DMV Genie Permit Practice Test

DMV Genie Permit Practice Test

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DMV Genie Permit Practice Test App

Don't take any chances at the DMV. With DMV Genie, you'll be prepared. Download it right now and be ready to ace your car, motorcycle or CDL test tomorrow. You'll be surprised at how close this app is to the real thing! NO SURPRISES AT THE DMV: Get ready for your 2018 car, motorcycle, or CDL learner's permit test or driver's license test with questions that are based on your state’s official driver’s manual. Our users swear that most of the questions are very similar (in fact, often identical) to those on the real test. You’ll know exactly what to expect since our DMV practice tests have the same passing score as the actual test. WHY USE DMV GENIE? • Realistic: Just like the actual test, our practice tests are based on the official 2018 DMV manual for your state. • Smart hints: These help with tricky questions and steer you in the right direction. • Personalized Challenge Bank: a test that's automatically made up of your missed questions from all your practice tests • Detailed explanations: When you make a mistake, the app tells you right away if your answer is wrong and why. You understand and remember every wrong answer. • State-specific: With specific questions for each U.S. state, the app works for every DMV, DDS, BMV, MVA, RMV, DOR, MVC, MVD, DOT, and DOL in the country. • Difficulty levels from Easy to Exam • New questions every time: To keep you focused, we randomize questions and answers each time you start a practice test. • Review every question: Learn from your mistakes. • No registration required • Ask an Expert: Get live support from real people. Go to Settings - Ask an Expert. DRIVER'S MANUAL INCLUDED (ALL 50 STATES) Download your state's official DMV Driver's manual from our website: HOW TO USE THIS APP MOST EFFECTIVELY: There are several difficulty levels you can choose from. You can take the practice tests in any particular order, but most users progress from Easy Mode to Exam Mode. That way, you won’t miss any of those tricky questions about speed limits, Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), or fines. For brushing up on a particular area of the driver's manual, you can take practice tests specifically on road signs, road situations, and fines & speed limits. WHAT'S THE CHALLENGE BANK? It's a new type of test that's automatically made up of your missed questions from all your practice tests. You can go back and review the questions that you got wrong. You can find it in the "Settings"menu on the state page. It works separately for different vehicle types (car, motorcycle, CDL). You can also add questions to your Challenge Bank manually (Settings - Add to Challenge Bank) on the test screen. WHAT IS THE EXAM MODE? As close as it gets to the actual DMV permit test or driver's license test experience: • Has the same number of questions as the real thing. • Stops as soon as you have reached the passing or failing score. • Skip as many questions as you like. WHAT IS THIS APP FOR? Our practice tests are an effective, interesting way to study for your written DMV test (car, motorcycle or CDL). This app is useful for the learner's permit test, the driver’s license test, and the senior citizen's refresher test. The written part of those tests is the same. FUN FACT: CA DMV About 25% of our users take the California tests for their CA DMV exam. The CDL practice test is a close second in popularity. WANT TO TALK TO THE DEVELOPERS? To ask us a question, go to Settings - Ask an Expert on the test screen. This will open up an in-app chat window. We’re online most of the time, and we respond to each user personally. To report a bug or a question-specific typo or mistake, go to Settings - Report a mistake. Or email us directly at We're always happy to help!


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DMV Genie Permit Practice Test app reviews

  • Thank you for your preparation 5/5

    By Noelle608
    I feel that DMV Genuine is really preparing me for my permit test. I am excited to see how I do!
  • From, Morgan 5/5

    By mbailey981
    I am studying for getting my permit and using this app has helped me with absolutely everything and has covered all of my questions that I was confused about. This app is great for new drivers and has helped me a lot.
  • I passed my NY CDL general knowledge test today! 5/5

    By Prettiraw30
    This app is great. I just noticed there’s a Pro app not sure of the difference maybe the Pro app has more in depth question s but i will assure you anyone in NYC this app works. I will advice you to read the book at least scheme through it. But this app works. Hands down!
  • SO helpful 5/5

    By Mehhjxn
    thank you
  • I Passed! Amazing help! 5/5

    By elmatic-
    I took my Class M Permit test this morning in Massachusetts and I used this app to study for two weeks. The test was very easy and most of the questions were almost exactly the same as the ones in this app! Thank you
  • Question 5/5

    By @mariahkeigh96
    I have a question on the Arkansas DMV practice test on your app with the question "Two cars are parked outside of a fire station. Which one is most true?" The answers were ; Car a must remain 25 feet away from the driveway. And car b must remain 75 feet from the driveway. Car a must not park across the driveway Car a must remain at least 20 feet from the driveway. And the answer I put was "car must remain at least 20 feet from the driveway" And it was apparently wrong and the right answer is "car a must remain 20feet away from the driveway in a car be must remain 75 feet from the driveway." But yet it says nothing about 75 feet and my driver handbook and so I'm wondering where you found that? Because the only thing it says on my handbook is "do not park within 20 feet of a fire station driveway on the same side of the street, or street where proper signs are posted." Says nothing about 75 feet. UPDATE: I had a book from a previous year and looked it up on there and guess what it does have it! It makes me so mad they make all all these book without any of the right information on it. Because the new book didn't have any thing about the 75 feet like the old book does. The new books sentences would just cut off and was just not very helpful. Oh and i passed my test but I also read the book once before I took the test.
  • Simple and Effective 5/5

