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Curb - The Taxi App

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Curb - The Taxi App App

Curb is the #1 taxi app in the US that connects you to over 50,000 taxis with the tap of a button. Easily request and pay for rides in 65 U.S. cities, including New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and Washington,DC. Have questions about Curb or suggestions for how we can improve? Send your feedback to 3 Ride Options - Ride Now: Request a taxi for immediate pickup - Ride Later: Reserve a taxi for a pickup up to 24 hours in advance - Pair & Pay: Use the Curb app to pay for rides you hail with your hand (Available in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, and Las Vegas) Benefits for Riders - Connect with nearby licensed, fully-insured drivers - Request a regular taxi or wheelchair accessible vehicle (in select markets) - Pay your taxi fare with a credit card or Paypal in the Curb app, or pay with cash - Receive an e-receipt at the end of each ride for easy expensing - Earn free Curb rides by sharing your personal referral code Have questions or feedback? Visit


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  • Convenience & responsive customer service! 4/5

    By sfgirl726
    I use Curb in NYC. Although I had to take time to learn the app, I love the ease of use and appreciate not having to carry cash or swipe my card for cabs. On the few occasions that I've had issues, they were only with bad drivers, not the app.; contacting the Curb folks isn't as facilitated as I'd like (I prefer speaking by phone), but when I have reported negative experiences, they were responsive and helpful. Overall, I'm a fan.
  • Stole My Money 1/5

    By Jen VW
    I had been using Curb for a while in NYC, felt it was convenient outside of the fact that it hits your account for $20 every time you use it (then credits it back usually within a day). But then one day last month I attempted to use it and the app wouldn’t load by the time the trip was over, so I paid with cash. Then I got a receipt for someone else’s $50 cab ride!!! Made perfect sense what had happened, since the pickup point was steps from where I’d been dropped off...the app had loaded in time to pay for the next ride in that cab. This is a tech error that should not be allowed. But to make matters worse, the Curb service person who contacted me after I disputed the charge with my bank (I wasn’t about to argue with someone there BEFORE retrieving my stolen money) was skeptical about the story and asked if I was certain I hadn’t taken that trip. And my account was suspended, as if I wanted to use that crappy service again. So, in summary, flawed tech could take your money and you’ll have to deal with rude customer care people if you want it back. Just Apple Pay.
  • Lack of Basic Features 1/5

    By benofmerion
    1) No login with a 3rd party (Facebook, Google, etc.) 2) Manually add credit cards, screw this.
  • Don’t Use In Vegas 1/5

    By TPeters2125
    I used this app 3 times this weekend. 2/3 drivers had no idea about it. I ended up paying them in cash for the ride and after they drove away the ride finalized so I was charged twice. Use Uber and Lyft or be overcharged
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By syzygy214
    App flat out doesn’t work in Vegas. Can’t register nor set up a credit card. Waste of time
  • Payment Problems, STILL 1/5

    By NYCTX21
    10/14/2017 - I still have not been contacted to resolve this problem. Unbelievable that I can be locked out of my acct for this long without being contacted as stated on 9/26/2017. I even sent a request through their website and nothing. Again, they obviously no longer need my business. It’s a shame because it supports the yellow and green cab drivers of NYC. So I have used this app in the past with no problems. But today I ordered a cab, hit the button that we were in cab and had the default for 20% tip and after we left the cab, I get an email that my PayPal acct was declined. I check my acct, no problems and my credit card connected to my acct shows that Curb charged me and then credited me back the amount. I sent an email to support since I’m now frozen out of my Curb acct and no response. Not sure why all of a sudden it’s no longer taking PayPal. Obviously they no longer need my business.
  • Great Chicago (and elsewhere) Taxi requesting app 5/5

    By Bramnet
    Chicago resident here, The Curb Support has only grown from the first time I used the app and I think it’s only getting better and better Tells you roughly how far away the closest taxi is, and you’re able to set your final destination to track how long till you get there.
  • Crap app 3/5

    By Her8675309
    I signed up while in Vegas but never had a chance to use it as the hotel requested a taxi for me. I did try to look on the app for a help section to figure out what the three different buttons did but couldn't find one.
  • Don't download it's the same as uber 1/5

    By jasonVor
    Only a lot more expensive just don't download you'll regret it they charge you for canceling
  • Lately not working!!! 3/5

    By Almodovar
    I’m in NY and was happy with this app but the past three times it doesn’t pair with the taxi and the drivers insist you pay cash because they never know anything or just pretend they don’t. Very annoying. I get the message at the end of the trip even though wasn’t able to pair and then it gets stuck. Fix it please. Btw this started happening when you change the app.
  • No excuse 1/5

    By Kidreporter
    for how bad this app is. It's clunky, it's buggy, it's constantly telling me I have a message (what message??). You can't change the payment method before you pay. Everything about it is annoying. Poor cab drivers.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By seasame_seed84
    I really like this app. It's way easier than hailing a cab the old fashioned way. I've never had a problem with a cab canceling on me or canceling a cab. I generally feel safer in a cab then I do in a random Uber car or Lyft. There's always room for improvement with any app and as someone who has used Curb since the beginning I think it's coming along nicely.
  • Don't Bother 1/5

