Craft Away! - Idle Mining Game

Craft Away! - Idle Mining Game

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  • Current Version: 1.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Futureplay
  • Compatibility: Android
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Craft Away! - Idle Mining Game App

In Craft Away you'll explore a beautiful world and mine thousands of blocks with one swipe of your finger. Befriend minions and animals to mine by your side and craft awesome gear like potions, enchanted books, furnaces and pickaxes to enhance your journey. Become a rich miner tycoon in the world's best incremental idle mining and crafting game! 7 REASONS TO CRAFT AWAY! ~~~~~~~~~~ * SWIPE TO MINE - Tap n’ swipe to mine thousands of blocks and resources instantly. * BEFRIEND MINIONS – Save animals and minions trapped in jelly to mine for you while you’re away! * CRAFT AWESOME GEAR - Use your resources to craft everything from Nether Bricks to Eyes of Ender. * EXPLORE A WORLD - Explore and discover beautiful scenic biomes as your adventure develops. * FRENZIED MINING – Tornados, TNT, and a giant golden hammer harvest entire chunks in an instant! * INVEST WISELY - Prove your RPG strategy with smart decisions on which gear and minions to befriend, craft and upgrade. * PLAY ANYWHERE! - The world’s best idle mining and crafting game is free to play online or offline! Support: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:


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Craft Away! - Idle Mining Game app reviews


    By Jdndgiensvwhisndjwondveiksndh
    This game is so awesome it one of the best game on my phone.
  • Lol 😂 cuido game forever:va 5/5

    By EddyHC37
  • Not working 1/5

    By vulturul
    After putting up with this boring game, now it doesnt load at all, stuck at loading screen
  • First of all... 5/5

    By Booboochris
    Love this game
  • Hi This Game Is a Dumb 1/5

    By djsiiwn neid
    This Game Is Stupid
  • Kinda good 2/5

    By 7chbchhdcjhdcunsjcbdjchhdc
    When I was crafting it reset all of my data and I lost every thing I recommend get it but do not build anything I raged quit
  • Potato 5/5

    By ThatOneGuy2526
    I am potato
  • Other idle game devs take notes 5/5

    By bubbaConor
    Unlike many other idle games which are either tap until auto generated or set off a time until you gain a profit (Adventure Capitalist). This game feel much more involved the combination of swiping for the player, and the damage values not being based on per second but on damage per hit to many individual blocks makes this game much more fun than other idle games.
  • Best g8me ever 5/5

    By awesome scary shark🌎🌕🌘🌑💧
    It’s so awesome when i do a ad I watch as many as possible
  • Marcia Williams 5/5

    By Marcia4321
    Addictive and fun
  • Love the game, but..... 1/5

    By K-Town69
    The amounts of diamonds required to buy anything is ridiculous. I have played this for at least 2 hours a day, for 2 weeks and have only gotten 1000 diamonds. I'm at stage 424 and am level 629. I have went back to base camp 3 times and I am addicted! I love the game, but diamonds don't come fast enough. Also the update for fortune pods is garbage. Nobody will EVER spend diamonds on a chance to receive rewards when it takes days just to get 25.
  • Great game, but a few suggestions 4/5

    By ThatOneGuy7284
    First of all, I love this game. It’s got smooth animations and friendly creatures to help you take on the slime. With this being said, there’s a few changes I’d like to see being made to the game. For starters, after you prestige from a high stage (let’s say 300). It’s nearly impossible to get anywhere near back 300 within a few hours of playing. I’d like to see a percent bonus damage towards the highest stage you were at the last time you prestiged, but the bonus wouldn’t apply to slimes. Just to help players get closer to where they were and be able to prestige and be more motivated to play more often. Secondly, could you please add a warning to the first time you return to camp that it will reset your progress. Because I know the first time I did I was very confused as to why I was at the beginning again and I feel as if this would be better for newer players to the idle genre. A few more ideas I wont get into depth about are Low Detail Mode (battery does die quite fast), customizable character/hammer, and change in the way spells work. Thanks so much for reading my review. If any of you are looking for the next idle game to start up, I highly recommend this one. PS: If any of these suggestions are implemented or at least responded to, whether that be to explain why they can’t be, etc., then I’ll happily change my rating to five stars.
  • ⚠️ Facebook Required for cloud game save 🤬👎🏻 1/5

