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DIRECTV NOW is your NEW standalone streaming service for Live TV and On Demand entertainment. Enjoy news, sports, events, and shows as they air. Your favorite TV series and movies can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Looking for instant access to TV with no annual contract? You’re one click away from breaking free from old school TV. Simply install the DIRECTV NOW app and join the streaming revolution! LIVE TV Stream local TV*, sports, news, events and shows you crave on 120+ live channels, including ABC**, NBC†, Discovery Channel, History, Comedy Central, AMC, A&E, Food Network, The Weather Channel, HGTV, and so many more. Watch your favorite shows like Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Blindspot, Chicago Fire, and Law & Order: SVU in real time. ON DEMAND Sit back and chill with up to 20,000+ movies and shows – ready when you are. Catch up on hit shows like Empire, The Voice, and This Is Us or watch a movie like Jack Reacher. PREMIUM CHANNELS Roll out the red carpet when you add HBO® or Cinemax® at an unbeatable price, or get OBSESSABLE original series & hit movies with Starz. Never miss another episode of Game of Thrones, Westworld, or Black Sails. WATCH ANYWHERE DIRECTV NOW streams on your smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV. Whether home or on the go, simply download DIRECTV NOW and begin watching Live Television and On Demand Movies. MORE TV FREEDOM Take control of your TV viewing – No annual contracts, No credit checks, and No equipment to lease. It’s time to fall in love with TV again. Start watching Live TV now! *Live Sports & Local Channels may be limited **ABC – live streaming available in select markets †NBC – live streaming available in select markets and on select devices


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DIRECTV NOW app reviews

  • I’ve yet to get it to work more than once 1/5

    By NikNikSD
    First time I downloaded it I was able to get the app to work. Ever since then (several months) I’ve tried to log in and all I get is an error saying “something has gone wrong on our end, please try again later” .... well it’s been months and no success. Absolute crap!
  • Satisfied with DirectTVNow 4/5

    By MNWahine
    I’ve been using Direct TV Now, streaming via Roku. I’m happy I cut the cable, and the viewing quality is great. I rarely use the service on my phone or IPad, but I’m glad I can if necessary. My only complaint is with the guide, as I Have to re-select favorite channels every time. Maybe I don’t know how to set it (?) they seem to be working to improve it constantly. I’m looking forward to DVR in the cloud, mentioned as a future feature. BTW if their On Demand makes you wait too long, did you know you could subscribe to each network-get a code from ROKU or somewhere, and watch most programs after only one day?
  • Why is my iPhone 7 iOS 10.1 not compatible? 1/5

    By Chubbystuffin
    Your website says it is but clearly I am unable to watch anything without the error popping up.
  • Modem + Yowling Feline have audio 1/5

    By eMeryia
    So I decided to try Direct Tv Now. I was 120% happy with PlayStation Vue but then they dumped all the Nickelodeon Channels! I have a two kiddos ages 3 & 5. So on rainy days & long winters, I might need Nick Jr. more then THEY do! It was an unfortunate deal breaker. I loaded up DirectTv Now. It plays off my iPhone okay...most of the time. But when I’ve tried watching w/ the fire stick? Disastrous. The audio (what audio?) is a obnoxiously high pitched electronic screeching sound! Imagine if a yowling cat & a dail up modem had a baby. That baby’s cries come pouring out of my television whenever I tried to watch in demand. (yes I fiddled with it 1st to see if it was O.E.) M-kay fine, I just WON’T watch on demand, live Tv’s audio was “Modem-Cat-Babyless”. So that worked, but you KNOW how cats are, they’re superior breeders... As of yesterday. All the audio on this app through the FireStick is infected with that horrid noise. Like a SHOEBOX full of yowling Modem Kitties and instead of a sign that says “free to a good home”, it’s $5O...monthly. I’m a dog person. This app belongs in the litter box.
  • What’s with the bug? 1/5

    By SoloX
    Why is it asking me for my password every time I launch the app?
  • You will regret it 1/5

    By giddyup
    Worst streaming service I have ever experienced. Continuous freezes even on a very fast internet connection. It never improved, only got worse. Nothing else is even close. I regret having to give this one star.
  • Very disappointed 2/5

    By Ineedanapin123
    Used to be great. On demand hardly ever updates and there is still no dvr service. I can’t just always be around to watch shows live. Very sub par.
  • Delayed Shows 1/5

    By Lovemesomefab
    I’ve been trying to watch my previous released shows and numerous new ones have been released but not on DTVN! This is s frustrating! I can’t even get an answer from customer service!
  • Worst app ever! 1/5

