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DIRECTV NOW is your NEW standalone streaming service for Live TV and On Demand entertainment. Enjoy news, sports, events, and shows as they air. Your favorite TV series and movies can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Looking for instant access to TV with no annual contract? You’re one click away from breaking free from old school TV. Simply install the DIRECTV NOW app and join the streaming revolution! LIVE TV Stream local TV*, sports, news, events and shows you crave on 120+ live channels, including ABC**, NBC†, Discovery Channel, History, Comedy Central, AMC, A&E, Food Network, The Weather Channel, HGTV, and so many more. Watch your favorite shows like Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Blindspot, Chicago Fire, and Law & Order: SVU in real time. ON DEMAND Sit back and chill with up to 20,000+ movies and shows – ready when you are. Catch up on hit shows like Empire, The Voice, and This Is Us or watch a movie like Jack Reacher. PREMIUM CHANNELS Roll out the red carpet when you add HBO® or Cinemax® at an unbeatable price, or get OBSESSABLE original series & hit movies with Starz. Never miss another episode of Game of Thrones, Westworld, or Black Sails. WATCH ANYWHERE DIRECTV NOW streams on your smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV. Whether home or on the go, simply download DIRECTV NOW and begin watching Live Television and On Demand Movies. MORE TV FREEDOM Take control of your TV viewing – No annual contracts, No credit checks, and No equipment to lease. It’s time to fall in love with TV again. Start watching Live TV now! *Live Sports & Local Channels may be limited **ABC – live streaming available in select markets †NBC – live streaming available in select markets and on select devices


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DIRECTV NOW app reviews

  • Constantly buffers and glitches 1/5

    By Disappointed YouTube watcher
    I've tried to view this on Firestick, Chromecast, Roku, and iPhone. On 2 different internet connections. Same thing across the board: every show or movie buffers and glitches every 30 seconds- 1 minute. Makes watching anything impossible. Definitely not worth paying for.
  • Nah! Too slow and freezes a lot. 1/5

    By massolramos
    I can’t even watch a movie or a sports game freezing every minute. Frustrating! My internet speed is great (1GB downloads), so that’s not it. I’m might switch to another provider.
  • Casting issues 2/5

    By alich26
    Please fix the casting issue. I would give it 5 stars but I have been having a lot of issues casting it with chrome cast. When it does cast it keeps on replaying the same thing over and over. When I watch on the tablet it glitches a lot and buffers, the picture looks blurred. It's not my internet because I don't have this problem with other applications such as Netflix or Hulu.
  • Terrible on iOS 11 Apple TV 1/5

    By stefankulk
    Title says it all
  • Amateurish app 1/5

    By Mallard06
    The channel lineup of this service is great. The app itself is amateurish. Nearly one year after its release this app’s performance is still abysmal (e.g., when you click the pause button it takes almost 5 seconds for it to register. When you click on a show in the ‘Guide’, it takes almost 4 seconds to register). Additionally, it makes overly aggressive use of location services. There is no reason why this app can’t simply ping your location just once when you open the app or when you change channels and then pause location services (Apple’s Core Location framework supports this). This would significantly improve battery life. The lack of attention to detail within this app is jarring. This is exemplified by the extremely low resolution 'DirecTV Now' splash page that you see when you open the app on iPhone/iPad.
  • Good App (With Some Issues) 3/5

    By Burt Snurt
    Their content is great, and slowly growing. When it comes to content, channels like TV Azteca, and ESPNDeportes are missed on DirecTVNOW. When it comes to the app, it rarely crashes on my AppleTV (4th gen.), but when scrolling quickly, it often stops and does not allow for further scrolling to occur having to restart the app.
  • Great app with minor issues 4/5

    By simplebird
    The app works great. It’s a good start. I like the TV guide that works like a typical TV guide. However, since it’s an app, we should be more flexible in watching thing on-demand. The guide is only good for live tv. One huge issue: is I rotate the screen a few times, like I always do with other apps, the video feed end up a tiny square in the middle of the screen. Doesn’t stretch out. Double tapping only stretch it in one direction and with the rest cut off. Please fix it! Thanks!
  • No Siri 3/5

