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  • Current Version: 1.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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DIRECTV NOW is your NEW standalone streaming service for Live TV and On Demand entertainment. Enjoy news, sports, events, and shows as they air. Your favorite TV series and movies can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Looking for instant access to TV with no annual contract? You’re one click away from breaking free from old school TV. Simply install the DIRECTV NOW app and join the streaming revolution! LIVE TV Stream local TV*, sports, news, events and shows you crave on 120+ live channels, including ABC**, NBC†, Discovery Channel, History, Comedy Central, AMC, A&E, Food Network, The Weather Channel, HGTV, and so many more. Watch your favorite shows like Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Blindspot, Chicago Fire, and Law & Order: SVU in real time. ON DEMAND Sit back and chill with up to 20,000+ movies and shows – ready when you are. Catch up on hit shows like Empire, The Voice, and This Is Us or watch a movie like Jack Reacher. PREMIUM CHANNELS Roll out the red carpet when you add HBO® or Cinemax® at an unbeatable price, or get OBSESSABLE original series & hit movies with Starz. Never miss another episode of Game of Thrones, Westworld, or Black Sails. WATCH ANYWHERE DIRECTV NOW streams on your smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV. Whether home or on the go, simply download DIRECTV NOW and begin watching Live Television and On Demand Movies. MORE TV FREEDOM Take control of your TV viewing – No annual contracts, No credit checks, and No equipment to lease. It’s time to fall in love with TV again. Start watching Live TV now! *Live Sports & Local Channels may be limited **ABC – live streaming available in select markets †NBC – live streaming available in select markets and on select devices


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DIRECTV NOW app reviews

  • No Local Channels Anymore 1/5

    By leo lio
    Improvements? Not Directv, they go backwards. Instead of making improvements to the service, they take away channels and customer service support. Should get no stars.
  • AppleTV app is a train wreck of dumpster fires. 1/5

    By PapaMike25
    The app works ok, so long as there are no commercials. The transitions to commercials during on demand shows needs to be fixed. Every time one comes on, the app crashes, or starts the episode over. Terrible app.
  • I just want the guide... 1/5

    By jr195
    but you’re forced to watch a channel, which takes up half the screen and hijacks the audio
  • Much better 4/5

    By Rip off one
    Much better, no more freezing or pausing. Good Streaming service for live TV. Would give it 5 stars If it had cloud DVR. Not sure if I will keep this because no cloud DVR.
  • Much better 5/5

    By BeenHeavyinFlorida
    I have had this since the beginning. It has improved drastically and continues to. We now have most of our local channels in the lineup. Live TV always works perfectly. Video on demand sometimes freezes, but often works well, and there is never a charge for VOD. We can use our DirecTVNow credentials to log into ESPN, NBC, ABC, and many other apps. And when we travel our TV service goes with us where we go. I am always recommending this to others. It way exceeds all my expectations. I think the negative reviews are fake. My experience with this service is stellar, and I know others who have it and theirs is the same.
  • absolute crap. Deserves a negative 2 stars 1/5

    By Jdeluca54
    ********UPDATE******* If I could rate this app and their services -2, I would. Can only stream at DVD quality. And even with that, you will have interruptions. Random points that need buffering. Even if it took a minute longer in the beginning to finish buffering the video, I would be happier. But I am sick of this app stopping the stream every 15 seconds. And I have a 100+ mbps connection. It's not my connection. Get better DTV Now. ****update**** They over charged me $150 and absolutely refuse to refund it. Please seek another app for streaming. This is criminal.
  • Great but some features need to be fixed. 3/5

    By Mathyoooo
    Please fix the Apple TV touch sensitivity. Whenever I touch the remote control it flips the channel. Make it swap based not touch based.
  • So many problems. 1/5

    By Coinman9388
    1) Ads tend to get stuck in an infinite loop. 2) Videos sometimes restart for no reason and you can't fast forward. 3) Lots of lag even with 30 MBPS internet. 4) Sound frequently won't work. 5) When watching a series, you should show the next episode on the home screen. 6) Very amateur design. Compared to Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, this app is garbage. I will not recommend this app.
  • Sunday Night Football is not watchable and menus lock 1/5

