Curious - the game of learning

Curious - the game of learning

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  • Current Version: 5.0.9
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Curious - the game of learning App

Are you Curious? Get a daily workout of lessons, puzzles(including Crossword), and Curios and grow your Curious Quotient (CQ)! Who knew exercising your brain could be this much fun? “Curious has mastered making learning addictive.” -- PandoDaily “A Netflix For Learning” -- Forbes “Curious stands out from sites like Khan Academy, Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, and by focusing on learning 'for learning’s sake.'” -- VentureBeat “Curious Helps Hobbyists Share Their Skills” -- Mashable Curious helps people reclaim between 5 to 30 minutes a day to learn something new! Ready to learn? Here’s how the game of lifelong learning works: - First, we start with a brief interview. - You tell us how much time you want to spend learning a day: 5, 15, or 30 minutes - We customize your learning experience and build you a beautiful CQ wheel. Every wheel is unique! - You receive a daily, personalized learning workout via email and on your Curious dashboard. - You complete your workout by reading Curios (our well-loved daily fun fact), solving puzzles, and watching lessons. - Add lessons and topics to a focus area for longer term learning goals. - Track your progress every time you learn. You’ll be so much more interesting! Learn from over 25,000 video lessons on virtually any topic. Whether you want to learn how to crochet a scarf, plant an organic garden or play guitar, Curious helps you stay happy and healthy with a daily learning workout across eight key knowledge areas: Aesthetic (crafts, photography, sewing, drawing, interior design, crochet, graphic design) Humanities (public speaking, languages, storytelling, political science, history) Mind / Body (cooking, fitness, nutrition, confidence, meditation, yoga, mindfulness) Music (music theory, piano, guitar, singing, drums, ukulele, harmonica, violin, DJ skills) Play (home DIY, sports, travel, games, gardening, camping, puzzles, biking, running) Relationships (psychology, parenting, communication, marriage, dating, pets, leadership) S.T.E.M. (science, web development, math, biology, hardware, computing, engineering) Work (Microsoft Office, entrepreneurship, budgeting, marketing, finance, blogging, analytics) And you get recommendations from your (and our) favorite NPR shows: Science Friday, PRI's The World, BBC World Service, Marketplace, and more! You also get 5 new puzzles every day: classic crossword puzzle, math mayhem with KenKen, and more. Download the Curious app and start for FREE! Daily Curios and intro lessons available to all users; subscribe for full access to the entire lesson library. FREE trial included with each subscription. What have you got to learn? Get addicted to the game of lifelong learning & stay Curious! -- Curious offers the following all-access subscriptions: 1 year: $29.99 These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence. Your Curious subscription automatically renews at the end of the subscription term unless auto-renewal is turned off. Subscription renewals cost the same amount as the original subscription, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may turn off auto-renewal at any time after purchase by going to your iTunes Account Settings. Privacy policy: Terms of use:


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  • Balanced learning for the love of learning 5/5

    By iidshad43687
    I use a lot of educational material online. In fact about 90% of my online activity is dedicated to learning. I have used many educational apps as well. Curious provides a platform to learn a wide array of topics. It seems more about actually learning in general with the option to see if you like something before dedicating a lot of time to a specific learning endeavor. Also, it provides both learning game exercises and lessons on various topics. This is an exemplary model of online learning that is as practical as it is innovated. A keeper!
  • Religious discrimination!!! 1/5

    By David Cheptea
    I respect people who equally treat other people. As I searched through the app, I was surprised that there was so much information on evolution (which I disagree with, but that’s not the point) there was nothing about creationism, most of the lessons I browsed were presented from a perspective that is against Christianity and the teachings of the Bible (that most were proven right long before everything science ever thought), At least there are good things written about Islam, but about Christianity everything is messed up. So sad,
  • Misleading costs 1/5

