you change it if it's going to delete it and leave you stuck with a blank screen? I'm not impressed.
  • CountDown Clock 5/5

    By Phish Taco
    I love it!
  • Basic functionality ONLY 3/5

    By annoyedAFyoufeelme?
    I downloaded this app to countdown the days left until my wedding. I added a favorite photo of my fiancé and I as the wallpaper but every time I reopen the app, the picture is gone. If you need this app for basic functionality then you'll be fine. However if you want to personalize it AT ALL, go elsewhere.
  • Going to the Chapel 5/5

    By MIL in waiting!
    Thank you for making our count down be so much fun !
  • Baby come back 4/5

    By Suvmom3
    Please bring back the number on the app icon! I used to be able to look at the home screen to see when my baby will comes back home and now I have to open the app. BOO hiss hiss.
  • What happened to the notification icon? 1/5

    By Duhhellman
    It was the only app I’ve ever found to have a notification badge so you don’t have to even open the app to see your main event- was it removed in an update? No notification red badge anymore or else it’d be 5 stars in a heartbeat...
  • It’s not bad but not great 3/5

    By Mackymacmoney
    It’s not a bad app the countdown is good but it keeps deleting my personalized wallpaper for each countdown which is frustrating please fix this issue then it would be 5 stars all the way
  • Can’t save wallpapers 1/5

    By Emchiridion
    Every time I open the app I have to go back into my photos and choose the photo as a background. Then next time it disappears. If this worked I would use the app but it’s really disappointing.
  • TRD 2/5

    By 88dkl88
    A glitchy piece of crap!
  • Custom photos not working 3/5

    By MrsVMR
    Otherwise it’s great.
  • Backgrounds 1/5

    By Awesomesocks99
    Not a lot of background options and when you choose to add a wallpaper, as soon as you get out of the program it deletes.

    By JT87
    - Add the wallpaper put it as background in a event, but when you shut down the app and open again the wallpaper disappears. Please fix or add plain color wallpapers, black for the dark background is a must.
  • Solid easy to use app. 5/5

    By Me james c
    Easy to use widget. I like how you can set up multiple countdowns and they show up on your widget’s page.
  • Wallpapers not showing 1/5

    By Kimberly 138298
    I love this app but everytime I choose my own wallpaper and save it I go back on and it's changed to a plain grey one ! Please fix it
  • Won’t save your added wallpaper. 3/5

    By Happy Trailblazer
    I added a photo I wanted to use as my wallpaper and I’ve had to re-add it several times now as when I close the application it doesn’t save it anymore.
  • Picture Disappears 1/5

    By Gfhkhfsxbj
    Every time I open the app, the picture is not there. I have it under my favorite and saved. Not happy
  • Wallpaper option glitch 4/5

    By Klightning14
    Whenever I choose the wallpaper for my event, close it, and then reopen the app, it disappears and I have to put it in again. However, it is a good app overall
  • Not sure what happened but the badge feature doesn’t work anymore!! 2/5

    By DownSouth Liver
    Not sure what happened but the badge feature doesn’t work anymore!!
  • Good but flawed 2/5

    This app is helpful and extremely easy to use. It truly could be perfect except for one major flaw that ruins the whole thing. The app has a feature that lets you use custom wall papers for each special event. Unfortunately when you return to the app after not using it your image is gone, replaced by a gray screen. Not only that the image you have added to your wallpaper library in the app is also gone, and you must add it again. Until this problem is fixed I will be using a different countdown app.
  • HELPP MEE!! 2/5

    By julia14ann
  • BUSTED 1/5

    By Nish__Supreme
    I have only had this app for 10 seconds and I can't even get my own photo as a wallpaper to stay up after I close the app. The app will force close itself after I choose my own photo. FIX THIS. DO NOT BOTHER DOWNLOADING THIS APP.
  • Good... but... 2/5

    By ConnerJVrana
    Decent app, but when I put a custom wall paper up it always deletes it when I reopen the app... and it’s pretty annoying. Otherwise there’s no issues with it. Easy to use.
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By Fre3icca
    Keeps shutting down when I try to create an event. Reinstalled it and it still didn't work... boo!
  • where did countdown badge go? 2/5

    By August Gustav
    free version had badge that appeared on app icon but it is not there any more. i just bought the premium version thinking that would solve the issue but that didn’t work. I liked being able to glance at the icon to see the remaining days as a badge.
  • Great features but... 2/5

    By spenserh23
    So I have been using this app for less than a week and I have found at least 2 bugs in the app that are starting to bug me. First one, I have been trying to use my own photo as a wallpaper. Whenever I go on the app after not using it for a while, the photo I was using as a wallpaper is gone and replaced by a boring grey background. Second bug, I have a couple things that I want to count-up or countdown on that are based on other time zones. I keep trying to change the time zone, but it won’t let me change the time zone. If it weren’t for these bugs the app would get a 5/5, but these are too big of bugs for me to dismiss. Also, the app is by far one of the best designed app, minus the bugs, for countdowns/count-ups.
  • Works great 5/5

