DMV Genie Practice Test: Permit & Driver's License

DMV Genie Practice Test: Permit & Driver's License

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DMV Genie Practice Test: Permit & Driver's License App

Don't take any chances at the DMV. With DMV Genie, you'll be prepared. Download it right now and be ready to ace your car, motorcycle or CDL test tomorrow. You'll be surprised at how close this app is to the real thing! NO SURPRISES AT THE DMV: Get ready for your 2017 car, motorcycle, or CDL learner's permit test or driver's license test with questions that are based on your state’s official driver’s manual. Our users swear that most of the questions are very similar (in fact, often identical) to those on the real test. You’ll know exactly what to expect since our DMV practice tests have the same passing score as the actual test. WHY USE DMV GENIE? • Realistic: Just like the actual test, our practice tests are based on the official 2017 DMV manual for your state. • Smart hints: These help with tricky questions and steer you in the right direction. • Personalized Challenge Bank: a test that's automatically made up of your missed questions from all your practice tests • Detailed explanations: When you make a mistake, the app tells you right away if your answer is wrong and why. You understand and remember every wrong answer. • State-specific: With specific questions for each U.S. state, the app works for every DMV, DDS, BMV, MVA, RMV, DOR, MVC, MVD, DOT, and DOL in the country. • Difficulty levels from Easy to Exam • New questions every time: To keep you focused, we randomize questions and answers each time you start a practice test. • Review every question: Learn from your mistakes. • No registration required • Ask an Expert: Get live support from real people. Go to Settings - Ask an Expert. DRIVER'S MANUAL INCLUDED (ALL 50 STATES) Download your state's official DMV Driver's manual from our website: HOW TO USE THIS APP MOST EFFECTIVELY: There are several difficulty levels you can choose from. You can take the practice tests in any particular order, but most users progress from Easy Mode to Exam Mode. That way, you won’t miss any of those tricky questions about speed limits, Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), or fines. For brushing up on a particular area of the driver's manual, you can take practice tests specifically on road signs, road situations, and fines & speed limits. WHAT'S THE CHALLENGE BANK? It's a new type of test that's automatically made up of your missed questions from all your practice tests. You can go back and review the questions that you got wrong. You can find it in the "Settings"menu on the state page. It works separately for different vehicle types (car, motorcycle, CDL). You can also add questions to your Challenge Bank manually (Settings - Add to Challenge Bank) on the test screen. WHAT IS THE EXAM MODE? As close as it gets to the actual DMV permit test or driver's license test experience: • Has the same number of questions as the real thing. • Stops as soon as you have reached the passing or failing score. • Skip as many questions as you like. WHAT IS THIS APP FOR? Our practice tests are an effective, interesting way to study for your written DMV test (car, motorcycle or CDL). This app is useful for the learner's permit test, the driver’s license test, and the senior citizen's refresher test. The written part of those tests is the same. FUN FACT: CA DMV About 25% of our users take the California tests for their CA DMV exam. The CDL practice test is a close second in popularity. WANT TO TALK TO THE DEVELOPERS? To ask us a question, go to Settings - Ask an Expert on the test screen. This will open up an in-app chat window. We’re online most of the time, and we respond to each user personally. To report a bug or a question-specific typo or mistake, go to Settings - Report a mistake. Or email us directly at We're always happy to help!

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DMV Genie Practice Test: Permit & Driver's License app reviews

  • Very good 4/5

    By pseudonimo_originale
    I used this app and passed the exam. However, some topics that occurred in my test are actually missing from the app (rules on GDL licenses, deadlines to comunicate changing name and address to DMV)
  • Doesn't help 1/5

    By Njgirl1966
    Failed after using this app for hours. Missing a lot of material for Arizona
  • Awesome free tool! 5/5

    By MJR1029
    Using this app exclusively to prepare for my M1 endorsement!
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Ja61
    Awesome app! Very helpful for the exam.
  • Thanks! 5/5

    By Moparteen18
    The practice this app gave was almost harder than the actual test. It's made the real permit test seem like a cake walk. Passed within 15min.
  • 💘 5/5