    By Erinly326
    The app, which has been featured on several sites, seems free. It’s not. There is a free trial period but when you download you actually authorize a subscription. In a couple weeks, you’ll get a prompt to login to your account (I get these all the time with software updates), and you’ll be charged $30. I felt this was shady and got a refund.
  • Stinks 1/5

    By Gamer1958
    I’m not adding payment unless I want a game for sure. Give the 7 days then stop it. If a person really wants a game after playing then they will pay for it. -1*
  • Accidentally paid for a year... but I’m pretty ok with the mistake 4/5

    By Ekkum
    So far it seems like a worthwhile investment. I’ve only just started to use it regularly after having it for a month and have just been figuring out its uses. The games are somewhat challenging. I enjoy the positive talks and find them inspiring while also showing me I could make my own. After two days I have learned how to sign the alphabet and that is something I have been talking about doing for 6 months. I will be diving deeper into this app while continuing to practice the features I have found already. I do find it expensive, but if you think about how ridiculously priced private college is this is a cheap way to learn skills that can pad your resume and make you stand out amongst other candidates.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By snazzy49
    You get a free week, then if you don’t cancel, you get charged $30 for the year. What I get out of the app, however, is worth far beyond the $30.
  • Horrible business model 1/5

    By Judge Avis
    Definitely do not recommend downloading for even a trial. You need to set to apartment plan for an entire year before you can even try it for free for 7 days. Prays on a person's forgetfulness.
  • Not well labeled 3/5

    By Layna
    I’m a little annoyed at the limited version. Not because it’s limited but it seems to lie. I did one task that said it would count for one of my 8 cqs but halfway through was told I had earned 11 cqs. Not well communicated. Hard to tell if I like the app but it has potential for sure
  • Brings structure to my learning 5/5

    By These reviews gave me cancer
    This app helps guide me into areas of interest and study that I wouldn't otherwise dive into. Highly recommend it.
  • Love this 4/5

    By Milady12
    There is a way to use a limited version for free. I find the subjects, which I choose, presented in such an interesting and informative way. This is my go to morning app
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Rayne2Day
    I really like this app! It limits how many items you can do each day without have my to pay but 8 stars is usually enough to do a few good things. I like a lot of the puzzles and the fact that I come across learning things I normally wouldn’t have looked for myself.
  • This app is great 5/5

    By The AM Rider
    I have the free version of this app and I think it is wonderful. The CQ Wheel keeps me learning in areas that I would otherwise ignore. The articles are short, sweet, very interesting, and usually lead me into further dabbling on that topic, which end up being wonderful little adventures. This app is a part of my daily life
  • Can’t go unlimited 2/5

    By Catiger2708
    I already paid for 1 year subscription but still get only 8cq limit/day.
  • I Love Curious! 5/5

    By Senses jr
    I have been using Curious for over a month and I am completely entertained and addicted! Thank you to my Curious creators, you did good! C
  • Price seems worth it. 4/5

    By btHgrsgfzS6283gjbai
    Was a bit turned off by the price at first but I am enjoying my time with app. I have already learned a lot of new things. I enjoy the puzzles(wish there were more) and instructional videos.
  • Just what I needed! 5/5

    By monchilde
    A great way to mine internet gold without all the distractions.
  • Credit card charged before trial period ended 1/5

    By FuzzyCool
    My credit card was charged before my one week free trial ended. I had until 1/9/18 to cancel so that I would not be charged. At 11:35 pm on 1/8/18 I cancelled my subscription only to find that my credit card had been charged at 10:55 pm that same evening. Not sure how to go about canceling and getting my money back.
  • Haven’t used the app 3/5

    By Eacey24
    Didn’t know I would have to agree to pay for the app for a year just to try it for free. Get a 7 day trial and then you will be billed automatically which preys on people’s forgetfulness. Should be a different category for apps with a pay plan like this. Gave it two instead of one star because I couldn’t actually rate the app itself but this misleading tactic deserves a low rating in itself. Edit moved it to 3 because I was able to try the app in a very limited fashion a couple puzzles and was kind of enjoyable but gave a good idea of what the app was.
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By mrsndhh b
    Wouldn’t let me review it
  • Unable to Unsubscribe 1/5

