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Depop App

Buy, sell, create, find, show off, inspire, style, mix it up. Welcome to Depop. Depop is the creative community’s go-to mobile marketplace. Discover treasures, sell your wares, share style and meet the Depop community, all from the comfort of your phone. Join Depop to: BUY: - Browse clothing, vintage fashion, jewellery, art, books & magazines, music, film and more from likeminded sellers around the world - Discover our curated items on the Explore page - All in-app purchases are 100% protected by PayPal Protection SELL: - Open your Depop shop and sell pre-loved clothes, original creations, art, books, vintage finds and everything in between just by taking a photo - Name your own price, no bidding or haggling required - Promote your shop on social media and build an empire from your bedroom COMMUNITY: - Looking for inspiration? Before trends hit the streets, they hit Depop. Shop over 10 million items from over 7 million users. - Attend community events like local meetups, Lunch & Lists, and Depop parties in London, Milan, New York, and LA and take your friendships from online to offline


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  • Great app 4/5

    By midgesterious
    I love Depop! Super easy to use for buying and selling. Only complaint is that my reviews for items Ive sold sometimes won’t show up.
  • Not working 1/5

    By LonnieDoc
    The update made it so that I can’t see anything. I open the app and it’s nothing but a blank white page. I try to search and it says it ant Laos the data. Nothing is working.
  • In love with this 5/5

    Literally you can find anything it's like going to multiple stores at once and so much different aesthetics it's insane!
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Graywolf2010
    love love LOVE! my favorite way to thrift online
  • Design is a hot mess 1/5

    By Crystalovescows
    As someone who used this app for a good year or two, I have to say i can’t stand the sight of it anymore. Design goes a long way. It’s just not....appealing? I don’t even have the words. The words are: I can’t stand the sight of how it looks and that makes me not want to be on the app which makes me neither sell or buy. A design that makes you want to close the app immediately is kind of doing the opposite of what you would want your users to experience.
  • Good enough 4/5

    By Missguate
    To buy stuff.
  • Notification 1/5

    By Missy112221111
    Says I have a notification on my app and when I click on it says I don’t have any.
  • Just started 5/5

    By Mlgroom
    I just received my first purchase on this App. It went very well and I was completely satisfied. Price was great and seller was honest, I’ll definitely keep using this App.
  • There’s a few problems... 3/5

    By ...1947392937383
    -I would recieve a notification within the app but it doesn’t go away after viewing it. -It crashes often. -Why are sold items appearing on the explore page?
  • Love/Hate Relationship - User for 4+ years 3/5

