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CVS Caremark

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  • Current Version: 4.24
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Caremark, L.L.C.
  • Compatibility: Android
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CVS Caremark App

The CVS/caremark™ app lets you refill mail service prescriptions, track order status, view prescription history and more. You must have CVS/caremark prescription benefits to use the app: If you’re not sure, check your health insurance plan information to confirm. Features include: • Refill mail service prescriptions without registering or signing in (Easy Refill) • Submit new mail order prescription • See number of refills due and orders in progress without signing in • Check order status • Renew or request new mail service prescriptions • Check drug costs and coverage • View prescription history • Find a pharmacy in your network • View your member ID Card (if provided by plan design) • Identify unknown pills • Check for potential drug interactions • Update account information; shipping and billing information, manage family access, and reset password • Touch ID sign in for easy access to your account and key app features If you already use, your existing username and password will also work on the app. If not, you can register directly on the app and use your new username and password on the website. ** We're here to help you get the prescriptions you need when you need them. If you like this service, please take a moment to review our app.**


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CVS Caremark app reviews

  • Upgrade is Horrible 2/5

    By Furnace 46
    In the previous version you were provided coupons and deals. These are no longer available. Nor was notice provided.
  • Difficult 2/5

    By Yep1
    This is one of the most difficult apps I’ve ever used and it’s one of my most important. I’m never sure if the app saying I need a refill is a duplicate but a different strength or what it’s for. You need to hire new programmers or something.
  • This is the worst service -opt out 1/5

    By A Puchalla
    They constantly ship to wrong address and it takes too long to get meds. Customer service is a disaster. App is not user friendly.
  • Can’t refill 1/5

    By Clyde Crashcup
    Ever time I try to refill by submitting my request the app goes into an endless loop of submitting request and please stand by. It just doesn’t work.

    By JapanShane
    This is an app where when you click on prescriptions, it makes you log in, again, on their website. Think about that. It’s an app that basically launches their website, in the app. The coders couldn’t even have been bothered to make it connect behind the scenes with the website. They just said, eh, make it open the website and people can just log in again from there. That’s how much they care about their customers.
  • Great App Needs Improvement 3/5

    By Gamma tee
    When I tried to refill via scan (easy refill) it was confusing. After I completed the scan I rec’d a message notifying me it was unable to complete @ this time. As I was about to log out it went to another screen as if it DID complete my request. Confusing, I’m really not sure it went thru. I’ll be checking my email later to see if my refill request was successful. Otherwise I love the concept of the app, wish it worked better.
  • Login 3/5

    By swo0sh23
    My login info is correct and it lets me in but when I goto my prescriptions is shuts down. I can’t view anything
  • Awful!! 1/5

    By Ktxzink
    The user interface is beyond in need of updating. I can't even check out or refill my prescriptions without it constantly crashing. The UI has not been updated since the iPhone 5 days!!
  • Not for iPhone X 1/5

    By Lrichard2
    This app doesn’t work with FaceID for iPhone X. Always says that it failed to authenticate. Please fix it.
  • Stretched UI still in 2017 1/5

    By nephipower
    Seriously the iPhone 6 was released over 3 years together and you still not have updated the UI to take advantage of the native screen resolution. Now you are even further behind with iPhone X screen support. Instead you continue to clamp onto the days of small iPhone 5 UI. Get your act together. Swallow your technical debt and implement real support for iOS size classes.
  • Can’t even log in... 1/5

    By frjps
    Get a “Service Error.” What does that mean? This is after just downloading an update which supposedly fixed login errors! Absolutely worthless!
  • Won’t let me create an account 1/5

    By ari826
    Won’t accept my Rx # or my member ID.
  • Good for nothing. 1/5

    By LeCo1986
    I am able to use the website however I downloaded the app with the same user name and Pw and none of my prescription information is here and it doesn’t even allow me to update my information in the app. This is supposed to be more convenient instead of having to call the pharmacy or go online. It’s useless. You really need to fix the issues with this app.
  • Preauthorizes charges w/o applying insurance discounts 2/5

    By Taylor harmon
    The app will preauthorize full price on prescriptions then separately charge discounted rate while keeping the large full price on your account.
  • What’s the point... 1/5

    By Ninanic
    Like other reviewers there is no information on pending, current or previous prescriptions, so like I said...what’s the point
  • Couldn’t be easier 5/5

