Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars

Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars

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Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars App

The long awaited Sprint Car game from the creators of Dirt Trackin' is finally here! With 410 Winged, Non-Winged, and Midget cars, you'll be sure to find all levels of competition. 6 Fictional tracks, covering different parts of the world. Real World Drivers in all 3 classes. Highly Competitive Multiplayer mode, race your friends, your foes, and see how you stack up against the best in the world! Career Mode: Race your way from the United States to Australia in a grueling 108 race mode, in which you must win each series to advance to the next. Simple, win and you're in. Win your way through the ranks from Midgets up to Full Blown 410 Wing Sprints, and unlock rewards! Control your way: Choose from Arrow, Tilt, or a Virtual touch steering wheel. Day/Night/Dusk racing modes, pick your time of day to race! Time to get dirty! Your car will not only get mud splatter and you will need to use tear offs, but your car will also build dirt as you race, just as a real car would on the track. Your race results are ranked on a global leaderboard. Check out the privacy policy for more information. http://dirttrackinapp.com/privacy-policy/


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Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars app reviews

  • Needs work 3/5

    By Cdoody71
    Game definitely has good potential. You cannot control the car at all. Put real race tracks on there. But my biggest complaint is the drivability off the cars. There sprint cars you race them sideways. If you get sideways in game you spin out.
  • Sorry 1/5

    By Old ft
    That I wasted four bucks on this. I was leery after reading the reviews, but it seemed like the developer had addressed the steering issues. So I took the plunge. Controls are worse than his original trackin (and those were only fair). Maybe it’s me, others like it. But I tried every steering method on every setting and couldn’t make a lap without spinning or hitting the wall. It’s absurd - like driving on ice. That’s not fun, just frustrating. Real Racing and Bus Derby got the tilt option right. Reckless Racing got the buttons right - easy to use, and you can concentrate on racing. Therefore, fun. Why can’t this developer get it right?
  • Engine Sound 5/5

    By AJMAC1973
    Game is great. Wish DirtTrackin Late Models had some of the Sprint Car options but the engine sounds is terrible in this game sounds like a Atari game from the 80s. Hopefully you’ll fix this soon.
  • Am I missing something 1/5

    By Keegz82
    Can’t steer no matter what setting or sensitivity. And I have never been to a dirt track race where all the cars are going straight threw the corners. Have you ever seen the movie cars? Sometimes you have to turn right to go left.
  • Update 5/5

    By warkisss
    Can you add big block modified and late models and street stocks please. Write back please and thank you
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By gdub8d
    I was pretty excited when I seen there was another dirt trackin game....then I played it and realized I waisted $4. Physics are absolutely horrible why wouldn’t you just use the same as the old game and tweak it here and their!? It just ruins the whole game for me. Hope it gets better soon!
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By Badbrytt
    Cool graphics but please fix the pull, you cannot steer at all, takes the fun out of the game when you are constantly spinning out into the wall.
  • The idea is solid 2/5

    By BamaRavens
    The idea of the game is solid. The graphics are impressive. However, the game leaves a lot to be desired. The primary issue is that the cars are just uncontrollable, regardless of which mode of steering I use or what I set the sensitivity on. As another review has said, the steering is slow as you begin to go through the turn, but then as you exit the turn it snaps the car and you spin. Point being, the controls need a ton of work. The graphics can be console game level, but if the cars can’t be controlled, then the game isn’t playable. This just isn’t acceptable for a game that costs $3.99. I’m only giving this game two stars because I like idea of the game, the graphics, and having a career mode. The game play itself doesn’t deserve even one star.
  • . 1/5

    By Baileyz522
    The game has a good overall layout but it’s nothing like the dirt late model version. Way harder, almost to hard. Car doesn’t act anything like the other game. Would love to see mill bridge speedway or the chili bowl added to the list of tracks and also different track types like slick or tacky
  • Awesome game! 5/5

    By Nate_bowhunter23
    This game takes a little bit to get use to but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be addicted!! Super fun game!
  • Sprint cars 3/5

    By racinaj89
    Decent game steering is not good enjoy the late model game more
  • Not good 1/5

    By theguywhoknowsgames
    Needs a update on the steering other than that it's an OK game but it isn't worth the money right now as it .
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Rick 113
    Overall the game is awesome just a matter of the player adjusting the steering sensitivity just wish you could license the game and use the real tracks and drivers
  • Potential but... 2/5

