Cute CUT - Full Featured Video Editor

Cute CUT - Full Featured Video Editor

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.8.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: YU BO
  • Compatibility: Android
5,476 Ratings
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Cute CUT - Full Featured Video Editor App

Now, you can DRAW movies, AND you can draw ON movies! Cute CUT’s powerful, easy-to-use editing features put YOU in control, allowing you to make the highest quality movies, DIFFERENT from anything you’ve seen! Do you want to create your own unique movie? Cute CUT’s robust and intuitive feature set will have you doing so in no time, drawing gorgeous, one-of-a-kind movies and so much more!
 Besides providing the utilities of a common video editor, Cute CUT brings to the table exceptionally advanced, Hollywood-style editing functionality!
 We’re continually working to enrich and strengthen Cute CUT’s top-tier functionality, and its refreshingly simple, unique presence in today’s digital market. Are you with us? Join more than one million others who’ve dared to discover the delightful difference that’s Cute CUT! =================================================================== Key Features: - User-Friendly UI. 
Just drag and drop; you can arrange your media segments easily. Sleek, bookshelf-style organizer showcases your movies. UI supports both portrait and landscape modes. 
 - Make DIFFERENT movies, make movies DIFFERENT! Supports SIMULTANEOUS Adding of UP TO SIX different types of media into movie projects: Video, Photo (both from Album or Camera), as well as SELF-DRAW, Text, Music, and Voice.  
 - Supports various Resolutions and Aspect Ratios, including HD (16:9), SD (4:3), SQUARE (1:1) and even Portrait Mode! Creating a PIP (Picture-In-Picture) movie is EASY: Merely place one movie atop another; Cute CUT even supports independent Resizing of each and every video segment!  - Draw directly on movie. 30+ drawing tools.  
 - 3 Advanced Brushes for pro effects: Texture, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, gradients editable. - Highly customizable transitions. - 20+ Pre-Defined Transitions. - Transparency, Border, Corner, Shadow, Transform, and Sound Volume ... ALL Customizable! - Share Your Movie. Export to Camera Roll. Send to YouTube/Facebook. Send via e-mail. 
 - Multiple Tutorials, and even Full Video Walkthroughs available, easily accessible. =================================================================== You can upgrade to Pro to obtain the following features. 1. Watermark-free movies. 2. Unlimited movie length. Cute CUT is available BOTH on iPhone and iPad. Homepage: Feedback and Support:


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Cute CUT - Full Featured Video Editor app reviews

  • Needs some more 4/5

    By ZainabS
    There should be a way where we can make an account and save our videos there because if we need to sign in somewhere else, we can easily excess them like that I also think it needs some more transitions, like shake or something...
  • Kuwait 5/5

    By Osamaalhmood
    Very good and very good

    By Rashaswa💞
    well,this app is absolutely amazing i must say. i haven't purchased the whole pack but even for free i can edit a 30 sec video which is more than enough to make birthday,anniversary,love wish video it being absolutely interesting,i even edit videos when i'm super duper bored and when i have lack of wifi. wifi or no wifi ,its fun either ways. i'm so thankful for this editor. i really think it's not one of the best but THE BEST editor of all times. -Ragya.
  • Why:( it was sooo good 1/5

    By Mixonup5
    This was my fav editing app, i got a new device so when i went to download and edit, it had a WATERMARK. I thought, hey its still amazing. Tried to import my video and it will only do 30 SECONDS UNLESS I BUY THE FULL VERSION. WHY HAVE YALL DONE THIS?!;(
  • Chroma key Green screen 3/5

    By SuperStar887
    We need chroma key green screen in next update
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By RafaIsBoss
    This is my favorite app I love editing
  • Good app but one major problem 3/5

    I make AMVs just for fun and they’re like a minute long I cut the 30 seconds and save one video then I delete the first half and save the second. There’s one major problem though, it feels like even though it’s only one minute of video (I cut the music to exactly one minute and go from there) and I have like 8 different scenes and let’s say I finish half of it in like an hour and I want to finish it later because you know I have a life 🙂 but when I come back to it it always says there’s too much space and they have to lower the quality. Well I was fine with lowering the quality until it kept crashing and crashing every time I reopen it. I would pay $5.99 for the pro one but I have a feeling it’s just gonna do the same thing 😐 SO PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM I don’t want a masterpiece that took me hours to make for all of it to not be opened ever again and start ALL over.
  • If You Don’t Have A PC And Need To Edit Videos Get This 5/5

    By Emo Can Cut You
    So I’m a YouTuber and my PC broke about two years ago I’ve been struggling to make good content and editing my videos and it’s been the most difficult thing to come across a good editing app on a phone because normally when it comes to editing videos there’s thousands upon thousands of clone copy editing apps that do you know justice in editing or anything like the sort most of the apps that have an editing tool have either a horrible editing software that is heart crushingly limited barely giving you the freedom to make exactly what you want on top of that The overwhelming advertisements and pop-ups that will stop you in the middle of an edit is really bad BUT cute cut has none of those things I suggest getting this app and paying full price for it because I’ve found that it is worth it no BULL S#%T like dude you have to have this if you want to have a good editing software not even any watermarks afterwards heck I didn’t even know there was a pro version out there I might even want to get that one look up a couple videos about the software really check into it and you’ll see how easy it is this will not limit your potential
  • This app is good but IT NEEDS THESE!! 2/5

    By Moesha16
  • HELP!!! 1/5

    By Hudhpuppy101
    There's a bug when I try to download the video... The app crashes! Please fix this, I have a film project I'm doing on this app that's due in a few days and I have to have it work!!

