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DealDash App

DealDash auctions offers discounts of up to 90% on brand new electronics, kitchen appliances, and more. Bid on overstock brand named goods at up to 90% off retail. As seen on TV, DealDash guarantees free shipping with every purchase. Bid on new tablets, cameras, household goods, furniture, gift cards and more! DealDash is a shopping app that combines fun and excitement of games to discounts far better from what you would expect from a coupon app or a reward program, not to mention your local mall. Shopping has never been this fun! Clash with other bidders and crush them in an auction where the highest bidder takes all! What makes these savings possible? We offer overstock inventory auctions in which everything must go - no matter how low the winning bid is. Register using your email address or log in with Facebook. Featured by the Financial Times, CNBC, Huffington Post and accredited by the BBB. DealDash now finally also on iOS! Download the app today and try us out!


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DealDash app reviews

  • 😝 5/5

    By PhattieWhattie
    I been playing on this app for a while it’s a cool app I have won a couple things for a cheap price I really love coming on it everyday
  • Great app 5/5

    By admiller1
    Really like the app have won a lot of things
  • Love Deal Dash 5/5

    By Sillysummer88
    Great deals on Deal Dash.
  • Good app just bit wisely 4/5

    By EthanBerry15
    Overall good app, would be nice to see change in product
  • It's ok 3/5

    By Nsodurbej
    Not a bad app. Just don't get addicted to it, because it's obvious there are plenty of "fake" bidders in order to drive up the price. It's a fun app though. I like getting the 15 free bids each day.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Staring tiger
    Awesome I got many item cheap
  • Fun way to try your chance at winning prizes. 5/5

    By Tigerlover3
    I initially bought bids and haven’t had to buy bids since. I log in and get free bids every day, starts off low and goes to the max (30). I receive them each consecutive day I log in and make a bid. I have won gift cards and an electric toothbrush for my birthday gift to myself. My brother in law has won us gift cards and stuffed animals for each of my children. This is a great app and if you take the time and press your luck you do win prizes!!
  • I was skeptical at first but I’ve won 5 times 5/5

    By Carson_155
    Won 3 10 dollar gift cards a Wilson and Miller flash light and a Wilson and Miller hunting back pack
  • Good ap 5/5

    By Blonde_bommer
    I really enjoy this site. Use it all the time & have loved all the stuff I’ve gotten from them
  • Good Ap 4/5

    By gemerle
    Ap works well. Just pay attention to the concept of the site.
  • Not for everyone 3/5

    By Roaddog7416
    There are many ways to look at this site. First and foremost, you have to understand, it’s a business. The developers are in it to make money. You most likely will get a bargain if you spend your bids wisely. I’ve noticed several reviews referring to botting, and in a sense they are right. Bid buddy is essentially a bot system, but everyone is entitled to use it. I believe that most of the “buy it now” prices are extremely inflated. I don’t know most of the brand names on here, but I do know I wouldn’t pay that price for the brand names I do know. I’ve been a member for close to a year, and the same products that were on here daily a year ago, are still the same products on here today. If you play responsibly, and I’m speaking financially responsible, it can be entertaining and you could even win something every once in a while. You have to take into account that every bid is .11-.15 cents out of your pocket. It’s very easy to get caught up on the auction, and before you k ow it, you’ve spent more in bids than the item is worth. Chances are you could have saved the money and bought it on eBay cheaper. Customer service is extremely well managed. They will take care of almost any problem you have and be very polite doing so. (However, They won’t give you back your 2500 bids you lost to a family that tag teams you in an auction to run you out). Just sayin. Overall it’s an entertaining site, just don’t spend your hard earned money foolishly if you are going to be on here.
  • Bid and Win 5/5

    By Southspoon
    This is an awesome site. I have won many nice quality items. Lamps, sculptures, candles and linens! Happy Bidding!
  • Nice site 5/5

