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Dexcom G5 Mobile

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  • Current Version: 1.7.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Dexcom
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dexcom G5 Mobile App

The Dexcom G5® Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System is the only device that lets you treat without pricking your finger.* Use this app if you have the Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System. Medicare beneficiaries should not use this app.  The beneficiary may NOT use their phone for display of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) data and still be eligible for reimbursement by Medicare for Therapeutic CGM. The Dexcom G5® Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System provides real-time glucose readings for patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes every five minutes. With Dexcom G5 Mobile, dynamic glucose data can be accessed and shared safely and conveniently anywhere, anytime to your smart device. * CGM-based treatment requires fingersticks for calibration; may result in hypoglycemia if calibration not performed or symptoms/expectations do not match CGM readings. The Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System provides personalized trend alerts right on your smart device and lets you see when your glucose levels are going too low, or too high, so you can better manage your diabetes. You will receive certain Dexcom system alerts and the Urgent Low Alarm even if your phone sound is off, set to vibrate, or in Do Not Disturb mode. This will allow you to silence calls or texts but still receive CGM alerts. Alerts that you will continue to receive, even if your smart device is silenced, include: Urgent Low Alarm; Low and High Glucose alert; Rise and Fall Rate alerts; and certain critical system alerts. Custom alert sounds are available, including a Vibrate-Only option on the phone for glucose alerts other than the Urgent Low Alarm. In addition to the exceptional performance provided by the Dexcom Sensor, you’ll receive other valuable features: • Intuitive and user-friendly interface • Dexcom SHARE® remote monitoring is built into the G5 app, allowing you to share your glucose data with up to five followers, who can remotely monitor your glucose data and trends on their compatible smart device with the Dexcom Follow app. Share and Follow functions require an internet connection. • HealthKit access so you can share retrospective glucose data with third party apps • Today view widget, which allows you to view your glucose data on the lock screen of your smart device Apple Watch View your glucose information, trend graph, and alerts and alarms right from your wrist with the Dexcom G5 Mobile Apple Watch app: • Use the digital crown to scroll through 1, 3, or 6 hours of glucose trend data • Dexcom G5 Mobile complications allow you to view your glucose number and arrow from your watch face • Add the Dexcom G5 Mobile app to the Dock and enable background refresh for best performance


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Dexcom G5 Mobile app reviews

  • So much promise - such a failure!! 1/5

    By Expat99
    Guys - please read these reviews and fix these flaws. I love DexCom it has changed my life. But this app is a horrible last mile communication system. 1. Allow the Watch to dismiss an alert, please, please 2. The connectivity is weak. Why can't the iPhone receive maintain better connection to the transmitter? Lots of times I have no information. 3. Why can't the transmitter directly communicate with the Watch. 4. Why are there almost no improvements to the app in 2 years? You are the most valuable diabetes company, worth nearly $7 billion, you have $400 million in cash!!! Please invest a few million of this to improve this app and keep the Company on the leading edge. This app is a poor reflection of the standards of the Company and makes users less confident of the accuracy of your CGM system as a whole. We interact with this dozens of times a day and how the app works impacts the way we feel about the product. Update: IT GOT WORSE!!! The new update has made the app even worse. Connectivity is much worse, alarms are a bigger problem, watch-phone connectivity is worse. You are moving backwards! $400 million in cash, based in California and your development team is third rate. How can that happen? Abbot is coming with a great new device. Get this part of your system fixed.
  • No support for my BRAND NEW Apple Watch Series 3 1/5

    By joehling13
    The mobile app for Apple Watch says “Check G5 Mobile App on your iPhone” constantly. I quit the app, removed the app(from the watch, then my iPhone), downloaded, signed on to my account. The Dexcom app was then re installed to my watch but when I launch it on the watch face, all I get is that message from above. I’m able to read all my readings and have minimal issues from the iPhone app. BUT I have had to consistently quit the app and disconnect Bluetooth multiple times to keep them in sync. Not happy since the recent update. 😡 The issue persists. 🤦🏻‍♂️Please fix ASAP. Love the product and wish the software worked better. I’ve had diabetes type 1 for almost 20 years and this has helped me manage a LOT better. BUT I NEED THE CONNECTION TO WORK. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE
  • New update 2/5

