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Denny's App

Denny’s New! Online Ordering puts all your diner favorites at your fingertips. And with a completely customizable menu, you can enjoy anything from our fluffy buttermilk pancakes to 100% beef burgers wherever you are, any way you want them. Download the app today and make the world your diner! Features: • Order Online for pick-up (delivery in select locations) • Customize your online order • Find your nearest Denny’s • Search menu by ingredients and taste • Track order history and reorder favorites • Save payment information for easy reordering • Calculate nutrition • Order now or schedule for pick-up later


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  • Unable to process order 1/5

    By Acoc2011
    Was about to check out and it said I needed to update my phone number. Tried a couple of different numbers and it wouldn’t take them. Had to call in order for pick up. This is EXTREMELY ANNOYING. Why does this app even say it allows you to order online if you can’t? It’s only usefulness is seeing the menu.
  • Missing Restaurants 1/5

    By marc707-mech
    Two Denny’s in my town but the app can not locate them
  • Unable to process order 1/5

    By Mikey Machete
    It asks you for your number but it fails to save it or update the info. Since it does that it will not process order. PLEASE FIX THE BUG it’s ridiculous.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Csluko
    Doesn’t work!
  • Waste of time - avoid 1/5

    By Xaezl
    App keeps repeating that I must select asap for delivery, even though it is. Tried to change locations and still FAIL. Im so annoyed were just going to avoid denny's all together now. THIS IS WHY YOU BETA TEST YOUR CODE!
  • Could be great 3/5

    By Tweetatweet
    Fast but inaccurate, missing things in my order Won't let me stay logged in.
  • Don’t want to use again 1/5

    By 牛肉cui
    Im first time to used this app yesterday night.But everything not ready when I arrived to the restaurant at the pick up time!! The problem is!!THEY DO NOT KNOW HAVE AN ORDER ONLINE!! Im waited for my online order 20 mins at least!!!
  • Phone number error 1/5

    By Lurker2
    Like others, app says phone number error (missing). But doesn’t save it at the edit screen.
  • Cant build your own Grand Slam 1/5

    By Neils22
    The system won't let you select an time twice which crazy since it's supposed to be build your own Grand slam. It greys it out once you have selected an item once.
  • Crash and burn 1/5

    By LisaMSt77
    Heading to Denny's for breakfast so I downloaded the app. Opened it, entered my login credentials to sign in. Crash. Of course I did this five more times. With the same results.
  • You will starve using this app 1/5

    By Unsatisfied 12
    Firstly Denny's lies to you they don't deliver. Second good luck using the app the developer is an idiot. Filled out the form three times and wasn't able to place the order. Not going into detail on a review but would love to talk with the developer.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Simon Zen
    I can never place an order, it keeps complaining about my phone number.
  • 😡 2/5

    By Becky Katie tut
    You should aloud to have cash as a choose because someone might have a credit card
  • Good but got my order wrong 3/5

    By N fund
    Food and delivery was good except it wasn't what I ordered.
  • Terrible design 1/5

    By CL90210
    Can not save password. Better use website than using the dumb app. Whoever designed it must never had a smart phone.
  • Fix the bugs on your app! 1/5

    By Old Bank 1 customer
    I tried to order on your app and it tells me that my phone number is not correct. I know my number. I had to drive to the Denny's and place my order and wait 15 minutes. If I go on your app again and I get the same error in the future, DELETE. And I won't download it anymore. Which means I won't be visiting Denny's anymore. I will use apps of businesses that are on top of their E-commerce.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Zamkarla88
    Got my order all wrong and the food was all cold.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Cannonballaa
    Too bad, thought this might be a way around being ignored at the restaurants. :(
  • Error trying to order 1/5

    By AlexR559
    Tried using the app so I can order and pick up my dinner, yet I keep getting an error saying my phone number is incorrect. I checked it server all times, uninstalled the app, re-logged in and I received the same somethings wrong with your phone number error.
  • Awful 1/5

    By claire22798
    Special instructions never go through, makes me log in again every time, and now it's been saying there's something wrong with the phone number on my account. Fix this junk Denny's!
  • Crash! 1/5