    By klem kadiddlehopper
    Occasionally the app will lose the connection, but what’s even worse is that anytime the audio increases in volume due to an explosion or something happening during the show, the sound becomes distorted to the point you don’t even want to watch it. Pretty sad, I expect more from AT&T.
  • It’s bad. 1/5

    By Eurythmicon
    If you like low resolution, menus that don’t work, and non-existent customer support you’ll love directv now.
  • Array or loop bug 3/5

    By MarkCuckerberg
    Not sure if this is present for other shows. But episode 5 for each season of curb your enthusiasm is skipped over, displaying episode 4, then episode 6. Probably and issue with the way that the seasons are displayed by a loop or through an array. This is something simple that should have been caught during testing. Goes to show the quality of application this is.
  • Only if it’s free or cheap 1/5

    By NotSoDirecTV
    You will hate the way this app works...or better said..doesn’t work! On demand is never updated quickly and if it is updated it will only have a few episodes..often not in order and not the newest ones. There is rarely older seasons on demand. There are more bugs and glitches than I care to explain. Only reason I keep it is for live TV events like football which will be blacked out on phones but available on other devices. It regularly malfunctions to the point you can’t watch it because it won’t connect to the server or some other issue. Once you figure out how to trouble shoot it, it’s just a pain but you can use it. If you watch on demand shows it will freeze when it ends and you have to back out of the whole app and log back in and re search for the show you want to find the next episode..all while it lags switching between pages. Customer service does not care and won’t act like they do. If you ignore a call it will still boot you from the app. Can’t read messages without backing out completely. Only get this app if it’s $10 or less per month. Otherwise try Hulu or Sling TV.
  • No DVR service, picture freezes or no picture at all 1/5

    By Kdubhimself
    This could be the best service but with no dvr and the constant freezes they are not there yet.
  • Dripping not streaming 1/5

    By cre8ev
    Terrible streaming, broken transmissions when you need to hear it most (coincidence?) maybe not. Nearly impossible to restart a frozen show, must select another channel then go back or shut it down and relaunch. Audio with frozen video often. Slow performance when navigating. Hmmm no problem using other streaming services. Should call it dripTVnow!
  • Deceptive billing 1/5

    By Longtime fb user
    This has a 30 day free trial. I dutifully cancelled the service after 25 days because it did not have local channels. The problem is they billed be for the next 3 months. I spent hours trying to contact them to rectify and have not been able to get a hold of anyone to resolve. I finally got the credit card company to block them. Use at your own risk.
  • Terrible performance 1/5

    By Zade88
    They can’t even get the closed captioning right. Buffering is brutal making it impossible to watch much of anything. I can’t believe they call themselves an entertainment company.
  • Apple TV Frustration! 2/5

    By Beckbronco
    Being able to watch what’s broadcasting this moment on HBO channels is kind of cool. Mostly because it reminds of watching actual TV. The sounds quality is awful. With no other streaming app I use (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and the actual HBO app, at one point,) have I ever noticed fuzzy, distorted, lo fidelity audio. Boo! Figure it out. It’s so easy to notice especially with epic types like GOT or Harry Potter, for instance. The remote controls? You must toggle between play, fast forward, and rewind. Then, your options are 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x. Hmm. Also the only app wherein one cannot move the cursor along the tracking bar to move around the program and find your place. Also, sometimes the controls don’t even work as if the content is not loading. To top it off, browsing the available content is difficult. It doesn’t appear to show all the options that the HBO app does, even though there is even more content to see here on the Direct TV app. It’s 2018. No excuses for a low rent streaming app! Surly, though, they are aware that I am motivated to keep struggling with the interface, as it is somewhat of a free perk vs. the actual HBO app, which has its own monthly subscription fee (dunno, $15?). ☮️
  • So freaking buggy 1/5

    By Ghostleader101
    Needs immediate update. Can’t even use the app at all at this point. Constant freezing.
  • Worst app I have ever owned 1/5

    By NikidJbird
    I am definitely an optimist and I always try to look at the good in everything. Using the word correctly I literally have never owned an app that has had this many problems, its constantly saying that it has lost the connection, the video and audio is constantly cutting in and out. if I can ever get it to play anything after about five minutes it says it has lost the connection and that it is trying to fix the problem and then it goes back about 15 minutes into the show, it does that about three times before I want to rip my face off and throw my remote at my TV so I give up and stop watching. I’ve made sure my Internet is working and everything, all my other apps and streaming services work perfectly but this app just doesn’t want to do even close to what it supposed to do.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Bubbles482
    If you are fine with a show buffering every couple of minutes and then starting over from the beginning, I suppose it is okay. I like watching my shows straight through. It would not be so bad if you could fast forward to where it left off, but you can’t—presumably because they want you to watch the commercials. I wonder if the advertisers ever monitor how they look? Because the commercials broadcast even worse than the shows.
  • Fix this issue FAST 1/5