    By Trippa225
    This refill was as simple as entering DOB and following screen prompts. Done on iPhone in less than 30 seconds.
  • Easy as could be 4/5

    By Sunshinenole
    My Rx drug program is with CVS/Caremark. To renew, I just used the scan feature & it found all my info. It was quick & easy!
  • Really Poor App 2/5

    By JasonHanson
    This app cut corners. Most of the time it feel like a website shrunk down and wrapped in an app. It is HORRIBLE. I kept getting stuck in navigation loops and had to force quit to get back to the home screen. The UX follows very few of the Apple iOS design guidelines. It is almost like someone tried to save money by having the same design for both iOS and Android. It has the look and feel of a hybrid app. In this day and age it is absolutely shameful and an affront to customers for a company the size of CVS to not build a full native solution. Customers should be more valuable. If you want to compare to a good native iOS app check out the Wallgreens app! This app shows a total lack of respect for your customers and a complete ignorance of proper UX on the iOS platform.
  • Camera 2/5

    By ALW2
    Cvs asked if it could use my camera and I said no. Then I was offered to scan my meds and do you think I can turn on the CAMERA; - NOT -
  • Love the scanner- but can’t find previous orders 4/5

    By Jafiahwekd
    Scanners works like a charm. Everything is pre-set, a few clicks and it’s done. But for some reason, the “previous orders” never populates.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Granny1857
    Just installed and requested a refill. I’m impressed. Everything went smoothly without any problems. I searched for past prescriptions for my husband and myself and everything was listed. So far it’s a keeper. If my refill doesn’t arrive as expected, I will update my review.
  • Simple to use 5/5

    By Udamanski
    For me at least, just a matter of entering the Rx number and DOB right from my app and it was done
  • Excellent. Workedfor me 5/5

    By Wingedgypsy
    Used Easy Refill. Scanned the QR code. With credit card on file it refilled in seconds.
  • Refill only took seconds to place 5/5

    By MaxRob77
    The white CVS mail service app worked great. I don't have a CVS pharmacy near me, which utilizes the red CVS app, so this is a great option. I had a little trouble at first because I downloaded the wrong (red) app. A quick call to them and they told me the difference in the apps.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ftdyuff
    It lets me sign in, but doesn’t have any of my information. When I try to look at my current prescriptions, I get an error message and the app crashes.
  • Not optimized for iPhone 6/6+ 1/5

    By Mallard06
    How about making this app easier and better to use by optimizing it for iPhone 6/6+. You have had 3 years to fix it, and still nothing. If you still can’t optimize this app for iPhone 6/6+ will you have be optimized for iPhone X.
  • Super Glitchy 1/5

    By Biancab922
    Been trying to refill a medication. When I wanted to change the date it wouldn’t let me tap any date or time change. Shut the app down and went back in and now it won’t let me choose the specific medication to process it. Definitely needs a huge overhaul.
  • Continued disappointment 1/5

    By NCG8Rx88
    For the past ~6 weeks, I can log into my account but I cannot access my account. If I try to view my prescriptions, or my recent orders, I’m immediately locked out of my account and receive a message: “We’ re sorry, this service is unavailable right now. Please try again later.” This same message is also the response when I try Auto Refill or Current Prescriptions. What’s worse, is going to the web site only to find a message stating “Some parts of the site are currently unavailable. Please try to complete your action later. If the problem persists...” Is this the way to run a pharmacy?
  • Caremark and the App are HORRIBLE 1/5

    By massolteron
    I have never had such trouble with a company. Forced to switch prescription plans and it has been one crappy year using Caremark. The app is useless because it forces 90 day fills which my doctor will not do. So, Caremark makes it look as if the order is processed but in fact it isn’t; they have denied my coverage and I have gone without critical neurological medication for days because of their issues. And no sense in going to my local CVS as they are all incompetent and extremely rude. CVS is getting too big for its britches, controlling nicotine sales and now limits on opioids; stick to your job, develop a worthwhile app and quit policing the country. Let doctors do their jobs.
  • Please fix 2/5

    By Brad F 87
    This app needs a lot of work. The entire app just feels like a bad view of a webpage, surprised that Apple approved this.
  • Steaming pile of... 1/5

    By Posjav
    Can never get Touch ID to work. Poor feedback capabilities.
  • Really? 1/5