    By The_best_remakes
    I thought it was good. It has all the bells and whistles and it is great.....If it worked. You cant make a video over a minute because it lags SO BAD that you cant use it. When you try to save your video, all it does is crash on you and you lose your footage. This app has many glitches and the layout is impossible to use. The sound and screen is EXTREMELY delayed to the point where have to scroll 30 seconds before just to hear the audio of a short clip in your video. I know the creators will not even look at this because they probably abandoned the app because they know its trashy and thats why they had to make 3 of the same app. They dont even update this piece of trash anymore i mean from now, the last update was 5 months ago, and all it fixed was a youtube login error. This app is a piece of trash so dont waste your time buying or using this. I just hope they read this and update it soon so i can release a video that was supposed to go out like a year ago but i couldnt cuz the app kept crashing. Unless they update this i would not recommand this pile of filth. GOODDAY TO YOU
  • Good 3/5

    By awkward._.flower
    This is a good editing software to use because it’s a bit easy. The thing is that it doesn’t have much transitions and it will occasionally glitch out.
  • i bought it but only to find 3/5

    By thesweetthang
    it can’t even reverse and crop videos. such a bummer...
  • 10/10 would recommend 5/5

    By meggriffinnnnnn
    This app is amazing! It’s very easy to use and offers cool effects/transitions. I thought I could only use Adobe after effects to create those cool edits that you usually see on vine or Instagram but this app has proven me wrong. Also, I don’t really mind the water mark so that’s why I haven’t bothered to get pro lol
  • UGH 1/5

    By bskebaheleneutabfmtkj
    It is such a fustrating app...I DONT LIKE IT..I DONT ADVISE YOU TO DOWNLOAD IT..its FUSTRATING
  • WHY?????? 3/5

    By Amy episode
    Okay so my clips say loading like FOREVER and the clips won’t show up!!! FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!
  • love this app, but a crashing error 4/5

    By anime_lover_22
    i use cute cut for all of my amvs and it works perfectly, but it has been crashing every time i go into a certain edit. it says "low memory warning a crash has occurred while editing this movie. cute cut is going to reduce the quality of this movie to save more memory." every time i press ok it will crash. please fix this or my edit will be gone forever!

    By FaZe_123456789 Jimmyboltz
    Don't use this app because you only get 30 seconds. I want to be able to use my 31 minute video with out paying to edit it. But of course. NO. I would love it if you guys could let us use the free version and have as long as videos we want without having to buy the full version. If you don't make an update letting me do it. Or us to do it. I will not buy the full version ever. And I will never use the app again. Am I blackmailing you. No. I'm just telling you. If you think I'm blackmailing you. Than you could just say goodbye. Goodbye
  • Help 3/5

    By Zayner7766
    Everytime I try to edit it says I don’t have enough space for a transition when I clearly do um, fix please. Thanks.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By SwiftMC_
    Only 30 seconds of the video bruh that’s terrible play 6 dollars to buy pro c’mon you guys are cheap dang I’m not a happy custom it’s crap fix it or I’m uninstalling making people pay 6 dollars for crap
  • Need major improvements 2/5

    By Mono98
    I love this app! Is the only one I use to edit videos but unfortunately is getting way behind. Only 1080p exporting! We are on 8K come on! Only 16:9 4:3 and 1:1 aspect ratio mmm.... Also there is no filters or FX effects. Few sound effects options. Team needs to step up if you want to continue getting this market.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jordynbez
    Ok I make edits with this and I love this I was going to do video star but it wasn't free barely. But I found this is this is AWESOME if your thinking to get this then get trust me I'm right
  • تبي سناب بلس او اي برنامج من برامج بلس تعال سنابي وابشرر بوهه Abo-naoi 5/5

    By ابو ناوي
    تبي سناب بلس او اي برنامج من برامج بلس تعال سنابي وابشرر بوهه Abo-naoi
  • Needs more 4/5

    By Kitkat3396
    Please add more things like video star has, transitions, effects, you know things that video star has. If you do this you will be as popular as video star is!
  • Best IPhone Video Editor 5/5

    By Jerome le rouge
    Very versatile and can help you create the most personal gifs/animations. Where are more apps like this? I thought we were in 2017?
  • GREAT but 5/5

    By Lover_of_Pixlr
    Whenever I try editing audios, it gets buggy and the track repeats when it’s not supposed to. I didn’t have this problem before, but now I do. It gets annoying that whenever I want to edit an audio and rearrange it, it gets buggy.
  • Different Versions People 4/5

    By firedragonroar
    Hi um if you more in your video get the pro version of the app😉😒
  • Can you give me a 3 minute in the cute cut I we'll thanks 5/5

    By can you give me google
  • Great but needs some things added 3/5

    By max coulter
    Love this app. Not that many transition options tho.
  • Eric 5/5

    By Erickshdb
    I already had the full version and one day it just said error and took my money. Fix my stuff what the hellll
  • Good not best 3/5

    By Jelena forever
    It's a good editing app but I think when you buy the pro you should have more effects and it crashes sometimes etc..

