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Doctor On Demand App

Available when you are and without the hassle of the waiting room. Connect in minutes with board-certified physicians and doctoral-level therapists over live video. Just like an in-person visit, your doctor will take your history and symptoms, then will perform an exam. Some of examples of what we treat: - Cold & Flu - UTI - Allergies - Depression & Anxiety - Skin & Eye Issues - Urgent Care & more When are doctors available? Our doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can see a doctor immediately or schedule a visit at your convenience. Is insurance accepted? Our services are available with and without an insurance. We also partner with many top employers to reduce your cost. How much do visits cost? Doctor On Demand is open to everyone. See exactly what your visit will cost before you connect. There are no monthly fees. Can my other family members use this too? Our doctors can help your entire family - including kids. From medical to mental health, we’re available to make sure your family gets the care they need. This service is available in all states with the exception of Arkansas.

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Doctor On Demand app reviews

  • Awesome 5/5

    By Dghygdhncddhhgg
    Couldn't believe I talked to a doctor in just a few minutes. She was very kind and made the first video visit very easy. Much easier than going into an office for a simple visit.
  • Great experience ~awesome for minor illnesses 5/5

    By karenscool
    •easy to get appt •thorough •good bedside manner •great for minor ailments that I've used them for
  • This is the best service - so convenient and reliable 5/5

    By Faliryn
    So glad I didn't have to go in to urgent care (and maybe catch something else and waste time away from work) or wait days/weeks for an appointment at my doctors office. This was a small thing that wasn't terribly complicated so it was perfect to get some help with. The doctor I spoke to was really friendly and asked questions - didn't feel like they rushed through or were cursory.
  • Best thing ever invented! 5/5

    By Dreamit1971
    I received excellent care with minimal discord in my work day. This is the best thing ever!
  • Quick service 5/5

    By Shaft lover
    If covered by insurance this is the way to go. I downloaded the app and within 10 min was face timing a doctor. Be aware they can only prescribe certain medications (obviously medications with dependency issues are non-prescribable on the app) but I received my prescription for migraines in under 30 min from opening app for first time.
  • Invaluable for a night shifter like my wife and I! 5/5

    By VeryHonestReviewer
    Great Doctors. My wife and I are both night shifters and it is great getting care instead of going to the ER for something that I don't really need to. Have always had knowledgeable doctors. Very pleased with this service.
  • Dr on Demand 5/5

    By bentneckbev
    The dr was very easy to talk to. The quality of the visit was just like visiting a Dr's office.
  • Great visit 5/5

    By Jps0114
    This was convenient and easy. The Doctor was very helpful and informative.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Blinxxs
    It was quick and easy and my Dr, was just as thorough as a visit to my local Dr for the same thing. I absolutely recommend this for anyone thinking about urgent care or "minute clinic"! I could not be more relieved or happy to have discovered this!
  • Very helpful, highly recommended 5/5

    By T dog god
    The doctor was courteous and helpful and provided me with extremely good care from the comfort of my own home. Highly recommended!
  • So glad I tried this! 5/5

    By LKinstagram
    Within 15 minutes (including entering my info) I had a doctor's visit completed. My doctor was kind, and helped me with exactly what I needed. For me, the $75 price was well worth it; that's what my co-pay is, and I'd have spent 2+ hours in a waiting room with other sick people. Great app, works well, and great service.
  • This app is awesome! 5/5

    By erangel76
    The Dr's are great and it's such a convenience for commen illnesses. Best thing of all is no long wait times to see the Dr.
  • Wonderful experience 5/5

    By Lunaaurora8
    I was able to see a doctor and get the medication prescribed for me to help me get better 😊
  • Quick and Painless 5/5

    By G-mawof4.5
    Except for the pain I currently have from my medical issue. They were prompt and attentive. This was great.
  • The worst 1/5

    By jorge vegaa
    I tried it today No one answer No one reply After I did an appointment at 3 pm 3:05 no one was there If you need quick way to go to a doctor This is not it. I been waiting and waiting that's all
  • I love this dang it! 5/5

