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  • Current Version: 4.1.22
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  • Developer: DJI
  • Compatibility: Android
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DJI GO 4 App

Capture the world from above. DJI GO 4 has been optimized for all of DJI's latest products. These include the Phantom 4 Series, Mavic Pro, and Inspire 2. It provides near real-time image transmission and camera settings adjustment, as well as editing and sharing of aerial imagery. Features: All-new Homepage and UI Near Real-time HD Image Transmission Camera Settings Adjustment Updated playback interface Updated Editor with improved UI More templates and music tracks in Editor Convenient video downloading, editing and sharing Integrated live streaming Near real-time flight data recording


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DJI GO 4 app reviews

  • Broken DO NOT install!!!! 1/5

    By Joaquin A. Moquette
    Broken will not work on iPhone X and firmware update will hang.
  • Still Crap 1/5

    By Jazjoonb
    Can’t export videos, these moron just can’t get the software right. At least it doesn’t crash constantly.
  • My return to home and max altitude 1/5

    By theartofshred
    Max altitude and return to home height reset to zero every time I change it. I have to reset app several times then works. Terrible!
  • Hola amigos de DJI: 1/5

    By Ponk.
    Creo que ciento una gran compañía y fabricantes de los mejores drones, creo que la aplicación no es de lo mejor por lo siguiente . Exportar a todo el mundo y solo esta en un solo idioma (ingles) lo cual muchas personas al igual que yo no lo dominamos muy bien ,lo cual es nos es difícil acceder completamente ala aplicación por el lenguaje y sacarle el 100% de la aplicación... Espero y pronto lo actualicen y sean prácticos con los idiomas.
  • Weak Transmission Signal Issue 3/5

    By Jvitunesreview3508
    I had purchased the DJI Spark back in December of 2017 without the remote and the app did its job. I never really had issues of the app crashing like other people have stated. I’ve recently purchased the RC controller for the spark along with an OTG cable. I turn the Spark on, then the controller and wait for the connection, then connect the OTG cable to my phone and then the controller. Now you should be able to fly the Spark without WiFi if using the OTG cable. With everything connected properly, the DJI GO4 app says that the drone is connected but says that there is a weak transmission signal. I’ve done some research and have heard that it has started to do that with the new update. If that issue can be fixed then I’d consider leaving 5 stars for the review.

    By AN0NVM0U53
    Because it has to be greater than 50% to update it was a very important mission and I’m extremely disappointed in Tj as developers for allowing this to happen please update The app immediately
  • Poor Image Error 2/5

    By 🍄🍄🔮🌀🍁🌼
    Getting a image error when using a OTG cable. Makes no sense, wouldnt OTG be way more stable than any WiFi connection? Yeah... keep telling us ur working on it, fix this issue please. I might have to side load a older version.
  • So far so good 3/5

    By B-rolle
    Have just gotten spark today did full updates and everything seems to be running smoothly so far. Had slight problem connecting controller to aircraft through the app but it worked after a couple tries. Will try my best to keep you guys updated.
  • Brand new and wont connect 1/5

    By Sgt Amazing
    Brand new out of the box charged battery and the app won't scan the codes or show up on ky wifi. I have the iPhone 8 plus.
  • Took away otg cable connection for Spark :-( 1/5

    By Jeffropaige
    Haven’t had a problem yet with the DJI spark. I would like vr mode added like on my bebop2. Using google cardboard would be great. Seems like they are more interested in selling their expensive googles instead though. We’ll see. Update: introduced glitches and less range when using otg cable. It was working so why break it ????? 2 stars now pleas fix Update: still no fix for otg. Please fix I’m getting half the range now without it and video gets very choppy. Unflyable 0 stars
  • Do you even test your apps. 2 star rating and it doesn't send a message ? 1/5

    By Oooseun
    Travelled hours to a destination only to find out my phone (recently updated) wouldn't work with the app. F me right? I should test before going on trips. But why? It with have changed the outcome of your terrible app.
  • Was once broken - Now seems fine 4/5

    By Bobaethan
    I recently purchased a Spark. Super awesome drone, especially since it’s so small. It is precise and hovers. A large upgrade from the $80 Walmart drone I had before. The app was nice, I had experience with it and the Inspire 2. But it kept crashing over and over. Just as people mention in the reviews. But after a recent update, it has worked flawlessly. It even seems to drain less battery on my phone than usual. I would give it five stars, but because this crashing problem lasted about a month, it’s somewhat crushing to that fifth star. The Spark costs a few hundred dollars. Our Inspire two after all cameras and batteries is about 6K. Not to mention that we use two Inspires for most shoots. Bad for having problems. Good for fixing it quickly. I love the fun options on the drone. It makes taking simple and fun shots so easy. And their is also so much available maneuvering, so that one can do their own thing if they want. It goes fast, and is very quiet.
  • App Crashes !!! 1/5

