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CVS Caremark

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  • Current Version: 4.24
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Caremark, L.L.C.
  • Compatibility: Android
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CVS Caremark App

The CVS/caremark™ app lets you refill mail service prescriptions, track order status, view prescription history and more. You must have CVS/caremark prescription benefits to use the app: If you’re not sure, check your health insurance plan information to confirm. Features include: • Refill mail service prescriptions without registering or signing in (Easy Refill) • Submit new mail order prescription • See number of refills due and orders in progress without signing in • Check order status • Renew or request new mail service prescriptions • Check drug costs and coverage • View prescription history • Find a pharmacy in your network • View your member ID Card (if provided by plan design) • Identify unknown pills • Check for potential drug interactions • Update account information; shipping and billing information, manage family access, and reset password • Touch ID sign in for easy access to your account and key app features If you already use, your existing username and password will also work on the app. If not, you can register directly on the app and use your new username and password on the website. ** We're here to help you get the prescriptions you need when you need them. If you like this service, please take a moment to review our app.**


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CVS Caremark app reviews

  • Excellent 5/5

    By Dearme.
    Makes my life easy. Don’t have to call, or write my password. Love the face recognition. 6 stars!!!
  • Mildly useful, very slow, stunningly ugly 2/5

    By Fellow Flyer
    Really, it’s all there in the title.
  • CVS Refill App 4/5

    By Not so groovy
    I’ve had no problems with it. Easy and convenient. I like the reminder feature.
  • Much improved 5/5

    Started off horrible from log in to check out but very streamlined now
  • Reminders 5/5

    By Tymosa
    App works well for me. Sends reminders in plenty of time. Easy to refill!!!
  • Cost 4/5

    By Liaga
    I would like to see the cost, and also cost comparisons. That could save everyone money, including the insurance company.
  • Worst app ever. 1/5

    By Tomatoville
    Like the company, the CVS CAREMARK app is a total cluster f__k. It tells me I need to refill prescriptions that I literally filled a week ago and it flakes out and goes blank when I try to access my payment information and my ID card. Dealing with CVS Caremark is a total horror show. They’ve lost my orders seven times and unexplainably cancelled new prescriptions. If I could change my mail-order pharmacy, I’d dump them faster than Brad dumped Jen. Highly recommend you avoid them!
  • David 1/5

    By Badplayer36
    This app is horrible. I log in and that’s about it. It tells me very little. I just refilled a prescription and have no idea which prescription I filled. It kills me that CVS has a contract with my insurance company and I can only use CVS no matter how much I hate them. Other places are cheaper but I can’t use them. CVS by far the highest price but I have no choice but to use them.
  • Vicky 5/5

    By PaddyjoePA
    Love this app! So easy to use and refill prescriptions. Takes very little time to do it. Works great for me!
  • Easy 5/5

    By Sftc824
    This app is so easy to refill! It takes 2 minutes!!
  • Easy App 4/5

    By Mallea69
    I feel the app is easy to navigate. You can see your prescription history, current prescriptions, what is available for refill, and even prescriptions that need refilled by your doctor. Every transaction can be done right through the app.
  • Request 3/5

    By Test13468
    Please make it compatible with “wallet” .
  • Great app 5/5

    By go01gades
    Has all my prescriptions and the app is easy to use
  • App performance 5/5

    By tominwv
    The CVS/CAREMARK app has always worked well for me. I haven’t had any of the issues listed in other reviews. I guess my profile is kept up to date better than others.
  • Could be better 2/5

    By ChefJSR
    Hard to navigate. Doesn’t always have the information needed.
  • Easy to Use 4/5

    By Tennis yorkie
    It was easy to refill my prescriptions.
  • Used to be good 2/5

    By ibrake4java
    Not all screens display correctly on smaller phone screens. It seems they only tested the latest releases on newer and larger iPhones. Extremely slow. Seems they check back with the server on every character entry when searching for the prescriptions. Useless to try and type in a Rx #. They've gone a bit downhill on this version.
  • Great! 5/5

    By 1JazzLover
    Easiest app ever! Just punch in your RX number and choose delivery date. Super easy, super fast. No hassle at the pharmacy. (The scanner doesn’t always work.)
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Awsmmonster
    Very easy to use and helpful for managing my family’s prescriptions.
  • It does what I need 5/5

