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Depop App

Buy, sell, and explore the most unique and inspiring things in the world. Depop is the creative community's go-to mobile marketplace. Sell by taking a photo with your phone, follow friends and connect with the people who inspire you, explore Depop shops around the world, and browse the best in vintage and secondhand fashion, rare finds, and your favourite brands. What's your Depop? BUY: - Browse clothing, jewellery, art, books & magazines, music, film, and more, from sellers around the world - Discover new items on our curated Explore page - Safely buy with a single tap - All in-app purchases are 100% protected by PayPal Protection SELL: - Open your Depop shop and sell your pre-loved clothes, original creations, art, books, vintage finds and everything in between just by taking a photo - Name your own price; no bidding or haggling required - Promote your shop on social media and watch your business grow COMMUNITY: - Chat with over 7 million users about items, design, fashion, style, and everything inbetween - Looking for inspiration? Before trends hit the streets, they hit Depop. Shop over 10 million items. - Attend community events like local meetups, Lunch & Lists, and Depop parties in London, Milan, New York, and LA - Become a #DepopFamous community leader See you on the explore page. Featured in Vogue Italia, Business of Fashion, Refinery29, and


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  • Newer does not equal better 1/5

    By Meganv1234567890987654321
    i didn't update for a while because i didn't like the new icon, but now i did update and i majorly regret it. the squashed font is hard to read, items not saying they're sold before you tap on them is inconvenient, the profile being under the picture makes it hard to focus on anything, and it was a better app overall before everything was changed.
  • Dislike 1/5

    By littlefootmarie143
    I was really excited about Depop at first and luckily didn’t have any problems until recently when all of my items changed from “in-app” shipping to “my own” shipping which I did not change myself because paying for your own shipping costs way more. I didn’t have any issues on my first sell but my second (I’ve only been with Depop for a little over a month) I had to pay $25 in shipping fees when I distinctly remember setting my items to in-app shipping. If there was some sort of update or something that flew by without any acknowledgement of changes to shipping items that’s pretty screwed up because I ended up paying more in shipping than I made on my items. I’m extremely disappointed and will continue selling my items on a different platflorm because of this and other reviews I’ve read.
  • B.S. 1/5

    By Dan5620.
    They removed my account for reasons I stated exactly now all my references within the app are gone. And I cannot make a new one so they just lost a good seller oh well screw it.
  • Addicted 5/5

    By SacreCoeur96
    I have got so much cheap cute stuff because of this app!!
  • Unfair commission, a lot of problems for more serious sellers 3/5

    By johnny_baseball
    Depop takes a 10% commission from all of your sales, which is fine except they take 10% of the sale price + shipping, not just the sale price. It's messed up they take money out of what the buyer paid for shipping cause that money goes straight from the seller to USPS. Its also a huge hassle to get this depop fee refunded if a buyer cancels a transaction or whatever. The private message feature is buggy af also. Sometimes messages look like they've sent but the other party doesn't receive them and you have no way of finding that out. this has happened to me several times and idk how many sales I missed cause people think I ignored their messages. If you're trying to use depop as an actual business platform it's doable just very frustrating. But if you're a casual seller who only plans on listing a few items occasionally you'll probably really like this app
  • Good to buy, hard to sell 3/5

    By mcldes
    On the one hand I love this app - beautiful interface, so much great stuff to buy! On the the other hand, as a regular gal it's difficult to sell as unless you are already popular or running a full scale business, it's hard to get exposure and sell your items. Definitely room for improvement
  • Update BLOWS, you guys 1/5

    By Freakyeyed
    Ugh. Super unimpressed with the new update. Can't move the uploaded pics around so they have to be uploaded in a specific order, which is an unnecessary inconvenience. Seller icon covers small part of the listing pictures and looks less polished. Size of text and orientation (used to be even, centered and easy on the eye) is just wonky now. I wish I hadn't updated, please fix this mess Depop!
  • New update 1/5

    By vallorised
    For some reason the new update disabled the ability to be able to rearrange the pictures in a listing? I don’t understand what the point of removing that feature is, please change it back.
  • Fees! 2/5