    By Ak23456789
    This app did a great job at preparing me for the drivers permit test! The practice quizzes were easy and covered all the information I needed to do well on the test.
  • I passed my permit! 5/5

    By blackstorm117
    I hate doing reviews but honestly I studied everything on this app for 1 week and when I went to take my permit test I passed it. There were only like 2 questions I missed but I passed it. Give this app a shot if you looking to go for your permit
  • Great app 5/5

    By DL707
    This app is easy to use, provides immediate feedback and very, very helpful. The tests, hints, and access to your missed questions makes this an valuable tool for anyone getting ready to take the test.
  • It’s actually working 5/5

    By Nickname is stolen
    I actually feel like I’m learning the information with every question I get wrong and feel more enthusiastic about going to the dmv eventually when I get answers correct.
  • DMV 5/5

    By TwoDollarLeek
    Great app !
  • DMV - genie 5/5

    By big "Z."
    Excellent learning Experience!!! Thank you guys !!!
  • The best 5/5

    By Abbey baby
    Helped as I studied for getting my temps I passed it after the third try because I didn't do all the tests this app offers
  • 80% of test you can find here 5/5

    By Paul V V
    I hihgly recomend it
  • Awesome app!! 5/5

    By MBA 0713
    Everything is exactly like the test you will be VERY pleased with your test results!!
  • Do not trust some of the answers 1/5

    By otaku...
    I used this app to help me study from my provisional permit test and although some of the answers were correct I got some the same exact questions on the test and after selecting the same answer from the app on the test I got the question wrong. Thanks to this app I managed to fail due to misinformation. Don’t trust this app.
  • Exceptional App 5/5

    By DjCALeeDanger
    California I Use this app to study for my Class A Commercial license, and all of my endorsements for two days, I pass With flying colors on my first try. As long as you use your best judgment and commonsense when taking the test at the DMV ,The questions and answers on this app are almost word for word. Best DMV App hands down 5stars.
  • awesome 5/5

    By w3lvin
    Best CDL app ever #1

    By 🎐🐨
    This is the best app ever if you’re trying to pass your written test or trying to find out more about driving ! Love everything about it and this made me pass my test only missing 5 questions ! Great app definitely get !
  • AmAzInG 5/5

    By Chikenlex
    I downloaded this app about two days ago and just passed my permit test today!! I didn’t even have to read the drivers manual!! I would definitely recommend this app to anyone studying to get their permit it’s extremely helpful!
  • Passed my CA DMV written exam 5/5

    By Access Granted
    I used this app (dmv genie and the CA driving handbook as primary study tools for the written test over a month of studying hard), I can proudly say I am on my way to getting my adult driver license in CA as I now hold my driving permit in my hands. :) Thank you DMV Genie developers!
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By Uziiyah
    Saved my future, thanks for this awesome study guide, couldn't have don't it without this 👍👍👍
  • Great!! 5/5

    By smokiee_blud97
    This is a great app to study just before going into take your test I recommend this for anyone who’s doesn’t really like reading books.
  • A Helping Hand 5/5

    By Kaee Campbell
    At first I was skeptical about the app because it was different than the tests that I have previously took. However after using this app I passed my Permit Test. I recommended to everyone that you do in fact need to study the questions. Yes the questions featured on the app are just like the ones at the DMV but it’s not exact. You have to know the material so when you do read it at the DMV you won’t be befuddled on what the answer is. Trust this will take you places! (driving humor)
  • I️ failed 1/5

    By Bobobalink
    I️ could have passed a test based off of the questions with flying colors. I️ made sure u had above a 90 on all the tests before I went to take the real one, it was golden. All my friends said this was great that all they used was the app. Come to the real test and not a single question on the real test was in this stupid app. I️ got a 20/30 because of common sense but it is definitely not a good study resource. Make sure you use the book to study cause otherwise you have to get lucky with your questions to pass.
  • Best CDL Pre-test Simulator 5/5

    By O Loplante
    This is the best Pre-test you can take to get you ready for your DMV test. The questions are very close or even exactly like the ones you will be asked when testing, and the informative explanation you get back after getting a question very informal and helping get you to understand what you did wrong. Over all this is the best practice you can have, after reading the CDL Guidebook.
  • I’m taking my test in a week wish me luck 5/5

