Digit: Smart Money Sidekick

Digit: Smart Money Sidekick

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  • Current Version: 2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Hello Digit, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Digit: Smart Money Sidekick App

WELCOME TO DIGIT Saving money used to be hard. Now it's easy! Digit is the effortless way to save money without thinking about it. Every day, Digit checks your spending habits and moves money from your checking account to your Digit account, if you can afford it. Easily withdraw your money any time. Fast Company named Digit 2017's second most innovative company in finance having now saved over $500 million dollars for its customers. It only takes a minute to get set up! FEATURES * Digit saves the perfect amount of money everyday based on your income and spending. * Withdraw money from your savings at any time. Digit allows unlimited transfers and has no account minimums. * Earn a 1% Savings Bonus for saving money with Digit. Every 3 months Digit will automatically reward you for saving with a Savings Bonus (currently 1% annually). No fine print, no account minimums. Just sit back and collect your bonuses. PRICE Digit is completely free to try. After your trial period, a monthly subscription costs $2.99 and can be canceled anytime. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING US News: “The Digit app makes automatic saving a breeze.” [1] The Verge: “Digit is the automated savings plan we’ve been waiting for” [2] Fast Company: “Turning saving money into a mindless task” [3] USA Today: “The best part about Digit is its ability to calculate how much to save from day to day.” [4] [1] http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/my-money/articles/2016-10-27/these-apps-will-help-you-save-more-money-for-the-holidays [2] http://www.theverge.com/2015/2/19/8064431/digit-is-the-automated-savings-plan-we-ve-been-waiting-for [3] https://www.fastcompany.com/3067885/the-10-most-innovative-companies-in-finance-2017 [4] https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2015/03/21/saving-apps-digit/24978473/


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Digit: Smart Money Sidekick app reviews

  • Overdraft Fee 1/5

    By MzBethy
    My account balance was under $100 and it still transferred money for a rainy day causing my account to get an overdraft fee. Digit refunded me the overdraft fee into my rainy day savings, but it would take up to the next business day to transfer back into my personal account. Unfortunately when my account goes into a negative balance and an overdraft fee occurs, it restricts me to use all of my services like depositing a check from my mobile device by capturing a picture of it. VERY INCONVENIENT!!! PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM. I have a limit set for no rainy day savings if it's not at a certain amount.
  • I love it! So simple! 5/5

    By AliAllen182
    Not only is this app so easy to use but it makes saving money easier ,and actually fun! It’s so helpful!
  • Love and hate it 2/5

    By Rondesh
    I loved this app when I first started using it but now not so much. I love the ability to save without me knowing. I love the option to save for a specific bill but I have had digit change my amount set to a much higher amount like 3 times higher than the requested amount. I changed it once and it did it again the next month. I can’t contact anyone to help fix this and would like to continue using digit but may have to find another option because I can’t afford it taking out 3 times the amount requested .
  • Not in best interest 2/5

    By KaiserRieck
    This app is great if you’re OK with developers removing money from yoir account. They don’t take it, but I also don’t appreciate it since there wasn’t a way to “opt out” of rainy day funds. Oh well, sorry Digit!
  • Best money saving app 5/5

    By sid09
    This app works just as it described. Love it and recommend to anyone wishing to same more!
  • Best app ever to save money 5/5

    By Samantha Murphree
    Love how it saves a little at a time for me very helpful and love how I can move money back and forth if I need it. Just wish it transferred money to and from faster but love it 5 stars
  • Great for irresponsible millennial working for a startup 4/5

    By TheyDoneGood
    I travel all over the place for a tech startup and I have tons of different savings accounts chipping away for spending money wherever I go. If you have sporadic spending habits it will sometimes not save anything for days or if you pull out hefty amounts. But it tends to be when O can spare it.
  • Great concept, execution lacking 2/5

    By chidis
    First off, app works well but account didn't work with my bank. They almost always had the wrong balance and continued to withdraw even when I requested a pause. If you decide to use keep an eye on your bank balance.
  • Love! Love! Love! 5/5

    By Idkjust1
    I've been using this app since 2016 and it has saved my a** so many times! I work for a Small non-profit so my checks are a joke. It's nice to hv these reserve funds available when I need them. Great job.
  • Be amazed how easy it is to save money 5/5

    By Sniper382
    It’s amazing how much money can be saved little by little. It’s well worth the 2.99 a month fee. Using this app to help save for our trip to Disney world. It’s also nice that it texts you your checking balance everyday. It’s easy to pull your money out when you want
  • Totally worth it! 5/5

    By JessK3949
    Started using this app when it was free and we saved so much money that we decided to continue using after they started charging. We also earn better bonuses than the interest on our typical savings account. I’d highly recommend it!
  • Only Save What You Can Afford? 1/5

