Dirt Trackin Sprint cars

Dirt Trackin Sprint cars

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  • Current Version: 1.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dirt Trackin Sprint cars App

The long awaited Sprint Car game from the creators of Dirt Trackin' is finally here! With 410 Winged, Non-Winged, and Midget cars, you'll be sure to find all levels of competition. 6 Fictional tracks, covering different parts of the world. Real World Drivers in all 3 classes. Highly Competitive Multiplayer mode, race your friends, your foes, and see how you stack up against the best in the world! Career Mode: Race your way from the United States to Australia in a grueling 108 race mode, in which you must win each series to advance to the next. Simple, win and you're in. Win your way through the ranks from Midgets up to Full Blown 410 Wing Sprints, and unlock rewards! Control your way: Choose from Arrow, Tilt, or a Virtual touch steering wheel. Day/Night/Dusk racing modes, pick your time of day to race! Time to get dirty! Your car will not only get mud splatter and you will need to use tear offs, but your car will also build dirt as you race, just as a real car would on the track. Your race results are ranked on a global leaderboard. Check out the privacy policy for more information. http://dirttrackinapp.com/privacy-policy/


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Dirt Trackin Sprint cars app reviews

  • Great game 5/5

    By Zk great game
    Hope in the future we will be able to customize our own cars. Other than that amazing game.
  • Could be fun 2/5

    By Sendit650
    Love the idea and concept but even changing the settings steering is rough. The ai just wrecks you out and 2 laps in you're facing the wrong way
  • Physics 5/5

    By racing251
    The game is great. I only have a few complaints. The AI cars need to not crash each other and the way the cars drive. Other than that the game is perfect
  • Best Sprint car game 5/5

    By GarShoRace
    Reminds me of the old DTRSC from 2000! Multiplayer is fun. I love the real car skins, like Adam Cruea.
  • Best Game Ever!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Nytetrayne
    This is the best game in the world... Would be great to have maybe one longer track... the only thing missing is the burning methane...
  • Very Good. Only Two Problems 4/5

    By Mr. Racin
    First of all, for the most part the game is absolutely flawless, but there are two major issues that impact the game. But, to start the things I enjoy are: the beautiful graphics, multiple tracks, cars, being able to have more than 9 AI like the original dirt trackin. Here are the two issues I and what seems to be the rest of the community have, the first is that the physics are crap, being an outlaw kart driver, I can say that the sprint cars handle nothing like the game, the last issue is that the AI is WAYYYY to aggressive on “Hard Mode”, I get that it’s hard mode and supposed to be hard, but the AI is borderline dirty. Other than that, great game!
  • Good job 4/5

    By honey badger 80jr
    Pretty cool. I'm definitely waiting for the updated physics. Racing the other cars is ok but I like to setup a single player with no other cars and run 50 TT laps. Trying get on the leader boards is fun for me. You guys should make a TT setup just for this purpose.
  • Weird 5/5

    By Jvanzans
    So strange seeing people from my home track be on this game like James, Michel, and Brett Wilson! Great job! Great game!
  • Needs a little something 4/5

    By racingfamily9M&C
    As a 358 driver from Pennsylvania the only car a recognized was the 47 sprint car. This game has been fun to play but I would like to see some real race tracks Like (Lincoln Speedway, Williams Grove Speedway, Port Royal, Grandview, Charlotte, Eldora, Knoxville, etc... Another thing I would like to see are some top race cars such as Fred Rahmer, Steve Smith, Lance Dewease, Donny Schatz, and maybe some of those who have served Racing well like Clauson, Hockett, Gobrecht, Kramer Williams, etc... But anyways great job on the work you did to make something so high quality and detailed to work great on a mobile device. And not run slow
  • Good Clean Fun in the Dirt!! 5/5

    By Aaronj53
    Takes a minute to get the setup right for steering sensitivity, but after you get the hang of it, the game is a blast! Online races are serious fun!
  • Poor handling 2/5