    By skanitsch
    It recognizes me I have to login however to do anything. That’s not a big deal. I just submitted four refills in just a minute. It does the job that I need it to do.
  • Again useless app 1/5

    By Nhardymo
    I scanned my mom’s prescriptions in through the app, 44 hours later they never got its. Now I need to find someone with a fax machine. What good is it? They have a feature to price the cost of the drugs. It picks the drug it wants if you need to scroll down to get the actual strength of your prescription. Then it only shows local pharmacies. No where can you pick to get the cost through the mail order service. They hide contact numbers and want to communicate by writing to them through the same useless app. So fun finally to get a phone number to get the cost of a drug to find it cost 1/3 more to fill it by mail order. Does that make sense? Overall rating is F.
  • EZ 5/5

    By GillyChips
    Would like to be able have my member card in apple wallet.
  • Super easy to refill!! 5/5

    By Zimmi97
    Just recently switched to Cvs Caremark. Nice to have an app that keeps it simple.
  • Useless 1/5

    By UmmmWhatDidUSay?
    This app must have been developed and updated by a turtle.
  • Just bad. 1/5

    By 57JD
    Sure I can log in, but it doesn’t see all my prescriptions so... well, slogging on.
  • Helps me deal with my prescriptions 5/5

    By Healthcare-guru$&77
    I’ve been using this app for a while and it makes my life easier. I’ve used it to refill, the member ID card is super helpful because I always seem to be unable to find mine, and the check drug price has saved me some money as well.
  • Super easy to use 5/5

    By 987je432
    Love to easily refill from my phone - thank you for making it so easy!
  • USELESS 1/5

    By Brownie6500
    Aetna admitted in reply to my request for my member number that service with CVS and Medicare is not yet in sync for the Caremark app. After 3 calls & 2 emails to Caremark & waiting for more than a week between my request for customer service & then being on hold TWICE for more than 20 minutes each day, the Caremark app is USELESS. I’ve had online service with WALGREENS Pharmacy for years & never had any problems. Wake up CVS!!! I’m tired of trying to create an online Caremark account.
  • Finally! 5/5

    By TxFLGal
    This is a PBM with an app! My spouse had benefits through Prime Therapeutics and was unable manage/view prescription information on the app because they do not have one! This app is easy to navigate through and like with any app, it doesn’t offer all the features the desktop full view offers. What this app does offer is an intuitive user experience which is very important especially in managing prescriptions.
  • Sunnie9999 5/5

    By Supsupsup234
    Great look and feel! Keep up the great work! 👍
  • Easy Refills are great. 5/5

    By rhoenick
    Easy for refills and checking medication cost. Thank you.
  • Can’t even start 1/5

    By Skynner McGee
    That’s pretty fishy. My rx# is the correct length, but the app keeps saying it isn’t and asking for personal information. No thanks. I’ll just call them, instead. I thought the app would make it easier, but there’s something wrong here.
  • Thumbs Up 5/5

    By lmjvp
    I love this app! It’s super easy to use once you get the hang of it, and while you can’t do *everything* thru the app, what little that requires a computer is really no big deal. You can store your login info for easy mobile access or use the fingerprint unlock feature, and most common things such as ordering refills are a breeze. You can request refills even if you don’t have any available - CVS/Caremark will send the request to your doctor on your behalf (of course this isn’t an option for every drug on the market but it works with all of mine). My doctor’s office even sends me an email letting me know when they’ve received and approved a request. I don’t take the time to rate apps too often, but this one deserves the praise. I love it.
  • No stars extremely bad customer services 1/5

    By GnnBroadcasting
    Alert shows being mailed, never got here, called them as I am doing now on hold 47:19 minutes, they at there location see no orders and still email alert shows it will be delivered to correct address. Then app fails to log in after entering my data, just loops out to log in page, but one time did saw welcome to my name then instantly that disappeared by to log in page. Getting nowhere for months of no prescriptions of diabetic supplies. CVS/Caremark is as others say here totally useless and harming my health. Not acceptable
  • Thanks! 5/5