    By JRodeo123
    Ever since the app was updated, the app has to actually be open to hold a signal. Before the update I never had to have it open in the background to keep readings consistently. I’m very disappointed and upset that I did the update.
  • Signal loss issues 2/5

    By Nanaofthree
    I LOVE my Dex G5 but this signal loss issue needs fixed immediately. I lose signal multiple times a day and it has gotten to where I can't rely on my phone to give me my readings. PLEASE fix so it's compatible with IOS 11.
  • The most intrusive piece of software I’ve ever downloaded 2/5

    By Lemi Regis
    The app works a lot like the receiver the hardware of your iPhone definitely matters in terms of performance. I have the iPhone 8 + which I bought specifically for this software. It’s been working okay the past two weeks with intermittent signal losses. What really pisses me off is the alarms of the signal losses and the high and low blood sugar alarms are completely unable to be turned off. Then when I try to shut the whole thing off because it overrides the sound of my system and buzzes all night keeping me off it alerts me again that the app is closed!!! I got zero sleep last night this made things so much worse. Hire a competent developer team Dexcom Jesus they aren’t that hard to come by.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By shmiddy-dack
    The IOS update has stopped connectivity. Ran through multiple sensors, all of which have failed.
  • Constantly losing signal.. 3/5

    By J. Cantu
    I can have my phone right beside me, in my purse as I walk or on the arm of the couch when I sit and it will say signal loss. This is very disappointing considering how awesome the app and all that it offers. If only I could have signal to utilize all the wonderful features.
  • Signal issues 1/5

    By CenterSelf
    Prior to iOS 11, this app was great. Some problems with not being able to turn alarms to silent existed... But they were tolerable issues. After updating to iOS 11 the now loses its signal consistently. In a single day I'll have 4-6 dropped signal issues. Other Bluetooth devices I use are not experiencing the same connection issues. Dexcom needs to address this issue promptly.
  • Doesn’t work with iOS 11 2/5

    By When's bushels
    When will there be an update for the dexcom app for iOS 11

    By nut3ll4567
    This app loses signal constantly. This app is supposed to be a medical device accessible to people with diabetes everywhere and it’s not workin properly. When it loses signal for a few hours, I go back into the app to check my connection and it suddenly recalls all the information it lost while it was giving me the “signal loss” alert. This needs to be fixed because I kinda need this to work in order to manage my diabetes. Thanks.
  • Decent; needs more features 3/5

    By CGIadvantxMofO
    Requests: 1) Allow users to separately enter protein, fat, and carbs (not JUST carbs, since we know that protein and fat can also influence blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, meaning they should be accounted for...) 2) Allow different types of insulin to be entered. For example, as a user, I should be able to configure an enum of insulins (Humalog, Humulin R, Levemir, etc.) and select these when inputting doses. Might be helpful to allow the user to add custom insulins, as well, since some people use diluted insulin or have concentrations other than U-100 prescribed... just being able to configure a drop-down with meaningful entries to make the insulins distinguishable on the time series view would be helpful. 3) Allow note entry or integration with 3rd-party meal tracking apps. It would be good if I could either attach an unstructured text document to a meal or bolus event in the app, and see it on later review in the time series view/clarity. Would be awesome to have meal data integration with MyFitnessPal, FatSecret, or other nutrition databases, as well. If you guys can implement any of the above features, I'll pardon the annoyances with the hardware (e.g., the ridiculous startup period, 30 minute initial Bluetooth pairing nonsense, ???...).
  • Upgraded my review 1/5

    By galenmd
    Time to update my review. Downgraded to 1 star. The latest update breaks the Apple Watch complication feature. The Apple Watch will show the reading, but loses it every few minutes. The only way to get a reading back is to open the app on the watch and wait for it to catch up. It then loses it again. Kinda useless don’t ya think? The darn notifications to enter a calibration are horribly annoying. Yes, we need to calibrate, but there has to be a solution that is less bothersome to the user. Dexcom is rapidly getting competition. The need to get more bugs fixed and release more updates in a rapid fashion. Otherwise, Dexcom may get left in the dust.
  • Needs to work on watch cellular!!! 1/5

    By serendipity10410
    I just upgraded to Apple Watch 3 hoping that I could leave my phone in the car while I take my classes. All my calls and messages work but not my lifeline, Dexcom app! Please initiate an update so that this app can transmit on watch cellular without the phone! Thank you!
  • No improvements 1/5

