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  • Compatibility: Android
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Depop - Buy, Sell, Discover App

Buy, sell, and explore the most unique and inspiring things in the world. Depop is the creative community's go-to mobile marketplace. Sell by taking a photo with your phone, follow friends and connect with the people who inspire you, explore Depop shops around the world, and browse the best in vintage and secondhand fashion, rare finds, and your favourite brands. What's your Depop? BUY: - Browse clothing, jewellery, art, books & magazines, music, film, and more, from sellers around the world - Discover new items on our curated Explore page - Safely buy with a single tap - All in-app purchases are 100% protected by PayPal Protection SELL: - Open your Depop shop and sell your pre-loved clothes, original creations, art, books, vintage finds and everything in between just by taking a photo - Name your own price; no bidding or haggling required - Promote your shop on social media and watch your business grow COMMUNITY: - Chat with over 7 million users about items, design, fashion, style, and everything inbetween - Looking for inspiration? Before trends hit the streets, they hit Depop. Shop over 10 million items. - Attend community events like local meetups, Lunch & Lists, and Depop parties in London, Milan, New York, and LA - Become a #DepopFamous community leader See you on the explore page. Featured in Vogue Italia, Business of Fashion, Refinery29, and


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Depop - Buy, Sell, Discover app reviews

  • It glitches and I don’t get notifications 4/5

    By Niki Jo
  • iPhone 7 Plus 5/5

    By joshhwwa
    👍🏽👌🏽 Great app, get at my shop! | @j0shhwa
  • Love/Hate Relationship - User for 4+ years 3/5

    By Emmy! 😊
    I’ve been using Depop for years, and with this new update, I’ve finally decided to leave a detailed review. I never felt like I needed to before, because the problems that I faced were easy to deal with/resolved quickly; but now I have a bit of a bone to pick with Depop. For those wondering, I have an iPhone 5s that’s updated to the latest iOS and I have the newest version of Depop. Issues: - If a user’s review number goes over three digits, the word “reviews” gets cut off and goes off screen. This could just be a small phone issue, but it’s strange that it happens. - I used to spend hours diving into the app and finding so much stuff. Now the app crashes when I just explore it for about ten minutes or so. - This may come off as a personal issue, but it’s been bothering me more and more over the years. The “explore” page caters mainly to one sort of style, which is Y2k, vintage “high” fashion, sporty, etc. It’s cool and all, but I wish the explore page could represent the app as a whole instead of just the more so top sellers who sell the same styles. - They took away the activity page? I used to love seeing what people I followed liked because it helped me find shops similar to those that I followed. Also, a LOT of my activity used to come from that page. If someone liked something of mine, it’d create a chain reaction of people checking out the item/my shop so I’d get more activity, including more sales. - Sometimes when looking through items on certain pages, such as likes, it won’t show something as sold until I click on it to see that it’s marked as sold under the photo? - If I post a few items and then go to my profile to see how my feed looks, it rarely updates to show me everything until I cancel out the app/wait several minutes. The app used to load my profile instantaneously after I uploaded items, but it no longer does. - I guess it’s because I’m still using a 5s, but trying to refresh my profile is such a hassle. You have to pull down on the bottom third of your screen, and my phone is too small for me to accurately pull it down far enough for it to refresh. It also scrolls down awkwardly once it refreshes. - Don’t even get me started on the scam/spam on this app. It’s best to just report it and then block it. Depop is pretty fast with removing these profiles. - Sales aren’t up as much as they used to be. I’ve used this app off and on since 2013ish but nowadays, it’s much harder to sell things. I don’t know if it’s just that less people are using it, or there are less people looking to actually purchase through the app (due to no interest/users being afraid to because of all of the scams that’ve happened) but the only shops I see getting huge sale numbers are the few that are hyped by Depop. The more you list, the more you’ll sell, so if you plan on only selling a few things at first, it’ll take a long time to build up a shop. - I can write an essay about how much I don’t like the look/feel of this app. I can speak volumes about how much I LOVED the past UI. I personally don’t like the direction that the app is going because, again, I think they’re only catering to specific styles/aesthetics with this update. I’m looking at it right now and it just doesn’t sit right with me and it kinda turns me off from using it sometimes. I’ll just say, it’s pretty blocky and it doesn’t look/work right on the small screen of my 5s. - I personally feel like there should be a “policies” page on the profile, like the “likes” page. After all these years of us trying to fit our policies in our bio or trying to keep a policies listing at the top of our profile, I’d love for there to be an update that adds a policies page! It could even have the policies pop up when someone hits “buy” right before they make the purchase. I think that would help TREMENDOUSLY with the misunderstandings/confusion that occurs during some sales. Some buyers seem to just refuse looking for policies before purchasing, leading to some angry reviews. - Fees are high, but it’s expected. DON'T sell though G&S to avoid this. It isn't worth it. Pros: - It’s a reliable app for selling (when done right) and it’s so easy to post things for sale! eBay’s new update is a pain to list on but this app makes selling so simple. The community is a lot more inviting and it’s not as frustrating as selling on eBay, where you never know who you’re selling to until it’s too late. The community on Depop is mostly people who are buyers as well as sellers, so there’s a lot of understanding between sellers and buyers. - The company is very helpful. I’ve yet to have to open a case with them, but I can tell they do their best to fix issues within the app, though they can’t fix ALL problems. They’ve always been quick to respond to me! - I don’t know... I’ve never gotten into the other selling apps. They had way too many confusing features/confusing interfaces/mean people that would always turn me away from using them. Depop is SO straightforward and you get your money RIGHT away. That means you can charge buyers an accurate shipping price depending on the item and it gives you the flexibility to ship your own way. - It’s perfect for established shops and people just selling straight out of their closet! - The shipping labels that you can make within the app are actually very useful! I personally make and print my own, but they’re useful for those who need them. They’re especially good for when you have something heavy to ship. I would recommend Depop to anyone looking to sell online, despite it’s issues. It’s the best app by far, app-wise and community-wise, and I hope that it straightens out eventually.
  • Cool app but glitchy 3/5

