CPlus for Craigslist

CPlus for Craigslist

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: YanFlex Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
22,644 Ratings
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CPlus for Craigslist App

Searching for daily classifieds, job ads, yard sales, garage sales, car sales or dating ads? CPlus for Craigslist is exactly what you need. Not only can you search for all types of classified ads but you can also search multiple cities at a time from your mobile. Search alerts will make sure you catch up with latest ads in real time. Customize your profile by marking your favorite ads and postings. Posting to sell can never be so easy. CPlus makes Craigslist easier to use. There are a ton of added features to make browsing, searching and posting on Craigslist, smooth, effective and absolutely free. ## Awesome App, Amazing Features ## - Notifications deliver the latest ads to you promptly (No battery drain). - Geo-location enables you to automatically find nearby cities. - Multiple city search for ads and classifieds. - Multiple display modes for Search Results: Photo+description view, photo grid view, photo album view, map view and big photo view. - Searches can be saved to start screen and avoid repetition of same searches. - Postings can be saved to your favorite list. Also Add notes to your favorite postings. - Update search in the result page including category, filter and sorting. - Native in-app posting for creating new ads and classifieds to buy, sell, rent products and services. - Renew, edit or repost your ads and manage multiple accounts from your iPhone. - Great mobile optimization for easy readability and functionality. CPlus for Craigslist is a Free to use app! Stay tuned to get updates and constant improvements and new features from us, regularly. Let us know your valuable feedback at yanflex@gmail.com or show us your support by rating us.


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CPlus for Craigslist app reviews

  • Where did the prices go???? 3/5

    By wheresmiahbeer
    Having issues with the app where it no longer shows the prices! Makes it tough to use to browse.
  • Prices don’t show... 1/5

    By BourgetFd
    Latest update, prices don’t show even though the prices are available on the real craigslist.
  • I 5/5

    By Frozen Nuts
  • 0 star if I can give 1/5

    By Skye070601
    Very unstable.... keep crashing and frozen up, even black screen twice... it happened both on my iPhone 6S and iPhone 8. Fix this problem please!
  • App constantly crashes!! 1/5

    By OneNonly1
    I love craigslist and I use the app daily to browse. I’ve been buying, selling, and bartering on craigslist for years and this app use to work perfectly a few months ago but for some reason now it crashes on me while I’m browsing. It kicks me completely out and I have to research and filter what I was looking at, it’s very annoying! I’ve deleted the app and downloaded again to attempt to fix the issue with no luck. If this issue is fixed I will change my review to 5 stars if not I will delete the app and just use my browser.
  • Best way to browse Craigslist 5/5

    By Kai-pie
    So much easier than going to the Craigslist website. It's great to be able to search multiple regions at once and do all your shopping and selling right through the app.
  • Great app 5/5

    By hhn2002
    Simple works wonderfully
  • Easy to use, great interface. 5/5

    By Black Magick
    Love it. Use it.
  • Money Hungry 1/5

    By DerekTG
    Recent update requires premium upgrade to select more than two alerts. Each location you select counts as one alert. I live in the Dallas area and the metroplex is divided into 5 locations which means you can only search minimal areas..
  • So easy to use! 5/5

    By 008525786431
    I love the easy interface. Great job.
  • Perfect app! 5/5

    By Barbj379
    Exactly what I'm looking for: Craigslist made easy?! Yes. Please. Save searches, add to favorites, contact ppl directly through app.
  • Not Satisfied. 1/5

    By Soulfulwon
    The older versions of the app were simple and efficient. I understand the direction of the updated version but doesn’t not garner effective search results. The location and categories are difficult to navigate often tripling my efforts to find products to buy. I usually just give up and search on another app. Type in what I’m looking for and bamm I’m sitting in my choices. Hit my filters to adjust my search I’m good to go.
  • Works perfectly 5/5

    By Bryan Bayer
    Does everything I want, great easy interface
  • Love it. 5/5

    By bigbutcher55
    Love it.
  • Unusable Search Function 1/5

    By MD Hacker
    Looking for something specific? Don’t bother. Multiple searches using direct titles couldn’t not sort from completely unrelated items. For instance, a search for Lexus LX 470 revealed every Lexus model, whereas a search for just LX 470 provided more incorrect listing than correct, my favorite being a few Corvettes (with no know relation to LX or 470). Not sure who is rating this app w positivity.. Used via iPhone 6s iOS 11.2.5
  • So much easier than normal Craigslist 5/5

    By AdrianSF
    So much easier than normal Craigslist
  • Keeps getting my IP address blocked 1/5

    Every time I use the app my IP address gets blocked and I have to reset my IP which takes me about 20 min. I don't know why this app gets flagged every time I use it. I had CL pro app which worked great and now it's not in the App Store. This app is garbage. I'd say in my opinion it's not worth the download.
  • Unnecessary In-app Purchases 1/5

    By Pro682
    The app used to allow for 10 notifications for added items on Craig’s List but in the most recent update they dropped it down to 2 and gave an in-app purchase for more. They also made the app stop functioning if you already had 10 notifications. I hate when app do things like this and I would give it less stars if I could.
  • Works Great 5/5

    By Brass Handle
    Works great now!
  • Essential 5/5

    By Twopicki1212
    Still the best when it comes to finding things and getting rid of things. I don’t even mess around on FB marketplace. If I want something gone, I post it on CL. The app works great and makes it easy to search or post. You can save searches and bookmark posts with ease AND find them when you want them. Well made app.
  • Love this!!!! 5/5