    By hktkekdnifidjw
    Honestly love this. So much better than the handbook
  • Failed twice then passed 5/5

    By Themainmamba
    Great app at first when I didn't use this app I failed twice and then I started looking for help in places I never would have thought of and today I just passed!!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Gakagasksho
    App is so helpful the suggestions and tips help as long as you read them
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kalum Doyon
    This is what I used to pass my Maine state class b with tanker endorsement. I didn't even read the book they gave me. Only did this til I passed what I needed to pass. Great app and gives explanations of your wrong.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By sctravis77
    This is definitely worth the download. Loved it!! Help tremendously with getting my cdl

    By Trey__22
    I didn't read the cdl manual one time!!! Downloaded this app, took practice test and exams for about 3 weeks, went to the DMV, and past every single test for Class A Cdl permit the very first time! Majority of the questions are worded the exact same... Ps. I never write reviews for apps!
  • Excellent app!! 5/5

    By Crannylass
    Thanks to this app I passed my exam (:! I also used the writing manual to reinforce the concepts but the tests on the app helped me allot to memorize them. Just make sure you really know all the answers of the marathon quiz and you'll make it through the exam. I definitely recommend it! 👌🏼✨
  • Must-get! 5/5

    By gsus luvs u
    I can't believe it's free. This app is so amazing. I got it to help me study for my learners permit test. You just select your state and it gives you practice tests with helpful explanations if you don't understand something. This app truly lives up to its motto: Better than the handbook. I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for this app. Get it and try it out :)
  • The best app out there! 5/5

    By trying_again
    Awesome. Just awesome. If you need help this will do the trick!
  • This apps helps but it's not true to the Test 3/5

    By Caammmmmmn
    It's a good guide but it does not have the same answers as the actual test at all! The answers on the test are more straightforward this app is sugarcoated
  • I passed because of this app! 5/5

    By bhgfcbkn
    I studied these questions constantly 😂 closest thing to the real deal! Amazing app

    By bluey.egy
    Best app ever! got a 20/20 on my permit NYC test Class-D! Most of the questions on the app prepare you for the actual test; maybe not similar questions but somewhat alike! Just practice and practice until you memorize ! The app is perfect and HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  • Very helpful! 5/5

    By sclanton2
    Great layout, very helpful.
  • It's actually kind of fun 5/5

    By Great potato loves laces
    I hate studying for anything. But somehow I am able to have fun testing to drive. It has a lot of information that the book just doesn't have.
  • I don't usually rate apps 5/5

    By HeberB
    But this one deserves it so bad! I completed most of the tests and then took the actual test which I successfully passed. I'm so happy for apps like this one. Keep up the good work!
  • Make is great and greatest 5/5

    By Yanki Zulu
    The question and answer are good, it's nice way to practice, make them more hard and efficient with effective, so it will be best for any beginner and other who are need it most.
  • 3rd times a charm 5/5

    By Mom of scary driver
    My son had taken a week of drivers ed and had failed his permit test twice. He was ready to give up. I downloaded this app and helped him study for a couple of days and he passed the 3rd time taking the test. The app is easy to use and my son said a lot of the questions were the same or similar. Thanks for developing this! It's a huge help for teens.
  • Cdl test 5/5

    By Alfonso Lac
    The best app that I ever have Do you want to get your CDL permit? Get it now
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Adam2turnt
    Great studying App
  • Great app 5/5

    By Teifryn
    I had a habit of running over kids and vulnerable people but since Iv started using This app Iv hardly hit anyone
  • great appp 5/5

    By Ninni 2002
    this app beneficial fr
  • Love this ap! 5/5

    By MandaPanda727
    I love this ap though I think the general knowledge needs to have more questions. One the CDL test a lot of the questions on there were from throughout the entire book and not just that chapter and it threw me off.
  • GREAT! 4/5

    By Deejioll
    I take my permit test in a month too be exact & im so close too it ! i can feel it 💯 i study everyday & the app is great 😊💛
  • Great App 5/5