    By Shizzam!
    Love the app. Gotta be careful who you buy from as I've had a couple sketchy experiences but over all the idea is great and I've made some money too. My biggest complaint is the messaging in the app never seems to work for back and forth. I've used it on multiple phones and made sure the app is updated and it just never seems to work and it's a real problem sometimes.
  • Nice 5/5

    By twanythedon
    There has been a bug with the notification system where it would have the little "1" in red on the top right of the app which annoys me. Also, I turned off the push notifications for when someone likes a post, follows me, or a friend joining Depop, and I still receive these notifications. Please fix the notification for the shipping receipts also. That “1” is annoying when you’ve shipped a package, but you can’t leave a review for the buyer, and when you do click on the sold item in the receipts, the one stays there.
  • love this app! 5/5

    By ILoveStarbucks☕️
    so easy and fun to use :)
  • First and only app. 5/5

    By Mayawolfff
    Depop is my fist app I started selling my things on. It’s easier and safest in my opinion. I wish Depop would gain the positive and recognition cause honestly it’s better then all the other apps.
  • Check out my page 5/5

    By Angeles49
    My user name on depop is angeles49 .
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Avethings
    I love the personal touch of Depop. The sellers are real people, and they treat the buyers as such too. The staff are connected with the community in a unique way. ❤️🙏🏼 best app for finding cool new things
  • Best thing ever 5/5

    By Hipster_Jack
    I'm so in love with this app! And there's more than just vintage 70's-90's fashion, there's tons of modern wear for great prices
  • Great seller app 4/5

    By TaradactylATL
    Great seller app! Could use help when surfacing new content to buyers.
  • Honest opinion about this app 4/5

    By casuallylame
    Its honestly a great, safe way to sell your stuff. I've been selling, for a few months now, and everything is going smoothly. People know when to question you, they know how to negotiate, its great. There are some problems though. Sometimes, the thing shouldnt be first class. I believe depop should change it to regular priority mail, or let people choose an option. ALSO THE WEIGHT SHOULD BE LIKE THE SIZE THEY SHOWED US IN USPS SHIPPING. it costs more to pay for our own shipping than using yours. it causes us to not be able to ship faster, because of your fees ruining the prices. Also, the depop fee. Since I have to fix the first class problem, I have to pay to get a shipping label. Usually it costs more than the original product, but i'd have to pay from my own pockets because depop took half of my money. They should also get rid of these scammers. They should also get rid of people who have been inactive for a while. I enjoy selling from this app, and hope that one day they'd fix the fee.