    By Dennies D
    Still no native Bluetooth support for AppleWatch. Still no landscape mode for iPadd. What the .. are they doing there at DEXCOM?
  • Terrible user control options and some important bugs/ glitches 2/5

    By Daniel d dawg reiter
    The dexcom g5 mobile app does the bare minimum and little else, sometimes even less. It is mostly reliable in acting in place of a standard dexcom receiver, and offers extremely basic user control options, however is in need of major improvements, and there haven't been any noticeable changes during the past year I have been using it. My main suggestion for improvement is to give users more flexibility over alerts and settings. For example, I would like to set different alert settings at different times of the day, such as using vibrate during the day and a regular alarm at night. Also, it would be helpful to give more alarms, such as ones multiple alarms for different high blood sugars and lows that can be toggled. This would give me a better understanding of the velocity of my glucose among other benefits. Another minor feature which could potentially make a big difference is by giving user control over the repeat interval of the urgent low alarm. This alarm serves as a safety net for me at night, and it is often difficult to awake after hearing it beep once. It would be an improvement if dexcom allowed the urgent low alarm repeat to be changed so that it can serve its job better. It would also be better if the app eventually included some new smart features, such as predictions and extrapolations from larger data sets, or at least the ability to view older data from the app itself. The other complaint with the app are the bugs which appear somewhat often. App crashes aren't too common, but the main bug that I am experiencing now is that I can't change the repeat setting for the alarms any lower than 15 minutes. Even though options for 5 minutes and 10 minutes are available, when selected, the scrollview shifts back to 15 minutes making it impossible to use 5 or 10. Overall, the G5 app has been extremely helpful in my diabetes management, but can and should be doing a lot more from a software end. Useful features are basically non existent, and significant bugs still haven't been resolved. It is disappointing that Dexcom hasn't been able to improve their software noticeably in a long time, but hopefully they will move in the right direction towards smarter features and more and better (yet still safe) user control.
  • Alert Reminders 1/5

    By Mechrya
    There aren't a whole lot of features but the ones you do have need to work correctly. Although I have my alert not set to remind be for 4 hours it constantly goes of cranking my volume through out all hours of the day. I'd rather not even use the app if it's going to be like this. Fix this please... you provide “features” that don’t even work. The repeat function does whatever the hell it wants. I’m be re-alerted to the same thing every few minutes.
  • Great to have, but annoying 2/5

    By jtf323
    Don’t get me wrong, having a CGM and being able to see my reading on my phone is incredible. But having an app that blasts blaring load alerts when I go low or high even though my phone is on silent is obnoxious. It’s so bad that I’m forced to turn my phone off when I go into a theater or any other quiet environment, but then I can’t check my sugar at all. Please fix the obnoxious alerts!
  • Silent alarm (still) needs to return asap 1/5

    By JLTR
    I need the silent alarm back, this is an achilles heel that will cause me to uninstall the app and look to medtronic. update: Still useless, just end up swiping the app closed and going by feel again. I'm going to guess I'm not alone there. We need the choice to have ugent lows, etc. muted or not. Put a parental lock on it if you must. Update: silent alarm is still broken. To the user with the really long rant, not one bit if that made sense, just leave yours on if you want. I’m sick of needing to swipe the app away when I’ve already treated the low, cgm is lagging behind and I’m in a meeting.
  • F****** awesome 😁 5/5

    By whitegingy
    Best thing ever why : this app saved my life. I about died over 15 times and this app told my mum I was high or low
  • Alerts are horrible, loud and can't be turned off 1/5

    By meh2323
    I've reported the issue with not being able to use silent or do not disturb with the app, but Dexcom has said they do not see it as an issue, and do not plan to fix it. It is incredibly embarrassing and rude to have a phone make loud beeping noises during important events like weddings or funerals that you can't turn off. I was able to restore to the previous version of the app that respects silent and do not disturb modes.
  • Annoyed by Audible Alerts 2/5