    By RandyZeyen
    App may be beautiful, but it crashes just as beautifully upon filling out account info. Tried everything, no luck.
  • No corn?! 1/5

    By Ihop23947
    I get corn at every Dennys I go to as a side option. Why is it not an option on the app??? And when I say every Dennys I mean from VA to UT and everywhere in between.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Physboy
    After using it successfully 2 times this app is now failing with many errors preventing completion of the order.
  • FIX IT 2/5

    By phantomseph
    It's great so you don't have to sit there, WHEN IT WORKS. every time i try to order through the app, it says that there is something wrong with my phone number on my account. There is nothing wrong with my number.
  • Crashes on login 1/5

    By Newman Newman
    Have to order as a guest
  • Login issues and can't change password 1/5

    By dremsberg
    This is terrible - every time I log in it says something is wrong with the phone number on the account. There is nothing wrong with the phone number on the account. I wanted to change password and there is no where to change password. So I clicked forgot password and went through that process. After getting the pass reset email clicking on link and giving new password and then click - it then says error something wrong on the account. This is without a doubt the worst app as well as the most useless I've ever seen. Please have your software staff contact and get advise from a company that knows what they are doing. Pathetic - don't bother with this until they get the basics fixed .
  • Love it but can't log in 4/5

    By Gmac1989
    When I try to sign in, I get an error message saying my phone number is wrong. I only have this problem with the app.
  • Great app, but missing menu items 4/5

    By Mikay11
    Please add bacon to side orders and allow options for substitutions for hash browns. Like subbing them for the red skinned potatoes.
  • Great idea if it worked. 1/5

    By Cs182367
    I just tried ordering, but I can't because it keeps telling me there is a problem with the phone number. This either needs to be fixed or removed. I can't enter any other phone number, I know that there is no problem with it. Also, why are drinks like double the regular price? I wanted to add regular iced tea... shows 2.45 or somewhere around there, but then u have to customize it and it adds another $2.50 or so for regular iced tea. Wish I could give this app negative stars!!!!!!!!
  • Flawed (to say the least) 1/5

    By DAViDATiOUS!™
    I am aware that online ordering is a new feature, however for a large company like Denny's, I would expect the feature to be rolled out with at least a little bit more precision. The menu is far from complete. For example, you can order separate side of turkey bacon, but regular bacon is nowhere to be found. Milk shakes cost nearly $5, but you don't even receive HALF of what you would get dining in at the restaurant. The cups are very small! Denny's needs to either charge less, serve the milk shakes in two separate cups, or make larger cups to accommodate different drink sizes, (some would say, the most logical solution!). I have requested the rest of the shake to be served in another cup, and have reached the store to have that request fulfilled only one out of the three times I have asked. So I know they are able to do it.. I am either encountering some employees who are too lazy to perform the extra task, or the system is not properly showing side note requests to employees. Also need to have a more accurate estimate of when orders will be ready. Make an employee confirm a time estimate after the order is received or something. Maybe even an order tracker within the app like Domino's? The time estimate is always "about 20 minutes" but my order is almost always already sitting ready when I get there within 10 minutes. Inaccurate time estimates lead to food being picked up cold. They also wait to make your shake till you arrive if you order online. I once came right away and told the host, and he rudely said it's not ready yet. And I said I know I was just telling you I'm here since you guys wait to make the milk shakes. So he decided to make me wait the full 20 minutes before bringing my food and shake to the front. I know he did it on purpose because my same orders have always been ready within 10 minutes on at least 5 other occasions. Lazy sack of .... (it was the morbidly obese one with the tattoo on his hand at the Riverside, CA location on University)
  • Newest update isn't compatible with 32 bit devices 3/5

    By Krunchey
    Denny's updated the app so that it will no longer work with devices older than the iPhone 5s. Update! They fixed the app and now works with non 64 bit devices again
  • Quite nice, didn't have to wait on arrival. 5/5

    By Boredaff'
    I ordered my meal, showed up 20-30 minutes later and had a good breakfast back at home. Moreno Valley area is nice to order online, be even greater if delivery was offered here but wouldn't blame ya if it never gets added cause it's not that kinda area ya know, quiet and all. A cool feature that could be added is a tipping option emailed sometime after I pick up my food, if not for the waiter the wasn't needed but for the location as a whole, kinda gives incentive on the service and experience to get this app locked off a little more. Good job guys o7
  • Price Doubles Once It is in the bag 1/5