    By hooverp
    Not a darn thing works.
  • Works awesome for me 5/5

    By Calvertranch
    Love the Touch ID to get into the app. My Rx refill was literally the touch of a button away. Soooo easy!! Thankful for the app
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By allergyRN
    I used to love this app, now not so much! Every time I try to log in it says it’s unavailable and to try again later.
  • Prescriptions messed up! 1/5

    By maryk2023
    Can see mine but they show Inactive. My sons scrip doesn’t show up at all.. would be nice but cannot manage off this APP
  • Super easy! 5/5

    By Mamamia98765
    Thanks for a simple way to renew. I love this compared to phone prompts !
  • App no longer works 1/5

    By Learnin' more
    All used to work fine but now I can’t even log in. Touch ID didn’t work so I tried the full log in process which didn’t work. Attempted to reset password and was directed to a create account page. Attempt to create new account crashes program. I am able to access site via PC. Phone app is currently useless.
  • Horrid App 1/5

    By Tomas00498
    So, it took over 12 hours to actually get this app to function, and register my account. Then it would not display my ID card. Now, it constantly tells me wrong user name, password (which it isn’t) then it’ll randomly let me sign it. When it does let me sign in, I enable fingerprint ID, which it then conveniently turns off and forgets. Randomly it tells me my account doesn’t exist, and that I must register. When I do, it then tells me that I’m already registered. A very buggy, ill designed in functional app!
  • No longer works correctly 1/5

    By 19571961
    An update has made the app useless. As others stated, it recognizes me but not my prescriptions. It also no longer allows me to pay by my phone. The credit card info is there but it says I need to add a credit card to use. Hope the revert back to add version or fix these bugs.
  • Refill 5/5

    By pinkfrog54
    This was the easiest way to refill my prescription!!!! Thank you.
  • Locked up- no escape 1/5

    By DuckFan007
    Stuck at the screen confirming the ship to address. No exit strategy. Doesn't appear to be timing out. So... that's that for this app, I guess.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Lady Aero
    Like one of the other reviewers, I am able to log in, the app knows it’s me, but it has no information on my prescriptions at all. I previously had Caremark prescription plan when I had other health insurance so it’s possible that the issue is connected with that. But there’s no way to input my new health plan information to obtain my current prescription info. On top of this, my doctor has submitted the prescriptions for my two medications multiple times to Caremark but I receive phone calls from Caremark that my doctor has not responded. One prescription has been processed the other has been submitted three times by my doctor using both the electronic ordering system as well as Caremark’s fax and has received receipt confirmation. Yet Caremark is still clueless when I call. Even more distrusting is that when I checked my orders on their web site there was one that I never heard of from a doctor I never heard of but with my name and birthdate. This company is scary.
  • CVS Caremark Refill 5/5

    By Ellen0779
    This app is magical! So easy, takes a minute or less, a great job done here! 5 stars! 100%!!
  • Ms D 1/5

    By Dreamer 66
    This app used to work but dies not anymore. Does not show any prescriptions active or not. Very disappointed
  • Worked as expected. 5/5

    By Knorja
    First time user of the app and was able to sail right through it. Had to type in my Rx number but that was because I didn’t have the bar code with me.
  • Knows me Not my Rx’s 1/5

    By LRabinowitz
    Using the same credentials as for the website this app knows who I am and has my account information but has no data regarding my prescriptions. What gets you angry is not that it’s not functioning but that the company has not responded to several requests for support regarding this issue. Others are reporting the same issue as well and over and extended period.
  • Frustrated customer 1/5

    By MaddisonAnne
    Can't you guys get this app right. 2nd update still NG. Now after signing in, requesting for list of meds, it signs you out. GAVE UP AFTER 5 ATTEMPTS.
  • Useless 1/5

    By MikeN64
    Pharmacy locator doesn't work, thus none of the app functions are available. Garbage.
  • Doesn’t work and has no meaningful support 1/5

    By Paid by the hour
    In the last few months the app has become a shell and contains no information about my prescription history or orders. It knows it’s me, but there’s no history there. I either have to call or go to the website to check status or order a refill. When I called to get some help with the problem I was told to uninstall and reinstall the app, which did no good. Then I was told that since they had no other reports of this problem there is nothing they can do to help me. When my insurance company first forced me to switch over to CVS Caremark,I knew there would be some pain. But I have been astounded at how poorly I am informed about prescription problems and delays. And CVS phone staff don’t seem to have any ability to understand or report on the nature of a particular problem filling a prescription. So you don’t know what do to fix it.
  • Hard to see how 5/5

    By R in T
    ... it could be any easier!

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