    By SusanSerene
    First time user and it worked perfectly. We’ve been with CVS Caremark for years now and I am 100% satisfied with their service and customer service. The evolution of care through the years is significant and truly beneficial. Thank you to all. You are appreciated, from the support staff on up. ☺️
  • Julie 5/5

    By Ramirezjk828
    Ridiculously easy. Also love that this prescription costs me nothing thanks to my great insurance!
  • No information listed 1/5

    By Mr TSMac
    See a trend. It doesn’t show any of my information. No ID card, prescription history. Don’t see the point of this app if it doesn’t work.
  • Cvs/Caremark 5/5

    By Rudytootie1
    Great app, there are still a couple of buggy things, but all in all a great app!
  • Application not accurate 1/5

    By 3 Missing
    App shows past prescriptions that are dated well in 2018. Not user friendly and reloads/refreshes even after you filter by a member of your family after reviewing details on a prescription. App just as bad as the service this company provides. Also cannot add new credit card through the app.
  • Terrible App. Wish my employer was not using them 1/5

    By Gluten Mifflin
    Absolutely terrible. I downloaded the app. Logged in. Nope, you don’t have an account even though I do. Create an account, it knows me but has no idea about my scripts that I have been receiving text messages about. The text messages I’ve been getting are asking for updated information which I’ve supplied through their “take a picture of the card” procedure yet they still want the information. Again. Terrible.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Carlyblu
    Unable to scan, poor app.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Felipe1218
    Multiple glitches.. doesn’t work .. sometimes I’m able to refill, sometimes I can’t , sent my refill to random locations .. horrible experience ..
  • Easy Refill 5/5

    By $&@"@&$
    This is a great improvement! Really easy to access and it gets the job done easily! The designers of this application did a really good job.
  • Website Works but App is Trash 1/5

    By elizzabethmarie
    This app is trash. Quick refills are great but I can’t log in. With the user ID and password I used minutes prior and after to log in on the website without issue. The website is also clunky but at least functional. I’d like to be able to view my account from the app. Please update with bug fixes!
  • Hasn't been updated since before the iPhone 6. 1/5

    By Gfhdjuffhz
    No wonder it looks so ridiculous on my 8+. The type is huge, and any long, generic names are difficult to edit. Also, the search result contains the dosage and everything, so if you want to price a different dosage or if you accidentally hit the wrong one and need to edit, prepare to insert your cursor and delete a few characters, insert again, delete, and keep going until the huge letters fit in the tiny box. A better solution would be to have the drug name, then a drop down of dosages. Also, there is no pill minder or alarm, which again, is something that should have been implemented years ago.
  • Thank you 4/5

    By fred farquart
    For 40 years not once have I been able to get on BlueCrossBlueShd Shields webpage the first time. And then the nightmares of screen after screen after screen. I go into the app here, and scan my prescription box and there is no hassle. Bingo the prescription shows up at the front door.
  • Poor data 2/5

    By mjdindc
    There are prescriptions missing that were filled. You archive prescriptions and they are still listed for refill. Prescriptions are still listed for refill when they were filled just a week ago. App works for requesting refills but not much else. Store is always pushing auto refills but they can’t keep track of when refilled. App and store push using the app to pick up and check out. If you don’t want to let CVS have your credit card info (I don’t) then using the bar code they check out just slows it down. CVS should give up On their own electronic wallet and go with apple and google. They are both much safer.
  • Never works 1/5

    By kgbrav
    I have never been compelled to write a review about any app. However after trying to refill a prescription, which is now completely different from the way I used to do it through the app, and thinking ugh, now I have to call. I got mad. This isnt an app that I play games on, it's to refill medication! And it has never, ever worked! It's slow, I can't login, it's always something. Now I have CVS through my employer for my prescription medication. I'm a little nervous. Anyway, redo this. Why is it so hard!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Istinalle
    The app opens fine and you sign in but when you actually try to do anything with it it stops working. Completely useless
  • Could be a great app... 1/5

    By Tat2Chick
    ...if only it worked. Scripts are listed, can’t sign up for auto refills. Constantly tells me ‘ready for refill’ but when I order, it tells me it’s not time to refill. My ‘recent orders’ are all future dates. PLEASE fix!

CVS Caremark app comments


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