    By nostalgicjolt
    You can get stuff cheap
  • Good 4/5

    By Huhihuhgghjk
    This is very useful and fun. But bids are bit overpriced so it would be so much better if they reduced the cost.
  • My strange addiction 4/5

    By Queen Karla
    I love the deal dash app. One thing I love is the convenience of clicking on the icon and not having to go the webpage route. Was so glad when they got the app up and running. I can't think of any improvements to the app except I would like a section that kept track of how much of your actual money you have into it via buying bids and merchandise. I also love the new system of getting daily free bids posted to your account when you log in and spend one bid each day. What I don't like - and this is a totally personal problem - is the obsession that overtakes me when bidding on an auction. This is something I have to work on myself though and has nothing to do with deal dash or the app. Reason for 4 stars? I don't give 5 stars unless it is absolutely perfect.
  • Get hooked... fun 4/5

    By Nanovortexbot
    I am not a gambler but if you play your cards right you do save money and try new items as well as have fun doing it.
  • Practice makes perfect 4/5

    By Nebobsee
    Once you understand your’s a fun game to play. You can also win some great items!
  • Quality products 4/5

    By JMSbear
    I have been using deal dash for a little over 2 years. Deal Dash has some quality products but some are close outs. All of the products I have won I have been satisfied with. I did have to send one back and the manufacturer of the product exchanged the product through deal Dash for me. There is a danger that you can get caught up in the bidding. You do have to know when to stop and strategize about how to win.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By grinn008
    My favorite part are the free bids for doing certain things like writing a review or rating a product. And, customer service is excellent!
  • Great site 5/5

    By Bighouse1962
    I have fully enjoyed this site and have won some quality projects.
  • So fun 5/5

    By Thisismomsense
    Bidding wars are fun. The products I have received have been fabulous.
  • I love DealDash! 5/5

    By Jagator23
    DealDash requires patience and perseverance, but is a lot of fun and you can win lots of nice stuff. There's a little something for just about everyone, too!
  • Mav08 5/5

    By Mav 08
    You can get some good deals if you pay attention. Has been a fun experience. We have gotten quite a few items at good prices!
  • Honestly 5/5

    By ghassan22
    I love to pidgin every time DealDash is great to save money but it's taken time to win and you need some experience and you need to study all the players to no whine you can pid it's funny and you can kill your time
  • Fun 5/5

    By FenixDeGraylon
    I have won a couple things on here. Sheets gift cards and a bag Great quality
  • Okay... 3/5

    By Hbdgggv
    This app is good, I have one a few items. All shipping is free, there are bots that have unlimited bids that win usually so it’s mostly a game of luck...
  • Don’t waste your money and time 1/5

    By John Ibraham
    This app is apparently being run by bots. I just observed bids for 4 different items and guess what..all of them had this one Profile by the name of TexasGMen bidding at the same time. I saw this Guy/Profile/Bot about 90mins ago and it was still here bidding for this phone, along with three other bidders and never missing one. Speaking of which, I also noticed a fix pattern in the bids being made. For example for this iPhone 8, there were four guys, (using alphabets to name them) A-T-Y-S! And this pattern kept repeating at a fix time ATYS-ATYS-ATYS-ATYS-ATYS-ATYS. I observed this bidding for about 4,5 minutes and the pattern or the bidding time difference didn’t change a SINGLE friggin time. Once again, don’t waste your money and time on this.
  • Total waste of money 1/5

    By Griff048
    Total crap site. You waste all your money on bids and buying more bids and more because you can’t win without them. You might as well purchase your product full price because your not going to save any money here. Wouldn’t have given a star at all if I didn’t have to.
  • So much fun!! 5/5

    By bcollies75
    Not only is Deal Dash a great place to get awesome deals it also has exceptional customer service. They go above and beyond to keep you happy. Thank you Deal Dash!
  • Addictive! 5/5

