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  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 1.8.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: YU BO
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cute CUT App

Now, you can DRAW movies, AND you can draw ON movies! Cute CUT’s powerful, easy-to-use editing features put YOU in control, allowing you to make the highest quality movies, DIFFERENT from anything you’ve seen! Do you want to create your own unique movie? Cute CUT’s robust and intuitive feature set will have you doing so in no time, drawing gorgeous, one-of-a-kind movies and so much more!
 Besides providing the utilities of a common video editor, Cute CUT brings to the table exceptionally advanced, Hollywood-style editing functionality!
 We’re continually working to enrich and strengthen Cute CUT’s top-tier functionality, and its refreshingly simple, unique presence in today’s digital market. Are you with us? Join more than one million others who’ve dared to discover the delightful difference that’s Cute CUT! =================================================================== Key Features: - User-Friendly UI. 
Just drag and drop; you can arrange your media segments easily. Sleek, bookshelf-style organizer showcases your movies. UI supports both portrait and landscape modes. 
 - Make DIFFERENT movies, make movies DIFFERENT! Supports SIMULTANEOUS Adding of UP TO SIX different types of media into movie projects: Video, Photo (both from Album or Camera), as well as SELF-DRAW, Text, Music, and Voice.  
 - Supports various Resolutions and Aspect Ratios, including HD (16:9), SD (4:3), SQUARE (1:1) and even Portrait Mode! Creating a PIP (Picture-In-Picture) movie is EASY: Merely place one movie atop another; Cute CUT even supports independent Resizing of each and every video segment!  - Draw directly on movie. 30+ drawing tools.  
 - 3 Advanced Brushes for pro effects: Texture, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, gradients editable. - Highly customizable transitions. - 20+ Pre-Defined Transitions. - Transparency, Border, Corner, Shadow, Transform, and Sound Volume ... ALL Customizable! - Share Your Movie. Export to Camera Roll. Send to YouTube/Facebook. Send via e-mail. 
 - Multiple Tutorials, and even Full Video Walkthroughs available, easily accessible. =================================================================== You can upgrade to Pro to obtain the following features. 1. Watermark-free movies. 2. Unlimited movie length. Cute CUT is available BOTH on iPhone and iPad. Homepage: Feedback and Support:


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Cute CUT app reviews

  • One Issue 3/5

    By Look a dinosaur!
    This is a really good app but I wish you guys can fix the bug issues or something because it crashes way too much due to low memory and stuff on the app...
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By JarHead0211JKLMPTRY
  • It would be wonderful if you didn’t have to pay 1/5

    By irrelavent_user
    The app is almost completely useless unless you pay for the pro version but ive seen amazing edits be done with it .
  • love it 5/5

    i love ccp. i use it for my fandom edits (@zonedlisa) but there is somthing wrong. when i import video clips. when it switches, there is a black screen in between. i put the clips as close as i can. it still happens. if you guys wanna fix it i would be happy. i screen recorded it so if you wanna see the video, dm me on insta💗
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Mongretta
    It is easy and free. I recommend for people who want to learn how to make Instagram edits.
  • Super glitchy 1/5

    By NAA Games
    I hate the full version every time you make something longer then 3 minutes everything goes black and the “operation stops”. Fix it.

    By Lananh L.
    Omg. Every 5 freacken seconds it crashes. I can’t do ANYTHING.
  • best app! 4/5

    By tumblingkirstie
    I love it but when I used it a while, a crash bug arrived and it annoys me sometimes when I edit, hope you fix it!
  • God 5/5

    By ابداااااااع مميز
  • Gifs 3/5

    By Melody hartstring
    The gifs for cute cute alwaze aren’t working they have a “load error” sign on it every time I put a gif on it Plz fix that
  • so hard 2/5

    By Toritoad34
    I see so much people using this app making good edits so i wanted to try to make one but i literally cant because the app is SO HARD TO might take me 3-4 months before i learn how to use this
  • YouTube edits 3/5

    By Youtube edits
    I love making edits of Stranger things, IT, etc. adding a things to let us take stuff from YouTube to make the edit would really make me happy!
  • My review 4/5

    By Jason Cno
    It is good👌
  • crashing 3/5

    By Supreme Ruler of ALL
    i use cute cut pro, and its pretty good, but recently the app has been crashing due to “low memory?” i love this program and all, but this is pretty sucky and gets you bummed. all your hard work and effort is gone, and you can’t do anything about it. dude, just get it fixed or tell me what i’m doing wrong.
  • Review 5/5