    By Missy110370
    This app states that it will only withdraw and save what you can afford. So I decided to try it out. As a single mother, I need all the help I can get squirreling money aside. I joined Digit 18 December. I enjoyed it decently. Taking a couple dollars here, a couple dollars there. That’s fine with me! It all adds up. It all saves the same. This morning was different. I get a notification from my bank saying there was a transfer greater than my alert settings. So I log into my bank account app. Digit had transferred $1360+! Making my account overdrawn by over $600! So I’m panicking staring at my -$660 account balance. How is this saving “only what you can afford”?! At this point I’m finished with this app, I’m left over a holiday weekend with my kids, with no money, and an outstanding check that I wrote that could possibly bounce. So I close my account and am told that my pending transfer won’t hit my bank until Friday, it’s Saturday. Almost a whole week away. Shameful. Disappointed. Do. Not. Use.
  • Saved by the Digit 5/5

    By mailman106
    Love this app just started it but I’m saving for a cruise for my husband and I without taking any money out of our savings account💜
  • Not saving 1/5

    By Orion2342
    You have made not so great changes to your algorithm that has stymied saving intervals. I have had the same balance for months now. PLEASE FIX
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Nlu
    This app is a headache. Do not use.
  • Awesome savings without the hassle 5/5

    By Stevcr1
    This App has helped me save tremendously. It monitors your spending for several days then calculates where it can save a little here and there and before you know it you have reached your goal!
  • What Happened? 1/5

    By larlar2011
    I have not been able to log in to my account for months. I had savings paused for a little while but now that I am ready to save again, I am getting stuck when I try to enter security questions. Also, their website looks super wonky now. Maybe they’re updating things, I don’t know. I need some help please Digit folks!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Tjmihok11
    It works really well with my bank account , yet my girlfriend had struggled with hers when she had an account at a credit union ! But it works great for me and really helps me save my money and with the text it really helps me keep track of my account !
  • Helpful\ useful app 5/5

    By Amerahh
    App is very easy to use , good for saving
  • Why not? 5/5

    By Star501
    It’s simple, it’s easy, and it saves me money without me having to think about it.
  • I use to love it 1/5

    By misstjohn
    I need to definitely find another savings app cause this is not it. I consistently get the “you don’t have enough in checking” to save. This error occurs when trying to manually save. Always. If I didn’t have the money to save, why would I try to save? I’m gonna keep it for now because i don’t want my savings to get transferred back to me but I’m definitely looking for something new.
  • Fraud! 1/5

    By LivPrince97
    I tried this out for a few weeks and decided it wasn’t for me. I tried to cash out but it wouldn’t let me and so I closed my account with the promise of reimbursement but I never got my money. I’ve contacted them on Facebook and they sent me to the close account page which I had already done. I tried to contact them again but they have still not done anything. Do not let them take your money!
  • Monthly fee for an app that’s supposed to save my money? 1/5

    By Linalina227
    I’m not paying 3$ a month for an app that’s supposed to save my money.
  • Meh. 1/5

    By Buttonxox
    Defeats the purpose of saving if you’re paying a monthly fee. Ijs. Deleting after my 100 days.
  • Best saving app 5/5

    By meelah32692
    This app makes saving so much fun!! It’s out of sight out of mind and I don’t feel like I’m missing Anything.
  • Digit is Lazy Now 2/5

    By ReviveDigit
    I also loved this app and recommended it to everybody. When they began charging, I believed it was a small price to pay for what it accomplished. Unfortunately though, since they started charging, it doesn’t save/work as much. I’ve sent the “save more” request several times and it still doesn’t move like before. At the rate it’s going, it seems it might just save as much as it charges.
  • Confused 4/5

    By Thameenah
    Can only add one account

    By Down & Out Dave
    Seriously, don’t have to do a thing. The rainy day feature is good for just because. Setting goalmojis is perfect because I make them, and let the app do the rest. I no longer have to worry about budgeting for the holidays and whatnot. Just make sure you have dollars in whatever account you link. That part helps. You’d be surprised the reactions I get when I tell people that part about the app. 👌🏻
  • Digit Savings. 5/5

    By VivaLaJass
    I absolutely love and recommend this app. It’s makes saving so much more easier and you don’t even realize how much you you’re doing it.
  • Liked the old app! 3/5

    By Cantina123
    I updated yesterday and now things won’t load. I click on things and just see blank pages. What’s going on?
  • Update 1/5

    By Lexi2u
    Update makes my app not work at ALL
  • What happened?! 1/5

    By Theregalone1983
    I used to love this app -ever since the update it has not been working and I can’t even log in at all. Also, there doesn’t appear to be any sort of support to report errors with the app. May have to delete it permanently if they don’t find a fix.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Jennie Vo
    Why i cant access to my account??? I want the refund back
  • Lit 5/5