    By Scott Ganyo
    Needs to add Siri search on Apple TV.
  • Occasionally, it may work. Or not. 1/5

    By Swissglide
    The app is so-so. The guide is meh. The live TV sorta works. On demand - nope, they shall not have that. This is at best an alpha release. Did a one month trial, gave up and signed up for sling on week two. Overall, the service appears to be an attempt to entice people to go back to old school cable more than a functioning TV replacement.
  • Best way to get TV w/ locals off grid. 5/5

    By Tagman23
    I’ve seen the bad reviews and acknowledge that the service did have some problems, and still does. However, I haven’t found a better way to get a very inclusive channel lineup that includes my locals. This service has become significantly better over the last year and saves me a ton of money on TV programming. This is the future of tv, like it or not, and Directv blows Sling and the other providers away. I’ve tried them all and none compare to this service. I’ve heard we can expect an online DVR service from Directv Now, in the near future and I hope that’s the case. For now, you won’t find a better service and the future looks brighter for this service and app.
  • Errors in 9/21/17 push 3/5

    By CZRdirrty
    No longer connects to Chromecast HD

    By Thegame3623
  • Weak 1/5

    By CommGuyNumber2
    6 commercials every 4-5 minutes, I'll pass.
  • Another taken name? 1/5

    By 8988283372
    4 th time writing this review. Keeps kicking me out. Horrible service. No customer support. App works when it wants. Horrible!!!
  • Really wanted to like this 1/5

    By Big Time Writer Guy
    ...But the streaming is miserable, pathetic. Playback of "on demand" content freezes every minute or so. It's impossible to watch. The only reason I'm keeping it is because of an AT&T wireless promotion that provides Direct TV Now with HBO GO for $10 a month, which is $5 cheaper than the HBO NOW subscription. It's hard to believe there's a streaming service in 2017 that feels like it was designed for dial-up, but here it is.
  • Still beats $100 + a month 2/5

    By T€cH_83
    Streaming is flawless.....however watching on demand shows is absolute crap. Lot of shows poor audio quality and some constantly freezing.
  • Best Live Streaming Service Available 5/5

    By craizin
    It's a great service that’s improved and stabilized over time. It’s certainly much better than similar services out there.
  • Works pretty well usually 3/5

    By frdmfghtr
    Overall I’m liking this app and being able to easily watch TV without the TV. Some things are a bit annoying (the biggest one being NFL games blacked out on my iPhone but that’s a licensing issue not a technical issue) and it got a bit better when local network affiliates started becoming available. Occasionally the video will freeze but audio continues, but a restart fixes that.
  • Fix for iOS and tvOS 3/5

    By Isaiah Sauceda
    Please fix your bugs for the new OS's
  • Garbage. 1/5

    By turicjfdj
    Do these people not care that their terrible app gets horrible review after horrible review? I mean, it is completely unusable and totally unwatchable most of the time. Video freezes, audio freezes, low resolution... you name it. And yes, my internet connection is fine. This is the only app I have issues with. Please please please fix it. Even if you have to take it down altogether for a time. I think we’d all be fine with that. Just fix this trash.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Kernalmode
    Stopped working with the update on iOS 11
  • Bug ridden 1/5

    By Peace6864
    Crashes and freezes up constantly. Audio and visual download at different rates. Nothing but problems.
  • Great 4/5

    By PaulC$
    Much improved
  • Ditch cable TV for this sevice!!!! 5/5

    By Dysan29
    My whole family has hitched cable TV for this service and app. No reason to pay for equipment fees and overpriced service. It’s been 3 months without cable and couldn’t be happier.
  • No support for TV provider 1/5