    By imabiznezman
    Buffering screen freeze. Sound stops video continues. Exit app and video will restart.
  • Keeps asking for password… 3/5

    By Krammman
    Every time I log into the app it works for about 20 minutes and then when my phone goes to sleep it logs me out. I go on my iPhone and try to change the channel but I have to put in the password every time. Please fix this ASAP
  • Garbage 1/5

    By NEW HIP HOP!!!!!
    There is a lot that needs fixed the freezing problem, the repeated shows, etc.
  • Needs a lot of improvement 2/5

    By evotchka
    I don’t usually leave reviews ever but this app is just too bad to not let others know. This app is the only way I can watch HBO and it stinks to high heaven. Chromecast barely even works. It constantly starts back up at the beginning. Sometimes the shows won’t load at all. Even though my wireless is at full signal, the show will keep on stopping and loading. If I decided to opt for the much less favorable way of watching on my phone, buffering still is insane and very often either the sound cuts out or the picture does. Get it together!
  • iPhone X Screen Resolution 2/5

    By Shawn Gee, M.D.
    Please increase app display size to fit iPhone X screen.
  • Will go elsewhere 1/5

    By jtb813
    Buffers more than Hulu live and Sling. Like the channel line up and even added Starz only to not be able to watch Outlander partially through. Had the chat with a rep only to be told be patient for them to resolve. Rep disconnected when he decided he had enough of my questions. Do yourself and favor and don’t bother with DTN.
  • Not sure why so many people are having problems 5/5

    By Opposition84
    I was nervous about value in this app with seeing how many people were complaining and the nature of their complaints. I have only been using for a short while but no issues here. My guess would be some people may be using with low bandwidth available and/or very out dated devices.
  • Not optimised for iPhone X 2/5

    By Steven9797
    It would be great to adapt the video format for iPhone X. On Netflix it’s possible to stream with full screen, it would be nice that the app offers the same capabilities here. Moreover the video quality is better on Netflix.
  • Garbage app on Apple TV 1/5

    By Locknload7
    All I get is a black screen on Apple TV. I can hear the movie. I can’t watch it. Horrible interface too. Falls far short of anything else on this platform. Probably the worst app I’ve seen.
  • Needs working on 3/5

    By Toler Lee
    I had DirecTV before and it wasn’t like this at all. It’s freezing up but the sound keeps going. This is the only way we can watch TV. Please fix it. I love to stay with you all.
  • Owned by ATT 1/5

    By JustinMI
    This app is owned by ATT which explains how horrible it is. Waste of time trying to get anything to play consistently.
  • Buffering like the 90’s 1/5

    Does DirecTV want this to be good?
  • Really, really, reaallllllyyyyy BAD 1/5

    By DaisyElex
    Doesn’t matter if you’re streaming on demand or live TV it buffers no matter what. If it isn’t buffering it randomly will send the episode back to the beginning and when you try to fast forward you’re forced to sit through 8 commercials (which don’t buffer... hmmm) - I am cancelling this ASAP. Direct TV now isn’t worth $35- it isn’t even worth a penny. Horrible. Worthless. Don’t waste your money.
  • Not working after update 1/5

    By MissMel01
    Love paying for a service that doesn't work. Updated to the latest version and now it won't play anything from my device. Press play and get nothing. Doesn't work for live, movies or recorded TV. I am new to DirectTV Now but I cannot say I would recommend for reliability it was touch and go before the update and now it's just DOA.
  • Just Awful 1/5

    By Justin_blck
    This has to be the worst streaming app there is. For the money, the channels and HBO Go add-on for $5/month are fantastic, if you can get them to work. If.
  • Channels 2/5

    By tpt23
    I am from philly but and vacationing in Florida and I cant watch abc, nbc, cbs, or fox. None of them show up
  • This app should never been rolled out in this condition 1/5

    By Works4Me2
    Great company. Wonderful station lineup. Real potential. Just not ready.
  • Getting better (16 Feb 2018) 4/5

    By RSeneres
    This app is slowly getting better. Doesn’t freeze as much unless network drops. Channels snap on fairly quickly after a switch. Getting back to last channel watched is easier. Recording and scrubbing controls are ok, but could be more refined. Content is great always something to search for. Great perks with carrier deals, like AT@T offers free HBO with this service.
  • GREAT !!! 4/5

    By Giusep81
    A cord cutters dream, great quality video and channel packages for an Awesome price (especially if you have AT&T wireless, Bundling price plans) The only downer for me is no cloud DVR (coming Soon according to AT&T representative, said by years end) HINT - good work around is DirectVNOW sign in credentials through the network APPS. I cant understand whats all the bad reviews are about on the APP - Store ?? I think there Fake. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP / service.

