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Delta Dental Mobile

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  • Current Version: 4.4.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Delta Dental Plans Association
  • Compatibility: Android
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Delta Dental Mobile App

Delta Dental’s App gives you access to our most popular subscriber tools on your mobile device. Key features of the Delta Dental app include: - Show your ID card at the dental office without getting out your wallet. The app provides access to your ID card as soon as you log in to the app, and the ability to save your ID card to the app home screen or your Passbook/Wallet so you don’t have to login at all. Even email your ID card to your dentist or a dependent right from our app. (Login required) - Find out what to expect with our Dental Care Cost Estimator. Our easy to use tool provides estimated cost ranges for common dental care needs for dentists in your area. See what dentists charge both in and out of network for the most common dental treatments. (Login required, not available in all geographic areas) -A dentist search tool that makes it easy to search for a dentist in your area. Search using your current location or input your home or work address. Your results can be filtered or sorted to help you find a dentist that suits your specific needs. Then, save your dentist to your contacts, call to schedule an appointment or navigate directly to their office with the touch of your finger. You can also now save your preferred dentist, with easy access to their information right from the home page. -View and select open appointment times with participating dentist, making scheduling dental appointments more convenient than ever. (Login required, not available in all geographic areas) -Claims and coverage information on the go. See your plan type, benefit levels, deductibles and maximums and find contact information for your Delta Dental company. Check the status of your most recent dental claims, for both you and your dependents, and save time by adding your dependents directly to the app for easy access. (Login required) -Find out how your smile scores. Our LifeSmile Score is a comprehensive oral wellness risk assessment tool. You are a few questions away from knowing your personalized risk profile for tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. (Login required, not available in all geographic areas) -Toothbrush timer makes brushing fun and helps you stick with it for the recommended two minutes. Listen to music as you brush and watch as the timer counts down your brushing time with a visual reminder to brush each section of your mouth. Security The Delta Dental App uses the latest security technology to protect your personal health information. You must enter your user name and password each time you access the secure portion of the app. No personal health information is ever stored on your device. For more details on security, our Privacy Policy can be viewed via a link on the Login page of the app. For security reasons this app is not supported on rooted devices. TRICARE subscribers currently cannot access benefits and eligibility information on the Delta Dental app. At this time, we do not support dual login for our member company sites located in IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, NC, NE, NM, OH, OR and TN. If you are a subscriber with one of these member companies, you will need to register for a new account in order to use the secure portion of the app. About Delta Dental Since 1954, Delta Dental has been working to improve oral health by emphasizing preventative care, because we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a healthy smile. As America's largest and most trusted dental benefits carrier, we cover more Americans than any other dental benefits provider—and strive daily to make dental coverage more accessible and affordable to a wide variety of employers, groups and individuals.


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Delta Dental Mobile app reviews

  • OK for a quick glance 3/5

    By iceicelady
    Touch ID for login is a plus. Provides claim summaries and remaining funds. ‘Toothbrush timer’ and ‘LifeSmile Score’ are fluff content. The green, grade-school-themed UI could use a modern overhaul. Not an app I reach for often.
  • Junk 1/5

    By ineedmorecoffee
    Refuses to accept log in info . Waste of time
  • It's ok! 3/5

    By Ruben03sl
    Not the greatest but we would have to live with what they provide.
  • Very difficult to use 1/5

    By kotrbab1
    Delta Dental app and website are extremely difficult and not user friendly at all. I hope they get this straightened up ASAP.
  • Unable to login 1/5

    By Atlanta iPhone/iPad User
    I can login to website, but not app. Same issue after deleting and reinstalling.