    By k peezy
    App always crashes on my phantom 4 and my mavic Pro.cant even film for more than a few seconds without it causing my 1000+ dollar drones this is a complete outrage.
  • Junk 1/5

    By DUGGY40
    Not worth,effort,money!
  • Unable to fly due to software 1/5

    By Seb27954789
    This app prevents me from flying my aircraft due to an overly restrictive geo zone settings. The drone it’s self is great when I am able to fly but the software is way too restrictive.
  • Video rendering problem 1/5

    By HozerMD
    After rendering video frame skipping..
  • Ужас\ Fall 1/5

    By Лыжник Джеки
    Где русский язык ? Вы серьёзно ? This app lost Russia language!!! Are you serious? Bad for your karma. Добавьте русский язык ! Заплатите переводчику 100$ Add Russia. Pay 100$ for translate !
  • Truly awful 1/5

    By David Steven K
    Full of misspellings and errors
  • Keeps crashing on iPhone X 5/5

    By Messanger for Ipad
    Update: it has stopped crashing on my iPhone X and can fly pleasantly again This app crashes literally every 30 seconds, I tried every type of trouble shooting out there and even tried it with my old iPhone 7 Plus and my iPhone X but it keeps crashing. If this keeps happening I’m gonna return both my spark and mavic because that’s just $1,500 worth paperweights sitting on my desk
  • I’m impressed 5/5

    By Motomaticmopeds
    Of all the things I expected to be able to do with the Mavic, I never imagined it would do so much. This app has been very stable for me. The over all experience seems intelligent and offers quite a bit of customization. I see a lot of poor reviews and can only think “People are bad at technology and should read more.”
  • FIX THE BUG 1/5

    By Prankstersquadtv
    MAVIC PRO DOESN'T CONNECT WITH new iOS I have an iPhone 7 Plus and doesn’t allow me to connect
  • Used to work. Wish it still did 1/5

    By Kaneda101
    Seems like every week there is some update that rolls out and I am unable to fly. Try to do the update on my iPhone X with no success and have to wait until I get home and update through my computer. If I’m near an airport and try to fly my Mavic or Spark, I can’t. The button I need to press on my iPhone X is not on the screen I need to scroll down to tap it, problem is the screen returns to original position and button disappears. I have my 107 and clearance to fly in some restricted airspace near me through the FAA and this is infuriating to work with.
  • Makes Absolutely NO sense 1/5

    By SFC Pace
    Remote just keeps saying connecting and tried iPhones and android systems which neither work. You would think DJI would produce a better user friendly app since this garbage app is rated at a whopping 2 stars
  • Spark OTG no longer an option 1/5

    By NTEX
    DJI removed the the reliable option to connect via an OTG wired connection from your phone to the remote. Now you have to utilize the half baked WiFi option which reduces connectivity reliability, and drone performance and stability. I went from a drone that performed flawlessly and as advertised to a drone that’s almost dangerous to fly due to unpredictability. Ridiculous.
  • iPhone X crashes 3/5

    By Rbaslip
    App constantly closes on the iPhone X wen I try to use the crest future in the app . Please fix thanks
  • The reviews have me 💀💀💀😂😂😂 1/5

    By Traknologist
    I have barely been able to fly in Dec 2017 because of failed updates. I hope you guys get it together or this is the last DJI product I ever buy.
  • Pretty impressive 4/5

    By GetYourOwnName
    A lot of info and bells and whistle packed in this app. I, for one, have never had the issues some other reviews have talked about. My connection to app and remote have always worked perfectly. I do wonder if people are starting up in the correct sequence and have their PHONE settings in the best configuration for using it with the app. That is one complaint, the apps tutorials/DJIs videos on YouTube leave a lot to be desired. However there are plenty of good YouTube videos from other private YouTubers that do a better job of explaining how to use the app and drone. I really enjoy all the options available. I would like to see DJI to continue adding more intelligent flight modes. The UI is pretty user friendly but also very complicated. I know that sounds contradictory but with all the info and options available I can’t imagine a better layout. This goes back to tutorial education, DJI doesn’t provide enough and that is the only reason I am giving the app 4 stars instead of 5. Also on that point the simulation mode is only available with the drone on. It would be nice to practice EVERYTHING the drone and app can do (camera features and functions included) in the simulation mode (or a stand alone simulation app) with just the controller and phone on.
  • App force close while flying 2/5

    By Raptor1956
    On two occasions I’ve had the Go 4 app close itself while in the middle of a flight. The first time was on June 9th 2017 and the second time was December 6th 2017 and both times I was using the latest version of the Go 4 app and drone/RC firmware. I managed to re-launch the app and resume the flight, but if this happened with low battery the drone might well have crashed. Brian
  • Why not Spanish 1/5