  • Sorry to say this 1/5

    By helloleah1996
    I’m kind of upset because I work for AT&T and I have to sell this, and I paid for four months of it to get Apple TV. However, if it’s playing live TV for too long, it will freeze. Cannot rewind without it messing up, and currently it just keeps saying “This service is unavailable” while I can HEAR the TV playing in the background. Now I have two and a half more months of a service that doesn’t even really work and I have to convince customers it’s a good product when I am not convinced myself. DTV being a multimillion dollar corporation owned by another widely respected corporation should not be having these kinds of issues an entire YEAR and some change after their release.

    By mbeez719
    The commercials are at least double the volume and I can’t stand it
  • Direct Tv on the go. App 2/5

    By Magnolia1958
    Captioning is not good on the hallmark channel. I love Hallmark which why I got this app. Disappointed.
  • Rushed Development 1/5

    By djrow2008
    I only tried this service because of the free Apple 4K deal they had going (basically a free 32G Apple 4K with 4 months of service). I really like having the live tv option as I have cut the cord a few years back. That being said I have used the app on the Apple TV 4K, the original ROKU 4K, iPad, and iPhone and the UI and the interface on every device has been terrible. It has crashed on every device many times, and I keep the apps up to date. It’s a great idea and very poor execution. I would hold off on getting the service until they can get stable apps out there.
  • No chromecast? 2/5

    By Mochlod
    2018 update: STILL NO CHROMECAST support on iPhone. All other apps for movie services support it. I have gone against my initial review and now have two Apple TVs in the house, love them. Still have 5 TVs in the house that have Chromecast. Let’s get this launch promise fulfilled even if it is way late. The omission of chromecast support for iOS devices is a huge deal for me. Can't even cast directly to the TV, the app only contains support for Apple TV which I'm not interested in. Hopefully it gets added soon so I can update an add another star or two to my rating. In the meantime I'll have to dust off an older droid tablet... if I can find it. Streaming on the phone even on cellular data is fast. The app instantly starts playing as soon as you start it up. Light pixeling when it loads gets cleaned up fast for a high quality image that seems to run smooth. I'm not a huge fan of how orientation is handled. You view fullscreen in landscape but when you click on the guide you have to go portrait. It's not a huge deal, just an annoyance and one that can get fixed soon (like Chromecast for iPhone support). I switched from PlayStation Vue because of the cost per channel (120 channels for $35 is pretty sweet) and the free firestick. The loss of Viacom channels from Vue was too much for me to take. Some of the video on demand offerings are very limited. My wife likes to watch Younger on TVLand and they only have one episode to watch on NOW. Hopefully more gets added later on (like chromecast support). One last thing, Chromecast support for iOS. Have I mentioned that?
  • I so tired of paying for this! 1/5

    By llitwin16
    I keep getting an error that says I have too many streams going so I can’t watch the show i’m trying to watch but I’m not streaming anything! Also, why are episodes 1,2 & 4 of The Alienist available but not episode 3?! This is BS!!
  • Hmmmmm 1/5

    By ChuckIAM
    Forces frequent logins.... errors out on ‘too many streams active’ when there are not... at least once a week help is only avail y chat and it’s awful.. This app requires maximum patience
  • Meh 2/5

    By CooleoBroseph
    I’ve been using this, and previously I would have given it 4 stars for a couple of bugs, but lately I have been having a problem of not being able to click shows and watch channels that I have purchased. It makes me think that people aren’t even trying, but if this was fixed, I would give it 5 stars. Sorry DirecTV, but you need to heighten your game.
  • Your problem 4/5

    By Below one star
    If your router is out of date or is slow you will have a hard time streaming Direct TV. We purchased it and had are old router and the streaming was unbearable. If you want to fix this problem go get a good router. We got the night hawk for NETGEAR. We have had no issues with streaming since.
  • Buffer Much?... 3/5

    By TheMan19446
    I really try to love DirectTv Go. I promise I really do. I have Hulu, Netflix and tried PSVue but I'm really trying to hang in there for DTV. They lineup is the best of any streaming service out there, it just is but the buffering irritates me to no end. I have the 150 mp from Verizon package and no other app or streaming service buffers as badly as DTV. Im also abeta tester for the new DTV app coming out soon. I love the beta better for sure, the lineup shows you a preview, recording available etc but if the buffering continues this badly on the new release Im going to have to let it go. Please fix the buffering issue!!

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