    By App Store Junkie
    This service is so amateur. How about you stick an ALPHA tag on this service. The Apple TV app menus lock up constantly. Even worse is that I’ve never been able to watch Sunday Night Football on NBC with this service. Last Sunday, after it locked up for the 30th time of the night on Sunday Night Football, I got a trial for Hulu Live. Guess what? No lockup’s on Hulu Live and it even claims to be BETA. Today, I canceled my DirecTV Now subscription. In the last year I canceled ATT U-verse internet and moved to Suddenlink, ATT mobile for T-mobile, and now DirecTV Now for Hulu. Good riddance ATT.
  • Doesn’t work half the time 1/5

    By Don't uwanttoknow
    No sound. Delay in video, etc.
  • Seriously, can Directv not afford to build an app that works? 1/5

    By rockimz
    I use Netflix Hulu iTunes YouTube and HBO NOW on Appletv and never had any problems. Started using Directv Now for the free HBO through AT&T but the app has so many problems I’m ready to go back to the $14 a mo. for HBO Now. 1 Star is 1 too many for this app. 👎🏻
  • Improving But Still Amateurish 1/5

    By Mallard06
    App performance has improved significantly since launch. However, this app is still surprisingly amateurish. 1) When you switch to landscape mode on iPhone and then rotate your iPhone 180° and then rotate your iPhone 90° to switch to portrait mode, the picture doesn’t resize correctly. 2) On demand and 72 hour rewind streaming is not consistently stable. Audio still intermittently cuts out, the picture freezes, and on many occasions episodes restart when switching orientation on iPad. It is still an open question whether DirecTV Now has the infrastructure to support on-demand/72-hour Rewind during peak hours. 3) The overly aggressive use of location services is inexcusable. There is no reason why this app can’t simply ping your location just once when you open the app or when you change channels and then pause location services (Apple’s Core Location framework supports this). This would significantly improve battery life.
  • Needs a lot of work 1/5

    By Saints man2727
    Quality is terrible on cellular service. Show looks blurry. Navigation of channels is poor. Can't jump to last channel. No cbs or NBC. Popular shows show to many people watching try back later. I mean what am I paying for here. Garbage.
  • Canceling my subscription! 1/5

    By OkieGirl813
    Don't get this!! To much money for a crappy service!! Seriously don't get this, it's not worth the money at all!!
  • This is really funny. 1/5

    By Daniel08759485485
    I find this hilarious actually. Only in America can people be convinced to pay money for propaganda so they can be brainwashed and programmed to think a certain way. I purchased a month of this to get unlimited data on my AT&T plan and am gladly canceling it. Complete waste of money for the type of television that has Americans all thinking like little children.
  • A lot of Problems 2/5

    By Current version keeps crashing
    The app has a ton of bugs. It frequently doesn’t change the orientation or the sound doesn’t work.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifg
    Don't waste your money. This app has way too many problems.
  • Unable to play video at this time message! 1/5

    By SMBW16
    I’m aggravated and fed up to say the least! I’ve continuously attempted to watch my favorite shows via the WETV app and get an error message each time stating “Unable to play video at this time please try again later”. I’m not always at home to view the shows and I understand the sole purpose of the app is to watch your favorites anytime any place. My credentials are correct (I am sure of it!) plus for some reason a video plays in the background but doesn’t display on my device. Please help!!
  • Worst service ever. 1/5

    By BL117
    When chrome-casting to two different chrome casts over the last week we only get “directives now is not available outside of the United States. We look forward to entertaining you when your back.” We live in Chicago. Half the channels are garbled. Have had to call to get HGTV fixed so that it was watchable. Spent hours trying to convince them it was not the device as every device did the exact same thing at the exact same time. Idiots.
  • Need on screen volume adjustment for iPad 3/5

    By zhkarate
    Good service and app, but this is a glaring omission. It’s a real pain to have to use the side buttons on my iPad every time I want to adjust the volume. Please add this basic feature soon!
  • Worst app compare to competitors 1/5

    By Jincheker
    I’ve tried vue sling youtubtv Hulu ... and this one is by far the worst! It makes me want to cancel the first day of trial. Pro tip: fire your VP of engineering and VP of product. These people are wasting your money
  • Doesn’t play 1/5