    By clove79
    It's just as it seems. Great countdown timer. No issues what so ever.
  • Good 4/5

    By whysobig2017
    Nice app, however changing the time zone on an event does not work.
  • Great to get Count Up But... 2/5

    By Glassgirl30
    I really liked this app and was thrilled to get the count up feature as it is really motivating to me but very disappointed to find out count up won’t display in the widget. Please add this - would make it perfect.
  • Ruined app with last update 1/5

    By F Box
    I Have used this app for years and I have always enjoyed it very much. When It last updated, I lost the badge icon display for my current favorite event. Unless corrected/restored soon, I will be deleting this app as it is now completely useless to me.
  • Picture 2/5

    By foy0877
    The photo I upload disappears every time I reopen the app
  • Overall Fun App BUT! 4/5

    By Emibim
    I've been using this for a few months now and it is quite easy to use on my iPhone with many customizable options. I also enjoy that I can see some of my countdowns on my Apple watch! BUT I WOULD RATE THIS 5/5 If you allowed complications with the Apple watch😰I use the app for counting down the days to Disney trips, birthdays, holidays etc. It was a real bummer when I wanted the make a buzz lightyear watch face and put my countdown app for my upcoming Disney trip as a complication, only to discover it doesn't have one😡 So now, I'm going to install a whole new app just so I can create and have that. PLEASE DEVELOPERS, ADD THIS LITTLE FEATURE, It makes your app in the watch that much more convenient and useful🙏🏼
  • Only 1 4/5

    By Markus the dark
    Can't put more than one countdown on main screen...
  • Too many bugs 2/5

    By Abcvsdfre
    I’ve added personal photos to it twice. And they photos have disappeared. And the badge notification isn’t working. Sorry if it’s Apple’s fault. iOS11 is garbage sadly
  • Ad's 1/5

    By Tinky Cruz
    Like the app but you can not take the ad off the button of your screen kind of annoying
  • No icon badge 1/5

    By Roadie 1
    The icon badge displaying countdown number no longer displays
  • Decent 2/5

    By Baby Jesus cakes, buy it.
    When I save a custom wallpaper for a countdown, it does not save the image. Every time I open the app the wallpaper is no longer saved. Likewise, the slider setting does not save when the app is closed and re opened.
  • Can’t select the time zones to change them 3/5

    By Joshford81
    Would be great as a countdown tracker for me heading back home if I could select the time zone for my current location and back in the states. When I try to select the time zone, it does nothing.
  • Won't save wallpaper. 2/5

    By Usgt
    Does what it does. It's ok. Now, it won't save a wallpaper you import. Turn the app off and restart and goes to blank grey screen.
  • Not impressed 3/5

    By Razniqs
    Could be a great app—if it actually posted to FB!!
  • Bring the Badges back! 4/5

    By Ethan2222222222222222222
    I have been using this app for years, great app, but they just recently took away the feature where you can display the days remaining of your favorite event as a badge on the app. Not happy!
  • App Crashes, Deletes My Wallpaper and settings. 1/5

    By OgSando
    This app basically has a mind of its own. I read all the previous reviews and thought I’d give it a try anyway. I’ve had it for a little under 24 hours and it’s already reset itself 5 different times. Glad I didn’t pay for this.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Evajune
    Love countdown
  • Wish the custom wallpapers would appear in Widget 3/5

    By NJJCW
    Any chance of getting the custom wallpapers to show up in the widget??
  • No Badge Icon 3/5

    By Peccole
    Since updating the app for IOS 11 compatibility, the badge icon DOES NOT display anymore. You have to go into the app now to see how many countdown days remain.
  • Personalized wallpaper options is broken 2/5

    By Therichfamily5
    Countdown is great but anytime you try to add your own photo the app crashes and sometimes removes your whole countdown altogether. I would love to add my own photo.
  • Wallpaper option doesn’t work on iPad. 2/5

    By dlyteful
    I have this app on my iPhone and it works with no issue. Can’t say the same about having it on my iPad. If you are like me and want personalized wallpapers for each event then you will be frustrated. The personalized wallpapers disappear overnight. Each morning I have to add again. Not worth it.
  • Not loving this update. 2/5

    By Desemac
    The interface went from elegant and clean to bunchy and busy. Make "weeks" an option instead of a default, please, and make the app beautiful again. UPDATE: emailed developer in April and he said the "weeks" would become optional soon, on an updated release. Four months later and only 100 days to my goal, still no change. UPDATE: Sorry, Joe. I’m glad the weeks are gone but now the icon badge is gone, too. This was sad as I LOVED looking at my phone and telling everyone how many days were left. Fix this before my event in December and I’ll upgrade. I know it’s not a lot of money but it’s all the leverage I have here.

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