    By nanners49
    As a college student, there are many times where phone usage is restricted and professors are strict about having the ringers on. After the recent update, the alerts won't shut off when your phone is on silent, which is difficult to explain to professors and disruptive to peers. I love having the ability to see my bg on my phone/reciever in class, I'm just annoyed by not being able to silence alarms. UPDATED: Still sick of audible alarms. The entire school does not need to know when my CGM is ready to be calibrated and this is still a problem. I should not have to strategically plan when to change my CGM based on when I'm in class as to avoid disruptions. It makes me not want to wear the sensor which is dangerous.
  • Used to be great, now just below meh 1/5

    By Wavering
    The app used to be co figure or to individual needs. For most adults we don't need a blaring siren deal with a low. We also don't need an alert every 5 minutes until we "acknowledge" by hitting ok in the app. Let me tell you what's awesome. Being in the car, seeing that you're 10 points above your high threshold and getting an alert or vibrate in your pocket every 5 minutes for an hour. Oh sure you could pull your phone out, unlock it, hit ok and try not to crash. Or Dexcom could listen to their customers and give them the ability to customize the alert scheme that they took away in a previous update. Calling the customer support number won't get you anywhere. They've been "listening to customer concerns" and "working on a solution" for more than 6 months.
  • Not compatible with iPhone 7 1/5

    By Rcdavis70
    I got my iPhone 7 yesterday. I've bee using Dexcom Mobile for several years and love it. Tried to reset password to begin using on new phone and upon opening reset in app I get the message that the iOS is not compatible. Would love to be wrong about this, need help!
  • . 1/5

    By 😄😃😀😛😉😆😎😶😇
    PLEASE change it back so alarms can be silenced! at least on do not disturb.
  • Life hack for you! 1/5

    By [{=-Dat_Boi-=}]
    You know how the app overrides the mute? Well, I have a life hack for you! Get a pair of earbuds, cut off all but the part that goes In your phone, plug it in, and presto! A silencer for when you're in an important business meeting or at school. Literally saves lives.
  • Tslim update 4/5

    By Nothappyguy43
    Hey guys I love this app it have made life with Diabetes so much easier! So I got upgrade for my tsilm X2 and I love it but can you make it so when I calibrate Dexcom on my pump it will calibrate on my phone? Love This app!
  • Frustrating app with unrealized potential 1/5

    By JWC III
    Used to work great, now it won't stay synced to health for upload load to Glooko a far superior and useful tracking app, alarms are annoying and disruptive it takes time for the sensor to catch up after you make corrections but you still have to deal with alarms, Diabetes doesn't run your life Dexcom does! Signal loss constantly with phone to transmitter, install and wait a half hour for Bluetooth to pair, half hour to pair I don't understand this. All other dexcom apps should be integrated into one app upgrading the functionality of this app would help. Seriously consider looking elsewhere!
  • This app fails so hard it's laughable 1/5

    By Noran Rad
    I don't care what Dexcom's excuse is- the blatant shortcomings and baffling design decisions of this app are far beyond asinine and frustrating as hell. As essentially every other review says, the alerts override your phones silent setting- this is simply unnecessary and unacceptable for the vast of majority of everyday life situations for most people- work, school, the movies, the theater, court, etc etc. Also, the reminder to calibrate the sensor is hardcoded at 5 minutes with no options to change it! I understand that I should re-calibrate every 12 hours, but NO ONE needs a reminder every 5 minutes until you are able to do it! We can't always test our blood sugar at the moment the app asks for it. A single reminder will suffice- we are not mentally challenged! Give us OPTIONS for Christ's sake Dexcom! You are failing!
  • Small Adjustments Can Make This Great 4/5

    By jbuniverse
    There is no doubt that the Dexcom has changed my life & the lives of many other diabetics around the world. This app is a great & unique way to track your blood sugars on something that's already in your pocket or purse all the time, and you don't have to carry a separate device around that is used purely to show you BS readings. With just a few small changes (or at least options) this app could truly be amazing both for what it does & how it does it. First off, the alarms should be an option. They are, to an extent, but the most annoying one for me is the calibration reminder. If you're out, or busy, or driving (which I do a lot), and it goes off or flashes on your flashes every minute or two (maybe three at the MOST) to let you know you need to complete this task. Even if you just entered a BS number 20 minutes before the alarm is scheduled (12 hrs. after your last calibration) it still notifies you...and it won't stop until you enter in ANOTHER number. Making repeat alarms in general (like a snooze) should be an option. Once I see it I know it needs to be done, I won't forget after three minutes. The Apple Watch app is amazing, and the fact that I can see my numbers all the time without even opening an app is revolutionary to say the least. I can understand that more connection to the app can lower the battery of whatever device it's connecting to, so maybe that's why it often isn't in sync with the app. Click on the reading & it'll update then so that you can get your realtime info. Honestly the biggest thing is the alarms. The sensor stays connected pretty well, and honestly it really has changed my life...and gives my wife & my family peace of mind that they can know if something happens. It would also be great to have all the functions (like reports) in one app but it's not really a big deal. Thanks guys for everything that you do, and I am excited for the G6 when that comes out!
  • Still unusable due to always audible alarms 1/5