    By Zhstj2dh
    Unable to unsubscribe within 7 day free trial, and got charged. Not able to disable auto renew.
  • Subsciption scam 1/5

    How do I unsubscribe from this BS!! I just got charged $33 for a half baked app
  • You Need This 5/5

    By Eplaws
    I am rubbish at teaching myself anything. Even YouTube videos are confusing. This app is super effective. The teachings are transparent and manage to answer all of your questions at once. One lesson incorporates all the details into short, concise sentences. I never have to double back or pause. Your processing priceless info. in half the time. I have been trying to learn Mandarin Chinese for a year, have tried (and paid for) at least four different subscriptions, and finally got through some hang-ups after using the lessons on this app. Highly recommend.
  • Waste of my time... 2/5

    By F Morri
    They make you go through a big long survey asking what you'd like to learn about and then tell you it costs $30/month but they'll give you a free 7 day trial. Waste of my time answering all those questions... Should tell people up front that it costs so they can decide beforehand...
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By Gotogal70
    I remember playing with this app for a little and I just didn’t get into it, but they keep charging me a monthly renewal fee. I want to cancel but can’t find anywhere to do that. I don’t remembering even giving permission for them to charge me.
  • Hard To Say 1/5

    By Free User7492
    My rating of 1 star may be unfair but I cannot say if I like the app or not. I started with a “free introductory” version. It seems you can’t even try the app without providing them with your (a) email address. I may love the app, wish I had started sooner but I am resistant to giving out my email just to try an app. Let me have one day, one “session” then require me “sign in/up” if I want to continue. Make this change and I’ll give it a try.
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By moik
    You would have had me a s a customer if you told me, BEFORE you took 10 pages of sellable information about me, that your app is $29.99 per month to use. First get the users’ age, gender, location and interests, THEN get their credit card information? There’s better spam in a can. Now you can sell my info. I can’t wait for the phone calls. GFY.
  • Bait & Switch 1/5

    By AUteach
    If you are going to charge for your service, then you need to tell people up front. If I would have known that there was a fee for your services I would have never downloaded the app, nor filled out the questions. To the makers/developers of this app. I here by resend any and all permissions to my personal data & information that was provided, as a breach of contract. You no longer have rights to sell or use my data for your own profit - either identifying my identity or not.
  • Quality content 5/5

    By DaphneHamiltons
    Once you customize, you will be surprised at the quality of content waiting. I have looked online for some of these classes only to find they are paid subscriptions. The cost of this app is a bargain considering all the free content.
  • Way too overpriced. 1/5

    By Joshua blacking white
    The concept of the app is cool, but there's no way I'm paying like $25 a month or whatever it tried offer me. Thought I found a cool app that I could show my friends but of course the creator has to make as much cash as possible. 🙄
  • Very good! 9/10 would buy! 1/5

    By Dorkydavid
    Your app is very beautiful. To an avid and passionate high school learner such as myself, I already love this app. Sadly, you center around the rich learners of the world, but by doing that you leave out kids like me. With this app you have entire libraries of knowledge at your fingertips, but for a price I cannot pay. A price Many cannot pay. I realize 7.99 a month is cheap. So is 30 bucks a year. I fell in love, but the price is too much, for those who cannot pay. Thanks.
  • Hey sorry but.. 3/5

    By Weird/Fun
    I gave this a 3 star cause this is really laggy, maybe you could fix that in the future? Just asking if it’s possible. -Laurel
  • Needs more transparency 1/5

    By Princeofroles
    I was interested in this App, filled out a lot of info, figuring I could try it out, but then tells me I will be charged $30 after 7 days. Based on the way it was presented, I have no faith that the cancellation process would be easy, so until I get some more info, I'm just aggravated that I wasted 10 minutes. Might be a good product, but the marketing is pretty sleazy.
  • Excited to try it, and then... 1/5

