Disney Cruise Line Navigator

Disney Cruise Line Navigator

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Disney Cruise Line Navigator App

Add even more magic to your Disney cruise! Get the latest, most up-to-date cruise information directly on your smartphone while on the ship with the Disney Cruise Line Navigator—the official cruise app from Disney. Explore your ship from bow to stern with Deck Plans, learn about the ports you’ll be visiting with My Itinerary, easily save and view both favorite and booked activities with My Plans, and make the most of each day with access to your entire cruise schedule—which includes daily activities, entertainment listings and even restaurant menus. Also, keep in touch with friends and family on the ship with our Onboard Chat feature. To use Disney Cruise Line Navigator, download the app, and once on board, connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi network—complimentary to app users only—and enjoy your cruise! GET THE INFO YOU NEED TO HELP YOU PLAN View on board activities across your entire voyage Plan your day, from shows to shopping Review your ports of call and at-sea days Read details about activities that interest you Check menus before dinner—kids’ menus too—and easily access your dining schedule Get daily featured spa and shopping offers Save favorite activities in one convenient list View booked activities—Port Adventures, nursery times, spa and salon services and treatments, and dining at Palo and Remy Find Disney Characters throughout the ship Get the most out of the app by visiting our new Help Center NAVIGATE THE SHIP Explore your ship deck by deck, from bow to stern Find locations of the activities you want to do STAY IN TOUCH WITH ONBOARD CHAT Use Onboard Chat to stay connected to your family, friends and shipmates While aboard your cruise, chat one-to-one, or with multiple friends and family members at once Use our wide array of Disney emoticons to express yourself as you chat Control access by children with the permissions feature Disney Cruise Line Navigator helps you to stay informed, navigate the ship and enjoy every cruise day to its fullest. Download the app to get started! Note: Onboard Chat requires you to provide your full name, stateroom number and birthdate in order to use it. Children should always ask their parent or guardian before using Onboard Chat. The app uses the "write external storage" permission to be able to store downloaded images that are displayed in the app and uses the "write settings" permission to prompt you to put your device in airplane mode when connecting to the ship's Wi-Fi network to avoid unnecessary charges by your cellular provider. This app will give you the option to accept push notifications for favorited activities and incoming chat messages. Privacy Policy: https://disneyprivacycenter.com/ Terms of Use: https://disneytermsofuse.com


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Disney Cruise Line Navigator app reviews

  • Not a fan of the new countdown... 4/5

    By abcdefghijklmaocn
    I have used the app during previous cruises and enjoyed it. In between cruises, I liked having the fun and cute countdown page.(with the suitcase and such) I think you should consider bringing back the old, fun countdown! The new one is a bit bland. I really liked the uniqueness with the last one, and hope you'll make it fun again!
  • What was Disney thinking? 1/5

    By Kugelhoff
    I can’t believe that the countdown clock has been changed to something very plain, squished to the top of the screen, and overlaid with a huge, stark white, largely blank, ugly, and next to useless window? I don’t understand how an Imagineer could have approved this. The aesthetics are awful! In the past, I checked the clock almost daily - sometimes for almost 2 years in advance! - in enthusiastic anticipation of my next cruise. Now, I don’t even want to look at it! This change has really taken away my excitement, which studies have shown is half the fun of taking a vacation! Please, either bring back the suitcase or do something better!
  • Essential yet incomplete 3/5

    By Family man 88
    While the app is incredibly useful, it could be truly magical. Makes seeing what is happing right now super easy. Yet can’t yet replace the phone in your state room and the stack of papers you get every day. Needed features in order of happiness created (and these are still just the basics): - see reservations and ticketed events - make and change reservations - store tickets to ticketed events - messaging crew and assigned servers. (Ie youth activities, nursery, host/hostess, server) - see account statements/summary - picture messaging - messaging to other state rooms. Requires a silly message id. (you can call from your room/wave phone, yet messaging is restricted? Just make a simple block ability and usage would increase) - feedback mechanism. Comment card at the end isn’t granular enough if you really want useful feedback for how to make experience magical. Esp when you have one issue (small or big) only option is to grade an entire department down or ignore the challenge. - voice calling (get rid of the wave phones) - integration with photos (no need to go to review photos) - access room and shore (replace the key to the world) (Feb 2018)
  • Countdown 3/5

    By Mandarose642
    I haven’t used this on the cruise ship yet but I’m sad the fun suitcase countdown is gone and now just a plain generic one replaced it. Where’s the Disney magic in that?
  • Love some parts of it 3/5

    By Disney Platinum
    I have used the older version of the app on previous cruises. Being able to view the different dining menus and ship activities is great. I am looking forward to using the updated features on our next cruise in April. One thing that I miss is the Mickey suitcase on the countdown. The current clock is very generic and not visually pleasing. I hope in future versions, the clock will look more “Disney” and additional features such as accessing reservations prior to the cruise will be added.
  • Plz fix this 2/5

    By Captain tom : army
    As you need to be connected to there WiFi to get the app connected it lags bad as because if this when you leave port there is no way you can get the app
  • Bring back the suitcase 3/5