    By ktnsvm
    Please add support for the TV app so I don’t need to login to every app separately.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Cra-zbuttemom
    Required me to put in my password every freaking time I use the app. Totally worthless.
  • Randomly skips around 1/5

    By RJtheGreat1
    The app would be good if you did not randomly skip around. While watching GOT Will play for a few minutes then skip back two minutes. I have deleted and added the app which did not help. I also updated my phone to iOS 11 and I’m still getting the same issue. This happens whether I am on cellular or Wi-Fi and sometimes I can watch for an hour without issue happening. Update definitely needed.
  • NEEDS WORK 2/5

    By PiperVMR
    Good for ditching cable. Not so good for reliability. I stream from my tablet to my TV and the app frequently shuts down; it will continue to stream, however, I'll be stuck on the original channel and not be able to change.
  • This app/service is rubbish. 1/5

    By Rooski03
    EDIT. Didn’t think it was possible to get worse but somehow you managed it. Way to go guys. Great idea, tv with no "cord", now make it work. Apple TV app constantly freezes. Audio will roll, video is frozen. Stops and starts on 50mb wired connection. Its unwatchable most times. Oh and thanks for displaying the 50 stations, movies, shows that I'm not subscribed to before I have to scroll to bottom of page to actually get to what I'm paying for. Step it up or my free month will be the only month.
  • App freezing 1/5

    By Jmibb01111984
    If this is only a streaming app, then why can't I watch a FULL episode without the app continuously freezing & not finishing the episode. This is the only means of watching shows then it shouldn't have any glitches with it's only job! It only freezes during the commercials, so either do without the commercials or fix the issue
  • Dont waste your $35+ 1/5

    By Canceruhhbg
    This is the worst tv streaming service. I got the $35 service, it provides about 0 movies and for shows that have 20 seasons it only has 4 seasons. Netflix is a much better service. It also has ads that repeat over and over on an endless loop after it shows what happened before the ad it will go back to that same part and then a 4 ad thing will pop up again and again. I am definitely going to stop paying for this garbage.
  • Please get it together. 2/5

    By Flintjet
    If people are paying x amount of money. You guys should be working diligently to fix the flaws. I’m tired of the app not working and certain networks not opening. I’m tired of the video freezing while the audio plays. Please get it together. An update is very necessary.
  • Potential but some bugs... 3/5

    By Mezzharlem
    App works great for live content. Freezes often for On Demand content even when the show has buffered. Internet connection in my home is strong and these issues still persists. Overall the app has a lot of potential if worked out.
  • Terrible App - Way to glitchy 1/5

    By Jacksdad11
    App seems unstable. Very inconsistent on when it works and when it doesn't. Can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet.
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By ABMendoza
    Just fix the app!!! I am c o n s t a n t l y having to reset everything to make this stupid thing to work. Direct TV now great service but this app is 💩. Why can't you stream the Disney channel and Disney Jr? All the other channels in my package stream to my smart tv off my iPad except Disney. Do I have to reset my Apple TV and smart tv every time I use this app? Just fix it! Terrible terrible app that deserves no stars.
  • As real cable as it can get! 5/5

    By amino15889
    I had sling for two months, but it felt it didn't have all the channels I wanted. I made the switch to DirectvNow and it's just great!
  • It’s okay but not perfect. 3/5

    By CrAzY_77
    There is no DVR functionality, no NBC or CBS local channels, and the replay option doesn’t work all the time. First I want to say that the replay option starts to work fine, but at some point it switches to live tv. So if you want I watch that show from the beginning you are screwed.
  • Chromecast support is here finally 3/5