    By teh.FunKiller
    Warning: If you spend money on this game, you will lose it all if you remove this game from your device without connecting your Facebook account to this game. Prepare to hand over your personal Facebook life. What kind of iOS game doesn’t use iCloud to save game progress/purchases in 2018? Apple’s iCloud is a thing; if you can program a game, you can surely add code to allow your customers to save their game progress/purchases on Apples iCloud Game Center. Game is fun and I wanted to spend money on it, until I realized that your game doesn’t save in the cloud unless you connect your Facebook account. I don’t want a Facebook account! I won’t even go into the advertisements because there are a ton to watch every 5 minutes! Why? For a boost. Why a boost? Because they’ve already determined how long it will take until you get bored swiping the screen before your willing to watch an advertisement or buy something. A boost for 5 minutes makes a difference between you being bored out of your mind & being interested in what’s next that’s only moments around the corner because of said boost. Nothing to see here, move along. Uninstalled.
  • It’s okay 5/5

    By vgihutug
    I don’t like starting over when I go to base!!when you make it better I might just change my mind but for now you need to fix it please thank you
  • Why Are We Supporting This? 1/5

    By Flashinator
    I honestly don’t know why people are writing good reviews for this game. When I was searching the App Store, I noticed this game because of its good rating and reviews. I downloaded without having expectations that were too high (because it is a free game). So, I played for about five minutes... and that summed up the entire game. No, I didn’t stop playing after only five minutes. I've spent about five hours playing this game, hoping that it would somehow become more fun. In the end, I was just disappointed because all you do in the game is swipe your finger mindlessly across the screen. There isn’t any challenge, there are no puzzles. In the description of the game, it says you will explore a beautiful world and mine thousands of blocks. I’m not saying it isn’t true. If you want to mine thousands of blocks that all look the same (yeah, ok... there are about 6 or 7 different kinds of blocks), this game is for you. As for the world being beautiful, all of the levels have essentially the same artwork. The crafting in the game doesn’t change gameplay either. All it does is make you feel like you reset your progress for nothing. This is my note to the developers: I understand that this game is free, but please make it original in some way. There isn’t anything in this game that I couldn’t get from something that’s even as simple as Cookie Clicker. Add something that makes this game a game, instead of just trying to get people to watch advertisements. Here’s a suggestion, go on to YouTube and watch this video done by Game Theory. I don’t remember the exact title, but if you search something like “designed to addict” it should come up. I don’t think it will take much effort to make this game more enjoyable if you use everything that you’ve already created so far. Good luck.
  • LOST it all! 1/5

    By Oliviè
    I wrote you guys a very nice review not too long ago. After that, this game got deleted from my iPhone. Now, after installing again, all my game progress is gone. What is the GameCenter connection for??!! Seriously? Not to mention you don’t even provide a “restore purchases” option! I’ve spent money on this game and also on your other idle game, I like your games but this is very disappointing and unacceptable. Hope you can help me out here.
  • More Features!!! 5/5

    By chickendom249
    It's a great game! But plz add more features to it. Plz make the houses on the side more useful than their mailboxes sway. More sections bosses and multiplayer!
  • Building 5/5

    By carliata
    I love to build and smash
  • Easy but fun!!! 5/5

    By Fffffffffffuuuuuuuuunnnnn
    I just got the game and I'm already really far.I can't stop playing it.😄 I would pay money for the game.
  • Cute 5/5

    By JnMill10
    Makes my tummy grumbly!
  • Crafty 5/5

    By weewee413
    Love this game bois
  • Why dose it not show how much jelly u have? 5/5

    By Brveralec
    I want to know how many jelly blocks I have so I now how much jelly I need to take back to base with me. Future play, can u plz tell me why?
  • No title name 1/5

    By Lilibutrico
    It’s so freaking hard
  • Where is level editor?? 5/5

    By herpak
    Very lovely game but i cant find level editor.
  • Pretty fun 5/5

    By Leekhejewbebrieieeb
    I’m over level 600+ and was introduced to this game by NickatNyte a 2 mil sub youtuber. Lots of grinding but cool just spending billions on upgrades
  • Edited at bottom 5/5

    By Tummy700
    The game is dead after the recent update, people asked for a way to skip the screen that stops progression every 5 levels, the developer then chooses to ignore complaints and add a completely pay to win skip ahead with a huge amount of gems that cost money to get, such a disaster. Update 12/24/17: I have checked back into the game and they have automated the progression screen and increases the power of all the items you upgrade by 3 fold! They now actually help improve your progress. They listened to everything we have been asking for and now the game is in an incredible state, I’m very impressed the developer actually stepped up and fixed all the problems about the game, it’s now extremely fun to play and I’m loving the game!!! Thank you so much for listening to us and fixing your already great game into a masterpiece!!!!
  • Meh.... 5/5

