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DC Metro and Bus

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DC Metro and Bus App

DC Metro and Bus is the region's most popular dedicated DC transit app. Realtime rail and bus predictions and DC Metro map directly from WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority), ART (Arlington Transit) and DC Circulator, serving Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland. -Realtime DC Metro Rail predictions (Next Train) for every Metro station in the Washington DC region with auto refresh direct from WMATA. -Realtime DC Metro Bus (Next Bus) predictions for every Metro bus stop in the Washington DC region with auto refresh direct from WMATA. -Realtime data for ART bus (Arlington Transit) -Realtime data for DC Circulator buses. -Location based Metro station finder to locate Metro stations nearby. -Location based bus stop finder to locate Metro bus stops nearby. -Mapping for DC Metro rail stations and bus stops. -Save commonly used Metro stations and stops into your Favorites list for easy access. -Look up DC Metro bus stop predictions directly by the bus stop number. -Check to see if WMATA is broadcasting any rail alerts or disruptions. -Access the WMATA DC Metro map to plan your route. -Upgrade to the ad-free version with in-app purchase. -And of course, FREE You must have network access to use these resources.


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DC Metro and Bus app reviews

  • Real time schedules should be always available 3/5

    By TheFullMoonChaser
    I love the WMATA app. However, could you please explain why real time schedules are not available all times, particularly when more needed (at nights)?
  • Bare bones and barely functional 2/5

    By CoolOurGlobe
    It’s not so much the app as it is the data. I’ve had multiple approaching busses go from “3 minutes away” to “8 minutes away” from “20 minutes away” as if the driver was in reverse. At least once a month I get a “ghost bus” which either appears at my stop without having been listed on the “real time” schedule (sometimes a pleasant surprise, but obviously not how this whole thing is supposed to work) and other times an approaching bus will just hang out being “6 minutes away” for about 20 minutes and then drop off the radar. I’ve had to take several last-minute Lyfts and Ubers to get to work LATE over the summer and fall because scheduled busses never showed up or I had an issue listed above. With a $.25 fare hike and cut bus routes you’d think this #back2good campaign could at least produce a functional app before installing WiFi in metro stations (??? Which I’ve yet to actually see???). No use having full bars when your app is pushing inaccurate data. And on an entirely separate note: full page ads? No. I’m just trying to get to work on time. I’m just trying to meet my girlfriend for lunch. I’m trying to make it to an important meeting. I’m trying to just navigate the city I live in. Y’all can put ads on the metro seats and ceilings if you want, but to slow down metro riders by forcing them to click out of ads that pop up after X amount of refreshes is a slap in the face and an obvious give away that #back2good is really just about making money for the people who never have to deal with public transit.
  • Bus line 52, 53, and 54 3/5

    By lclegg
    There are not enough buses running rush hour morning nor evening. Buses are always standing room. With generally young adults sitting in the senior citizens seating. God knows I pray for everyone because are always over crowded. What happened to the 59 bus. I know you all can do better we have more morning and evening riders.
  • No travel planner 3/5

    By SunDropAddict
    Add the travel planner that is on the WMATA website and it will be a 5 Star app.
  • Bring back nextbus 2/5

    By jmugz
    Next bus was the better app
  • MertonApp 5/5

    By Dajah T.
    Very helpful !!!!
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Ferccio
    Isn’t metro big enough to have a free app without ads?
  • Needs fixing 1/5

    By hrb3
    After closing app, location services continue even if you set it to use “while using app.” Have to manually quit app each time. Please fix this!!
  • Battery drainer 1/5

    By jeffmhunt
    Latest version is draining my battery using background location on iOS 11 / iPhone 7
  • Doesn't list all buses 1/5

    By gaogaigar44
    The Z2 bus isn't listed at all.
  • Circulator rider 1/5

    By circulator rider
    The circulator is no longer on the app. Am I missing something?
  • Can't View Full Description 3/5

    By Salmon dude
    Very good app otherwise, but I wish I could view all the text for the elevator and escalator outages
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By Michael the Master
    Big fan of this app when it works but lately, every time I want to look at alerts on metro or see schedules at a specific station, it keeps crashing. Please fix.
  • Very user friendly -- love it! 5/5

