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Credit Karma App

Make the most of your credit, it's totally free! Start by digging into your credit profile and finding out what goes into your credit scores. Then get important updates with credit monitoring, keep an eye on your info with ID monitoring, check out personalized recommendations and more. • Check your scores – Log in anytime to look, it will never hurt your scores. • Spot potential ID theft – We’ll tell you when your info is in another company’s public data breach — and what you can do. • Find $ that belongs to you – Search state databases for unclaimed money in your name. There’s over $40 billion waiting to be claimed! • Get money-saving recommendations – Use your credit to qualify for lower interest rates and better credit card rewards. • Monitor your reports – Get alerted when there’s an important change to your reports and challenge errors right from your account. • Review credit tips – Receive helpful recommendations matched to your profile. Join more than 75 million members on the path to financial progress. Learn more and sign up at


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Credit Karma app reviews

  • Great! 5/5

    By <>
    This app is awesome. So informative and very geared towards serving you.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Troy1312
    Great app to help build credit
  • Great free way to check scores 5/5

    By Codesong
    Easy, convenient, and no hidden fees
  • Comment on “Great App” 4/5

    By BLONDIE 127
    Your review about Credit Carma, & your Credit gave me GREAT HOPE. Thank you for sharing with such honesty. A friend turned me on to Credit Carma about 6+ years ago and although the score I saw was far from what I had expected I then knew there are ways to turn that low score :( up to a Number that we all need to really get what we need, & want. We all have a name ( John Smith, Jane Doe etc.) along with our names we have a Social Security Number. That number is who you are to the Government, IRS,and everything important. No matter how pretty or handsome your name may be, no matter your personality how good you are. Making sure everything you do is good, kind, perfect, even if you have Millions of dollars in the bank. Still you are that Social Security Number that will lead you to your Credit Score. That score means EVERYTHING. Let’s say you have 9 million dollars in the bank, a Beautiful very expensive home with high mortgage payments, insurance both on your car & Home & you have been up to date on time never late or missed a payment. You could assume you credit score would be high 😊 But you applied for a car loan over the Internet, or u shopped at kohls & put in your S.S # to get 20% off your total shopping order... BAM Hard Hit on your credit Score. Or like me a divorce put me in the hole of quick sand feeling I will never crawl out & up. For a long time I would apply for Credit or a small credit loan for a car. At that time my credit was close to a 6 so clearly I thought I would be approved. HA nope I was denied due to all the times I applied for something it would lower my credit score. About 2 months ago I checked my Credit Score on Credit Carma & it was high I the 6‼️😀 I was so excited because I planned on financing a car after the Holiday’s. Well for about 1+ years I had pre pay with T-Mobile & never missed a payment nor was I ever late.keep this next sentence in min. (My Mother really wanted a cell phone) oh I have 3 siblings who didn’t care what she wished for last Christmas & of course being much smart than I they got her something other than what she truly wanted. Ok so I was going through my mail & opened a letter from T-Mobile Thanking me for being a great customer & now I was a VIP‼️ They offered me 2 lines all in for $100.00 a month plus an IPhone 7😀‼️ Athe time I was using my paid off 6plus. Immediately I decided to give the 6plus to my Mom & I would upgrade to the 7plus. The whole transaction took over 3 hours. I had the manager of the store helping us who neglected to tell me I had to make $36. Per month payments on the 7 plus that would be automatically withdrawn from my bank acct between the 16 to the 21 of each month. I am a disabled woman living on $745. A month with that said there isn’t any money in my account during that time. I opened the T-Mobile Acct. in March 2017 & all my monthly payment were in full on time. Never was I contacted in any way to bring to my attention the $36. Payments 7 of them for the IPhone. The beginning of Oct 2017 I called in & made my $100 monthly payment which changed to $110 because I was calling the payments in. Again nobody notified me if I gave them permission to auto withdraw I could have save $10.‼️2 day’s later my Mother & My acct. had been suspended for GET THIS ( NON PAYMENT‼️) I was so surprised & angry I said a shirt orayer asking God to help me be kind, calm & understanding. I just made my payment how could I be suspended for non payment❓ The auto teller said it look like your acct. has been suspended due to non payment the total amount due is $700+. Would you like to make the payment now❓ Bottom line it took many phone calls speaking & listening to many acct supervisor’s to understand how I could owe so much money❓ Finally I got a Supervisor whom I was able to understand making me aware I was behind 8 payments for the IPhone 7. He was giving me a payment plan & asked if he could put me on a shirt hold❓I said yes & as I was waiting the call dropped‼️I had been on my phone with T-Mobile over 2 hours & for one reason whenever I am on the phone for that length of time the call drops. 🤔 Of course he did it call me back nor did he leave notes. Therefore every time I call hoping to get a CSAgent that can help me I am denied. My only option is to pay $784. I told you this whole true long story because I checked my Credit Score and it is now 499 from 6+‼️ If I had been made aware of the payment expected I would NOT have went forward with the acct. simply because it would be unaffordable for me. From now on I don’t care how long the line is behind me, i must keep in mind I too am a paying customer & I will ask every question I can think of. In addition I will make it my business to read the fine print myself. Not listen to the sales person tell me what I am signing. As I said earlier this comment turned out to be so so so unexpectedly long & I apologize I just couldn’t think of another way to make you aware of little things like cellular company pushing you long long awaited Credit Score to go up for them to knock it down‼️📲📱 Seriously, Kick down by T-Mobil
  • Simple to use 5/5