    Love the app but why so many updates!!! I really will never understand!!!!!!!
  • 10/10 5/5

    By RyanM912
  • Depop 5/5

    By nokingz
    Super easy to use great clothes super cheap!
  • Best sell your clothing app 5/5

    By Jazz's iphone
    I love this app and its funny to me how addictive it is like social media. I don't have any complaints expect that it does glitch a lot, popping up deleted messages, very slow sometimes, and exists out on its own time to time, but i know the depop team is working on it so im not stressin, i like the aesthetic of the app even though red isnt really my color.
  • Real great 5/5

    By uhfhkcrib
    New font makes me feel high
  • Why 2/5

    By Instamadandhungry
    Why why WHY do the developers keep making pointless updates!? The latest update for the design just makes it look even more displeasing to the eye. I was actually getting used to the new theme (even though I still don't like it), but the update to the updated theme literally hurts my eyes. Bonus critique: Depop used to take ONLY 10% Of my industrial sales, which I was okay with, but now they're taking the 10% AND THEN SOME through my bank account. That's some BS, Depop.
  • Depop Rocks. 5/5

    I thrift all the time and buy tons of clothes, so it's so awesome to have a place to sell the ones I don't wear, or can't fit in my closet. Such a fun way to make some money! I think I spend more on Depop than I make on Depop though!! Depop is fantastic and I've never had an issue with a seller than Depop won't handle. Awesome place to buy and sell. 10/10.
  • BEST APP EVER! 5/5

    By Kylettompeter
    Selling vintage clothes has never been easier and I love the selection of vintage shirts. App is laid out well and works for me. Small flaws are no big deal as they will eventually be fixed.
  • amazing 5/5

    By *😊
    this is an amazing app and i've gotten so many awesome clothes :)
  • Looovvveee iiittt 5/5

    By Nini Ceesay
    Looooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttyy
  • Suggested Improvements 2/5

    By Jacenta(:
    When you click on the notification, you can't edit the item until you go back to your profile. The icon should show all notifications not only 1. (let me explain better) If you receive multiple notifications, the icon only shows the number 1. Set shipping preference. (I hate clicking my address and opinions on every listing.) Able to select multiple items when making a listing instead of having to individually select each photo. New Listings tab or filter. I feel like it's difficult to sell my items because I'm never featured on the feed. It would be lovely if I didn't get notifications when I comment on my item lol Ability to Rearrange photos on the app!!! Thanks Depop!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Yung wizard
    It's so good!
  • Fun for all, all for fun. 4/5

    By cranberryblack
    A great way to stay up on what 'the kids are wearing' and buy and sell cool stuff without having to physically hit the stores. I like it.
  • Decent 3/5

    By Kfkdbsbaieiririfbcbc
    I like the app...I feel like the % they take is a little too high but I have sold on there. And it also keeps telling me I have notifications when I don't.
  • TRASH 1/5

  • yeah boy 5/5

    By Ptvtrash
  • 👍👍👍 5/5

    By -AddyB
    Really good app. Is confusing at times but man so is everything. Would definitely recommend.
  • Not Bad but Not Good Either 3/5

    By _keepmeunderkeeks
    I like the app. Easy, sufficient and best way to find unique things. I just don't like how they charge a fee once you sell something.
  • LOVE 5/5

    By Biff Malibu69
    I love this app. Makes buying and selling so easy. View my shop @trxshlyn.
  • Why is the checkout different 1/5

    By gnarlyflwr
    hate the new checkout bring the old one back the new one has a strange set up and it's weird to look at and fill out
  • Super Awesome App 5/5

    By Peytonsboutique
    100% recommend
  • LOVE 5/5

    By fallingin2theabyss<3
  • Great ! But... 4/5

    By marymicdoodle
    This is and awesome app to buy and sell! However there is a lot of SCAMMERS!
  • Yaaaas. 5/5

    By TheReaper⚰
    Super easy to use! A majority of my items were found and bought very shortly after downloading the app/posting things. I really love being able to print the shipping labels at home, DePop just makes selling things simple and painless. Also, the variety of items that are listed is a great way lol. Definitely would recommend this app!
  • like it 2/5

    By Konpackta
    Ever since the update it says I have a notification even when I don't. It's forever telling me there's one new thing on the app and it's driving me insane. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Please fix this! I also heavily dislike the new "edgy" design. Why would you pick red for people to buy things? Red in the accounting world means negative or deficit or funds. It should be green which signals a positive intake of funds. The new text style is annoying, there was nothing wrong with the old one. I'm now encountering a glitch where when I list and tag items they don't actually show up in the tags. How am I supposed to sell when they aren't showing up??? It takes me at least five edits before it finally decides to show up. I even close out of the app entirely just to double check. Please look into this glitch as it's very annoying. I'm also receiving a lot of spam bots once again. So I guess that was never addressed.