    By PecanPiOH
    I love this app. I use it for both bus and train schedules. I find the information reliable. I love the "favorites" option; it streamlines my use of the app. I also appreciate how it filters notifications. I find I get very little irrelevant information that way. Lots of effort went into this design and it shows -- thank you!!
  • Not always accurate 3/5

    By Russ@Howard
    The posted times aren't always accurate or it doesn't pick up all the buses within the gps location window.
  • Good, free, and I depend on it 5/5

    By Pmancoll123
    This app is good, free, and I use it almost every time I take metro or a bus Yeah, it is great. Let's see if this review actually posts ....
  • Important information for everyone 5/5

    By lilonstich
    This app is excellent, very easy to use from any place you want to be. The accuracy is just outstanding. Thumbs up
  • New update broke the app Oct 2017 1/5

    By Smfrost826
    Did a “bug fix and improvement” update he other date and now I’m not sure when my bus is coming. The app is only listing N6 buses... that bus doesn’t even come to this stop. Way to WMATA!
  • Great and friendly 5/5

    By ntadro
    Happy to see that the newer versions of this program are really friendly and easy to use. Accuracy of bus and metro schedules have significantly improved. Really happy to use it!
  • Gets me where I need to go ' 5/5

    By D-A-M-B
    Love metro 🚋
  • Metro 5/5

    By Amelia 34
    Great app good gives good time for buses and metro trains
  • Not Always Accurate😤 3/5

    By Fungurl2966
    Sometimes the app gives incorrect information or it stops working. Especially when I look up the P6 route going to RI Station. There's no problem with my phone or service provider, either.
  • Nice 5/5

    By B*$tro
    Good service on the buses and accuracy on the to and fros
  • Easy connection. 5/5

    By A fan of public transportation
    Was delighted with how easy it was to take the bus to Balston from my street and connect with the metro to my destination. The synchronized connection work coming back home as well. Easy and on time!
  • 95% reliability 4/5

    By DSC Emay Zen
    App is accurate, but sometimes has partial outages. Last couple time I used I got no nod on blue/silver lines several days in a row
  • Confused 1/5

    What state is this app for ?
  • Worst public trans 1/5

    By ricp0922
    Metro has to be the worst public transportation in the country! It is shameful how this puts the US in the lowest category when compared to other countries public transportation. The entire management has to be fired. This app is never accurate it might as well be deleted from the App Store.
  • Good 4/5

    By Porch excitement
    Just keep it updated lol
  • Great App 4/5

    By Deittraf
    I use this app daily. It is very helpful when riding the bus and train. The on time information makes getting around town a little easier.
  • Great Service 5/5

    By qoqbob
    I love this APP. Very helpful
  • Great app 4/5

    By Lilu422
    I like creating favorites and monitoring different bus routes. I wish there was a way to remove a favorite. My list is cluttered. I also wish the map feature worked better. It doesn't really even open for me.
  • Best 5/5

    By tko1024
    I use this app every day. It's never wrong.
  • First Use 3/5

    By Dermer2015
    I have to take a trip into DC in the morning. I'll up date my little review after my experience of using the the app to take the metro.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Skelly1719
    Reliable and easy to use. Highly recommended!
  • Great job 4/5

    By Dial soap
    Used the train for business this week . No issues, all stops were called trains were clean and ran smoothly, , I would recommend when calling stops to speak clearly so the words can be understood, it was peak time when I rode so things went very fast, as a transit professional I understood. Great job WMATA!!
  • Please add prince George’s county (the bus ) 3/5

    By Dashajb
    The app works great he only down side would be that I wish the app could add prince George's county (the bus) as well and it should have have all of the circulator bus stops not just some of them
  • Generally reliable, interface could be better 5/5

    By 24turning60
    Not the ideal option but the best one out there ive found. I wish it were easier to navigate. The main problem is with WMATA's feed where WMATA stops reporting transit times. It makes the app useless
  • As near useless as makes no difference. I would give it zero stars if that were possible 1/5

    By wolfsvater
    9 times out of ten, when I want to use your app, it claims WMATA is down so you cannot display anything. 1) You *could* display the schedule times but you don't even do that. 2) Usually when you say it's down the WMATA website is in fact up and working just fine. I have no idea why you can't access it; maybe you need a better network connection?
  • Good concept/weirdly inaccurate 2/5