    By MarvelWorlds
    I registered my account on my PC everything is set up now when I go to download the app and try to log in keeps say incorrect username/password but when I log in the same info on the PC it works WTH!?
  • Horrible customer assistance 1/5

    By richinMI
    Had to reset password on this app and had talk to 4 different people that didn’t help! They were kind and apologetic, but were not able to connect me to someone that could help or correct the problem. If they want people to have app, there should be some descent customer service!
  • Junk app 1/5

    By JGJ12345
    App closes after you select a claim to review. Multiple attempts still does the same thing on this iOS phone.
  • Awful! 1/5

    By Hometracker
    App is unstable is unstable and crashes frequently. Data is often incomplete, incorrect or inaccessible on the app. App is indicative of overall poor service at Delta Dental as a whole.
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By ddoughery
    App crashes EVERY time I try to view a claim.
  • Worst app from leading insurance provider 1/5

    By Dahb81
    What a crap app, frozen gui with no access to keyboard input. I can bet, a school grad can make better app compared to this.
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By Molson4502
    I am able to see benefits and my remaining maximums.
  • Great to keep up to date 5/5

    By JaydeTheMaid
    I use this app almost monthly to check on my insurance and see what I can have covered at the dentist and what I'd have to pay for.
  • What a Mess! 1/5

    By bbschaumburg
    I sure hope this insurance is better than their website and app! I have been screwing around for a hour trying to get a login that works on both. After using "Forgot Password" numerous times on the website, I finally hit a new password that seems to let me in without generating an error indicating that my username/password isn't in their system. Now, when I enter those same credentials in the app, I get a message it indicating it's incorrect. Forget it - I'm dumping the app and going with just the website.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By karajabóla
    App crashes when trying to view claims
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Spiedra
    The features to view my benefits and claims don't work.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Kinglouie97
    First, I had to create another profile with another user I'd as the one created in the website was not recognized. But I had to create a new one because the online one "already exists" (doesn't exist or not? Make up your mind!) of course, the fact that I just used the services was not acknowledged by the app. The app does not even know who my doctor is in spite of the fact that I already had a consultation. And when I put a dentist search on and I fund my dentist how do I tell the app that that's the one? Is there a clear link available. No! A little star that you are supposed to know what it means. It's amateur hour, people!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Norcal14
    Very helpful app gives you locations of where your doctors office is located at givenyou bill i and the best part it gives you a timer on how to properly brush your teeth
  • Simple and nimble app! 5/5

    By Leonardo B.
    Have been using it over couple months and super easy! Thanks Delta Dental!
  • Won't Register 1/5

    By Papertrumpet
    If bugs prevent registration, how useful is this app? Couldn't even register - received following error: "Undefined is not an object (evaluating 'str.replace')." Not very encouraging when very basic coding errors prevent even being able to register. Figure it out because this app is dead.
  • Delta Dental 5/5

    By cardiacmoment
    A 'biting' success.
  • Buggy and Listings not current 2/5

    By Gigi Wasabi
    Info is not in synch with the Delta Dental site and app does not update to the main site. Also the dentist listings are not current. Will be great once these issues are fixed.
  • Mom and grandma 4/5

    By Arthur's grandma
    This app makes dental visits easy!
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Jwdawg
    Tried the app because I couldn't print temp cards from the website. No surprise, the app is equally useless. Like the website, simple tasks deliver inexplicable errors.
  • Not the best! 2/5

    By Sheeco
    I wish it had better explanations.
  • Can't sign in... 1/5

    By LeeBerman80
    "Unexpected errors" keep happening. Love the idea. Just gotta make it work. DD probably shouldn't advertise that "We're mobile" until this app gets fixed
  • Delta's own app not able to connect to Delta for account info 1/5

    By Whatchamacallits
    App full of bugs. Does not offer coverage information and repeatedly throws a series of timeout error messages that it cannot connect to Delta for claim information. Huh? Who tested this thing?
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Heathbn
    Can not login. A picture of a tooth being brushed is flashing on the screen.
  • Cant use 1/5

    By The Wooley
    Bug makes the app flash and impossible to login.
  • BUGGY!! 1/5

    By VinnySem
    There is a major bug in this app making it totally unusable. Something keeps flashing on the screen like it's trying to load, and the keyboard opens and closes making login completely impossible. Please fix ASAP!!!
  • Annoying glitch 1/5

    By Nj00
    Cant use the app because of the annoying glitch .. a tooth icon is poping up constantly not letting us do anything .. plz fix this .. cant reach any app support cant find it.
  • Can't sign in 1/5

    By Megahe
    I can't sign in after the update. The keyboard goes up and down. Not able to type anything. Please fix.
  • Sign in Impossible 1/5