    By mrdirttrack
    This game has very good potential. As an avid dirt track fan and a big fan of the original dirt trackin’ game, this was a no brainer. However, everything about this game is different. I realize the devs we’re trying something new here, but this game really disappoints. Even after the updates, the cars are difficult to control to a point where it’s just plain frustrating. I don’t like using tilt or virtual wheel as they seem odd and I prefer my device to remain stationary. Using the arrow keys, it’s horrendous and clunky. Steering is slow initially, then “grabs” and spins the car the opposite direction. The AI cars leave a lot to be desired too. The graphics are great, the career mode is solid, but if you can’t control the cars to some degree of precision, it’s not worth playing. Hope the devs can get this all ironed out and turn this game around soon.
  • Steering 2/5

    By Canttell
    Was very excited for this game, very disappointed on the steering. Spinning out is a huge problem and it is just about impossible for it not to. Very difficult to complete a race, almost makes it not worth it at all.
  • Grrrrrr 1/5

    By runwhatchabrung
    Game is setup pretty nice, the menu the car graphics all good. The feel of the car is awful. Can’t drive them !! Need to adopt the late model game steering and feel SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER !!
  • Game is good 5/5

    By Daltonupfront
    I like the game, it is well worth the few bucks.
  • Good 2/5

    By Caden1414
    I really wish you could slide through the hole corner not just the end and spin out
  • Please just read this! 4/5

    By Thulmes134
    Game is awesome everything is to par. EXCEPT the physics, you can’t get through a turn without spinning out please , please , please just fix it. I can’t begin to imagine how fun it would be if I could actually go into a corner and slide through it rather then spin out!
  • Make DIRT TRACKING for XBOX!!! 5/5

    By Dirtracingteam6T7modifieds
    Please Make both DIRT TRACKIN games for XBOX and PS there is no dirt track game for them, but right now the game needs a steering over haul, the cars just want to loop and don't want to stick through the corners when you turn right to go left. Also I think you should improve graphics on the first DIRT TRACKIN and please add marks made on the track from every car on both games and please add tare offs to the first game as well other wise both games are good!! Thank you Tim!😉
  • Please update the old dirt trackin 4/5

    By JohnOs biggest fan
    Please add more drivers like Brandon Sheppard Shannon Babb josh Richards jimmy Owens Scott bloomquist Shane Clanton Brian Shirley Tyler Erb mike Marlar update the paint schemes please and please add these tracks:eldora EastBay lone star and bubba raceway please reply asap
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By Yamaha beast 004
    I bought this game in hopes it would be similar to actual racing or at least for something to do. But the physics are absolutely broken. You have two choices when it comes to cornering. Either A) attempt to turn and completely spin out or B) smack into the wall and hope it doesnt randomly flip you over.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By D2R9J
    Finally broke down and bought the game, wish there was a free version with only one track because I don't think I would have bought if I knew the controls / physics would be this poor. Graphics are amazing, and I really enjoy the concept of career mode, but physics make it almost impossible to complete a race without spinning. For my money, dirt racing 3D has far superior game play. If you can fix your controls and physics to match the graphics and involvement of this game, you'd have a hell of a game.
  • pretty okay. 3/5

    By Skittles2399
    the game and the graphics are really good! but I myself am a 600 micro sprint driver and the physics are so wrong. I can't even take one lap in this game without crashing or spinning around. I do have to say when you let off the gas, it doesn't really slow down until about 2 seconds later. Maybe you guys could update the game and we could adjust the car ourselfs with the Stagger, air pressure, torshion arm stiffness, axle spacing, etc.? I'd love to see more realistic tracks up in the north east cause that's where I am from and I'd love it if you could custom your own car with the wraps, the number, and the driver.
  • Better 5/5

    By Kdub8312
    It’s working really good now Need more tracks More realistic sounds And be able to actually set the car up
  • Please 1/5

    By Expendables2015
    PLEASE WORK MORE ON THE ORIGINAL DIRT TRACK GAME ITS 10 times better ..more drivers and make season mode more realistic
  • Better with new update 2/5

    By Bpotter01
    Just updated the app. Controls are way better still have a lot of room for improvement in controls and drivability. Looking forward to more updates until then I'll stick to the late model version
  • Why does this game seem to , get worse with every update? 3/5