    By rf9942
    I simply can't use the latest version of the app because of the inability to silence the alarms. I can't have the phone blaring at me at work during meetings and similar. Recently I was at a funeral in the church when I had a slight low glucose alert - can you imagine if the full volume alarm had gone off then? I'm an adult, let me choose to set my phone to vibrate and decide for myself how to handle it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By bobdapig
    So I'm a diabetic and this app is really hepful I go to school so having an Apple Watch is helpful before I got an Apple Watch I had a pebble watch it doesn't have a Dexcom app but because it like all smart watches notifies you it was still helpful with the Apple Watch seeing the trend graph is nice PLEASE allow Apple Watch users to enter numbers from there Watch also here's a LIFE HACK when you don't want it beeping in class or at there air port where they think every thing is a bomb just plug ur earbuds in the beep will just go to the ear buds where no one can hear it thanks for reading
  • Connection spotty, watch app never up to date 1/5

    By ajasper12
    This app is always having problems. Apart from Dexcom treating PWD as children when it comes to alarm choice, there are two technical issues that are bad enough in the new version that I'm not sure it should be on the market. First, the Bluetooth connection to the transmitter is now much flakier than ever before. I get regular "lost signal" alarms when the phone and sensor are 8-12" apart. I have to kill the app and toggle Bluetooth to get it back. Second, the Apple Watch app (which, when working, is the greatest advance in diabetes care since fast acting insulins) is so often "---" (no data) as to nullify the ambient advantages of having your BG on your wrist. When that number is just a part of the background of your life, it makes managing BG a series of tiny, simple corrections (on a pump). It just melts into the background of life. With the flakiness in recent versions of the app/system this seamlessness is lost and it becomes a burden rather than a helpful tool. I hope this gets fixed, otherwise I'm finally upgrading my pump and using the competitor's CGM because if the connectivity doesn't work right, Dexcom has no advantages.
  • More features 1/5

    By Nicky b baby04
    You should be able to search back a months to see you BS level. The app should also give you daily and weekly averages among other things. These are very basic features. Why aren't these included. Dumb.
  • The product is lifesaving the apps are terrible 1/5

    By Oupioneer77
    The whole product flow of apps for dexcom is amazingly stupid. Need to monitor you blood sugar? Oh you'll need to download the main dexcom G5 app--- oh and it's buggy as hell, you'll need to just reinstall it every so often just to get it to pair to a sensor. Need to share your numbers with needed family and docs? Oh--- you'll need a separate app for that... we call it the share app you'll need that first. Oh--- people that need the data? Yeah, there's a separate app for that too--- it's called follow--- and it to is buggy as hell, we can't really tell you when you'll get your data---maybe you will, eh maybe you won't---don't worry it's your cellular networks fault if you don't. Oh--- your doc needs to see your numbers and trend reports? Oh we've got ANOTHER separate app for that too--- dexcom sensors themselves are amazing in treating diabetes. However dexcom can now claim the title of DEATH BY 1,000 APPS. Integrate people.
  • Awesome CGM - worst app 1/5

    By rocknfreak
    Edit: Seriously? The screenshots for the app in the AppStore, they have the normal screen resolution! But in real, they use an old screen resolution, so it looks cheap and not professional. Please guys, 2 months and no update. Come one! Update the app and invest some money to get better and faster updates! To write good critic, I have to be nice and give improvements: - change the screen resolution, they changed it already 4 iOS versions earlier! - sometimes I see my sugar level on the app but not on my Apple Watch? Bug or something else? - sound settings: please let us set the volume of the sound, and not related to the sound settings of the iPhone. Also please let us set something like apple watch vibrate only. - we can set events like sports? Why not food and bolus?
  • Life changer 4/5