    By Emmy! 😊
    I’ve been using Depop for years, and with the recent design update, I’ve finally decided to leave a detailed review. I never felt like I needed to before, because the problems that I faced were easy to deal with/resolved quickly; but now I have a bit of a bone to pick with Depop. For those wondering, I have an iPhone 5s that’s updated to the latest iOS and I have the newest version of Depop. Issues: - I used to spend hours diving into the app and finding so much stuff. Now the app crashes when I just explore it for about ten minutes or so. (UPDATE: this is still an issue after several months.) - This may come off as a personal issue, but it’s been bothering me more and more over the years. The “explore” page caters mainly to one sort of style, which is Y2k, vintage “high” fashion, sporty, etc. It’s cool and all, but I wish the explore page could represent the app as a whole instead of just the more so top sellers who sell the same styles. I’ve decided to only use Depop to sell anything “aesthetic” and use other apps for more “normal” products. - This is what I’m the most annoyed with: they took away the activity page??? I used to LOVE seeing what people I followed liked because it helped me find shops similar to those that I followed. Also, a LOT of my activity used to come from that page. If someone liked something of mine, it’d create a chain reaction of people checking out the item/my shop so I’d get more activity, including more sales. - Sometimes when looking through items on certain pages, such as likes, it won’t show something as sold until I click on it to see that it’s marked as sold under the photo? This makes exploring the app a lot more annoying and difficult. - If I post a few items and then go to my profile to see how my feed looks, it rarely updates to show me everything until I cancel out the app/wait several minutes. The app used to load my profile instantaneously after I uploaded items, but it no longer does. - I guess it’s because I’m still using a 5s, but trying to refresh my profile is such a hassle. (UPDATE: the added “filter” tab on my profile now makes it COMPLETELY impossible for me to refresh my page! Now I have to completely cancel out of the app to refresh my page!) You have to pull down on the bottom third of your screen, and my phone is too small for me to accurately pull it down far enough for it to refresh. It also scrolls down awkwardly once it refreshes. PLEASE move the refresh to the top of the profile! - (UPDATE: I recently painted my walls off-white and now take all product photos in front of it. I’ve now been on the explore page several times and sold nine items in less than a month!) Sales aren’t up as much as they used to be. I’ve used this app off and on since 2013ish but nowadays, it’s much harder to sell things. I don’t know if it’s just that less people are using it, or there are less people looking to actually purchase through the app (due to no interest/users being afraid to because of all of the scams that’ve happened) but the only shops I see getting huge sale numbers are the few that are hyped by Depop. The more you list, the more you’ll sell, so if you plan on only selling a few things at first, it’ll take a long time to build up a shop. - I can write an essay about how much I don’t like the look/feel of this app. I can speak volumes about how much I LOVED the past UI. I personally don’t like the direction that the app is going because, again, I think they’re only catering to specific styles/aesthetics with this update. I’m looking at it right now and it just doesn’t sit right with me and it kinda turns me off from using it sometimes. I’ll just say, it’s pretty blocky and it doesn’t look/work right on the small screen of my 5s. - I personally feel like there should be a “policies” page on the profile, like the “likes” page. After all these years of us trying to fit our policies in our bio or trying to keep a policies listing at the top of our profile, I’d love for there to be an update that adds a policies page! It could even have the policies pop up when someone hits “buy” right before they make the purchase. I think that would help TREMENDOUSLY with the misunderstandings/confusion that occurs during some sales. Some buyers seem to just refuse looking for policies before purchasing, leading to some angry reviews. - Fees are high, but it’s expected. DON'T sell though G&S to avoid this. It isn't worth it. Pros: - It’s a reliable app for selling (when done right) and it’s so easy to post things for sale! eBay’s new update is a pain to list on but this app makes selling so simple. The community is a lot more inviting and it’s not as frustrating as selling on eBay, where you never know who you’re selling to until it’s too late. The community on Depop is mostly people who are buyers as well as sellers, so there’s a lot of understanding between sellers and buyers. - The company is very helpful. I’ve yet to have to open a case with them, but I can tell they do their best to fix issues within the app, though they can’t fix ALL problems. They’ve always been quick to respond to me! - I don’t know... I’ve never gotten into the other selling apps. They had way too many confusing features/confusing interfaces/mean people that would always turn me away from using them. Depop is SO straightforward and you get your money RIGHT away. That means you can charge buyers an accurate shipping price depending on the item and it gives you the flexibility to ship your own way. - It’s perfect for established shops and people just selling straight out of their closet! - The shipping labels that you can make within the app are actually very useful! I personally make and print my own, but they’re useful for those who need them. They’re especially good for when you have something heavy to ship. I would recommend Depop to anyone looking to sell online, despite it’s issues. It’s the best app by far, app-wise and community-wise.
  • ADDICTED! 5/5

    By Biginwetbaitman
    I love DEPOP! It is a really great way for me to sell my product! I have been using depop for about 3-4 years now and since using depop my product has sold even more than I honestly expected! Depop is very, very diverse and the support team answers all of your questions efficiently. I couldn't ask for a better app to sell my art. They also feature your product to allow exposure which I think is awesome! I wish I still lived in NY so that I could attend depop events & etc. *crosses fingers for Colorado events* I honestly wish I could hug a depop team member!!
  • So far so good! 4/5

    By @cristymariepoplin
    Decent app. Only real complaint is we should be able to upload more than 4 pictures per post. We should be able to post at least 10 pictures per post--just a suggestion! I do like the app. As of now, I believe it deserves 4 stars.
  • Waste of your valuable time 1/5

    By TR00PS_0F_D00M
    I will get straight to the point. I have been using this app for a few months and I can strongly back these issues. My main issue is I was banned when I literally didn't do anything wrong. I am very respectful on the app and trust me, If I knew I did something wrong I would be honest and tell you. But I didn't. And when I emailed them they never got back with me. I even reached back out to them and got nothing. 😒 Also it doesn't help that my last purchase, a $uicideboy$ shirt that was advertised as "brand new" came with holes and stains all on it. I would also like the say that a lot of people you meet on this app have their head up you know where. They think that they are doing you a favor by selling you something and they make sure to treat you with an attitude. And don't get me started on the lowballs. If you made it this far into my review, take it from me, don't bother with this app!
  • So many treasures 4/5