    By Awesome then Awesome
    They charged my bank account more than once it’s just so confusing and frustrating.
  • Explore Page Needs Help 3/5

    By Snogwangler
    On top of a lot of bugs that are on the app the explore page that features clothes seems to have favoritism for the popular users. The explore app helps people break out and get more people to see their clothes but it mostly just gives more coverage to the already famous. A couple months ago I got two or three items on the explore page but the newer Depop doesn't seem to care anymore. Lame!
  • like it 2/5

    By Konpackta
    Ever since the update it says I have a notification even when I don't. It's forever telling me there's one new thing on the app and it's driving me insane. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Please fix this! I also heavily dislike the new "edgy" design. Why would you pick red for people to buy things? Red in the accounting world means negative or deficit or funds. It should be green which signals a positive intake of funds. The new text style is annoying, there was nothing wrong with the old one. I'm now encountering a glitch where when I list and tag items they don't actually show up in the tags. How am I supposed to sell when they aren't showing up??? It takes me at least five edits before it finally decides to show up. I even close out of the app entirely just to double check. Please look into this glitch as it's very annoying. I'm also receiving a lot of spam bots once again. So I guess that was never addressed. Every time I tap a notification in the new update the app crashes.
  • App itself 1/5

    By Subiboys❤️
    App always crashes and freezes
  • Needs fixing 2/5

    By dbsjsoskabdh
    [edit] Please fix the notification glitch. I am constantly seeing a notification when I don't have one. Also when you repost an item, it sends you back to the top of the page. Please change that back. When I repost my items I don't want to have to scroll all the way back down. ----------- I would like this app better if the 10% fee when selling an item would be lower. Their customer service is very bad at responding and they don't offer much help. So that is not worth 10% of the items I sell. Also please add a spot to write MY OWN shop policies! Or just an info spot for a shop. I can't fit everything in only the description of my shop.
  • Horrible. 1/5

    By A-very-mad-girl!
    Too many people doing scams, not a very secure app. With in the first post to sell I have about 10 other profiles messaging me and they were all fake.
  • in love. 4/5

    By typical.waves
  • Fun but irritating 2/5

    By KoolNicole
    I've been using Depop for about 2-3 months now to sell my stuff (which isn't as long as some others but I think I've learned the way around the app) and have between 1-2 thousand followers. When I first started, although not long ago, I appreciated how diverse the app was through its customers and the explore page. I'm not "butt-hurt" about not getting featured, but come on... for the past few weeks the explore page has been the SAME, already Depop-famous people. Not only that, but I've seen them feature up to 5 products by those same people at once. If you're focused on building an aesthetic feed, there's still plenty of smaller accounts that I've seen who provide clean, quality photos and unique products. It's extremely hard for smaller accounts to grow and sell now that Depop doesn't feature a variety of people. Give everyone a shot at their few seconds of fame! Also, I've seen stock images or unoriginal photos on the explore page too. It's like Depop doesn't even care to put in the effort anymore to at least do a little profile searching and see that this is not the seller's photo. Once I even saw just a selfie with sunglasses (that of which Depop probably thought they were selling) whose caption was just something about the seller and then "not for sale." All the comments were wondering why that was on the explore page, and I was too. It gives us the impression that you don't put in effort to make quality explore page.
  • Great! 3/5

    By Znjzjsjsjsnznznznxnxbbxnx
    It's good with reliable people selling stuff and easy for me to sell stuff :)
  • nice 5/5

    By ayeprokel14
    love it!
  • 10/10 5/5

    By Kimpurrly
    Honestly I love this app it's like Instagram but for buying stuff and I find it way easier to navigate compared to mercari or poshmark. I haven't ran into many scammers even though there are some but every selling app has them so what can you do. The updated version a lil ugly though but the old one 10/10 and it would help if the "sold" items were emphasized a little more :) o yea and easy layout to purchase things.
  • love this so much 5/5

    By Stefan Chebultz
    great app for our young generation. prices are cheaper than Etsy and it’s in a style we are familiar with. Also way more fun, so fun to be featured and make new friends along the way. It doesn’t feel like I’m just making a transaction, I feel like I’m making relationships :)
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Kelley right review
    First experience with a seller was awful. She lied about stains on the clothes. Depop won't do anything about it. Don't ever use this, go to Poshmark
  • Good app but could use some changes. 3/5