    By Kennillo997
    It keeps me up to date on my credit score and informs me of new credit cards I can open up.
  • Easy reading 5/5

    By Lariat2011
    You can monitoring your credit information
  • Credit! 5/5

    By Mizael01
    Very good!
  • Love love love this app 5/5

    By WWred
    Love it
  • Life changing! 5/5

    By Eladioone
    Allows you to watch your Credit score continually rise as you do things correctly.
  • Helpful tool 5/5

    By bethanie143
    Wish I would have started using Credit Karma years ago! Such a useful tool and it’s free!
  • FaceID is actually broken with latest update 3/5

    By Stef Geiger
    While this week's update "added FaceID" Support, it was actually already working fine since any touchID request was handled fine via FaceID. Now the app appears to have no support for biometrics on iphone X. Like even the setting to enable FaceID is gone now. Big step backwards.
  • Great assistance 5/5

    By 4n6 md
    Does all the work for you. Always on guard for you. Finds cards and companies that are perfectly matched to your credit status. App is comprehensive and easy to use.
  • Credit karma review 5/5

    By Nismo2k6
    It’s an awesome credit monitoring app
  • satisfied user 5/5

    By hegear
    works great
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Glynnis Lee
    I have been watching my credit increase over the last two years and it’s been fun with this app. I have opened around seven different lines of credit during this time and most of them were at the suggestion of Credit Karma. I still won’t get the personal loan it keeps recommending but overall it is really helped me focus on my credit score in a meaningful way. Quick note to the person who’s review I’m assuming will be right below this one, yes your credit scores can be wildly different. My bank provides be with my fico score. My other credit cards provide me with a variety of other scores. And I have seen my Fico score Appear to be about 100 points different as well. That doesn’t mean my Credit Karma is wrong, my Equifax and Trans Union that are provided from other sources are also in line with my credit karma score and my Fico score is still real. Most days my Fico is at least 50-75 points different. They also explain several places that the score is an estimate and the fact that they’re using tools to determine what they think other places will view it as. Credit scores are not completely raw data. Each one uses the information it has and rates it accordingly to its own view. I’ve also had points for my Trans Union and my Equifax Have been 75 to 100 points different as well. It’s not as frequent as the difference between my fico and other scores. Just wanted to add my 2 sense on that.
  • Doesn’t work in Canada? 2/5

    By rubayeet
    Signed up on the website. Downloaded the app on phone, tried to sign in several times, but got “email/password do not match” response. Possibly looking up in the US (.com) website for authentication? I tried again changing password but didn’t help.
  • Love it 5/5

    By MatthewAlexander03
    This is so helpful. I got my credit back on track in just a few months. Very detailed and informative.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By WiseGuyJedi
  • Awesome 5/5

    By 4fun253
    Free and works great. Thanks CK!!!
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Lily.e
    Thank you for giving us this great opportunity to review our scores without going into each of the bureau at times confusing sites. For the money they make of selling our personal data we have to have free access to keep track of our own information. So i am glad some companies provide the common courtesy like credit karma!!
  • 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 5/5

    By TDawson400Ck187
    Great App very helpful in the rebuilding of my credit.. Two 👍🏾👍🏾’s up.....
  • Great app! 5/5

    By ShayColeman0812
    I’ve been using this app since I was 18 now I’m 22 and it’s the best thing ever, very convenient!😄
  • Credit karma 5/5

    By Natersalad
    Try it out. Why not?
  • Great app but missing one credit bureau 4/5

    By Matthew.Shoemaker
    Would love to see all three major credit bureaus. Would be able to get a more well rounded view of your credit. Experian is the credit bureau that is always the lowest of the three. A lot of company’s give credit on this bureau too. If we got access to this one it would give everyone more of a reason of understanding credit and their credit scores. This would be a 5 Star app if this would happen but until it does it will always just be 4 stars.
  • Found items I missed 5/5

    By Hkav
    I finally redownloaded this and it told me I was in collections for a bill I had no idea I had! Thank god I saw this so I could pay it off!!
  • Good Work 5/5

    By Tamiria52
    Tryna Receive A Great Credit Score Love The App
  • The best 5/5