    By Awqdmhfvwegfsrhgeg
    As a buyer, I love how easy to navigate the app is.
  • It’s a mild Wild West 4/5

    By neurolepsia
    There’s nothing wrong with the way the app works, but this would be a better selling platform if there were a little more support on behalf of the admins. I’ll explain. I’ve been using it for about 6 months and have had some great transactions buying and selling, but some sellers AND buyers are all over the place. Sellers can take as long as they want to ship, which is okay, but not many sellers are mature enough or feel that responsible for their transactions (maybe because they’re very young). One example: I ordered something in September and have written to the seller like 5 tines without hearing back... contacted support and they DID respond, but told me to make a paypal claim. So I’m basically resolving it through PayPal, not depop... and if I do that, PP could hold up this girl’s account for the $12 that I paid for my order, I don’t want to mess her up over $12... but she hasn’t responded and I just might, because it’s been over 3 months. I think depop could and should message this seller instead of me, and maybe take some measures like suspending their account, instead of me potentially messing up this person’s paypal account over a sad amount. And buyers: also very young, they don’t READ. I had two girls cancel on me because they didn’t read the sizes of my items (phone cases). I offered them refunds, because OKAY THEN... but because of the depop fee, I had less balance in my paypal and the refund was issued from my bank account, it was a pain. Depop DID refund me their fees, but I had to provide screenshots when the refunds cleared... in short, it was a waste of time. There is polite, fast and helpful support from depop, as far as they ARE able to help. But depop more like an advertising site where you showcase your stuff. It works as a middleman between you and the buyer/seller. Any protection you have on either side is offered by PayPal, not depop... I like how other sites are more strict with the users and offer alternatives, but only because they manage the earnings (which depop doesn’t). Depop only redirects transactions to and works through PP. All in all, my experience hasn’t been bad, I just wish users were more pressured to act responsibly, and that depop had more part in that.
  • A cool suggestion! 4/5

    By mxremxry
    You guys should create a feature that filters users to other accounts in the same general area. For example it only shows accs that are located near the users. So people who live in nyc are grouped in one category and so on and so forth. I thought this would be a nice feature to add!
  • Obsessed 4/5

    By Neishi1
    I'm on here honestly more than instagram lol! Awesome app and love that you can ask questions from ppl on depop only problem is when you buy something and seller isn't replying its confusing trying to find help on depop at least from my experience.
  • Use at your own risk 1/5

    By Naaaaaaattttt
    I downloaded depop and my items didn’t sell for a while. My app crashed and could not locate it anywhere on my phone (did not delete it and my App Store said i still had it downloaded). I gave up and later on was notified my items would be deleted. Cool. Then I apparently started selling items. I could not use the app because of the said “glitch”. Not my problem. But that created many problems for me that I was basically forced to deal with on my own, seeing as their customer service is hardly helpful and not too friendly or easy to work with. I had a specific question I couldn’t get figured out on my own so I emailed them and got back copy and pasted mass answer from sections of their FAQ. Which you can obviously find out for yourself. The shipping fees are weird and hard to work with because of how separated they are from paypal so it isn’t user friendly by any means. And somehow I feel like I lost money out of the deal.
  • Vintage home land 5/5

    By 3400savage
    A lot of vintage pieces to choose from. Perfect vintage app
  • I hate the new filter feature 1/5

    By Dank threads
    Why would I want to filter my own items. The only place a filter button needs to be is in the explorer or search 🤦🏻‍♀️. Not at the top of my own profile. It also is not very cute. Some of my items don't have a sz tag so i put as "other" size and list the measurements. Someone might miss an item what would fit them because of the filter feature.
  • Super fun 5/5

    By jewm
    So much fun and super convenient to sell
  • So easy! 5/5

    By modernrehabclothing
    Great support, easy to use, quick response when in need! Really fun and great community 👍 Thank you Depop!
  • Love love love 5/5

    By Peachysavage
    Great app for finding vintage, fashionable, modern clothing and more. Shop owners are very reliable and creative. Much love for Depop xo.
  • Love💖 5/5

    By IsayQ
    These new updates are so great and has made using the app way easier!
  • Bias to certain sellers. 2/5

    By Efb2608
    The feed is not fair. See the same sellers on the feed. I’ve been on there for 2 years- I have over 30 items for sale. I’ve Only made 14 sales. Also ratings disappear and reappear! Does not give most sellers enough exposure- like POSHMARK, EBay or Mercari. I think I’m going to delete my account soon if depot does add a way to share or boost items to the feed.
  • The best 5/5