    By Kahlula
    I’ve sold and bought many things within the app. I’d be happy to adjust my review if/when these get addressed. -When blocking people, please allow us to block their listings. We shouldn’t have to see their listings if we don’t want to interact with them. P.S. Thank you Depop for fixing the notifications flag for feedback. :) It’s nice to not see it anymore, especially if we have purchases that can’t be rated.
  • Life Changing! 5/5

    By Gen Q.
    I have been using Depop for almost two months now and it is the greatest thing to happen to me. It's super easy buy and sell on the app and has helped me keep afloat when funds have been low. I'm a college student and I have sold items in order to pay for textbooks, supplies, meals, and gas. It started as a casual thing but I'm in the process of beginning to take my "shop" more seriously and now spend my free time looking for new items to sell and ways to improve my shop. I have recommended this app to friends and they love it too. Definitely one of the best apps I've ever downloaded.
  • NEEDS A NEW UI 4/5

    By DJ SERone
    Looks so ugly Eww.

  • Love it! 5/5

    By thefishfamily.
    This app is really great and is full of a lot of unique, one of a kind pieces. The staff are extremely kind and helpful. Interface is simple and easy to use for buying, browsing, and selling clothing. Definitely some of the best vintage items i've come across.
  • 👌🏼 3/5

    By Brianna___4
    I've Only Had Depop For About A Month And Bought A Bunch Of Amazing Things💕 My Only Complaint Is: We Should Have An Option To Sell Lower Than $1. On A Bunch Of Listings I Want To Offer $0.50 Because It’s In That Condition But Then Again, We Can’t Go Lower Than $1! I Think It’s Pretty Dumb That You Can’t Go Any Lower😑
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By robrtoc123
    I’ve always wanted to look for vintage cloths and other cool things and this app has it all
  • Love it 5/5

    By Kayykensbsn
    Live in the USA and this is the best app I've used to buy used clothing and it's way better than poshmark because the buyer can try and negotiate shipping costs too
  • Can't open notifications 1/5

    By Mandarks
    While I'm not keen to the new updates or it's horrid font choices... this new update makes it impossible to open up my notifications.
  • You gotta work for it 3/5

    By tipsygypsy
    Unless you have a good camera and you're constantly uploading things or reposting items it might take you awhile to sell anything.. aside from that they usually only feature the same people because only those people have "quality photos" keep getting feautured, which I think is unfair because not everyone wants to explore what you like or think "looks good". Aside from that I'm having an alright experience it could be better though 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Tricia_arlene95
    I love this app! It's very helpful to see across the world with a simple easy app like this one. I sell gently used items and cosplay items and it's the safest way!
  • Ugly UI 1/5

    By 손카유
    Why did you guys have to change the design and overall appearance of the app? It was so much more clean and nice to use when the font wasn't so stretched out. The color palette is awful. Why couldn't you stick to the previous interface? It's so horrible to look at I don't even bother to use the app anymore.
  • Yes! 5/5

    By TigerLRt
    Absolutely Love this platform for buying and selling!
  • Thanks Depop! Love this App 5/5

    By Meela312
    Like an IG cool yard sale. Sell all your previously loved closet items for direct deposit 🏦 or trades! Thanks Depop for giving new adventures for all these things I don’t wear anymore! 😁💗🤑💁🏽 ~Meela312

    By 🆒🆗🌀💖
    With the new update every time you go to bump your item (edit and save) it send you back to the very top of your page and you have to scroll all the way back down over and over and over again! If you don't bump your items will sit for days or weeks with no attention. PLEASE FIX THIS!! So irritating that with every update I'm there's a huge issue. Depop cares way too much about their aesthetic rather than the actual important issues to run a selling app. It's nearly impossible to get a hold of customer service. No phone number to call. You can email, but when and IF they reply it's always copy and paste scripted. I'm sick of seeing them making Instagram posts and changing the dang font, fix the real issues! Give me a number to call, keep the app from crashing, let me choose more than one photo at a time, let me dispute a bad review if it wasn't my fault at all, get rid of all of these people using stock photos! I'm sick of seeing stock photos in the explore page. I'm sick of the same people getting on the explore with 3-5 items EVERY DAY. Please fix the real issues at hand, depop! Your Instagram followers can wait.
  • let us scroll thru user profiles! 5/5