    By chapinbarillas
    Do you know how many millions of guys make rich this company ? and many of them Spanish speaking, not being able to fully understand because it is only in English? 30 dollar cheap phones have Spanish and many more languages ​​and you can not make a 💩💩💩 ?
  • Review 1/5

    By boomhauer79cj
    Why won’t you publish my review I bet this won’t even leave this page send will not work I bet
  • Incredible technology 5/5

    By MonkeyDeathSonic
    This app is incredible. I haven’t had any of the issues that others have had but I’m running a pretty bare dedication iPad mini so maybe less is more when it comes to stability.
  • Seems really buggy but works 4/5

    By pichner
    The app works without crashing on my iPhone X with my Mavic Pro everything on the latest greatest firmware. The flight logs have incorrect dates and the landscape portrait swap can be buggy. Overall it’s surprisingly good given how bad most reviews seem to be.
  • Total garbage! 1/5

    By jdavidtx
    V 4.1.20, total garbage. Use to be a good app, no problems, no issues. Has potential to be a great app, DJI needs to fix this. Until then buyer and flyer alike beware! I personally have no confidence and don’t trust my drone flying under this current version of the app so I consider my drone grounded until further notice. Update v4.1.22 is still garbage. Constant IMU and compass calibrations. Reloaded firmware and app twice. DJI forum loaded with upset people with problems and support is quiet as ever. Use to be a great app and awesome drone. Get it together DJI, fix the issues!
  • Really? 1/5

    By CirrusBonsai
    You really locked down video editing to your app. Lame.
  • Fix OTG for Spark! 1/5

    By 4caster2323
    Current version of app has broken OTG for Spark users. This is a necessary feature if you want to fly the Spark beyond 200ft without transmission errors. As is, the video feed and disconnects are quite common, even on my new iPhone 8 Plus. Please fix this ASAP DJI, or my drone (and many others) will be going back.
  • Don’t buy 1/5

    By Michigasruben
    This may be a great drone to fly when it works but it has major software issues. I haven’t heard a good word about it from anyone other than people who are experts in drones if you don’t already understand how to code your own drone software then this isn’t for you!
  • App doesn’t work with my iPhone 6 either 1/5

    By Tiger1355@
    Works fine with my Samsung S8, but will not connect with my iPhone.
  • Good for flights but horrible video editing. 3/5

    By Sparkdronie
    I’ve used this app for several flights now and it has worked as advertised. The only issue I’ve had so far is with the video editing software. I’ve been able to make one movie where it rendered correctly. I now have issues where my videos render very choppy even though all of my video clips were clear and smooth. Please fix this DJI! I know I’m not the only one with this problem.
  • Buggy, glitchy 1/5

    By Axkaliber
    The app is constantly incompatible and updates are frequent and reset key settling which then becomes a needle in a haystack search. The I2 firmware gets many updates as well that never seem to work quite right with the app. I need a full time tech person to keep this thing working. As it stands, I waste an exceptional amount of time just taking simple aerials due to bugs, glitches, and wonky settings that I haven’t changed. DJI needs better quality software developers.

    By lemmanuelperez
    Cant activate the Spark or pair it with the RC since the connection icon doesnt work and when pressed it open the flight records section.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Djbaby33
    My drone got stuck in one place in mid flight when I try to return home, after five minutes it started to return home stopping a few times on the way back. Please fix
  • This app does not work on my phone!!! 1/5

    By ChandlerLuthi
    I got a Mavic Pro for Christmas. I was so excited! The drone is beautiful but the app. It keeps saying disconnected in mid-flight, which kind of infuriates me. If you’re make a $1,000 drone, make the app good
  • Why restrict alt with app update 1/5

    By Pengfeiliu
    This is counterintuitive! I couldn’t fly over 50m without updating the software. But I was in the wild with really bad signal! I eventually crashed my drone because a freaking tree that’s slightly over 50m!
  • Powerful app and super buggy 3/5

    By techboogie
    While this app can do amazing things, it is known to be very buggy. Always research on the DJI forums before upgrading your app because some versions are unstable. Also, you will want to get a dedicated device for flying your drone that is very fast and not connected to data so you aren’t interrupted midflight and lose your drone!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By LetsGo!!
    This software and dji drones are the best.
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Mac_Tech
    The app works ok. In the past, the drone would disconnect from the app so I hope this update addresses the issue.
  • Each update is worse 1/5

    By dansm
    Functionality seems to be going backwards - hesitant to upgrade.
  • App, Drains Battery like a Boss.. 1/5

    By Xcells78
    App Need some work over. i phone 7+ battery last as long as the Spark Fly time about 12 mins, when running this app... battery drains using this app. No Good...
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Md. Luigi
    App crashes cuts off menus
  • Same disconnectivity issues as everyone else. 1/5

    By OCchris
    Having the same issues as everyone else with their mavic. Haven’t been able to fly for almost a month. Please fix this DJI!

DJI GO 4 app comments


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