    By jpthewanted
    Depop the best app I have ever found. Super organized and safe. People so nice and the clothes everyone passes along on their shops are a steal!!! ☺️ check my page maybe @jwanted1 Check the fire pieces I have for sale
  • I like it 5/5

    By oginstahoe
    So far so good
  • A purely honest review of Depop 3/5

    By zee ruff
    Ok so I forget how long I’ve been on Depop. Maybe a couple months or so? A good friend of mine introduced me to it and I’ve been a little obsessed. It takes me a while to buy things because I like to save money. I look for something literally everywhere to see if I can find it at a cheaper price. Why pay $90 for something that’s worth $40?? Anyway... though I haven’t sold anything yet, I have a love hate(not really hate but more of a meh) relationship with this app and I feel like there are some things that can be fixed. 1) Buying more than one item at once So I’ve tried to buy multiple items from multiple buyers or multiple items from one buyer and to keep it’s hectic. I get that bundling is an option but that’s complicated ESPECIALLY if the seller takes days on end to reply to a simple question. But that’s a whole other issue. I know it would take a lot of time but seriously, I’m sure they can find a way to have some sort of a shopping bag feature so I can buy like 10 things at once. 2) The explore page I’ll keep this one brief. It’s come to my attention that the stuff on the explore page is from Depop famous people. But if I don’t like it, I don’t think it should be the first thing I see. So, maybe Depop should reconsider. The explore page should be personalized to fit each and everyone’s style and find things that people like at a price range that best suits them. 3) WARNING: NOT ALL BUYERS AND SELLERS ARE COOL Though Depop is a cool app, and I’ve had good interactions with sellers, some buyers (and sellers too) can be straight up rude. So tread lightly... I’ve seen fights in just the comment sections?? If you’re mature enough to start an online business, you should be able to deal with an annoying customer properly. And if you are mature enough to have a paypal account or a debit/ credit card, you should be able to handle yourself if a seller is being a jerk. Business is business, I suppose.
  • lovely 5/5

    By Hdiak116262811
    awesome place to sell or buy, easy to use, and full of inspiring people! really fun way to shop! ~a great place to find odd things~ selling is made very simple- with a little effort, one can be very successful! super kind community.
  • Don’t use this app 1/5

    By Shopliljade
    Two of my sold items were refunded the money that was given to me, my customers were happy with the product and they still have the items I sold them. I contacted paypal to see if I could get my money back but they said the transaction would have to go through Depop. I reached out months ago to Depop customer service and I still have not received any help or my money. I’ve had the app for a year now. Starting three months ago they started charging me ~$10 each month for “advertising”. This issue plus the refunds made my funds decrease instead of increase. If I am selling my items I shouldn’t end up with less money than when I didn't sell on Depop.
  • New Version not working. 1/5

    By TheIllustratedLady
    I can not access any page within the app. I receive screens that are blank except for the phrase “oops, something went wrong”. Consequently I can’t communicate with anyone to conduct business. I had a package returned to me last week and no way to contact the person who made the purchase. Also can not submit a report via the app.
  • Use to Love 1/5

    By BeeNeve
    This app was great but beware the customer support is horrible it leaves room for scammers. I sold an item to a buyer who started a dispute after she received the item. The depop policy is to send you a notification to your email not to your depop mail box so my first email got lost and I never responded. Today , four days later, I see the second email saying they ruled in the buyers favor. I sent them proof of postage and delivery the day which was before the dispute was started. Depop responded to bad it can’t be reversed you should of responded the lost email......They need to protect the sellers and buyers and when they find a scammer don’t rule in their favor out of laziness!
  • Fix the photo selection when listing a product!! 4/5

    By krsee
    Love this app, love the community, love the things being sold. I have moved from p*shmark to m*ercari to mainly this now and have been selling on apps for years, and I have some issues with it but I literally just wrote this review for now to say to FIX the photo selection feature when you go to list a product!! I'm pretty sure this is just in the recent update? It was perfectly fine before, now it numbers your pix off for you and you have to click it, and then unclick the pic in your camera roll again before trying to select a new one. Super annoying. Let me just click on a few dozen please before deciding which is my cover pix etc lol. Change it to how it was before please!!!
  • Glitchy and Cliquey 1/5