    By Arebzzz
    love this app but i hate having to keep opening an item and returning to a users profile. We should be able to scroll thru like on ig!
  • UPDATE 10/10/17 4/5

    By 0nenightsworth
    Pretty good! Text is slightly smaller so it doesn’t take up space everywhere. Also, FINALLY, the notifications on the receipts go away when you view your sales! Love clearing out my notifications! LOL One thing I DISLIKE is when you repost you stuff, especially when you do it more than once daily, once you finish relisting ONE item it automatically puts you to the top of your shop. So you have to go back to the bottom to your next item to relist, each and every time.
  • Good but refund system could be better 3/5

    By kelliebellie16
    Definitely needs improvements with refund transactions.
  • Won’t let me download 1/5

    By Korikate19
    Please fix
  • A little irritated 2/5

    By anss10
    I don't sell on Depop, I only purchase items so I am speaking from a purchasing perspective only. The "My Likes" section never shows all of my likes, I don't know where a lot of them go! It's so frustrating. Also, Depop never shows all of the items available that contain my key words. Like I really have to hunt and browse to find new items that match the brand I'm searching because many don't automatically show up in my search results. Depop needs to fix this, otherwise I will stop using the app. Not worth the hassle!
  • Great app- few suggestions 4/5

    By I just wanna go on fb
    I think this app is very user friendly BUT a few improvements could make this app all the more functional. (1) While browsing a seller’s profile, there should be an option to scroll seamlessly through each listing (like on ig) instead of having to click/go back on each listing. (2) At the top of each seller’s profile (next to the reviews #) it should show the number of sales. (3) I wish the “rearrange listings” and “move sold listings down” settings were available on the app so that I do not have to switch to a desktop computer to do so. (4) More than 4 photo upload options would be nice
  • Cool app but... 3/5

    By Donna Meeks
    I've been using Depop for years now and it is fun & easy to use, it's just that they are constantly featuring the same sellers on the explore page everyday and sometimes multiple items. It would be nice to see more variety and quality items instead of wannabe models. Seems more about them than the actual clothing. Still cool.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By babyymexico
    I absolutely LOVE this app it’s so easy and simple to sell things and it’s easy to get the hang of 💖💖💖
  • Great app, slow process 4/5

    By junebrownn
    Love the app and how quick the sellers are! There is sometimes an issue of the app slowing down and shutting down if you are in it for a while though. Good app.
  • 👌🏻 5/5

    By alientitties
    I love this app, it’s slick and the layout is simple but effective! The only problem I have with it is when I get a notification the little red “1” seen from the home screen on the app doesn’t go away, no matter how many times I refresh the app or check if I missed anything. Other than that though I love this app!
  • Great app! 4/5

    By LilytheWiccan
    I really enjoy buying cool things on this app it’s very easy to use. I’ve been experiencing some crashing every time I search an item. I was trying to buy something and then it crashed. I’d love to be fixed as soon as possible. Overall it’s a great app!!
  • New update 👎🏻👎🏻 1/5

    By NekoPan014
    I usually love depop, but I CAN'T even access it. I am able to get into the app, but my feed and profile does not load. The only thing I am able to access is the explore page and my messages with other sellers. PLEASE FIX ASAP!!!
  • EXCELLENT platform to start a small independent business 5/5

    By Kingpinpedro aka PopsEmporium
    Love this app, really simple to use and has effectively helped me generate more sales. Thanks.
  • Old Depop was better 2/5

    By AquaVanilla
    I used to love depop but the recent updates that changed the entire look and layout of the app, it's not user friendly anymore. Also I can't mark items as shipped even when I have tracking number available, my buyers are complaining they can't leave feedback :( I have experienced the same issue as a buyer on one item as well so I can understand their frustration. There's too many confusing features to the app, the complication is enough to have me start looking into other similar apps.

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