    By DigityDaniel763
    I love this app it helps me to study for my DMV Knowledge Test it goes from easy questions to hard question and even has a exam mode where it's like taking the actual test almost also it doesn't just show you the answer is wrong it tells you why that answer is incorrect and gives a detailed explanation. Or if you prefer you can talk to the team while your taking the practice test, ask any questions you have give suggestions, and even let them know when something in the practice test is wrong. Not only that but it also has a challenge bank where you can redo the ones you missed and see if you got them done.
  • Get your permit!! 5/5

    By Nalanni
    I was easily able to pass permit test with this app and Google. It's great, thank you❤️❤️
  • DMV 5/5

    By Reez216
    Great app for practice temp test.
  • WOW WOW WOW 5/5

    By Xxxrayxxx831
    Let me just start off saying that I have my permit test tomorrow and I feel pretty confident. This app is so so great to study and learn things you didn't know. So yes I very much recommend! Everything I needed to know was here and I hope to pass with the help of this app. Thank you so much to the creators so yes download it and start studying!!! Good luck!
  • great!!! 5/5

    By mv.rj
    just took my permit test and passed because of this app! it was my third time taking it and the questions on this app are the same as the actual test in the DMV! love it download it! its definitely better than reading the handbook
  • I passed!!! 4.13.17 5/5

    By OCD 💎
    Thanks to this app I studied for a week straight & passed !!!! 🤓🤗🙃
  • BEST practice tests 5/5

    By LoveCandy89
    Took the practice tests in like 3 days passed my NYS Permit test my first try
  • Passed 5/5

    By jaelove_
    After two weeks of using this app I knew everything I needed to know and passed my permit test
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By OtakuSteve
    This app really helped me to prepare myself and get my CDL! I would study no matter where I was. I thank the developers for their hard work into making an excellent app!
  • They'll see me rollin on the road soon 5/5

    By Kristelpher
    I've been using this app to study for my permit test in CT while also reading the manual and it has helped me a lot
  • The best app out there 5/5

    By Lalgom
    First of all, it's FREE and it has NO ADS. This helped me pass my drivers license test. It is EXTREMELY HELPFUL. I would give this more stars if I could.
  • Passed with flying colors! 5/5

    By Makeup glam
    After taking all the test in this app, helped me prep for the actual written exam. Even waiting to take the test, I kept taking the exam mode over and over until I came to it and was easy. Thank you for this app!!
  • 🎈🙏🏼 4/5

    By Nutter Butter7373
    From Tennessee, Beware of the alcohol questions !!!!!
  • Thankful for this app! 5/5

    By Lkbnd5
    I was a little skeptical as far as relying on just doing prep tests with this app, especially after numerous people that took the test claimed you have to study the book and even then many fail on their first go but I think the book is indeed overloaded with information ..the app makes it easy to memorize the questions. Took the test for the first time and passed, never once studied the book. I definitely recommend this app, thank you to its developers.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Mr. Don't use money for games
    Passed the Exam Mode 10 times to be sure. Less than 10% of the questions here was on the permit test. No bicycle lane, no animal questions.
  • Very Helpful! 5/5

    By Christopherguti6
    I just recently got the app and can guarantee you it's the most useful source you can find if you're studying for your permit test 👍🏽
  • Great 5/5

    By Nedflander
    Easier then reading the entire book but I still go back to the book for something's I need more explanation for.
  • Great 5/5

    By Herrrasde
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Gman9253
    This app was absolutely amazing and I passed my permit test with only one wrong due to a simple mistake on my part. I do suggest using the PA Driver's Liscense Practice Test too. (It's blue)
  • Good app 5/5

    By Kdisjbsiamwjeishenwishenejs
    This is a really good app you should get it
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Newgurl2theworld
    This practice test got me so confident and all I need is to print out the reviews so I can study better.
  • Wow just wow 5/5

    By musica🎐
    This app is really good. I think it would help me pass my driving test. Thanks for all the help!

DMV Genie Practice Test: Permit & Driver's License app comments

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