    By jwtchatty
    This app is useless. A total waste of time to establish an account and set up payment only to find that there is no option to pay once you're already in the cab (e.g., at the airport). ARRO is way better. Curb, you are dead to me. #delete.
  • Outrageous fees to use 1/5

    By HeyHeyHeyRerun
    These idiots charge a $2 "service fee" FOR EVERY RIDE!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
  • A lot to be wished for in this constantly crashing, unintuitive app 2/5

    By P Consumer
    A lot to be wished for in this constantly crashing, unintuitive app
  • Creditcard charged 3x for same ride 1/5

    By globalwfh
    My credit card was charged for the same ride 3 times. This shouldn't happen but what made it worse, when I notified them of this they would only refund 1x and they told me to call some other number to get my money back because the machine 'paired with another company'. Payment is automatic and you never autorize anyone except Curb. They should solve it themselves!!
  • Like it a lot. 5/5

    By Bcbasslet
    Every cab I hail is a curb. I prefer to hail and get going faster. Summoning a cab just wastes time. Curb identifies itself in-cab much better than Arro does.
  • Great in NYC; terrible in Chicago; elsewhere? 2/5

    By William-W
    Curb works wonderfully in NYC, especially with the pair and pay feature. If you book pick up in Manhattan, a taxi is often just around the corner. I’d give them five stars in Manhattan. Chicago is another matter - don’t waste your time with Curb here. Despite advertising, there seem to be few taxis with it. Pair and pay is not available in most (all?) taxis. If you book, the experience is a decided 1-star. * First, on every attempt, the app waits and waits and waits for a driver to accept ride. Then, when one does accept, they are always across town and, in my experience, no less than 7 minutes away. * Curb sends you text information for arrival that is wildly different than the app info - so which to believe? * They take a pre-auth charge of $20, which is no big deal, but creates dissonance when quoted fare is $7. * Meanwhile, you’ve had several available taxis pass while you wait on the one. So big YES for NY; NO for Chicago; try it and see elsewhere.
  • Finally the future is here. 5/5

    Very easy to use.
  • Terrible App. Slow and forces you to rate them after every ride 1/5

    By Tokko175
    Just awful
  • Nice but needs some tweaks 3/5

    By Teamraspberry
    The app works pretty smoothly in NYC in Bklyn, Queens, & Manhattan. The big issue is the pickup time estimate before you confirm and book--it's never correct. It almost always says 1-2 min, but I've never gotten a cab in under 10 once I actually book. This is really frustrating if you're on a schedule. Would be great if the app's time estimate matched reality so you could gauge your options accordingly.
  • How do you ride and not have this app 5/5

    By Dragon Denis
    Super convenient to have payment ready - most of the time people hold up traffic because they are figuring out payment and swiping but I just get out and not worry and the receipt emailed to me let's me reconcile my trip to my credit card statement
  • App stinks 2/5

    By Bkscuba
    I enjoyed the apps i had before being asked to switch to curb. It rarely works, the App always glitches and the cab drivers get mad at me when its the apps fault i couldnt cancel or find a ride.
  • Easy app 4/5

    By HPUFam
    Great app!!! I've used this several cities very user friendly and convenient when you are low on cash.
  • The pay feature does not work 1/5

    By A Gentlman and a Doctor
    The app works like any other call app with exception that one cannot pay with the app unless one previously hailed the taxi. If already inside a taxi, you cannot sync. The app says you can but that option is nowhere to be found. I emailed customer service a month ago and have yet to get a reply.
  • Poor Experience 1/5

    By Visigirl
    Tried to use this app while in Vegas and every cab driver knew very little about it. One driver told me that no one uses it. On one of my rides, I successfully linked the cab to the app but when I tried to pay it didn't show confirmation - the app appeared to hang. Not wanting to waste my or the drivers time, I paid him in cash. Later in the evening I got an alert that the payment was made in the app. :( This experience suggests that Curb and its taxi partners have a long way to go to be able to replicate the success of Uber or Lyft. Very disappointed.
  • Left on the curb 2/5

    By Velo9
    I only use the service to pay for taxis, and it's very nice when it works. But now and then decides to default to a credit card number that was stolen and which I have replaced with a new number, and then it decides that I can't use the app anymore, and won't allow me to sign in again with what I absolutely recognize as my own email address and my password. Too bad, because it's a real convenience when it works.
  • Pairing Fails Regularly 2/5

    By Bennihana
    I use the app so I don't lose my taxi receipts. However, it fails to pair with the taxi on a regular basis.
  • How a $6 ride fraudulently turns into $24.50 1/5