    By FirestarterZero
    I click the movie to play, and nothing happens. Edit// troubleshooted the error. Video only plays if you have location enabled. Fix this please.
  • Terrible on Apple TV 1/5

    By stefankulk
    Title says it all. Guide rarely works. App restarts required often.
  • Nothing works on the iPhone 6s 1/5

    By Ryan Lawless
    Since the update, I can’t play any video. I’m cancelling service. First the roku and now the iPhone. Direct tv now is terrible.
  • Needs Work 3/5

    By Dchez33
    I’m glad I’m doing the trial rather than canceling my cable and switching over. So far about 5 minutes in the app freezes with Chromecast then it re-starts the show I’m watching from the beginning. Sometimes it buffers two or 3 times. Then it just shuts off immediately. The HBO offers less options than regular HBO, no sports events etc., has less categories than HBO GO. If the app gets better then I’ll pay for the subscription and cancel cable. Right now, I don’t want a freezing app, with lack of HBO options to be my primary source of TV, also HBO doesn’t offer that many on demand options, when I search for certain movies they are only available live, I get the times they will air rather than an on demand option. I’ll check back.
  • Come on!, We all need/want iPhone X support!! 3/5

    By OurSuperLives
    We all need/want iPhone X support!! How soon do we have to wait for this to be rolled out? I used this app several times a day and it will be nice if it was optimized. Thank you.
  • If 0 stars was an option 1/5

    By Dakotaking2500
    It would get 0 stars. Service doesn’t work anywhere near like it supposed too. F**k direct tv. Absolutely terrible of them to even charge money for this service.
  • Nice interface. App Unreliable 2/5

    By Tonythedad
    Streams suddenly die. Shows restart half way through. Ff/rwd slider bar doesn’t work sometimes. Random freezing. Chromecast.
  • Latest Update Big Problem 1/5

    By davedthomson
    I’ve been using this app with an incredibly high degree of satisfaction with it, especially when considering the $35.00 per month I pay for about 40 different networks/cable stations. Since this latest update, however, about 25 of those 40 stations/networks no longer appear under “What’s on Now” when I look to change stations/networks. I’ve restarted the app and my iPad multiple times, yet only 15 stations now appear in the selector. What had been a consistent 5 Star app for me, is now only a 1 Star app. What the heck is going on?
  • NBC constantly freezes 3/5

    By Mojo252525
    NBC in NYC constantly freezes, whether I’m viewing it on the AppleTV, iPad or phone app. No other channel freezes like that.
  • Not good, constantly freezes 2/5

    By Drupleg
    While the Direct TV service offers a good lineup, the app is junk. I have fast fiber-to-the-premises internet service. The video in this app freezes ALL THE TIME. Video will stall 5-6 times within a 44 minute show, but the audio keeps playing. This happens on the Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. It's just not a good app, so annoying.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Aaaaasaaaaaafjoigxs
    Even after recent update still gets stuck in a loop, y’all need to seriously look into this. It’s kind of sad a billion dollar company has such a terrible app, I know people with no money that can make a better app. Fed up with this service.
  • Cloud DVR? 2/5

    By Toddep23
    I assumed it would be available by now?
  • Great 5/5

    By Daniel Vox
    I have NO clue why some people have so many issues. All I know is that I signed up for this service since day one ( when it first came out ). Sure I’ve seen hiccups along the way but it’s not even a year old yet is it? I use this everyday on my AppleTV with a blazing fast internet connection, and couldn’t be happier! I’m also beta testing their new DTV app, so DVR support is coming soon! 😉
  • Only NBC, Disney and Freeform channels syncs quickly 1/5

    By BipeFlyer
    NBC, the 3 Disney channels and Freeform sync within 2 seconds but all others take 15-60 seconds or just fail. This is version 1.1.5 on an 8 Plus with iOS 11.1 The app works normally on my 7 Plus. Interestingly, Disney and Freeform are owned by the same company
  • Needs a lot of work... but has potential 2/5

    Pros: relatively inexpensive after discounts, has most of the channels I want, DTVNow seems to be working on making it a better experience Cons: crashes too often, navigation seems clumsy and slow on any device, no voice control, channels not numbered, you can’t jump to a channel, can’t toggle between two non adjacent channels, still have to deal with cable company’s pricy internet only packages
  • Love it but… 4/5