    By Watch Dogs Fan19026
  • Great 4/5

    By Traumagirl125
    Would love an option to send savings to a different account (such as a savings account) when you withdraw funds. Overall, great app and super easy way to save some extra money!
  • Lifechanging 5/5

    By CSLue
    I’ve never reviewed an app. Never told so many friends. Digit is a lifeline for me, as I have terrible money management skills. I’ve already saved, but something that’s even better is the daily text messages that tell me my balance. I can’t ignore my bank account reality which is helping me spend more responsibly! Anyway - I think it’s easy to use and wonderful!
  • Expected more 1/5

    By Anon 😜
    I heard good things about this app and was hoping to save money. I never got contacted about my bank when I sent in a note about it since they don't have my bank in their system. I was sent a text of welcome though. I deleted the app and will be going elsewhere.
  • Great app but a little bit slow 4/5

    By Tiamaylove?
    It takes a little while to start saving for your actual goal rather than the rainy day savings. Good app though !
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Brittc9114
    Helps me save money. There has been a couple times where I wish it didn’t withdraw from my bank account but it was easily reversible. I have been able to save more because the money that’s gets put into Digit isn’t not able to be used immediately
  • A big help 5/5

    By shammyny
    Truly encouraged me to save. Been a great help and back up
  • Worth It 4/5

    By jstaff07
    I’ve had Digit for a year now and have found it to be a really successful and effective tool for me. About six months into my using the app, I noticed that my accounts weren’t saving. Each time I reached out to customer service, I was treated respectfully and the problems were assessed and explained quickly (some issue with an algorithm). It took probably three or four weeks for everything to get sorted, but it did and I haven’t had an issue since. My only feedback would be that it would be great to be able to transfer between accounts/goals. It would be great to have that flexibility.
  • UX/UI mess 3/5

    By blahblahblahblahblahblahAgain
    The original app was clean and functional, but they forced users into an annoying conversational UI that wasn’t even robust enough to be conversational - for examples, I could ask “today”, but not “yesterday”. Now they 180 from the conv stuff, but change the visual design to something awful. That background, that I can’t change, looks 10 years old and the general design lacks polish and craft. The service itself works fine, but get the app straight!
  • Wouldn’t show my goals 1/5

    By nhhile
    I created a goal and transferred money to it and now it is gone as well as my money. I want to close my account and send back all my money but when I tried it said only 5 dollars would be sent back and not 25. I absolutely hate this app.
  • Update still has glitches 2/5

    By Scorpio baby
    I did the update and went through all the prompts, then I pressed the tab for your bank and my whole screen went white and nothing came up. I then went out of the app then went back moments later and the same thing happened. What gives?!?!? 🤷🏾‍♀️ the update is doing more harm than good.
  • Digit 3/5

    By Journeeee
    It doesn’t save everyday i want the money to be saved without my knowledge but it saves every beginning of the month and than i have to save the rest manually.
  • Digit is great!! 5/5

    By seacone 1
    I have never been good at saving until I found Digit! Now I am saving buckets of money and I never miss it! I don’t know how they know when and how much to take out but it never takes out too much. If my account gets low, nothing is taken out. I never even think about it. I check my balance once in a while and I’m agog at how much I have! I have been trying to get my apartment painted for 3 years but never had enough money to hire anyone. Well, last month I had more than enough in my Digit account to get it painted...finally!! If you are going to use this as a last minute save from overdraft charges (which is not Digit’s fault) or you need the money instantly, you probably should just save with your bank. It will take the usual 24 hrs for the transfer just like any other money transfer between banks. Otherwise, this is just the best savings app ever!! Thanks, Digit for taking the burden of saving for me!! Splendid job!!!
  • Feeling Protected & Secure in Uncertain Times 5/5

    By BraveEwe
    I really fell in LOVE with this app. Not only did Digit give me 100 days free to try it out before paying a monthly subscription. They gave me piece of mind being FDIC insured. I love penny pinching and living life well below my means. And with an app like this app it’s always a pleasant surprise to “discover” pocket change stacking up on my behalf. 💴 Recapturing my wealth. 😃
  • Glitches 3/5

    By LiciaPoo
    My bank won’t connect anymore and my app closes abruptly when I click on one of my goals.
  • It’s a great way to save 5/5

    By Apptacular
    It makes saving enjoyable!!! Already saved up $50
  • Hello Digit 1/5

    By MarcusandKita
    It’s a good app for savings; however, I’ve been having problems with it automatically saving for me for a few months now. I’m having to manually save. The information I got from them was that my bank has a new security measure set up that’s blocking them from saving. I called my bank and they confirmed that nothing has changed. I have two checking accounts with the same bank under the same username and I think the app can no longer distinguish which one to save from. I say that because when I attempt to establish the connection back with my bank, it says I am trying to connect to another checking account rather than the one listed. So, it’s been frustrating trying to remember to save when I’m used to it automatically saving.

Digit: Smart Money Sidekick app comments


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