    By Bmorechick 27
    I haven't cruised yet so I can't comment on the onboard features, but seeing that suitcase countdown clock was he best thing ever. Since the update, the countdown display is sooo blah! I'm shocked Disney even came up with such a lame idea. Please bring back the suitcase countdown!
  • Bring back the suitcase! 2/5

    By Unprofessionalbehavoir
    New update 2/18 took away the countdown suitcase background and replaced it with a plain blue one 😕. Hurts my heart.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Dismagic
    Disney changed the countdown clock and it is so plain and boring. Please bring back the old one or update it to something more creative.
  • Update is boring! 1/5

    By dtinah
    I’m all for updates but really surprised Disney didn’t take the time to make this countdown screen exciting. People book hundreds of days in advance for these trips and the suitcase was so iconic to watch the time tick down. This blue screen is so boring. Please jazz it up a bit!!
  • Cruise Countdown 3/5

    By Jenn2424
    What happening to the cruise countdown on the updated app? The new one lacks any Disney Magic to count down towards a magical voyage. Just a plain ticker now that could be for ANY cruise line. Find a way to Disney up the countdown or bring the old cruise countdown back. The rest of the updates to the app are great.
  • Dislike new countdown calendar 1/5

    By Daisy1856
    Just updated this app to find the countdown calendar has changed and not for the better. Bring back the adorable suitcase please. This new countdown calendar is ugly and just plain not fun.
  • I hate the new update!! 3/5

    By HaggardHousewife
    I loved the little countdown clock prior to this update. It was a cute little suitcase. Now, it’s just a generic blue screen with nothing “magical” about it. I expect better from Disney.
  • New countdown isn’t very magical 2/5

    By DizneeDeb
    I have to wait until October to write a review on the updated app, but for now I’d like to BEG you to change the countdown. I notice it’s got a background of the DCL logo, but it’s not very noticeable. When you see it it just looks like a plain blue background. PLEASE change it to something more fun. Maybe the typical DCL red & blue logo with the number of days centered inside the Mickey head.
  • Boring and no magic 1/5

    By Mg427
    The on board updates may be great, but all I can see right now is a boring screen. There is no Disney magic here, I hope my cruise has some magic because this app is not building excitement now.

    By Kyramonkey27
    I loved the suitcase.
  • Probably won’t use anymore for countdown 1/5

    By Jordy3311
    It’s a great app on the ship but the countdown has become a real snoozer and very un-Disney like. Walt would not approve
  • Where’s the Magic! 1/5

    By FrustratedinMI
    Please bring the suitcase countdown back!!!! Thank you.

    By Courtneyp1414
    What happened to the adorable suitcase countdown!? I follow a Disney cruise group with 77,000 members and the whole community is so depressed that this app got rid of the iconic travel suitcase countdown. I have my first upcoming cruise and I’m so disappointed that I won’t get to experience the cute countdown now! Please bring it back!
  • The new timer is horrible 3/5

    By Jibbajabbajubbajebbajobba
    I detest the design of the new cruise countdown timer. It is so cold and not even remotely as magical as the previous rendition was. The app itself has always been extremely helpful, but please revert back to the original design (or maybe give the option of variable timers and include both?) not a huge detractor during the use of the app during the cruise itself but it bothers me when I revisit it in the months leading up to our next cruise.
  • Update 1/5

    By Bug mom mom
    New graphic for countdown is very generic. Most of the time this is all we see as we wait for our trip. Please bring back the cute suitcase.
  • Disappointing update 1/5

    By natwhi
    There is nothing special about this countdown app! You can’t tell that’s is Disney & is terribly average at best! I love everything Disney (except this updated app) & enjoy counting down to our cruise with the old, fun suitcase design! Please come up with something fun & Unique to Disney!!!
  • Poor change to the countdown timer. 1/5

    By Couggriz
    Please make the count down clock to something more Disney. We really liked the old countdown timer.
  • Bring Suitcase Back!! 4/5

    By sdyeh1014
    I downloaded the app for the countdown before my cruise & it was really cute but since the update it is quite boring without the suitcase..please bring it back!!
  • Countdown clock 4/5

    By Chelli8008
    Please change the countdown clock. It looks so boring on the new app. At least add a picture of the ships or allow us to add our own picture.
  • Latest update is pitiful! 1/5

    By PsuMatt1
    The latest update is so plain and worthless. No creativity and especially not what you would expect from Disney! Fire them and get someone with at least one creative bone in their body!!!!
  • Bring back the suitcase! 1/5

    By 2bluesandapink
    The new countdown has to go!
  • Suitcase counter 4/5

    By Cindy's 2008
    Bring back the suitcase
  • Just ok now 2/5

    By austinsnana
    Please make the app more "Disney " we loved at least seeing the suitcase . Save the generic stuff for the others and give us some Disney!
  • Update is ugly 1/5

    By KatrinaMM
    This review is solely for the recent update. The new countdown clock is just numbers on a blue screen. It doesn’t even take up the whole screen. Why the change? The Disney suitcase was so clever! This is very depressing.
  • Miss the suitcase countdown 1/5

