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Dallas Cowboys

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  • Current Version: 3.1.1
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  • Developer: Dallas Cowboys Football Club, Ltd.
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Dallas Cowboys App

This is the official mobile app of the Dallas Cowboys. Make your iPhone or iPod Touch a unique part of your game-day experience for Cowboys games. Want to catch breaking news of the team? See real-time statistics for every drive? Watch live and video-on-demand clips of press conferences and player interviews? Follow post-game blogs and pre-game previews of the matchups? Now, you can stay in touch with the Cowboys anytime, anywhere, on your iPhone or iPod Touch. 

Features include: - News: Real-time breaking news from the Cowboys, previews of upcoming matchups, post-game blogs - Video: Live and video-on-demand clips of the Cowboys' press conferences, coach and player interviews - Photos: Gallery of game-time action - Audio: Podcasts - Stats: Real-time statistics and scores from the official NFL stats engine, head-to-head stats of the matchup, player stats, drive-by-drive stats, box score, out-of-town scores around the league - Standings: Division and conference standings - Fantasy: Keep track of your favorite fantasy players - Depth chart: Shown by offense, defense and special teams - Social media: Aggregated twitter of the Cowboys' official tweets, check in to the stadium on game-day, one-click tweet of all media items, one-click facebook posting of all media items - Schedule: Schedule of upcoming games, and scores/stats of previous games from the season, ticket purchase for games - Evolving home-screen: Pre-game, in-game, post-game, off-season countdown, draft-day Follow us @dallascowboys on Twitter for updates or visit www.dallascowboys.com. Follow us @yinzcam on Twitter for updates or to ask questions and provide feedback.


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Dallas Cowboys app reviews

  • Radio 1/5

    By 05600rr
    I live in Maryland. When the app came out I could listen to the games anywhere when they wasn't on tv in my area. Now the radio Doesn't broadcast the games for me at all. Says out of the region. Happened all last year in the middle of listening to the game. Now it doesn't work at all
  • Consistent crashing 1/5

    By Exit0
    Safari web browser or Dallas app, both consistently crash on certain articles (I.e. Jerry jones hall of fame). No worries though, hardly anybody is using apple iOS anyway right?
  • Current Version 3.1.0 2/5

    Everything other than the calendar subscription is working. I prefer it to sync with my calendar so I get my alerts.
  • Developers please read 4/5

    By Audio Problems
    I've been using this app for years I like it it's great, but recently something is wrong with the news articles. It will not allow you to scroll down and read them. The same thing happens when you go to the website directly on iPhone. Please fix this issue.
  • Bring back articles 1/5

    By JHicks22
    This app is useless without the ability to view articles!!! Bring it back!!!
  • They Ruined It 2/5

    By pleeb
    Early version of app was pretty good. They had the Cowboys radio feed during games and incorporated DC Twitter information. With latest version they took out the twitter and they removed radio feed for people living outside Dallas area. For some of us, this was only way we could really follow some of the games. Really bogus! In addition, though the app has capability of giving out news alerts, they barely use that functionality. I would think that the app might be one of first places I hear about breaking news. Now, App isn't really good for much other than a place to link to DC articles or watch some videos when you aren't around a computer.
  • No Radio 2/5

    By Cowboyjkly
    Seriously no radio. Why did you take the radio off especially since I live in NC. What a waste
  • Update the app 1/5

    By Boca DaBoys
    Please update the app as it has performance issues with the latest iPad. Content is good!
  • What Happened 1/5

    By c2xist
    I used to be able to listen to the radio anywhere. Now it tells me I'm out of the area. Why?
  • Are you kidding me?!? 1/5

    By cjwinchrist
    The app finally worked - then NOTHING! It all stopped again!! WHY WHY WHY??? What the heck?!? Jeezee - are you seriously that greedy? Then charge for the app!
  • Mean greed ruined it for those out of area 1/5

    By noxalere
    Loved this app but now it is worthless and is deleted. They took away any access as I no longer live in TX. Not even worth the one Dallas star I had to place to rate it!
  • Booooo! Thumbs down! 1/5

    By SooCali
    Was a good app but now it won't show the score. What good is this app if I can't quickly access the score during a game?!
  • No score no radio 2/5

    By LoveSiic
    Useless without the score or radio. Fix and update please.
  • Commercials 4/5