    By Mr D.Hawkins
    Have access to the beta app and have to say that if anything if the update doesn’t drop till 2018 can we get the colored channel icons already cause the black/grey on black is kinda hard to discern at long distances or on small devices. Otherwise, I’m a happy customer!
  • Still needs work and better navigation with voice support 2/5

    By MarkinChicago
    This has to be the worst app I have ever used, bad interface, doesn't work and hangs. Get with the program and get Netflix and Apple to help you figure it out because obviously you can't.
  • Keep at it. 4/5

    By Alex2643
    A lot of the one stars are do to growing pains the app is going through as it is still version 1.1.x. However, the performance and reliability has increased. It will just take time. Overall, solid offering.
  • Great service, terrible software 1/5

    By Toms Review
    First, love the service that is offered. Coupled with my AT&T cellular service it’s a dynamite selection of channels at a great add on price. Watching live tv is not a problem Trying to stream on demand, disaster! The App Constantly freezes. Sound will play but the picture stops, then amazingly it works perfectly for the commercials. But once back to something I actually want to watch back to frozen again. I am praying for a fix soon. If not will go back to Sling TV. Update, been using Direct Now for a couple of months. Live tv works well but on demand playback is VERY frustrating. App continues to freeze mid program. Please Direct TV fix your app!
  • What is this beta? 1/5

    By Live2ski88
    Worst app I have ever used. Sound issues, delay issues, crashing issues, stream over WiFi issues, streaming to Apple TV issues. Yet to use the app with out experiencing issues. Direct tv and or ATT should know better. Fix this please or I will look for other options.
  • Zero Stars 1/5

    By RapidRain1
    Can I give zero stars to the brain dead idiots at AT&T who can't seem to figure out how to write a program that doesn't force the user to constantly re-enter their user name and password . Complete buffoons ! Horrible App! It's not worth the "free" cost . Please cancel my subscription you idiots !
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jespchee
    Decided to try this to help cut cord. First sales did not say it needed Apple TV 4 . So of course tonight in my excitement I tried to use it. As I don't have the Apple TV 4 it didn't work. Went to iPhone and iPad to stream. Of course the channels promised weren't there . Interface is impossible to figure out. Stay away wish I had read reviews before agreeing to go with it, tomorrow I cancel after less than 24 hours
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Richtd
    Good luck watching a popular show during prime time. Can’t watch popular sports or shows live, the broadcast always freezes, you need to change channels to refresh the feed. Wish i never signed up.
  • Absolute garbage app 1/5

    By Duke Crum
    This thing is barely functional. It crashes nonstop, airplay has worked really poorly with it. Did someone hire their fuckup nephew to make this thing?
  • App is crap 1/5

    By A long time user of the app
    I got access to the app through my mobile service provider and I’m super disappointed. Shows available to me are extremely limited, and you can’t watch a movie or a series without being interrupted by commercials every 5 minutes. It’s ridiculous. Do yourself a favor and get Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  • The app is not optimized for iPhone X 1/5

    By PETERYanni
    Under your description it says that support iPhone X. No its not everytime i watch a video the video does not fill the screen. Your app’s aspect ratio is off!! Please fix. So bad for a service that depends on its app, its app has just bad rating and reviews
  • Audio out of sync 1/5

    By DaniMW1980
    I have DirectTV Now free for a month for getting a new iPhone. So far, nothing entices me to actually pay for the services. A lot of the shows I like to watch are not available (but they ARE on Netflix), and the audio going out of sync is incredibly irritating. Thirty-five a month is way too much for an app with such poor streaming quality (and it’s not the phone).
  • Buyer beware! 2/5

    By karens songs
    No matter what package you have you lose channels depending where your credit card address is that pays for the app! My business is 8 miles down the road and I lose ALL my local channels accessing the app from home or outside my business address
  • Barely usable 2/5

    By lkvahgoihang
    The monthly subscription is nearly twice as much as SlingTV's but it's nearly as impossible to use. You'd be better off paying $5 more per month for Hulu Live which is a much more polished, user-friendly experience. DirectTV Now should be ashamed to be charging this much for what should cost $25.

DIRECTV NOW app comments


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