    By Coolswagilikeit
  • Thank you passed my test 5/5

    By Unknown_User666
    Thank you very good app
  • Not like the test 3/5

    By Jeispidbrhhg
    I studied this thing like crazy when I was going for my learners permit. I didn't go until I felt that I knew as much as I could from this app. I went in expecting it to be similar to the app because it is based off of my state's (Massachusetts) handbook, but it was nothing at all like the test!! Perhaps it was just my state but I was not nearly as prepared as the app lead me to believe, I still passed the test but it was really hard!! I still really appreciate this app because it helped me learn so much that i need in order to feel confident driving, I would just suggest that it would be based more on the test itself.
  • Did not help 1/5

    By Fvrgbevrbgebegb
    This don’t help me for my permit at all
  • IOS crash 4/5

    By Artem Bondich
    I like this application, but it is crash each time when I try to exam mode tests on motorcycle category. iOS 10.3.3, iPhone 7.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Mzknx sdc
    Love this app :)
  • Truly a wonderful app 5/5

    By Johntatum818
    This app is great! The questions are identical to the real thing! I am very satisfied and would highly recommend it to anyone!
  • Super 5/5

    By lcaran
    Excellent tool to learn fast and effectiveness.
  • GET THIS!! 5/5

    By Ydhdhsbsi
    This is helping me so much. It condenses all of the information that you need to learn instead and shows you how the test will be. Instead of ready the entire book and guessing what will be on the test.
  • This appp 5/5

    By jnoboa
    Thanks dmv
  • Keeps telling me to update but doesn’t let me?? 4/5

    By Wwoahemma on Instagram
    Love this app!! But, sadly recently it has been telling me to update for the latest questions of 2018 but when I select download, it just says to retry even when I have a perfectly stable internet connection! Please correct soon, would hate to delete the app since it’s helped me so much.
  • Best of the Best 5/5

    By Rivera9
    This is all you need to study for all your Class A and below licenses. Almost word for word what questions will be on your tests. This is a must have, throw away your book and stick with this, you can’t go wrong.
  • BY FAR THE BEST practice CDL lic. App 5/5

    By BukkAke Karl
    THE CDL GENIE WAS BY FAR THE BEST OUT OF THE 10+ apps I downloaded and tried. 1. YOU WERE ABLE TO SELECT YOUR INDIVIDUAL STATE 2. NO POP-UP ads restricting view or making you wait.
  • love it 5/5

    By Tootles😘
  • Test 5/5

    By Crown vic guy
    Don’t mind learning the questions and answers before taking the quiz
  • I passed! 5/5

    By Ampadman
    I swear to you if I wouldn’t have been showed this app I would have failed. I just turned 15 a couple days ago, and my friend showed me this app, and I passed my permit test on my first try! I ended up missing 3/30 and I was allowed to miss 6/30. Anybody who needs to practice for a permit test, motorcycle license, or CDL I support that app 100%! I literally never studied anything, and have had this app for 2 days. And I passed! Good luck everyone!
  • Crashing 4/5

    By Flexible arianna
    This app is good but now it keeps crashing and my test is in 6 days I really need this to be fixed ASAP. I can get onto the app but it kicks be off in less than 10 seconds, help!
  • Crashes after 5 seconds of being open 1/5

    By Lavender X
    It used to work very well and it was very helpful for 2 of my tests at the DMV. I still have one more to go and have to practice it, but all of a sudden this app won’t stay open longer than 5 seconds without crashing. I tried rebooting my phone. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. It must be a recent update. I can’t do any of the practice tests or anything without it crashing. Now the app is garbage and I have to find another way to practice for my final test. It wouldn’t be so bad except my driving school recommended this app for practice. The practice tests are very efficient, but not if there’s a serious bug causing the app to totally malfunction upon opening it, then what good is this app if it doesn’t even work???
  • Good 5/5

    By Jay from New York
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Awesomeali22
    This app is the best app out there for the dmv permit test. I spent 3 hours total on the app and completed all of the “easy” tests and did the final exam 3 times and passed two of the times. The questions on this app are identical to the ones on the test:
  • I didn’t think this would help 5/5

    By YurMthrsBooiii
    I failed the first time even though I studied using the manual. My friend recommended this app and I studied for 3 days do the exam mode couple times get a feel of what you know. Then take the easy hard and extra hard practice tests. But most importantly keep taking the 20 question mock actual exam in between. Then take the 350 questions it’s the most useful exam mode because it’ll take the questions you didn’t answer correct and keep bringing them back in between questions you’ve already gotten correct.
  • Great tool with great knowledge 4/5

    By DFKmuzik
    I love how if you miss a question or get it right it feeds you the detailed information on the choice. I’ll give it five stars once I actually take my CDL tests to see if it has me locked and loaded or throws me in blind
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Qttie
    Really a great way to learn. I never would be able to pass without these pages.
  • GOOD APP 5/5

    By Charbelyammine123
    Really helped me to study at first I did not know what to study but with this app it has helped me a lot

DMV Genie Permit Practice Test app comments


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