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You can manage your Discover account conveniently from anywhere, using Discover’s Mobile App. Check your balance, view your account info, make and edit payments, add your card into Apple Pay, manage your rewards, and more - all from your mobile device.  Do you have questions or comments about the Discover app? Email FAST ACCOUNT ACCESS • Log in quickly with a 4-digit Passcode • Log in faster with Discover Touch ID, available for users with Discover passcode enabled on an eligible device – not supported on modified or jailbroken devices • Enable Quick View to view account information without logging in MANAGE YOUR DISCOVER CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT • Check your balance and available credit, and view or download monthly statements • View and search transaction activity • Make payments and edit or cancel pending payments • Redeem rewards for statement credit or direct deposit in any amount • Redeem rewards for Partner gift cards and eCertificates starting at $20 Cashback Bonus • View your FICO® Credit Score* for free and learn what it means to lenders *See FICO® Credit Score terms at • Freeze or unfreeze your account to prevent new purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers • Add your card into Apple Pay to use for purchases in-store on eligible devices with iOS 9 • Send and receive messages with Discover Customer Service • View and edit your account profile • Activate a new card or report a current card as lost, stolen or misplaced • Use the Travel Notification feature to help ensure uninterrupted use of your card while traveling • Get great offers for being a cardmember with Discover Deals, the one-stop-shop where you can access instant savings at checkout, additional rewards, or statement credits for purchases with popular brands (for eligible Cardmembers) • Sign up to receive alerts about your account MANAGE YOUR DISCOVER BANK DEPOSIT ACCOUNT AND PERSONAL LOAN ACCOUNT • View account balances, summary and transaction history • Track account activity and schedule transactions • Transfer money • Pay bills • Deposit checks • Find ATMs - Nationwide ATMs available to use your Discover debit card • View statements • View and send secure messages • Make Personal Loan payments 

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Discover Mobile app reviews

  • Great app! 5/5

    By Souljah_c
    I use it all the time!
  • Great App and Card 5/5

    By Chaz12
    Thank you!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Dr.EK98
    Love it!
  • Member since 2011!!! 5/5

    By Crimson#73#
    Great service!!! Love the "IT" card!!! You guys rock!!!😎 Keep up the great work!!!
  • Discover 5/5

    By Soubbb
    I found it
  • Very useful App 5/5

    By brucevinciwayne
    Discover app is the best credit card app. It is very organized and helpful to use.
  • Easy to use. Must download! 4/5

    By ThugLife502
    Highly recommend. Makes tracking spending and payments much easier.
  • Ease of use 5/5

    By Ease of app
    Really enjoy the safety features and the quick balance view before signing in. Great app!
  • Good App --I can't complain 5/5

    By MAP95
    I've had no problems with using this app, and it's clear-cut and easy to navigate. Being able to check my balance and my credit score monthly is great. I'd recommend the app (and the card with dat cash back) to anyone.
  • works fine. 4/5

    By Erikjustsaiyan
    it works fine.
  • Never had a problem 5/5

    By UnMaster
    Can't complain when there is nothing to complain about.
  • Terrible to navigate and confusing 1/5

    By TrevinZx2
    App is horribly designed confusing with all the tabs and different balances owed and payments not going through. And when a payment does go through it lags on the app so it shows you still owe.
  • Excellent add 5/5

    By Asim From Troy
    Really like the discover add
  • Simple 4/5

    By Zivios
    Does what it needs to do.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Chriswasalreadytaken
    I love this app! I use it everyday and the ease by which I can handle my finances is 100% acredible to this app.
  • Love love love 5/5

    By Coco4:]
    Love this app so much. It's amazing
  • Awesome 5/5

    By MoniqueStarr
    Love it 💞
  • Awesome and Cool 5/5

    By Advait007
    This is totally cool with an extraordinary features. The good one I'd like to mention here is, "to tag your bills". Also the app has a user friendly UI and UX. I have used other financial apps too but no other can match the frequency with Discover. Simple and Attractive.
  • Discover App - Excellent App 5/5

    By Customer_PR
    Love the app. Its utility, simplicity and resourcefulness. Thx Dev. Team, sincerely a satisfied and pleased customer.
  • Great app 5/5

    By dee_nyc
    Surprisingly, Discover is one of the best credit cards I had. And their app is super easy to use and I never had any problems. Thumbs up.
  • Good Credit card app 5/5