    By dblonely
    The Game has such, potential. The drivers eye camera is the best way to race. But every time, we get an update, the cars drive worse! Now their nearly uncontrollable. I had the timing down, and the steering figured out...now the new update, has made the cars to easy to spin out! And I love the Dirt Late Model game!
  • Getting better 4/5

    By Ede58
    This game is getting better with every update. At first, if you ran 2 clean laps in a row, it was amazing. My friends and I almost gave up on it. This last update was awesome!!! We have great races together and love checking the times against everyone else on the leaderboard. Very good, keep making it great. Ede58
  • Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars 3/5

    By eman191
    12/14/17 Thank you for the update. Much better physics. Still not 100 percent but better. The original Dirt Trackin was so much better you can control the cars in a slide with the throttle. That’s the way you drive on a dirt track you steer the car with the wheel and the throttle. Keep working on it. This game is horrible. Shame because Dirt Trackin the first game was great. Cars are the worst handling simulation ever. Car drives like left rear tire and much larger right rear are on the wrong sides. Do not waste your money until they fix the physics.
  • NEEDS WORK!!! 1/5

    By Smartheadisdead
    Sliders are almost impossible to throw in this game, no cautions, and AI is purely stupid, need to work on physics, poorly made at launch
  • Sprint cars 5/5

    By Wildchild88j
    I love the fact that this game is out. But I believe there should be a pause when you use the break instead of automatically it goes in reverse. Would be nice if the banking on some of the tracks were higher. I also think that adding more tracks would be an awesome idea. Thanks guys excellent job.
  • Physics need serious work 3/5

    By sjracer
    As a fan of the original Dirt Trackin, I was waiting for the day when sprint cars were added. So they did it by releasing a completely new game. Ok, cool, I’ll go for it. The graphics are very nicely done, but the physics make the game basically unplayable. I can’t get the winged sprint car around even one corner without spinning. It’s like driving with slicks on ice. Totally unrealistic. The midget is only slightly better. The other negative is the sound. The cars sound like something out of a 1980s Atari game. Overall, this games needs some serious fixing. For now I’ll go back to the modifieds in the original game. At least they’re driveable.
  • Extremely Disappointing 1/5

    By BigVan15
    For someone who played the original version of Dirt Trackin’ on a VERY consistent basis, I was beyond excited to learn the makers of my favorite racing app had come out with a sprint car version. If I were reviewing the game on graphics alone, I’d say the developers hit a home run. Unfortunately, updated graphics aren’t the only thing that make a game worthwhile and are where the positives to come to an end. The late model version of this game was both challenging and realistic. The cars actually behaved like dirt cars and although you’re playing on a phone, they responded realistically to user control. None of these qualities were transferred to the new game making play both frustrating and unrealistic. In my mind, the developers struck out. Until they make wholesale changes, I would recommend saving the $3.99 and sticking with the late model version.
  • Has serious potential 4/5

    By 502rideordie
    This game would be perfect.....If only the cars steered a little bit better. I cant stand the back and forth down the straightaway trying to recover from the turn before than slamming into the wall. I will say it is pretty rewarding finishing a race because its so hard to control the car. In car view helps a little bit.
  • Don’t buy 1/5

    By rumblebeekyle
    The regular dirt trackin physics are great but this one with sprints is absolutely terrible. The graphics and such are really detailed and look awesome. This game on the other hand you can’t go a lap without spinning out or hitting the wall. Also using an iPhone X and it doesn’t fit right on screen.
  • Decent But Disappointed 3/5

    By Tester1216
    There are a lot of things to improve upon. The steering is nowhere near as good as the late model version. I think it also needs to be an option to turn collisions on or off. The AI cars run completely through most of the time, even when not throwing a slider. Decent but definitely needs a lot of tweaking and some issues addressed. The fun factor goes way down when it takes 12 tries to make it through turn 1.
  • Handling is awful 2/5

    By wrdunk
    I think the only draw backs are handling and customization of cars, the handling I think should be more like dirt racing mobile 3D, because that feels about like it should, and customization would be okay too. Over all though not bad a sprint car definitely should not be that tight on a dirt track especially a wingless car
  • Steering 3/5

    By ricobobby
    Hard to steer once u start sliding it into the corner
  • Needs Flags 2/5