    By LawrenceSmithII
    So convenient and just overall great. Only suggestion is make sure you're not shirtless as you use the app to 'visit' a doctor.
  • Excellent service!!! 5/5

    By Brandonactor
    My doctor was very thorough and extremely knowledgeable and helpful!
  • Great App 5/5

    By TheMegaSeth
    I love this app. Saves me so much time and money.
  • It's convenient 5/5

    By Ishdiezel
    What could have taken us hours ended up taking 40 min or so from signing up to ending a FaceTime. I'll be using this app again.
  • They jacked their fee up $30.00 3/5

    By Elmgal
    I am happy with the care I received. It was quick and easy, but I am very very disappointed with Dr on Demand for increasing the fee by 30.00. Will think twice before using again.
  • Invaluable! 5/5

    By Ian #1
    Love this app and service. Amazing doctors and I feel like I see a better quality doctor here then when I go into my local doctors office which is still an hour away. They care and it matters to me that my health care provider cares about me and my overall well being. Thank you!
  • Great way to get checked without waiting for hours in an emergency room 5/5

    By MMelgar
    Fast and friendly. Very informative and caring! So much better than going to the doctor/ urgent care and waiting hours to see a doctor
  • Wow! This is a GREAT service ! 5/5

    By djbutler_mn
    I used the Dr On Demand for the first time and couldn't be happier with the experience. The entire process was very easy and streamlined to where I had a 5 minute wait once I finished my initial registration. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
  • Just what the doctor ordered 5/5

    By AnuyiLuna
    Great visit. Just what I needed.
  • It was less than the walk in clinic!! 5/5

    By Cristinkerbell
    I'm in between insurances and this amazing app filled the void. It was affordable and time efficient.
  • No insurance, worth the price! 5/5

    By MamaThunder
    I was worried that two growths were possibly cancer related. Turns out, I can make arrangements on taking care of these with a longer window frame that I can deal with financially.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Juliyah11
    The doctor help my kid a lot🤗🤗 Thanks doc
  • Great alternative to urgent care! 5/5

    By finnsmam
    I first used Dr. On Demand on a business trip. It was 2 in the morning on a Sunday and I felt a raging urinary tract infection coming on! Got signed up on the app, saw a very nice doctor and got a prescription in 15 minutes flat!!! No trying to find an urgent care that takes my insurance AND was open on a sunday! So great!!! Also I was in San Francisco so the wait at any urgent care I might have found would have been atrocious!
  • So Nice! 5/5

    By Blue134
    Wonderful Service!
  • The doctors are great, but.... 1/5

    By Jordi Lollz
    This in no way is a reflection of the doctors! The doctors I've communicated have all been amazing. When Dr on Demand was released and up until 4/17, each 15 minute visit was $45. Fine! It's such a convenience that it's well worth the price! As I signed in to Dr on Demand today for the first time since last December, the charge of $75 popped up. Nothing has changed with the service except for the whopping $30 increase!!!! The quality hasn't changed. The length of visit hasn't changed. Nothing visibly justifies a huge price increase! Sorry, Dr on Demand... there are MANY other options providing service exactly like yours for half the price.
  • Gout Attack 5/5

    By Bradford T.
    This is a great service. Got on the app at 3:30AM to see a doctor about my gout attack and received a call from the doc at 3:45AM. He was very knowledgeable and gave great advice. Didn't feel rushed at all. I've use MeMD 5 times in the past, but not anymore. Highly recommended
  • :/ 1/5

    By KRUUE
    Sure wish the would take healthfirst insurance
  • Positive 5/5

    By Cbal4444
    Worked great.
  • Convenient! 5/5

    By Kelsalazar
    This is so convenient because I live in the country and driving into town and waiting in a doctor's office for hours turns into an all day ordeal. My appointment took less than 5 minutes on the phone!
  • First Visit 5/5

    By Smg2177
    I just had my first doctor's appointment using this app and it was so quick and easy. This is a fantastic app!😊
  • So Grateful For This Service! 5/5

    By Melissa&Gil
    This app is brilliant! Perfect for routine conditions that need immediate attention while you're on vacation or don't have access to your usual doctor or urgent care clinic. My doctor was nice and professional and saved me hours of time and worry.
  • Always a 5 5/5