    By if your new to editing
    I really love this app I suggest it for anyone who is new to editing
  • Add green screen 3/5

    By Add green screen
    Add green screen
  • Bad and confusing 1/5

    By Macmanche
    I hate this app don’t buy it and don’t buy the pro they are all stupid!
  • Go to app for fine video editing 5/5

    By Jennie the Jesus-lover
    Well after all this time; any time I need to do video editing again I still come to this app the most. It’s very useful and uncomplicated to use. It’s very productive. Thank you developers God bless you all.
  • Transitions 4/5

    By Odious_Asyl
    Everything about this app is great, except for the spacing between custom transitions. It is off by a fraction of a second but it is very noticeable. Other than that, the app is really easy to use.
  • Edits 5/5

    By Gianni marais
    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP! Good for my Why Don't We Edits😂
  • Iffy 4/5

    By fishsge
    I would give it 5 ☆ if you guys removed the thirty second rule.I think that its unfair because some people cant afford to pat $6.00 for an app.So i think you should remove that but keep everything else ♡
  • Excellent video editing app 4/5

    By Abala71
    Thanks to the developers for this amazing app. I create instructional videos for a music class and the split screen functionality is great! Haven’t seen anything quite like it, even for Mac. Great work!
  • Wow disappointed 1/5

    By Agariot¥T
    I am a YouTuber and I used this app to make the videos but I’m very disappointed that you can only have 30 seconds of video like at least make it 5 minutes or something. Last time I used it, it was unlimited time but now even though it’s free I worked a lot to make a video to find out at the end that you could only have 30 seconds of recording I AM NOT going to pay 5 dollars just to record like it used to be.👎🏻
  • 1 star 1/5

    By ICGamez15
    Your stupid app doesn’t work!!! It’s always crashing and it pisses me off.

    By Maddie Johnson592
    This is the perfect app for editing if u want to edit with a phone
  • Bug 5/5

    By Natarle
    Just wanted to say that I’ve had the issue where my screen is black but I can still hear video; to fix it I slightly adjust the length of one of my clips & it fixes everything! Also cute cut is the best, super solid & simple editing program.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Goldgirl05
    This app is great for making cute (see what I did there ;) edits it has smooth transitions and there r helpful tutorials on youtube that helped me a lot! Once u know how to make edits on this app it’s so much fun! I admit I had a little bit of trouble in the beginning because I wasn’t used to it and didn’t know how to use it but once I got the hang of it it was great. Another app I used to make my edits was Alive. It helps with adding stickers or filters. But what I am trying to say is that it’s a good app!
  • Great but add something 5/5

    By YoungLos31
    You guys should add a feature, where people can make an account. For whenever people switch to a new phone or accidentally delete and they haven’t save onto their photos. They could sign in with their account and it will show all of their work, they previously did.
  • It keeps crashing. 2/5

    By Mr.StealYoCat
    I have been using Cute Cut for awhile and now it keeps on crashing for no reason?As soon as I add a small transition it crashes and when I come back it says “Something went wrong low on memory”-Something like that.Please fix this bug.
  • Little bugs 4/5

    By Awesomelyrandompotatoe
    I’ve been using Cute cut for 2 years now and nothing really bothered me until yesterday. I was editing a video and I decided to sleep cause it was late. When I woke up again and wanted to work on it again, I played to see the progress I did so far and when I played it all I saw was a black screen. The sounds were okay but the screen wasn’t. And today I edited another video and I played it and not all of the videos were black but only one. The first clip of that movie had a weird sound to it when I muted it. It bothered me a lot and I didn’t know if it was the transition, I looked at the transition and everything was muted too! That’s all I mostly wanted to say, but please update this Cute Cut more :3
  • Instagram Editor’s Opinion 5/5

    By southside.betts on instagram
    I post Instagram edits and honestly, I only use Cute Cut! I recommend it and wish we didn’t have to pay for Pro. Download this if you make 30 seconds or shorter edits/videos because it’s amazing! There are many tutorials for the free version on the internet, so look there!
  • Cute cut 5/5

    By Alisha🍩
    I love this app so much✨ at first you don't know what to do but later you do know i love everything
  • Needs more 4/5