    By Follow me @Fwymeston
    If you read this your app is great but mirroring is something that can make this app a lot more famous and maybe shakes? Overall this app is great but a few more features would be awesome <3

    By Annie85DR
    The app is a great app in general but the 30 second save thing is annoying and whenever I tie to upload a vid on YouTube through cutecut it doesn't work
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Great but needs improvements
    This is a great editing app! I love how it lets you do your own custom transitions, and paying for the full app was totally worth it. I'm doing this review on the free version though because I bought the pro version through the free one, (if that makes any sense) so yeah.. I use this app to make edits, and when I export it to album it doesn't take that long which I love also! They're a bunch of transitions you can do for free of course and a lot of options. Though I would like it if you added a internet explorer in there so when I make my edits I don't have to get it if the app and go to safari. A lot of people use this app to make edits too, so I think that would be useful for a lot of us. Unfortunately, I’m having this glitch where when I try to move a picture or clip, it sometimes overlaps on the media above. When I move it, it ends up messing up my edit.
  • We need 4K and 60fps and 240fps export. 3/5

    By vrifaj
    This app needs update
  • @mariosrocket on Instagram 5/5

    By It's amazing m8
    I love this app it helps me on making Audios for my instagram edits also if you are just not starting to be and video editor like you have a fan page and all that I highly recommend using this app first before trying to edit on the other apps
  • Bomb 5/5

    By Daddiiclouds
    This app is bomb asf 😩😍
  • Hey 5/5

    By jazelel
    This app it really useful when make edit for my instagram 💖 go follow it too @mxxmy.jazelle 😂
  • Problems.. 3/5

    By Bunnywarefare
    This app is super glitchy! I’m not sure if it just my phone though! But the idea is good!
  • ارحب ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By للد
  • It’s great! But one promise 4/5

    By KassieLassieBossy
    I love using Cute Cut for edits but, I hate how you can only upload or save videos if their 30 seconds long. Also I’ve found a bug, whenever I try (not all the time) to make an edit, the videos will show up blank. Like just black. I decided to add a another video underneath the first one, (and it sorta worked). It showed up but if I delete the video underneath it, it’ll go back to being black. So I decided to leave the video in and just like move it out of frame. But I also tired to cut the video as short as the first one (so it wouldn’t continue) but if I cut it the same length as the first one, it goes back to being black. I have to leave at least 10 seconds longer then the beginning or it’ll just be blank. This is frustrating because I do not want 10 seconds of nothing. Please try to fix this or if this is something that I am doing wrong, please tell me how to fix it.
  • :/// 2/5

    By Cbarner3
    I trimmed all these clips that took forever and then when I try playing it, it freezes and glitches then it ends up crashing and the music is all weird like it won’t play but then it’ll play the music from the clip that I muted and ugh I’m disappointed rn
  • It's great, but... 4/5

    By (• _•)
    i've been using this app for a few weeks now, but something i've recently encountered is when my videos won't load. i tried to select them from my camera roll in cute cut, but the videos simply don't show up. i thought it was a data issue or something, but i purchased the pro version already. overall, pretty good app for creating edits and whatnot, just thought some would want to know this. (does anyone know how to fix that? i'm still having trouble)) UPDATE: i just deleted and then redownlaoded the app, and it multiple videos still won't load. help? UPDATE: the video i saved 5 minutes ago and went to look for in cute cut saved as it being in my cam roll 2 months ago. bug?
  • Edits on musicallys 5/5

    By melixakm
    This is so good it helps me with my musically edits
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By NekoChan13
    I love!!!!love this!!! It's so much fun!!!!
  • I like the app but 4/5

    By Cute girl 75
    You should make it easier to make transitions and add more transitions like a spin transitions and have the affects like in Video star. Also get rid of the Water Mark
  • Cute Cut 5/5

    By Ponyriffic
    Amazing! I use this for a lot of Anime Edits! 😋
  • Will not Export my Videos!!! 2/5

    By Ookamishoujo4ever
    No matter what quality I choose it will not export my videos. I love this app but what's the use if I can't save my videos!! Not happy.
  • Good, but... 4/5

    By A Greatful User 🙂
    i love this app. i make amazing edits with it. i recently was making an edit, and it crashed. i reopened the app and it said it would lower the quality if my video. whenever this happens, its all good, i can go back to editing. but this time, it crashes whenever i open my edit or try to move the timeline or stay on my edit for more than 3 seconds. MY EDIT IS UNUSABLE! ITS ONLY 15 SECONDS LONG! i rlly hope this is fixed, cuz this technically ruined my life.
  • AMAZING😍😍 5/5

    By Hayhay15135
    Anything I could've wished for! I bought the full version and it was the best thing I've ever done so now I can make fan edits that are longer than 30 seconds😄

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