    By Slowmo 5959
    I'm not watching a crappy commercial to see a highlight video.as for you guys who can't get the game live. It's your phone. I drive 48 states. Listen all the time. You do need full signal though.
  • Thanks for nothing! 1/5

    By russell19
    Was a great app, live in upstate NY and am a huge cowboy fan, now I can no longer listen to the game. Thanks. Currently having to sit in my car on Sirius xm to listen to the games when not on tv because of you greedy people.
  • GREAT APP 5/5

    By Cayden Ellis
    It gets close to the updates
  • Ignore the haters 5/5

    By Wil50023
    This is a very good app that has high quality articles and will show you the schedule, roster, stats, and many more. There is also interviews and first hand pictures of daily practice and events. I recommend this app to its users
  • Unauthorized Radio play 1/5

    By Scott sevenich
    I got this app so I could listen to Brad Sham call the Cowboys game. I guess living in the Upper Midwest part of the US makes it unauthorized. I cam get my news regarding the Cowboys from anywhere. The games were broadcasted on the app earlier this year in 2016. What happened? Because they started winning? Still can't hear Brad Sham call the game. Thanks for being a useless app that makes my iPhone become a Blackberry by just using up space on my phone. Pathetic service!!!
  • Why? 1/5

    By Cbjazzy17
    It was a perfectly fine app for Cowboys fan nationwide, then you go and prohibit streaming outside the Dallas area! Totally disappointing to know that it all comes down to greediness! I wish I could give it 0 stars!
  • No more live games 1/5

    By Az.junior
    They took away listening to the game live πŸ–•πŸΌ ....deleting now
  • Missing Brad Sham... 1/5

    By JAM54
    No radio makes the app utterly useless to me. And why'd they drop it mid-season like that?
  • May as well delete it 1/5

    By GoingEagle
    Echoing what's already been said. Used to love listening to the radio stream and now that it's been taken away the app is pretty much useless to me.
  • decent but... 3/5

    By WyTx
    Won't let you listen to the radio unless in a "designated area". But they have good articles and updates on players, staff scores But if you are looking for a radio I wouldn't recommend this app
  • Greed ruined it 1/5

    By Jacuzzi Guy
    What was once a great app for cowboy fans. Especially those of us that live outside the Dallas market, has been ruined. The ability to listen to pre game, post game and of course THE GAME, have been taken away. If we ever find out why, I'm sure it will have something to do with money.
  • No radio stream anymore 2/5

    By Jwilderman
    Like many others have already said, this app is now a disappointment since they took the live radio stream away.
  • So disappointing 2/5

    By semilion
    This app was great. It allowed everything for a fan to follow his/her team, the boys! But they nurfed it. We can. I longer listen to a game via the app. Charge us! I'll pay to listen to a game when it's not being played in my area.
  • Gone down hill 1/5

    By PES1W
    Like everyone else I live outside of the area and really enjoyed the radio feed and the Twitter stream. I now don't even open this app because it offers me nothing except grief. Even the media offerings have gone down. This app was great at the beginning of the season. Fix it!!!!!
  • Won't let me tune in... 1/5

    By Daxywms
    The app was great until it stopped letting me listen to the radio because I'm "not in the area", I used to listen all the time when I had to be on the road or if I didn't get the game on TV. Now I've been forced to miss out on games of the only football team that matters because of this "new" update. Very disappointed I've missed out on multiple games because of this.
  • No more game broadcast 1/5

    By ShrvajjjcvdjXvdsnbbffc227474?
    I can no longer listen to the game from the app. I live in Iowa so don't always get the game on tv. What region do you have to be in to listen? I can get all of the other content off of bleacher report.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Lex0607
    I've had this app for over a year with NO problem listening to the radio. Now that we're winning and on demand all of a sudden it's not available. Absolutely sad. Way to support americas team! 10/10 WOULD NEVER recommend this app again. *Edit* after this 1 star review I wish I could go lower. Found an app (Pro Football, it's purely radio) and found out their (this app) WAYYYYY behind in score and play reporting as well. TERRIBLE app 0 stars at MOST. OFFICIALLY DELETED.!πŸ™Œ don't waste your memory space.