    By Patriot🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    The game would be great but unfortunately the handling is horrendously bad. I haven't even been able to get past the first career race because I spin out every corner. I've tried all three of the handling modes and they're all bad. The steering wheel is too sensitive, even in 0.1, the tilt is just bad, and with the arrows, it's impossible to manage the brake, gas, and both arrows while making sure your car doesn't spin out. Would be a four or five star once handling is fixed, so they better fix it soon!
  • Can I get a yellow flag man! 3/5

    By bigfish572
    This would be a great if the driving physics were fixed. The cars should slide with control and smooth transition. The infield boundary and putter wall should be more forgiving instead of a catch net. The turning radius of the car when trying correct after a wreck is a three point turn around and that’s if you don’t get hit. Would to like to see more car suspension movement(flexing) when driving. Also car tuning for different tracks like suspension tire size gear ratio wing position. Hope to see some updates cause the game looks good but can be better. Thank you
  • Terrible 2/5

    By ShogunGrebby
    Telemetry in this game is just awful... car spins or flips for no reason. Graphics are “meh” at best. AI car steer into you or your line on purpose even when laps down. That wouldn’t happen in real life or they’d be black flagged. Go back to the drawing board cause this was a complete waste of money
  • Good 4/5

    By Caden1414
    It was good but it need to be more slick it feels like your driving a NASCAR but I thought every thing was good and multiplayer was pretty good and I think it would be a really cool idea if u could drive a hauler to each track it pry be hard to make that all happen but just a idea
  • Nothing new lol 2/5

    By Crazylegs7287
    Definitely need to work on the steering. If it was the same steering as the original dirt trackin it would be spot on. Graphics could be better. However I do like how you have to rip away the tear offs. If y'all could set it up to where you have to qualify to earn your spot that would be awesome! Another thing that I would like to see is real damage. Throw some cautions out their if someone flips or spins out.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By YaBoyCargo
    The setup of the game is awesome. The graphics are pretty cool but the driving is extremely unrealistic. You can’t go a full race without wrecking at least once because it gets too tight. Until they update the physics side of the game, it’s not worth buying.
  • Hey brother 5/5

    By RimRyder
    Hey brother it's time to move up to the big leagues .Tim these apps can't showcase what you can really do .I know I've been there with you and I know what you can do. Take it to the game Systems or the PC so you can really show what you can do
  • This is not dirt trackin 1/5

    By Neverneverneveragain
    This is not good guys, the original dirt trackin is light years ahead of this. Real sprint cars don't react like they do in your game. If you touch the wall the car spins in circles. It's impossible to carry speed sideways, and forget about trying to set the car in the corner. If I could get a refund I would. Sorry, I own all the tracks and the extras for the original game and I won't be spending anymore on this one.
  • Best racing app 5/5

    By 123🖕🏻
    I’ve play very little but I all ready love this I want to know if there will be a new dirt trackin. Can’t want to see what’s in store for this game. don’t mean to bother but I’ve started to wonder will the map be filled up with track’s and will there be a way to upgrade car like with money you make from racing
  • It’s a great game but, 5/5

    By racerwolff
    I wish the tracks looked like there original prototypes and there was more original tracks and real tracks.
  • Hard even on easy mode with the AI drivers 1/5

    By gary heaslip
    I can't even drive around the car just keep spinning and when the AI drivers are on easy mode I'm always in last place please fix this!!!
  • Not even close 1/5

    By Dakota Disaster
    Physics are crap compared to the original diet trackin. I would not have purchased if this were demo’d first. Feels like the car can’t turn when it should and if you try to correct your turn by letting off you enter a slide and lose all momentum. Try again dirt trackin. I would change my review if there were an update done to make this more playable.
  • Have Faith in the Developers 5/5

    By Griffgirl924
    Anyone who has the first game they put out knows it will be nothing less than perfect. It will just take them some time. Only complaint with me is steering but they are currently working on that. Keep up the Great work.
  • Great tech support 5/5

    By wbcable
    I had an issue playing career mode and quickly received a response solving my issue. These guys clearly want you to get the most out of their game. I agree with the others about the physics, but the gameplay is still fun. I'm excited to get rolling in career mode.
  • Great game 4/5