    By Lk92878
    I love winning things on deal dash. All of the products I’ve won are great quality
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Pahls24
    I’ve won some pretty cool things and only paid a fraction of the real price!! Great for gift giving!!
  • Legit and fun 4/5

    By Phia5670
    Deal Dash accepts new bids up to a certain dollar amount (usually five dollars). Bids are made in penny increments. The item is won when all other bidders stop bidding. The automatic bids (Bid Buddy) are a great way to stay in the bidding. It's the most effective way to win auctions. All of the items I've won are high quality and as good or better than described. I found my best chance of winning is to pick one item and stick with it. Spreading your bids among several auctions can get expensive. Tip on etiquette: Seasoned bidders use Bid Buddy. So jumping in after every bid (referred to as “stomping”) is pointless because when they’re done playing around, we still have our bids waiting in Bid Buddy. Stompers are regarded as irritating nubes.
  • Fun app, but typical of auctions 4/5

    By Rrlindsey
    I like using the app. I like the daily 30 bids just for placing one bid. The items I have won have been quality and useful!
  • A little fun every morning 5/5

    By VTpuzzler
    Its amazing the deals that can be found. Products are top quality. Delivery is prompt. Any problems are corrected immediately. I highly recommend Deal Dash.
  • Tons of fun 5/5

    By Aprila0101
    I have been a member for close to a year. I thought it would be difficult to win. But the first two auctions I won were gift cards which went to good use with my kids as stocking stuffers. I have won a few auctions since. I enjoy playing daily. But I don’t go overboard. And everyday you log in a consecutively you get bonus bids. Just have fun , don’t go crazy, and see what you can win.
  • Fun dashing 4/5

    By snorado
    Love to deal dash!! Everything I have won has been of awesome quality and if there is ever a problem with an item they always make sure to make it right! With such great quality items I wish I could win!
  • Win some lose some 4/5

    By jeff teetzen
    Great place to get some good stuff for cheap.I love bidding on here but be careful don’t get carried away if you watch what you’re doing you can come out a big winner.have fun
  • Great app ! 👍 5/5

    👌 Good job 👏 it Apple 🍎 folk’s and everyone else! ☘️⭐️💥🍿🏕📲
  • Ive really enjoyed this site!! 5/5

    By Ruizev
    I really like this app!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ооо36
    You gotta be careful with this site, but it works if you bid wisely.I won 10-15 items for a good price.
  • Dgoodno05 5/5

    By dgoodno05
    The best auction app.
  • Mr 5/5

    By Keithwise
    Deal Dash is Fantastic! . I recommend everyone try it. It's fun and easy........
  • Hanging clock 5/5

    By babrecheisen
    I just love this clock on both sides! I was so surprised to have won the bid. I watch who all is bidding and if it’s only two I will bid and sometimes it works! They have very nice things!! Start bidding
  • Fun, easy, and inexpensive 5/5

    By Helen Riddle
    I love this app. I've been playing Deal Dash for several months. I initially purchased 100 bids and haven't had to purchase any since. It is so easy to earn free bids. I've won several really nice items, including a watch i love. Bidders have to be careful to not get carried away and spend more then they should.
  • Play wisely 4/5

    By habibi_3nta
    I think it’s a decent app to use, I know there is a very strong competitor who can afford more than we do, they also go for the expensive items, but we still can get few deals sometimes. bid wisely and enjoy it.
  • Deal Dash 5/5

    By NotFishSis
    Deal Dash is a fun way to get some nice gifts. Love it!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By fuglas13
    Easy interface with the best auction company out there.
  • Love love love 5/5

    By Olds family
    I love deal dash it is awesome.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Kikster33
    Deal Dash is fun and easy to use...awesome items!
  • I Love this App so Much 5/5

    By OG323
    First off I got to say I won over 50 items already a lot of them I’v won as free auctions which I only end up paying one penny and the rest of them have been for half the price of whatever the final price and drop ends up overall this app is amazing 100% legit

DealDash app comments


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