    By Tooth47
    App flashes a tooth icon endlessly that blocks ability to sign in. iPhone keyboard pops up and down with the tooth. Unable to use app at all.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Dannic6
    Just downloaded the app and can't even log in due to a bug of some sort making the keyboard for log-in pop up in down without stopping. Couldn't click on anywhere else, couldn't set up touch. Tried re-installing with no success. Looks like it might be a nice app if this issue ever gets resolved.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Irfan Gohar
    Nice and convenient app. Like it
  • Very bad app 1/5

    By maulioes
    It does not work. Every time that I need to open for information, it is not work. Inf o not recommend it.
  • Slick App 5/5

    By e.egansmith
    Works great
  • Can't even Log in 1/5

    By LordChase1995
    Every time I try to login it always says "An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again"
  • Rating by Roy Knowles 5/5

    By Hillbilly Soldier
    I use this app a lot; otherwise I would have to call on the week days only. Thanks
  • Crashes, no useful info 1/5

    By Mrbruin
    It would be great if it didn't crash and the info showed you realtime benefits (how many cleanings are covered). Most of the features pop up an internal error message or can't reach company.
  • I like this app 3/5

    By Loneeagle1990
    Easy to use, but i wish it could give me more info about my dental bills or add a feature to remind me of my dental appointments.
  • Worked flawlessly for me on iPhone 6s+ 4/5

    By Dave.Holmes
    Login, dentist lookup and claims check all worked fine for me. I'm running iOS 10.2.1 on an iPhone 6s+. I'm not a fan of the green text on white background - not enough contact, it's a bit hard to read - but it works fine for me.
  • Works great! 4/5

    By Androo S. Gaga
    I read the reviews and thought maybe I should delete but I didn't. I actually sign in with no problems and everything is simple to use. I love it!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Bxam
    Delta Dental seems to be stuck in the 1990s. Get it together!!
  • Good but better 4/5

    By Taking $29.99 without content
    I wish they would add the ID numbers on your card on the app same way you see it in person!!

    By kidyakrazy
    02/10/2017 UPDATE: They now have a disclaimer indicating this app no longer supports dual login for our member company sites located in IN KY MI MN MO NC NM OH OK OR TN. If you are a subscriber with one of these member companies, you will need to register for a new account in order to use the secure portion of app. The app has been down for nearly a week now. It gives various errors. One of the errors states that they cannot connect with the dental plan association and or the member plan. For my employer, the association/member plan is Delta Dental of MO. So I called the number in my insurance card and the app. I was connected with a very curt, boarding on rude young lady who proceeded to advise me that they, Delta Dental are not the owner of the app nor the website She further advised me that I would need to register with if I wanted to see my benifits, view claims or submit HRA verification information. She then tells me I can call delta dental technical support at 603.574.6001. So I called that number only to be told that they could also not help me. I was offered the option of giving them my phone number and someone from the correct dept. would call me back at an unspecified date and time. NO THANK YOU! I DELETED THE APP INSTEAD! IT IS USELESS TO ME!
  • App isn't supported in this device!!!! 1/5

    By iReview1001
    What u mean by not supported??? This is the newest iPhone on the market with the newest software and not supported??? You support the 1st gen iPhone instead???
  • Trust the reviews :^( 1/5

    By P00pyPants
    Still can't login. What a mess. I read they other reviews and thought, "meh, I'm smart. Those peoples just don't know what they're doing...." Lol Nope. They're right. It's a mess. Log in on the website with no issues. Fails on mobile app, now says I'm locked out. Thought web access is still letting me in. It's amazing - the amount of money insurance companies make, and how little they spend on mobile apps. I picture some 65 year old fat cat CEO saying "Bah! Mobile shmobile!" Sigh. Thanks for making my life easy. I wouldn't even be here in the first place if you didn't send me the absolute cheapest ID cards that are rendered unreadable after 2 weeks in my wallet.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Cpasq007
    Looks nice, but needs work. I tried to get my dentist but it crashed immediately.
  • Works great except... 3/5

    By MrOHaver
    This app does everything expected so far, but when I go to click add on the find a dentist tab, the app crashes every single time, please fix!!!

Delta Dental Mobile app comments


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