    By fraudsucks
    My son put this app on his phone when he broke his foot and had to take taxis to school. It seemed to work well, until I took a ride with him. We got into our taxi in Tribeca very close to the Holland Tunnel, took a $6 taxi ride to Battery Park, but when my son entered the taxi number into the app it charged us $24.50: $6 ride, $12.50 for the toll on the tunnel WE DID NOT GO THROUGH, then 20pct gratuity WHICH THEY APPLIED TO BOTH THE FARE AND THE TOLL. The driver did not speak English and could not fix it. So we were billed and when I emailed Curb whose email is at the bottom of the receipt, they sent a response that "we are not the processors of the credit card and you have to contact them for a refund." Not acceptable given the fraud being committed under the CURB name. Its your app, CURB, so YOU get the negative publicity and YOU should fix the problem, until then there seem to be a million other taxi apps, bye bye.
  • App is great 5/5

    By uber3951
    Great app but need to add mor options such as an xl in Seattle and wheel chair accessible
  • Great app, just used in Vegas 5/5

    By Sarah84b
    My husband and I recently used this app several times while in Las Vegas. You can link PayPal to your account, so you don't need to have cash for rides. Also, you can tip the driver through the app in any percentage. One cab driver didn't understand we had payed through the app, and wanted us to pay cash, and the Curb Support Team was quick to remedy the situation. Will definitely use the app again when in a large city! Easy and convenient!
  • Neat idea if it worked 1/5

    By Blvvthe
    Twice now I've tried to request a taxi, several days apart, and I've gotten "No rides available-system currently down" repeatedly. Bandwidth here seems decent. I ended up just having to use the phone both times. I'm giving up. It just doesn't seem to work.
  • Nice guy 4/5

    By Ozzie Pardo
    Nice driver, friendly and safe.
  • Nice 5/5

    By ScarletSpider1019
    To have an uber for cabs
  • No taxi available in any time any where 1/5

    By aadddaaaaaa
    No taxi available in any time any where .no joking
  • DO NOT USE! 1/5

    By The Andygator
    You are charged a $5 fee for "e-hailing" and locked into a minimum 20% tip.
  • Poor security 1/5

    By sirgromit
    Cannot use this app until it supports ApplePay for payment and Safari Keychain for login/account security.
  • Heart service for the disabled 5/5

    By schroederra
    I love this service. I'm disabled, and the drivers are always very nice and extremely helpfulX
  • Love it 5/5

    By ahronherring
    Brings the conveniences of Uber/Lyft/Via/etc to Yellow Cabs. Set up payment ahead of time, adjust tip in-transit, arrive and go. New update: change default CC for payment. Great! Future request: all cents in tip-by-dollar amount. I like to round tip amount.
  • App works fine...WAY overpriced 2/5

    By LKCMystery
    The app adds $2.25 to every ride. Not just no, but Hell no. Give me the option to buy the app for a flat price (for native NYers) or a per-ride fee for those who are only planning to take a couple of cabs... this is ridiculous.
  • Awful 1/5

    By hrosenfarb
    The app doesn't pair with the taxi code. I emailed and didn't get a response. I found another app to use.
  • Works Great 5/5

    By Rollsroyces22s
    Have no problems with this app at all works prefect.
  • Love Curb 5/5

    By PutneysBain
    Easy to use, fairly spot on with identifying your driver, IDK, I prefer the legitimacy of getting into a taxi versus something unknown! Always pleasant, summer in the City is hot af and the a/c has been on blast in every cab.
  • Love the new design, functioning better, but can never book ahead 3/5

    By eas2156
    The revised app is very neat, and at least lately it is functioning better than the previous design. The frequent pairing issues I once had seem to be dying down. I like how the app permits us to verify if we are in a taxi for a ride that has started. However, I always receive a "We're Sorry...unable to confirm...address" error, when attempting to book a ride ahead.
  • needs improvement 2/5

    By Hossein_Salemi
    very poor at detecting the correct location. and very slow during New York rush hour. Thanks
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By eweisman93
    To say the least. Signed up for a $10 promo code that was to be charged automatically. After my ride was over, the driver told me that I needed to pay him and the app never took my payment. So I paid $18 instead for $8 with the discount. Tried again and hailed a cab using the app, the he told after the ride started that the cab could not be paired to the app payment. They want to be like uber or lyft but are very behind. Will not be using them again.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Braintusk
    I like to support cabbies and always used the ARRO app and WAY TO RIDE. Both worked just fine. The Curb app does not seem to connect with drivers in real time. You can cancel your ride and the drive will not know. The drive will cancel the ride and you will not know. Most of the time the cab never arrives. The only feature that does work is the Pair and play. (Pay while u r in the cab through the app, but even this does not connect even 60% of the time. I try to support the NYC cab apps but this one is awful. #fail
  • Meh 2/5

    By Tonyp69
    I would say it works about half the time...either 'unable to pair' or some other issue... Switching to Apple Pay when possible or cash
  • Love it 5/5

    By CanonBlake
    So easy to pay for rides. Multiple payment methods make it easy to keep track of personal vs. business trips.
  • Great for paying once in cab 5/5

    By bkdub11
    Use during trip to Vegas. Perfect for paying in cab.

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