    By alexisg
    I've been using a dexcom CGM for the last 2 years and can safely say that it is the single greatest thing I have done for my diabetes health ever. Compared to using the receiver this app has many advantages. No longer needing to carry the receiver was an immediate win for me. Having the app connect to my Apple Watch was a great addition and I have not had any trouble with the connection on a iPhone 6S and Apple Watch 2. A couple things that could use some help or changes. The inability to mute the urgent alarm signal. I realize that it's probably just a bad idea to mute this audio, but I think there should be a user choice on this. I don't think it deserves the one star reviews that people are giving it for this but it does need an update. Some options might be for a longer delay between acknowledging the alarm. It takes some time for my sugar to raise. The repeated noise just make a bad situation harder to deal with at times. Some new alarm sounds or ability to use my own sounds would be great as well Secondly I would love to be able to update entries. I sometimes enter in the wrong info, and not being able to adjust it can be problematic. Other than that this is a great app and a great system. I look forward to new updates. More apple health integrations for exercise maybe?
  • Best app for diabetics 5/5

    By Ivan Lol 10
    I have diabetes in 7 years now I'm ten it's keep working like a boss 😎
  • Volume adjustment please. 2/5

    By MadNadu
    The app is pretty reliable; sometimes the values are off by that's the same for my dexcom monitor as it is in the app. The real issue with the app is that I can't turn the volume down...I keep my phone on me all the time so I can check my sugar, but if I go to 80 it beeps SO loudly and I can't have that when I'm at work. Especially if I'm talking to someone, it just continues to yell at me and if causes a lot of disruption. I can't keep it on my always because it's always yelling, but if I leave it in the office it screams because I'm out of range. The app is just too dang loud!! It needs some sort of mute and volume adjustment- seriously.
  • Calibration Issues 3/5

    By 30303030
    I was liking this app until the past few weeks when every time I would calibrate, it would require another calibration shortly after causing me to use 2 additional strips per day-- which adds up. If you ignore the notification, it eats up your phone battery with all of the alerts. Trying to get ahold of someone at Dexcom is frustrating with long hold times. Hopefully they pay attention to these reviews, because a fix would be appreciated. Another downside to this app is that there's no way to adjust the volume of the alerts. They are blaring loud (which is great for at night-- but not so great when I'm at work).
  • Great But 1/5

    By identify gaps
    This ap is great, but.... You are turning over your medical information, your ap usage, your blood sugar readings to Dexcom on a continuous basis if you use it. There is no way to opt out of this 'cloud based solution' unless you are willing to never use wifi again. Don't worry however, because via their terms of service: "Dexcom Services are not medical or healthcare services", and - via their 'privacy policy' - they have the right to sell your information to provide you with interest based advertising. Maybe you are happy to give them your data to help them create the statistical models and regressions that could facilitate the creation of a commercially viable artificial pancreas. But maybe you would like the option to just use your iphone as a Dexcom receiver without turning over your personal medical information to third parties.... just a thought. updates now prohibit muting the dexcom ap. so you open your dexcom ap on your watch, phone is silenced in a meeting. still beeps without even opening the phone ap. creepy. this is so annoying. waiting for my new medtronic all-in-one system to be delivered. medtronic let's you set a time for silence and it automatically counts down and unmutes for you. The competitor's solution is simple and slick. Come on dexcom. Tell your programmers to design updates working with user groups. Right now they seem to only listen to tinfoil hat wearing, product liability lawyers. Also, historically you could use an old iphone, leave it by your bed with really loud alerts to wake you up at night. perfect and simple. now they have "improved" the ap and only allow one iphone to link. so much for me and for those of us with a work and personal phone. thanks dexcom. your early app was so much better and more user friendly. congrats- it took real effort to make it this much worse.
  • Don't get me wrong it's a lifesaver ... but 1/5

    By sdemw
    Latest versions seems to have some stability issues running on a 6s. Occasional freeze etc. LARGEST gripe, like many, is the change that overrides phone vibrate / mute settings. It's really a major pain. I understand the logic that created it - but the implementation is horrible and I suspect largely driven by a liability concern. What about forcing back to full volume after a few alerts are ignored? Or implementing only for urgent low?
  • Quiet? 3/5