    By JesseW4751
    Really enjoy this game and all that it has to offer and is going to be a game I play for a while. I would like to see in multiplayer that you can add more laps and qualify for a race like you would in real life. Would also like to see some more drivers that a lot of people know to get more cars in the game. Would also like to see that the AI race harder and give you more of a challenge when in single player. Other then that this game is great and I will keep playing.
  • Awesome game please add the following 5/5

    By bradly 5a
    When I first saw this game come out I was hyped, I did find one good dirt racing game before ( the original game) but it didn’t have sprint cars, but now you guys have made a dream mobile game. There are still some bugs with the handling physics of the cars, it is very hard to control and also the cars won’t slide. Another great addition that should be added to this game is cautions and restarts. Also the ai need to be improved. They are so easy to beat and I was racing on hard mode after a couple hours having the game and they still are so easy. The easy and medium mode seem to be a challenge to drive in because they wreck so much . Also having new tracks added to the game will be great to have more of a variety of tracks to race on(please don’t make new tracks in game purchases). Also being able to create your own car as introduced into the old game would be great . I can see lots of potential in this game and can’t wait to see what comes.
  • Physics 3/5

    By That_kid_with_swag_1903
    As soon as you turn the car, it spins out, but hopefully that is fixed and can be a great game
  • Good with potential to grow 4/5

    By alrho23
    Love that non-winged sprints are getting some love.
  • Needs Improvement. 3/5

    By BigDaddyDurkChigga
    Whenever you go to put the car sideways it spins you right out. I love the concept of the game! Finally someone made a career dirt racing, but the driving needs improvement!
  • Great game 4/5

    Only thing I would like to see added is,be able to customize your own car and more tracks. Other than that it's a fun game
  • Tweak 5/5

    By Sw4bama
    Ok after playing for a few days I finally found you have to DRIVE these cars, more so than the original DirtTrackin. I can turn 10.5 sec laps at the motorplex easy now, just feather the skinny pedal and try to keep from sliding that seems to be the key. I’m hoping after the next update the cars will loosen up some which I hope will help, but the need more horsepower if they are sliding that way you can drive them out of the slide.

    By Her I hxrubrchum hut. Cub
    THIS IS THE BEST SPRINT CAR MOBILE GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED!!! THE GRAPHICS ARE BEAUTIFUL AND I NEVER EVER WRITE REVIEWS IDEAS 1. Add a upgrade section in career mode and u win money from races 2. Make the ai more life like because they ruin my race sometimes There’s nothin else need to add besides these in my opinion keep up the great work (this is coming from a mini sprint driver btw)
  • Needs lots of work and lacks content 1/5

    By Munkyoutlaw
    For 3.99 it’s very little content selection and features. The physics AI are close to that of a street stock, the barriers sometimes catch your car and throw off driving line, sounds don’t feel real, and the customization is very limited to other than car selection. You will be disappointed at that price point. For time burner I would pay maybe 0.99. Otherwise don’t waste your time.
  • Best Game Ever 5/5

    By RacingFan47
    I have been waiting for a good sprint car game for a while now and I got this app and it was the first really good sprint car game that I've ever played
  • A joke 1/5

    By UpChuck317
    I downloaded the game yesterday paid for it and you can’t do anything. You can click to start the race as soon as it starts u can’t turn or anything. U gotta exit it and try again and still the same thing. I’ve downloaded newest update my phone will take and still the same. The original dirt trackin game is better and never had any problems with it.
  • Great Game. 5/5

    By Will Schmitt
    Only thing "wrong" with the game is the handling for the cars, and you guys are obviously aware of that as I can see on the Facebook page. Only thing I have to say other than that is that I would like to see more tracks, but the game is great even without.
  • Potential 5 star 4/5

    By Tfarms99
    Loved your late model game so purchased this as soon as I saw it no questions asked. Game graphics and look of the track and cars is second to none. Literally the best out there. Yes add the tracks and drivers etc etc but PLEASE fix the way the cars drive. Doesn't seem realistic.....yet. Fix the physics of the car and it's 5 star all day!!!
  • Really good game 4/5

    By Tye Dalman
    1. What it Needs is the ability to add drivers and custom build cars. Also a way to add friends to races/invite type style of racing...maybe even actual flags like red/yellow etc.. other than that it’s honestly worth the 3$
  • Ehhh 2/5