    By Cwindom111
    I have 5 Stars despite the fact that I personally have no interest in playing it again and I’m going to uninstall it, however I don’t want my dissuade anybody from trying because I can see the appeal of the game and why a lot of people might enjoy it. It’s simple, you get things as you progress, you get to collect things, levels are short enough to be completed while your waiting for something... it has everything a mobile game should have.... but I like games that allow me to build things, and considering the name of the game I assumed that’s what this was
  • 5 Star Game 5/5

    By King_Fuffy
    This game is AMAZING! The graphics are so nice, but the only problem I had is that the 10x leveler won’t stick so that I only get notifications if a creature can be 10x leveled. If that would be implemented, that would be nice to have.
  • If only they listen to players 2/5

    This game has potential to be a great game if only they would listen and make it progress offline or easier to get back to max stage faster. They did add minor advancement but at a staggering price for minimal gain all they need to do is add a new starting point based on max stage reached
  • Futureplay WAS a great developer. 2/5

    By Redjrh
    Updated review via latest patch, changing my review due to the fact that instead of making the game auto progress like all games of this type have implemented, instead they have it were you can spend gems to move ahead. While this would be okay as an option to move ahead quickly it’s not the answer for an auto progressing system. It just seems like a quick change to make more money. Gems should be for special items not to just move ahead faster. This is very disappointing for a game that had some potential.
  • Accidentally restarted without warning 1/5

    By Maldonz0r
    Returned to base, crafted some stuff, and hit start. Stupid thing restarted from scratch with no warning or confirmation. Wiped everything I had. Deleted.
  • Aewso 5/5

    By CAVE123657
  • Bug 3/5

    By Afif822
    Theres a bug where the animal (sheep) cost 20k then after i upgraded it, it went back to 4k. WTH is that? Please fix this problem.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By FoxMcWeezer
    Stop interrupting me with those Let’s Go screens every 5 levels.
  • Level Creator 3/5

    By vincent the gamer of games
    I want to create a level but it does not show the thing so you can create the level but I like the type b creeper that is named Charlie because I play mine craft but I want to know how you unlock the thing so you can create a level
  • FUN tap I love it 5/5

    By BEN COMBS 6064387646
  • YAY 5/5

    By Z04NotFound
    Don’t know what to say but it’s a nice game!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jrhdhdkjd
    Great game
  • Great way to pass time 5/5

    By Big Hu
    I have enjoyed playing this game very much. I have only one question. Did you remove the random little chests that would appear randomly throughout the menus that gave you a gift when you tap them? I would get a few every time I played but now it’s been hours since I’ve seen any.
  • Good but there’s something missing 5/5

    By TheDogsRoutine
    You should add skins for your avatar plz other than that 5 stars
  • Wow 1/5

    By Rbert100
    I lost everything I did my hero was lv 63. I wake up find out my hero is back to lv 1 are you serious someone needs to take care of this I swear.
  • Customization 3/5

    By Vannner
    Its a great game with great mechanics but it lacks customization. Enough already, its 2017 and most games should give you the option to be male/female and chose skin color etc. Enough of this copy and paste white protagonist nonsense. It’s just laziness at this point.
  • Fun 5/5

    By By CrazyYT
    This game is satisfying and fun to play!
  • It ok 2/5

    By Rhargis1
    I press a button and it restarted me and it got me mad
  • Awesome. 5/5

    By Squashed Crackerjack
    Awesome game, but when you go back to camp you have to restart the adventure.
  • A very great game 5/5

    By Gytrrrryyikugfhgkokuhggggg
    I really love the game
  • Jerry 5/5

    By jerryicehouse
    Awesome just super fun
  • Dumb 1/5

    By Asfgjk
    I mean. All you do is swipe your finger sporadically across the screen.
  • Wait. . . I think I missed a turn or something 4/5

    By Crushedgurl
    So, I’ve enjoyed this game quite a bit and I’ve made it pretty high up there in levels, far enough that there were no more companions to free or anything else. Just the same endless loop of places with varying amounts of materials/blocks. I’ve managed to create all of the base camp buildings and have made a nice dent in the others but if even by level 600 I have to start completely over and continue to look at the same old screens over and over I don’t know how much more fun I can actually have at it. I guess I was expecting it to be somewhat different due to the description on it. I’d say try this game out for sure, because it’s definitely fun, but don’t go by what’s written about it, it’s pretty misleading.
  • AMAZING but... 5/5

    By Caliduchey

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