    By Owl boxes
    I couldn't wait to give this app a shot. I wasted my time going through the interview and defining my interests, my excitement growing the closer I got to being able to trying it out. And then came the pop-up: FREE trial! And then the price afterwards, completely unreasonable for an app subscription. Too bad. I felt like this would have been a great app, I just am entirely unwilling to pay that much for it.
  • 🅱️egone, thot 1/5

    By The app I'm reviewing is trash
  • A little bit of wisdom 5/5

    By djvencent
    I have the free version and find it works well for the about of time I have to spend on it. It's based on your input and has enough options to keep you interested. If you enjoy learning something new everyday, this is for you.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By samort2016
    Very educational I truly love it 😍
  • Best way to use your time!! 5/5

    By Andy Amaro
    I really enjoy using this app. It has made me create a studying and reading habit, which is really helpful for my classes. The only thing I would reccommend that the developers put in the app is the option of using it in different languages; besides that it is a really great app.
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By maddiemmarie21
    I downloaded the app on a free trial, deleted it the day after because I didn’t like it and now today it charged me $32.13. I want my money back!
  • Too limited! 1/5

    By Daemontheskydemon😈
    While I enjoyed the idea of the app, I was disappointed when I learned that I could do so little over the course of a day. The incredible limitations of the free version were not forwarding the message that you pushed forward.
  • Best app for knowledge seekers 5/5

    By PaigePSY
    More information at your fingertips than imaginable. If you have to waste time on a device, there is NO better way.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Karen18670
    This is not your average app - it’s great to have a few minutes a day to learn something new or to challenge your brain. I think we need more of that in today’s world. It’s fun too!
  • No 1/5

    By Jj$:76!
    After going thru arduous set up, you discover app costs $30 a year. “Free” trial is BS. True free trials allow me to try app withOUT email. Why would I want developer blowing up my in box? Maybe this is a great app that I would actually pay to use, but since I can’t try it without the tears of a Virgin and a blood oath, I will never know. Deleting now.
  • Not free 1/5

    By Pr1N3
    Waste your time 15-20 minutes picking your interests & watch them ask you $30 or you won't be able to proceed :)
  • In General, Great 4/5

    By MissCathexis
    Can we please just quit with the “You gained x CQ” banner? It makes it annoying to try to close whatever you’re in when you’re done with it. Or just move it over past the “back” button? Thanks!
  • I swear to goodness 1/5

    By MarkiplierPlaysBetterThanMe
    This could be a poster child of r/assholedesign. They offer you all the knowledge you could ever want!*** ***but only if you pay them, after signing up with an email and giving out personal info.
  • Learn of the world 5/5

    By Cedar wind
    Like most of us I let life get in the way of learning. This so gets my mind awake and functioning back at the curious state that was mine when so much younger. The desire for knowledge and input is back. I now look at my days ready to see, learn and understand what and why things are around me and not just cruising the day away with a zombie brain.
  • Lots of subjects 5/5

    By SLP in az
    I purchased that app a few days ago and from my point of view, curious seems to have a whole lot of topics in the subjects of my interest. Learning videos are entertaining and to the point. Not expensive for an encyclopedia, all things considered.
  • This is not free 1/5

    By Dohickus
    I downloaded this app from a link that showed no charge. You get 7 days to try it out, thereafter it’s $30 usd a month, you have to agree to the payment before you can try it out. I didn’t go past that point.
  • Might be good, but I’ll never find out 1/5

    By Blue duck 9
    I feel like my time’s been wasted. You can’t try out the app until you start a subscription. You don’t find out until you’re set it all up. Poor show.
  • NOT FREE 1/5

    By originalasteele
    They make you spend 10-15 minutes signing up and you give them all your information; then, they tell you there’s a 7 day trial, after which you have to pay an expensive subscription free. Tons of paid reviews on here, in truth the app is bulls**t.

Curious - the game of learning app comments


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