    By lovehate78
    Glitching again. Photos can’t be rearranged. Brands can’t be added if they aren’t on a list. Phantom notifications, STILL.
  • I love it, sometimes... 3/5

    By curlyfeliciti
    I can’t use this app for longer than half an hour without it crashing, which is annoying when it comes to putting things up for sale. There’s also quite a few scammers on here (like everywhere) so be careful! I hope Depop fixes the crashing issue though because it’s becoming very annoying!!
  • Compromised/ suspicious 1/5

    By IGJewelryCo
    Had my paypal account hacked from this app. Depop being a new app has low security and easy for hackers to get access of bank accounts and paypal info. Had my account and paypal compromised. Current users!! Check ur paypal accounts for anything suspicious.
  • good app but crashes SO much 3/5

    By that whovian
    I really like exploring what people are selling and i like saving items to make a collection. However, when I’m on the app for more than 20 minutes it crashes which is so annoying! and i’m on the app like everyday so this is just so frustrating!! I hope they fix it :/
  • Annoying Search 3/5

    By Snogwangler
    So I've noticed that if you search a certain word that is close to another, it will show you results of the similar word as well. This may seem helpful, but if I try to find a moose shirt, all I find are MOUSE shirts.
  • Badge App Icon 3/5

    By Kulchaax
    I’m not sure when this will get fixed but please fix this issue with the badge app icon. The “1” never goes away, I don’t have any new notifications.
  • PayPal 2/5

    By O_____xyzbv
    All not let me log into my PayPal. Always says timed out or just wont respond
  • Great app 5/5

    By vwpapi
    Good to find old vintage clothing and collectibles
  • All my saved items won't load 2/5

    By Ehhwhshwhe
    I don't really like how all my saved stuff won't load since I've been wanting to buy something off from it and it won't load :( and the saved things I delete stay
  • paypal issue??? 2/5

    By oparaku
    I downloaded this app today and I'm constantly having problems with the paypal connection. I keep getting an error linking the account.
  • Notifications 3/5

    By tiaking-
    The notifications are super glitchy. If I receive a message and open it, when I close the app it still shows an unread message. I’ve also purchased a few items where I haven’t been able to rate the buyer. I guess because they chose not to do shipping via the app( which I do as well), that it shows it hasn’t been shipped. I purchased an item almost a year ago, received a refund, and still haven’t been able to rate. When I reached out to depop they basically just said to wait. Super frustrating!
  • get rid of paypal. 1/5

    By nusCGHK
    after using this app for over a year, it's become more apparent to me that paypal has been a pain in my butt whenever i have a problem with depop. depop doesn't tell you about the double charging of fees on your sales until you see your balance in your paypal account. it's usually not much, but it's really annoying to have to calculate the paypal fee into my items' prices to make sure i get a fair amount just because depop doesn't want to tell sellers they're getting feed twice. also, no one at customer service can do anything even remotely helpful once you have an issue with an order and paypal has already been involved. you have to do it all yourself. the double charging and risk of having to deal with paypal's terrible customer service is honestly not even worth getting paid right away. mercari doesn't double fee you and they have great response times and customer service. i think paypal is a notoriously poor service and depop should scrap it, but something tells me they never would.
  • Great marketplace 5/5

    By Natenene
    You can find anything here for any price. Very convenient. The only issue is that when it comes to selling the fees can put a damper on your profits. If they just did 9% instead of a 10% fee I would be pleased and excited about selling stuff but other then that great app
  • Amazzing! 5/5

    By Prince1g
    I recently started using and selling some stuff. They make the whole process SO easy! I love it
  • Love 5/5

    By Hwhwhejakkaa
    I love this app, I'm a buyer In it and it is wonderful but one thing, I think would be cool would be to bundle with other users such as 4 max.
  • Change logo 1/5

    By CarBabe21
    This app is great but change the logo please looks evil red background and the letter d on it looks like it stands for devil, please change it back to when it said depop on it. Also show more on the search page other than the same things and people over and over again and most of it is stuff i wouldn't buy either. App is still terrible and still have not fixed where it shows I have a notification on the app when I dont goodness how long will you guys leave that there until you get it fixed and change the colors for goodness sakes get a better design for the app people your color schemes are ugly! I guess I shouldnt expect too much since this app isnt from the U.S.
  • Keeps Crashing 1/5

    By gofundmesucksbutt
    Suddenly won’t let me open the app at all whats up???

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