    By No name BD
    I don't always get Cowboys games and would listen to the audio until a couple of weeks ago when it said I am out of the area. Why did they change it! I would even pay to listen to the Cowboys announcers but that isn't even an option! I used to love this app but without the audio I'll probably delete the app.
  • Would love to give it 5 stars but...... 1/5

    By Jimbos1980
    I've been listening to the radio on this app for years now. I live in Wisconsin and enjoy listening to Sham and Babe but this year it now tells me that I cannot listen as I am out of the area. This app is now worthless unless it's corrected. Is this a licensing issue???
  • Radio stopped. 3/5

    By Fix the crap
    Absolutely ridiculous. I used to be able to listen to the games through the app. Last game I listened to was when we played the Steelers and won in that thriller. Now I go to listen during the Vikings game and I am now outside the georeferenced area. Bull-****. Give me back radio streaming and I will give 5 stars
  • Disappointed. 1/5

    By Head353535
    I loved listening to the cowboys radio. Living in Michigan the games aren't always on tv. At least I could stay up to date with the radio. I was very upset when they took that option away..
  • No games 1/5

    By Loyal fan since 1975
    Lost radio can no longer listen to game. Can't always watch with family obligations but always listened!!! Devastated fan!😭😭
  • No radio available 1/5

    By #saab
    Was always able to listen to the game, and now it won't let me. What good is it if you only have to be from Dallas to listen to it!!! Please fix this!!!
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Twopuds
    Used this app since it came out for the ability to listen to games that weren't televised in my area. Now whenever I try to use it, it tells me not in authorized area. Please fix this as you have rendered the app useless.
  • Radio stream 1/5

    By drewtyree
    There is no reason for me to keep this app if I can no longer listen to the games.
  • Good job taking away the radio stream 1/5

    By youngdevilDog
    All of a sudden I'm outside of the authorized area for game streaming!?!?! I've been listening to games when I can't watch them on tv since 2013!!! Why this change??? This app is useless now if you ask me.
  • Radio 1/5

    By Fonzi209
    Radio is not working keeps saying out of area but it used to work just fine before
  • No more radio 1/5

    By Ball4ever21
    This app was amazing. I used to be able to listen to every game. Now all the sudden I'm not in an authorized area. Just made this app basically useless.
  • Fix radio 1/5

    By Noise Neighbor
    I don't know when it started but you can no longer stream anywhere. Please send a fix. I'm so disappointed.
  • Fix the App to let everyone listen to Cowboys games!!!!!😩 3/5

    By Trubie30
    I was happy with this app cause over the last few weeks I was able to listen to the Dallas games on the radio broadcast even though I didn't live out in the area and it was convenient. Now I go to listen to it today and it's not letting me because I'm not in the region. I was almost about to cry I was that upset and extremely disappointed. This is truly messed up. If you say you're America's Team, prove it by please figuring out a way to make the radio broadcasts available to all of America and quit showing bias to those that don't live in Dallas. Please I implore you to fix this Dallas Cowboys app people from a deeply devoted fan. Thank you for listening.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By CBJ2016
    I live in Ohio and now I can't even listen to the game as it says I am not authorized to listen
  • No more radio access 2/5

    By Fannymaypotter
    I live in Kansas and used to be able to listen from the app when the game wasn't on our tv. This week, it stopped letting me listen saying I was out of the coverage area. Boo!
  • FIX YOURSELF!!!!!! 1/5

    By E Fresh
    Where's my radio?!!!!
  • Over all good app! Need to bring back twitter! 4/5

    By Teamcelica05
    I wish this app wouldn't of took off the twitter! I liked reading comments before, during and after games!!Pretty much besides that I have no issues with this app! Checking the teams schedule,the scores and updates on what's happening with the team is fine! This app works fine with my old iPhone 6plus and now it seems to work fine with my new iPhone 7plus! I rate this app 4 stars cause of the twitter!
  • Love the app, just one crucial bug 3/5

    By shark89fish
    I love this app andI love my Cowboys, but thereis one small bug. Every time I click on a news article the top headline falls down and covers tge first four or five lines of text. I have to exit the article and click back in a second time for every single story.
  • Horrible Update 2/5

    By GPharr
    This was a terrific app before the update. Now it is much too difficult to navigate and find the articles I want to read. Please change it back to the way it was! If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!
  • Update again plz!! 1/5

    By Seahorse25790
    This app was great before the update. Now you can't check stats/standings nor can u review any of the articles... 😑 Can the fans get a redo?

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