    By Sheila'sTab
    Please bring back the suitcase countdown! The current countdown lacks Disney Magic and is very disappointing. Had I known it was going to disappear, I would’ve never updated.
  • New countdown stinks 2/5

    By Nate and Emmet's mom
    This app is great, but the new countdown after the update is terrible. Bring back the suitcase! Or at least something equally fun and magical. There's no Disney magic with this one. Thumbs down.
  • Bring back the suitcase 1/5

    By Krob3841
    I love the app but hate the update. We love looking at the cute suitcase and counting down to our Disney vacation. Please bring it back.
  • New version 1/5

    By TK's Itunes
    I do not like how this new version looks. It looks very basic. Not something a company like Disney can be proud of. I can’t comment on its functionality until i get on board.
  • Sad 1/5

    By LVPlatinumCruiser
    I do not like the look of the count down clock since the update. The generic count down is sad and not very Disney!! I would prefer the old one back or something more Disney like. Very disappointed in the new look!
  • What happened to the countdown suitcase? 3/5

    By Annettework
    Hey ya!
  • Hate the Upgrade 1/5

    By Clark8660
    App is useful on board. But half the fun is watching your countdown. Why, oh why did you get rid of the Disney suitcase? I can set up s generic countdown anywhere.
  • The new countdown 🤢 1/5

    By E. Macy
    The new countdown is the least magical thing I have ever seen Disney put their name on. I’m sure the new app functions while on the ship are wonderful, but what about the year or so we are anticipating our trip?! I don’t even look anymore since it doesn’t support my excitement.
  • Hate new countdown design 4/5

    By rxbabe
    We all hate it. Bring back the suitcase or something equally entertaining and creative. New display is boring, unimaginative, below Disney standards and doesn’t make me think “yea - one day closer.” Love the app though - just hate new countdown display. Did you even get a focus group’s input on the new design?
  • Boring update. 1/5

    By bryan7018
    No useful features that bring excitement before cruise. Bring back the countdown suitcase or a trivia game.
  • Boring update 3/5

    By KellyChiro
    The recent update is nice but the graphics are so incredibly boring! Our cruise is in September and we always enjoy looking at our countdown clock but now it’s just a boring page with the countdown pushed up to the top of the screen. There is nothing exciting about this and if it isn’t changed soon, we’ll probably stop looking at it as often. Please bring back the previous clock!!!
  • Love there app but DON’T love the new countdown ☹️ 1/5

    By Megkbank
    Please bring back the fun magical suitcase or something new and fun. The new countdown is so plain and UNMAGICAL ☹️☹️☹️
  • Bring back the suitcase! 2/5

    By luvforallthingsdisney
    Nothing made me happier than to see the charming vintage suitcase with the cute numbers flapping down as the time was growing shorter. But someone—in their misdirected wisdom—took away the charm and put a sterile clock with zero appeal. As members of a Facebook group, we would screenshot the cute suitcase as our anticipation grows. Now the pictures look like a Tabata timer used in a gym. In fact, I posted that there was an app update on our page and one person commented after another that the timer stinks. That part of the app wasn’t broken. Give us back the magic! Bring back the old graphic!
  • Bring back the suitcase! 1/5

    By Sherryetal
    This app may work better but it is dull and boring to look at. This is not a Disney Magic app now. Please bring back the suitcase!
  • Go back to the way it was 3/5

    By Dallasaunt
    I liked the suitcase count down better
  • Countdown clock 4/5

    By Rballkim
    The countdown clock is a fun feature. However, the recent update is not better in regards to the clock feature. Bring back the suitcase. The new update wiped out my countdown clock (which I reset) and is boring and bland. It doesn’t make me excited for my upcoming cruise. Please change!
  • Countdown is worse 1/5

    By Raynay514
    The countdown down is boring. No signs of disney or even a cruise. Please change back.
  • Fix the countdown! 3/5

    By fix the countdown
    Please bring back some magic to the cruise countdown! It’s so ugly. Plain Jane. Hardly magical! At least the other was a cute suitcase! After the app updated recently, it changed to a boring, bland, not exciting countdown. 😖
  • Aesthetically displeasing 1/5

    By jdanderson04
    While I can not speak to the updates true functionality just yet, the new look really leaves EVERYTHING to be desired. It’s the least Disney looking app a person could imagine. I am really disappointed by the new countdown clock, it’s so sad! Where’s Mickey? Where’s the Magic of Disney?
  • Crappy Countdown 1/5

    By pennyb
    What’s so great about a Disney Cruise? They are MAGICAL!!!! So what happened to all the magic in this update? The fairy godmother forgot to wave her wand? Or did the clock strike midnight and the Coach turned back into a pumpkin? Either way, the other features might very well be fine with this update, we will soon test them on our next cruise. But this countdown timer that is completely generic HAS SIMPLY GOT TO GO!!! It was totally adorable before! Disney has Imagineers, and this is the best that could be done??? That countdown timer belongs with a boring line, NOT Disney! A quick check on the Cruise fan pages will tell you that you seriously goofed on this one. NOW FIX IT.

Disney Cruise Line Navigator app comments


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