    By Houserville19
    I tried to just order a side of chicken strips to pick up so I could eat on the road. But once I added them to the bag, the price of the single order of strips doubled! I'm glad I was paying attention. Had I been placing a larger order, I might not have noticed. Unfortunately, the Denny's in my area won't take phone orders so I was out of luck. It does make me wonder if there are other items on the menu that do the same thing. I hope this can be a quick and easy fix - I love the app otherwise.
  • What a joke. Look forward to waiting and mistakes 1/5

    By Bhurd123
    The ordering app was well built and easy to use but when I placed the order and drove to the location to pick it up on the time Scheduled to be ready it wasn't even started! I had to wait an additional 30min for them to cook everything. They forgot items and messed up the cooking of my kids meal. They forgot the Carmel for the apples and added cheese to the spaghetti which they didn't do if you order inside. They didn't have an option to tip the person so this might be a reason why we were treated so badly. The system only works if the restaurant works with it. This order was a complete failure! If you decide to place an order triple check everything and be ready to wait. I suggest bringing a book.
  • Need more participating locations!!!! 2/5

    By phlasht3k
    I tried to order my food in the Sacramento area, but it won't let me get that delivered if it is far away from my apartment. I can order some meals if I'm only in the West Sacramento area. Please add more participating locations!!!!!!
  • Worst mistake ordering delivery 1/5

    By Kornell17
    2 hours later and order hasn't arrived (1 hour past ETA). It's more expensive than ordering through door dash too.
  • Don't do it! 1/5

    By Yvette Diane
    I never got my order! I tried to call in the store to see the ETA of my food, since it had been 25 minutes past the time it was supposed to have arrived. They told me they had no contact with the drivers. "Sorry we can't do anything about that" is what they told me.
  • Needs to account for discounts 3/5

    By NoTime4Me
    It's great you have an app for ordering; however you did not include a way to account for AARP or military discounts to the card...or even promo codes if you had any. It would also be good if we had the option to pay at the restaurant (where you can show your card/promo code). You could still use the credit card as a type of security deposit.
  • Please add PayPal or pay in store option 3/5

    By Chanly's library
    Please add PayPal and Pay in store as other options of payment method.
  • Won't update 1/5

    By Guairdean
    Says it needs IOS 8. I have IOS 10. Deleting.
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By SteveCB1
    Not compatible with ipad2. Do you realize how many ipad2's there are out here?!?
  • Yay!!! 3/5

    By imayorga_
    I was super excited to see that Denny's got an app so I can order from home and get breakfast carry out! As a college student this really made me happy but I was shocked to realize that there isn't a pay in store option :( The app was very easy to use and is pretty straight forward, I just think the pay in store option should be available considering that most stores are carry out versus delivery.
  • Non Responsive 1/5

    By DaLauren
    Placed a order online and on app and it continued to say transmission problems location not responding..
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Danielogs19704
    We called dennys and was told they do not deliver So forget this app because of false advertising. Dennys app in a false app they DO NOT deliver and it wouldn't let me put no stars
  • Where is the senior menu? 3/5

    By Zinaide
    A shame a bunch of our elders now uses a smartphone and there is no menu for them. Fix it :p
  • Just use another app for delivery. 1/5

    By Wee535
    They tried to charge $9 for delivery.. I used another app and was only charged half the price.
  • great 5/5

    By Rockstar 18
    love me some dennys
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By TravelerDad
    Need to be able to get AARP discount, no way I will pay more to take out!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Ericoje
    1) unable to create new user (says multipleID's error). Thought maybe I already had an account, did the forgot password route, still waiting on an email to reset password. Most times if an email is not registered, there would be an error 2) placed an order as guest, PAID, confirmed by calling. Still waiting on the email confirmation of the order. I'll be going back to the call and place an order instead. Thank you Denny's for letting waste my data downloading this crap.
  • Crummy app 1/5

    By Tepfe005
    App won't let me place an order until two days from now and I can't cancel an order even though I made it minutes ago. Lots of bugs to work out!

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