    By cvstro
    • BUG STILL HAS NOT BEEN FIXED AFTER 4 FREAKIN CONSECUTIVE UPDATES!!!! A bug that supposedly fixes feedback for both the seller and the buyer who paid for shipping within the app still persists!!!!!!!!! This is insane • Disgusting interface and not user friendly / Ugly stretched font and horrific color way (It literally hurts my eyes to look at) • Full of scammers and they always side with perverts • BRING THE OLD DEPOP BACK
  • Great Platform for Selling & Buying 5/5

    By maybeimmedicated
    This platform is a fantastic place to find trendy pieces to add to your wardrobe and decor! I absolutely love it!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By BaeBPotter👸🏻
    Such a fun way to thrift shop!
  • TrapHouse boomin 5/5

    By $ebas
    Best thing that has ever happen to the culture. Follow me! @HeavyRotation
  • Depop is my new addiction 4/5

    By ReeseTheMFBeast
    I ALMOST love the app.. Just a couple suggestions...for the search it'd be awesome if you had categories instead of me typing in a keyword and then sorting it out through there..sometimes I just like to browse around and see what they have instead of always having to look for a particular item. Second suggestion, when you're viewing items for buyers it'd be awesome if you could scroll through the pictures. We only have the option to view it as tiles or with details. Other than that..this app is my new favorite. Def. addicted.
  • Good app but 3/5

    By Enrhoads
    I don't like how they make you connect to PayPal. My paypal account has gotten hacked so many times no matter how many times I change the passwords. I've had so many issues with them so they're just unreliable. Thus, I wish there was another way to securely add a card/bank account without the use of PayPal. Too sketchy.
  • love this so much 5/5

    By Stefan Chebultz
    i want to use this forever and ever and maybe they'll send me a shirt or something idk DEPOP IS THE BEST THING EVER
  • Okay but this is the best place to buy clothes! 5/5

    By joeytempo
    The sellers are nice and the items are cool af! This is better than all the stuff that everyone gets at Forever21 or H&M etc! Plus if it's used clothes then it's really helping with recycling since tons of clothes just get thrown away! Plus they have protection for all buyers!
  • It's great (kinda). 4/5

    By Cindy. ❄️
    It has great stuff on this app. I love buying things off of this app. I just wish, it wasn't a PayPal exclusive app. I also, wish that they'd take the scammers off the website. I've had one occasion where a person took money from me. I would like them to have proof of postage that someone can't take other's money. Also, I wish people didn't price gouge people. Other than that it's a great place to find products. These improvements are just my opinion.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By DopeFxshion
    this app will not let me buy the saved items through my paypal account
  • Depop Unlimited 1/5

    By 17isasong
    Depop is cool okay I got a lot of cool stuff on there BUT they have taken a total of 40 dollars from me, and 60 from my girlfriend. Depop takes 10% of sales right that's fair, but what they do not tell you is that in the terms and conditions you sign up for depop unlimited, which allows them to take more money. I had no idea I had signed up for this and neither did my girlfriend, and we want our money back. My username is 17isasong and my gmail is 17isasong as well. Please get back to me soon so we can get our money back. Thanks
  • Love it but spam accounts 4/5

    By guineapig97
    I love this app. Haven't had a bad experience with it. The only thing I have to complain about is spam accounts. Accounts saying to message them because they're interested in my item? If there were a way to reduce this the app would be way more enjoyable
  • Bad updates 2/5

    By burt winkler
    I like to use the app but it seems every time there's an update it become more and more awkward to navigate. The fonts get harder to read, the color scheme gets worse and it takes multiple taps to get a button to work a lot of times. It overall functions much slower for any uses every time there's an "update" for my experience.

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