    By Kitkat3396
    Please add more things like video star has, transitions, effects, you know things that video star has. If you do this you will be as popular as video star is! And can you also make 120 FPS?
  • i like 4/5

    By Larissa☺️
    it’s a bit confusing but good overall
  • I Iove this app but... 4/5

    By Janaynayy
    I love this app and looking up videos on how to do transitions and editing but i dont like the idea that we can only do 30 seconds just because it's free but the full thing costs $5.00
  • I love it but... 5/5

    By BT-BT-BTS
    I love it but the watermark is a problem. Anyways I still love it bcuz I can crop out the watermark THX 4 SUCH AN AMAZING EDITOR APP!!!!
  • Please fix crash bug ASAP 4/5

    By Mo_4_ever
    Please, please, please fix the crash bug... I need to upload but it keeps crashing
  • It crashes so much 3/5

    By Simply.von
    The app would randomly crash whenever I move a custom transition and the a box would pop up saying “Low Memory Warning” which is weird because I have 10 GB on my iPad, any solutions?
  • I am really impressed! 5/5

    By MissChyH2318
    I am Annie Leblanc and I enjoy making edits and this app works perfectly!The only downside is that you only get 30 seconds...can you maybe make it 1 minute? Anyway i definitely recommend this app!
  • Some issues 3/5

    By SharkiPlush
    I have been using cute Cut for a few months and fell in love. Though I wish it had chroma key, I really wish it would have chroma key and it would make it better. Also sometimes it crashes when I have a big project
  • Help 4/5

    By Delaney Junkins
    I have the full version on my Samsung tablet it’s just how do I transfer it to my apple I phone ? Help!
  • Amazing, but crashes too often 2/5

    By H.B 707
    I’m currently in the middle of making an edit and whenever I add a transition, the app crashes, saying I have low storage and it will lower the quality. So I deleted some apps, and I still have this problem. I noticed that recently the app has already had an update for crashes, but why do I feel like this update has given it MORE crashes. Please fix this. Thank you
  • برنامج له شعبيه واسعه👍 4/5

    By AburseeL
    للامانه لم اجد برنامج متفق عليه شريحة كبيره من الناس مثل هذا البرنامج ...وهذا مادفع حبي لشرف تجربته ولعل ماقيل في شانه يستحق بالفعل..!! سي يو

    By Ari loves horses
    One major problem is when you delete this app, all progress is gone. What if I want to install it on another device and continue with a project? I think profiles would solve this. If we were able to login and out, resting assured that our work won't be gone forever if we happen to delete the app or download it on another device.
  • It helps me with editing 🤑 5/5

    By Beakersteph
    Love it so much
  • good but one problem 3/5

    By bruhitslizziee
    ive had cute cut for a few months and made a lot of edits. and its definitely one of the best editing apps. i recommend downloading it. but today i spent like 2 hours on a edit and now it says "low memory warning" and then the app crashes. i tried restarting my phone and closing all my apps but nothing works. i cannot get to the edit at all and its really frustrating and i dont know what to do.
  • okay 3/5

    By Livvykirk
    i mean i love cute cut but i don’t like how you can only do thirty second clips....
  • Awesome! 4/5

    By doyouknowannyeonghaseyo
    I really love this app. Of course it doesn't work like AE does, but you can make very high quality edits! The only reason why I put on star off was because buying cute cut pro only gives you two good things: no watermark and unlimited video-length. I just wish there could be more transitions that come with it, that would make the price worth it. Other than that, this app is perfect.
  • Ok now 3/5

    By Queen/Girlfriend
    I love this app but now I’m trying to finish my edit and it says crash or something and I’m a iPhone user so I’m confused
  • Great tool!! 5/5

    This is the first app i found from about a dozens of them i checked to allow the user to import their own music downloaded from the internet rather then use the music bought from apple store only option, or forcing you to use a retarded computer to add the music to your phones iTunes player (while paying for more expensive and more powerful thing called "iPhone" but yet somehow is not capable of checking a mp3 file by its own if its safe to add it to the iTunes player or not ... i mean isn't GarageBand an Apple product? Isn't the iCloud an Apple product? Why they don't trust each other together with the apps that makes videos with picts+music?? just allow the user to add the music to any movie maker from the GarageBand or iCloud people! At least this app has a "file sharing" folder integrated like a "drawer" where you store file and then use it in the process. Super option! Fantastic option! Five stars just for that!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cute CUT app comments


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