    By Supermario 27
    Updated: Chromecast support for iOS is finally here! I'm upgrading the stars from 2 to 3 there's still bugs that need to be ironed out with iOS Chromecast support but the it's headed in the right direction. As someone who's used this service since the first 30 days of its startup. The service has become more and more reliable. Still far from perfect but improvements have been noticed. Filed a FCC complaint in the early stages of the service which was resolved quickly with a 3 month credit ( Go Big plan) and free HBO for a year. If you were a early adopter you pay $35 currently now $60. As far as the app like I mentioned with each update it's getting better and better. Your problem is you have a lot of "cord cutters" here and majority use Chromecast but the iOS version supports no such thing website says coming soon for months, airplay only. While google play version has it. Now I'm assuming they had some sort of exclusivity with Apple during the promotional free Apple TV with 3 months prepaid. That promotion is now OVER. CAN WE PLEASE HAVE CHROMECAST SUPPORT ON IOS?! 2 stars until then. Otherwise keep improving the other aspects of the app like you are.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Swishallday26
    I have used this app for a year, now I feel I should leave a review. I am a Software Engineer and I can tell you personally by looking at this application that Direct TV Now software development team is either lazy or not talented enough, let me give you some reasons. 1) I was locked out of my account, when I tried to rest my password by clicking on "forgot my password" and entering my email, I don't receive an email to reset my account 2)When I try to click on the link 'forgot password' on my iOS device it shows the link is dead and I am unable to redirect 3)When I was able to log in in the past I tried to update my payment information, I was unable to after 3 tries. Your CRUD logic is obviously broken 4)Online service reps are trash, they obviously can't do more than give you tips, I asked a rep to check if my account was active, the rep instead of taking time and finding a solution, ended the conversation abruptly and passed me onto someone else 5) Constant crashes, I have had to restart the application last month 5 times, because someone obviously doesn't understand how to deliver streams in HD Verdict. Garbage, management needs a new engineering team that is talented and has the ability to deliver a good service
  • Useless 1/5

    By Evrbottle
  • Poor Experience 1/5

    By levityseeker
    If I could give it a zero, I would. Freezes on commercials so can't finish watching on-demand shows. Over it.
  • Hangs 1/5

    By rorwizard
    Just hangs on the loading live tv screen on my iPad Pro.
  • Absolutely...the worst app I've ever used!! 1/5

    By GotTeeth
    I've been a subscriber since launch. The app has never functioned properly. I can tolerate growing pains, but this is ridiculous. From taking 1-2 minutes for the app to open, to 30 seconds to a minute to change channels. How this app can be sooo dam$ bad after 12 months is an absolute mystery. And...they STILL don't offer a DVR. It appears AT&T splurged on a grand total of 1, maybe two, app developers. They were given instructions to just..."slap something together." Message received!! Unless you're a risk taker, or received this service at a heavily discounted price...avoid the headaches by taking your business elsewhere. Seriously.
  • App is getting worse 1/5

    By SSK 0420
    I can't even cast anything on my tv anymore. The DirecTV Now support is a joke and a complete waste of time. Until this is fixed, do not get this service.
  • Love it 5/5

    By LuMGP
    Love this app!!
  • Update the app! 1/5

    By Mensteezy
    App keeps restarting. Shows won't play smoothly. Please fix these bugs!
  • NEEDS WORK 1/5

    By romayoj
    The AT&T bundle idea is great, but the execution via the DirectTV Now app is a huge fail. The app freezes every time I watch anything, the audio goes in and out, especially after commercials, & the image quality is constantly switching around. I haven't used this for very long, and if this app doesn't improve, I'm canceling my subscription.

    By Veronics
    I ignored the reviews, wanted to try it. It doesn't load, always get an error message!!
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Cajungunshop
    It's a glitchy app. If I want to watch a show by searching, no problem. While the show is playing, it has commercials that mess up. It will get stuck in between the commercials causing the video playback to stop. It's rather irritating since I pay a monthly fee for this service
  • Streaming live works but still haven't been able to get VOD to work 1/5

    By BigEric
    Live tv streaming works fine. The Apple TV remote is very hard to use with this app. I try not to touch the remote because swiping and tapping changes channels which makes it very hard to use. Video on demand selection is quite good but I can't ever get it to play. A good library isn't any good without it being streamable.

DIRECTV NOW app comments


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