    By californiaexile
    I am sitting on the T2 to Friendship Heights. I left early to catch it, based on GoogleMaps' app prediction. I got to my bus stop to wait for the T2, wondering if Google was using realtime info or not. Remembered your app, decided to cross reference. Shockingly, your app told me the next bus wouldn't show up for another 28 minutes. I was so disheartened, kicking myself for not checking your app first before leaving the house. Imagine my relief, a minute later, when your app was proven wrong g with the arrival of my bus-- true to GoogleMaps' prediction. Why do you think your app failed when GM didn't?
  • Does what it's supposed to do 4/5

    By Chele_0915
    It tell me the stops closest to me and when I select bus, it ALMOST always tells me when the next bus will arrive. I ride an express bus mostly so very easy. When doing xfers wish directions were more clear. Told us intersection to get off and there was no stop there. Had To ask driver. Overall good mobile source of metro info
  • Information Real Time? 4/5

    By 13579111317
    This app is serviceable, but doesn't seem to provide real time information.
  • Powerful 5/5

    By BobMSSW
    This app has made my metro experience a lot easier
  • Schedule 3/5

    By Rob4dham
    Real time schedule is blank at times
  • Makes it easy 5/5

    By Zanzabar2244
    You choose a route and get up to date information on when the bus will arrive. Dependable.
  • Good, reliable app 5/5

    By Twitz
    I have had great luck with this app, especially the Metrobus function. And when I had a question about a feature of the app, I got a quick and thoughtful response.
  • What a Frustrating App!! 1/5

    By jmapar
    I find the App to be very frustrating. 1. The timetable is usually out of wack and I can't rely on it. It's fair to blame it on Metro since they provide the time table. 2. I find the presentation of results to be very very very frustrating. They provide so much useless info covering the page that you have to comb thorough to find basic info. For example: they show a start time and an end time but you have to hit "show details" to see the real departure/arrival times. Why not show it in the first place? 3. Why is it that I constantly have to verify an address in a separate action? Try typing "McPherson Sq Metro" just and then later be asked if you mean "MCPHERSON SQ METRO or MT VERNON" in the next screen! What's gives? Can't pick up a station name from the list? 4. Why don't you just show a simple listing of departure/arrival times and stop being so cute with running txt line after line about all the useless "leave xxx station ... " 5. Why don't you color code each search panel so we know what's what? Right now it's hard to see what belongs to what? The problem with these apps is that they are designed by developers for developers not for simple users who just want to see "what time do I start, when do I get there, and what if go 10 min later or sooner" An app should show results that I can use in 10 sec not 10 min!! I'll write about finding a bus map, timetable, and the fields the use later!!
  • Reliable 5/5

    By Omstar Runner
    If you are hurrying to get a train and want a good idea of arrival times this app delivers. Easy to navigate and quick to load, it's been reliable for me 95% of the time, and if it's off it's only ever by a minute at most. Plus the quick link to the WMATA map is handy while transferring or taking an unfamiliar route.
  • Metro us does not do job it suppose to and that serves the people! 1/5

    By Weewillie61
    Example: I pulled the cord to stop at the McLean station and bus did not pull in and then when I moved forward into view of driver and made noise, the driver did not stop or say " you wanted to get off at station? I said" I pulled the cord prior to station" and he wouldn't let me off close to station and kept on Driving. I said" ok then I will take the Tysons Corner stop so I could get on train there and he would have passed the tysons corner stop if I did not say anything and he passed it but stop when I insist he stop! This was # 23T in 9:36 AM. Never been treated so rudely by a public servant on a bus and I have ridden buses in Florida, California and New York. Drivers always made sure when cord is pulled to find out what stop that was for. 23T did not do that and I am Disabled and still waiting to get Metro Disabled ID and Disabled Smarttrip card(both stolen from me) This would make an interesting court case! Now up to metro board.
  • Reliable Information and Helpful Notifications 4/5

    By Kellisako
    This app has really become my go-to source for Metro information. It is reliable in the time of trains and buses 9 times out of 10 and every morning they send helpful notifications that can really influence how you plan your day.
  • Great! 4/5

    By Kimberly Ann Hopf
    I use this whenever we travel to D.C., a few times a year. It has helped us immensely! One night we were out late in Arlington having a Anniversary dinner at a cool Russian Restaurant. We realized that the metro was closing down and we had 9 minutes to jump into the last train or be at the mercy of a late night uber!

DC Metro and Bus app comments


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