    By Rene0215
    Car does not drive like a sprinter Feels more like a kids game Car gets sideways, loses speed and spins out As someone who has raced dirt, I absolutely love dirt trackin In my opinion not worth 3.99 at all
  • Physics 4/5

    By SmittyDeeDee
    This game looks fantastic. Everything is amazing about this game but the devastating and really the thing that kills it is the physics. It is like nascar. You barely drift at all and it gets loose and catches it and spin. You can really only take the top of the track because the hard ai go literally 10mph in the turn and you cant slow down or else you spin out. Fix the AI and physics and this game will be the best ever but for now im sticking with dirt racing mobile 3D EDIT: I was a little harsh tbh. I am still going to play his game of course now that i got it down its a little more enjoyable but please just fix the physics thats honestly it👌🏼 thank you👍🏼
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Cop208
    This game is worthless and impossible to steer. You spin out on every turn. I want a refund!!!! This game is a joke!!
  • Good Game 4/5

    By Broach01
    Been waiting for a good sprint car game. Huge sprint car fan. Can’t wait to see who all y’all add as of racers on here and new tracks. Love how each track is different in the turning and set up. Good game over all. Would be nice for cautions and damaged to the cars. And having restarts with the cone on the straight away maybe.
  • Good Game But Still Needs Work 4/5

    By Killacorbin12
    I got a text message from my dad saying there’s a new sprint car game. I was absolutely excited. I finally got into the game and the menu looked killer, really liked that. PROBLEMS 1. My first problem was the car physics, I feel like you took 3 minutes to make them. I can’t get the car sideways. I race micro winged cars and I have some experience. 2. I think you guys should do a better job showing the cushion or the bottom. I want to run the top but I can’t find it. RECOMENDATIONS 1. You should make a lower class so like a 305 or something. 2. We should be able to design our own car. 3. I would love if you can put a replica or a small difference of the Tulsa shootout or also known as chili bowl. 4. I love the tracks and it would be amazing if you could add more. 5. Before a race you should be able to qualify to get your position. 6. The ai needs to be more safer, as I mean by that Is they need to drive more not reckless. OTHER WISE I LOVE THE GAME HOPEFULLY YOU CAN READ THIS THANKYOU ANS HAVE A GREAT DAY.
  • Great game! Love both games! 5/5

    By Matt333333
    I have to say they blew it out of the water with this game. Only thing is I’d like to be able to design my own car but other than that it’s perfect
  • Not good 1/5

    By 2fastSides
    Since when do sprint cars take turns like nascar? This game needs help can’t wait for this fix! This is ridiculous! “Whooo lets take perfect turns at full speed and not get side ways” pure horse manure!
  • Wow!!!! 5/5

    By brad5117
    Love the game would love to see the original made like this, doing contest for new tracks like drivers ? Love to to atomic and eldora on it
  • Great game!!! 5/5

    By HarveyMushmen7
    I was really excited on seeing the release of this game. Graphics are great! By far the best ever for a sprint car game. Good job!! I like the option to race at different times of the day. I am assuming that more cars and tracks will be released in the future, the current ones are pretty good. The car handling physics are way off, you try to slide the car into the corner: it ether pushes and leans to the right, or you spin when you try to let off the gas and press the brakes. There is no intention of it wanting to wing over. If you are able to get the car to slide, you can't drive through the corner. Either the car comes to a stop on mid-slide or the car sling shots to the infield on corner exit. It would be nice to be able to run a bottom line getting the car to brake and rotate with out spinning or run the top and have it wingover and not push. Great game with a lot of potential!!
  • I like this game 5/5

    By Sprenkelpants
    I like the drivers they put in the game. Love that it is different guys I havent heard of that I can learn about.
  • No tutorial or tips? 2/5

    By dhogs1
    I’m not sure how to turn or brake effectively, cause there was no introduction to explain it. This may take some time getting used to
  • Awesome racing game 5/5

    By Jmarsfan28
    Graphics are great, racing is great. Definitely worth the money. Has real sprint car drivers on it. Just need Donny Shatz, Bill Balog or Craig Dollansky on it.

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