    By Jacob4444
    This game REALLY needs cautions, red flags, black flags, white flags, and the checkered flag. PLEASE add flags to this game!
  • Pretty Great.... But has issues 4/5

    By Jherz100
    The game overall is great I know there's bugs to get fixed but the midgets are just terrible the are so slow, sound bad, and the worst is when you spin out it takes forever to get spun around. And just when your about to get turned around you hit the wall and just spin the other way and end up last. So overall great game but midgets are terrible.
  • Need work 3/5

    By Mikedc22
    Hard to control
  • Good game but come on 4/5

    By Foxnato racer
    Ok yay sprint cars ain’t like we haven’t had games with them. I mean it’s a good game don’t get me wrong but we now have late models, modified, street stocks, winged and non sprints, and midgets. Now add four cylinders for the Love of god. Mmsa or something (monster mini stock association if you live in a hole) there’s a whole lot more of us than anything. you have skipped over us like we’re not even here now I know you can make it happen and I hope you do cause I love your games and I know it ain’t just me. I hope you see this if so will you do it or skip the lower budget racers again Sincerely. Foxnato racer
  • An Improvement over Dirt Trackin 4/5

    By IanisMVP
    As much as I enjoyed the original I can say that this is an improvement. The physics I hope improve as they can be very touchy sometimes. I suggest not bothering with the sensitivity because some settings make the game virtually unplayable. One update that I wish would be reversed is the fact you are always starting at the rear of the field. I enjoyed having randomized starts, it made every race feel different right from the get-go.
  • A lot of potential!!!!!! 4/5

    By Just_a_reviewer 💯💯💯😜💲💲
    I love this game and is by far the best dirt racing game I have played but I have some issues and would like to see some of these things in the game... 1.The physics are horrible it feels like I’m racing in ice 2.Make your Own Car designs 3. AI is reckless 4.Different car classes like 305s 5.Flags like yellow red black etc These are the problems and things I would like too see
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Steves real dad
    I drive a sprint car. Handling is completely unrealistic. Car spins out way to easy. The push button steering is delayed. The car continues to accelerate through the corners when you let off the gas. The graphics are nice. Got me excited when I saw there was an actual sprint car game but I was extemely disappointed. Junk
  • It’s a start... 3/5

    By Disgusted64
    Everything is there - but the physics are terrible. The stock car game they have is much closer. On this one, you press and release the gas and it’s as if your gas pedal is stuck. Haven’t been able to even make it through a lap without just driving slowly and without sliding. But once they get that down - and I’m sure they will - this has all of the bells and whistles of the old PS/2 World of Outlaws game. So looking forward to it —- —-but for now - it’s pretty much unplayable.
  • Great graphics and game play 5/5

    By Ray VanDerLinden
    I don't know how much to expect from a mobile game, but this has exceeded my expectations. It took me about 3 different sittings to figure out how to drive the cars. This is not a mash the gas and sling the cars arcade game. You have to get a feel for it. At first I was hitting the wall and spinning out twice a lap. But after I stuck with it I figured out how to run clean laps and then my times started improving. I recommend running hot laps. Mess with the steering settings. I use the arrows to steer. At first my setting was too high and I was spinning out easily. Then I set it too low and the steering was delayed. So you have to find the sweet spot that works with your OS and if you use arrows or tilt. I recommend running 100 hot laps at the moterplex before running with ai cars. The ai cars will only frustrate you as you try to figure out the game. Couple tips for driving. The gas pedal also steers the car. If you let off the gas the car loosens up and sets up corner entry and if you hit he gas it pushes to the right. Once I realized this I was able to figure out how to ride the car through the corners smoothly. Try tapping the steering instead of holding it. This is not a mash gas and steer game, it takes finess. Once you get the feel of it, it's super enjoyable. Recommendation is to run many hot laps as you can tolerate until you understand how the game works. Try to get consistent lap times and find the groove. Career mod and multiplayer are really fun. And it's fun to try and work your way up the online speed chart.
  • Jake 4/5

    By HookShooter
    The game is fun, but would like to more realistic tracks. There plenty of tracks across the state that could be used. Also please remove the name tags above the cars while racing. It’s quit annoying to try and look at the corner coming up and see nothing but white.
  • Steering. Online. 4/5

    By Vasquez8394
    Steering is too loose. Need to make it to where its not ghost opponents online. and i still have floating cars online

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