    By Weezy007ip4
    I've used this app 4-5 times. The doctors are always kind caring and precise. They have perfectly taken me through several long weekends with several different issues 'till I could get to my doctor; once they treated a toothache. Really great.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By JonJon46
    Unless someone in my family is dying This is what I use for medical guidance It also helps that most issues in my family happen when our primaries are close Dr on demand for the win
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By KierstenG
    I was able to download the app, get an appointment and finish my doctor visit all in 30 minutes and even better I was able to do it after normal doctor hours. Now I don't have to suffer till the next day and I'm getting treatment now. The doctor was very thorough, knowledgeable and kind. I'll definitely be using this app again.
  • Amazing idea, love this app 5/5

    By MomoHafez
    Such a convenient time saver!
  • Great service in many ways! 5/5

    By Fuzzysaver
    I was hesitant for quite some time to try this, especially with my poor internet service in a very rural area. I've been using it for about 6 weeks now, three appointments with a psychologist and also talking with customer support. All very friendly and quick to help. Suffering from depression after losing a child, very rural location and various other things contributed to me not seeking out face to face therapy appointments. This allows me to start working on my issues from home. Very appreciative!
  • Excellent service 5/5

    By MiMi's Mind
    I cannot say enough good things about this service. Quick and efficient and I didn't have to leave my house to see a doctor. Thank you so very much!!!
  • Wow! 5/5

    By Belle2086
    This app and program are amazing! After a long day of work struggling being sick this was fast, easy and convenient!
  • Darn good 5/5

    By DamienIniguez
    So much better then urgent care. Fast and reliable but you need to do some leg work before you come here. The more tools you have the faster you get help
  • Quick & Efficient 5/5

    By Recording Girl
    I love using the doctors from the privacy of my home. They are friendly and efficient and always there. You can even schedule to see a previously seen doctor that you enjoyed seeing if you wish. Better than going to an office filled with germs from other patients. You save, time, your patience, gas driving, and your energy using Dr on Demand App.
  • CRD 5/5

    By Renyyy
    Great app! We are away from home and in a remote location. My 12 year old was able to be seen quickly for an illness, without having to search out a walk-in clinic. The cost was comparable to being seen in a clinic, without the hassle of driving 45 minutes to the nearest office. Dr. K. Dean was thorough and professional. Will definitely use this app again, when needed in the future.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By nomadsrus
    Fantastic as usual! Love this app. No need to wait in a doctors office for an hour just to get a prescription for something you had before and know what it is and what meds work. Thanks Dr. Had to use them once again. Got a very caring knowlegable Dr in the middle of the night who electronically sent over 3 prescriptions to my pharmacy. Had two dropped connections due to my stalker/hacking issues which she patiently put up with. Tech support was quick to help me through that problem within minutes each time. Everyone was friendly & professional. My only beef was the price increase to 75.00. That's as much as an urgent care copay! C"mon Dr. Phil. You own this service. Don't you have enough money? Some of us are on a fixed (low) income. I live as frugally as possible sometimes choosing between food or medications. Please reconsider your price hike which keeps going up by outrageous % on a regular basis. Your service is becoming unaffordable. If it goes up again it will no longer be an option for me. Others have opened similar services. I love your service but another orice hike will force me to leave which is a shame especially now that we have a president who cowtows to big pharma and the insurance conpanies and the all republican house and senate are trying to take Obamacare away from us & pass death bills.
  • Great for traveling 5/5

    By TexasBreinholt
    This made an illness during our vacation a bump in the road, instead of a major crisis.
  • I'll never go to Urgent Care again!! 5/5

    By Ricatude
    Spoke with a wonderful doctor while in my pajamas from the comfort of my home!
  • Worth it 4/5

    By :)))))))123456789
    Worth it if you're a lady at home with a uti and don't want to visit the dreaded Dr's office when you know you just have a uti. I got a coupon code for 30% off but it would be better if it wasn't $75 to start with(my insurance doesn't cover these visits). Still super happy that I could see a Dr while in my pjs and got a prescription for antibiotics!

Doctor On Demand app comments

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