    By ChiroWellnessMama
    It makes craigslist soooo easy!!! Thank you!!
  • Posts not showing prices 1/5

    By Ralf Boi
    Many posts aren't showing prices now
  • Garbage! 1/5

    By Godsnotdead777followhimnow
    Poor app. Need to be fixed immediately, limiting my region search to only two! I shouldn’t need the premium app for a FREE WEBSITE. Disgusting thief’s, will seek another application
  • Misses so many ads 2/5

    By BetterApps1
    The more criteria you enter the worse it gets. Corvette-Good(still misses ads) 2006 Corvette-ok 2006 Chevrolet Corvette-bad “Title Only” zero returns most of the time. “Year Range” good luck I didn’t realize how many ads I was missing until I went in CL on my laptop and phone at same time. The best part, you only use your phone or tablet, you don’t know what you are missing, ignorance is bliss:-) Bummer, I really wish it worked better.
  • Very useful for buy and sell and employment. 5/5

    By Kinzmacher
    Get it!
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By Chumpbeater123
    The app crashes non stop . It is also annoying that if you swip left just a little it closes out what your looking at.
  • Simply efficient! 5/5

    By jtw1n
    Simple and efficient app.
  • Rating 1/5

    By Twostars2starsshouldbe1star
    Stop putting in my personal email when I contact someone!!!!!! There is no reason to give them my information! Deleted!
  • Cannot email through the app 2/5

    By banaany
    The contact button doesn't work, making it a pain to email anybody
  • The website is much better 1/5

    By 好玩刺刄
    I would like to use the traditional Craigslist website instead. I understand that they want to make something new, but this actually make Craigslist worse.
  • Frequently blocks my IP address idk why. 3/5

    By Wolfchubb
    Frequently blocks my IP address idk why. I have emailed CL several times without a response.
  • Really easy to use. Great App. 5/5

    By Suainie
    You will love this. Really easy to use.
  • No bugs like other apps 5/5

    By Lukiepie12345
    Great 👍
  • Great concept, terrible execution 2/5

    By guitarnutchris
    This easily the buggiest, most crash-prone app for Craigslist, bar none. The most recent “bug fix” did little more than accelerate battery drain, but kept all the bugs and instability it had before. Still, it’s the best app for Craigslist, so long as you don’t want to use it for more than 10 minutes at a time.
  • IP blocked 2/5

    By Add More!!
    Craigslist IP Blocked me for using this app while shopping for used cars.
  • Doesn’t work outside US 1/5

    By quanza
    Can’t load a city outside the US even though CL has cities globally; can’t even use the app without picking a random US city if you’re not in the US ...
  • Useless alerts, good search 3/5

    By BG_Sea
    Search works fine, but the alerts ping me repeatedly (five times a day?) for what are apparently the same two listings. I finally hid them all, but when it pings me for “three new listings in Seattle” and only shows the same two I’ve been seeing all week, it makes me wonder if there’s an updating issue with the main listings. Oh well, at least the interface is good for immediate searches.
  • Downhill 3/5

    By YourQueen666
    Use to be a really good app but now all it ever does is lag, freeze and crash. Just GREAT.
  • Not a good app anymore 1/5

    By Mike zuck
    This app was great at first where users can view multiple locations and add as many as liked. Now with the new update users are only allow to view up to 2.
  • Solid App! 3/5

    By Slippy42
    Edit: When did alerts start being a paid upgrade? Previous review: Thanks for being free, and not having any obtrusive ads. App is quick and useful.
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By CraziTalk
    Still is great on my iPad, but for the last year+ hasn’t worked for my iPhone. I’ve contacted the company several times but haven’t gotten any assistance. I just keep getting the error that the application cannot contact the server. Over the course of the last year or so I have managed to successfully use the application on my iPhone perhaps five times. Every other time I get that error. I have found very little information on this error online. And have received no comment from the company itself. What little I have found refers to uploading posts, which is unrelated, or else refers to looking at results from multiple (meaning to many) servers. After reading this one, I slowly deleted all of the locations I was searching and even when using just one regardless of where in the world I was looking, I could not get the program to work for me. EDIT file making this post, I opened the application and successfully did a search. That makes half a dozen successes over the last year, perhaps I have seen the last of the failure, but I expect not.
  • Used the app for years but... 2/5

    By jamescjacksonaz
    They took away the saved search features. Now I have to buy the upgrade if I want to use the features I had been using forever. Kinda lame guys...
  • On the money 5/5

    By Cool Mint Creme
    This app works, within screens and from one to another. It's well-rendered, quick, intuitive, and smooth, and it ought to be a model for many others.
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By GirlEqualsUpvotes
    Latest version now requires money to utilize previously free features.
  • I love it 5/5

    By locaahhh
    It's so convenient to look up deals on this app! Absolutely love it!
  • Time saver 5/5

    By Angel101pr
    Saves a bunch of time by allowing you to post the same item over and over again with ease
  • Worthless 2/5

    By FrqtUsr01
    This app freezes more than it doesn’t and there are never any updates available. The developer must be too busy making more crappy applications.
  • Buy it ! Sell it ! 5/5

    By ramster
    Very convenient app.
  • Crashing 2/5

    By Gahart
    App crashes an wont let u connect to servers? Don’t understand
  • Better than the Craigslist webpage 5/5

    By Deicerdavid
    Sweet navigation and auto saving of all favorites etc. love it.

CPlus for Craigslist app comments


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