    By TType
    Very good app
  • Outstanding Card!👍 5/5

    By iPhone number 1
    I've been with Discover for a couple of years. They are far the best credit card I ever had. The customer service staff is very friendly. Thank you Discover!
  • Easy to use with great features 5/5

    By Learner1$0
    Great offers and also awesome deals.
  • Way ahead of it's time 5/5

    By FirdausGupte
    Discover is just wonderful. I have never had an unpleasant experience with Discover. It surprises me all the time, I just love it. All my other banks and credit cards give me such headaches all the time but Discover is the best.
  • Great app highly recommended 5/5

    By sam311
    I love this app as I get alerts of each charge , payments and have a fully control over my account Highly recommended
  • Easy banking 5/5

    By Kahboune
    Easy to use, easy to understand, easy to keep track your spending.
  • I love it 5/5

    By Cats#2
    Being a college student, it has been very convenient for me to use for books and necessities. I started my credit by using Discover and credit reports are free! I love it!
  • 4 digit passcode NOT secure?! 2/5

    By L Camões
    Discover encourages you to substitute a four digit passcode for your user ID and password to gain easy login access to your account on the app! This seems to me to be a major step backward in security! Worse still, they force you to use the less secure passcode system in order to gain access to using fingerprint ID! Just the existence of a four digit passcode diminishes your login security substantially. And then to use your fingerprint to enter a lousy four digit passcode seems absurd.
  • A great credit card with a great app 5/5

    By iCloud-Pro
    I have been a Discover credit card customer for several years now. I love the cash back rewards. What makes having a Discover credit card even better is the app for the iPhone. It makes it so easy to check my balance, check my pending charges, dispute charges, check my FICO score, and pay my bill.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Saaedi7
    Shows you everything and makes everything so convenient.
  • Discover awesome 5/5

    By MWKP82
    I love the way the app works. Awesome security.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Jen123avc
    This app is great. I'm able to see payment history, make payments, view my purchases and do everything I can if I was on the desktop version.
  • Discover app 5/5

    By Lapoohbearxo
    Love this app! Very easy to use!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Acolby32
    Wish there was a back button from the transactions view other than that quick easy place for checking balances and paying bills.
  • No troubles yet, good credit score checking feature 5/5

    By pissedoff4sure
    Thumbs up
  • Quick, straightforward, easy-to-use 5/5

    By amyhaha
  • discover 5/5

    By Britt13aa
    awesome app!!
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Vote:ob
    Helpful and easy to use straight to the point
  • Great‼️ 4/5

    By Hhh reed
    Mi likie👍🏿
  • Shakir 5/5

    By Shakirpm4u
    Good App
  • I love Discover 5/5

    By M8Deluxe
    The app is easy to use I love everything about this card.
  • Awesome app 4/5

    By Sky expo
    User friendly , complete details. No need to login in browser.
  • Best 5/5

    By Cyoung2016
  • Good app 5/5

    By iSayWeParty
    Very easy to use app and discover has the best customer service! I like their option to see the FICO Score.
  • Really good application 5/5

    By Mahesh Gadhvi
    I got so many cards but discover card and there application is far ahead than other competitors.
  • Requires pass from text to open. Every time. 1/5

    By Mes3141592
    So the app can use Touch ID instead of a password. Super. Afterwards, every single time, I have to authenticate via text message. I could live with this if it was a security measure. Sadly, texts are trivial to reroute knowing only my phone number so provide zero extra security. I could live with it if it was simple. Like other apps who send a link opening the app with the password, so I don't have to copy it. But no. I have to wait for the text (has been more than 10 minutes before) and then copy it into the app by hand. Using the web browser again. That actually saved my password just fine...
  • Bugggggg 3/5

    By Scarfaceempire
    Great app everything work wells its just that the app keeps logging me out and then I have to redo the whole verification part which gets annoying. It happens every single time I go to log back in. PLEASE FIX IT🤞🏽
  • Great app 5/5

    By lavel
    Love this app. Easy to navigate and I can do everything in one place. Keep track of purchases, rewards, make payments see statements is just great.
  • Use the app for excellent account management 5/5

    By Jimmmyboy3000
    Love it!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By panfengli
    FIFO score is nice. Discover is my first credit card, thanks for it when I have poor credit score.

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