    By Clerk7756
    The best thing that happened to me.
  • Great 5/5

    By PJMadden
    I'm really liking it so far
  • Love it 5/5

    By littcm02
    Great way to monitor your score with helpful tips to improve it! Thanks
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Shakes1232
    Very easy to use. Keeps all your accounts in one place for you
  • Nice 5/5

    By mr finanace
  • Ms. 4/5

    By Ms Stranger
    Very helpful in keeping up before a problem occurs.
  • Stopped working 4/5

    By ca-quake
    To whom it may concern my credit karma app is no longer working is Their something you could do to bring it back on line thank you David
  • Simply the Best 5/5

    By Eneakhan
    If you do not watch your own financial life as well as one—may say—that of their clients. Then family, job, children’s education, medical insurance, all other forms of insurance, mortgage and every financial transaction one makes is in jeopardy. Why take the risk? I have been using this free tool for a decade or more. It has been a significant part of the story of my financial life. The worst is the medical insurance industry. I am currently disputing a collection for less then $60, after, $800 was rightfully paid by insurance company. A mysterious small amount has taken my credit from ‘Good’ to ‘Fair’. The collection agency does not even know. The original creditor states, “Ask the collection agency.” Credit Karma is the ONLY tool that is self-funding, through “offers to help” based on you profile that disappear as quickly as they appear. — • — around and around we go — • —
  • Mr 5/5

    By Hamrock
    I sent in a I dispute and the jump on it and my score changed for the better😄
  • Credit Karma if good in my book! 5/5

    By Pabilonagirl
    I know a lot about credit reports working in the mortgage industry. I know what drives a score up and down. I have found monitoring my score through Credit Karma has been very helpful.
  • Good app...bulky, but provides service. 4/5

    By Latxboy65
    I like the app because it gives me access to information about my credit that I need. Only grip with app is that it takes time go through through several menus to get to the information.
  • Really good app!!!! 5/5

    By 99erFan
    This has been a great app, I have not had any trouble out of it, or credit karma; since I signed up. This app makes it really easy to access my credit history entirely and score. Thank you very much, thank you for not charging us either even though you could just like everyone else. As of now, nothing is broken, so please do not try in any way to fix what is not broken. I am a little old school and I believe what is working keep doing. Thank you!!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By iaaw
    Very pleased with this app
  • Totally fake, don’t trust 1/5

    By Why he running
    I have Amex card and discover card,they send me every month free credit score detail,both bank showing same score but This credit karma Totally different showing u 2-2 months old report totally fake score, don’t trust
  • Awesome 5/5

    By nunndaddy
    This site helped me bunches.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Jackie Sampsell
    I love credit karma and everything is very easy to use. I would like to see credit karma add credit bureaus (Experian) to its platform in the future. Please add credit bureau (Experian) as soon as possible.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By ZenaA96
    Update: Still doing great! Thanks! Keep it up credit Karma! 😎 Basic Score seems accurate after further understanding & review with my real credit report! Individual banks can use additional source and data to beef up a basic credit score from their perspective. Love the tips and knowledge base/ educational information bits! Helping me Get my credit back into better shape and maintain better credit management. Thanks! Keep it up credit Karma! 😎
  • So helpful! 5/5

    By Keraca
    I'm applying for a home loan and it has been incredibly helpful to have this information at my fingertips. There were bills I didn't even know I had and CK connected me to the collectors so I could pay them off and remove the mark from my credit report. Highly recommend. Update: After using CK for six months my credit score has risen over 100 points, I just got approved for a good credit card, and I’m in good standing to get a low interest home loan. The scores are not hard pulls, so they’re not 100% accurate, but they give you a fair idea of your current credit standing. Thank you so much, CK. You make adulting so much easier.
  • Credit Karma is definitely a great product! 5/5

    By Edwin M.
    Without a doubt one of my top 10 most used apps.
  • Helped me greatly! 5/5

    By Am710ertsa
    Hard to believe a free app can help soo much!
  • Handy when repairing credit 4/5

    By Cakid88
    This is a very handy tool when you're watching your credit. I've been working on it so that I can buy a house, CK has great answers for most of my questions (like how something will affect my credit). The only problem with it is the scores are way off. CK said my score was 674, had my score pulled by a mortgage broker, it was 634.
  • 👍🏽 5/5

    By Trinataetae
    Great app
  • Wrong Credit Scores 2/5

    By Tricky Trenz
    Credit Karma hasn’t updated one of the credit bureaus in over 5 months. Paid for another service and credit karma was off 115 points on my score. Not going to complain because it was plus 115 points. Lol.. I know someone will write back stating they are up to date. Seriously not true. Credit Karma has declined big time over the past year and a half. It’s still fun to see how much points they are off per month though. I gave an extra star because the app works nicely. Never have any issues opening. But for anyone who reads this.. take the time and buy a package or do your free yearly credit score through another site. You will be surprised in the huge difference. You will get more information too.
  • Excelent application! 5/5

    By Mega express
    It's very friendly and usefully.

Credit Karma app comments


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