    By At1d30
    Love my Dexcom and the app. Super helpful and fits well in my life. The vibrate setting is good, but it should be an option for the first time calibration. The last two times it has interrupted meetings and interviews by progressively getting louder. Some of us just need it to be silent during the day. There is nothing more obnoxious and embarrassing. Especially when it isn't vital. Also would like this option for urgent lows for the same reasons. I for one am not worried about feeling the low or the vibrate. Would be nice if there were daytime and nighttime alert settings. I want more volume at night than I want during the day. Update: please, please, please make the first calibration alarm stop! I always know, but I don't always have time. Even if I shut the app it still keeps getting louder and louder. Not helpful for a busy professional! I'll deal with it when I can. Diabetes does not run my life! And not being calibrated is not life and death! I love my dexcom, but I can live without it.
  • Needs improvement, but generally good 4/5

    By Photosynthesis Cat
    We really could use a "notes" section in our events menu - to help cover or indicate when things happen that are out of the ordinary day to day events, like: "I forgot my insulin here." Or "I was changing from humalog to novolog here (insulin types)" Or any number of scenarios. As one familiar with programming, it wouldn't be too difficult to add a comment or notes section into the app - just a blank space for users to type in comments or reminders to explain their events/results later to a doctor. They might discover trends they didn't know they had otherwise (like repeatedly forgetting insulin, or that a particular glucose profile on their pump was less effective.) All in all, the app is okay. We could really benefit from a notes section in the events menu though! Pretty please with a diabetic friendly sweet on top? :)
  • Get the developer to install mute features. 1/5

    By spacebikes
    This app has a lot of potential and is easy to use with a nice interface that quickly aids in the management of blood sugars. However, the lack of a muted/vibrate alarm makes the app worthless. The alarms are incredibly obnoxious when they go off making the app useless for everyday life at work and school. If you are banking on using this app as an everyday improvement for health management try a different company. Extremely disappointed.
  • Needs Critical Improvements 1/5

    By R9310325
    The app on iOS is fine but the UI/UX is ugly and clunky. Developers need to work on this a lot. Perhaps add HealthKit support. The alarm choices are also horrid. Also, this app not available for Samsung Galaxy S8. It's a new, popular phone that's been out for a few months. Please add support! The apps on Android and iOS need a lot of work and improvements.
  • best/worst app 2/5

    By Mschiot
    The best app as it is so smart and has been such a life saver - but man o man I get alerts around the clock that the app has crashed (when it hasn't) and it's warning buzzer is so loud, even with my phone on mute, and sends pure evil looks my way from colleagues or people at the movie theatre. Also when you scroll through the app, sideways, it just reverses automatically. If Dexcom put a few app engineers behind these bugs, and reading the comments it seems like a general consensus, it would be a dream.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By ÄrmÿBömbëd
    I keeps losing signal and takes for ever to reconnect
  • Bad update 2/5

    By well.ok.then
    This monitor G5 has soooo much potential. Updated today cause I was hoping for some improvements..but nothing... Please invest time energy & money in to this's the bottleneck to soooo many people having Great health & dexcom being a huge part of that..Bluetooth smartphone & watch working together could change the diabetes game for so many people..please come out with a real Update!!! My phone will say one number..then it takes several minutes before that gets pushed to watch..if it does.. Please please update app to work properly with new iPhone update..sure I'm not the only one who updated phone to now have app keep telling me that it is still working to get app to play fair with's sensor changing day & now can't get sensor to complete warm up cycle..
  • App overrides mute 1/5

    By V43Vicki
    I like the fact that this downloads all info to my doctor continuously but even on mute with the volume turned down, this thing alarms loudly-sure it's a lifesaver at night but if I'm in a meeting or out with friends, I can't have it alarming like that with the receiver also alarming and my Apple Watch buzzing. I have to check it frequently and as soon as it gets to 80, I have to turn the phone off. This is very annoying-I deleted the app for awhile but decided to try it again so my doctor gets the info he needs to make treatment decisions that are best for me. Isn't there a way to download the Dexcom info from your computer? I plug in my pump once a week to download-would rather just download the Dexcom that way too.
  • Love it 1/5

    By Dg957
    But it has flaws & it needs a sleeker design/display. Something easy on the eye

Dexcom G5 Mobile app comments


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